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Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

Names ~ 

Male ~ Alaric / Remus / Fenris / Loki / Harley / Magnus / Marik
Female ~ Amai / Basil / Catherine / Rori / Kira / Zira / Nyra
Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

[h3 [center Forgotten Relam ]]
Nyra of the sea

Nyra the sea lion
Nyra of the forbidden sea is a creatures that not only lurks at the bottom of the sea but also on land. Slithering across looking like a wound male lion. Perfect for a pelt right? That is when she will strike when you least expect it.
Original form ~
Mixed Form ~
Human form~
Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

Marik and Nyra ~ Lions
Love came easy for them. They love each other since they first laid eyes on each other.
Nyra from the north and Marik from the east. Marik is a little dark in complexion compared to Nyra ivory skin. Her rose colored eyes are what drawn Marik to her. It was not just her beauty he fell in love with.
Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

[h3 [center Moon Walkers]]
[center Remus ~ Moonwalker
Remus a bow using werewolf or Shifter.
Summoner ~ Lvl 1 wolf pup
[+lightblue Remus sighed softly as he ran hand through his thick raven colored hair. His violet colored eyes dance across the his bedroom. He swore he heard a noise of something rummaging in the other room. He sat up slowly and rubbed his eyes. He slowly stood up and walked to his bedroom to the door. He slowly open the creaking door to see what looked like a beast in his living room.

Remus eyes widen as he seen the monster. Remus step back but accidentally knocking a picture off the wall with a loud thud that alerted the beast attention. Remus ran to his room and barricaded the door. He hid in his closet hoping that whatever it that beast was wouldn't get in. How did it even get in his house in the first place? The sound of snarling, scratching and digging could be heard at the door.
Blue Moon
Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

[h3 [+magenta [center Cursed] ]]
Tabaxi female with bow or daggers.
Cursed Tabaxi ~ Hell cat or Crag cat

Kasha sighed softly as she snarled baring her ivory fangs at you. Of course she didn't want to hurt you but you just happen to find her on the wrong day. Today out of all days was the night of the wailing moon. When ever the wailing moon appears so did that monster. That monster was none other than herself. The bow using Tabaxi hate. Instead of using her skills she was nothing more than a rabid beast.

Most Tabaxis were a docile creature that enjoy the harmony. Being a thief lead to many conflicts to living a peaceful life. Kasha wasn't a common thief she was only stealing things so she could survive. Most situations had a way out.
Alpha:.Alpha Wolf.:   213d ago

[center [h3 [+lightblue Moon Walker ver.2]]
Remus the blonde haired beauty. His slender frame, pale complexion and piercing sapphire colored eyes always seem to get him some kind of attention. Remus didn't really did mind it until that fateful day. The day were his whole world changed forever.

The Bite~
The bite was painful experience, Remus almost died from it. Some might say he did died from was reborn a beast. Every night on the full moon that beast that now lived inside him would come out. Staining it's ivory teeth in thick crimson. Some of which he remembered vaguely. It all didn't matter anymore. Man or beast the blonde haired beauty wished nothing more but for it's self death. The wolf inside him wouldn't allow it. He had to go on living this wretches life.

Remus sighed softly as he closed his sapphire colored eyes. He was about to give it all up throw himself to the vampires. You wouldn't let him. Little did he know you were there watching him. You stopped him dead in his tracks. It was like love at first sight. His heart began to flutter whenever you were near him. There was something about you he just loved. Perhaps it was that beastly hunger he seen in your eyes that finally made him feel whole.
LukiLuki   212d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [size13 [h3 [+pink [center False Reality ]]]
Alaric had it rough from the starting. Being gay in a family like his was unacceptable. It made daily life a living hell. The only change he had to escape was when he was a lone in his room. There was a computer game he loved to play. Whenever he was there he was known as Anri a Hareagon of some sorts. There he could truly be himself free to do what ever he please as long as it abided by the rules that is. Here he felt as if he made many friends and even love interests even if they were only NPCs. They game filled the empty void and loneliness he always seem to feel.

Anri open his pale blue eyes. He must of fallen a sleep with his head set on. Because he could see Remus sleeping softly beside him. He slowly and softly slipped out of the small full size bed. When he reached up to pull the head set he gasp grabbing a hold of what felt like rabbit like ears. He gave them a small tug and yelped slightly. They were attached! A sense of panic ran through the purple hair rabbits mind. He then notice his hands were covered in a soft violet colored fur. He could feel his heart racing. He was about to have a panic attack when he heard that deep rasp voice. [i "Come back to bed Remus muttered."] Anri was always so fond of Remus in the game. Maybe it was the fact that Remus was also all alone. Anri carefully crawled back into the bed. He felt smell next to Remus who was only in his human like form. Anri had unlocked all of Remus forms except the hidden. That hardly anyone knew about. Remus had three Forms that he knew of. Full Wolf, Werewolf and Human mixed with a wolf. Remus reached over and wrapped his muscular arms around the slender hare's body.
Anri heart felt like it was going to explode out of his chest. The sense of panic that had washed over him had vanished. This feeling was different. He was still scared, yet comforted. Being with Remus felt like a dream. Surely his father would burst through his bedroom door. Yell at him to get the hell up! Everything change after his father found out he was gay.

[h3 [center [+red Remus]]]
Final Form
LukiLuki   207d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[h3 [center The Queen ]]
Soon to come maybe.
LukiLuki   206d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [h3 [center [google-font]
[Sacramento Tabaxi Lou ]]]
[+Grey Shadow master]
Blessed with shadow magic. Lou is very dangerous no dare to get near him. Being able to control shadows and summon monster he is a powerful foe to come across.

[h3 [google-font] [Spectral [center Tabaxi Hinote]]]
[center [+red Fire starter ]]
Hinote is a powerful taxbai bless with fire magic. He he can start fires even the wettest of places. His greatest gift is being able to summon fire monster like the hell cat or hell hounds.
LukiLuki   40d ago
'Cause darling, I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream...

[center [h3 Sample  ]


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