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I Hate You/I Love You [Closed]

By Lovely_Poison
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Lovely_PoisonAnnalise   204d ago


[center [Mate+SC This was stupid.]]

[center [Mate+SC The whole thing was just stupid.]]

[center [Mate+SC Annalise Chamberlain was doing her best to keep her tongue held and her anger buried, but it wasn't exactly easy. What was the point of balls and parties? To find a suitor? To gain some allies? Despite her noble upbringing, the young woman had never understood all that went into it. Her parents had tried over and over again to get it to stick, but one can't lead a horse to water and make it drink it, too. If she wanted to retain the information, she would have.]]

[center [Mate+SC Instead, over the years, she had stood in the back and watched all of the other rich snobs around her form business deals and then break those deals by the next get-together. She'd seen women and men cheat on their significant others (but God forbid the scandal!) and had heard some of the most passive-aggressive things a person could say about another with the sweetest smile on their face.]]

[center [Mate+SC It had never been a life that had appealed to her.]]

[center [Mate+SC Unfortunately for her and her family, however, there was another level to it all.]]

[center [Mate+SC Yes, yes, the dear old Chamberlain's were involved with some kind of family rivalry. Anna could never say specifically what it was about or what had led to it, but did it really matter? All she knew was that her family hated this other family and they always had to up one another. Some kind of feud that had lasted for generations.]]

[center [Mate+SC With a sigh, she did her best to release the tension in her body, pushing loose brunette strands behind her ear as she swayed with the movement of the carriage. That family would be there that night. Both under the same roof for the first time in years with the promise that they would behave themselves. Anna wasn't the one to worry about it.]]

[center [Mate+SC It would always be her "perfect" mother and father. The two who wanted to see these people fail.]]

[center [Mate+SC It was sad and exhausting.]]

[center [Mate+SC Looking up from her hands, which she had rested in her lap, she decided to peak out of the curtain, feeling the carriage start slowing down. They had approached the hosting family's house now (something about celebrating an engagement, from what she'd heard the maids saying) and was about ready to jump out of the mode of transportation.]]

[center [Mate+SC [b "Alright. Remember, chins up. Heads held high,"] she heard her father say. All she could do was nod before they came to a full stop. The door was pulled open a moment later, and in practiced formation, her father, then her mother, then herself would step out. Her father's suit seemed flawless in the light and her mother's dress sparkled like a thousand stars.]]

[center [Mate+SC The blue dress Anna wore sparkled as well but it wasn't nearly as pretty with its "diamonds and pearls" as her mother's. She wouldn't complain. It made it that much easier to cling to the wall the moment she was allowed to roam around. Once introductions were over, she'd be free to go for a while.]]

[center [Mate+SC By the stars, she couldn't wait to step onto a balcony and just stay away from the people inside the ballroom...]]
MoonlightBeauty_yoυ   87d ago

It was that time again. 

That time when everyone comes over to our home and there is a big party. Something that the blue-haired female hated dearly. But she would do anything to get her families approval. That's the one thing she could say about her family. They were very laid back. Didn't really mind what their daughter did. There is only one thing that her family didn't like or wanting her doing. Hanging with the other family. The Chamberlains. 

It was a constant rivalry. Chamberlains vs. McKays. Astrea really didn't understand it herself. But then against he would do anything for approval. The Chamberlain's were very judgmental. Astrea different than most people. For obvious reasons. One is she has bright blue hair. And you're not supposed to, but that never stopped Astrea. Both of her parents love her hair color and that's what mattered to Astrea. 

Her family came into her room, and sat down on her bed. Astrea felt like she was in trouble. But she knew she wasn't. There was going to be a party tonight. Something about an engagement. It wasn't Astrea, and that was the only thing she cared about. 

"Good evening, sweetie. I just wanted to remind that the Chamberlain's will be here tonight." Her mother paused for a moment. Astrea looked at her mother's face and it was a face of disgust. Astrea never really knew the store behind the hatred. That's how she was raised. So Astrea just simply followed rules. 

"So I need you to make sure you are on your best behavior." She looked at her father and he nodded his head. "Also. Don't let them discourage, my dear." Immediately, she knew it was because of the hair. But her parents were very supportive about it. That's all she cared about. Astrea sighed as she realized it was time to get ready. 

Astrea really wasn't into bright colors(minus her hair of course.) Otherwise, she loved anything black. She stood out. But none of her family ever judged her for that. Astrea had one sparkly dress. But - of course - it was black. So that's what she was going to wear. She put the dress, and then someone came in to help her zip it up. She smoothed out any wrinkles in the dress, and then smiled at herself. It was time for her to go downstairs and meet up with everyone else. As much as she was dreading it, she needed to because her parents were waiting for her. 

Astrea left her room, and headed downstairs. Everyone of her family were smiling and staring at her when she came down the stairs. But she could see the other family was there. She gulped, and was ignoring the whispers. She felt like there was going to be a huge fight tonight. Because her mother hated when others said awful things about her daughter. She looked at her father and whispered, [b "Try to keep her under control tonight. You know there will be rude comments."] His father smiled lightly at his daughter and nodded his head. Astrea headed to get a drink as she watched as others mingle around. And congratulating the two that got engaged. Astrea sighed, and would hope that would be her one day.


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