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Asuka was once a normal girl. When an unexplained virus broke out it changed her whole world. She become a cat girl. It put a huge damper on her relationship with her fiancee. Since she was infected with the virus she lost parts of her memories The animalistic virus effect everyone differently. To some people it mutated their D.N.A. Changing their outer appearance. Some people weren't infected at all. Worst was when people lost their memories, those people become feral some might say.

Asuka herself seemed feral at times. Since she had lost most of her memories she had no idea who her fiancee was. She could tell it broke the mans heart knowing that his one true love would never be the same....
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CatnipAsuka|   189d ago

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So this is the rough idea I have ~ Pm me if you are interested. 
What I need ~ 
* Someone who can play a male character 
*Someone who can write about 1500 characters 
~* Also anime pictures only ~* 
Also please bare with my busy schedule!


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