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EmbreaLana Mosi   29d ago

She was young, still in her early teens, when she started stowing away on merchant ships stocked full of various goods. They never noticed her hiding amongst the crates and bags. It shocked her though, because white hair isn’t common, so them not spotting her was strange. Unless they did notice her there but didn’t say anything. She’d never know though. As the ships traveled to their destination, she would carefully and as quietly as she could, place priceless pieces of artwork in her bags. These would range from small sculptures and statues to paintings that were placed in map tubes for safety. Once the ships docked, she would quickly sneak off before the captain and crew caught her.

This went on for a few years before someone caught her. It wasn’t anyone with the law. No. It was someone who worked in the underworld that was looking to recruit her. During her time with them, she excelled in her tasks. By the time she was 22, she had her own operation going and had become known as Mona Lisa to her peers and the rest of the world. She stole and sold the art pieces she had acquired in her earlier years, and even some of the newer ones as well. They also sold for well over their original price. The more popular pieces would sometimes have anonymous articles published about their new acquisition and where they would be located.

The chaos and uncertainty in her life and within her operation almost two years ago when she was 24. She had stolen a sculpture from the wrong man. He would then proceed to go after not only her but other thieves as well. And she would go on to sell the piece to the highest bidder. On top of that, she had found her then-boyfriend, also her right-hand man, in bed with one of her regular clients. The same woman who bought the sculpture she’d stolen. How she handled the situation would not only end her working relationship with the client but also would send her right-hand man (and ex-boyfriend) into the hands of the man that was hunting her down.

All of that led to now. She had unknowingly walked into a trap that had been set to capture her. Somehow though, she was able to get away with both the painting she was going to sell and the briefcase of money that she was to be paid upon completion of the sale. As she fled, she slipped into a clothing store and grabbed a few items off the rack before ducking into a changing room. When she emerged, she’d gone from wearing a blue top and shorts to wearing a red button-down that she had left unbuttoned, save for one button, a pair of black jeans, and a newsboy cap that hid all her hair. She quickly paid and left the store and headed for the nearest busy location.

That just so happened to be a restaurant. As she entered, she scanned the tables to see if one was a large enough group. When she located one, she made her way to it and slipped into the empty seat between a red-haired woman and a man with a long nose.

Usopp stopped eating and looked at the woman who just sat down. He looked her up and down then looked at the rest of the crew, hoping they were seeing her too. Then he noticed Nami shift to face the woman.

“Can we help you,” Nami asked, clearly annoyed.

“Pardon the intrusion, my name is Lana. I’ll cover the entirety of your meal if you pretend to know me,” the woman responded. She didn’t wait for a response before removing the art tube from her back and hiding it, and the briefcase, under the table.


“Because I’m being hunted,” Lana replied bluntly. “Was on a job, walked into a trap, managed to get away.”

“I don’t see a problem with it,” Luffy said while stuffing his mouth.
PotatoPirateSanji   29d ago

The crew for once had all decided to sit together for a meal on a busy island (all except Franky who was busy repairing the ship). Having heard that the cuisine was great Sanji was looking forward to learning some new recipes. The crew sat and chatted enjoying the food when a small woman with a cap covering her face sat among them.

Sanji listened to the woman speak and turned his eyes to the streets where he saw a few several men running down the street. Sanji kept his voice low but loud enough to where Lana could hear him. "Miss is that the name they're trying to find you as or a code name?"


A black cat with glowing yellow eyes sat on the rooftops staring down at the busy streets. [i Today would have been a great day for pickpocketing... if someone hadn't already caused a ruckus...] She hissed slightly before scratching behind her ear watching the streets below.
EmbreaLana Mosi   29d ago

Lana raised a brow as the blond man spoke to her. She considered his question and shook her head. "That is my name but not the name they know me by." Knowing how dangerous it would be for them to know who she really was, she didn't want to disclose the name the world knew her by. She lifted her head slightly so she could see out the window and saw a few of the men stopping to look in. This caused her to shift in her seat and take a deep breath. "I'd rather you not know the name they are looking for."

"Why is that," Chopper asked.

"Safety, for all of you and myself." She looked at the group, "Do we have a deal?"

"Luffy did say he didn't mind," Usopp pointed out before Nami could object. He wondered why she would though after the woman stated she would pay for their meal.
PotatoPirateSanji   29d ago

Nami saw where Sanji had glanced and after hearing the woman speak she noticed the woman fidget slightly and her gaze turned to the door. She gently draped her arm over Lana's shoulders with a smile. "We have a deal. Try not to fidget so much though. It makes you look guilty." She teased trying to lighten the atmosphere. 

Sanji glanced at Robin once the men stopped looking into the restaurant. "Can you see where they're heading?"

Robin nodded. "Of course, one moment." She crossed her arms and grew arms on some of the buildings and eyes on them as well. Searching the streets she noticed some men had stayed in the area while others looked to be heading towards the docks.

"A large group of them are heading for the docks. But some are staying behind." She spoke softly.
EmbreaLana Mosi   29d ago

Lana let out a deep breath and relaxed more. "Sorry, they've been after me for a while but this is the first time they got close to capturing me." Her gaze traveled back to the table where she saw the plates had piled up in the few minutes she'd been sitting there. It didn't stop her from raising her eyebrow in Luffy's direction.

"You have vitiligo," Chopper began, "don't you?"

"Vitiligo," Zoro repeated, confused.

"It's a discoloration of skin in patches, often times causing the skin to be light in some areas" Lana replied. "And yes, I have it."

"Is it restricted to your face and neck," Chopper asked, "I've never encountered someone with it."

"Not, it's everywhere."

"So whats in the tube," Zoro asked.

"A painting."

"A painting?"

PotatoPirateSanji   29d ago

Nami chuckled. "Don't worry about it. I've been there before. We all have in one way or another." She smiled warmly. "Do you have a ship you're needing to get to?"

Sanji was a little curious with how Nami was acting but didn't think too much on it. Instead he kept his gaze on the door.


The black cat walked among the street and scowled at the idiots running rampant trying to find whatever woman they failed to catch. That was when she heard the name of the target and about the items she had when she escaped. A small smirk appeared on her cheeks. [i Well you idiots... you ruined my day... guess it's my turn to ruin yours.] She turned down an alley and shifted back to her human form. Grabbing some random clothes from a clothesline nearby. She walked out of the alley and stumbled into one of the men after Mona Lisa. "Ah!"

"Miss watch where you're going!" The man sneered.

"I-I'm sorry some woman who was in a rush shoved me as she headed for the northern docks..."

"Woman in a rush... did you happen to see her?!"

"She had a brief case and some tube... I think she had light hair... it was hard to tell."

"Men! SHE HEADED TO THE NORTHERN DOCKS!" The man shouted before shoving her to the side and having several other men follow behind him. After she watched them run she smirked slightly and stretched. "Thank goodness... they were really cramping my style..."


Sanji noticed the men all start rushing away from the restaurant and grew curious. "Robin are any of them left out there?"

Robin shook her head. "They're all heading north from the looks of it."
EmbreaLana Mosi   29d ago

At the mention of the men running towards the north dock, Lana let out a sigh of relief, then removed her hat. "The crew won't be back at the ship for another hour or so. These deals normally have additional negotiating that needs to be done so they go off on their own for a bit. We're docked at the East dock though."


As the men got closer to the North dock, they noticed that a few ships were starting to depart. "Damnit!"

"Which one is she on," one asked.

"Follow each of them! Boss'll want to be certain!"
PotatoPirateSanji   29d ago

Robin kept her eye on the streets and grew curious about one woman who seemed all too pleased with herself.

"Hmm looks like you have a secret ally." She chuckled slightly.

Nami thought for a moment and nodded. "Well, we aren't docked too far off of the east docks. We can head over there with you after we eat if you'd like. From my understanding the northern docks are the furthest from the east docks anyways so that should give you enough time to get your crew and escape without them finding you."

Sanji looked at Robin curiously. "What do you mean?"

"It seems someone lied about seeing you running to the northern docks."
EmbreaLana Mosi   22d ago

"I'll have to thank this secret ally if I ever run into them."

The group continued to chat and get to know one another while they enjoyed their meal. It seemed she'd found a group of characters that were well suited to be in the same crew. She was lucky to have found them in her time of need. After a while the bill was brought over and Lana took care of it, as agreed.

Lana once again strapped the art tube to her back and picked up the brief case. Additionally she tucked the hat under her arm. "Shall we? I'm sure my crew is back at the ship and just waiting for my return."

"Those guys should be long gone by now but we'll still walk with you," Nami said.

"That's alright. I think I can manage now." To be honest, she wasn't sure how her crew would handle seeing her walk up with a bunch of people. They might view them as a threat she are didn't want to deal with the fallout. "If they're long gone then there isn't anything to worry about."

"We're going that way anyway so might as well go together," Robin reasoned.

After saying that, it appeared that Lana gave in and accepted walking with the large group. A short while later they came across someone running towards them at full speed.

"There you are," the young man shouted when he spotted Lana.

"He a friend of yours," Zoro asked.

"I'm her boyfriend," the man replied.

"Ex-boyfriend," Lana corrected.

Usopp and Nami exchanged a look before looking at Sanji to see how he would react. It was clear there was a tension between Lana and her ex. "You don't seem to want him around," Usopp pointed out.

"I don't. He's a cheating piece of garbage."

"I told you it was an accident," the man protested.

"An accident is an accident. You actively chose to sleep with her on multiple occasions."

"I said I was sorry!"

"So why is he still with you," Zoro asked.

"We work together," the two said in unison.

"So what happened," the guy asked.

Lana handed Usopp the briefcase. Well, she really just shoved it into his arms before crossing her own. "The buyer you found," she began, clearly unhappy, "The whole thing was a set up. The moment I walked through that door, they tried to capture me."


"Did you know?"


"Xalos, I swear if you put my life in danger for some petty breakup revenge..."

"The captain is the one who sent me to find you," Xalos argued. "He sent a few other men out too."

"I see."

"And I didn't know that client was setting a trap."

Lana scowled. "Fine. Let's go." She turned to the Straw Hats she bowed. "Thank you for helping me out earlier and offering to walk me to my ship. I hope we meet again someday." With a smile, she turned and started walking, then stopped to wave before going again.

"She seemed nice," Chopper said with a smile.

"Yeah," Usopp shifted the briefcase, "But she forgot whatever this is. It's heavy."

"Didn't she say it was money," Luffy asked.

"Too late now," Nami said we money signs on her eyes.


Two months later, Lana was on another job. It was a client that she had worked with in the past so she was a bit more comfortable with them. However, much like the job s few months prior, it turned out to be a trap. And unlike last time, she didn't get away.

"There," a burly older man said as he locked the cuff around her wrist. "That should hold you until the boss gets here."

"Let me go," Lana snapped.

"No can do dumplin," the man laughed, "But you'll have a friend soon. Got word that the Straw Hats docked earlier and we're going to get that redhead thief lady."


"Yeah that's her name." The man laughed at he closed the cell doors.

"You can't keep me on here," Lana shouted after him. When it was obvious he was no longer nearby by the lack of sound, sure started pulling in the chain connected to the wall. "Let me out of here!"
PotatoPirateSanji   21d ago

Nami stretched as she stepped off the boat on the newest island and smiled. "I heard this island is infamous for it's fashion sense. I can't wait to see what outfits they'll have." She turned and saw Robin standing on the boat looking more pale than usual. She smiled sadly. "Don't worry Robin, I'll bring you back some outfits too. Just get rest and you'll get over that cold in no time." She smiled reassuringly.

Robin smiled with a nod. "Alright, I'll leave it to you."

Since Chopper stayed on the ship with Robin almost everyone was split up. Luffy had went to explore on his own. Zoro had been the first one off the ship and was probably already lost. Sanji had to go restock on ingredients since the previous island had been quite a distance away. Franky was restocking on things needed to repair the ship. And Usopp was given a lengthy list from Chopper for medicinal ingredients.

Nami began heading into town looking at everyones outfits and smiled softly. "This is a pretty fashionable island.


A familiar cat sat perched on the roof of one of the buildings looking down at the town. "Hmm... so far nothing really stands out... Oh... they look rather familiar..." She saw a blonde man and a long nosed man heading down one of the streets. "Hmm... No idea why." She licked her paw and scratched behind her ear. "Well guess its time to get to work."
EmbreaLana Mosi   21d ago

Lana continued to struggle. She had the chain wrapped around her wrist and used both hands to continue trying to yank the chain from the wall. "Come on dammit!" To her Disney, the only thing happening was the cuff and chain digging and tearing at her skin. But that wasn't going to stop her because she refused to be a prisoner and didn't want wherever was keeping her to have the satisfaction of knowing they won. "Come on," she hissed.

Then she heard it, the crack. The wall was weakening being the plate. [I Just a little more.]


"Target in sight," a man muttered.

"Who are you talking to," a woman asked from beside man.

"Oh I was just saying it to be cool."

"Moron." The woman stood from her seat, "Let's go before we lose her." When the man nodded, the two began following Nami closely.


Having left the shop before anyone else, Zoro had planned to look around town. For the most part he had followed the road but branched off onto another path leading him back towards the docks. "What the hell?"
PotatoPirateSanji   21d ago

Nami headed to the clothing shops and began looking around. She missed Robin's company but wanted to get her an outfit that would cheer her up since she'd been out of it since she had gotten sick on the last island.

The two people following Nami awaited a distance away outside. The man groaned. "Why do women waste so much time shopping... I don't get it."

The woman hissed slightly before slapping his arm. "Would you stop complaining already. I have no idea why they even bothered sending us together... This is torture."


Nami finished her shopping and after haggling with the store owner she left the shop pleased with her purchases. She felt as if something didn't quite feel right and kept her hand at her side ready to draw out her climatact.


The cat looked around until she saw a swordsman wandering off by himself. She raised an eyebrow then noticed the swords that he held. [i Isn't that a legendary sword?] She thought to herself before a smirk came to her lips. "Bingo."
EmbreaLana Mosi   19d ago

The two strangers continued to follow Nami. After a while, the woman changed directions leaving just the man. It appeared that she'd given up on whatever it is they were doing. The man however, kept at it, making subtle commentary to himself as if someone else was with him. He followed Nami down a narrow, unpacked street and began to close in.

"I'm not interested," Nami said when she stopped to confront the man.

"Too bad" a woman's voice said from behind her, "because we are."

"Huh?" When she turned around, Nami felt something hit the back of her head then nothing as she blacked out.

"Grab her and let's go before someone shows up," the woman ordered.

The man nodded and tossed Nami over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. Then he ran off after the woman. "We did good."

"Shut up."


Even though Lana had continued to struggle, it seemed that crack was the only time the wall gave any sign of giving way. She sighed, all but ready to give up. Then she remember they had said they were going after Nami. She thought back to when Nami and the others had helped her when she was in need and it strengthened her resolve to get herself free. The metal cuff continued to dig into her skin to the point she had begun to bleed, but she didn't care. She placed one foot on the wall, gripped the chain, then pulled. When she fell back and landed on her butt, she realized she had pulled the chain from the wall. "YES!!"


Zoro stopped for a moment and looked around. He spotted a fisherman and proceeded to ask for directions.

"Oh," the man smiled and pointed, "You just follow this road here and keep going. Towns not too far away. Can't miss it."

"Thanks," Zoro replied before going off on his way again.
PotatoPirateSanji   19d ago

Usopp was walking around town with the bag of ingredients Chopper had requested and was making his way back to the ship when something shiny caught his eye. He turned and his eyes widened as he walked over to the discarded climatact. He knelt down and picked it up. "Nami?" He called out. He looked around and saw the discarded bag of clothes. "She would never abandon clothes she bought." He murmured to himself. "I need to warn the others." He quickly rushed back to the boat and ran into Sanji and Franky on the way. 


The cat followed closely smiling softly to herself amused at how easily this moss haired man got lost. "If only he could lose the swords." She spoke softly to herself.
EmbreaLana Mosi   17d ago

"What's the hurry brother?" Franky frowned as Usopp tried to explain what he found, but he was out of breath and everything is jumbled. "Slow down."

"Nami," Usopp sucked a breath in, "was taken. I found her climatic and her shopping bags."


Zoro had been following the path the fisherman had directed him to when he spotted Usopp, Franky, and Sanji. As he got closer he overhead what Usopp had said. His frown mimicked Franky's. "Where is everyone else?"


Lana stopped trying to find a way out of the cell when she heard talking not far off. She quickly shoved the pulled-out chain back into the hole in the wall and held it there, feigning trying to pull it out. Then she rested her head against the wall, making it seem like she had given up. "Stupid chain," she muttered to herself.

"There is no getting out of there," the man from earlier said. He opened the cell with his free hand and then tossed Nami in.

"What the hell did you do to her?"

"Just knocked her out," a woman's voice replied before appearing. "She was giving us trouble."

"I highly doubt that."

"Quiet! Vailo," the woman turned to the man, "Go call the boss and let him know we have both of them."

"But Trina there were supposed to be three," Vailo pointed out.

"You going to hunt that feline down? Cause I sure as hell don't want to try sorting through hundreds of cats that look similar. It's a waste of time."

"Geez, you don't have to be so mean about it," Lana sighed.

"Be quiet!"

"Bite me!"

Trina scowled and opened the cell again to confront Lana. As she got closer, Lana stepped away from the wall and swung the chain at her. The second it connected with her face she stumbled back, wailing in pain, blood dripping to the floor. "What did you just do?!"

"I defended myself."

"W-where am I," Nami asked as she began to come to.

"Good, you're awake."

"Lana? What's going on?"

"No time to explain." Lana pulled Nami up and grabbed her hand while keeping her eyes on Trina and Vailo. "We're going now."

"Like hell," Trina snapped.

"I could make the right cheek look the same as the left," Lana threatened. At those words, she saw both Trina and Vailo back off. She pulled a still groggy Nami with her through the open cell door and down the hall. If it weren't for her being awake when they captured her, she wouldn't know her way out of the old prison. She was careful as she pulled Nami along because she didn't know the extent of how hard the other woman was hit in the head. That and her grip wasn't as tight as she'd like due to the blood and the searing pain of the open wound.

The moment they got outside they stopped for a moment. Nami reached back and rubbed the back of her head. "What the hell is going on?"

"Long story short, both you and I were targeted. I don't want to stand here and talk about it. "

Nami pulled her hand from Lana's, "We helped you! The lease you can do it tell me why they're after us!"

Lana sighed, "I don't know, okay! I don't know why we're being targeted or who is targeting us. Maybe I stole from the wrong person or something. I really don't know. Can we go now?"

"Fine," Nami sighed, "Probably a good idea to go anyway because its going to rain."



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