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YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago


so do you have any plot in mind?
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago

hmmm im thinking about having a oc x oc kind of rp

oki! i dont really play alot of my ocs tho escepcially in romances since alot of them are 13 or under

i do have a kind of horror/killing game rp open that does have room for some possible romance (of course knowing both characters ages because im not gonna risk having child and a older teen or adult in a relationship cuz thats weird ya know?) if your into that stuff idk lol
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago

ok sounds good to me

ok want me to send you the discription? (warning its LONG lol im writing a book off of it)
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago


C/W: d3@th, muture topics (ill ask boundries before starting and there will be a list of do nots), f0rc3d k!ll!ing (i wont make your characters do that if youd prefer not however it is something that will happen in the rp)/ k!ll!ng g@m3(kinda. its not your tipical k!ll!ng g@m3) d3@th of family, the whole "oh i can just k!ll you because your a f#rry and theyre animal UwU" (i hate it when people say this because thats not true), f#rr!es/animal human hybr!d$, this is inspired by d@ng@nr0np@(kinda more specifically the 3rd anime (the one where theyre tr@pped in a building and someones k!ll!ng them when they sleep)(i believe thats all for now i will add if needbe)

you darted into a forest. you breaths heavy as panic filled you. they were chasing you. you weren't sure how far behind they might be but you didn't care. you wanted them gone. you were running in zig zags just as every child learned in elementary school drills. but this was different. they had weapons. you didn't know what weapons they had. they could have anything you didn't care. you wanted out. with reluctance you looked back to see they weren't near you. you ran around random trees to confuse them for a minute and climbed up a tree. you sighed in relieve as they went past. you slumped against the tree as try to relax and process what just happened. that when the image flashed in your mind.

you had returned home from being out and noticed the lights were on. confusion filled your head as you walked in. to your horror all of your stuff was gone. "(mom...?)(dad...?)" you call out. no response. you check every room. nothing. you walk into your parents room. still nothing. feeling defeated you sit on the floor taking in the empty site. you felt something drip onto your ear. you wipe it and look at your hand to see what it was. 'blood?' you think to your self as you see the dark red color. out of curiosity you look up. but curiosity is what killed the cat (even if your not a cat but also I'm sorry bad joke lol also warning very gory part here) you see your parents dead body. your eyes widen. they're ears and tail had been riped off and pinned next to them. suddenly you hear the closet door open

you let out a shaky sigh as your pulled out of that horrid memory. "we lost em" you hear someone say and you listen closely to hear them leave. just to be safe you look around and note that they're not there anymore. you jump down from the tree and that's when you notice something a trail of [something small your character likes]. you follow it until you reach a large cottage and the door was open. you push the door open and see...

summary of stuff not in that: basically your parents died because of some "hunters" and your part animal and so are your parents and people are trying to kill all of you

this would prob work better in a 1x1 but group works too

character limit: you can play as many as youd like and type as much as youd like

no nsfw most of MY characters are minors or full blown like 4 years old but shiping with the older teens x older teens or adults x adults is ok
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago

Alright sounds awesome

thank you! ps im not done drawing all my ocs so alot of my characters might just be gacha characters i send to you for now because i havent drawn all of them also im working on making more boys right now so thatll take abit so i might not respond imiditally until i get more guys designed but im working on it
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago

its alright, ill wait

thank you for understanding!
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   204d ago

hey no problem go ahead and do what you gotta do, i have to go anyway since my computer finna die qwq

ooof! im back lol so if you come back online im here and have all the characters ready
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   200d ago

heya peep qwq

YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   200d ago

how is you? =w=

good! you?
YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   197d ago

yo! ready to start the rp?

YourlocalhoodiefrienDagger   197d ago

can you start first so ill know what to say qwq)

(yeah whats your characters name?)
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

<--- ill use my charcter lexi)

(ok just so i dont misgender them what are theyre pronouns?)
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

he/him and they/them)

(oki! thank you!) 

light suddenly floods any dark area within 10 feet of the porch. at first it was blinding but soon lexi could see a ton of eyes on theyre and only them. but one thing did stand out. theyre ears. they all had varying ears most of which not being that youd find on a conventional human. animal ears...and tail to match. all different breeds and varying species at that. lexi was stared at blankly for a second before a girl with long orange hair and blue eyes stepped up with a knife and pointed it near  him "name and business?" she asked coldly with a glare

(is this ok? also if it says "oliver" anywhere i took this from a different rp i mean lexi but i  think i got it)
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

mhm) Lexi looked at the girl seeing that the knife was pointed at him, "[#6a44ab i-im lexi a-and i have no business...]" he said as he rub his arm abit.

soon a girl pushed her back "im so sorry about her please come in"
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

"[#6a44ab i-its ok...]" he said as he walked in looking around.

there were 20 some people most of which being kids or teens with a few adult scattered around in there
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

"[#6a44ab oh ok! do you guys have any food?]" he asked since he hadn't ate anything lately.

"oh of course! dinner will be done soon!"
YourlocalhoodiefrienLexi   197d ago

"[#6a44ab thank you]" he smiled as he saw the other people, he was kinda nervous seeing how many people were here.
shuichi_saiharareagan   197d ago

"hey reagan can you show our guest around?" crystal askes and girl stands up and smiles nodding


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