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There's No Future in Time Travel

By Luki
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LukiLuki   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[Sacramento [center [h3 [center [b World of Virtual Dreams]]]]]
Welcome to the World of Virtual Dreams is what appear across your computer screen. A fascinating game that makes your dreams come true. It takes your imagination to a whole new level, thus making your dreams feel as if it were a reality. There as plenty of NPCs to interact with, long with actually players too. 

This game is build to suit everyones desires. As long as you have an open mind and good imagination. There are all sorts of new creatures to meet. Some charming and other dangerous. Either way we hope you enjoy your adventure and enjoy exploring thought each of our four large towns / villages. The time period varies depending on which town you go to. Each village / town has advanced differently. Some towns are devoted to the market and business. Other are more tribal there are still some good finds. Either way we hope you enjoy your [i stay ]
[h3 [center Beast Beneath Or Auril’s Mercy ]] [i This town is a little more strict compared to the other. There are many creatures and being that lurk here. It is always best to have a place to stay at night here. If your caught outside late at night you might just finds the beast that lurk below who are always looking for a good fight]
[h3 [center Goldcrest ]] [i -Goldcrest has one of the largest markets around. There are also many noble men lurking around ]
[h3 [center Dream Land ]] [i - Were more than just dreams. This town is actually always dark the moon is always high in the sky. There it still a day time but the sun is always covered by thick clouds. This town also has a forest around it. ]
[h3 [center Whisper Hill]] [i This town also has a markets but hence the name there are quiet a few hills with hidden secrets. The King of the East castle stands high mighty with it's beautiful pearly exterior. Although the towns people haven't seen the king months they are still loyal subjects]
[h3 [center The Forgotten Village Sparrow Pass ]] [i - Sparrows Pass is a forgotten town deep in the forest. This town is only found by doing a certain quest given to only the most worthy.]
LukiLuki   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[h3 [center Rules ]]
[i Your character is allowed to be any species you want. 
You will all start out at lvl 1 (if this was a real game that is)
Along way you might be asked to make difficult choices that will effect the out come of the game (That is later to be revealed.)
Special abilities maybe grant to each character as the game goes on. (We can chatter about this later) 
Each of your characters will be assigned a familiars in the game but that only come after beating the first quest. Your familiar will be same level as you. They won't always be with you unless you are on a quest and summon them.

That is about all I can think of at the moment. The world is mostly open so lots of exploring!
LukiRabbit   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[h3 [center [#bebff9 Rip in time or simply a Dream?]]]
[center Let start at the beginning a little back story. Alaric had it rough from the starting. Being gay in a family like his was unacceptable. It made daily life a living hell. The only chance he had to escape was when he was a lone in his room. There was a computer game he loved to play. Whenever he was there he was known as Anri a Hareagon of some sorts. There he could truly be himself free to do what ever he please as long as it abided by the rules that is. Here he felt as if he made many friends and even love interests even if they were only NPCs. The game filled the empty void and loneliness he always seem to feel in his daily life. Chatting with friends like he always did before his father came yelling. 

His father abuse seemed endless. His father would always come down to scream and yell at him for his life choices. Alaric was a very intelligent young man but he was still too young to be on his own with only apart time job. 

He didn't have very many friends in the real world. That didn't bother him, he always had something to come home to that he looked forward to. When his slender fingers logged into the computer and open the game Virtual Dreams a smile appear across his face. In the game he was know as Anri he was a purple haired rabbit folk some might stay. Harengon is what his character actually is. Anri smiled softly he had only been playing this game for a couple of weeks. The hardest part was making a character. Deciding what to name him, what kind of species he should be what kind of familiar he wanted. Grant he wouldn't get one until he complete the first task. In order to do so need to join a party. It as best to be in a group of four or more. The only difficult apart about that was finding a group to play with. Since he was newer to the game it seemed challenging, also not having any friends in the real world didn't help either. Most people on here were friendly. 

Alaric felt his phone ringing in his pocket. He looked down to see it was work calling him. He had the day off but let out a heavy sigh before answering it. His eyes shifted back to the computer screen as he save and logged out. It seemed he as going to have to go to work today. [#bebff9 "I am never going to get any where in this game"] he mumbled to himself. As he quickly got dressed for work. He walked up the creaky stair case and grabbed his car key. His father was stand by the door waiting for him. Of course his dad had to tell him something mean before he left. He always did. If only his mother was still around. She had unfortunately died a coupe years ago. His father remarried now he was blessed with two horrible step brothers. 

~ After getting home from an 11 hour shift. He was forced to do chores then finally set free to do as he pleased. He always kept his room locked but when he found the door had been broken open his heart sank. Luckily whoever got in didn't find his old laptop. After cleaning up his room which felt like hour. He finally laid down in bed. His mind wonder back to that game he was just starting. Four towns to choose from where should he start?

Drifting into a peaceful slumber Anri open his eyes to find a large pair of arms around him. He nearly jumped out of his skin only to realize these arms didn't belong to anyone of his family. These arms were much too strong and firm. His heart was racing surely this was all a pleasant dream right. As his eyes came across a friendly looking face. That face was very familiar. It then donned on him that his was his favorite character in the game Remus Hemming. Anri had read all about this wild character. Why was this happen he had barely just started the game and read that meeting Remus would mean you would have to be level 7 or 8.

This had to be a dream ? Certainly this wasn't real just a simply desire. Anri sighed softly as he closed his pale green eyes. He then awoke in a whole new place. This time he was in what looked like the lobby? Wait this was still the game? He was thinking so much about it that had to be reason why he dreamed about Remus, why he was thinking of the loading lobby. Surely he would be awoken from his slumber soon and this dream would simply come to an end. Anri closed his eyes when he open them again he found himself falling. His slender body his the ground with a light thud. He slowly sat up and looked around where was he now? Why did that actually hurt a little? Was this not really a dream? All these thoughts and question there was no way to explain them.

Anri pale green eyes danced around the forest in a state of panic. It seemed head end up near the town called Dream Land. He was on the out skirts of it. Dream Land was surround by a thick lush forest. Anri heart began to racing in his chest. He then heard the sound of voice ? His ears twitch the sound was getting closer. Anri had yet to notice that he was shift between rabbit and man. Finally the sound of a rustling bush got louder. Anri heart about flew out of his chest as he waited to see what was coming. What should he do? It was too late to hide, he had no weapons. He could run if he need to but to where he had no idea where he was what lurked about. If he remember right Dream Land was still an era behind his own. There was minor technology here, so people still used swords and what not. [#bebff9 "W-Who goes there...."] he said in shaky voice. His pale green eyes didn't leave the moving bush.

[h3 [center ♡]]
[i [+pink Now with this said in play ~ Tell me how you guys end up here? Most of this will be dream related! Eventually you will all be in the same group traveling together though the towns. Dream land shall be the first town you stumble upon. There are no cars or airships here. Only horse and trains. Train tickets are really expensive. Just remember this your characters are coming from modern and be thrown into a semi-modern world. Basically you are traveling from the present to the past. (Don't worry to much you about the time... You are stuck in the game until the end.)
ShieldHero-Emma Faith   248d ago

[h3 OOC/Session Zero]

[center [i So I wanted to ask! Stuck in the game? Is something going to happen that causes them to be stuck in it? Or will they go back and forth between playing the game and living modern life? So half slice of life and half fantasy? Or is it mostly revolved around the game and full fantasy? Also do you want me to post first or Blakely? And lastly do you want me to PM you my character bio etc etc before posting?]]
LukiRabbit   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Sorry if I wasn't very clear on that. We will be stuck in the game until we beat but we do start out in the real modern world. 

Doesn't matter who post first. 

If you guy wants too. I am not really good at making D&D character sheets. I mean I did fill out a thing under my actually character a little just a simply ES one.
ShieldHero-Emma Faith   248d ago

Well feel free to use our DnD account! ^^
We should get the feature that allows us to share our stuff with friends so you can have all the extra stuff on DnD beyond on yours. (We don't mind sharing but you probably hate seeing 50 characters on there from us haha)

Oh okay! Thanks for letting me know that helps!
LukiRabbit   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

Thank you I will wait for now until I see you use it a little more. It was nice it pretty much made your character how ya wanted.
ShieldHero-Emma Faith   248d ago

Are all races from DnD available?
And would I be allowed to make a LV 1 DnD character sheet for this? Or should I just write up a more simple ES bio? I know we won't be using all the DnD stuff yet. So maybe just writing an idea? I may take inspiration from DnD for his class/abilites.

Would Paladin be a class in this world? Like a holy knight fighter?
LukiRabbit   248d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

We might as well I want this world to be fairly open. 

Sure why not. You will like Goldcrest or whatever. This is suppose to suit everyone dreams. Theres still a hidden town they we don't know much about yet.
ShieldHero-Emma Faith   248d ago

Oh okay I'll go ahead and make a DnD sheet for this! And than I'll run over the abilites backstory etc of that sheet with you to make sure it's all okay in this world ^^

Oh and fun fact about DnD real fast! Did you know every round of combat in DnD represents a real life time of 6 seconds?

So like Monks can attack 3 times in one turn (If they use up a Ki point.) That's 3 attacks in 6 seconds basically
Alpha:.Remus.:   248d ago

No I didn't know that. I really still don't know much other than I like throw my D20 across the table. XD I mean I know tiny bit but not much is sticking in my brain  yet?
Alpha:.Remus.:   247d ago

[h3 [center [+Orange The Dream ]]]
[center Remus's dreams always seem to end the same. Waking up right before he made contact to those rose colored lips. Oh how he desired to know who's those rose lips belong too. Rubbing his eyes, he laid there silently in his cozy little bed. Thoughts ran through his mind. What was today going to bring? Just as he was about to get out of the bed. He noticed something odd and out of place. There were a few violet color hairs that he had no idea where they came from? 

Then it dawned on him. [+orang "Wait...."] he said to himself as he looked at the strands of hair. From the scent it smelt like rabbit hair. What caught him off guard was the fact that he had been dreaming about the purple haired rabbit for what seemed like days. 

Remus sighed softly as he looked around his small room. It was practically empty. Remus's didn't have much. There wasn't much he could other than work or fight. Despite being a talent fight he was also intelligent. The one down side he had was it was difficult for him to make friends and be friendly. Except for in his dreams. 

To most the town folk, he was viewed a loner but he was a hard worker. Doing small things around the village didn't seem to cut it. It meant one thing. One thing only, he was going to have to travel to Beast Beneath village. In oder to get there he was going to have to cross through Dream Land and it's forest. The forest was going to be hard part dodging monsters another people. Remus sighed softly as he left his small bedroom. He looked at the room down the small hall way. He sighed softly as he walked way. That room was now vacant. His mind quickly went back to what he was doing.

Packing a small burlap bag with a few supplies. A small loaf of old bread he carefully wrapped in a worn silk cloth. A small flask that held water. After shoving those items into his bag. He slung the burlap bag over his shoulder. He picked up the worn sword that sat by the door. He clipped it to his belt and head outside.

He looked back at his run down home. He sighed softly as he started his journey to through Dream Land's forest. His orange colored eyes danced around his surroundings. So far things seem to be going well. 

[h3  ♢ ♦ ]
(* Remus was originally going to just be an NPC.Since I adored him so much is in the game as a player. He is different from your character slight. Unlike Anri he was already made for the game. Since the game has glitched you are all stuck in this game until the end. He is taking a life of his own. He is have real dreams and problems he never had before. *)
* Also Dream Land welcome all creatures so ears and tails are normal. Only thing they ask is no shifting in town (so no shifting into your true from unless you are in the forest out of sight.) *
-Forbidden-.Bird.   247d ago


[h3 [Pompiere [center [b Finding a World to Fit In]]]]

[center [Pompiere Isaac had just gotten home with the game held tightly in his hands. His father looked towards him and offered a small and warm smile glad to see his son happy. He had been against the game at first, but Isaac had shown really good promise. He had earned that money himself though he was sure that it had been hard for him.

[+green "Good Job. I knew you could do it. Why don't you come eat and then you can go on up and play. Not too long though. We have an appointment tomorrow that you can't miss. You promised."]

The boy's eyes lit up. He wasn't expecting to get any time on the game. He sat down with his father to enjoy a meal. He didn't say much, but his father knew he understood. If anyone in this world understood Isaac it was his father. The boy couldn't speak. He hadn't been able to speak for a very long time. He had been going to therapy, but so far there was no change. He worried about his son, but if there was a way he could branch out and make friends... Well then maybe this game wouldn't be so bad for him.

As they finished eating, they both did the dishes and then he sent his son up the stairs so that he could play his new game. He wished him luck as well.

Isaac stepped into his room and looked for his computer. He found it on his bed where he always left it before he headed off anywhere. He did small chores and things for the neighbors. People who understood his condition and never made fun of him for it. People felt sorry for him, and he hated it. The only one that still treated him like he could still speak was his father. The boy looked at his father as his closest friend. His only friend.

He put the game in and watched as it downloaded. It would take some time, but that was alright. Even if he only got his character created, he would be happy. He began to work on his character once the game loaded up for him.

He had chosen a Kenku making him look mostly human with white feathers. He loved how his character turned out. Once he got started and he was sure everything was saved he shut the game down and left his room to get ready for bed. Maybe he would be able to find his voice again tomorrow. Who knew? It was hard though. He just didn't want to talk to anyone. It felt too difficult.

Once he had let his father know he loved him and that he was going to bed he laid down. He was excited about the game and all the possibilities that were open to him. Slowly he drifted off into what he thought was a dream.

[h3 [center [b Within a different Reality]]]

[center [pic]]

He was falling. No... Not one of those dreams. He had a hard time waking up from these. He normally did with soundless screams. This time he wasn't waking though, and he realized something very odd... He had wings. He tried his hardest to spread them, but he couldn't. They just wouldn't flap or anything. Oh god. He couldn't fly. What good were these wings for?

He closed his eyes. He was going to die, wasn't he? These dreams could kill you, couldn't they? He felt himself hit the ground. It took the breath from his lungs. He laid there struggling for a moment with the pain. Wait... Pain? No... He slowly sat up and looked around. His wings were sore and... He looked at himself. Oh. He was the character he had created in that game earlier before he had gone to bed. What was this? What was going on? He was starting to panic a little bit. He didn't know what he should do. He got to his feet and pinched himself hard on the arm.

Ouch... He couldn't voice it but damn that hurt. He had chosen a Kenku because they couldn't speak. He felt some sort of... Kinship with them. Slowly he began moving towards the lights of what he assumed might be a town. He didn't know how he was going to really communicate with anyone though. He was also a bit afraid. He didn't have any weapons or anything.
ShieldHero-     247d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b The young autumn let a long sigh escaping his lips. Wearing his usual heavy clothing it didn't matter if it was cold or hot.]]

[center [b There "Rex" stood behind the corner, he was back at school again. Waiting for his friends course being time to go home some students found him strange. It was strange to be just standing there not heading to a bus or anything. Most people were eager to head back. Of course school being as boring as it is right?]]

[center [+green Ugh..]]

[center [b "Rex" didn't enjoy having the occasional laugh or giggle pointed his way. He must have looked like such a creep but he didn't want to go without...]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Hey _____ whatcha doin?]]

[center [b Ahh.. His name his real name. He hated to hear it... So much so it felt as though his brain simply tuned it out when he heard it.]]

[center [b A man wearing glasses had wrapped his arm around "Rex" it was... Vincent! Rex smiled a rather wide grin before looking away. He didn't want Vincent to know Rex had so few friends he'd just wait for him...]]

[center [+blue Whoa were you waiting for me and Serah? Dude that's... Freaking awesome! You know we hate it when we get all split up on the bus huh? Actually I know it's a long way man but Serah's dad isn't home today. So could we walk home? We all live in the same neighborhood anyway so we can right?]]

[center [b Rex's eyes brightened as he nodded that sounded a lot more pleasant than being surrounded by others. The two took a seat on a nearby bench as others passed the two by. This was nice "to be talking like this with my best friend?" it meant the world to Rex.]]

[center [+blue You hear man..? They say that new game is on the rise. It's all the rage... Dreams and reality huh..? People are getting so addicted to that game they forget to eat and sleep. Can't forget about the real world right?]]

[center [+green E-Err yeah..]]

[center [+blue Promise me you won't get too obsessed when you play okay? Me and Serah worry about you bud.]]

[center [+green S-Sure..]]

[center [b Rex tilted his head before giving a quick nod and a soft smile. As Vincent forced Rex to shake on it the two began to wait and wait.]]

[center [+blue Course with you're reflexes? I'm sure you'd kick some ass. You already do! No need to hide away behind a screen to do it right? Me? I'd rather spend my time talking to cute girls at the school.]]

[center [b Rex couldn't help but laugh a little at Vincent a little. Despite how shy the young boy was he was able.. To open up to Vincent.]]

[center [pic,h_6(0,q_75,strp/anime_beach_girl_wallpaper_by_bakahp-d6)1enj.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJpc3MiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwic3ViIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsImF1ZCI6WyJ1cm46c2VydmljZTppbWFnZS5vcGVyYXRpb25zIl0sIm9iaiI6W1t7InBhdGgiOiIvZi9jMWNhMTViNS1kYzk5LTQxYjgtODdkMC1iNjMyZTVkOWIxN2IvZDY0MWVuai1jN2M1YTEyNy1jNTQ2LTQzNTItOTJjMy1kOTQ1MDNjMTJjOWQuanBnIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQiLCJoZWlnaHQiOiI8PTY0MCJ9XV19.1E4yBeK_g74EOq9nVPY2wlq6kVQ4ShCZYQgP0hBPyXw]]

[center [+pink Oh I see cute girls are why you slack off at School Vince? Maybe I should let your mom know that.]]

[center [b A woman said placing her hands on her hips as Vincent jumped up a bit. Before letting out a devious smirk.]]

[center [+blue If you do that she wouldn't let me hang out with you anymore Serah!]]

[center [b Serah rolled her eyes as she blushed faintly it was like Vincent to always flirt with her.]]

[center [+pink Oh spare me I think you're mom wouldn't mind me one bit. So I'm sorry I'm an hour late the buses already left ya know. We have to walk home now. You didn't have to wait ya know]]

[center [b Vincent stood up as he stretched yawning popping his back giving Rex a big grin.]]

[center [+blue _____ and me knew that would be the case! We wanted to walk you home. You know I heard rumors student walking home alone are... Kidnapped! Never to be seen again!! Riighhhhht?]]

[center [+green They are..?]]

[center [+blue Shh! Come on buddy... Back me up here. Trying to pick up a babe here!]]

[center [b Vincent teased as Serah shoved him and the three began to walk home together.]]

[center [+pink You know Vincent you've been bringing that stuff up a lot actually. I know your just kidding but is their a reason why?]]

[center [+green M-Maybe he's the one scared?]]

[center [b Serah and Vincent gave Rex a stare with a blink or two before laughing a bit as Vincent placed his arms around Serah and Rex.]]

[center [+blue You caught me and I needed my body guards here! Haha!! Jokes aside it's good to be careful right? Besides I have a guy who uses way too much time exercising instead of picking up girls so--]]

[center [b Vincent nudged "Rex" as Serah shook her head with a light smile.]]

[center [+pink Hahaha, you'll say anything to deny the fact that exercise is actually just useful won't you? I swear you're the only person I know who skips P.E and like nothing else.]]

[center [+green H-Hehe.. P.E is t-the only good class!]]

[center [+blue Yeah says the health nut! For people like me it's hell on earth. I'd rather take chemistry and see how much I have with Serah if you know what I mean.]]

[center [b The three laughed and talked as they took their time heading home. Vincent slowly looked up at the sky with a soft smile.]]

[center [+blue It's our last year in high school... Can you believe it? That we all turn seventeen this year? We aren't too far away from being adults. It's just crazy to imagine us three growing up it feels really.. Weird. I don't know maybe I'm just rambling.]]

[center [+pink Serah shook her head as Vincent kept his arm around her and Rex. She had perked her head up turning her head over to speak.]]

[center [+pink It is really weird, we've known each other since we were fourteen but it feels like all of our lives too. It's crazy you two have grown up so much since than. I remember _____ barely even talked than he was almost like a zombie. Vincent would just skip school all together most days or sass every teacher. I'm really proud of you guys for everything lately. Speaking up or actually going to school and being polite to the teachers Vince.]]

[center [b Rex blushed looking away he was happy he had done something right. It felt he had barely really changed. It was just sorta easier.. To speak up around them two. They might as well been his entire world. That being said? He still hated school.. Or the outside world as a whole it took all of his will to not... Break down in public.]]

[center [+blue Hey we weren't the only ones with issues! You used to be such a prissy girl! You might as well have starred in mean girls!]]

[center [b Rex had never seen that side of Serah but apparently she used to really care how others thought of her? Mean girls? Was she really that harsh? That bad? She did admit peer pressure would get to her. It mattered to her a lot if she was in a sense popular. At least that was the short version Vince gave Rex.

Serah couldn't help but giggle as she hit Vince's arm. She simply shook her head.]]

[center [+pink Okay yeah I was a bit of a bitch, but if I was? Than why did you come up and talk to me the way you did?]]

[center [+blue Umm duh cause you're hot! Kidding kidding! I don't know you just seemed really... Sad it's hard to explain.]]

[center [b As the two began to near their neighborhood the laughs continued on and on as the shoved and joked around. As Vincent talked about how he and Serah had met. It made Rex pretty curious it also made him remember how he had met them in the first place. He had begun to daydream of that day... Before a strange static could be heard in his ear.]]

[center [+pink _____ You okay?]]

[center [+green I-I know I hate my name but.. Why can't I hear it?]]

[center [+blue Rex?]]

[center [+green Did you call me Rex...?]]

[center [h3 Awaken.]]

[center [b It was at that moment Rex had shot straight up. Staring at his hand as he let out a long sigh.]]

[center [+green That dream again huh...?]]

[center [b Ever since he started playing that game.. He had been seeing this strange dreams. Dreams of friends he's sure he's never had before. Dreams of slowly accepting reality. But than the cold hard truth was... He had to wake up. He was alone and.. All he had were those games.]]

[center [+green Pulled another all nighter... Well might as well get longed in.]]

[center [b Rex was a shut in neet. It was a long story but his parents had taken care of him at least... For now they were. That hadn't mattered though. What mattered now was being able to log in.]]

[center [+green Huh? My guys LV 1? What the heck happened..? Did I reset him? An error? Or maybe their updating the game?]]

[center [b Most would be crushed by this but Rex hadn't cared. Just meant he could play some more. With that he placed his gear on laying on his bed... Slowly fading away to a world of dreams.]]
-Butterfly-Minakami   241d ago
Cat Mom

[center [#86a7ee [h3 Taking A Chance ]
Haruka was a very shy girl. She didn't have very many friends. Even the friends she had weren't really her friends. They were simply using her to get through school. Haruka excelled in math and science that was why she had "friends" they simply wanted her around to help them get a passing grade. Deep down she knew that. 

The Game 
Hearing her friends chatter about this new game all the time was kind of annoying. Pressured into buying a copy, decided to give it a try anyway. Open the brightly color case. She put the disk into her computer. 

She opened the game a smiled softly as she decided on what character to make. She finally decided on something pure and innocent. She decided to make an angel of course she didn't know how to fly yet. It said something about not be able to until she level two. She was okay with that she was still happy with how her character had come out. 

She then heard her phone go off. It was one of her friend complain about getting a D in math. In her mind [i Maybe if you spent less time looking at boys you would understand."] she simply wrote back. Sorry. Her friend then bullied her into doing her home for her. Sighing as she closed out of the game she started to her friends math homework. 

She yawned and rest her head down on the math book. 

When she open her pale lavender eye she realized she was on the ground staring straight at a large forest. Her heart was racing in her chest. She slowly say up and looked around. Where was she ? Why did that? She notice a small scratch on her leg was starting to beed with crimson. 

Her eyes widen as she looked around. It was then she heard voices in the forest. She didn't know if she should run or stay. The game did say it was best to be in a group. Dream Land was mostly a peaceful place but there were a still a chance of running into enemies especially near the forest. Weaponless the slender brunette stood up. She seen a stick on the ground a grabbed. Holding it tightly in her hand.
Alpha:. Yuuko .:   245d ago

Yuuko was a resident of Dream Land. She often helped lost travelers find there way through Dream Land's forest. Lately it seemed that no visitors had come. It was a rather dry spell.

Sighing softly the bright purple taxbai sat down on a large rock.  [#ca18ec "How boring!"] she shouted to the sky. As if it could answer her. She sighed softly as she closed her bright yellow eyes. 

She drifted off into a light slummer but her ears were still alert listing to the sounds around her. It was then she hear it. The sound of multi people and beings all around the forest. She shot up and smiled brightly as she darted off to the nearest sound. Since she was still near the entrance to the forest she when to Kenku first.

[#ca18ec "Hello!"] she said cheerfully to the Kenku who seemed to have fallen to the ground with a loud thud. [#ca18ec "Are you alright? From the sounds of thinks you taken a rather large fall haven't you?"] she said with a soft but worried tone.

She didn't know a whole lot about Kenku other that they couldn't actually speak. Well they could if you knew all the right sign and listen to them. Having such large ears that she was softly made fun for. She was happy about her heart that helped her listen words of the heart some might say.
LukiRabbit   244d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [h3 [center [#bebff9 Sensation ]]] 
Shifting from rabbit to man it finally settle on something in-between. After seeing the man emerge from the bush made his heart race. It was Remus. A small smile appear across his face along with a faint blush. This was the character he had read so much about. Even dream about. He quickly looked way  [#bebff9 "Um..H-Hi"] he said nervously. 

He hope that the tall man would answer him not think of him as an enemy. He quickly offer another smile before look down at the ground.  [#bebff9 "Remus is it? I-I am... Anri"] he said as he bowed his head a little nervously fidgeting.

[h3 [center [+Red Reaction ]]]
Remus paused in place. It was like love at first site. This was the one he had been dreaming so fondly of. His orange colored eye scan the slender figure up and down. He shook his head and rain his slender fingers through his hair. [+Orange '"Who is asking?"] he said dryly as his eye brows narrowed.

His orange colored eyes seem liked a dancing flame burning so brightly. Remus wasn't normally one to start a fight. He might of seem mean and dangerous but on the inside he had a heart of gold. Seeing that boy meant no harm and seemed rather lost he let out a heavy sigh. [+Orange "Look if you are looking for the town I will take you there."] he said with a soft smile.

Seeing that boy had agreed he lead the way to Dream Land. Carefully and skillfully he lead the boy through forest. It seemed that everything was going according to play. No foe so far to cross his path. He was kind of surprised the purple colored tabaxi didn't head this way. She was normally hoping for lost people she loved helping people through the forest.
ShieldHero-RR   244d ago

[center [pic]]

[center [youtube]]

[center [b Rex had clocked in his character. Looking around he noticed he had no weapons and no armor. Viewing up his stats he saw his appearance was the same as before but this time... He wasn't a Fighter. He was... A monk? What..?]]

[center [+green I...]]

[center [+orange I.. What's going on?]]

[center [b He was in his avatar's body. So he managed to log in but he didn't remember much past that. This was the starting forest for a lot of new players though.]]

[center [+orange First time playing Monk but.. Here goes?]]

[center [b Rex never played Monk but in real life? He had plenty of experience of getting into stupid fights growing up. Despite the way he had appeared in the real world.]]

[center [+orange Well.. At least I don't need a weapon or any armor than.]]

[center [b Sprinting through the forest he was ready to encounter anything or anyone. He was looking for a chance to maybe gain his character a level. He heard leveling was slow but taking it to LV 2 shouldn't take that long at least. Right? It wasn't long before he slid in his tracks deftly stopping himself. He came rather close into crashing into someone else! He looked up and down to see a brunette girl holding a stick. She had angel like wings and a little scratch on her leg. She looked like her avatar was brand new just like his.]]

[center [+orange O-Oh err.. Well I-I...]]

[center [b He squirmed as he held onto the back of his wrist. He was terrible at talking to people... It was a little easier online but not that much! Twice as hard when it was a girl... Course there was no guarantee it was a girl right? Could be a guy behind that screen after all. Well either way? The character model they had made was really cute. Course the awkward young man wouldn't have been caught dead saying that to anyone.]]

[center [+orange Err.. Well.. Heh...]]

[center [b -Really Rex?! Are you stupid? Like "Oh hey nice to meet cha I like to make weird chuckling noises at young girls in the forest!" Come on Rex.. Calm down it's just a person... This is why people made fun of you. Just.. For once in you're stupid life... Be normal.. Okay?" His thoughts were rushing wildly but despite his inner dialogue? He wasn't doing much in the way of starting a conversation. So instead he stood stammering in front of this stranger.]]
-Forbidden-.Bird.   243d ago


[h3 [Pompiere [center [b A Large Cat]]]]

[center [Pompiere Seeing the Tabaxi frightened the Kenku at first. He wasn't expecting anyone to come upon him. He looked at her feeling a little dazed and confused. He had been sure that he hadn't gotten actually started on the game. He had simply made his character. He rubbed the back of his neck and looked around the place he was in. He was going to have to figure out what was going on. He had tried several times now to log off, but nothing was happening. He couldn't get logged out or anything. He looked back to the Tabaxi realizing that this whole time he hadn't tried to communicate with her.

Ah that's right Kenku had a really interesting ability. Mimicry. He could mimic words that he had heard before. She had greeted him. He could use mimicry for that.

[+skyblue "Hello."]

Oh, it worked. Of course, he didn't know how to say anything else other than that. He sighed softly feeling a bit defeated. He nodded when she asked about the fall that he had taken. He was hurting a bit, but he was sure he would end up being just fine.

He looked around. He didn't know where he was. He really couldn't ask either. He looked back at her and tilted his head slightly. He gestured towards the town and then looked back at her.
-BlackCatMinakami   241d ago
Cat Mom

[center [#86a7ee [h3 Thud] ]
It didn't take long for the brunette girl to be on the ground once more.  She lost he balance easily with these large wings. They were heavy she was not yet used to them. [#86a7ee "Ouch"] she said under her breath. She looked at the being that hand run into. She quickly looked way. The stick she was holding had broken. 

She slowly stood up and looked at the man that stood before her. He seemed rather shy. Still she was fearful of him. She had no one in her world nor did she have anyone in his world. 

[#86a7ee "The least you  can do is apologize for knocking a lady over."] she said boldly as she brushed off her dressed. She remember picking this dress for her Minakami because the back was open. Since she chose for Minakami to be an angel. 

Minakami lavender colored eyes sparkled. Despite not what happen where she was she need to be nice and confident even if she wasn't in her world she could still be in this world right? [#86a7ee "Sorry I am... I am just a little lost... and I don't make friends easily...."] she said as she looked at the babbling man once more. [#86a7ee "Are you on your way to Dream Land too?"] she said softly yet sweetly.
ShieldHero-Aria Wynn   241d ago

[center [h3 Unsure]]

[center [b "Ouch?" He had thought tilting his head. Could they feel pain in here? He didn't remember that. Or was it simply habit to say ouch when slammed against? It'd be so easy to walk away and avoid this whole awkward encounter.. It was online she didn't even know his real face. Yet..? Rex was too shy to do even that. Of course the young man was a bit hypnotized by her adorable model. "God Rex you're a creep.. It's ones and zeros on a screen don't be so weird! Course it's not like I'm any better at talking to girls in real life.. Wait does that matter? Really? I'm not here to play dating simulator I'm here to cut up some monsters and forget my problems for awhile." he let out a long sigh as she began to berate him.]]

[center [b "So much for escaping life's problems.. People used to shout at him at school for missing every social cue possible. He tried his best to understand what was socially acceptable but he was always.. A step out of balance socially speaking.]]

[center [+orange Oh.. Uh.. S-Sorry...]]

[center [b Had he really not said sorry? It was such a habit to profusely apologize to others. Bump into someone? That would cost three sorry's. Awkwardly order some food? Five apologies. Was it cause he was in a game he forgot? "A lady..?" Rex wanted to interject. "But it's a game.. You could be a huge forty year old man." Nooot that it'd matter he wouldn't be mean to them. He knows well what it's like to not fit in. Plus what if she was a girl? That'd just be rude right?]]

[center [b He looked at the ground as she finished up her short lived lecture. What came next..? Really surprised him. An apology? Towards him? Rex was only used to social interactions in real life to turn into. 1: Getting laughed at or 2: Turning into a fist fight which Rex was usually treated like HE was the bad guy afterwards. "To be fair.. Father does say I take it to far... Ugh no I'm trying to NOT think about that stuff right now."]]

[center [b He heard her tell him "I don't make friends easily." His ears perked up. The light in his eyes had returned if but for a brief moment.]]

[center [+orange Y-You too..?]]

[center [b He stuttered before looking away. "You too? Did you just admit you're a loser hermit? Great she's gonna hate you! Nice going Rex.. We don't make friends remember? We stay in our lane and look down." She had looked at him with the sweetest lavender eyes he could have seen. With a tune as sweet as sugar she had asked him. "Are you heading to dream land?"]]

[center [b He had looked up blinking his eyes slowly. If he had a heart in this digital world it would have surely skipped a beat. It was probably only a few seconds but it felt he had stared at her for ages.]]

[center [+orange Uhh.. S-Sure!]]

[center [b "Sure? I was actually going to find some enemies in the forest here since I don't need a weapon.. So why did I? Cause her model is cute? Well.. Maybe he really just wanted to help. He didn't get very many chances to be useful in real life.. So this kinda felt nice. She looks unarmed.. She could probably use a group and some starter gear." So he had doubled down and nodded her direction before fidgeting and looking away again.]]
Alpha:. Yuuko .:   240d ago

[google-font] [Indie+Flower [h3 Dream Land ] [#ca18ec "So you can speak..."] she said with a soft smile as she wagged her long slender tail. He might of only mimicked words but at least they could communicate with her. She was sure if they became close friends she would be able to understand the words of that heart some might say. She smiled softly as she the Kenku. [+purple "What is your name?"] she said with a sweet smile. 

[#ca18ec  "Are you on your way to Dream Land?"] she said with another smile. Yuuko was a very friendly being. She had to be it was her job anyway. She often help people who got lost in the forest. Most of the time they were trying to find Dream Land. 

Not everyone is nice to her. Yuuko despite being so sweet. She actually very dangerous with a sword. She had two handed long sword she keeps over her back. She rarely had to use it but she was actually good with it. Her father trained her when she was young girl. She excelled in it. She smiled softly as she looked at the sweet man that stood before her.
LukiRabbit   237d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[h3[center [+Orange Remus]]]
Seeing that the young stranger honestly meant no harm. He decided to travel with him to Dream Land. He was happy that they reach the town before sunset. It seems that he would at least have a warm bed to stay in tonight. He looked at the young rabbit that stood beside him. 

It was clear he was different. He knew the minute he saw him this was the boy he been dreaming about. He couldn't just come out and say this. He could smell something on the boy scent that confused him. Sorrow was the first thing that came to mind along with loneliness. The boy seem happy? Shaking his head he noticed the large eared purple haired cat emerge from the forest with someone with her.

[+orange "Hey. Yuu where have you been all day?"] he said dryly look down at the small tabaxi he easily toward over. Remus was rather tall compared to most. He crossed his arms firmly over his chest. Sure she helped one person through the forest but wasn't it her job to help everyone. Surely Anri could of used it. Shaking his head he then looked back to Anri would seemed to be amazed with the town.


[h3 [center [+Purple Smile]]]
For the first time in a long time he Anri smiled softly. He was happy just to be near Remus. Surely this had to be where his dream was going to abruptly end right? 

He was happy when ever he was happy something bad always seemed to follow. His smile soon faded they had made it to the town. He really wanted to speak more with Remus but the words wouldn't come out. They stay suck behind his teeth. His lavender color eyes dance around the sight of the town. Wow. It really was breath taking.  

The light that came from the town really did give you a dreamy vive. The scent of foods lingered in the air along with a strong scent of flowers. 

In the center of the town stood a sakura blossom tree. It was always in bloom it had been that way for over 100years according to the legend. The tree it's self was very tall it looked almost like a pink fluffy cloud with branches. Anri eyes seemed to sparkle with amazement.
-BlackCatMinakami   237d ago
Cat Mom

[center [#86a7ee [h3 Friendship?]]]
A small smiled crept across her pale rose colored lips. [#86a7ee "Well let go there together then!"] she said with another soft smile. [#86a7ee "So what's your name?... I'm Haru... I'm Minakami..."] said softly. She was happy she didn't have to travel there alone even if she had no idea which way to go. If they were lucky maybe it wouldn't take them long to get there.

[#86a7ee " I wish I could fly...but it seem am not able to use my wings yet..."] she mutter as she fluttered her wind in a helpless motion. The only thing that happen was a few loose feather flew out of her wings. Her feather's were a pearly white color with a faint blue tint to them. [#86a7ee "Which way should we go?"] she said as she looked at Rex.

She sighed softly as she closed her eyes them open them again. [#86a7ee "It would be nice if I could just make my wings disappear...."] she said with a soft sigh. It wasn't like they were heavy but they seem to be getting in the way. 

After deciding which direction to go. She was happy to be on the move again. She was little nervous standing in one spot for too long. Sing softly her as her wings every so often they would snag on a tree branch, or get caught in a bush. How frustrating if she would of known this she wouldn't of choose a character with wings. Wait! Why would she even thinking about something like this? She didn't expect to actually get stuck in a game. Nor have problems like this? She shook her head softly as she looked forward.
-Forbidden-.Bird.   237d ago

[h3 [center Speak]]

[center No... He couldn't speak. Not really. He would have to hear a hundred different things before he could string enough things together to be able to say anything.

At least she seemed to know where he was supposed to be going. He followed after her towards the town. She looked up at the place quietly. What a beautiful town.

Suddenly two people came over. He felt off around so many people. He decided to avoid the other two. If they didn't speak to him then he wouldn't say anything to them. Well not like he could anyway.

He looked up at the town. It was a rather beautiful place, wasn't it?]
ShieldHero-RR   237d ago

[center [h3 Introductions]]

[center [b Rex had begun to lead her back slowly.. Before she had asked his name with a rather endearing smile. He blinked a bit before averting his gaze. He opened his menu up and pointed toward his user name.]]

[center [+orange R-Rex.. Rex R-R-Rider but um..]]

[center [b He wanted to say "But Rex was fine." He felt weird saying so much at once. Well.. Was it really that much? An extra sentence really and yet.. It felt like running a marathon. No.. Running a marathon would be easier. Why... Why was this so hard?]]

[center [b She had shown off her feathers to him. He gave her a rather awkward smile and nodded. "Why can't I just say.. It'll come to you? Say something Rex.. You look like you're just leering at her!" She had asked where to go. He remembered the beginning area pretty well. He pointed a direction. Toward the city of dreams. He would have said "Follow me" but that.. Proved to be too hard as well so he simply began to lead. His head hung low as to avoid any awkward eye contact.]]

[center [b She began to get caught and snagged on every little thing. She had commented on wishing her wings could be put away. What was this..? "Oh.. This is small talk right? A person complains about something annoying and the other person.. Well how does the other person respond? Do they say sorry? Wouldn't that seem short? Fake? Well offering a serious apology for it seems silly for such a small thing. It's not like I can even say yeah I know what you mean cause.. No wings. So what can I say to this? Come on Rex... It's just small talk everyone does it every.. freaking... Day." He turned around and with all the courage in his heart he parted his lips softly.]]

[center [+orange Y-Y-Yeah...]]

[center [b "Yeah..? All the things you could say and it's YEAH really Rex? Stupid stupid!" He began to lament and internally shout at himself but what was done was done. It wasn't long before they had arrived at the city of dreams and all of it's beauty.]]

[center [+orange W-Were here...]]
-BlackCatAkari   237d ago
Cat Mom

[center Destruction 
Things were a little too peaceful. How  boring? Then he seen her another angel. Falling helplessly from the sky. It seems the poor thing didn't know how to fly. How pathetic he thought to himself. A smile crept across his face.

Let's go have some fun with that pathetic sap. It was easy to find her what caught him off guard was seeing her with someone else? Already? Shaking his head it didn't matter. They were both weak and would be easy to cut down. 

[+Magenta "You can make them disappear.... I will just cut them off for you..."] he said dryly as a beautiful sword appeared in blinding ray of light. 

The tall sender figure stood top a tall tree branch looking down upon the two. The clothing the angel wore was certainly different. It was almost as if he was dress as a jester. The sweet smile that appear across his face was malicious. There was nothing funny about him in fact he loved bring pain rather than happiness. Perhaps a demon would of been a better choice. 

The angel quickly landed before them and smiled maliciously. [+Magenta "Such a pity you aren't really wroth my efforts..."] he said dryly.
ShieldHero-RR   237d ago

[center [h3 Encounter]]

[center [b It was than a man had shout a ray of light approaching them. Rex had grabbed her hand and backed up a bit. It was a moment before.. He found himself blushing and pulling his hand away slowly.]]

[center [b "Worth my efforts..? A pity? Was this guy from a real life anime? He had to be an NPC a person would never talk like that. Not unless they were big into the whole immersion thing right? Rex didn't remember this encounter at the beginning either. So was it really an NPC? Maybe it's random? It hadn't mattered, Rex may have been level one but but he knew what he was doing. And luckily his class didn't need armor or weapons. Rex was excited to get some experience in. A slight grin came to his face as he began to dash on his foe.]]

[center [b Taking an action he came with an unarmed strike punching at the angel like creature. Due to his Monk's agility and his own reflexes he was able to throw a second kick into the same attack action with surprising speeds.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[ Here's his sheet]

I know we aren't doing it exactly like DnD/Video game with the combat right.
More so role play heavy? (Not that DnD isn't roleplay heavy but I mean without the stats xD) Does he still have the abilities that would be on his sheet? Or no?
Alpha:. Yuuko .:   235d ago

[google-font] [Indie+Flower [center [h3 Gathering ] Her head turn told the dry raspy voice. [#ca18ec "Well If it isn't Remus"] she mutter before crossing her arms firmly over her chest. She smiled soon faded when she learn that she missed someone in the forest. Sure it was her job to help lost travelers. Sometimes it was hard to come across them all. Her golden colored eyes then landed on Anri. 

Yuuko smiled softly as she pull the Kenku with her to the small group of people. [#ca18ec "Look I am sorry if I caused your any trouble Remus..."] she said. [#ca18ec "I was doing my job! "] she said as she pointed at the Kenku. 

Yuuko golden eyed then went back to the Kenku. [#ca18ec "I am sorry.... what is your name?"] she said as she looked at the Kenku. She was sure he wasn't going to answer her. She felt bad not asking this sooner.
Alpha:.Remus.:   235d ago

[google-font] [Quicksand [h3 [center Dream Land ]]
Remus rolled his orange colored eyes as he looked over at Anri who seemed to be amazed with town. His expression lighten a little with a small smile. Then then looked back to Yuuko. [+orange "Well it seems you can do your job"] right he said as he patted her head. Not that it matter to him. 

His eyes landed on the Kenku.  [+Orange "Well I hate to leave but since your here... I will leave Anri with you."] he said with a soft smile. He almost forgotten what his main reason for coming this way for. He needed to find work, he couldn't do that if he had Anri. [+Orange "Well since your here Yuuko I will leave Anri with you.. You are much better at taking people on tours anyway."] he said 

[h3 [center Sadness]]
Anri pale blue eyes filled with sadness when he heard Remus speak. He really didn't want him to leave there was nothing he could do to stop him. He could feel his heart sinking in his chest. 

[+orchid "Wait..."] he said as he looked towards Remus. When Remus turned to him. [+Orchid "I just wanted to thank you..."] he said. The words that were stuck behind his pale  rose colored lips. He really wanted to ask Remus to stay longer.  

Anri thanked Remus as bowed his head once more. He felt the man hand on his head as he ruffled his violet colored hair. He blushed softly hoping no one notice. This feeling, he had not felt it in so long it was hard not to blush.
-BlackCatAkari   231d ago
Cat Mom

[i [+Red He is just a higher level player. He is NPC.]]
[h3 [center [+Magenta Attack ]]]
Akari was caught off guard by the mage. He honestly didn't expect much from the two of them. An angel that couldn't fly, a what seems to be a low level human.

[+Magenta "Why don't you do me a favor just die"] he said  he swung his sword once more at them. He was surprise with how brave they were especially for being new around here. 

Sure enough he would win. There was no chance of these newbie defeating him. In game talk he was already level 4. They were level 1 there was no way they could beat him. 

[h3 [#86a7ee Frighten]] 
Minakami was caught off guard. She was frighten when she seen the angel sword appear in his hand. Why would such a pretty and light being be so horrible. Maybe a demon would of been a better fit for that man. 

It was then she watch Rex willingly jump into battle. Throwing punch and fist like a mad man. She slowly and nervously back up until she was against a large tree. That was then she found a fallen tree branch. She picked up the branch holding it close to her. 

As if she be able to defend her self with a fallen brach. Something felt different about this branch. Her lavender eyes danced around the scene as she though of what to do next. The only way the would be able to beat this man if they worked together.
ShieldHero-RR   231d ago

[center [h3 Unlucky]]

[center [b Rex's first punch had come close but no dice. His second attack wasn't able to reach him either. Whatever class this man was? He was fast, with his gear he was maybe a few levels ahead. Rex already knew how to play could best a slight disadvantage but this was big.]]

[center [+orange Lucky me, sticking around farming the newbies huh?]]

[center [b The first statement he said clear and concise. He remembered players like him picking on the guys. Forcing them to join a clan or guild even if they didn't want to. Or simply for the experience and the starter money. Regardless? Rex couldn't stand this guy. People like him probably just took out life's problems on other people cause he could.]]

[center [b The angel had swung his blade, Rex had barely managed to catch it between his palms. He kicked off the angel flipping backwards to build some distance from him.]]

[center [b What to do? Run? What could his partner do? He didn't even know her class.]]

[center [+orange H-Hey.. Can you use magic..?]]

[center [b If she could that would be an idea. Of course.. Rex would have to buy her some time first.]]
-BlackCatMinakami   173d ago
Cat Mom

[center [font "Century gothic" Watching the action all up close was frightening. Her heart was racing when she seen Rex catch the blade in his palms. She then hear him clear as day speak to her with no stutter. [#86a7ee "Um... I know healing spell but that about it..."] she said nervously. 

She hear Akari laughing as he rose in the sky. His wings fluttering effortlessly. [+Magenta "So you can't fly or even cast spell... What a wast of flesh"] he muttered as he looked down at them. 

Rex may have gotten his sword but this wasn't  over yet. His wings shift and suddenly a ton of feathers flew at them. The feather flying at them were sharpe like razors. Surely an attack like this would wipe them out if not he do it again. He do it as long as he need to quiet out these newbies. Even though rex had his sword it wouldn't do him much good if he was in the sky.

Minakami was shaking what was she going to do. Then it spoke to her, the stick she was held too tightly to was no ordinary stick. In her mind a card that almost looked like a tarot card appear. It showed the word shield. The voice told her say the word shield. 

[#86a7ee "Shield"] she said before her and Rex appeared a lovely pink shield. The shield blocked all the razor like feathers with ease. Of course this made Akari even more angry. 

The Seraphim snarl as he landed on the ground. [+Magenta "What the hell is this?"] he said in a taunting harsh tone. How did such a low level player summon a magic shield like that? Akari then notice the stick in the young woman hands. There was no way that would be the cause of it.

Akari flew back into the sky quickly. No matter she was nothing special. Her magic was surely going to run out sooner rather than later. Akari got ready to attack again once more with his razor like feathers. This time he was going to miss.


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