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Academy of Magic

By ShieldHero-
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AlphaScarlett   211d ago

Scarlett groaned as her mother pull the cover off her head. Her pale blond hair that was getting lighter and lighter as she aged was a complete mess. It time for school her mother said harshly. Scarlett said up and rubbed her eyes. [+red "Fine..."] she said

She got out of bed headed straight to the  bathroom. She took a hot shower to help wake herself up. Once she was all clean she dried off quickly got dress. She ignore that dress he mother had set out of her. Instead she wore all black which her mother always hated.

She slipped the silky sweater over her head then work on her pale blonde hair. She quickly brushed it then head out the door. He mother scolding her about he out fit choice. She just wanted her to be like normal girls. She wasn't she was tabaxi a hidden race that no human had ever seen before. 

Scarlett wave to her mother goodbye as she headed out the door. The school was only three blocks or so away. It honestly didn't take long getting there. 

Scarlett hated that place, of course learning magic was important to her but all her parents seemed concerned about was her fitting in with the humans. She sighed as her amber colored eyes dance around the building. Same boring class room with the same boring people. 

Scarlett had a bad habit of letting her temper get the best of her. Especially when she was under estimated which felt consent considering it was the early 19xxs. Most people thought it was wrong for girl and women to learn magic. Most of them were acuse of being a witch or monster. 

Little did people know she was a monster. Humans always seem to be scared of what the didn't understand. What they didn't understand was either destroyed or imprisoned to be test on. 

Scarlett sighed as she took her seat in the back of the classroom. She closed her amber colored eyes wishing she had went to bed earlier. Or maybe just went straight to her grandmothers. Her grandma would always cover for her if her mother got a call from the school.
DivineKarma.Rival.   212d ago

[h3 [center [b In A Hurry]]]

[center [+skyblue "Bye Love You Guys!!!"] He called as he started directly for the door still pulling his shoes on and his hair hadn't even been brushed yet. He hadn't even eaten breakfast though it definitely smelled delicious. He stopped a moment looking back offering a small smile.

[+red "Adam! Slow down. You can't just go barging out the door yet!! You should sit with us and eat! Plus, you are running off way too early! You don't even know where you are going honey."] She offered a sweet and loving smile. She knew how excited he was. This was his first year. Sadly, he had been unlucky. He had not been born with any magic though both parents were in some way touched with magic. Even their eldest son Adrian had magic. 

[+blue "Plus you can't leave without your brother."] His father piped in smiling.

It was good to see the boy happy. He had been so upset when he had found out that he didn't even get a spark of magic. At the mention of his brother the boy came down the steps.

[center [pic]]

[+grey "Yeah let's eat. I'm hungry. Plus, I don't want to be there too early."]

The calmer male sat down at the table and looked to his younger brother and nodded to the empty seat.

Sighing Adam ran over to the table and sat down. He looked around at his family and soon felt a slight pain of guilt. He was so excited to leave and yet he would be gone for a while. He would be staying at the school due to it being so far away.

He shouldn't be in such a hurry. He decided he would calm down and enjoy this time. He didn't know when exactly he would be back. After about an hour him and his brother were out of the house and walking side by side.

[+grey "Don't be too surprised by the thing that will be taking us to the school. Try to keep calm. Also don't freak out when you see the different people we will be among."] He explained. 

This would be a huge first moment for his brother and he didn't want to ruin it, but he didn't want him to get into any trouble either.

[h3 [center [b An Airship]]]

Ah the airship. It was something Adam could have only seen in his dreams until now anyway. It was huge and it was beautiful. He had never seen anything like it. He tried to keep calm, but he couldn't help the excitement that was building in his chest. It was so hard for him to contain himself.

Adrian laid a hand on his shoulder and smiled lightly.

[+grey "Come on. We need to get moving."]

With that they both boarded the airship. At first everyone seemed relatively normal, so he didn't understand what his brother had been so worried about. As time passed why they were on the airship though... People started to release their disguises. He seen all sorts of things he hadn't seen before.

Big lion people that seemed to hulk over him. Man, they looked fun to fight though! Elves were lovely. Something he had been told by his father a few times. Something that if his mother would have heard he probably would have been sleeping outside. It was hard not to gasp and look at everything like a child that had just been taken to a huge toy and candy store.

After a couple of hours of just standing and staring at all of these fantastic races and trying to learn every one of them they airship finally stopped. Now it was their turn to get off. 

Adam hadn't exactly taken the time to get to know anyone. He had stayed by his brother and pointed out everything trying to learn what everyone was. He didn't want to be rude to anyone though... The pointing probably already crossed that line.

[h3 [center [b The School]]]

It was the first day and everyone looked like they were getting ready for it. Unlike his brother Adrian didn't have to wait for a tour he could easily go off on his own.

[+grey "Good luck. I am sure you will be okay from now on! See Ya around and pick a good house, okay?"]

Soon he was gone, and Adam was standing alone and looking around quietly. A good house? He didn't quite understand, but he wasn't going to try and chase him down and ask. He looked towards the school happily. He had always wanted to go here but fell short because of the no magic mark. He had trained so hard to at least be able to do classes as a guard though!

He was sure he would still enjoy this place even if he didn't have any magic in his body.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   212d ago

[h3 OOC]

[b Some OOC stuff real fast to help understand the world once we do this as a Campaign.]

[b This school is surrounded by several mountains and magical and natural barriers so most students gotta get here by Airship (Steampunk alternate world)]
[b Something like this, the school does have a nearby village that is aware of magic and creatures so if she is from there it could work. Course this RP can have slightly different lore from the DnD campaign more so a heads up for the actual thing.]

[b The world is similiar to America in the 1950's technologically. Sexism isn't as rampant as it was here at that time. I suppose a few people may be against women using magic (Old fashioned people.) But most teachers at the school would be pretty all right with it. Also just for the DnD part from when she interacted with the world outside of magic she probably used a spell like disguise self to hide her features or something I'd guess/wager. (DnD Disguise self spell allows you to change you're appearance with an illusion so to speak) okay back to the post for me!

[h3 Opening Day]

[i Arthur Chevalier! It's time to get up!]

[b The loud voice had spoken his last name with much gusto. Arthur groaned as he rolled out of bed.. Literally as he fell to the floor.]

[i Stop doing that one day you're gonna get brain damage!!]

[b He chuckled softly as he shook his head. It was a little morning ritual of his. Starting his first year at sixteen.. It was a little late. Better late than never right? He had plenty of lessons and practices to catch on. He was even lucky enough to take on one real quest before. (Thanks to his fathers request)]

[center [b He zipped up quickly getting dressed as he went downstairs. He was wearing a casual get up with bright red. The blonde haired male began to sip his coffee before his mother began to berate him yet again.]]


[center [+gold Hmm?]]

[center [i Arthur! You can't wear that you're first day! Make a good first impression! Here wear you're dad's old suit come on. We may not have as much money as other families but we have our pride.]]

[center [+gold What..? Really? Do I have to?]]

[center [b If looks could kill? Than this woman had just set off a nuclear warhead several times over. With piercing blue eyes much like his own she gave him a stare down that even a hell hound wouldn't find themselves wanting for. Arthur stayed strong.. For about a grand total of four seconds before sighing.]]

[center [+gold Fine fine.. Give me the dang thing I guess.]]

[center [b With that he had gone off to go and change.]]


[center [b Returning back to the living room he had given a half hearted twirl.]]

[center [i Aww.. Deary the girls are going to be all over you!]]

[center [+gold Pfft! I don't it unless their eager to sign a contract or something. This is a whimsical school.. Of magic Ma not law school.]]

[center [i Oh hush you can still look nice! You look so handsome too!! Now do you have the money for you're airship tickets? I know it's early but the trip will take awhile.]]

[center [+gold I can't believe they accepted my letter this time... I'm not even a full caster I only can-]]

[center [i Hush, you handled a real magical thief. I was scared outta my mind but you're father was right to send you on that. They had to accept you this year. Now hurry off.. Before you're late on you're first day.]]

[center [b He had a smile of relief as he looked to his mother with bright brimming eyes. He leaned over kissing her on the cheek softly.]]

[center [+gold Love you ma you're the best.]]

[center [i Ahh I wish, if I were you'd be going to school with all sorts of magical items. I love you too sweetie]]

[center [+gold It's okay ma a man's worth is about what's in here, didn't you two old farts tell me that?]]

[center [b He pointed to his chest with a wide beaming childish grin as she rolled her eyes. She hugged him close before shewing him out.]]

[center [i Well go on you little devil.]]

[center [b Arthur went through central square as fast as he could. He wanted to see.. The school surrounded by mountains. Closed off from the world. Myriddin the school were so many heroes and wizards and witches have come from.]]

[center [b Arthur had scuddled onto the airship with only a few moments to spare. Finding himself a seat he took a deep breath and exhaled with relief filling his lungs.]]

[center [+gold Made it..]]

[center [b The young paladin looked out the window as the world passed him by. What would be in store for him? What kind've people would he meet? He was anxious but... Excited all at the same time. With a smile plastered across his face he began to fall asleep on his seat.]]

[center [b Arthur was jolted awake as the intercom had begun to play. There was a loud feedback before a womans voice could be heard.]]

[+grey Welcome to Cardinal Pioneers the leading head into Airship Technology. The Enterprise is the worlds fastest ship in the world! It was created by none other than the genius himself Noel Verena. Thank you for choosing to fly with us.]]

[center [b Arthur sputtered softly, "bout gave me a heart attack." He looked out the windows to see many people who.. Well hadn't belonged.]]

[center [+gold Why are so many Curbstones- I mean Vas Inane...]]

[center [b Vas inane.. To be born without magic. That's what his mother was. Did this ship transport both? How was magic kept secret? If magic wasn't hidden regular humans would hunt down wizards and witches like the "Dark Ages."]]

[center [b As the hours passed and stops were made. The ship had announced one last stop but they had plenty of passengers left.]]

[center [+grey And thank you again for choosing Cardinal Pioneers! We'll see you flying high!!]]

[center [b Ugh these advertisements were the cheesiest. It was than a man came on the intercom.]]

[center [+red Now that their gone.. Feel free to... Avail yourself of any disguises.]]

[center [b Looking out his passenger cart he saw in the hallway.. Well he saw many things. He saw centaurs and goblins and Minotaurs and other humans casting simple magic.]]

[center [+gold Oh.. Wow!]]

[center [b Arthur decided this might be a good time for him to get changed. Taking out all of his packs and such he began to slip into what he'd really be wearing.]]

[center [+gold Sorry mom.. But this will be more practical anyway.]]

[b With a gleam off his sword and his shield he finished putting on his chain mail. It was more durable than it looked honestly although it was heavy.]]

[h3 Arrival]

[b The airship had finally come to a stop. Passing by several mountain tops... Within those mountain tops was a magical barrier and many many villages across this.. What to call it? A makeshift valley? Surrounded by mountains? It felt like.. It's own little world.]]

[center [b The ship had landed and like that? Arthur was beaming out ready to go! Vigor with each step he charged forward out the ship. It was.. A massive castle and honestly? More than what Arthur could have ever imagined. Though he looked over and realized he had ran straight into somebody! He was way too excited.. He went to check on them. It seemed to be a man with unkempt hair but he had an optimistic smile on him. He was probably a first year. Would he judge Arthur? For only being half a mage?]]

[center [+gold Oh gosh, sorry about that! Hey! The names Arthur! Nice to meet cha! And you are?]]

AlphaScarlett   211d ago

[center [google-font]
[Quicksand [h3 Bad habits ]Scarlett sighed softly as flipped through a book she had brought with her. Everyone here was so cheery and happy. Disgust crossed her mind. How could everyone be so happy at this time of the morning. Scarlett wished her mother would of let her join the night classes. Of course her mother said no. She wasn't even allowed to stay in the school's dormitory. Her mother always said she didn't trust the school. Scarlett knew better her mother didn't trust her. She was only 16 almost 17, her mother was worried about everything. 

What if Scarlett got more inserted in boys than her studies. What if she starting do that dark magic that everyone was so wary of. What if  human saw what she really was? Although Scarlett was just learning magic, she did an excellent job at hiding what she really was. 

Scarlett was very sly and cunning some might say. A vixen in some peoples eyes, mostly her mothers. She was a real beauty some might say but deep down she felt ugly and out of place. She was like a black sheep. 

Scarlett was beautiful but also tomboyish. She loved sword fighting, even since she was a little girl. Of course her mother didn't approve. Her mother was only letting her go so she here to this grand school to sharpen her magic and social skills. 

To some Scarlett was the blonde hair ice queen. Scarlett didn't have many friends. She never did except one boy she beat in sword fight. Even then it wasn't really a friendship simply friendly rival.

Scarletts amber eyes seem danced across the pages of her book. Her mother made her leave over an hour earlier than she needed too. So what better way to fill her time. She would rather read than be social.

As Scarlett read the book of spells. One caught her eye. It was a simple spell, she mutter something under her breath and focus on her finger tips. Chanting some soft words a small blue flame appeared in her hand. It only last for about minute before it vanished with a small puff of smoke. 

Sighing softly she let out another yawn. As she rested her head in her hand. She was simply waiting for school to begin. She couldn't wait for the day to be over with. The first few days were never that much fun. It was all introduction and meeting new people. Sighing softly as she ruffled her long ivory colored hair. She sat back in her seat and stared up at the classroom ceiling. Her eyes fixated on a small crack in the ceiling.
DivineKarma.Rival.   211d ago


[h3 [Bad+Script [center [b Collide]]]]

[center [Bad+Script Ah what was that!? Quickly his gaze moved to the boy that had ran into him. Blonde. Blue eyed. He was quiet for a long time just staring at him. It seemed to occur to him after a moment that he had been spoken to.

[+Skyblue "Oh! It's okay! My name is Adam!"]

The boy rubbed the back of his neck trying to look off to the side, so he was no longer staring at him anymore. He figured this was the right thing to do. He looked strong, but also almost pretty. He was honestly kind of shocked. This guy was so pretty! Did he really belong in a place like this? Then again. He looked around. There were a lot of different faces around here.

[+Skyblue "Is it your first year here too?"]

He found his eyes returning to the blonde. He looked kind of strong. He wondered how strong he was. This was exciting! A smile came over his lips. Maybe he shouldn't be judging someone like this, but strength was a good quality and he wanted someone he could go head-to-head with! Then again... Magic did make a difference, didn't it? He would have to work very hard here. He looked the guy over curiously making sure not to stare like he had the last time. Could this guy use magic? He could see he had a sword and a shield. That didn't mean anything though. There was a lot of things that could use a sword and a shield. He had heard that Druids could. He wasn't sure what he should say next. Would it be rude to ask him what he was?

He found his eyes scanning over the crowd. It was so cool to see so many different things in this world. Nearby he seen two people kind of standing on their own. A girl and what looked to be a large cat.

[center [pic]]

They didn't seem to really have much to do with anyone else around them. It was just interesting to see something like that. If he remembered right his brother had called them Tabaxi. They were like large cats. They seemed to be waiting as well. So, they were new. He soon looked back to the blonde and offered a small smile.

[+skyblue "This is the first time I've seen so many different things."]

He seemed to say this rather absently. His smile never left though. Even with all of this to take in he was doing rather well with it.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   210d ago


[center [h3 Kindred Spirit]]

[center [b Arthur blinked blankly before a wide grin spread across his lips. With a cheery grin he gave a wave back to the young man.]]

[center [+gold The names Arthur! A pleasure~]]

[center [b With a sing songy tone he pointed at himself with his other hand on his hip. He was already garnering a few strange looks in the crowd.]]

"What a weirdo..."
[+blue Yeah.. No kidding.]

[b Arthur didn't seem to notice and if he had it wasn't clearly apparent on his face. Only his usual beaming smile.]

[center [+gold Wow.. You barely budged you seem pretty strong! I could use a sparring partner seems I've ran into one.. Literally!]]

[center [b He chuckled a little at his own puerile Jape. It was at that moment Adam had asked if it was his first year.]]

[center [+gold Hmm..? Oh yeah it is! Guess it's yours huh? What kinda cool magic do you got? I've heard this place has tons of magical wizards and beast! I wanna see one in action myself!!]]

[center [b He looked around along with Adam.]]

[center [+gold My dad took me on one quest so I saw a few things.. But I'm pretty much on the same boat with you. Gets ya pumped doesn't it?]]

[center [b It was than that an older gentleman had entered the courtyard. The students had stopped murmuring as he cleared his throat.]]

[center [pic]]

[center [+blue Greetings dear students I am Alistair Densworth. I am acting headmaster of Myrddins School of sorcery and beastcraft. Today you will be assigned you're classes. In time you will find you're place in one of our five houses. Vipera of the snake. Ursa of the bear. Mantichora of the Manticore. Gryphem of the Griffin. Noctual of the owl. They will be glad to have new recruits! Come come I've much to show you all.]]

[center [b He had a rather friendly blue bird strapped across his shoulder. He seemed to get around well for his age and despite his rough face he had a gentle smile strewn across his wrinkled face.]]

[center [b As he went through the intertwining halls it seemed many staircases had a mind of their own.]]

[center [+blue You'll have the courtyards outside, they are to study and to socialize. If you find yourself hungry we have a mess hall with many great chefs! The turkey is my favorite personally hoho! I am afraid to inform you that meals will be costing you coin. We have chores for those families who cannot afford it. Also... Myriddin is different from other academies. With the proper permissions and protocols you can take a few request from our school board. Work requested from Stone Haven village and the Lyre forest to make some coin on the side. You will only be allowed to take work tied to you're current experience of combat of course. As first years you must be prudent in you're studies and careful.]]

[center [b Yawn, Arthur thought he wanted action now! Well.. Even if it was something small he'd take it. He understood why the school was careful but he was eager to go on grand adventurers.]]

[center [+blue Many of you will be staying in a dorm with one of our five houses. Though each five will require an entrance exam first so take time to talking to each house head first. You may also change houses within you're first year. You must however be set to you're house be the beginning of you're second year. As for you're classes.]]

[center [b It's at this moment the bird hands tiny scrolls from his pocket to each person. With a snap of his fingers each scroll grows in size.]]

[center [+blue You will be taking four classes a day. Two on Friday and the weekend will be free. Downtime can be dedicated to however you see fit. All the info you need is on the scroll. With that I welcome you! Feel free to explore! Get a feel for the classrooms the teachers! We will not be holding any classes.. At least on the first day. Good luck!]]

[center [+gold Hey Adam.. Wanna check out the classes? I'll race ya! First day off sounds great to me!!]]

[center [b Arthur grabbed Adams hand almost like a small child as he dashed through the halls. Slamming the door open on the first classroom he could see. It was... Empty and the Teacher wasn't even here yet.]]

[center [+gold Think the teacher will show up and give a tour on this class? The door said.. "Druid" classes. I'm not really a Druid though.]]

[center [b He looked around only to see one girl flipping through a book. She seemed a little down despite all the happy voices that could be heard right outside the classroom. She seemed kinda cute honestly though that thought hadn't strayed long in Arthur's mind.]]

[center [+gold Oh hey! Waiting for a tour of the class too? The names Arthur! Oh and this is my new friend Adam!]]

[center [b Arthur grinned wrapping his arm around the.. Well around the stranger really. Flashing Adam a wide smile as he introduced him. That was just the way Arthur was though. Personally boundaries were only an obstacle to be destroyed in this mans path.]]

[center [h3 OOC/Scroll]]

So each class last 90 Minutes.
Can stay an extra 30 minutes for extra lessons to lessen homework learn more things.

Classes start at 10 AM.
End at 4-6pm (Depending on how long you stay)
Curfew is midnight and the curfew is lifted at 6AM.

As for classes?
You have Beast Craft.

You learn of Beast and some classes can use Beast so useful for them however you learn how to talk to many creatures and even learn to defend yourself from them if needed. But wizards and witches try to make good ties with most sentient beast if possible. However some beast are simply dangerous. 

Al chemical Class: Potions and crafting and whatnot

Primary Class
This class is tied to the actual "Character Class" you're person is in DnD. So for Arthur? It'd be a Paladin Class. 

Secondary Class: This is a class you "Audit" Simply sit in. It's a second DnD class even if you aren't that class. You may one day multiclass in it but even not you're character at least learns how that magic works (Even if its not magic their own class uses. Knowledge and understanding is it's own power.) 

Also you can request time off if a quest you've taken requires multiple days and is approved. 

This school has 3 semesters of 3 months each.
Than a 3 month break period. Rinse and repeat.

And there ya go ^^

I kinda pumped this out real quick so hopefully I didn't mess up or forget anything lol
LukiRabbit   210d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [google-font][Jura [h3 [center A twist of time and fate ]
Falling was the only thing that Alaric could remember.  Waking up in this strange land. The only other but vague memory he had was his father yelling and cursing at him. He could remember wishing he wasn't there. He so desperately wanted to be somewhere else. That was when he woke up here, where was here? From the sounds of it the town was call Stone Haven. The kind people who found him took him to the school after housing him for only a couple of days. 

As the town folk said the school would take him in orphan or not. More than likely they just wanted him out of their hair. Alaric had no memory of who he was or where he came from. All he knew was he didn't belong here but something felt as if it was pull him here. 

When a vague memory of the name Remus popped into his mind. Something told him he was going to find Remus here at this school. Just thinking of that name calm him down. His heart fluttered in the sweet loving emotion. He so desperately wanted to hold on to that emotion... That feeling of unconditional love. 

Anri is what the people who found him nick-named him. So he just stuck with it. Anri has also been on the air ship that took them to large lavish school.  His violet colored eyes danced around the campus. Take in the sight of all sorts of creatures and humans. Anri had no idea what or who he was in this strange world but some how he ended up here. All he desire was to find Remus. Who or what he was didn't matter. But in order to fit he need to attend classes. From the sound of it he was going to need work while he was here. That honestly didn't bother him it just meant more possible chance of find Remus.

Anri violet colored eyes landed on a blonde haired male who ran right into someone. It was clear the man was happy, he could feel that happiness radiating off of him. It made him smile but only slightly. Anri still had a lot to learn if he wanted to survive in this strange land. 

Magic, Swordsmanship, and even Quests were all new to him. Anri hoped that maybe some how he would regain his memories. Maybe it was a good thing his memory were gone. Anri sighed softly as he walked up the ivory stair case as he entered the billing followings some of the students. His heart was racing and since of panic came to mind. Where was he going to go? What if he fail? What if he couldn't get into a dorm? What if no house wanted him. All these thought swirled in his head. He accidentally but into one of the students in front of him. 

[+Purple "Oh I am so sorry"] he said frantically. Of course Anri wasn't so lucky as the blonde. The male turn around and easily grabbed the purple haired boy up his neck. [i "Watch it!"] he said dryly. Anri hearts was racing as he seen the male ball his hand into a first. This was all he need a fight on his first day?
AlphaScarlett   208d ago

[center [google-font][Quicksand [h3 Disturbance ]
The female tabaxi was reading her book silently. She heard voices and the sound of the door bursting open. It hit the wall with a small thud, it was then she hear sound of young man speaking to someone. Her eyes didn't leave the page as the young blonde spoke to her in a friendly tone. She looked over at the two simply nodded. [+red "Yeah Yeah ...nice to meet you..."] she said in a rather dry empty tone.

Her amber colored eyes burned like hot embers. As she turned to the next page of her book. She could hear her mothers voice now. Scolding her telling her that she need to be friendlier and more sociable. How could she? After what happened the last time? She was friendly once and even had a best friend. Her best friend was human thought. The two were close until they turn 13. That was when everything changed.

The vague memory made Scarlett hiss under her breath. Her ears flatten again her white colored hair. She sighed softly as she closed her eyes. She didn't want to think back to that day her friend betrayed her. Sadness appear in her amber colored eyes. She closed them then looked back two males stand there talking amongst themselves.

[h3 [+red [center Remus]]]
Remus was happy that he got accepted this year. He applied last year but they said because of his age it was best he waited one more year. Remus was not 16 years old. The russet hair male had gain a minor reputation around Stone Haven. The young boy was sent on a quest alone he came back alone. No actually know what happen that night but he is a live and thats all that matter. Sure there for a while he was known as the towns monster.

Late at night you could hear monstrous howling. No dared to bother the Bloodthorn family especial on a full moon night. Roomer had it that people would go missing.

Remus grabbed a hold of the males hand easily. The man turned to see a tall and muscular boy. His name was Remus Bloodthorn. [+red "You actions are unnecessary!] he said as he hand tighten on the male fist. Remus had a minor reputation around Stone Haven. Remus was a frighten monsters when it came to fighting. He was so good at it that he was almost put in the advance class. It was simply him just letting the beast out.

The male let of Anri and walked away mumbling something under his breath. [+red "Are you okay?"] asked the russet hair man. He help the purple hair boy to his feet. He patted his clothes off. He grabbed a hold of Anri delicate hand and lead him deeper into the building. [+red "It must be your first day huh? Stick with me I promise you won't have to go through your first day alone."] he said with a charming smile.
DivineKarma.Rival.   208d ago


[h3 [Bad+Script [center [b School Info]]]]

[center [Bad+Script Cool magic? Oh... That was something he supposed no one would know just looking at him.

[+skyblue "Oh... Um... I don't actually have any magic."]

Being honest about this was kind of hard, but oh well. It wasn't like he had planned to hide it anyway. Once class started it definitely wouldn't be able to be hidden. It sounded like it was going to be a blast. He listened as the man spoke about the school. When he was given a paper, he read over it quietly as he stood next to Arthur.

He looked to Arthur and nodded. Exploring the place definitely sounded like a good idea! He let him lead him by the hand with no word about it at all. He seemed excited and honestly Adam couldn't blame him. He was excited as well!

[h3 [center [b The Tabaxi]]]

He didn't really know how he felt about the Tabaxi girl. He definitely didn't like how she spoke to them or how she just kind of left the room. He looked up at Arthur curiously.

[+skyblue "Um... Is it just me or is she kind of cold?"]

He tilted his head slightly. Hopefully they would meet some other more friendly faces as they moved around the school.

[+Skyblue "What house do you think you'll end up joining?"]

He asked the blonde curiously.
DivineKarma.Heart.   208d ago


[h3 [center [Emilys+Candy [b First Year]]]]

[center [Emilys+Candy Though he had been here for a while this would be Eden's first actual year of attending the school. He was the son of two different teachers. He had been at the front with everyone else, but now he was inside and looking around. He already knew these places though.

He had a nice spark for magic. He would be working on a Sorcerer class. He didn't know what other class he would be working on. He had thought about maybe looking into Paladin. Or maybe even Warlock. He didn't know what he wanted to do so he was walking through the school thinking to himself. He didn't have any friends or anything, so he was all on his own.

He stopped in front of the druid class and looked in at the two talking in there. He tilted his head slightly and smiled lightly. Those two must be friends. He watched them interacting not realizing that it may be weird or anything.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   203d ago


[center [h3 Making Friends]]

[center [b Arthur tilted his head as the Tabaxi made her remark. As she left he offered her a brim and bright smile never once wavering.]]

[center [+gold Have a good day!]]

[center [b He looked back to Adam as he continued his conversation. Arthur nodded when he informed him about having no magic.]]

[center [+gold Ahh, I still haven't learned spell casting myself. Even when I do? I'll only be considered a "Half Caster." It's nice to know magic isn't really our strong suit. I was ready to kinda be the underdog going in here but.. Man no magic? You must train really hard! I'll have to train twice as hard!!]]

[center [b He gave a few punches at the air with a soft smile towards Adam. It was than he shared his opinion on the Tabaxi. Arthur tilted his head slightly.]]

[center [+gold You think? Maybe she's just shy? Cold? Hmm... Maybe? Ya gotta admit though.. She was kinda cute I saw you looking Adam.]]

[center [b He nudged his elbow to Adam with a very child like wink and a chuckle. It was hard to tell if he was serious or if was just playing around.]]

[center [+gold Oh.. The house I want? Gryphem, either that or Ursa honestly is where I'd feel I belong from what I've read. Viperus and Noctua are really known for magical ability and Mantichora is pretty mysterious right? What about you? What school you plan on going to?]]

[center [b He said attempting to lead Adam outside of the room before bumping into... A strange looking you man. Another student?]]

[center [+gold Oh err.. Salutations!]]

[center [b He fumbled a bit before offering a bright smile and extending his hand out to the boy.]]

[center [+gold Sorry about bumping into ya! The name's Arthur a pleasure!]]
AlphaScarlett   205d ago

[h3 [center Snarl]]
Being a tabaxi meant she had good hearing. She could heard them talking about her. Bring back painful memories as she walked father down the hall. It was probably best she get way from them. This school was so big she probably wouldn't come across them again. She felt the silver pendant around her neck swing slightly as she walked down the hall quickly.

The only part she wished was she didn't skip out on the tour of the library. She would have to rely on her nose to get her there. Following her nose to what she hope was room filled with books. She open the door to find a delightful smell of ink and aging paper. It took her a little while to get there she finally made. She smiled happily as her eyes dance around the book filled room.

Walked down an aisle with a book shelf three time tall than her. Made he eyes seemly sparkle. All the things she could read. Her mother told her to look for a specific book. Speaking to celestial being was one thing her mother demanded her to learn.

[h3 [center The Wolf and the Rabbit ]]
[center [pic]
Remus smiled softly as he wrapped an arm around the young rabbit. He smiled as he lead him out into the school yard. It was a hard choice of what house to choose. He simply smile as Anri [+Red "What house are you thinking of join?] he said as he looked at the boy. His tail witch behind him in a happy motion.

He figure the rabbit wasn't going to say Viperus or Noctua. Then again he really had no idea what this rabbit was into. Or even what his name was. [+red "What is your name?"] he said with a sweet smile that appeared across his face.
DivineKarma.Rival.   204d ago


[h3 [Bad+Script [center [b Odd Boy]]]]

[Bad+Script [center [+Skyblue "What? No. Maybe you think so. As for a house... I may end up in Ursa. Ya know... Since no magic."]

Honestly, he could care less what anyone looked like at the moment. He was going to have to figure out a house and then get his classes figured out. He wanted to be the strongest he could be someday. He wanted to be able to take on mages with ease. He knew that was a lot to ask for though. He let out a soft sigh as he followed Arthur out of the classroom. He was thinking quietly to himself and didn't notice that Arthur had almost or maybe did bump into someone again. Was this blonde always like this? Then again, he hadn't noticed the boy standing outside of the door either.

[+Skyblue "Oh! Hi!"]

He was nervous to be greeting someone so warmly again. It sure seemed like some people just had no interest in being around others. He really didn't want to meet someone else that would treat them coldly.

[+Skyblue "I am Adam."]

He offered his name without really waiting to see how this boy would react to them. He tilted his head slightly as he looked at him. He sure was odd, but he couldn't actually place why he thought that.]]
DivineKarma.Heart.   204d ago


[h3 [center [Emilys+Candy [b Other Students]]]]

[center [Emilys+Candy Oh! He had been standing a little too close to the door. Quickly he took a couple of steps back and looked at the blonde and the dark-haired boy that stepped out. He was surprised by how friendly they were to him. He wasn't expecting it and it made him happy. He smiled brightly and looked up at the blonde first who had spoken to him so kindly. He seen that he had offered his hand out and for a moment the boy just stared at him before realizing what he was supposed to do. Quickly he reached out and took his hand.

[+green "Hello! I am Eden."]

His voice was warm and sweet. He had been waiting for a chance to talk to someone. It was nice that he got someone that seemed nice. He looked to Adam and offered the same smile.

[+green "It is good to meet you too!"]

He looked at the two of them curiously. He seemed to be thinking really hard about something.

[+green "You two are friends?"]

He asked carefully. He seemed unsure if this was the right thing to ask or not.
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   203d ago

[center [h3 Making Friends]]

[center [b Arthur was a little shocked to have the Tabaxi leave so quickly. They'd probably see her again right? Adam had teased Arthur back about her. With a quick blush on his cheeks he waved his arms around.]]

[center [+gold H-Huh?! N-No! Just stating a fact that's all! Ursa? Hmm.. I hear Gryphems lead by a Paladin but... Ursa sounds fun too!]]

[center [b That was before.. They confronted a new student. The young man seemed rather.. Curious.]]

[center [+gold Eden? What a nice name! We were going to go check out some houses! I wanna see house Ursa!!]]

[center [b It was than he had asked about the two of them. Arthur looked at Adam and back to Eden with the biggest grin he could muster.]]

[center [+gold Of course! Why not, right Adam? I mean we did just meet though. Hey! Wanna see house Ursa with us?]]
[center [h3 OOC]]

In case you do go to the head of house Ursa here he is! Happy buff man. (He's a bear shifter)

[center [pic]]
AlphaScarlett   198d ago

[center [google-font][Quicksand [h3 Finding a House...] 
Since the tabaxi skipped out on the  tour of the school finding a house was going to be rather difficult. She couldn't just spend her whole time in the library. She was going to need a place to stay for the night. She decided she was going to find her way to house Vipra. (Sorry if that is spelt wrong.) 

She sighed softly as she headed out of the library after checking out a couple of books. He mother damned she learn celestial tongue. She really didn't know why. Sighing softly as she carried the books tightly looking around the campus. 

She felt like she had gotten lost but before she knew it. She was standing on the door step of house Vipira. She left out a heavy sigh as she knocked on the door.
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'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[font "century gothic" [h3 [center Heartbeat] ]
The young rabbit was startle by all the commotion. He could feel his heart racing in his chest. When the Remus put his arm around him it made everything better. Sure he was still nervous. It felt nice having his arms around him. 

[+Purple "Thank you... I am Anri"] he told Remus answering all of his questions. [+Purple "I am still unsure what house I want to join... I am...Not from this town nor have I ever been to this school... all of this is just over whelming and hard to take in..."] he said as he looked at Remus nervously. 

He hoped he didn't offended him. He was still getting use to this world this place. Everything was anew to him. There was so much to learn and so little time it felt. [+Purple "Well maybe we can join the same house so I can get to know you more..."] he said with a small blush on his face.


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