By Glitch

“The petulant masses of those degenerate ones below must be purged in the name of our lineage. I tire of their corporeal wailings into the night. No purpose, no honor nor knowledge of who’s blood runs through their veins. Deviants, Mongrels, Mutts, Unknowing and ignorant of their place in the world. I can see them in their wooden husks lights created by modern sciences. Polluting my night air, Ruining my view of the stars with their clockwork contraptions, their steam engines. And worse, your brethren who do not know or follow the rule of their king in their ignorance. I, call upon you A Bloodhunt. For many moons have I watched over your coffins my Legion of the Night. For many moons have I spared you this waking world. Admonishing them away from our peaceful castle of the night. And now… Now I have use for you again…. Your King, your father. He who watched you slay endless leagues of man in the past to keep our hold safe from their devices and pitchforks. Their priests and hunters. Their desires and wants for more like the gluttonous plague man has become. I, Your King, demand you rise from your grave. Live again! Live into the night my Legion. I order you to take arms against this plague. These… Lesser vampires…. Slay them… Obtain their strength, so that you might return to your oh so precious slumber.”

Your kings words hang in the air like a bad memory, a nightmare that called to you in the dead of night… For years you've been asleep. So, so many years. And now, the lover's embrace of your coffin slips away from you. You remember what its like to have a body, the subtle heat touching your cool skin again. Even the most dim of lights stinging you as bright as your remembrance of daylight. Your eyes open to the cold stone tiles of Castle Nox. And again, you can still hear his voice. Your king… His Order… His promise to return you to the thing you long for most. Eternal slumber...

You return to unlife… But by what means?

The rules of the roleplay are simple. Follow the kings orders. You've been asleep for a long, long time. For some years, for others decades, Centuries even. And in that time the modern world of the city below has spawned quite a few of your brethren… They cannot be allowed to run free, it is your job to fix that problem. However you see fit. And the rest of the Legion of Nox will help you.

The Code of the Legion


That there is one Old God, one King, one Father. He has made us and by his will we are made, and unmade. To do his bidding is the Honor of the Legion. To spill the Legions blood is to spill your own.


That the gifts must never be given to the crippled, the maimed, or to children, or to those who cannot, even with the gift survive on their own. Those given the gift must submit to the King.


That the legion is of old blood, thus they must ask permission to enter a domicile, to feel the warmth of the Sun is to meet Final Death, Holy water burns as the sun, A wooden stake to the heart returns them to their slumbering coffin, Silver lulls them into a slumber against their will and should be avoided, Decapitation and burning is the only way for a mortal to bring them to Final Death.


That the fate of your gift has made you unique, There are traits shared between the legion. Ceasing to age and breathe, to require food aside from the hunger for mortal blood. Lack of a reflection or warmth to the skin. And endless cold to their eyes when paired to direct moonlight. But each of them has developed different abilities as the old blood, Polymorphing, vanishing in the blink of an eye, superhuman speed or strength, the ability to sway man with a simple flutter of the eye. All of these traits are individual.


That no child of the Legion shall ever reveal their true nature to a mortal and let the mortal live. No legion is to bring a human to view upon the king. Save from their tombstone, A human must never know the true name of a child of the Legion. And never must any Child of the Leigon reveal to mortals the location of his or any other vampire's lair.

The Leigon

The Shadow

Name: Waltz
Apparent Age: young 20's
Sex: Male
Height: 6'1
Eye color: ???
Hair color: ???
Identifying features:CMYK glow emanates from his eyes and hair that sometimes shows behind his shrouded hood.
Anomalous Abilities:
Blinking at will | It is said that the shadow may appear at any place devoid of light, coming and going in the blink of an eye.
Polymorphing | Those who encounter the shadow rarely see his or her true form. It takes many shapes. Wolves, Bats, bears, Ravens. With only one identifying feature shared between them. Multicolored eyes.
Vampiric manipulation | Woeful is he who stares too long into the eyes of the Shadow. Lest he find himself at the mercy of the shadows will.

The Shaper

Name: Nicu
Apparent Age: When unaltered, Late 30's
Sex: Female
Height: 6'5
Eye color: Black
Hair color: Lustrous black
Identifying features: Her countenance varies from an impossibly beautiful one, to a nightmarish countenance of a woman, with her flesh sculpted into a form to suit her mood. This usually includes several animalistic traits, as well as protruding bones, both as decoration and weaponry.
Anomalous Abilities:
Fleshcraft | The ability to modify the blood, bones and flesh of herself and others through physical contact.
Blood-Bonding | The ability to enslave Men and Beasts by offering her blood without first taking of theirs.
Koldunnic Sorcery | The old magic, alchemy of the blood. It's secrets available through a sacrifice of Vamprie Vitae to the spirits of this world.

The Musician

Name: Loretta Black. 'Lottie'
Apparent Age: 21 or around that area
Sex: Female
Height: 5 foot 1
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Red
Identifying features: Avid musician, usually found around a piano. Uses makeup to appear more 'alive'.
Anomalous Abilities: Seer, mind reading, polymorph into a fox only.

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GlitchWaltz   16d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Source+Serif+4:opsz@8..60&display=swap][Source+Serif+4 A stark contrast left him bothered. It was so noisy here, and so quiet at castle Nox. A slender hooded figure roamed the neon city streets letting the visages of mayflies pass him by. He held no interest in them. Only keeping to the shadows of a young night. His stomach turned. Just how many did he need to sate his hunger? He could never tell just after waking. But when human blood failed, the blood of his kin would suffice. He turned down a dreary empty alley.  The fresh memories of the king's red eyes still in his mind.

"Kill them all… I don't care how, just that they all meet their end. They all must die…"

[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/gu8JlEy.jpg]]

The shadows of the legion spread across the floor of the throne room. Lit with blue flames and draped with intense red tapestry from the archways to the rugs. Then one by one the figures made off with their orders, as did he. He wondered how their awakening went. Some buried in the castle catacombs as he was, some simply awakening from whence they were put to sleep. And others waking as if they left a pleasant dream. How many had been awoken? Not the hundred that roamed the castle halls in a more… Turbulent time. Perhaps a dozen of them were left. The rest had met final death. For better or worse he was one of the few left. The shadow lived on in the dark, his years in service to the king perfecting his pure blood. And now, his multicolored eyes  peered out at what he was looking for. 

A nightclub full of the newbloods. He had been told to seek them out in their nests, their dens, their homes and places of rest and end their lineage. But this place was strange. Not like the cobbled roads and lanterned streets he'd grown so used to. These [i concrete] streets of black roads and vehicles were littered with the unwanted and unfortunate. At Least the smell was better than centuries ago. As young humans wearing barely anything slipped inside via the door a chance arose. Now he simply needed to slip his way inside and-[b [+blue "Ey! Dark n' brooding. Yous gotta pass? Else I'll be seeing your ass."] ]…A pass? He needed a pass? In other words, he wasn't allowed in. He wasn't welcome here and the burley bouncer with the name tag Big Benson stood between him and his quarry.

[Center [+blueviolet "A pass…? Wont you just let me in…?"]]

His voice caught off guard by the sheer notion that he wasn't welcomed. His mind swirling with an unnatural jealousy as two attractive women simply giggled past Big Benson paying them no mind as he stood in front of The Shadow's path.

[Center [+blueviolet "M-my name is Waltz Vanderguizt and I implore you. Let me into this kees-up soirée.. that I might carouse with my fellow youths! "]]

Without being invited inside of course he had no possible way to get inside, then he’d starve. Or worse, fail King Nox. He couldn’t afford such things. What a conundrum to find himself in.
NullificationLoretta   18d ago
Resident Fey

There was a time when the night was peaceful, full of suave gentlemen and proper ladies, she remembered it well. The lanterns were always less harsh than these neon city lights of the present. Cobbled stones formed into grey concrete and part of her was glad she had awoken a little earlier than the ancient one. He wanted the youngsters taken out, understandably. 

They were chaotic, clumsy and threatened the laws of the dark gift and that simply wouldn't stand with the old bloods and ancients. 

Her footsteps made no sound, despite the heeled boots she wore as she moved through the streets in the slitted skirt and fitted blouse. It was only right to look the part, if she wanted to blend in of course, but then, that was only if she wanted to blend in. Every scent was overpowering and took some getting used to, the cigarette smoke, the alcohol and the human sweat mixed with whatever made its way onto the pavement after a night of revalry. The humans weren't her concern right then, she had fed already despite looking immaculate and her sharp blue eyes surveyed the area around her. A club, the throb of the music clued away at the very pulse of the city. 

She could smell the young bloods in all their frenzy. 

Loretta moved forwards, eyeing over the bouncer who was crass and blunt. Another scent took her fancy for a moment and she raised a shaped eyebrow. That wasn't new blood, no, that was older. She observed for some time, in the relative peace of the shadows, seeking a way in. Of course, there were ways to get in but the front door was oh so convenient and she didn't feel like exerting herself. The homeless man earlier had been a rather nice meal, despite his slightly acidic taste, now and then she could taste him on her lips but she had made sure it was clean and quick, on both sides. 

Something caught her attention, a pattern. It seemed men were turned away but pretty girls were welcomed and she smirked some. A way in, all it took was some careful watching. Loretta strode forwards with the confidence of a fox in a chicken pen and flashed an alluring smile to the man guarding the door. He wasn't vampire, just a man who didn't know what he was securing inside. 

[+red "Is there a fee?"] 

Direct eye contact, no prowess needed, Loretta knew this man had likely never seen a woman like her in his life and probably wouldn't again. He was broad, a decent meal but she controlled herself, at least for now. 

[+red "Come now, I rather enjoy a good knees up."] 

A pale leg extended from the slit in the skirt as if to emphasise her point and she watched as his eyes trailed up the form of a slender leg and she smirked, so predictable as he fumbled his words.

[+red "He's with me, at least until someone bigger..."] At this time she moved forward, lips dangerously close to his ear as she listened to the strum of his pulse [+red "And better, takes my attention."] 

Her words were practically purred out and she watched as he fumbled to open the door, excited for even a slither of a chance. The redhead grinned at him and moved forwards, stepping into the establishment with a flourish of black lace skirt.
IgnisNicu   16d ago

Sudden breath. Through the murk of the water formed a vessel of dark purpose, trails of ancient blood restoring what had been formless for uncounted centuries. She found herself breathing into unlife again, the scent of blood filled her nostrils. A soundless cackle escaped her twisted face as she became more and more complete until finally she lay upon the bed of the lake she entered her slumber within. What was the cause of her awakening? She heard the call of the Shadowed Regent, but it was faint, and she found it troublesome to move. Then, through the murk of the lake she saw the primary cause for her disturbed rest.

A body, beaten and bloodied drifted down towards her, the sweet scent of it's blood making it's way into her flawless nostrils, her pure form instantly jerking upright and gliding effortlessly towards the wayward corpse. The blood was surprisingly fresh. With the sinking of teeth the drawing of blood had begun and it flew as if possessed down her waiting gullet. The water made way for the source of life to her, each profane gulp giving her more power. With deep pleasure she shuddered as pure, unadulterated power shook down each of her limbs. In what seemed like an instant she ceased her drinking, coming to the blindsiding realization that this woman might live. It would be foolish to drain the only source of food she knew about. She took the body in her freshly rejuvenated embraced and gazed at the top of the lake, seeing the source of this gift. A boat floated atop the water.

With the kind of grace gifted only to the lifeless she swam to the top breaching the water a safe ways away with her gift in tow. Looking out, a single man rode on the decidedly archaic craft. Nicu took a glance around, a city sprawled in the distance, where once lay an idyllic forest. She approached the craft, her movements as silent as the moonlight. With a mighty heave she threw the body aboard. With her own form shortly behind. Another gift of blood on the night of her awakening.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "Multumesc pentru băutură."]] The man went white, completely shocked by the reappearance of his dropped cargo. She waited patiently for him to speak, but when it did it was nearly nonsense, but it told her what she needed to know.

[b "What are you bitch!?"] English? She had truly been asleep for longer than she'd liked. She'd hazard a guess that there wasn't a native speaker of Romanian for leagues perhaps. She knew a fair bit of English and unfortunately she couldn't feed on this one. Right now she needed him for something else. His blood would be her inspiration.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "Nothing for you to worry that pretty little head about."]] In an instant she struck, taking the man by the neck, her nails growing into sharpened claws that dug into his throat and drew his blood. She absorbed what she didn't need for her ancient magics, and  with practiced precision she spilled his blood in a pattern upon the seat of the boat. The runes didn't need to be exact, just close enough to take his memories and use them herself. She needed to know the world before she could follow her Lord's directive. As the runes took shape in blood beneath the man she began to mutter in an alien, harsh language. In a rush, the memories of this man and the people he served ran through her mind. His language, his experiences flooded her mind and gave her a picture of the world she was in now.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "Fascinating."]] She knew what she needed to. The time of personal estates, of foreign lords, had passed. She found herself now in England. This place was still an escape for the elite, but it took another form now. With a grin she dropped the man sparing his life, but ravaging his memory of their encounter. Due to her ritual he would remember nothing of this, Nicu sealing his neck up as she dropped him. Like a shadow she vanished from the boat, taking the woman overboard with her. She knew who was wrapped up now. An unfaithful lover, a quarrel for the ages. To fit into this world she would need the skin revealing clothes she was to be abandoned in. Unwrapping her bundle, she found the woman to be strangely pristine. She knew already that she might live, and an impulse left her at a crossroads. She would need a servant in the nights to come, yet she had already fed upon her. Nicu knew however that the twilight of her life would render the old rituals a little more flexible. She'd made ghouls from the nearly dead many times, this one would be different only in immeasurable minutiae. Nicu snaked her hand into the woman's body and molded the flesh into a functioning state, the first step. Then with a completely calm expression she split the flesh of her wrist. The ancient vampiric vitae spilled from her wrist freely, and Nicu opened the woman's mouth, letting the powerful liquid slide into her stomach, ensuring this woman's fate as a servant. She coughed and gained a half lidded consciousness, the shadows of the trees would ensure her anonymity for now. She could feel her bond to the new ghoul and watched carefully as no fangs formed.

[#b50540 [font "Montserrat" "Good evening, from this hour forward you will live by a new name. You shall be my Misty Night, and you will find me, in time."]] The woman sputtered and coughed into her new life, but by the time she looked back around, Nicu was gone. She had found a dark corner to remodel herself. So familiar was she with her own form that she didn't even need a looking glass to change her form. Dragging her hands down her face she made herself shapely and attractive, as she had seen the women of modern nights through the eyes of one who'd like to have them. With her transformation complete and her servant created, she would have to wear her old dress. She could pass as a 'Goth' for the time being.

Looking out at the horizon, it would take some time for her to make it to the city. At least her shoes were comfortable.
GlitchWaltz   15d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Source+Serif+4:opsz@8..60&display=swap][Source+Serif+4 They were always likened to a family of stray Cats he thought, All of his Leigon brethren. It had been so long since he’d seen another of his kind that for a moment he simply stood as a cat himself. Claws and fangs unsheathed beneath his shadowed cowl of the night. Her scent taking his attention more than anything else. When she approached from behind he could immediately feel her presence through that very familiar scent. His home, his hallowed ground the place where his Burial earth lie; came to him in waves of Orange colored Nostalgia. Her hair flowing locks that fell on slender shoulders. Her posture that of a woman of confidence. Castle Nox… The velvet throne and her glowing blue eyes wandering the endless dark in the room along with all the others. He found himself overwhelmed at first. The presence of a female Vampire of her History demanding the respect and attention of whoever she deemed fit. Where he chose to hide his Aura from most, She wore it on her chest. As alluring and smooth as the lace that followed behind her. And soon enough too he found himself accepting his invitation into the beating heart of this place.

[center [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNpd1CRV8mo&list=LL]]

[Center [pic https://i.imgur.com/ytm0etK.jpg?2]]

If he internally complained about noise before he underestimated just how loud music could be. Every pulse of the speakers pumped and vibrated through his body as the scent of fresh blood and iron violated and tantalized his senses further. Bodies in here were packed like a school of fish all dancing and waving glowsticks about. The newbloods were here. But who? And where? How exactly did he plan on stalking his quarry? Led by the wrist by the fire haired Leigoness he was pulled into another world momentarily. One of Dance, Lust and sin.

 There were many humans here but… No.. He could sense it immediately in their eyes. In their smell. Newbloods. Deeper within. Humans crowded the front, each one of them caught in the allure of the vampire trance that soaked this place like a potent drug in the air. As they strode forward he spotted what seemed to be a group of them, passing a young man around, drinking from him, taking turns between the four of them. Covered in his own blood from the neck down they pushed and pulled him. Like a group of Orca playing with their prey he was none the wiser under their alluring spell. They all were. These humans.

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/0Wtuxl9.jpg?1 ]]

Asleep, as if in a trance. Not a one of them realizing the danger they were in, only enjoying the melody of thumping music and sweaty bodies in heat. It was too early to simply strike at first glance. The poor toy of a man was far too gone to save even if he wanted to. And this place reeked of blood. More than just his. There were others with holes in their necks from having been bitten. The veil of Vampirism pulled over their heads just as well. So, How many Newbloods did that make? Ten? Maybe Twenty? He had to lay low and hunt quietly first. Finding a nice side path with less commotion to actually get a word in edgewise while muffled music and deafened voices continued on behind him.

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/bVud6y9.png?1]]

 [+blueviolet "Doamnă…"] He called to her speaking out in a Calm, cool tone, his voice almost startling him in many ways as he felt they were met with the cold articulation of one of his Kind. Before he could afford not knowing them. But with so few left… He knew he wouldn’t get another chance at this any time soon. Finding a booth off to the side of the main dance floor he stared at the sights and sounds around him. The scent of fresh blood would cover them here, None of the newbloods would be any the wiser to their eldritch presence. His eyes followed a Waitress of unknown origin, but judging by how she hadn’t noticed the shadows swiping the wine from her tray in an instant he felt as if he was safe to talk here.

[Center [+blueviolet "You strode in as if you have a plan. If you do, I would very much like to hear it…"]]
NullificationLoretta   14d ago
Resident Fey

Ah, so this was what the new bloods listened to. It was awful, it reverberated within her uncomfortably and it was quite frankly just noise to her. How she remembered entertaining masses with her own music, piano music and she flexed her fingers, long fingers as if crafted for the creative flare. Even through the haze of thudding music, she could hear the one at her side clearly, honing in on him. She didn't look, keeping her blue eyes fixed ahead. She couldn't shake the feeling that she had met him before, images of the castle coming into her mind, had they met all that time ago? How rude of her to forget. Then again, he was buried under a literal shroud so it wasn't like she could pick him out of a crowd. His scent was familiar if anything. 

A plan, was it? Loretta hadn't gotten that far but she supposed cutting off the snake's head seemed the best place to start and she ran her tongue over her sharp canines, the lingering sweetness of the meal earlier was drying up. 

[+red "Nip this in the bud, use your eyes."] She remarked to him casually and smirked in his direction. 

[+red "Find a ringleader, getting in here was just observation, these places like women. Use your strengths."] 

She enticed him with a smile, she hated how the lights messed with her eyes, bouncing off of her skin but the makeup she wore concealed her porcelain skin. Lorette glanced to him, looking him up and down quite deliberately. 

[+red "Loretta, you can call me Lottie. Just act like you belong."] 

Lorette said and firmly believed as long as you acted like you belong, then you simply would. Their scent would be enough to trigger off a few warnings no doubt but the rancid smell of everything else in here was enough to mask them, at least for a little while. Silken legs found a spot to stop, leaning absently on the nearby bar top, watching the front of the club where women danced. 

Loretta tipped her chin in that direction subtly. They weren't women, they were vampires. She could tell, the makeup wasn't concealing anything and only vampires could move like that. 

[+red "I'll bet all my jewels whoever hired those girls is the one in charge of this place. Watch for someone surrounded by beautiful women, human or otherwise."] 

She murmured and grinned at him, rather enjoying the game of hide and seek right then. Her talents lay in charm, years had taught her to be ruthless but she knew full well to be cautious, not every fight needed to be fought. 

Just like sheet music, information was key and knowing what notes to play was the truest form of success, they needed to play the key notes here, otherwise it would be their folly.
IgnisNicu   9d ago

A stroll through the countryside by moonlight rarely carried much excitement, but Nicu's blood was boiling. Awakened after so much time she was as giddy as a schoolgirl, easily one of the most exciting things to happen for the past millennium. Though, she hadn't been awake for very long, she knew what she needed to about this wondrous new world she'd been introduced to. Technological advancements abound in the world that pathetic man spawn had come from, and each passing day introduced more. She couldn't wait to dig her hands into some of these things. Something was amiss however.

For some reason she could hear the Shadow Regent's command. Cull the thin bloods. Those words all made sense alone, but her mind couldn't accept their intent. Thin bloods had long been the source of experimentation among the blood alchemists. Were there none left? She still didn't know enough, so for the moment it would be instruction enough. She knew there was little to this culling for one such as her who would meld with the earth in times of danger, but if Jester had been keeping watching this whole time, perhaps there were too many. That had to be it, so many thoughts raged as a wild torrent through her mind. She was finally entering the thick of the city as her mind cleared these thoughts and she could smell it hanging thick in the air.

The blood of the ungrateful. Those who hunted not for sustenance, but because of [b [#94150c thirst]]. The fact that she smelled it not on the streets wasn't what tipped her off to this fact, but the raw smell of it. Someone hadn't been fed on, they'd been cut open, left open to feed. There were several of these poor wretches.

Several thin bloods.

Several of the damned.

The new moon hung lightlessly above her hunting ground, and she felt the wrong shiver of bloodlust shake across her form. She would make of them a fine diablerie. She tracked them by the scent of their prey to the source, a split open something, blood staining the pavement beneath them. There were four or five, their pale blooded eyes aglow in the darkness. Her eyes became decidedly less human as she approached, color peeling from them like a sunburn.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "What damned caravanserai is this?"]] At her words the thin bloods, all dressed in a more modern style looked up to greet their better. The sides of her arms were forming into sharp, bone crafted blades, splitting the sleeves of her classical dress as her body became more monstrous with each step.

[b "Who's this bitch?"] Nicu chuckled at his response.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "Is this how you all speak now? How vulgar."]] With a swing of her arm, a razor thin blade of bone shot forth, striking the insolent new blood in the throat, his speech hindered for the incredibly short remainder of his unlife.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "You are all abominable half mortals, and I am your guide to final death."]] Nicu rolled her shoulders as the half bloods stirred, the one who had spoken ripped the bone from his throat and cried for his compatriots to attack. The first rushed her, hoping his strength would be enough. With a move she'd learned from her first human contact, she stepped to the side and a bony blade protruded from her bicep, which she slammed into the neck of her would be attacker, decapitating him in one quick motion. The Nicu in an artful pirouette caught his head and smiled derisively.

She cackled in near ecstasy. The exercise made her feel like a new blooded spawn again. With another crazed giggle she used the vampires own vitae to set his head aflame before throwing the alchemical time bomb at the rest of this pathetic pack.

[b "What the hell are you?!"] The rest rose to attack, thinking their compatriots final death to be a fluke perhaps. Nicu saw no reason to answer.

[#bf0238 [font "Montserrat" "Your pathetic vitae will fuel my rebirth."]]
GlitchWaltz   4d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Source+Serif+4:opsz@8..60&display=swap][Source+Serif+4 After she revealed her intent he found himself searching the nearby crowd for such a man. Though before he knew it he was watching her flaunt her way into the crowd with confidence in every heel clicking stride. His form morphed beneath his shaded Cloak. But as the shade stood to follow her he found himself sluggish. The flickering lights here… They bent the shadows making his abilities all the more difficult to use. His blackened hand reached out to grasp her shoulder only to stop inches above it. As if to remember how it felt to touch another of his kind. He realized it wasn't something he was ready for, especially given that he was so hungry… Stopping, the Vampire watched her head turn to shoot a cold look at him.

 [+blueviolet "But Doamnă… Zis place is enemy territory… Splitting iz a bad idea. There's easily 50 thin bloods here amongst the crowd.."] 

His questions and warnings went unheard as a man from across the dance floor caught her attention. She'd found her quarry and before long the crowd separated the two of them. Getting pulled around with the dancing he was forced into the center. Newbloods lurked here everywhere around him but through the pungent scent of blood they couldn't tell his intent or origin. No, to them he was just another clubbing vampire,  a wounded girl was tossed his way, stumbling. She hit him, skin nearly as pale and ethereal as her dress. He pressed the girl to him and looked at bite wound on her neck. Standing with the girl in his arms he examined her face for a moment. It was a smooth face, particularly for one so young, with blonde hair that fell over her eyes. Her black dress had a plunging neckline. He stopped her from crashing to the crimson speckled floor and gazed into her eyes. Dulled and without luster he could tell she was under a trance as most if not all of the humans here were. So many people couldn't be afflicted with the same pacifying thoughts unless they were under the same spell. Meaning that whoever was behind this place had been strong. Possibly just as strong as any of the legion.

[center [I "whAt are you waiTinG for? Your hunGry aRen't yOu?]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/SWPsS9h.jpg?2]]

A distorted voice came into his mind, a slight shock to him at first but he was familiar with this manifestation. On the ceiling above him he spotted it, a shade, a living echo of his shadows. Speaking to him in his mind as he clutched the dazed girl. Blood streaming from the bite wound on her neck, golden locks gave way to her dazed composure

[Center [I "EaT hEr. Sate YouR appEtiTe! GatHer yoUr strengTH! FEED!"]]

As a snake in his ear his shadow spoke to him from within. A voice that was not his own, he found himself repulsed at the idea of the serpentine appendage that had grown from beneath his cloak. His multi hued eyes looked down in disgust at the supple black head near his shoulder.

[Center [+blueviolet "Ah you alvays manage to show your ugly heads when im least expecting it. Zis one.. i feel she could be of use.. Do not vorry.  We will have our fill before the nights end. "]]

The shadowed creature on the ceiling melded into darkness, likely to return if needed. It was his uncertainty that manifested these beasts of darkness he knew it. Ling gone his confidence of a proper leigon. Finding himself splintered, fragmented in both body and mind. His humanoid form morphing beneath his Cloak he was unsure if his body even looked human at the moment sometimes feeling his arms and legs as if he were a spider or giant bat. He felt as if ever since waking up, part of him was still in his coffin. Sleeping that ever so sweet slumber he longed for. He left the girl dazed and alone at an empty booth leaving her under his own little sleeping trance before doing so.

Then he spotted him. The one she spoke of, surrounded by women and sitting as one danced for him in the far back of the club. A toothy grin on his face revealed his fingers as he spoke. Bald, rotund, fat and happy with a pair of… what were those on his face? Darkened reading glasses? But why at night? It made no difference,  now he just needed to find Lottie.

[Center [I "KILL him, MaKe him sUffeR! In ThE namE of ouR kiNg!]]

It whispered to him again. A nuisance that he always half agreed with. But not him,  never him. These shadows were echoes of the many dead souls he'd drank in his time, conglomerating into shadowed beasts that spoke to him out of turn. He ignored their hungry maws and started shifting through the dance floor once again. Where'd she go…?
NullificationLoretta   3d ago
Resident Fey

The accent was familiar to her, it was a resounding relic from the past and Loretta grinned at the frightened little crow. 

[+red "Act like you belong."] 

She dodged out of the way of the poor tranced girl, more so because she didn't want this outfit ruined and she wouldn't drink tainted blood like that, who knew who's filthy lips had been on her neck? She had been sensible enough to eat before coming here and she plucked absently at a bracelet on her wrist, too blue eyes finding her quarry. Target acquired and Lottie smirked a little as she sidled over, more sway to her hips and confidence in her stride. 

This could be an all out fight, or it could be amicably done if he just came quietly. A perfectly painted nail rested on a set of ruby lips as she settled down on the chair beside him. The smell of blood in the air disguised her and she eyed the man over, he was new for sure but he held himself with the same confidence to match Loretta's, brave thin that he was. 

[b "You're a pretty thing."] 

His voice was low, gravelly almost and Loretta could see why someone had turned him, he was beautiful with fine features and a cool expression. Perhaps in his mortal days he had been a model of some sort, but he gave off an air of intelligence so perhaps a professional at something. He kept his mind guarded and she narrowed her eyes, unable to read him. How concerning. 

Loretta set her gaze to the crowd and saw her earlier companion, casting him a wink. This was about to go south quickly no doubt and she scouted around. A few men lingered close, guards no doubt but the others, they were human. He liked to keep pets and she supposed that suited his demeanour quite well. 

[b "What is it you seek? Riches?"] With that, he flicked one of her bracelets but got no response and he grinned, a flash of his fangs and Loretta chuckled some. 
[b "Pleasure, then?"] A cold hand came to rest on her exposed thigh and Loretta supposed that one was right because nothing would give her more pleasure than watching his demise and to take the filth from the streets. Her hand closed over his and she leaned in close to his ear. 

[+red "The King sends his regards."] 

In one fell swoop, her free hand found her other thigh and exposed a knife strapped to a thin black piece of leather as she jutted it through his chest and drove it upwards. 

Panic spread and with it came fury as Loretta found her feet once more and tasted some of the blood that had glided down the blade onto her fingers. Some ran, some swarmed to attack and Lottie was not a fool, she knew they were outnumbered and her strike may well have not killed him. He was one of many big fish after all, there was always more. 

[+red "Time to go."] 

Her voice was flat, suddenly unfeeling without any warmth in it but the self-sure attitude she had was still there. They had not made it this far with their ancient blood to be felled at some cesspit. There was too much panic and Loretta kept the blade in her grasp, most were panicking and leaving and Loretta supposed they had no idea how many Ancients were actually among them.


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