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Where Dreams Come True [Closed]

By Lovely_Poison
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Lovely_PoisonNoah   201d ago

[center Working at [i The Dream Facility] wasn't a job for everyone.]

[center Sure, it had its moments, like seeing the smile on a childs' face when their wish comes true or when they were able to bring closure to someone who just wanted answers. Most of the time, it felt pretty amazing to have a career here.]

[center There were times it was hard, though. Certain wishes couldn't be fulfilled, such as ridding someone of cancer or bringing back a dead relative or pet. Those were always the worst, especially when it came to a child or a soulmate.]

[center Those were the kinds of cases that Noah Hart tended to avoid. He couldn't stand the idea of having to send out that kind of rejection letter. Not to say that he'd never had to do it. He just didn't like it. It wasn't why he had joined the facility to begin with and it certainly wasn't why he had stayed.]

[center That was, until one particular day, when a very interesting letter came across his desk. It was a very peculiar one and not something they had ever received before. In truth, it had probably ended up in his hands by accident, since he'd stated before that he really didn't like to handle the darker things, but this one was so odd.]

[center It was a letter from a young woman who stated that her wish was to die.]

[center Right away, Noah thought to just reject it. To send a simple [i [b "I'm sorry, but we can't grant that wish"]] and move on, yet something told him to hold off. This was almost like a cry for help and it certainly wasn't something he could just ignore.]

[center Setting it to the side, he quickly looked up the return address on the outside of the envelope before he promptly shut his computer down and stood, grabbing his jacket. One of his coworkers, a woman named Tiffany, raised a brow at the sudden movement, watching him. [b [i "Something wrong, Hart?"]]]

[center Grabbing the letter, he held it up to show her. [b "I'm going to take the day off to go meet this woman. This isn't the kind of request we just deny and move on from."]]

[center She frowned before running a hand through her black hair. [b [i "Are you sure you want to do that? She might just turn around and do it herself...or call the cops on you for just showing up at her door."]]]

[center He paused. The cops weren't something he had taken into account, but what else was he supposed to do? His mind wouldn't let him rest until he tried to talk this woman out of such a request. [b "I'll take my chances,"] he said with a small smile.]

[center With that, Noah left the building, not quite sure where his curiosity would lead him.]
MoonlightBeauty_вrae   92d ago

It was a long day from school and work. She was gone most days. So it was days like this that she was super excited to go home to her fiancé. Because he always knew how to make her feel better. But tonight. She had an odd feeling. She didn't really know why, but she just did. But then she figured it was just her long day. She always felt like something was weird. But then when she got home, there was nothing for her to worry about. But tonight, she was afraid to go home. 

The female sat in her vehicle as she took in a deep breath. She put her car in gear, and she headed home. Of course, she would be home sooner than normal, because her job let her go sooner. They were being weird, and were acting like they knew something. But she simply just brushed it off. She pulled up to her house, and saw that her fiancé's vehicle was there, but that was it. She shrugged and started to head to the front door. 

She stopped at the door, and heard something in the living room. Another female. She didn't want to be quick to jump to conclusions because he had sisters and she didn't want to go in guns a blazing. She opened the door, and then she looked at the couch and saw her fiancé sleeping with another woman. She just stared at them. Neither of them realized that she was there. She watched everything that was happening. She was listening to all of the sounds that the two were making. It just made want Braelynn to throw up. She waited until one of them noticed her. But neither of them did. They were all stuck in their own world. 

She listened to her fiancé alarm go off on his phone. Must be the alarm for when Braelynn would be heading home. She raised a 'brow, and then she waited for him to turn it off. And then both finish and when they both turn around they see Braelynn standing there. She looked between the two, realizing who the female was. It was her best friend. Braelynn just stared at the two. Not even moving a muscle. Then they slowly begin to get their clothes on. 

Braelynn just shook her head as she tears finally fall down her face. She couldn't even believe this was happening. She worked hard to get where she was at. Her wedding was literally next week. She took off her ring, and put it on the side table. She looked at her now ex-fiance. [b "Your a piece of shit. I am done with you. You know, I've had this weird feeling for a couple of months, but every time I come home nothing was happening. My job let me off early, because they knew what was going on."] Braelynn watched as her ex-best friend tried to sneak out. Immediately, Braelynn grabbed her arm. [b "And you. Seriously? You're supposed to be my best friend and you sleep with my fiancé? Who I was supposed to be marrying next week. You're just as bad as him."] She walked out of the house, and slammed the door. She started to cry a lot harder. She didn't understand how this was happening to her. What did she do to deserve this?

A few moments later, she watched as her ex best friend left. She tried to apologize to Brae but she shook her head. [b "I will never forgive you."] Braelynn's words were cold and harsh. But she didn't even care. She didn't deserve this. 

She looked up at the sky, and screamed out that she wish she could die. She looked back down, and realized that she needed to go elsewhere. But then again, she was the one that paid for this house. But she didn't think she could live here, knowing all the memories she shared with him. She sighed as she shook her head. Still not understanding how is this her life.


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