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Happy Anniversary

By Neutaq-
It was your 10th year together, you wanted to do something huge for the occasion so you spent a long time planning out a small get together with your best friend and close family.

The day comes and you're running the last few errands for the little get together but you realize you got all the way out there and forgot your debit card. You took the bus and used your bus pass to get on, other than the normal getting a ride from your friend because you left her I'm charge of helping decorate the house with your partner.

Upon getting back home you hear screaming and at first it scares you so you rush up towards the screams, but as you approach you realize they are nit screams.... its noaning.

Getting the courage to open the door and look inside you see your best friend and your partner on your bed.....
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Neutaq-Asher Layden   68d ago
Husky King 👑

OPEN for m/f or m/m- This it the character I plan to use for this RP.


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