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Strung Apart by Fate [A TXT fanfic] [In Progress]

By AkiraSanogame

Soobin is your ordinary college student, going through school, and simply just trying to live his life. Beomgyu is a seemingly random stranger that feels oddly familiar to Soobin, but he can't figure out why for the life of him. And Taehyun? He was Soobin's best friend, but even he had his own secrets that Soobin couldn't figure out.


HUGE DISCLAIMER: This is my first soulmateau so please keep that in mind while reading the first few chapters. This is new territory for me therefore it will seem very awkward. Thank you!


Oh hai~! Author-nim here with another story :D

This isn't a wolfau! I know, how shocking right xD

I decided to try my hand at a soulmateau inspired by a subplot for a fic I had read on Tumblr.

What kind of soulmates are Beomgyu and Soobin? I don't know how to call it but it's one where every single time they meet one person always dies. Soobin is the person who dies in this case. The only way to break the curse is to have a third person in the mix. But even that brings its own set of challenges.

Beomgyu isn't immortal per say, as he can die but he is stuck in his early 20's until this curse breaks.

Taehyun was in the same boat, but due to already breaking the curse he is fine. Soobin had been the one to break it, and is happy with his soulmate who had become one of Soobin's closest friends after Taehyun.

Well now that that's out of the way. Let's get onto the characters~!


Soobin: A full time college student who works part time at a cafe to help pay for school. He is best friends with Taehyun who he had met in high school, and was the one who brought Taehyun and his soulmate together. Soobin is skeptical of the concept of soulmates, but is still happy for his best friend. He has a heart condition that has been with him since birth, but refuses to let that stop him from achieving his dreams. He is a biology major, with a minor in computer science.

Taehyun: A full time college student who also works part time at the cafe that Soobin works at. He is Soobin's best friend, having been friends since high school despite the two year age gap that was seemingly between them. In reality he had been alive for a lot longer than he was supposed to be, having been stuck as a teenager when he first found his soulmate. He has since broke the curse and is aging again and is in a happy relationship with his soulmate, Heeseung. He is majoring in computer science, with a minor in education.

Beomgyu: A college student who transferred from one of the other universities when he caught wind of his soulmate being at that particular school. He had been looking for Soobin for years at that point, as the last time they had met each other before Soobin's death was back in the 80's. He had gone through 4 lifetimes by that point it seemed, as the first time he met Soobin was by complete accident, and he had sought out Soobin ever since. He and Taehyun know of each other, as it was easy to spot someone in their predicament by the way they carried themselves. He is majoring in computer science, with a minor in literature.

Heeseung: A college student who also works at the cafe that Soobin and Taehyun work at. He was skeptical at the concept of soulmates at first, but after getting saved by Soobin from a car crash when he met Taehyun seemingly for the first time he decided to give Taehyun a chance. He had since then been in a happy relationship with Taehyun, and is close friends with Soobin. He is majoring in archeology, with a minor in science.

I hope you enjoy the story~!

Thanks to ErrorMacro713 for the poster~!
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AkiraSanogame     73d ago
Playing Oneus's Same Scent on repeat

[center Chapter 1]

"Did you know we got a new student?" Asked Taehyun as he joined Soobin at the counter to help make drinks. "Really?" Asked Soobin.

"Apparently he's a transfer," explained Taehyun. "Huh," hummed Soobin as he looked thoughtful, concentrating on the drink machine as Heeseung passed over drink orders.

"Is he in some of your classes?" Asked Heeseung as Soobin passed orders down the counter to a coworker of theirs named Jungwon who called for them as they were passed down. "I think so," replied Taehyun as he shrugged. "I don't know though," he added. "Just heard from the grapevine anyway," he explained.

"Ah, Beomgyu?" Asked Jungwon as he handed out more orders. "He moved into our dorms yesterday," he explained. "I had to show him to his room, he's rooming with Jake I think," he added.

"Oh, looks like I'll be seeing him tonight," remarked Heeseung. "You're still rooming with Jay right?" Asked Taehyun. "He'll gossip about it all week since him and Jake tend to do that a lot," he added.

"How's Yeonjun been by the way? We haven't seen him since the end of high school," remarked Taehyun. "He's fine, he said he was still looking for his soulmate," explained Soobin. "I think Kai said he was coming back next week or something right?" He asked.

"Yeah, he's visiting his family for a bit before coming back, he's gonna miss the first week of classes," replied Taehyun. "Hm," hummed Soobin.

[center ~]

Beomgyu looked around the room he was given after returning from a tour of the campus, setting his bag down on the bed that looked unused. "I can't believe that transfer worked," he mumbled to himself as he flopped down on the bed beside his bag, sighing in relief. "Only you would get into the best school in the country huh?" He grumbled, turning his head to stare at the bag that carried only his most personal items.

"Beomgyu was it?" Came a voice that caused Beomgyu to lift his head to spot his roommate. "Yeah, that's me," replied Beomgyu as he sat up, studying who he assumed was Jake. "I'm Jake, welcome to our dorms," greeted Jake as he held out a hand. Beomgyu got to his feet, walking over and shaking hands with Jake. "Beomgyu, nice to meet you," he greeted back, the corners of his lips going up in a smile.

"I only have a few rules here," stated Jake as he motioned to the room in general. "Keep your side clean, no food, water is fine in here, and if you're up studying late at night keep the screen low so we can sleep," he explained. "Sure, no problem," replied Beomgyu as he nodded. "Good, we'll be good roommates then!" Jake exclaimed excitedly as he grinned, reminding Beomgyu of an excited puppy as he fought down a snort.

[center ~]

Heeseung sighed as he looked down at his boyfriend, who simply scowled up at him. "What? I'll be fine," whined Heeseung. "I- I just have bad vibes," mumbled Taehyun as he dropped the scowl for a pout. "I know I've only seen this guy in passing, but just be careful okay?" He asked. "Sure sure," reassured Heeseung as he reached out and tousled Taehyun's hair.

"I'll see you tomorrow then?" Asked Heeseung. "I guess," sighed Taehyun as he turned, leaving the dorm area to head back to his and Soobin's house. Heeseung shook his head before turning and opening the door and stepping into the dorm house, spotting Jay in the living area playing Mario Kart with Niki to see who would make dinner.

"How was work?" Asked Jay as he didn't look up from the TV. "It went fine, Jungwon left early again," sighed Heeseung. "Said something about a date with Sunghoon or something," he added. "Ah, they're here somewhere," explained Jay. "Also we got a new dormmate," he added. "He's rooming with Jake right now," he added. "Hm," hummed Heeseung as he walked out of the living area and headed down the hall to the bedrooms.

Heeseung entered his room just as Jay's shout of victory echoed down the hall and Niki's whining before Niki went to get dinner made. "God those two," Heeseung mumbled, jokingly as he threw his bag onto the chair next to his desk before going to get his towel and head into the connecting bathroom to take a shower.

[center ~]

Heeseung met Beomgyu during dinner, and he understood what Taehyun meant now. "So what'd you transfer here to do?" asked Heeseung as he looked curious. "Ah? I'm in computer science but the literature program was too good to pass up," explained Beomgyu as he shrugged. "I was honestly surprised they let me transfer to be honest with you," he added.

"They had more than my other school did anyway," explained Beomgyu as he shrugged, taking a bite of food.

"So you know everyone in this dorm has yet to find their soulmate right?" Asked Jay. "Well, except Heeseung, but they put him here anyway," he added. "Oh?" Asked Beomgyu. "Hey, I [i could] move in with Taehyun and Soobin but they're about to get crowded with Kai returning," grumbled Heeseung. "Also I can't afford their rent," he added.

"A 4 bedroom house is too expensive for you?" Asked Jay. "You'd be surprised at how expensive that can get," sighed Heeseung.

"Soobin's rich, apparently," explained Niki. "But he doesn't want to let that humble him, so the job he has is just a secondary source of income," he added. "Interesting," hummed Beomgyu, as he listened to the conversation that was about his soulmate.

"Doesn't Soobin pay the rent anyway? While Taehyun, Kai and Yeonjun work on the bills?" Asked Jake. "I think so," hummed Jay. "Where can we get a rich friend like that?" He asked. "I'm friends with said rich person, but Soobin doesn't let it get to his head," chimed in Heeseung.

[center ~]

"Taehyun said to keep an eye on you," commented Heeseung as he confronted Beomgyu. "I don't know who this Taehyun is," Beomgyu replied as he tilted his head to the side. "But I'm harmless," he added. "You don't need to worry about me," he explained.

"Is there a problem here?" Asked Jungwon as he stepped into the hallway from his and Sunghoon's room. "Nothing," reassured Beomgyu as he turned to Jungwon. "Heeseung's just welcoming me is all," he added. "Do you need to spend the night at Taehyun's?" Asked Jungwon as he noticed how tense Heeseung was. "Nah, I'll be fine," huffed Heeseung as he shook his head before going into his and Jay's room.

Beomgyu watched him go before turning to Jungwon who watched him with a raised eyebrow. "Are you [i sure] you're not going to be a problem?" Asked Jungwon. "Yeah, no I'll be fine," reassured Beomgyu. "I honestly don't know where this hostility is coming from," he explained, shrugging.

[center ~]

Taehyun grumbled when text messages started pouring into his phone, waking him up from his sleep as he lifted his head and reached out to grab his phone and bring it to his face to check his messages.

[i Heeseung: You're right, there's something wrong with him.
Taehyun wake up damn it!
This is important!

Taehyun: You woke me up just to tell me THAT?

Heeseung: I met him during dinner, and he just had that kind of VIBE.
like when we met or something.
he apparently is like you, or like you were anyway.]

Taehyun sighed as he turned to lay on his back, thinking of a reply.

[i Taehyun: just keep an eye on him yeah?
you don't need to like become friends, but just BE CAREFUL.

Heeseung: I'll try.
apparently his room is next to mine and Jay's
he's rooming with Jake.

Taehyun: don't do anything stupid hyung

Heeseung: you think I'd do something stupid?
wait don't answer that]

That caused Taehyun to chuckle, shaking his head and turning his phone on do not disturb before placing it back on the wireless charger on his nightstand. He then turned and buried his face into his pillow and tried to fall back asleep.
AkiraSanogame     72d ago
Playing Oneus's Same Scent on repeat

[center Chapter 2]

Beomgyu was feeling lazy, laying down in his bed as he stared up at the ceiling. What Heeseung had told him the day before really bothered him, as the only way someone would [i know] is to have been in the same situation.

Looks like Beomgyu would have to seek out this [i Taehyun] for answers. He sat up and looked around the room, spotting Jake at his desk working on something on his laptop.

"Do you know if there's a place where everyone just goes around here?" Asked Beomgyu, catching Jake's attention as he turned and looked at Beomgyu.

"There's the cafe just outside campus," replied Jake as he shrugged his shoulders. "[i Everyone] goes there though," he added. "Heeseung and Jungwon work there most days while Jay, Sunghoon and I work the other days," he explained, shrugging.

"Is Heeseung there today?" Asked Beomgyu. "I think so? Sunghoon and Jay had to be called in though, Soobin isn't feeling well and Taehyun refuses to leave his best friend behind," replied Jake. "Hm," hummed Beomgyu.

"Why, what's up?" Asked Jake. "Ah, was just asking," Beomgyu replied with a shake of his head. "I may look for places to just hang out when I'm not busy with classes," he added. "Yeah, the dorm does get boring sometimes," scoffed Jake as he turned back to his laptop.

"Oh, what's your soulmate thingy?" Asked Beomgyu. "A tattoo," replied Jake as he held up his wrist, showing the small tattoo of a rose before returning to the laptop to finish up whatever he was doing. "I think the others are different too," he added. "But I [i know] that Jungwon and Sunghoon can't see colors, but I don't know about the others," he hummed.

"What's yours?" Asked Jake. "Well," mumbled Beomgyu. "Reincarnated?" He asked. "Oh, that's uh..." Mumbled Jake. "I'm sorry," he added. "Hey, it's fine," mumbled Beomgyu as he got up. "I'll head out then," he added. "Do you want anything?" He asked. "Nah, I'm fine," replied Jake as he nodded. "Alright," Beomgyu said as he grabbed his bag and slung the strap over his shoulder before leaving the room and grabbing his shoes. He left the dorm after putting on his shoes and headed to the cafe that Jake was talking about.

[center ~]

Heeseung was worried for Soobin, as it [i had] been a while since Soobin wasn't feeling well. He hoped that Soobin wasn't going to end up in the hospital again, though from the chat he was in with the friend group it seemed Soobin was just feeling a little under the weather.

"I can just [i smell] the worry on you, come on now," sighed Sunghoon. "I'm sure it's fine, you said yourself that it was just Soobin having a cold," he added. "I'm sorry," grumbled Heeseung as he leaned against the counter. "Hey, it's okay," reassured Sunghoon. "We get it, really," he added. "Your situation is rather... Unique," he explained.

The door chimed as someone walked in, causing everyone to turn to see someone they hadn't seen in a while. "Kai!" Greeted Sunghoon. "Welcome back," greeted Heeseung as he waved at Kai. "Yo," greeted Kai as he grinned. "Where's the rest of the crew?" Asked Kai as he walked up to the counter to order. "And I'll have mine, Soobin and Taehyun's usuals please," he added. "Jungwon and Jay are in the back counting inventory," explained Heeseung as he rung up the order, Kai swiping his card as Heeseung handed the cups down to Sunghoon. "I see," hummed Kai as he waited by the counter where the drinks were handed out.

"How's Soobin?" Asked Sunghoon as he focused on the drink machines. "He's fine," responded Kai as he checked his phone to go through the chats. "He was up and eating soup earlier, Taehyun sent me here to get their drinks," he added.

"Oh, did your timer change at all while you were visiting your sisters?" Asked Heeseung. "No," whined Kai as he pouted. "It actually went up, so I'm assuming my soulmate is around here somewhere," he explained. "I am gonna stay around anyway, I want to get into a good club," he added. "Get my portfolio going so I can get into a good job," he explained.

"As much as you like the coffee here you're better off somewhere else to be honest," agreed Sunghoon as he passed over the drinks once they were done. "I can't make coffee for the life of me," grumbled Kai as he took the drinks and left the cafe.

[center ~]

It took some time but Beomgyu found the cafe that everyone was talking about, entering the cafe as someone he didn't recognize walked out, Beomgyu holding the door for them before walking in. "Look who finally showed up," greeted Sunghoon as he recognized who walked in.

"I wanted to check the place out," explained Beomgyu as he shrugged. "Nothing wrong with that," dismissed Heeseung as he shook his head. "What do you recommend?" Asked Beomgyu as he walked over to the counter. "Sunghoon makes a great matcha latte," suggested Heeseung. "I'll have that then," stated Beomgyu as Heeseung rung up the order, Beomgyu swiping his card before walking down to where the drinks were handed out.

"It seems pretty dead right now," remarked Beomgyu as he looked around the cafe. "Most people are still settling in," explained Sunghoon as he focused on what he was doing. "It'll get busy after the next few days and classes start," he added. "Is that why it's just you two right now?" Asked Beomgyu. "For the moment," hummed Sunghoon as he finished making the drink and handed it to Beomgyu who took a sip and nodded, going to sit down at a table by the windows, taking off his bag and putting it on the back of the chair before sitting down and looking out the window to people watch.

[center ~]

Heeseung let out a breath as he leaned against the back counter again, causing Sunghoon to look at him weirdly. "I'll explain later," dismissed Heeseung as he pushed away from the counter and walked into the backroom.

"So we'll need to order more cups, more pastries, more this and that," grumbled Jay as he checked off a list. "Also more lids, more napkins, amongst other things," added Jungwon as Jay grumbled, writing more things down.

"Can I go now?" Asked Heeseung as he stepped into the backroom, the door swinging closed behind him. "I got it Jungwon, you can't see the colors anyway," dismissed Jay as he checked off more. "[i Fine]," sighed Jungwon as he turned to Heeseung.

"I heard Kai was back," commented Jay as he continued looking at their stock. "Oh, then yeah you can go," Jungwon stated, nodding. "I know you haven't been spending much time with Taehyun outside of work either, go," he added. "Don't make it seem like I'm obsessed with him," whined Heeseung as he scowled. Jungwon smirked. "Sure sure," he dismissed, earning a sigh from Heeseung before he went to clock out.

[center ~]

Taehyun drove over in Soobin's car as Heeseung left the cafe, Heeseung quickly getting into the passenger seat and closing the door. He buckled in before Taehyun drove off, heading back to Soobin's house. "Soobin's feeling better by the way," reassured Taehyun. "Good," grumbled Heeseung.

"What a weird relationship huh?" Asked Heeseung as he looked out the passenger side window. "It's just how the world works apparently," grumbled Taehyun. "Just think how long it would've taken if you were taken from me again," he added. Heeseung hummed, leaning his head back against the headrest and closing his eyes.
AkiraSanogame     63d ago
Playing Oneus's Same Scent on repeat

[center Chapter 3]

Soobin curled up into a ball on the couch, wrapped up in blankets as he sneezed into a tissue. Kai was across the room on the loveseat enjoying his cup of matcha latte as he rambled on about his summer spent with his sisters and parents.

"But yeah, Lea wasn't there the whole time because she got to hang out with her soulmate and Bahiyyih was annoyed that her timer went down to at [i least] 30 seconds and then went up again so she scrambled to look for her soulmate," rambled Kai, with Soobin nodding along the whole time.

"And after that, we got lost and her timer went back up," finished Kai as the front door opened. "That sucks," hummed Soobin as he took a sip of the tea Kai had gotten from the cafe.

"I'm home!" Called Taehyun as he walked into the livingroom after taking off his shoes, Heeseung close behind him.

"You didn't miss much, just Kai talking my ear off," commented Soobin as he took a tissue and sneezed into it, throwing it into a nearby trash can. "You were invested into the story, don't lie," whined Kai. "Of course," Soobin replied, nodding as he took a sip of his tea.

"Soobin needs to rest you know," reminded Heeseung as he sat down beside Kai. "Of course, but Soobin wanted his tea," mumbled Kai as he shrugged, taking a sip of his latte. "I didn't want to stay in bed all day," grumbled Soobin. "At least don't do too much today okay?" Asked Taehyun as he sat beside Soobin. "I'm fine, really, you don't need to dote on me," grumbled Soobin.

"We're just worried okay? Last time you said that you ended up in the hospital," sighed Taehyun. "I get it, I get it," Soobin said quickly. "I feel fine, okay?" He asked. "Just let us know if you start feeling worse," demanded Taehyun. "I will, I will," reassured Soobin as he nodded.

"Tomorrow is the first day of classes, do you think you'll be okay to go in?" Asked Taehyun. "Probably," replied Soobin as he shrugged. "I have a morning class though, so you guys are gonna either have to wake up early or walk," he added.

"Did Yeonjun ever say when he was coming back?" Asked Kai. Soobin shook his head no. "Not that I'm aware of," he replied with a shrug. "Hm," hummed Kai.

[center ~]

Beomgyu sighed as he got up from his bed, going into the bathroom to take a shower and wake himself up some. It was the first day of classes and he had an early morning class so Beomgyu didn't want to try and wake up his dormmate.

After taking a shower and getting dressed Beomgyu went to grab his bag and put on his shoes before leaving the dorms with his keys in hand.

Beomgyu wasn't sure why they had him do a class at [i 8 in the morning], but he wasn't going to complain if he met his soulmate again. He just hoped that Soobin wasn't accident prone this life unlike his last life.

[center ~]

Soobin walked into his early morning class, grumbling about waking up early as he found a seat near the back of the classroom. He had noticed that there was someone there already, though they looked like they were sleeping still. Soobin took his spot near the person and sat down, laying his head down on the desk and waiting on class to start.

Beomgyu peeked out from under his arms as he heard someone enter the room, finding Soobin entering and going to sit down near him. He huffed out a sigh as he sat up, looking around the room as it started to fill with other students, including Jake and Jungwon who were sitting a few seats away from them. He turned his head slightly to look at Soobin who was sitting up and now paying attention to class before turning back to look at the teacher as she started class.

[center ~]

Soobin met up with Jake and Jungwon after class, walking with them to the cafeteria to get breakfast. Beomgyu was left to slowly follow behind them, with the excuse of learning where things were on campus being used to be able to walk with them. Beomgyu's real excuse was to get closer to his soulmate, though he didn't get too close in case the curse decided to pop up from nowhere and Soobin would be taken from him this soon after meeting him again.

They were joined by Heeseung and Taehyun who were just arriving to eat breakfast before they had to go to their first classes.

"How was the first class?" Asked Taehyun as they sat around a table. "It was honestly boring, then again it was at 8 in the morning," replied Jungwon as he shrugged. "I'm surprised you were awake for the whole class," remarked Jake as he turned to Jungwon. "I have nothing better to do, it's not like I can see the colors on the board," grumbled Jungwon. "Also this is a mandatory class," he added. "I [i have] to pay attention," he explained.

"Computer science major too?" Asked Beomgyu. "I'm trying to get into the medical field, as an xray tech," explained Jungwon. "I'm minoring in computer science," chimed in Soobin as he shrugged. "I'm an engineering major, so this is a part of it," explained Jake as he shrugged. "Am I the only computer science major?" Asked Beomgyu. "No, I am but I took the class last semester," replied Taehyun as he shrugged. "We didn't have this class at my other school," hummed Beomgyu as he looked thoughtful.

"Well, I need to go," hummed Heeseung as he got up, slinging the strap of his bag over his shoulder. "I'll see you guys around lunch time yeah?" He asked. "Be careful," said Taehyun as he waved off Heeseung. "I'll try," sighed Heeseung as he turned and walked away, heading to his class.

"Heeseung seems to be in quite the hurry," remarked Soobin as he tilted his head to the side. "Did you two get into another fight?" He asked, turning to Taehyun. "No, no," Taehyun reassured quickly. "He's stressed already with his classes, and it's only the first day," he explained.

"Ah, right, the owner gave us the day off by the way," chimed in Jungwon. "Let us have a few days to adjust to the new semester anyway," he added. "Good," groaned Soobin. "The other crew is never there anymore, they need to take over more now," he added.

"The other crew?" Asked Beomgyu. "Ah, they're a bunch of upperclassmen from various parts of the school," replied Taehyun. "They're there on all of our days off," he explained. "I see," hummed Beomgyu. "They're mostly the morning crew, since apparently we all have morning classes," added Jungwon.

"I'm going to be leaving you guys soon for the morning crew," sighed Soobin. "Right, you're a junior now?" asked Taehyun. "You know how awkward it is to be in a class of freshman and sophmores?" Asked Soobin as he rubbed his face with his hands. "And I only have one morning class so I'll be able to join the morning crew after classes," he added.

"Ah, I never got to introduce my best friend!" Soobin said suddenly as he perked up. "Sorry, Beomgyu, this is Taehyun," he explained. "Taehyun, this is Beomgyu," he added. "You've met the others by now I'm sure?" He asked. "In Heeseung's dorm? Yeah," Beomgyu replied with a nod.

"Do you know what Jay's soulmate thingy is?" Asked Jake. "He's not very open about it," he added. "From what I could see? I don't know," hummed Jungwon. "It could be [i anything] at this point," he added. "I have a theory, but it could be anything at this point," hummed Jake.

"What do you think Beomgyu?" Asked Jake as he turned to Beomgyu. "Truth be told? I don't know either," replied Beomgyu as he shrugged. "What's yours then?" Asked Taehyun as he looked curious. "Ah... Reincarnation," mumbled Beomgyu, causing Taehyun to flinch in understanding. "Oh, I know how that is," grumbled Taehyun.

"How many lives did you go through before finding your way here?" Asked Jungwon as he looked curious. "This will be the 4th," hummed Beomgyu. "Damn, 4 times?" Asked Jake. "What can I say, my soulmate was a klutz," Beomgyu stated with a shrug.
AkiraSanogame     59d ago
Playing Oneus's Same Scent on repeat

[center Chapter 4]

"It's Soobin isn't it?" Asked Jake as he and Beomgyu were in their room studying. "How'd you figure that one out?" Asked Beomgyu as he didn't look up from the textbook he was reading.

"Something about Soobin saying that you felt really familiar to him is all," hummed Jake as he looked at his laptop in deep thought. "Yes, it's Soobin," replied Beomgyu as he looked up at Jake.

"God, that makes so much sense," grumbled Jake. "Oh?" Asked Beomgyu. "Soobin's been feeling more sick lately," explained Jake. "Ever since you mentioned your soulmate thing and met Soobin he's been in and out of classes due to getting sick," he added.

"God I hope he doesn't," grumbled Beomgyu as he sighed. "Hey, Soobin's a fighter, don't worry," chimed in Jake. "He's not going to die that easily," he added.

"If it helps any, I'm rooting for you okay?" Asked Jake. "Thanks, I hope you find your soulmate too," Beomgyu replied with a nod. "Here's to hoping things work out," stated Jake. Beomgyu nodded.

[center ~]

"Ugh, again?" Groaned Soobin as he laid in his bed, his body aching all over from fighting a fever from the night before. Luckily the school and his job was aware of his heart condition, so he was excused from his classes and his shifts when he [i needed] to be.

"Are you feeling off again?" Asked Taehyun as he peeked his head into the room. "Just slightly," grumbled Soobin. "I'll see how I feel this afternoon but I'm not going for morning classes," he explained. "Need me to bring you anything?" Asked Taehyun. "Tea from the cafe?" Asked Soobin. "It won't be 'til after my shift," explained Taehyun. "No problem," replied Soobin. "If I feel up to it I'll head down to the cafe to study," he explained.

"Where'd Kai go anyway?" Asked Soobin as he sat up. "He went to class early, his timer is going down again so he's hoping to catch his soulmate today," explained Taehyun. "Good luck to him then," sighed Soobin. "Mine's just asking for my death apparently," he grumbled.

"You know that yours doesn't wish that on you, you just ended up on the wrong side of the coin," explained Taehyun as he sighed, turning and leaving, closing the door behind him. Soobin flopped back down on his bed, mumbling to himself as he forced his body to relax so he could get through this span of sickness.

"Whoever you are just let me live damn it," grumbled Soobin as he closed his eyes to try and rest.

[center ~]

Beomgyu found himself walking with Jungwon and Jake to the cafeteria after their morning classes, Soobin's absence being felt in the group the entire morning. "What is this, day 3?" Asked Jungwon. "You know his bouts of sickness will last a while Jungwon, give him a break will you?" Asked Jake. "He didn't used to get [i this] sick [i this] often before," explained Jungwon.

Taehyun and Heeseung met them outside the cafeteria, being joined by Jay not too long afterwards. They got their food before going to sit down around a table to eat.

"How's Soobin?" Asked Beomgyu as he turned to Taehyun. "He's fine, at least for today," replied Taehyun as he nodded. "I think he'll be able to return to classes tomorrow," he added. "We'll see if we see him at the cafe today when we go in for our shifts," he explained.

Jay seemed to be nursing an injured wrist, keeping it close to his chest as he ate. "Is everything alright Jay?" Asked Jungwon as he turned to Jay. "I'm fine," explained Jay. "Just sprained my wrist earlier," he added. Heeseung perked up at that, turning to his roommate with concern.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Asked Heeseung. "I'm fine, I'm fine," reassured Jay. "I know I have a shift today, I should be good enough to come in," he added.

No one noticed the glances that Taehyun and Beomgyu gave each other, the both of them shaking their heads before they both got up, finished with their meals early. "I have a class to get to," explained Taehyun as he grabbed his empty tray. "I was going to explore campus a bit, I'll be around," explained Beomgyu as he took his tray of food and left with Taehyun.

[center ~]

"Jay's soulmate is very... Not in a good mood," remarked Beomgyu as he walked with Taehyun. "You noticed it too?" Asked Taehyun. "I was the one to bring it up to Heeseung," reminded Beomgyu. "I just hope that his soulmate gets out of whatever they're in, this is hurting Jay more than usual, especially when he has to feel what his soulmate is doing to himself," he added.

"How is Kai?" Asked Beomgyu as he turned to Taehyun. "He's surviving," sighed Taehyun. "He was annoyed that his soulmate seemed to be avoiding him again," he added. "Timer went down before going back up huh?" Asked Beomgyu. "Yep," replied Taehyun.

"I'm trying my best to [i not] get closer to Soobin than I have to, but," sighed Beomgyu as he put his hands in his pockets. "Hey, I get it," replied Taehyun. "When you told me that you were his soulmate [i everything] made sense," he explained. "At least you have a bit longer to be with him this life than before," he added. "True," hummed Beomgyu.

"I wonder how we're going to break his curse," hummed Beomgyu as he looked thoughtful. "Well, mine was simple," sighed Taehyun. "But I don't know how we're going to break yours," he added. "I can't just give up my heart for him, that'd just pass on the curse to him," hummed Beomgyu.

"We'll figure it out," reassured Taehyun. "If it comes down to it, well," he added. "I know, I know," sighed Beomgyu. "It's time I pass on, 4 lifetimes and I'm already done with this crap," he grumbled.

"You would rather have Soobin go through this?" Asked Taehyun as he turned to Beomgyu. "Four times," sighed Beomgyu. "[i Four god damn times]," he emphasized. "I know you've only had to go through this once, but try [i 4], then you'd understand my pain," he explained.

"I'll see you at the cafe then?" Asked Taehyun as he reached his next class. "Yeah, whatever," grumbled Beomgyu as he nodded, watching as Taehyun entered the room. He then turned and walked away, heading towards his next class.

[center ~]

Soobin walked into the cafe, grinning when he was greeted by Jungwon, Jake and Sunghoon. "Hey, I see you're finally feeling well enough," greeted Sunghoon as Soobin walked up to the counter. "I'll be moving to morning shifts soon enough, you guys will definitely miss me," Soobin stated as he shrugged. "The usual please," he added. Sunghoon rung up the order and Soobin swiped his card before going to wait by the counter where the drinks were passed down. Jungwon got to making his drink, concentrating on what he was working on to make sure he made it right.

"I thought Jay was working today?" Asked Soobin as he noticed that Jay was absent. "Jay sprained his wrist," explained Jake as he shrugged his shoulders. "It's why Jungwon's not-soulmate-but-still-his-boyfriend boyfriend is here," he added. "Oi," Sunghoon sighed. "We're not even doing anything," he added.

"Is Jay okay?" Asked Soobin. "I don't know to be honest with you," replied Jungwon as he passed over the finished drink. "I hope he is, he's been getting more injuries here and there," he added. "Hm," hummed Soobin as he took his drink and went to sit down.

[center ~]

[i Jake: Soobin showed up!
I know you wanted an update, and he's here

Taehyun: Thanks for telling me, I swear Beomgyu needs to get a phone

Jake: He doesn't have one?

Taehyun: Nah, though I can see why
doesn't have a use for one
he does carry a tablet though, from what I've managed to see

Jake: An iPad maybe? we could add him to the group chat!

Taehyun: No, just a regular tablet. He has no use for a phone right now.]

Jake sighed in frustration as he put his phone away, grumbling about people and no phones. Jungwon and Sunghoon snicker at him before Jake headed into the backroom to take a break and relax for a few minutes.
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[center Chapter 5]

[i Beomgyu stared at the still form of his soulmate, reaching out] ever so gently [i to close his eyes. "I'm sorry, whoever you are," he whispered, moving his hand back to his chest and getting up. "I'm sorry, okay?" He asked.]

[center ~]

Beomgyu opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling, memories of the first death still fresh in his mind as he sat up.

"Can't sleep again?" Asked Jake as he yawned, rubbing his eyes before focusing on his laptop. "Says the one who's awake doing homework," retorted Beomgyu as he turned to face Jake. Jake scoffed, reaching over and grabbing his cup of water before taking a sip, putting it back on the table next to his laptop.

"What time is it anyway?" Asked Beomgyu. "It's almost 4 am," replied Jake as he leaned back in his chair, stretching and cracking his knuckles before returning to his laptop to type out a few more paragraphs.

"And you're still awake?" Asked Beomgyu. "I don't have classes today, I can afford to furiously type this paper," retorted Jake as he continued typing away. "If you're still awake by the time the cafe opens let's get some coffee," hummed Beomgyu. "Sure," agreed Jake as he looked down at his keyboard.

[center ~]

Beomgyu and Jake entered the cafe at a reasonable time, Jake looking like he was going to pass out at any moment while Beomgyu looked a bit more rested than Jake did. "You look exhausted," commented Soobin as he stood at the counter. "I pulled an all nighter, what can I say," grumbled Jake as he yawned.

"We'll get our usuals," commented Beomgyu as he nodded, keeping somewhat of a distance. Jake went to pay for it, swiping his card after Soobin rung up the orders. He passed down the cups to his coworker as Jake went to stand where the drinks were passed to. Beomgyu nodded to Soobin before going to sit down by the windows and people watch.

Jake sat down across from Beomgyu after getting their drinks, Beomgyu mumbling a thanks before taking a sip of his coffee.

[center ~]

"So how does your soulmate thing work?" Asked Jay as he sat in front of Beomgyu at the library while Beomgyu was working on something for one of his classes. "Do you just [i know] when your soulmate is reborn?" He asked. "Yeah," hummed Beomgyu. "It's how I found out that I was dealing with reincarnation," he added.

"It also lets us [i know] what others have, which by the way you're more obvious than you think," he added. "I don't know what you're talking about," retorted Jay. "Okay, so what explains the pain you're going through everytime something happens to your wrist?" Asked Beomgyu. Jay turned away, glaring at something in the distance.

"Look, I'm not saying you should find your soulmate before something happens, but you [i may] need to do something before something happens," explained Beomgyu. "I don't know how," mumbled Jay as he looked down at his lap. "It's not like you where you [i know], or Kai and his timer," he added. "I want to help them, don't get me wrong," he explained. "But I don't know how," he added.

Beomgyu reached out and patted Jay's shoulder. "You'll be okay, okay?" He asked. "Just hang in there yeah?" He asked. "I'll try and pull some strings and see who you have as a soulmate," he explained. "I guess," hummed Jay.

[center ~]

Beomgyu let out a breath, looking up at the building where all the soulmates names were held. There were more Jay Parks than he could count but he was [i sure] with what little information he had he could see who Jay's was. He was also here to see how long it would be before Soobin's next life. If he failed in saving his soulmate this time anyway.

Beomgyu walked into the building after a minute of hesitation, going inside to look around the giant library. He nodded to the receptionist before immediately heading to his section first. The reincarnation list was tiny, with only a few in his category, including Taehyun's. He noticed though, that Taehyun's had been removed, possibly due to Taehyun's soulmate being saved.

Beomgyu found his book and flipped through to the life before the current one, noting the small similarities between that one and Soobin's current life. He then flipped to the current life and couldn't help the smile that appeared at all of Soobin's achievements. "Leave it to you to be the best huh?" He asked, a small chuckle escaping him before flipping to the next life, keeping note of how many more years it would take before the next reincarnation stage after Soobin's death. He sighed before putting his book up, [i almost] wishing their roles were reversed.

Or that it was easier to break it this time around. He knew it'd be an impossible task, but Beomgyu knew the [i one] last resort would switch their roles and he wasn't sure if he wanted that for Soobin.

Beomgyu soon turned and walked over to Jay's section which took up an entire aisle of bookshelves to his surprise and immediately went to look for Jay's name. When he [i finally] found it on the top level of a bookshelf using a ladder Beomgyu leaned against the ladder as he opened the book, quickly reading through it. The surprise was immediate, almost causing Beomgyu to drop the book before he put the book back in place. He quickly got off the ladder, bumping into the bookshelf behind him before he turned and left the building.

"I'm so sorry Jay," whispered Beomgyu as he headed back to the dorms.

[center ~]

"Did you find out anything?" Asked Jake as Beomgyu entered their room. "I found out how long I have before the next life," replied Beomgyu as he shrugged. "But not for Jay's?" Asked Jake. "No, I couldn't find anything," sighed Beomgyu as he sat down on his bed after throwing his bag on it. He took out his tablet and turned it on, tapping the screen a few times before typing something in.

"Where is Jay speaking of?" Asked Beomgyu as he looked up at Jake who was looking at something on his phone. "He said he was working today, Heeseung and Taehyun are there with him," replied Jake as he shrugged..

"Can you let him know I'm heading over?" Asked Beomgyu as he got up, putting the tablet in his bag before putting the bag on his back. "Sure," replied Jake as he did so. "Thanks," said Beomgyu as he left the dorm and headed to the cafe.

[center ~]

"Jay, are you busy?" Asked Beomgyu as he entered the cafe. "Not at the moment no," came the reply as Jay leaned back against the back counter. "We need to talk, [i now]," explained Beomgyu. Jay blinked in surprise, turning to Taehyun and Heeseung who turned to Beomgyu with their eyebrows raised.

"Go, it's fine," dismissed Taehyun as he knew what this was really about. Jay took off his work apron before walking around and going with Beomgyu to sit down in a quiet corner.
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[center Chapter 6]

Jay's shout of "[i what?!]" echoed through the empty cafe as Jay stood up, his wrist clutched to his chest as the chair behind him hit the floor.

"Jay, I know this is hard to handle but," sighed Beomgyu as he got to his feet. "I- how do you know this information?" Asked Jay as he grabbed his chair and set it upright before sitting down, nursing his wrist as Beomgyu looked pained at the information he found out about Jay's soulmate.

"Go to this building," explained Beomgyu as he took a napkin and wrote down an address. "Speak to the receptionist there when you enter, if it's a library, otherwise leave," he added. "I didn't want to believe it either, but you need closure," he explained, handing it to Jay.

"How do you know about this place?" Asked Jay as he looked at the address. "I stumbled into the building after the last death," mumbled Beomgyu as he sat down. "It's how I found out where my soulmate is now," he explained. "The receptionist should give you a tablet that gave details about their life, and it connects you to the network to reach out to others in our situation," he added.

"It's better if you go alone," chimed in Taehyun as he walked over and sat down beside Beomgyu. "I stumbled upon this place myself, after finding Heeseung and managing to save him that day," he added. "Lots of people stumble on that place after learning of something that happened to their soulmate, and we're here, okay? If you need us," he added.

"If I get this tablet, will we be able to communicate?" Asked Jay. "Just mention who you know in the archives, full name and such, and you'll be connected to mine and Beomgyu's," explained Taehyun. "Heeseung doesn't need one, since he's in our group chats, but Beomgyu's fine without a phone thanks to the tablet," he added.

"Do you mind if I leave?" Asked Jay as he turned to Taehyun. "No, I think we'll be fine, I can always call in Jungwon," replied Taehyun as he nodded. "Or Sunghoon and Jake," he added. "Hell, I think one of the morning crew is free right now," he said with a shrug.

"My soulmate is a high schooler?!" Shouted Kai as he entered the cafe with someone who was wearing a high school uniform. "I-I'm graduating this year," whined the person who looked tiny standing next to Kai. "Looks like we have a new baby in the group," remarked Taehyun as he let out a soft chuckle, getting up and walking back to the counter to get their orders.

"Speaking of morning crew," remarked Heeseung as he smirked at Kai's predicament. "Ah-hah," mumbled the newcomer as he scratched the back of his head.

"Soobin's fitting in with y'all right?" Asked Heeseung. "Yeah, of course," replied the new person, who introduced himself as Seongmin. "I'll be moving to afternoon shifts soon, school starts for us next week," he explained. "It actually started today, but since it's Friday well," he added, shrugging his shoulders.

"I never thought I'd see the day a [i high schooler] was willing to do [i morning] shifts," remarked Beomgyu. "Well, it was something to do during the summer anyway," hummed Seongmin. "I came to change my hours, so if you excuse me," he added, rushing into the backroom.

Jay had left the cafe by then, leaving Beomgyu to his devices as he typed things into his tablet.

[center ~]

"You want to switch rooms?" Asked Jake as he turned to Beomgyu. "Jay's not in a good spot right now," responded Beomgyu as he sat down with his tablet, tapping the screen a few times before typing out a response to something.

"No offense to Heeseung or anything," added Beomgyu as he turned his attention to Jake. "Did Heeseung agree to change rooms?" Asked Jake. "For a while, yeah," responded Beomgyu as he nodded. "Until Jay feels like he'll be fine," he added.

"For a little while then," agreed Jake. Beomgyu nodded and grabbed his bag, slinging it over his shoulder before leaving the room to go into Jay and Heeseung's room. Jay looked up at Beomgyu as he entered the room.

"Thank you for staying," said Jay as he nodded. "No problem," hummed Beomgyu as he sat down on Heeseung's bed. "Heeseung went to stay at Taehyun's then?" He asked. "For a bit," replied Jay as he nodded.

[center ~]

Beomgyu watched Jay closely in the one class he shared with him, though he was sure everyone else had picked up on Jay's turmoil as news of what had happened to Jay and his soulmate spread throughout the university like an uncontrollable wildfire. Looks of pity, sympathy and disgust were amongst those that Jay interacted with on a daily basis due to his classes.

It was rather fortunate that everyone in their friend group had at least [i one] class with Jay so he wouldn't be alone.

When the morning crew heard of what had happened, they managed to get Allen added to the small group chat, as he had gone through a similar situation. Allen was taking the same major as Jay, and Jay was happy that someone else was watching out for him.

[center ~]

"God you'd think that this is high school all over again," commented Taehyun as he leaned back in his chair listening to whatever the teacher was saying. "I was very lucky to never experience this crap," grumbled Beomgyu as he doodled in his notebook, answering questions whenever the teacher called on him to make it seem like he was paying attention.

The tablet pinged with a message, and Beomgyu discreetly looked at it, tapping at the screen with the eraser part of his pencil as he read the message. Beomgyu got to his feet, looking surprised as he read the message. "Sorry, family emergency!" Shouted Beomgyu as he grabbed his stuff and ran out of the classroom in a hurry.

Taehyun checked his tablet before quickly going after Beomgyu, hoping to get to Jay in time before something stupid happened.

"Hey idiots!" Shouted Beomgyu as he grabbed a hold of one of the people beating up Jay and tossing them away from the fight. "Don't you have anything better to do than this?" He spat as he kicked the other people off of Jay.

A punch was thrown his way, but Taehyun stopped them before Beomgyu could retaliate, Taehyun twisting their arm behind his back and delivering a kick to their back and sending the person to the ground. Jay groaned on the ground as he tried to move, Jungwon and Sunghoon running over and helping Jay to his feet. Allen was nearby with two other upperclassmen from what Beomgyu managed to gather.

"Thanks for calling us over," called Beomgyu as he waved to Allen. Allen nodded. "Sorry I couldn't do much more, I was just coming in for classes when this happened," he explained. "No problem," dismissed Beomgyu. "Go on, we got it from here," he reassured with a nod. Allen nodded, looking at Jay who nodded for him to go ahead. "I'll be fine," reassured Jay. Allen turned and walked away, the two people with him turning and walking with him.

"Jay what the hell?" Asked Beomgyu as he turned back to Jay. "They started it first," grunted Jay as he pushed Sunghoon and Jungwon away before getting to his feet. Beomgyu sighed, shaking his head. "If you're going to be like this, don't bother asking for help then," he retorted, turning and walking away. Taehyun turned and followed after him.
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[center Chapter 7]

Beomgyu sighed as he flopped down in his usual seat at the cafeteria, being joined by Taehyun and Kai. Soobin was working, and their friend group had pretty much dissolved after Jay's spiral into depression. Only Heeseung and Jake hung out with them nowadays, and that was fine with them.

"I guess that's that huh?" Asked Taehyun as he leaned back in his chair. "Where's Jay been anyway?" He asked. "I don't know," sighed Beomgyu. "He stopped coming back to the dorms, so I assume he's taking a break," he added.

"Allen lives in a different dorm doesn't he?" Asked Taehyun. "Yeah, Allen told me that Jay is there most of the time now," replied Beomgyu. "Hm," hummed Taehyun.

"Aren't you being a bit harsh with him?" Asked Kai. "Not at all," grumbled Beomgyu. "We're offering our help if he wants it, but he really doesn't want it," he explained.

"What about you and your soulmate?" Asked Kai. "I can't get close to him," sighed Beomgyu as the tablet pinged, causing Beomgyu to look at it, tapping the screen and looking at it.

"Ah, my friend is finally coming back to Korea," hummed Beomgyu as the corners of his lips went up in a smile. "Ah, the one you kept telling us about? You said his soulmate thing was similar to yours," remarked Kai. "His is he doesn't age until he finds his soulmate, so yeah," hummed Beomgyu. "That sounds like Yeonjun," remarked Taehyun. "Maybe we know him, who knows," he added. "I wouldn't be surprised if we did have him as a friend in common," hummed Beomgyu as he put his tablet away in his bag.

[center ~]

"I don't think Jay is coming back," commented Jake as Beomgyu was typing something into his tablet. "Allen said something didn't he?" Asked Beomgyu. "Allen got to the point of pushing him away," responded Jake as he leaned back in his chair.

"Where'd you hear this information?" Asked Beomgyu as he looked up at Jake. "Jungmo and Wonjin are in one of my classes," came the reply as Jake let out a sigh. "Ah, that makes sense," hummed Beomgyu as he got up, tucking his tablet under his arm before going to put his shoes on.

"Where are you going?" Asked Jake as he watched Beomgyu. "My friend is finally here, I'm going to meet them at the cafe," came the response as Beomgyu left the room, leaving the dorms and almost sprinting for the cafe.

[center ~]

Taehyun and Heeseung were working in the cafe with Jungwon who was cleaning the machines while Taehyun and Heeseung focused on drinks when they weren't staying close to each other.

Beomgyu panted as he entered the cafe, stopping to catch his breath before going to get his usual drink. "Your friend is almost here?" Asked Taehyun as he looked at Beomgyu. "I told him to meet me here, so yeah," responded Beomgyu as he paid for his drink. "Make that two," he added. Taehyun nodded and went to get the cups and pass them down, letting Jungwon and Heeseung make the drinks. Beomgyu walked over to where the drinks were being made, waiting for his drinks and making small talk with Heeseung and Jungwon.

[center ~]

The door chimed as it opened, causing everyone to look towards it, Beomgyu grinning at who it was. Taehyun snorts. "Of [i course] it'd be Yeonjun," he scoffed, jokingly of course. "Hey," Yeonjun greeted with his own grin, walking over and sitting in front of Beomgyu who passed over his drink before leaning back in his chair.

"Welcome back to Korea," greeted Beomgyu as he checked his tablet for news on the others he was connected to. "Thanks," muttered Yeonjun as he took a sip of his drink. "Any luck?" Asked Beomgyu. "No," sighed Yeonjun. "I went [i everywhere] looking for them," he explained. "Where'd you go, Europe this time?" Asked Beomgyu. Yeonjun nodded. "No luck this time," he replied before taking a sip of his coffee.

"How long are you staying around this time?" Asked Beomgyu. "For the foreseeable future at least," responded Yeonjun as he nodded. "I gotta help my roommates pay for their rent," he added. "Who knew we would find common acquaintances within our circle?" Asked Beomgyu. Yeonjun shrugged. "At least you found your soulmate," he commented. "For how long do I have him with me this time is the real question," hummed Beomgyu as he looked thoughtful.

"You already know don't you?" asked Yeonjun. "No, it tells me how long I have until the [i next] life," explained Beomgyu. "Hm," hummed Yeonjun.

[center ~]

Beomgyu was surprised that the one class he had with Soobin decided to put them as partners, but this did give them a chance to become closer, and let Beomgyu get to know the Soobin of this life. Jake and Jungwon were in their group, and Jake sat between Soobin and Beomgyu so that Beomgyu couldn't be so close to Soobin and Jungwon sat on the other side of Soobin to make things less awkward for Soobin.

"So I guess we should do this," started Beomgyu as he jotted down ideas in his notebook, letting everyone look at the notebook on the paper. "I think we can work something out," agreed Jake as he nodded. "Where should we meet to do this?" Asked Jungwon. "We can meet at my place, you guys know where that is right?" Asked Soobin.

"With how much Heeseung spends there it won't be hard to get the directions from him," scoffed Jungwon, jokingly. "But we do know where to go," he added. "We can meet today after my shift at the cafe?" He asked. "I'd be down," agreed Jake as Beomgyu nodded in agreement.

"How's Yeonjun doing by the way?" Asked Beomgyu. "He's finally getting out of the house," sighed Soobin. "He tends to mope for a few days before doing anything yeah," hummed Beomgyu. "How long have you known each other?" Asked Soobin. "A [i long] time," replied Beomgyu as the tablet pinged, causing Beomgyu to grab it and tap the screen to look at it.

"Ah, Yeonjun wants to meet for lunch," explained Beomgyu as he typed in a reply. "He asked if you wanted to come along, Soobin," he added. "Eh? Sure," replied Soobin as he nodded. "Cool," Beomgyu said with a grin before typing up a reply. "He's picking us up after your shift at the cafe," he added as he got another reply. "He said that Kai and Taehyun are getting dragged along too," he explained. "Hm," hummed Soobin.

[center ~]

Beomgyu met up with Taehyun and Kai outside the cafe just before Soobin's shift ended, Taehyun with his hands in his pockets while Kai hung back with his hands behind his head, chatting excitedly about his soulmate. Taehyun could only nod along, semi paying attention as he watched Beomgyu closely. Beomgyu was stiff, standing straighter which was unusual for him as Taehyun normally observed him having a more casual slump to his stance.

"Seongmin is so god damn cute it's not even funny," rambled Kai as he nearly talked Taehyun's ears off. "He is shorter than you," commented Taehyun as he turned his full attention on Kai when Beomgyu nodded reassuringly to Taehyun. It seemed like Jay had gotten into another fight, which caused Taehyun to let out a soft sigh.

"Jay again huh?" Asked Soobin as he stepped out of the cafe after clocking out. "Honestly," grumbled Beomgyu as he slumped forward slightly, relaxing into a more casual stance as he tried to smile at Soobin.

"So where are we going?" Asked Soobin. "There's a barbecue place just down the street, Yeonjun's meeting us there," explained Beomgyu as he started walking, heading towards the aforementioned place. Everyone followed after him, Taehyun hanging back with Kai while Soobin walked with Beomgyu.

As they were walking Beomgyu stepped out onto the street and almost got hit by a car that ran a red light. Soobin was quick as he grabbed Beomgyu by the shirt and pulled him back, surprising Beomgyu as he fell back into Soobin's arms as Soobin caught him.
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[center Chapter 8]

"What, are you stupid for not looking where you were going?" asked Soobin as Beomgyu looked shaken up by the events that just happened. "Sorry," mumbled Beomgyu as he moved, getting up and turning to Soobin, Taehyun and Kai walking over after making sure it was safe to do so.

Soobin looked him over before shaking his head and sighing. "Let's go and have this damn lunch yeah?" He asked, pushing passed Beomgyu and crossing the street when the light indicated that they could. Beomgyu turned and followed after Soobin, Kai running to catch up with Soobin while Taehyun stayed back with Beomgyu.

"Are you okay?" Asked Taehyun. "I don't know what that did," mumbled Beomgyu. "I don't know how our thing changed," he explained, sighing as he looked down at his feet. Taehyun put a comforting hand on his shoulder. "It's okay," he reassured. "We don't know [i anything]," he added. "We'll just have to wait it out and see what happens, yeah?" He asked. "Right," sighed Beomgyu.

[center ~]

When they entered the barbecue place Yeonjun waved them over, everyone gathering around the table as Yeonjun got the grill ready.

"Everything alright?" Asked Yeonjun when he noticed Beomgyu's mood. "Idiot almost got ran over by a car, I had to save him," sighed Soobin, earning a raised eyebrow from Yeonjun. "I honestly didn't expect that car to run that red light," grumbled Beomgyu as he focused on the food, throwing some meat on the grill. "I get it," hummed Yeonjun, knowing that Beomgyu was going to update the chat they were a part of, to get more information on the matter.

"How's your soulmate doing?" asked Yeonjun as he turned to Kai. "He's doing good," responded Kai with a mouth full of food. He swallowed before continuing to speak, talking excitedly about Seongmin who Kai had set up a meeting with Seongmin's parents to properly introduce himself to them. Their busy schedules kept Kai from seeing Seongmin most days, but that was fine with Kai. He was just happy to finally meet his soulmate.

"What field are you trying to get into again?" Asked Yeonjun. "I want to work in a restaurant, like my dad," responded Kai as he nodded. "I'm doing classes here to get into that and I want to open my own restaurant, and become famous like him," he explained. "My sisters think I'm stupid, but I don't mind it," he added. "Hm," hummed Yeonjun.

"Do you plan on opening your own restaurant first or are you going to try working somewhere first?" asked Beomgyu. "I think I'm going to work somewhere first, I'll need the funds to open my restaurant," hummed Kai. "Good luck," Beomgyu said with a nod. "Thank you," Kai replied with a grin.

Taehyun's phone started ringing and Taehyun excused himself to go answer it, stepping outside to do so. Yeonjun continued chatting with Kai with Soobin nodding along to the conversation. Beomgyu only half paid attention, twitching slightly in his chair as he could feel that something was [i very] wrong. He almost regretted leaving his tablet at the dorms, even though Taehyun was here and they could get him if needed. He focused on eating for the time being though, glancing out the window to see Taehyun looking more worried as the conversation continued.

[center ~]

"What do you [i mean] Jay's in the hospital?" Asked Taehyun as he turned away from the window so that Beomgyu wouldn't see the look of horror on his face. "[i I don't know what happened okay?! This is all on whoever found him]," explained Heeseung. "[i I know you were out enjoying a lunch with Beomgyu and Soobin, along with Kai and whoever the hell Yeonjun is but we took it] too [i far this time]," he added.

"[i Look, just come to the hospital okay? I think we owe an apology to him at least]," sighed Heeseung. "I'll see what I can do okay?" Asked Taehyun before he hung up the phone, letting his arm drop to his side as he gripped the phone in his hand. "Damn it," he sighed, taking a breath to compose himself before putting his phone in his pocket and walking back into the restaurant.

"What's wrong?" Asked Beomgyu as he looked up at Taehyun. "I hate to cut this lunch short but I need to go to the hospital," Taehyun stated with the straightest face possible. Beomgyu got to his feet, looking alarmed at the information. "Is it Jay?" He asked. Taehyun nodded. "Heeseung called to tell me that Jay is in the hospital right now due to an overdose," he mumbled. Beomgyu let out a frustrated sound, torn between looking pissed off and looking horrified.

"I don't know about you," started Yeonjun as he looked up at Taehyun. "But if he's going [i that] far just for attention, he doesn't deserve my sympathy," he explained as he got up, going to pay for the meal before coming back.

"But I'll accompany you," added Yeonjun as he nodded. Kai and Soobin looked at each other before quickly finishing what was left of their food and getting up. "Let's go see how Jay is doing," Kai said with a worried look as he turned to Beomgyu who let out a soft sigh. "Okay," hummed Beomgyu.

[center ~]

When they reached the hospital room Jay was in, Heeseung was sitting outside of it looking worse for wear as he sat in a chair, his gaze concentrated on the floor as he tried to stay calm. Taehyun walked over to him and bent down, wrapping his arms around Heeseung in a hug. "Any news?" Asked Beomgyu as he looked at the door. "He's stable," mumbled Heeseung as he hugged Taehyun back, clinging to him as Taehyun tried to comfort him.

"Was it you that found him?" Asked Beomgyu. "He came back to the dorms earlier today, I was the only one there at the time, though I don't think he realized it," replied Heeseung. "All I heard was a crash in the bathroom, and well," he sighed, letting go of Taehyun who moved back to listen to the conversation.

"They won't let me see him, since I'm not family but I've been sat outside his room since he got here," mumbled Heeseung. "Isn't his family in the states?" Asked Beomgyu. "I don't know," replied Heeseung. "But I think they are," he added.

[center ~]

Beomgyu let out a sigh as he sat down in front of Taehyun who was sitting with Heeseung and Soobin as they waited on news with what was happening with Jay.

"So tell me, what was Jay's soulmate thing?" Asked Heeseung as he looked at Beomgyu. "Because it seems that only you and Taehyun knew what was going on with Jay," he added.

"Well," mumbled Beomgyu as he looked around the waiting room they were in. "Jay's was feeling whatever physical pain his soulmate was in," he replied after a minute of hesitation. "I don't [i want] to assume what was going on with his soulmate, but from what I managed to gather Jay's soulmate was um," he explained, taking a breath to prepare for Heeseung and Soobin's reactions. "They were apparently self harming," he added, flinching at the intake of breath from both Soobin and Heeseung.

"I had to find out more, so I just kind of... Went to find out," added Beomgyu as he let out a sigh. "When your soulmate dies, you continue feeling the pain of their death like a curse," he explained. "Jay was doing all he could to numb that pain, at least that's what I'm assuming anyway," he added. "And it finally reached a point of, well," he mumbled.

"Instead of seeking help, he went and did this?" Asked Heeseung. "Is that why you stopped helping him when he got into fights?" He asked. "I told Allen to stop stepping in too," sighed Beomgyu. "Because the route Jay was going was going to end up like this, and look what happened," he explained.

"You speak like you know from experience," remarked Soobin as he tilted his head to the side. "I went down that route, for a while," explained Beomgyu as he looked away. "My soulmate was killed in front of me on a battlefield," he added. "At least, that was the first death," he added. "I was nearly killed myself, I had a sword in my gut and was ripping through people like nothing," he explained. "I somehow managed to survive that, as Yeonjun found me," he added.

"I went through hell before the next 3 lives and it still hurts you know?" He asked. "That's why, what happened to Jay doesn't earn much sympathy from me as I've dealt with worse," he explained.

"I am in the same boat to be honest with you," confessed Taehyun. "It doesn't mean we don't care," he added. "Just, with everything that's happened to Beomgyu and I, well," he sighed.
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Playing Oneus's Same Scent on repeat

[center Chapter 9]

[i Beomngyu stood before Soobin, Soobin looking at him with an eyebrow raised. "C-Can I give you a hug?" Asked Beomgyu as he tried to keep the look of hopefulness off his face.

"I mean," hummed Soobin as he shrugged. "Sure?" He asked. "I know, I won't remember you my next life, but I'm sure I won't mind you giving me a hug," he added.

"T-Thank you," breathed Beomgyu as he tackled Soobin, enveloping him in a tight hug. Soobin hugged him back, gently patting Beomgyu on the back.]

[center ~]

Beomgyu breathed out a sigh as he stayed outside of Jay's room, listening to Jay's parents sobbing and begging Jay to wake up. It had been a few days, and Beomgyu had pretty much planted himself in front of Jay's room out of guilt more than anything. Taehyun and Soobin made sure to bring Beomgyu his school work, Jungwon even showing up once to hand over his work when Soobin was struck with being sick again.

At least he had his tablet with him, so Beomgyu was able to update the others on what was happening with Jay due to Heeseung getting his own tablet after Taehyun insisted that he got one in case Beomgyu needed a break.

[i Taehyun: hey, Soobin's sick again
Jungwon's coming over with Jake with your group project stuff to work out some things because apparently your presentation is tomorrow]

Beomgyu looked at the message, humming in response as he thought of a reply.

[i Beomgyu: I'll leave the hospital to see them, I'll ask Sunghoon to pick me up

Taehyun: Sunghoon still talks to you?
I'm surprised
I thought everyone but Jake, Heeseung and Jungwon stopped talking to us after what happened to Jay

Beomgyu: Sunghoon recently lost his soulmate I think
fatal car crash
it was on the news yesterday or something
also heard a bunch of nurses talking about it

Taehyun: did you snoop around for him too?

Beomgyu: no, I think Sunghoon always knew who his soulmate was
they were on speaking terms but weren't really dating since Sunghoon was already dating Jungwon

Taehyun: who was it?

Beomgyu: I don't remember
I'll ask Sunghoon when I see him
if he wants to tell me anyway]

Beomgyu clicked out of the chat before going to text Sunghoon, mumbling about stupid schoolwork.

[i Beomgyu: hey

Sunghoon: what? I don't want to talk right now

Beomgyu: I need a ride
can you get me from the hospital?

Sunghoon: you?
leaving the hospital?
Jungwon and Jake wanted a ride to see you for this project or something
is that why?

Beomngyu: I need a distraction, and Taehyun mentioned that Soobin, Jungwon, Jake and I's project is like due tomorrow or something
plus it gives me an excuse to go home to shower and change

Sunghoon: I'll come over with Jungwon and Jake
Heeseung was looking to switch places anyway

Beomgyu: sorry, we'll be out of your hair after that

Sunghoon: no, it's okay
I was never close to Wonyoung anyway
she was a good person but I don't think it would've worked out

Beomgyu: were you able to see colors before that happened?

Sunghoon: no, I don't think we magically see colors when we meet our soulmates
I think we have to fall in love with each other, to see them

Beomgyu: hm]

Beomgyu moved out of the way when the door opened, turning to Jay's parents as they stepped out of the room. They nodded to him as Heeseung walked over, bowing to Jay's parents before taking Beomgyu's place. Beomgyu bowed to them before nodding to Heeseung and turning to walk away, bumping into Jungwon and Jake who arrived with Sunghoon.

"I'll be back as soon as I can, Heeseung," Beomgyu said in goodbye before leaving with them. Hseeseung nodded and waved his hand in goodbye.

[center ~]

After going back to the dorms to take a shower and change into more comfortable clothes, Beomgyu headed over to Soobin's with Jake, Sunghoon and Jungwon to work on the last bit of their project.

Taehyun opened the door, nodding to everyone and giving Sunghoon a pat on the back in condolences before leading Sunghoon into the kitchen to leave Jake, Jungwon and Beomgyu in the livingroom with Soobin who was sitting on the couch.

"How's Jay?" Asked Soobin before he coughed into his fist, taking a sip of tea. "He's still in a coma," mumbled Beomgyu as he sat down across from Soobin. "He'll wake up before we know it," Soobin reassured with a nod. "I'm sure," hummed Beomgyu. Jake and Jungwon came over with their schoolwork and they discussed what they were doing for their project, Soobin dividing up the work between Jake, Beomgyu and Jungwon in case Soobin was unable to make it to the presentation.

[center ~]

After everything was said and done everyone prepared to leave, Sunghoon coming out of the kitchen looking a bit better than before. Soobin was still feeling slightly sick, but his coughing had stopped. Beomgyu turned to Soobin and seemed to hesitate, blinking as Soobin looked up at him with questions in his eyes.

"This may be sudden but," mumbled Beomgyu as he let out a breath. "Can I give you a hug?" He asked. Soobin blinked in surprise, raising an eyebrow at the question. "Well?" Asked Beomgyu. Soobin let out a breath and stood, walking over and giving Beomgyu a hug. Beomgyu visibly relaxed in Soobin's arms before returning the hug, letting out a relieved huff as he buried his face into Soobin's shoulder and breathed in his scent.

"Thank you," breathed Beomgyu before he pulled away, smiling softly at Soobin who smiled back at Beomgyu. "You looked like you needed it," explained Soobin as he shrugged. "You don't know the half of it," muttered Beomgyu before he turned and left with Jake, Jungwon and Sunghoon after they said their goodbyes.

[center ~]

Taehyun couldn't keep the smirk off his face as he walked into the livingroom from the kitchen, earning a scowl from Soobin. "Shut up," grumbled Soobin as he sat back down on the couch with a sigh. "You don't know how long Beomgyu's waited to do that," remarked Taehyun as he checked his phone to see if Heeseung left a message or not. "Mm," hummed Soobin before he coughed into his hand, waving off Taehyun who immediately jumped to check on him.

"I'm fine, I'm fine," reassured Soobin as he hit his chest. "Still feeling a bit sick but otherwise I'm fine," he added. Taehyun let out an exasperated sigh before sitting back down on the couch, glaring at Soobin who looked away from Taehyun.


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