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Witchcraft (DnD)

By ShieldHero-
Backup thread

Just for the three of us.
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ShieldHero-     249d ago

[h3 Entrance Exams]

[center [b Arthur had laughed and joked back and forth with Seren. The two had bumped heads but in some ways had found at least some common ground. He didn't mind at all trying to help them get into house Viperus. However... The whole ordeal with Seren was really... Embarrassing.]]

[center [b He looked over to the little tabaxi girl. Arthur still couldn't believe he didn't hold back in their spar! Normally a cute little tabaxi like her would have naive Arthur trip himself up a little bit falling on his words. Yet he found himself able to be himself around her for better or worse, a more casual attitude. Perhaps TOO casual!]]

[center [+gold Hey.. I'm still sorry about that by the way. I'm not very good at holding back..]]

[center [b Maybe he should just join House Viperus? That's where his two new friends were going anyway. He had his heart set on Gryphem though. Well.. He'd make that choice after passing Gryphem's test. At the very least he wants to know if he has the mettle or not.]]

[center [h3 Later]]

[center [b They followed the house lead of Gryphem, Lance. Until they had reached a small arena. There wasn't much of a crowd at all! No instead there was a few proctors ready to jot down many notes.]]

[i You'll fight six Inase guards.. Or well young recruits hoping to become guards anyway. Their success depends on this fight too so they won't get easy.]

[center [b Lance explained with a light smile as Arthur looked forward with determination. Though he wasn't sure about fighting six would be guards when Scarlett was already a little hurt. Lance had already scolded him on this behavior.]]

[center [+gold I... Is it possible I take my exam? And they can have a one on one? For extra credit? While a few more guards get a chance to show what they can do?]]

[center [i Hmm.. It's not what the test was intended for. However I see the fighting spirit in all of you're eyes so... I will allow it.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

[center [b This is just one option to the fight. If you prefer we can fight them 3v6 Scarlett only has to speak up. If you agree to the 1v1 I'd just say you won it without any stats/turns involved just RP how you won the fight. If you rather do the 3v6 however I saved where we were in the fight and we can fast forward back to that point in time instead. It's whichever you prefer! Oh yeah.. I gotta copy you're character sheet and send it to you on ES here!]]
AlphaScarlett   248d ago

(I liked the 3 vs 6 I was enjoying it but she is really hurt but if there is away for her to jump back not die. I know she knocked out one care but is down to 1hp. If she can get back to Serin or Arthur it would be beneficial  to her.) 

*Okay if this isn't right ignore I will rewrite it*

Pain and the smell of a metallic liquid filled her nose. Perhaps she didn't learn her lesson from earlier. Taking things head on was dangerous. This time she had a real weapon. Her ragged breath hurt  as she watched the guard in front of her. Her eyesight blurring in and out. 

She was grateful for one thing. Having light armor and the ability to curse her blade. All it need was a tase of her blood right. Well that thing was covered in it now. 

Her amber colored burn liked hot ember. She watched as the guard carefully thinking out her next move. Feeling the blade burn in her hand it also seemed as if it was glowing red with a curse.

She swing her blade hard taking the guard by surprise. She knocked the poor bastard to the ground with a simple thud. She let out a ragged breath as she looked back to the others. She needed to be healed or at least something too numb the pain. The fight was far from over.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   248d ago

[h3 Shocking Turn of Events]


[center [b Scarlett was hurt... Badly and Arthur could see this. He only had a little bit of healing left... "Damn it.. if only I could do more." He could move and help her for one more guard was around her. He was surrounded by four guards and one was near him and Seren. So if he moved toward her? They'd all get a chance to strike him. Sure he could block well he was probably the most defensive fighter here using a shield. That being said if he was hit too many times directly? He could be in trouble. If she fell he would rush over to heal her but for now? He'd have to have faith in her ability. She was barely standing but.. She took that guy out in one hit! She was a reckless glass cannon wasn't she? Quick and her curse was powerful. She could only defend so well sure but her offensive power? Was probably the greatest of the three and she was fast without a doubt. Arthur had a lot of respect for her tenacity she was barely standing and ready to fight more. It made him feel a little less guilty about not holding back before despite her teasing him about her "being a girl." Deep down he's sure had he gone easy? She would have simply been angrier.]]

[center [b Speaking of a lack of defense? Seren seemed to have even less defense than she. He was a true mage after all. Course that would mean he'd have more tricks up his sleeve. Arthur would try his best to protect his newfound friend.]]

[center [b The fourth guard was next to strike with spear and shield in hand! At least.. He would have but Seren's electricty still had him stunned. He was able to shake off it's effects but at the cost of him giving up a chance to strike out at the party.]]

[center [b One of the guards reached to strike Arthur's sturdy defense. So far? He had held true! However this strike.. Seemed different from the others almost as if he was slowly learning Arthur's fighting style! Stabbing Arthur in the shoulder with precision the guard retracted his spear with a cocky smile. Blood? Ahh yes.. Arthur was bleeding that was the first time someone's hit him in a real battle. (The guard here actually rolled a 20 which is a Crit and DOUBLE dice for damage so poor unlucky Arthur lol. It would have dealt 7DMG but he has the feat heavy armor master. Reducing all physical damage by 3. So when she slashed his face for 2 dmg? I forgot he had that feat so it actually should have been 0 dmg lol. I'll keep the scratch on his cheek though for funsies. So he took 4DMG from the guard making him have 9HP left (Had 13)]]

[center [b Arthur pulled back as two more guards came in rushing at him! Arthur had managed to parry one with his blade while shielding himself from the other! Sliding back he pushed the two back. Twirling his blade the slower blonde was waiting for his chance to strike back at these two.]]

[center [b One guard was still near Scarlett and saw his chance to strike.]]

[center A tabaxi huh? I hear you're kind is fast.. But is that all just talk?]

[center [b The guard taunted as he twirled his spear to strike forward at her. Stabbing his spear forward! (He rolled a 4 but with his stats it adds +3 which is only a 7. So he isn't able to hit her so I'll let you post out how she dodges this strike.)]]

[center [b One guard saw a chance to strike at Seren instead of Arthur.]]

[center "Tsk, it might be easier to take you out instead huh pretty boy? Nothing personal but I've got an exam to pass!"]

[center [b He came in with a straight forward stab of his spear. Landing a strike to Seren's left shoulder! (5DMG putting poor Seren at 1HP cause he was already hurt from Arthur's mistake before.)]]

[center Not looking too good huh? I don't blame you guys if you decide to give up.]

[center [b (Seren lands a Witch Bolt on the guard near Scarlett. Dealing 12 DMG and knocking the poor guy out! (Lucky rolls on hitting and on damage.) No Guards are near Scarlett so she can try to attack the 4 remaining guards left attacking Seren and Arthur. I'll leave it up to Blakely to post how her Witch bolt knocked out the enemy here.)]]

[center [b It was finally Arthur's time to strike! In all the chao's he saw a chance!]]

[center [b Arthur attacked the one near Seren! (5ft away from him so he didn't have to move. He rolls a 13 to hit but gets +5 from his stats so an 18! That beats the guards AC. His damage roll is a D8+3 and he rolled an 4 dealing 7 DMG. However guy was hurt from Seren's attacks earlier and Arthur's other attack.)]]

[center [b With a twirl of his blade he charged forward bashing the man with his shield. Before crashing his blade down in a heavy arc slashing through the man's armor. The guard had stumbled a bit before falling over completely.]]

[center [b Like that? The odd's were finally turning in their favor! There was only three guards left! Arthur could see a glint in Scarlett's eyes she was ready to make another move.]]

[center [h3 OOC/Stat Catch up]]

[center [i So Blakely was able to tell me she wanted to do Witch bolt on the guard near you and I was able to roll for it. She can still post her results of the attack of course. It is now Scarlett's turn to attack!]]

6Arthur: 9/13HP
1Scarlett: 1/13HP
5Seren: 1/8HP 
3Guard 2: Full health
4Guard 3: Full Health
2Guard 6: Full health

The number on the left just shows the turn order. For example Scarlett's is 1 so shes first at the beginning of every new phase.

The situation right now is she has distance from the enemies. Seren is 10FT away from an enemy and the remaining 3 guards basically have Arthur surrounded.
AlphaScarlett   248d ago

(I guess attack is what she is going for.)

[h3 [center Adrenaline]]
With adrenaline coursing through her body. She looked at toward the others. It seem she really wasn't alone at all anymore. Unlike what her mother had said to her. 

She raced towards the others. Blood dripping and running down her batter and bruised body. A goodnight sleep was calling her name. Despite the fact that she was still hungry and need to bath. 

With those thoughts in mid she swung her sword hard at one of the distracted guards hoping that it would do more than just minor damage. Maybe she could knock them out in one blow again. Or at least stun them.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   247d ago

[center [h3 Feral Instincts]]


[center [b The bloodied and battered Tabaxi had mustered all of her strength to slash forward! At first it appeared it wouldn't be enough damage to take down the guard but.. Her curse had let forth a burst of energy blowing the man away. Arthur shook his armored fist in the air with a loud clank and a hollar.]]

[center [+gold That's Scarlett for ya! Knock em dead! Well.. Figuratively I mean let's not actually kill them!]]

[center [b Some praetors had taken the poor soul off the field. Leaving them down to only two foes left.]]

[center [b The last one near Scarlett was struck down by Seren's witch bolt. He had covered her back allowing her a chance for that full charge. Now the Guards were nervous and in full swing of a counterattack.]]

[center [b One of the two remaining guards had moved away from Arthur to go and attack Scarlett!]

[center She's causing a real issues here I'll have to stop her before were done for.]

[+gold Not so fast you don't!]

[h3 Attack of Opportunity or AO]

[b OOC]

[i So in DnD if someone moves past somebody with a melee weapon without the mobile feat or taking the disengage action first? The person they walk by can use a reaction. (Get one reaction per round) to attack them. Arthur is using his reaction to attack this guy since he turned around and left to attack Scarlett. Okay I'll roll for it now. He rolled an 11.. Turns to 16. Sadly Arthur barely gets blocked.]

[h3 Back to The Action]

[center [b Arthur swings at the guard only for him to raise his shield and block him in the last second. Arthur grunted in frustration as the guard charged forward to strike Scarlett! The guard strikes forward! (He rolled a 6 that turned into a 9 so he misses here)]]

[center [b She is able to dodge the guard effortless even in her wounded state. The other Guard left Arthur's range of attack to also rush down Scarlett. However his attempt? Was rather pitiful striking the air beside her rather than his target entirely. (He rolled a nat 1 LMAO.)]]

[center [b Seren weaves together another steam of lightning but this time? The guard is able to dodge his strike! Arthur had a chance to finally strike. Charging forward he came behind one of the guards attacking Scarlett.]]

[center [b However the guard was able to turn around blocking Arthur's strike. The two clashed for a moment as the Guard managed to shove Arthur away.]]

[center [+gold Damn it! Sorry guys!! I didn't mean to let you get surrounded Scarlett...]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

Scarlett's Turn again!

6Arthur: 9/13HP
1Scarlett: 1/13HP (Current Turn)
5Seren: 1/8HP 
3Guard 2: Full health
4Guard 3: Full Health
AlphaScarlett   248d ago

[h3 [center [+red Anger ]]]
Anger filled the wounded cat as she was now at a disadvantage with two of them facing her. This was all because she had to be nice help her friend. A fit of rage enter her mind. She was going out with taking on of them with her. 

She swung her sword at them. If it only did scratch them maybe one of those idiots could actually hit them. She was getting tired and frustrated. She didn't want to lose. She only hope her sword was long enough to smack them both. 

Her tail twitching behind her in agitation. Her ears bent back as she watch her blade closely hoping to strike two moron in front of her. 

[+red "Do yourself a favor boys and go to sleep!"] she hissed under her breath showing her sharp pointed teeth. A feral gaze appear in her eyes. It was like she was all lone again and corner.
-Forbidden-.Time.   247d ago


[h3 [Zen+Loop [center [b Another Miss]]]]

[center [Zen+Loop Ah missed again. He was tired out. He was having trouble standing. He slowly closed his eyes for a moment. It was hard to get that magic to spark when he was this exhausted. He needed a nice and long rest. He didn't regret coming here though. He slowly tried to get his stance back to looking strong. He didn't want to keep showing weakness. He would hit them next time if he was able to. He was just down to using small spells now. He was out of the bigger ones. He never used to be so limited. He wasn't exactly use to this at all. The gears that moved steadily behind him even seemed to slow down and stop at some points.]]
ShieldHero-     246d ago


[center [h3 Defense]]

[center [b Scarlett had swung with desperate anger only for the guard to stop her blow with his shield. Her and Seren were running on empty in comparison Arthur's own wounds were minor.]]

[center [b After they blocked they both had attacked her. She was able to dodge them yet again but how long would she hold out? Arthur took his blade to help her strike the same one she had. However? The guard had stood strong blocking his blow.]]

[center [+gold Heh.. They say Inase are pretty weak but you guys do pretty well.]]

[center Not everyone needs magic to defend themselves.]

[center [+gold Heh... I see.]]

[center [b After both sides had exchanged a few blows with no progress. Arthur could see Scarlett was ready to strike once again. Taking a defensive stance he'd be ready to follow up any attack she had to throw. They were a team here after all.]]
Alpha     246d ago

[h3 [+red [center Annoyance ]]]
Scarlett snarl as stood there. She was able to doge the guards attacks. How long would she be able to keep doing this? 

She swung her sword hard once more hoping just maybe if she hide of them hard enough that they would go down. Her amber eyes burn liked hot ember as she swung her sword.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   240d ago

[center [h3 Teamwork]]


[center [b Scarlet had done so well dodging so many attacks but.. Sadly it was only a matter of time when her luck would run out. One attack had landed with resounding affect knocking her to the ground. This time? She couldn't get back up. Arthur had taken a deep breath. The empathetic knight couldn't allow himself to panic he'd find a way to fix her up he needed a chance. The second guard ran from Arthur to attack Seren! Really? Why were they ignoring him? Was it the fact his shield's defenses were hard to overcome? As the guard left Arthur's range he threw another attack of his own.]]

[center [+gold Not so quick!]]

[center [b Slashing his long sword through the air he was able to deal some damage. (6 damage.) The man had gritted his teeth pushing forward thrusting his spear at Seren. Seren had managed to use his agility to backstep. Though he wasn't as quick as Scarlett he was no slouch either and he had a strange way of movement.]]

[center [b Seren attempted to make his own shocking grasp but Arthur wasn't paying attention to that. Instead he sprinted toward Scarlett one guard saw this chance to strike him! Thrusting out Arthur simply parried the blow as he slid toward Scarlett holding her close.]]

[center [+gold By Luminous's divine light I bestow upon thee my prayer. May my wish reach you Scarlett.]]

[center [b It was... A rather serious tone for the light hearted knight. His healing magic had only done enough to restore her to the point she could fight. (1hp)]]

[center [b There she had awoken in his arms as he looked to her with serious concern.]]

[center [+gold Hey Scarlett you okay? The fight's still going but don't push yourself if you need a break take it.]]

[center [b He said trying to look out for his newest friends.]]

[center [h3 Combat Rolls]]

So rolling out the rest of the combat here... When she wakes up? She is luckily next in the turn order and can attack the wounded Guard Arthur hurt.  She rolls an 11 (Turns 16) The guard barely blocks with his shield.
 The guards each attack! One with full health runs past arthur to hit Scarlett again he gets an attack for him running past him. Six turns to an 11 so he's blocked and he strikes at Scarlett again.

Guard rolls a 5 (Turns into 8)
She is able to dodge! 
Other guard strikes at Seren! Rolls 19 turns to 22 he hits for 5 damage. Seren his KO'd.

Serens turn he rolls a death save. (You roll to see if you start bleeding out or stabilizing. In DnD a 10 or above is a pass and 9 and below is a fail)
3 Passes you are asleep but stable
3 Fails you die

Roll a 1 you get 2 fails
Roll a 20? You pull a whole ass anime and get back up with sheer fucking willpower with 1hp ready to fight again. 
Seren has one fail so far (2 more he dies but the teachers would step in before that)

Arthurs turn! He moves to heal Seren! No guard near him so no attempted strike. He heals him for 1HP! (Arthur only has 2HP left he can heal)
Seren is awake.

Scarlett can attack.
She rolls a 15 turning into a 20. So she can roll damage but she lost her curse cause she passed out so just a D8 plus her Dex Modifier (+3) 9dmg. She knocks out the one Arthur had wounded earlier. Leaving one guard left!

That guard see's Scarlett as a threat (I'll roleplay this via post) and strikes runs from Seren to attack her
Seren gets a chance to roll and attack/stop him but rolls a 9 turning into 14 so the guy blocks and strikes her way. He rolls an 11 (14) and she just barely dodges the strike! 
Now Arthur is able to come on over and strike the guy alongside with her.
(They both attack the guard back to back)

Sadly they both get blocked. (These guys are good with the shields) and counter to attack Scarlett.

Rolling a nat 1 he swings at the air.

Seren can strike with Firebolt.
Seren is able to get his magic going! Hitting the final standing guard for.. 8DMG! Leaving him blasted and wounded.
Now Arthur can strike again!
Arthur is sadly blocked again so now to Scarlett.

And Scarlett... Hits! For 3 DMG (6DMG cause her Dex adds to it) Due to the wounds the Guard had from Seren's bolt? He is no longer able to stand and passes out.]]

[center [h3 Summary]]

[center [i So that was a lot of stats so to put it more simply? Arthur and Scarlett fight side by side. Arthur and Scarlett get blocked a lot before Arthur is able to wound one. Scarlett gets knocked out and he is able to heal her back up. Scarlett and Arthur scrap some more before Seren gets knocked out. Arthur helps Seren up and Scarlett finishes the one Arthur wounded. After Seren wakes up (I'll RP this out lol) he lands a good firebolt shot weaking the last guard leaving an opening for Scarlett to dash in and finish the final guard.

Everybody gets 50EXP! (Everyone is half way to LV 2)

And I won't post again till you guys get a chance but Arthur passes with his friends! They all got a place to sleep haha (They'll need it)

6Arthur: 9/13HP
1Scarlett: 1/13HP (Current Turn)
5Seren: 1/8HP 
3Guard 2: 6dmg
4Guard 3: Full Health
-Forbidden-.Time.   243d ago


[h3 [Zen+Loop [center [b Finally]]]]

[center [Zen+Loop The last guy finally fell. It seemed like it had taken forever. He was glad that he was down now though. He stood quietly watching Arthur now before he looked around. Surely this meant that Arthur passed the exam. He would be part of this house now.

He was tired out now. Ready to head back to his dorm and just sleep for a bit or maybe forever. Yes, forever did sound nice, but that would take too much time now wouldn't it?
AlphaScarlett   240d ago

[h3 [center [+red Sleep]]]
Scarlett was grateful for her new friends. Without them there was no way she be able to beat them. She remember passing out once but was waken by Arthur. She was happy that the battle was over.  

[+Red "Arthur... I think you need to carry me and Seren back to our dorms!"] She said as she pound on Arthur back. She was exhausted and ready to go bed she also felt she couldn't take another step.
ShieldHero-     237d ago

[center [h3 New Homes]]


[center [b Arthur had blinked blushing slightly as she pounded on his back.]]

[center [+gold Haha! I-I mean.. If you guys want?]]

[center [b Seren seemed to have politely declined the offer. Arthur grinned at the man with a soft smile.]]

[center [+gold Let me guess.. Would it take too much.. Time?]]

[center [b Arthur raised up the Tabaxi (As well as the weight of all of her gear.)]]

[center [b He stumbled a little surprised, her tiny adorable frame surprisingly had some weight to it! Course he'd never tell a lady that.]]

[center [+gold Light as a feather~]]

[center [b The paladin flashed a beaming smile as he began to move at a slightly slower pace than before. Seren had followed behind although he was badly hurt. They were gonna get some sleep at Viperus's dorm.]]

[center [b The head of Viperus was awaiting their return. He seemed a bit off seeing Arthur carry the young tabaxi. Zika frowned slightly before speaking.]]

[center [pic,h_1175,q_80,strp/yuan_ti_by_heikky_de0jpyx-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTE3NSIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzhhYjJjMDBmLTliOGYtNDkxMS04YzEwLTUxZDAxYWQxYTRmNFwvZGUwanB5eC04NGZjNjAwMy0yMzkyLTQ1NWUtYjNiYi1mZTNkNGQwNzMzNTQucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.wQ4CdviDDwmrBS_lev20Q3xGCp2ZpvQOY_tyrO1767g]]

[center [+purple That is my future dance partner you are holding with such familiarity.]]

[center [+gold Huh? She was tired! Plus didn't she say she was thinking about it?]]

[center [+purple Sssshh!]]

[center [b He hissed with his snake like tongue raising a hand. He motioned for Arthur to leave.]]

[center [+purple You have you're own house to return to yes? As for you two? I hope you enjoy you're first night at Viperus. We have a strict rule about having the opposite gender in you're dorm past curfew hours.]]

[center [b He handed the two of them key's with their own room numbers on them.]]

[center [+purple Enjoy you're ssssstay~]]

[center [b With that he had slinkered back into the house.]]

[h3 OOC]]

I can time skip to the morning if you want ^^

In DnD Tabaxi can weigh 200-250 pounds so at her lightest possible (200 pounds but it's up to you) And her gear is 59 pounds it's 259 pounds.

Arthur has high strength but even with his strength he loses 5ft movement speed. (Normally 30FT it's now 25ft haha)
So he's got most of his speed but slightly slower. Though he'd never tell a lady that XD
That's just the stats of DnD.

Oh wait I only counted her backpack not her gear to that's another 32 pounds!

Oh and not to mention his own gear counts against him. He's got 95 pounds of items/equipment on him.  

386 pounds! He can carry 240 pounds before his speed is reduced but he can carry 480 pounds before falling over completely.

It's his strength x 15 for carrying without losing speed and x30 to be able to carry in general.
So yeah it's quite the tax!

Seren an Air genasi can be as light as 130 pounds. And he's got 63 pounds of stuff.
Good thing Blakely didn't want him carried cause that's 583 pounds all together. Arthur would fall over xD

(Unless they took their gear or backpacks down than it wouldn't be as hard)
-Forbidden-.Time.   239d ago


[h3 [Zen+Loop [center [b Home]]]]

[center Seren followed behind them quietly. He didn't say much to either of them other than to tell Arthur he didn't have to be carried.

He was silent the whole way back to the dorm. Once there he took the key that the Yuan ti had given him and then headed towards his room without a goodbye to either one.

He was just too tired to deal with any of this. It would simply be a waste. He would deal with it all tomorrow after he got up from sleeping.]
AlphaScarlett   237d ago

[h3 [center [+red Headache ]]] 
She was happy that Arthur agreed to carry her. She as really tired and sore. She could still feel blood drip down her arms and other places staining her silky multicolor fur. How annoying she as going to have to take an actually bath tomorrow. She didn't hate water but she preferred to groom herself, this was beyond her groom ability nows. 

She had closed her eyes stayed silent for most of the trip to the house. She then her Zika muttering something about her acting so closely with Arthur. Didn't this man want Arthur to join his house in the first place? [+red "Oh wow so you rather he just leave their to die? Is that what you're saying?"] she said in a dry yet taunting tone. Her amber color eyes shot open burn bright like a flame. 

She slid off of Arthur back. [+Red "Thanks for the ride..."] she said as she took the key from Zika. [+Red "I don't think you want your further dance partner to be left outside all night when she is bleed?"] she said coldly as she walked past him. She looked back at Arthur and waved. She was going to say good night to Seren but he was already gone. She couldn't blame him. 

She slowly walked to her room and closed the door behind her. The room was small but it was purrfect. There was a small bed and a small book shelf. There was even a nice window that would get the evening sun. She locked it then took off all her gear. She was really happy to have real sword now. It honestly didn't take long. Surely her mother was going to be mad. She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. 

It was then she got a rather annoying headache. Her claws seem to extent uncontrollably along with her teeth. Hopefully this would go way after some sleep. A voice told her it was going to at least not that easily. That right it was her mother voice. What did her mother when she always had a headache like this? Her mother would always bring her some medicine? 

She shook her head and laid down on the bed. She covered her head with the blanket. Slowly drift to sleep but it surely didn't last long. She woke up a couple times. Finally fell back to sleep. She woke up about five am. Just laid there in bed sighing softly. She need to ask where the bathroom was so she could bathe. She sighed softly waiting for the time to pass. Finally it was 6 am she could leave hope that maybe Zika was wake or someone who could point her to the bath room. She grabbed a small bag that consisted of clothes, toothbrush, hair brush and soaps. 

She smiled when he amber colored eyes landed on Zika. [+red "Oh Zika!.... Where is the bathroom?"] she said with a small smile.
ShieldHero-     237d ago

[center [h3 Fiery Tabaxi]]


[center [b Scarlett's eyes burned hot staring toward Zika. The house head seemed a bit surprised at first. He let out a course chuckle with a wry grin.]]

[center [+purple Of courssse not. You are to be my dance partner yes?]]

[center [b Arthur rolled his eyes, the blonde knight liked.. Just about everything but.. He couldn't bring himself to be polite. Or to even manage a smile.]]

[center [b She had gotten off of Arthur thanking him. The usually loud young man placed his hand behind his head with a somewhat bashful chuckle.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+gold Heh, no problem Scarlett. Hey.. Seren went to bed really fast wonder if he's all right?]]

[center [b As quick as she was kind to Arthur.. She snapped at Zika again. Yet the man looked at her with nothing but a smile. "That guy... Really gives me the creeps."]]

[center [+gold Well night and tell Seren for me when you get a chance!]]

[center [b Arthur gave a wave and a gentle smile before leaving himself.]]

[center [h3 Night]]

[center [pic,h_1175,q_80,strp/yuan_ti_by_heikky_de0jpyx-fullview.jpg?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOjdlMGQxODg5ODIyNjQzNzNhNWYwZDQxNWVhMGQyNmUwIiwiaXNzIjoidXJuOmFwcDo3ZTBkMTg4OTgyMjY0MzczYTVmMGQ0MTVlYTBkMjZlMCIsIm9iaiI6W1t7ImhlaWdodCI6Ijw9MTE3NSIsInBhdGgiOiJcL2ZcLzhhYjJjMDBmLTliOGYtNDkxMS04YzEwLTUxZDAxYWQxYTRmNFwvZGUwanB5eC04NGZjNjAwMy0yMzkyLTQ1NWUtYjNiYi1mZTNkNGQwNzMzNTQucG5nIiwid2lkdGgiOiI8PTEwMjQifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6aW1hZ2Uub3BlcmF0aW9ucyJdfQ.wQ4CdviDDwmrBS_lev20Q3xGCp2ZpvQOY_tyrO1767g]]

[center [b Zika had looked around to see the young Tabaxi come out. He had already been out for a bit. Looking toward the clock he looked back at her and her pack. She had offered a smile.]]

[center [+purple How unlike you, the bathroom is down the guest room hall. Take a left you won't miss it, also I couldn't help but notice the time. You know our curfew only applies leaving this dormitory right? We just can't wander the school or outside of it at night. We do have rules about opposite genders being in each others rooms past these hours as well but... Well people like you and me don't always follow the rulesss~]]

[center [b With a flicker of his tongue and a wink he went back to his coffee.]]

[center [b That night Scarlett could feel a strange sensation. Was her mutations? Had they affected her in a way she could not imagine?]]

[center [h3 Big Day]]

[center [b A few hours later that day a knock could be heard on the dorm door.]]

[center [+gold Seren! Scarlett! Anyone awake! If I'm too early I can go! I just thought we'd get some more exploring in before Monday! The thought of actually starting classes sounds sooooo boring!]]

[center [b Any sign of yesterday's bashful knight was gone.. He was back to his usual energetic loud self.]]
-Forbidden-.Time.   237d ago

[h3 [center Loud Morning]]

[center Sighing the man looked towards the door. He had been working away on a clock and almost dropped it at the sound of such a loud voice.

He placed the clock down on the end table and slowly stood up. Clearly any time spent on his own was now up. He supposed he should have expected as much though.

He walked quietly towards the door and opened it.

[+lime “Can you be any louder..?”]

He tilted his head slightly and watched him.]
AlphaScarlett   236d ago

[+red [h3 [center Annoyance ]]] 
Scarlett smiled softly hind the fact she was annoyed. As she listen to Zika speak to her. As if she would let anyone in her room at night. Her mother warned her about boys. She told her to stay way from them. Her mother really didn't want to have friends so it wasn't like she had any girl friends either. [+red "Yeah...."]  was all she said. 

She quickly walked to the bathroom. It was finally time to wash herself and get all this dried blood off of her. Once got into the bathroom. She took a nice long shower scrubbing and lathering her bloodied fur. She then stood under the water water watching the water turn a faint orange color. She was happy to see her fur was now clean again. At least the wounds had pretty much heal after a good nights sleep. After standing in the hot steamy water for while. She decided to get out. She dried off and got dressed. She brushed her hair then he long tail. 

Once she was all clean she went back to her room placing the small back on the floor. She cracked the window open. She started reading. It wasn't long she heard Arthur's loud yet cheery voice. She only shook her head as she turn to the next page.
ShieldHero-     236d ago

[center [h3 Hmm]]


[center [b Zika tried to peer over at Scarlett at first her smile felt off but.. As he stared closer he decided.. Everything was fine. (Insight)]]

[center [+purple Happy bathing~ If you need any help just let me know.]]

[center [b He had chuckled before she went off for her bathing.]]

[center [h3 The Door]]

[center [b Arthur smiled as Seren opened the door. He gave him a wave and a pat on the back.]]

[center [+gold Could I? Probably! I'll take that as.. "Thank you for healing me yesterday Arthur." Oh you're welcome pal it.. Saved you time! Haha! So where's Scarlett? I wanted to see if you guys were up to more exploring! Wasn't sure if you guys already heard me ask that out here while I was knocking or not.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Zika tried to use/roll for insight to get a good feel for her.. Well her feelings. He rolled a nat 1 so.. He couldn't read her.
You'd usually use Deception to hide you're feelings and keep them close but his roll was so low you didn't have to roll haha xD
-Forbidden-.Time.   234d ago

[h3 [center Slightly Annoyed]]

[center Seren sighed softly as he was patted on the back. He didn't know what he was annoyed about more. The fact that he had been working on something and it was interrupted or... Being told he should thank someone for saving him.

[+lime "Thanks."]

It was dry, but at least honest. He still felt exhaustion clinging on him. Though he had rested he just didn't know what today would bring. That part made him uneasy. He used to be able to take down every little detail. He always had everything planned.

At this place... Clearly there was no such thing as planning...]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   234d ago

[+red [h3 [center Curiosity]]] 
Scarlett slipped out the small window of her room. She kept the key that Zika had given her in her pocket. She could hear Seren and Arthur voice.  

Practicing her sneaking skills. (depending on what she rolls) She stealthily crept up on the two. [+red "Where am I?... What about where are you?"] she said with a small hiss. 

[+red "What do you want this early in the morning anyway?"] she said as she looked at the two.
ShieldHero-     234d ago

[center [h3 Sneaky Tabaxi]]


[center [b Scarlett had begun to sneak towards her two friends. (Rolling an 8 but +5 cause her stealth making 13)]]

[center [b (Seren rolled a 15 but has no pluses. and Arthur rolled a Nat 20 plus his perception of +1 for 21)]]

[center [b As Arthur playfully rolls his eyes back at Seren for his half hearted thanks he hears a soft change in the wind. After Arthur had noticed Seren had caught on shortly afterwards. Before she could hiss behind him he had stated loudly.]]

[center [+gold Hello sleeping beauty! So you're awake huh?]]

[center [b He teased not looking Scarlett's way with a chuckle.]]

[center [+gold Why try to sneak up on you're pals Scarlett? Huh? What do I want? Don't you wanna check the quest board? Myriddin is one the only school that let's first year take some basic request! Or we could check out the forest! What do you guys say? Maybe we can eat when we head back or eat first it's up to you guys.]]

[center [b He said with a rather wide grin.]]
-Emilia.Time.   234d ago

[h3 [center Sneak]]

[center Seren looked to Arthur and tilted his head slightly. He didn't notice as quickly as Arthur, but something felt off. He had a feeling he was being snuck up on and he turned his head slightly to see the Tabaxi.

Arthur spoke to her and he looked to Arthur before he let out a soft sigh. Being snuck up on and of course someone loudly interrupting him. What a day..?

He ran a hand through his hair and then crossed his arms. He was going to have to figure something out with these two because it really threw everything out of order for him.

[+lime "I think I need both of you to write me out exactly what you plan to do each day so that I can put it in a schedule."]

He needed to be able to divide time the way he wanted to. So he could see what was going on almost at all times. Of course... That was impossible.

He looked at the two of them and finally gave a small smile. The first of the day.

[+lime "Never mind. I will do it myself."]

He would never understand how random regular people could be.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   234d ago

[h3 [center [+Red Glare]]]
She glare at the both of them. [+red I was just practicing my hunting skills...beside I am sure Zika would mad if seen me just walk directly to you guys..."] she rolled her eyes. 

[+red "Well I think eating first would be a good idea since some over here get a little hangry..."] she said as eyes glance toward Seren. [+red "Then again I don't have any hunting for food might be a better option...."] she mutter before looked way from the two of them.
ShieldHero-     234d ago

[center [h3 Setting Out]]

[center [youtube]]


[center [+gold Uhh.. Seren I don't think me or Scarlett are gonna do that buddy.]]

[center [b Arthur blinked looking at her response to the reason for sneaking. Before allowing a small chuckle.]]

[center [+gold He really has got a thing for ya huh? He's kinda creepy honestly. Also.. I don't think Seren's hangry.. I think he's a little crazy when it comes to time. Are all time mages like that Seren??]]

[center [b She had talked about foraging instead because she had no money.]]

[center [+gold Oh, I could pay for you're meal if you wish! If you'd rather hunt though we could just see if there is a quest for the forest or just... Set off.]]

[center [b He said as they began to walk away from the dorm.]]

[center [b That was until one student rudely bumped into Scarlett and Arthur.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [b He had the badge of the Viper on his person. Just like Seren and Scarlett had. He gave a rather disgusted luck toward Scarlett.]]

[center [+brown So you're the new recruits? At least one of you is a true mage. Not some filthy magicless stray. Take a note from blondy and head to a lesser house where you Inase should be at. Shouldn't be getting sweaty with house Ursa? You do realize we actually learn magic here.. Right?]]

[center [b He had five other mages around him all from house Viperus.]]

[center [+gold Hey that's not fai-]]

[center [+brown Did I ask from the words of a stone blooded? Ha.. Should just call you dull blooded really. As to our good friend Seren I've heard about you. Welcome to house Viperus, I suggest not being caught around an Inase or a dull blooded. Could hurt you're reputation as a mage after all.]]

[center [b He offered Seren a hand shake with a brief smile.]]
-Emilia.Time.   234d ago

[h3 [center Time Management]]

[center [+lime “I said I would do it… You two seem to be incapable of such a thing.”]

He sighed softly as he followed after them. He was thinking all of this out in his head. Trying to fit it into a schedule. Adventuring couldn’t exactly be scheduled though not really.

[+lime “I am not crazy you just don’t understand anything about me. We should eat now.”]

He said the last part looking at a pocket watch he kept on him. 

Suddenly they had people run into them. Well not really himself.

He listened and sighed softly. He reached out and shook the boys hand, but withdrew his rather quickly.

[+lime “I really don’t have the time to be dealing with you or your friends. As you see I’ve already wasted enough time listening to you prattle on about nonsense. A true mage. You make me laugh.”]

He was glaring. Not even trying to find a way to hide it.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   234d ago

[h3 [center [+Red Snarl]]]
Scarlett eyes burn liked hot embers as she looked at the student who bumped into her. [+red "How really think I will just let you walk all over me as you please"] she said with a his a her claws extended. 

She then shift her from to look slightly more human like. She wasn't as dull as the man had stated. [+red "Is there were I am suppose to beg you...Oh Sempai-San p-please notice me!"] she said as his again. She might of looked more human but there was something off about her. Something dangerous lurking.

Oh how she wanted to tear that bastard apart. She then grab Arty and Seren by the hands pulling them away. [+red "Sorry boy but we have lunch plans. So byeeee!] she said dryly. It took all her might not to cut their heads off right then and there. Her mother told her never to get caught in act there were way too many people around. Once she was a good distance away she let go of the two boys hand. She could of just threaten to tell Zika but then again it wasn't like he really cared right? She was simply his dance partner right? Sighing at that thought she shook her head. She didn't even know how to dance. So she was going to have ask Zika or someone to show her.
ShieldHero-     233d ago

[center [h3 Clash]]

[center [b Arthur and Seren were having a rather fun back and forth. That was until... This man had appeared and him and Scarlett? Were going into full swing.]]


[center [b The young man had chuckled as she extended her claws.]]

[center [+brown Ahh, how it must feel to be forced to fight like a simple animal]]

[center [b Arthur had watched as Scarlett had went off full of anger and fury. The man all the while remaining calm.]]

[center [b He tilted his head at her strange phrase. Other than that however the man seemed to be unaffected by her threats.]]

[center [+brown Notice you? If you weren't ruining the name of Viperus I wouldn't even know you.. Inase. You're place is among the other animals and common rabble. Any common stray can bare it's fangs. Begone from here.]]

[center [+gold Hey! You take that back!]]

[center [+brown Like a dull blooded can tell a mage what to do? Really?]]

[center [b Seren had shaked the man's hand.]]

[center [+brown Ahh, a proper greeting! Lemine! Lemine Fallencrest friend. Now this is a man who knows his place. You two should learn yours.]]

[center [b Seren had withdrew his hand Lemine's guard lowered to Seren's statement. Arthur and Scarlett's words had not affected the boy but.. Seren's? His face began to contort into anger and rage.]]

[center [+brown You.. A MAGE would speak to me like this? Side with an Inase? Are you mad? Or are you a dark mage in disguise? Disgusting, fine play with you're little pets! Demented little mage.]]

[center [b Scarlett had grabbed their hands and taken off to the lunch room. Waiting in line of the cafeteria. Arthur looked at his two friends.]]

[center [+gold Are you guys.. Okay?]]

[center [b Tables and ladles were being floated and rearranged by many arcane focus's. All to keep the massive mess hall organized. As they came they saw an orcish woman wearing an apron with a rough smile.]]

[center [+green You buying a single meal? Or gonna invest in the more expensive meal pass that last all semester? How nice a meal or pass you want?]]

Mystery Meat 3 copper
  Lower Class 6 Copper 
  Modest Meals 3 silver
  Upper Class 5 silver
  Wealthy 8 silver
  Aristocratic 2 gold pieces

[center [b For a meal pass of that grade it cost 60 times the amount listed. (Paying for two months worth to get three months worth) so example Aristocratic meal pass is a whopping 120 gold pieces.]]

[center [+gold Ahh.. I think just single meals for us all. All upper class options for me and my friends!]]

[center [b Arthur was by no means.. Rich he had 10 gold on him. 15 Silver was one and half gold. Handing her 2 gold he got 5 silvers back as change. She handed them a daily pass, certain exotic foods and sea catches of the day were on the list. However across the mess hall? Lemine and his gang could be eating the most lavish and expensive of dining caters.]]

[center [+gold Pfft, must be nice to have rich parents huh? So after we eat what's the plan for the day?]]

[center [h3 OOC]]

If you want her to roll for intimidation you can if not can always save it for another time.
-Emilia.Time.   233d ago

[h3 [center Rage]]

[center Seren sighed as he watched this boy throw a huge fit. He didn't have anything else to say so he allowed Scarlett to drag him away. He sighed softly. What was wrong with people now a days? Why did it seem like they only seemed to get worse? Oh well. Nothing he or anyone else could do about it.

He looked around the cafeteria as they entered it. He wasn't really paying too much attention and before he knew it Arthur had paid for everyone's meal. He looked towards him and frowned faintly.

[+lime "You didn't have to do that."]

He sighed softly and then looked towards the group that Arthur was looking at.

[+lime "People like him are a waste. Not just of time... but space. Unless he learns how the world should be... He will always be like this. A lowly life form."]

He sighed softly and just gave a shake of his head. Nothing could be done with people who didn't want to change.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   233d ago

[h3 [center [+red Thankful]]]
Scarlett thanked Arty with a small smiled and a few simply words. [+red "Thank you  for the meal"] she said as sat down wit them. She couldn't bring herself to look at that group of people. All it did was fill her body with rage. After too long she start to shake. 

She quietly eat the small meal that was before her. A piece of bread and little bit of sort of gruel. It smelt of some kind of meat and potatoes maybe. It looked worst than it tasted. The taste wasn't too bad just need a bit of salt and maybe pepper. 

She quietly ate trying to hold back her anger. It was getting harder and harder. She just wanted to pick the table they were sitting at throw it at the bastards face. [+red "What are we going to do after lunch? Explore the forest?"] she said with her head tilted.
ShieldHero-     233d ago


[center [b Arthur had devoured his food without an ounce of grave shoveling it into his face. Growing boy has to eat.. Right?]]

[center [+gold Hmph? Ohf yeahf! Shheren thinksh we shouldsh go to the quest boardsh? Or straight to the phoresh?]]

[center [b He swallowed his food as he took a large drink standing up. He saw Lemine give thier table the stink eye but Arthur had shrugged it off.]]

[center [+gold Hmm? That's true Seren, but anyone can change right? They just need the right motivation! Speaking of which.. Let's get motivated! Where we going?]]

[center [b Arthur was a.. Hyper active young man and his belly was full and his spirit was burning. He was ready for some action.]]
-Emilia.Time.   232d ago

[h3 [center Excitable]]

[center The light green haired male looked over at the blonde and let out a soft sigh.

[+lime "Arthur... I can barely understand you when you talk with your mouth full."]

He gave a slight shake of his head.

[+lime "We could go to either place. Exploring is fine... Or we could take a quest. In the end it is up to one of you guys."]

He soon looked away from them. He had eaten only a little. The meal had been pretty good though. He had gotten something off the sea food menu. It had been a lot better than he expected it.

He was always picky though. He was happy with the meal today though. He didn't know exactly how he should handle the fact that Arthur had paid for it though.

He was always so excitable. He would never understand that about this bright blonde.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   232d ago

[h3 [center [+red Thoughts ]]]
Scarlett was eating silently listening to the two of them chat. She finally clam down and was no longer seeing red. Her thoughts were much clearer now.

It was really a hard choice. They could go on some beginner quests or they could possibly go explore the forest. It was a really hard choice. Perhaps going to the forest would be best. Less chance of running into that annoying bastard. 

[+red "I want to go to the forest...."] she muttering as she looked the two. She had finally finished eating was ready for the day. [+red "Lets go!"] she said as she stood up abruptly.
ShieldHero-     232d ago

[center [h3 To The Forest]]


[center [youtube]]

[center [b Arthur smiled as he nodded to the both of them.]]

[center [+gold Hey Seren! Scarlett understood me just fine!!]]

[center [b He runs off with the two of them to gallivant into Lyre Forest. As they leave the Mess Hall Lemine's gaze does not leave them not once much like a viper.]]

[center [h3 Mother Nature]]

[center [b The babbling brook the bristling breeze. The crickets and cicada's could be heard in the air. Even owls despite it being day time, Lyre forest was an odd yet enchanting kinda place. As they pass a small bridge they see a group of Leonin, with full large manes and lion faces. They were no half breeds to be sure. It seemed.. They were on the hunt for something?]]

[center [+gold Are those.. Leonin? What do you think their looking for? Kids at the school tried saying that Leonin eat the kids and aren't very nice here in Lyre forest. At least.. That's been the rumor I heard with the recent attacks.]]

[center [h3 OOC]]
Roll me survival guys ^^ (I can roll for you Ash if you want)
She got a 13 you are not lost ^^

Also feel free to add Magnus or wait up to you ^^
-Emilia.Time.   232d ago

[h3 [center Forest]]

[center Well looks like they were heading to the forest first. Seren honestly didn't care. He followed after them quietly. He let Scarlett take the lead. She seemed to know directs pretty well and he trusted her.

Though he knew to be careful with trusting anyone too much. He looked around quietly as he walked.

Arthur had pointed out the Leonin. He looked at the group of large lion like people quietly. He didn't know what he thought of these large creatures. They were so odd.

Large and well... They looked kind of strong.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   231d ago

[h3 [center [+red  The Forest]]]
[+red "You can't believe everything you heard?"] she said as she shrugged. The Leonin all looked busy and hard at work. Surely the were as bad as they seemed. 

[+red  "I am sure if we leave them alone they won't bother us..."] she said as glanced at the leonin and then back to her friends. Scarlett was hoping to get in a battle or something while she was in the forest to get rid of all this pent up anger. She honestly didn't want to fight the leonin. It was a good thing she could speak in their native tongue if she needed too.
Alpha:. King .:   231d ago

[h3 [center [+Green Hidden]]]
Lurking silently in the forest hiding bing hide large trees and brush. He seen the small group watching a small tribe of his kind hard at work. 

His tail flicked with anticipation. It shouldn't be too hard to take the down three of them. Despite the fact that the one with the teal hair was rather pretty to him. It would be a shame to stain that pretty face with crimson.

His green eyes seemed to burn with hunger. His nail dug easily into the thick tree bark as he climb the tree to get a better look at the group. 

He knew one was tabaxi those could be really fast. The other two were a little hard to depict. So he decided it would be best to watch from a distance for a while. His stomach growled in hunger.
ShieldHero-     231d ago

[center [h3 What to Do]]


[center [b Arthur looked at Scarlett and chuckled softly.]]

[center [+gold That's true Scarlett, people like Lemine can make dumb rumors like that. So... Think we should help them? Or maybe leave them be? What do you guys think?]]

Since Magnus is carefully watching from a distance he can stealth with advantage. (If he gets closer it'd be a normal roll) Advantage is two dice and he takes the higher number.

Ooo the luck XD
Even with advantage and +2 Magnus got an 8.
Arthur rolled a 7 all together so he failed.

Seren got a nat 20 so he knows exactly where he is.
Scarlett rolls a 13 so she see's him as well
-Emilia     230d ago

[h3 [center Leonin Hiding]]

[center The green haired male slowly looked around. His eyes than landed on a man in the trees trying to hide from their sight. He watched him quietly trying to figure out what he was thinking or feeling. (Roll Insight 8)

[+lime "Hey Arthur."]

He looked towards the blonde, but only for a moment. He wasn't letting that leonin out of his sight.

[+lime "We are being watched."]

He narrowed his eyes slightly.]
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   230d ago

[center  ┏━━━✦❘༻༺❘✦━━━┓
Scarlett had notice the large cat in the tree. The look in his eyes was giving her a bad feeling. [+red "Let go see what they are up too"] she said as she pointed at the group of working Leonin. Maybe getting out of Magnus sight would be good.

She had no idea what that man was planing but the look in his eyes made her worry. She started to walked towards the working Loenin but was stopped in her track when the man from the tree jumped down in front of her. 

She hiss at him as her tail puffed. He tail was so puffed it looked like she was part Maine coon. Or like she been shocked all the hair on her tail were standing up. She was getting a bad feeling. She reach for her sword that was slung over her back.
Alpha:. King .:   230d ago

[h3 [center [+Green Seen]]]
It seemed his prey had noticed him a lot soon that he had hoped for. He wasn't going to let them get away that easily. He did land right in front of the tabaxi. It was actually kind of funny watching her tail puff up. He could blame her for being frighten after they were his prey. 

His eyes landed on Seren. [+green "Your pretty observant"] he said as he looked at Seren. His claw extended as he watched the tabaxi reach for her sword. He let out a low growl as he looked back to Scarlett. 

His mind was filled with thought as he thought of what to do next. He really did like the look of Seren so maybe he could spare him. His friend on the other hand would just get in the way. His eyes were still fill with that sense of hunger and insanity.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   230d ago

[center [h3 Surprised]]

[center [b Arthur was the only one that hadn't noticed the lion-like man. Seren had to point him out. Arthur took a stance in front of Scarlett and Seren. He didn't like the look of this one. He didn't have the same friendly expression as the other Leonin.]]

[center [+gold What do you want..?]]

[center [b Was he the reason? For the rumors? He saw Scarlett's tail puff all up. It'd have been cute if the situation wasn't so serious. Even Arhur's cheerful disposition was no where to be seen. His claws were extended and he let out a growl.]]

[center [+gold We didn't come here for trouble, but if you attack us we won't have any choice but to fight back. I'd rather not hurt anybody if I don't have to.]]

[center [b Arthur didn't mind fighting for fun but he didn't like hurting people. That being said? He had a feeling the man in front of him wasn't going to give them much of a choice.]]
-Emilia.Time.   217d ago

[h3 [center Too Much to Live For]]

[center Seren stood silently in his place. He wasn't interested in being around this Leonin at all. He didn't want to start a fight, but he wouldn't hesitate to keep himself safe.

He had way too much he still had to do. He couldn't just die. No. He wouldn't die as this pitiful thing that he was now. He stood at the ready. In his right hand he held a dagger, but in his left hand was a little orb with what looked to be a clock face ticking away.

A faint sound of ticking could be heard from it. He was clearly ready to fight if he needed to.]
-Emilia.Show Off.   217d ago

[h3 [center Failure]]

[center Well he had hoped to come in and be all cool, but he knew he had fucked that up. As he stepped slowly towards the lion crouched low to the ground he stepped on something and the loud crunch was surely heard by the whole group. (Rolled Stealth 2 + 5 = 7 Fucking awful two >.<)

Oh well. He quickly stood and drew his rapier. A smirk played on his lips. Well... He didn't really like being sneaky anyway!

Since he was no longer trying to be silent, he went ahead and let his fiery wings show.

The wings were just for show. It was his own fire like magic that made them show up. It wasn't like he could do much with it anyway. He wasn't very magically inclined.

[+crimson "If you were thinking of attacking them, I think you might want to reconsider."]

A cool smile played on his lips. Ah yes, he would be their saviors.]
Alpha:. King .:   214d ago

[center [h3 [+green Interruption]]

Out of my way kitty cat. He easily picked up the tabaxi and threw her at Arthur.  Judging from his looks he have no problem catching her. Or maybe he let her fall on he ass. Catching her off guard by landing in front was fairly easy. 

He was about to approach Seren. The look in his eyes was much. His eyes seemed to be filled with sadness. Why? He could remember but his chest was hurt as he continue to look at Seren. He step closer to Seren but interrupted by another voice. 

A snarl escaped his lips as turn to see a flying man before him. The man quickly drew his sword. All Magnus could do was let his beast for appear before them. He roar as he eyes burn a bright toxic green. His nail became longer, long with his teeth. 

[+Green "How dare you get in my way of me and my Koibito"]  It was then he seen a flash of long fur appear in front him stopping the man's sword.
Alpha:. Nyra .:   214d ago

[center [+magenta [h3 Shield ]]

Nyra jump in between the to in the nick-of-time. She block the flaming winged man sword. Her eyes were filled with anger as her tail lashed behind her. [+magenta "Magnus you idiot"] She screeched. 

Being in the foreign land she couldn't summon her familiars for any help. Which she desperately need in this situation. This was bad she need to get the king out of here and fast.

All hell had broken loose in their kingdom since his disappearance. The queen that was Magnus lawful bride had took over in a rein of cruelty. It seemed she knew about Magnus plan to run away with his lover. Magnus didn't love Queen Camilla couldn't stand that thought.

Nyra had a feeling she was the reason Magnus lover never made it there secret meeting place. Nyra had no idea if Magnus lover was still alive or not but she had no choice but to go after Magnus.  

She need him to return home and take back the thorn. Everyone was suffering from that wretched woman's broken heart.
Alpha:. Scarlett .:   214d ago

[center [h3 [+Red Flying]]
This was not on the agenda for the day.  Scarlett snarl as she fell into Arthur. She was sure she was going to knock the man down. 

She closed her eyes tightly as she waited for the pain of smacking into him. She hissed as little as she Arthur fell. (Not sure if he going to be able to catch her.)

[+Red "bastard"] she hissed as she she had her way to her feet. Everything hurt thank to that stupid lion. Out of anger she ran Mangus with her own claws out. They were no where near as long as his but they would still do some damage. 

She was about to swipe and swat at him like a pissed of house cat. There was something that stop her. The look in her eyes confused her. This wasn't the look he had before.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   214d ago

[center [h3 Flying Cat]]

[center [b Arthur had caught Scarlett, she was.. Heavy yet again but Arthur was able to handle it and even with a smile. The last thing he wanted to do was let a lady know she was heavy yes? Even if she was a tabaxi and that sorta thing was normal for her kind. So agile yet so heavy what an odd mix Arthur thought. It took some serious effort but Arthur caught her and placed her on her feet with a soft smile.]]

[center [+gold You okay Scarlett? Hey you can't throw a lady like that good sir! And wait.. Who's that guy! And this lady!? We take one stroll and we meet.. Well.. Everybody!]]

For Winged man's sword attack. He only drew his sword yes? Not a real attack? I was just making sure this was an RP moment and not a real attack roll. Cause if it's a real attack roll Blakely has gotta make a roll to beat someone's AC. Nyra's?
Oh crap we need to make Nyra's sheet.. Oh no I forgot what class we agreed she'd be. Wasn't it a fighter? Oh no lol.
But if this is all just "RP Flavor" with no real damage (That is a thing in DnD I've seen groups do it) than no need for rolls unless real combat starts.
Arthur rolled 11 all together for Athletics to catch Scarlett ^^ 

Idk if Magnus should make an Athletics check to throw Scarlett as she is kinda heavy with her gear.

Magnus got a 6+5=11 (Just like Arthur lol) for throwing her which.. Though strained I'd say possible.

Oh interesting some PvP between you're characters xD
Well if she is making an unarmed attack roll let me see.
I rolled for her and it was an 8 all together. Not enough to beat Magnus's armor class. So he'd either dodge or block. If he attacks back and everybody gets aggressive than everyone rolls Initiative for turn order and the such.


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