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[h3 New Journey]

This is the land "Fractum"
This world was much like our own. Hundreds of years ago there was a "great collide"
Altering the world and reality itself.

Though these events are of the distant past

With the great collide came many new races. 
Much technology was lost but advancement hadn't stopped either.

The 5 great kingdoms offer protection from the outlands/the wilds.

(The god each kingdom reveres most)
(Lightning )

Our story begins in Tristan in a small town called "Glazing Winds" 

After our heroes meet (Or if they already know each other.)

Arthur is looking to make the world a better place due to his Paladin oath.
(Other Backstory for other characters later)

The town is very friendly but very... Rough and tumble as well.
The tavern having a brawl but nothing life threatening was allowed.

On the Tavern Board shown a barren request board with only two papers left not ripped off.

1: Handle a band of goblins
2 Goblins and a goblin Chief

2: Handle a group of bandits.
(3 Bandits)

Adventurers are talking among each other.
Knights and Mercs a like.

Roll a Perception check.
Roll a 9 or higher. You'll notice someone is watching you closely.
A Lone Knight. 
The goblins are worth 2GP.
While the bandits are worth 1GP.

Roll A perception of 14 or higher and you see he's staring at the Bandit Quest.

The notices have been up for awhile now.
If you notice the Knight he/her (Gender Hidden) will begin to leave.
If you wanna tail him it'll take Athletics to catch up with her.

Gotta roll a 15 in athletics. 

If you catch up you can question him. He won't tell you anything unless you roll...

14 Persuasion
16 Intimidation. 
Or you can fight her!
(Knight Stats from Monster)
Her Name is Gwyn Dawnblade 

She will tell you few people take those quest because for the low pay..
People Don't seem to come back alive.

If you lose the fight's and persuasions. She will leave you the means to heal and rest and head off herself. If you persuade or intimidate or defeat her.
She will tell you she suspects the guards of an operation of working with the goblins and the bandits. She will offer to fight alongside you for the quest to see what's going on.
If she comes along it takes longer to get to the fight. (She will insist of the bandits. )
Can persuade her (10)
To go to goblins first.

If you guys kill goblins she won't find enough evidence and you will head to the bandits.

(Also talk to the clients of those quest and they will say they've given up and don't bother)
When heading to the bandits they will have their boss.
Bandit Captain. The Knight will provoke him causing him to attack her.

1: After defeating the goblins you can begin to head back. (Getting a chance for a short rest) after resting when you head back.

If you roll a 16 an investigation you can figure out the plot here.
That something was off.. They shouldn't have killed so many adventurers. Torn paper and strange footprints. Humans coming and going without a struggle. 

Roll a 12 in perception and it'll lower the investigation roll to 12.

Can Intimidate bandits 
Or Persuade 
Find out their boss is out on a big score. (If you persuade or intimidate)
Same Perception And Investigation as before. Find some hidden documents. An agreement with the towns guard sigil.
Take a short rest head back.

When heading back you'll be attacked by 4 guard types.    

 They will draw their spears ready to kill you.
If Gwyn is with you she will fight along side you. Drinking her last healing potions. She will help in the guard fight as well.

Gwyn can die.

Persuade the Guards
Intimidate the Guards 

After beating them one survivor will be left. He will tell you the village was struggling financially and they had to make money off traveling adventurers. They've been poor ever since they were robbed by mercs.

Gwyn will tell you it probably goes to the top.
The elected official Simon Dawnblade (Her Elder Brother) 
She will tell you that the "Manor" has a dozen guards and 3 trained Knights left. They aren't likely to win if they handle this.

They can choose to leave and worry about this another time. 

Or head a frontal assault. (Likely Get Captured)

If an Insight Check is done on Gwyn roll a 8 or higher to see she is being honest.

Gwyn will tell you of a secret path to the manor and to Simon's hidden room. That once you're in she can make sure he won't get reinforcements.
It has a magic lock.

If you tell her you have you're own idea to sneak it. She has a small budget she will help with.
(Sneaking In as a bard or a healer/scholar etc)

[h3 Manor]
Get a chance for a long rest
Gwyn will pay for you're inn etc.

 [h3 Assault]
Heading to the Manor if you
Attack you can...

Persuade (Have to roll a whopping 19!)
And convince them it's wrong. They will drop their weapons and head in with you. 

Intimidate: (19) You will somehow strike fear into their hearts and walk in.

Fight (ill advised) 

[h3 Sneak]
Roll for performance (Bard troop) need a 12 or higher.

Roll for Deception as well needing a 10 or higher. (For any lie)

If you pass a perception check of 9 you will hear they need a doctor.

Roll a 11 or higher in medicine and you can convince them you are a doctor.

If you Take Gwyn's path you won't need to make any checks.

If you decide to just.. Stealth in. You'll have to Athletics Climb check a wall.

And acrobatics many traps that would signal an alarm. (13)

And Stealth past the guards. (12)
Failing Athletics just fails climbing the wall.
Fail the others and you will be caught by two guards. The other guards will be alerted and you gotta climb the wall back out.
Fail and you fight 5 guards.

You hear the other 5 guards and 3 knights coming. Fail again and you gotta fight the rest.

(Gwyn will help if caught fighting at this point but will still likely lose) 

If you take Gwyn's path she hands you a stone to open a hidden magic door a distance from the manor.

Heading into a cellar is a room full of Runes.
Roll for Arcana to understand the runes.
You see that if you try to open the door barring the way by force the armor's in the room will come to life. Animated Armor enemies. Though the trap is so old the Rune's have decayed without proper care and wasn't built to last.
So only two animated armors will fight and only for so long.

But if you roll an Arcana (16) you can fix up a dozen living armors to attack the Manor for you. 
If you fail a 4 or lower set off the two Living Armors.  

If you roll a 15 an investigation you will get the idea something is wrong is with the door.
14 in Perception can notice two armors look less rusted than the others.

If you attack the living armor before the fight they will wake up but you get one free hit pre battle.

After Defeating the Living Armors.

Short Rest.

After Disarming the traps there are two more books and one last room.

A book of Religion 
Roll a 14 or more in Religion and you will understand the DawnBlade family secret through these "Terms"
That Simon is only a powerful mage through sacrifices.
That the Dawnblade's were never blessed to protect the kingdom explaining why Gwyn has no special powers.

A book of History and if you roll 
(14) or more in history you will see events and names have been shifted around.
Almost as if a puzzle was within the book.
Roll a 10 in perception and you'll figure the secret out.

In the last lays a sleeping Dire Wolf.
Can sneak by with a stealth roll of 12 or more
Or get a free sneak attack.

Or use animal handling. 
Roll a 9 or more and it will be peaceful.

If you roll for you to tame/keep it requires a roll of 15 or more.

If that happens you can keep the wolf as long as you want. Can eventually sell the wolf for 80 GP. 

Short Rest.

And now you face Simon!

You can Persuade him. 
Intimidate him. 

Needing 18 persuasion
Or 18 for Intimidate

Begin the fight 30 ft away from Simon. 

After he is defeated can kill him or have him arrested.

Gwyn will thank you with the people's vault of 200GP.

Or you can refuse and by doing so you will gain a blessing... From the true Dawn Star patron. 

simon doesnt have cone of cold.

[h3 Moving On]
Should Mention if you wanna steal from Gwyn it's 14 Sleight of hand.
Gaining 100GP

If the Simon quest is finished Gwyn will see the "Stamp" of the Tristain royal family inside Simon's grimorie. She will ask if you can bring this to the attention of the royal family at the capital.

So for things in the town can attempt to steal from NPC's.
Requiring anywhere from 10-15 Sleight of Hand.

Can steal anywhere from 60-100 GP from reputable NPC's. Mercs/Guards/Merchants.

Can get caught by a single Bandit Captain if you travel the alley carelessly.

The Guards can offer you a job.
To get rid of a wood elf Monk Adventurer (LV1)
The quest is worth 150EXP.

They will pay 80GP for the quest.
But if you decide to talk to the monk "Raven"
He will reveal that he escaped a bandit trap and they needed to silence him.
You can side with the guards and kill him.
Or side with him and try to find a way to handle the guards/simon.
Or ignore it entirely.

If you decide to go shopping.
You'll roll a perception.

If failed an Archer steals half you're gold. (10)
If succeeded you catch him and he runs (Empty handed) If you follow him gotta pass an acrobatics check of 11 to keep up with some parkour.

If you catch him he will fight.
(Archer stats)
His long bow is 1d8 + Dex.
And he starts off 20FT away.
His Prof bonus is +3.

If you beat him gain 110GP.
His name his Robin and he was trying to raise money to stand against the guards who have killed his father. Due to Simon's ritual.
Can aid him on this quest or again ignore it entirely.

Through the town you may see an Elf politician/Mage named Herren Woodheart. He hails from the advanced city of Germuid. A powerful Archmage who wishes to further evolve and change his power.
He is here studying Radiance. If you know of Simon's evil you can tell him and he can take that evidence and add to his "Case" but he won't take any immediate action.
He serves as observer for his people.
To see how the races/kingdoms have come.

If you roll a 19 on persuade he will give you 200GP instead of getting involved.
He is here as a diplomat but he does wish to put a stop to these injustices.
Saying that the king of Tristain is a fool. Edward Vintsvent
And that the prince is a useless Recluse.
He will ask you one more question.
If you've heard of the "Blushing Bloom"
Roll Nature check
(12 or higher)
You've heard the tale that the great council made such a rose but was under the impression it was a fairy tail.
On a Botanical level it just seems impossible have such qualities.
He will be grateful you at least know of it.
Knowing that even the legend reached Modern Tristain.
He will inform you it is very real and it's been what he's hunting for.

Satisfied that the knowledge exist in Tristain he's convinced the flower really was made with the combined efforts of all 5 kingdoms long ago. (He's never left Radiance before)

[h3 Heading Out]
The city seems rather dead other than the events listed above.
You can head north to a forest or south towards the capital.

The "lost forest"
(Meet Blakelys 2nd character here if desired)
Is rumored to be full of the undead.

Facing a total of 6 zombies.
If one continues past this fight further in?
Can find 10 zombies.

The party will find a strange... Runic gate. Sending them back to the town. An Arcana check will show that it is of elven make and the spell expands more than just here. Guarding this forest for now.

So heading to the capital you can take either the main road.
Or a mountain path to the next town. Both head to the same place.

[h3 Mountain Road]

As you head up the mountain a fierce storm comes in.
Roll a nature check (11) To see the sense the storm is coming sooner.

Looking for shelter as hail comes down you see a cabin lodge.

Head in the cabin..
To reveal it appears much bigger on the inside.

To be greeted by an older woman welcoming them in.
Asking for 3GP or for them to do some chores around if they could.

She beckons them to her luxurious home.
Candle Lit with a ball room. She informs you it has been quiet for some time.
That she only has 1 other guest. (Blakely's second other character if desired)

An Investigation check of 9 shows that it's entirely made of magic the place. Aside from the food.

An Insight check of 14 shows that.. Despite her kind words something is off about her. As if a great sadness dwells within her.

In the home is her eagle helping her perform little errands.

Can use insight/investigation and other such things to slowly learn her home.
She has a daughter.

[h3 Main Road]

Attacked by 3 bandits and a bandit leader. Can kill them or spare them.
Persuaded by a roll of 11
Can be intimidated by a roll of 10.

(Meet Blakely's 2nd character here possibly)

You head to the peak of the Mountain.
Only to see 2 Griffins on the peak.

Can either Sneak through
Gotta beat the passive perception of 15 on the griffins.
Can Sneak Attack.
Or sneak through.

If you get a 15 or more in a animal handling roll and they will not attack.
Roll a 19 or higher and they will show you an ambush up ahead.
Beating the Griffins they have a stash of 80GP.

Befriending them they lead you to a greater stash of 160GP

Up ahead roll perception
Gotta beat 4 berserkers roll +dex modifier.
If so you detect them.

You can sneak through only needing 10 for a stealth through or stealth attack.

Can persuade with a persuasion of 12.
To intimidate requires 15.

If the persuasion is 15 or higher you can convince them to turn themselves in.

They have a stash of 200GP

After these battles the mountain pass you make it to Radiant city.

[h3 Radiant City]

Guards stop the two of you.
Asking for a permit to enter the city.
Refugee's and other such merchants waiting for approval to enter the city.

Persuasion of 12 needed (Or Deception or Performance of 12)
Intimidate of 10 needed

Perception: 10 or higher and can hear of adventurers saying a Noble sent a request of the Berserkers to be beaten. (Can use this business to get in)

Kirai can bring up his family heritage to which they say.
"They must confirm with his family"
As busy as his father is it could take days.
Same goes for Arthur's Temple/Cleric.

To sneak in need a 15 or higher.

To climb the walls need an athletics or acrobatics of 15.
If caught can fight the guards or surrender.

Two guards at the front.

Can cause great trouble if the guards are fought.

Can use sleight of hand to steal a merchants permission as they come up behind you.

Once they make it into the city a number of things can be done.
Finding a Directer board to help tourist explore.

A Weapon Smith Can be Found Named William. A dragon born.
"Dragon's Forge"

Pistol Cost 250GP

Greatsword +1 Cost 500GP and a day to order.

Longsword +1 Cost 500GP and a day to order

Dagger +1 Cost 500GP and a day to order

Kirai's Rapier +1 the shopkeep will recognize him due to a messenger.
tell him his father has a order set up for him back at his home.
An Armor Smith named Dorothy can be found.
At "Guardian Dorothy"

Mithril Breastlate Can be bought here for 500 gold.
It also takes a day for completion of the order.

A Uncommon Shield +3AC.
Can be bought here for 500GP. A day for the order as well.

Order for Dragon Guard. Can be sold for 10000GP.
Or... Kill an adult dragon and bringing it's parts the shop keeper will make it for free.

Leather Light Armor +1 cost... 1500gp. A day for order.

Half Plate +1 is 2000GP. and a day for order as well

+1 Plate Armor is 5000GP a day for order

Persuasion Table.

8=5% off

10=10% percent off

12=15% off

14=20% off

16=25% off

18=30% off

20 Or higher is 35% higher.

Nat 20 is 35% off but a "Coupon" of 50% off ONCE. (Must be done at each shop. Each character only gets ONE try at this.)

"Bobs and baubles"
Items/Alchemy/Magical items can be found here.
The Alchemist Mage Maximum Can be found here.

Philter of Love: 50GP

Potion of Greater Healing: 100GP

Ring of Mind Shielding: 200GP

Ring of Evasion: GP 1000 Takes a day to order as well.

Spell Scroll 1st level: 100GP

Wand of the War Mage +1: 500GP and one day to craft.

Also sell side adventuring gear (Grey other gear etc)

"Shining Guild" Can be visited as a tavern/guild as well.
Head in the guild. They tell you that you must first register as an adventerer/merc. That it can take some time.

Roll Persuasion/Or use reputation and they can tell you they will speed it up but it can still take a bit.

Roll a perception of 12 or higher and notice a few people in hoods are looking you're way.
If you approach them they will talk to you and deny anything shady.
Insight of 14 or higher and you know they are lying.
But can't attack them or else the guards may get involved.

Hear rumors of the prince refusing to take his coronation. Now that his elder brother is dead he is the heir but he can't be if he keeps refusing.
After talking to the people at the castle are accepted.

Must be handed "assignments" until reaching a certain rank.

You are a bronze rank.
Though knowing you're reputation he'll admit the assignment was... Bumped in difficulty.

Gotta slay a banshee found east in a cave on a beach.
When turning the quest in you can 800GP!

One can also head to the red light district to find Ayame's self made "Red Light District"
A fancy establishment for a chance to buy food and drink as well.
Talk to Ayame and she will give Kirai a Flute. A Flute that allows one Bardic Inspiaration/bard spell without losing a spell slot. Recharges after a short rest/focus.

Her establishment "Up to Blakely" is a great place to gain quest/information and "pleasure."

The Tavern has some busy body work.

Kill a half Red Dragon Veteran gone Rogue from the Royal Army.
(Names Duke)

Duke is hiding in the underbelly of the City. Last seen downtown.

Investigation for clues 10: Learn the alley's are empty compared to the main streets.

Roll a second Investigation. Roll 15 or higher and you find enough clues to take it to one alley of where he could be.

Insight 12: see people are avoiding you and are avoiding going into a certain alley.
If you head to that alley you are attacked by a.. Bandit Captain! After you beat him. (He has 80GP) you can grill him for info.
He will try and lie.
Roll an insight against his deception roll
Roll a intimadation vs his continuation roll
Persuade against his Charisma roll:

Succeed in any of this and you can get info that he's this guys underling and where to find this guy alone.

Perception: Tracks of Dragon Born's 13 could be any dragon born must fit the size of the target.
Roll a second perception: pull off a 15 or higher and you track him down!

Fight him! When he is defeated you gain 200GP.

If he wins he will let you live and rob you.
Persuade against his charisma to keep you're money!

Can try and Intimated needing 14 or higher.
Persuasion of 15 or higher to turn himself in.

Can Kill/Arrest/Let Go

Learn he left the army because he couldn't trust the Royal Family. After his spies learned what came of Glazing Winds he just couldn't anymore.
If you let him go he will tell you the location of a hidden weapon. (A 1+ weapon of you're choice) losing the GP reward however.

Kill a Hob Goblin Captain and it's 3 hob goblins out in "Whistling Plains"
They die out in the fight and are out ready to fight

Hill Giant seen past the "Whistling Plains" spotted by the village chief of "Green Haven" Chief's name is Danbo and he is a Orc who repelled the Giant once but lost his arm in the fight. Needing help soon.

You know when the Giant will attack again.
Can rest/place a trap or stealth and wait.

The town has an inn and food but nothing interesting besides that.
(If spies and guild were found see them again.)
3 of them

If you approach them they will run.
No guards in town so can chase.
Need acrobatics of 12 or higher to keep up.

Any member who catches up helps fight them!
They are 3 priest! (Have 175GP on them)
Robin will show up using his weapons +1 variation now!
He was tailing these guys. Will tell you he'll keep an eye on the capital and on the royal family and how Gwyn and things are going back at Glazing Winds.

8 Orcs can be found in the "Sewers" of the city. Need help in getting rid of them.
GP: 500

Find out they are robbing humans because they lost their sector due to complicated legal matters to hard for these simple orcs to understand. A church was built over their home. Can arrest them or let them go.
If you decide to let them go. They will offer you to meet the shaman who will turn one of you're weapons or armor into a +1 variation.

Turning in The Berserker work gains you 150GP.

Head to Kirai's family residence
(Gain the rapier and talk to Volo's. Be told to make the report to the castle)

Can to the Upper "Echelon"
The "Radiant" sector is the religious sect.

Here Arthur Tell's the grand Cleric who has now been replaced by her daughter. A beautiful young Cleric in training named Maria. She examines Arthur and his views him seeing that he has completed his Journey. The church declares him an official member of it's society and thus will offer his reward and support. Granting him and his party 500GP!

The "Jewel Sector" is the Noble's and politicians sect.
This is where Kirai's family can be found.

There is a politician noble home known as "Chevaliers" but Arthur would rather avoid it. If you push to see the guards deny entry claiming Arthur was disowned.

The "Vintsvent Sector" is the military Sector based on the Royal Name many knights/archers/guards can be seen training here.

A captain will stop Kirai and ask him to non lethal duel a knight of his.
Offering 50GP for the fight but if he can win and take this knight's ego down a bit he'd be grateful.
The Knight's weapon is Plus +1
His family sword.
If he wins he's offered an extra 200GP.

Castle: Heading to the castle they will not allow entry unless Kirai visited his father and was granted a permit or Arthur has his official Paladin title now.

They head in to meet the king and queen.
Edward Vintsvent and Vanessa Vintsvent.

They tell you they are in a meeting deciding how to best to defend the borders. What do you want?
You tell them of the treachery.

The right hand man of the king Cirrac Stonebeak tells the council that the royal family must be limited in it's power.
Herron comes in to meet with the royal family.
Saying that Germuid ruled by that elves are here to offer help in their "Blue Dragon" problem.
Cirrac Stonebeak protest but Vincent makes an arguement to have the council listen.
Only listen but no choice is made due to a war between the two so many years ago.
Herron see's Ciel and Kirai.
His presence sending Ciel strange voices and feelings.

The king ask Kirai a favor being a young and charismatic leader that he requires help with a matter.
A chimera can be found past Green Haven leading into a massive open plain.
"Fractum's Scar" are the names of the plains.

That the beast has been sealed using the king's magic but due to his wounds fighting the dragon.. He can hold it only so much longer.
That he can sense in you the potential to slay such a beast. He tells you it isn't urgent yet and that you should prepare yourself.

The prince is mentioned to for his coronation as the king is ill and hurt.

The prince will come out. Shy and meek as he is
Going by "Rex Rider."
His real name unknown to all except his mother and father as he always hid behind his brother the heir and his father spoiled him allowing such secrecy.

The son will tell his father he wishes to travel with Kirai.
Father will disagree.
The son will say he should fight for his country
That his family had lost trust.

That he'd visit the family estates in each place and try to find the traiter
That he won't accept the crown and due to Radiance life it must be accepted.
But he will sign a contract once the dragon is gone and disaster is averted and the traitor found he will take the crown.
After the big deal he will become shy with the party.

He comes in the party with 10GP. (Plus starting Gear)

Fractums Scar is a barren wasteland seeing only a Chimera sealed.
Rex's presence will cause the seal to go down so they can fight the beast.

When defeated and heading back the party will gain. 5000GP!
And the title of "2nd Class" Knight of the Kingdom. Given a home in Radiance.

Herron will tell you that the Dragon gather's an army and has.. A mind of it's own.
That the kingdoms play ploys and traps to one another since the wars.
But that this is more than Tristain's problem.
That he needs help gathering the nations together.

[h3 Open Range]
Radiance is in the central of the 5 kingdoms.

The Vintsvent estates scatter throughout the kingdom.

Herron Woodhart is missing for now but Ciel's patron comes to her.
He tells her that he requires Herron's necklace.
That it contains a portion of his own power that Herron had betrayed him. That his pieces are scattered and he wishes to return to the mortal plane.
That he needs her to either gather 4 fragments or the "Master Core" from Herron himself.

Vintsvent/Kirai Mother
Glazing Wind Militia

From here on out the player will have to prompts for checks.
Survival and etc on their own. If anything has a stat block it will of course roll against.
If not and I don't write down the roll needed? 10 or higher is the rule of thumb.

Let us begin.

So after the party rest a few days preparing for a journey.
Herron leaves Kirai his brief case a replica of what he's gathered over many years. Things of note and interest. Including the blushing bloom rose. He says that this flower... Is key that is contains the power of life. That the last he had heard of it a mad Alchemist had found it. Though he isn't sure of this being the case or not.

[h3 Crashing The Party]

Rex always receives an invitation to go to a "Ball" for nobles to meet suitable bachlorettes. The party is heading West.
Volo's will be attending as well as Arthur's two brothers Nathanial and Maximum and Arthur's mother Nimue. This is a chance to find out who the traitor is! Herron will mention in a note to Kirai that their are 4 dangerous relics. Rumors are someone is trying to gather them together again. (One such relic at the Dukes establishment.)

So if you decide to head to the party it is far past "Fractum's Scar"

An epic Journey.
It's on a mountaintop crossing through a valley to a mountain trail.
Through the mountain trails two paths. From the mountain you can see a massive battlefield taking place. Still a day away from the party (Still got time) can head to the battlefield. You see the dragon for a glimpse before it bleeds and retreats but it destroys a small army. They are fighting hordes of monsters and even humans and elves. Can head down this path or go to the party.

Back to the party/engagement

So whether you head to the party or to the war front there is a mountainside forest you must cross. Glistening Wood

The path towards the warfront is all destroyed but the path heading to the party it still beautiful. (The party is still away from here)

On the way you can roll Nature to detect some odd issues with the flowers and dirt.
Survival helps you not get lost.

11 Or more survival stays on track.
10 or more nature you know what it is here and it's abilities. Before even finding it.

Two Corpse flowers!

After defeating those beast you can head to the party!
Anyone who "Stinks" will have to bath upon arrival. Melissa Airhart see's them and offers to show them around.
She wish to be an adventerer one day and have the statblock of a Noble. (Not very strong.)

It's at this point you meet Rin. (The one you could have heard about from town.) He is an Elf and he gives a very formal greeting. He works at Germuid. He's followed by 2 thieves. (Basic Thief blocks) He helps her guide the group.
Offering Melissa Airhart a dance but she refuses and he backs off. (Rin's statblock is a Master Assassin)
He talks with the party a bit before returning to the party itself.

Nathaniel and Maximum are here along with Nimue Arthurs mother. Arthur's mother has a mage statblock. Maximum also has a mage statblock while Nathaniel's is a Swashbuckler.

Arthur's mother tells him he betrayed the Chevaliers by joining the church instead of joining the Chevalier Sect. A private noble military.

Volo's is here as well he suspects foul machinations otherwise he wasn't sure he'd have come.
Volo's has the Master Thief Statblock.

The host of the party comes the Duke Alfred Vintsvent.
Ciel can disern that the necklace this man holds is one of the 4 fragments asked of her. By his right side is a woman with black hair though she does not share her name. (Guinevere) statblock (DeathKnight.) She is wearing a disguise to keep herself together.

Can skulk and wander about but the Raven haired woman does take an interest into Arthur. A STRONG one. She seems.. Familiar to him but isn't sure why.

The Duke comes to his Nephew Rex and taunts him slightly. While offering fake praises. (Insight)

So heading around the manor you can sleuth,stealth,deduce.

If his Garden is found. It is blocked off by an Arcana Ward and a passcode of an old language.
Roll Arcana or discern the language. Arcana 12

Nobles and guards wander the place.
A total of 10 Nobles (Counting Melissa) and 15 Guards.

Melissa suspects the duke but won't share unless persuaded/convinced.

She can guide you to his chambers.
It is locked requires slight of hand 13.
She has Thieves tools on her.
(She is rebellious)
After 3 failures the lock jams.
Can break in or keep exploring or find another way in.

Must use stealth checks when skulking around here.
His office seems rather normal for the most part with fancy decorations.

Can try to find the secrets of this room.
Arcana 15 or higher detects faint magic.

Perception 15 or higher and you can tell a painting has... Zero wear and tear. That compared to the rest of the room it's like frozen in time. Freshly painted even.

Investigation 15: You feel... Something is off with that painting but if Perception was already done and deduced you realize the painting isn't a painting. If the Arcana was also done you realize it was a portal. (Course reaching you're hand in will work too)
The portal leads to an underground dungeon of sorts full of rooms and research materials.


Down the hallway is a wire trap.
Perception roll of 10.
If noticed you see several wires.
After the wires are noticed you see... Kirai's mother! Talking to him from the safety of behind the roses. Stating that perhaps she killed the wrong twin. That Volo's should have kept you at his side like a good nobles son and stayed out of this. (Talk to Blakely to figure out this convo though)
To disarm one at a time (8) must roll 10 or higher.
Or to disarm them all at once 10.
Fail to and attacked by flying darts (1d8 damage) Dex saving throw of 14 needed or Acrobatics of 14.

After these traps there is a bridge.
Many cracked parts and a riddle.

"Sometimes the road we are meant to follow is the one we least expect."
Cracked path stones vs crumbling stones and perferctly shapped stone.

Step on a perfect shape must roll an acrobatics of 15
A cracked it falls apart but slower and an acrobatics of 12 (Or dex saving throw)
If failed take 4d6 falling damage. (Can short rest in dungeon)

If a crumbling stone it won't shatter.

Passing by the stones you enter the "Treasure Room"
It's has the blushing bloom!
Must roll a nature check of 13 or higher to know.
Otherwise it just seems like a bright and glowing flower.

Ciel's patron tells her that with that power... He could come to life without the fragments but due to the pact he never asked for that flower. So he cannot ask that of her.

Stopped by Alfred Vintsvent! He won't allow you to take the rose.
His Amulet shining. Kirai's mother rushes in and talks to Kirai a little more.
Herron shows up trying to attack her for the flower.
She uses magic to draw on the flowers power to teleport out of the manor. Herron comes in the portal last second. Her stat block is also that of an Archmage she will become the world's first living Lich.

Left behind to fight Alfred. Maric and a hooded figure enter the room asking where the rose is. (Hooded figure is Rin.)
Vintsvent will them "That woman" took off without it and that wasn't part of the plan.
Maric will open a portal to try and track them as the two leave.
Before going Maric grants Alfred to use his "Blessing"

Alfred grins and looks to the group and tells them that he.. He can feel it.
So close to ascension.
His teeth sneer and he grins turning into an adult (Not ancient) white dragon! Smashing through the manor with a mighty roar he summons several drakes and wrymlings!!

His binded with the "Wrymblood" he'll no longer need permission to use the blessing.
That those "Foolish elves" granted him the abilty to rule the world now that the Wyrmking is too wounded to be a threat.

Rin shows up (unhooded) and takes out drakes like a badass. Him and Volo's manage to. Volo's looks hurt and tell Kirai he had a reunion with "Mother" and she got away with Herron on her heels. He was able to wound Maric and the hooded figure retreated. So Herron has a shot of getting that flower.

Vintsvents guards are panicked not knowing (Can rally them and the nobles are they can hide)
Volo's and Rin stand a ground.
Melissa manages to beat ONE drake her new stat sheet is a Bandit Captain.

If the Warfront part was done before this? Gwyn Dawnblade and Robin show up. (Robin as an Assassin) and Gwyn as BlackGuard but with longsword and shield and helps holds the mobs back.
Leaving you're party to fight the dragon!

If defeated Herron must return.
He's an archmage and if he fails to finish the beast? (He stabilizes team) he will die. Leaving Rin to step in and finish the beast.
Rin will attempt to kill the team but Volo's will stop him in time! (This is all if the team loses)

After defeating the dragon the Duke's treasury is passed to Rex.
That he had planned on passing this divine gift to him.
That even as a monster he still saw Rex as his own.
Gain 7000GP

Volo's will give Kirai a 1000GP

As Arthur's mother will give him 1000GP as well.

Ciel can retrieve the Amulet.
The Amulet can only be attuned to her.
It has 1 charge.
The charge is special.
It can be used to do the following.

-Reset her action,bonus actions,reactions that turn.

-Block all damage from an enemy for one enemies for one turn phase.

A Short rest recharges the amulet but it must be attuned.

[h3 Captured Route]

If you fail to deduce all of this you will hear him coming with 2 basic guards.

Stealth check.
If caught can try to persuade. If you Intimidate requires a 18 or higher.
Deception requires a 14 or higher.

If failed he will say Rex was the real traitor and is here to execute him and call for his arrest.
He'll call for his guards. (15 all together)
If arrested you'll be holed and quartered in the cell without you're gear.

You can sleight of hand out with a stray pin you found. (Found with perception 10 or higher)

If you fail Melissa will sneak in defeating two guards (Barely.)
If you encouraged her in her dreams before she will have confidence and win wounded but not dying.
If you didn't encourage her?
She was stabbed in the heart.

Either way when you open in the gate you will be greeted with 3 guards.
Can try to stealth way out but without weapons gotta fight.
Afterwards retrieve you're gear.

After retrieving you're gear you can start skulking around again but even Arthur's family has believed he's gone rogue.

So besides his chamber and the garden he does have guest rooms and other places.
An Alchemist table.
With an Arcana of 14 or higher you realize his notes are code.
Perception points the wording is off.

He is... Researching to make a replica of Blushing Bloom using.. The original. It also mention Gwynovuire
Gwynovuire (Unnamed her fake name is Raven) enters the room can try and stealth.

If fail she won't fight you.
She will tell Arthur to follow his path as a Chevalier.

Telling them the answer is in the Duke's office room.

[h3 Kingdom Hop]

(The god each kingdom reveres most)

Water Genasi/Goblins/Leonin

Dragonborn/Fire Genasi/Tieflings

Dwarves/Bird People

Elves/Half Elves

It'll take 3 days to get to the Kingdom so make sure to pack properly!

Day One: As you head through you'll need to head to a port town and catch a boat.

On the way to the port town you pass through a town. The town is quiet and the people seem sparse and far apart.
Everyone is acting weird and strange.
The barkeep ignores them and the quest board is empty.
Can skip this town. Hearing strange voices call out to Arthur and Ciel.
She can sense a fragment in the town.
Explore and such.

Investigate: 11 or more and you figure out the buildings and archetecture is not from this era... The grou

Insight of 11 or higher and you see the people don't... Seem to really be here. As if they are out of it.

Perception: 11 You see that the ground seems to have been dug up many times.

Some people seem different.. "Normal" but afraid hinting for you to leave.

Arcana 15 or higher and realize magic was cast all over this town.

This is where you are greeted by the "Head" of the village.
Christian Everbloom. That he is an alchemist and a Noble but Arthur's never heard of him and nor has Rex.

Insight shows that he isn't being truly honest 14 or higher.
11-13 shows that something is troubling him.
10 or lower is nothing much.

Perception shows that he looks almost insanely sickly. 14 or higher.
11-13 shows he looks a bit pale.
10 or lower is nothing.

As he shows you through the town a great fog comes in.
He invites you to stay the night as it may be hard to travel as the fog gets worse later.

He leaves to his manor. If Ciel goes to his manor she feels something compelling her to come in. A fragment.

If they rest they will be ambushed.
But if they investigate instead they will find claw marks and stuff around the buildings.
Clawmarks,stained small blood.
And with enough perception (18) tiny whispers.

The manor will have a secret entrance too.

The tavern will have a secret entrance showing a cult alchemy ritual to create a vampire. It's a strange and ancient language (Comprehend languages or a 16 in history will work)

The vampire's name... Is the Head of the village.
He will be ready in the manor and will perception check.

The town will be attacked (either sleep or realizing the truth.)

3 will be in the tavern.

4 will be in the town trying to break in the tavern.

2 will be at the manor with him the vampire.

(Can short rest between fights if they barricade etc.)

When you defeat (or Persuade/Intimidate him)

You'll gain the fragment and Ciel will talk to her patron.
You'll learn he was an Alchemist for the Chevaliers and that he worked for Nimue the first Chevalier. Together they made... The Blushing Bloom.
Arthur wonders if at that party if his family might know of it.
The fog is lifted and the "Normal" folk are free. The curse is broken and they can life normal lives the fog had froze the town in time. The town offers 400GP as a reward.

Day 2:
After the "ghost" town before they come to a port town.
Once a respectable town run by the Radiance Navy.
The Navy is out fighting in the Beast War.

Buccaneers and pirates now have hands on the government here and things have become shady.

3 Buccaneers (Swash Bucklers) ask for a "Entrance Fee" of 500GP.
Can Persuade/Intimdate against them.
Or fight them.

If you fight them a squad of 4 more swash bucklers will come.
Can persuade/Intimdate them or fight them too.

If you defeat them 6 more come! Persuade or Intimdate them.

Each fight gives 200GP.

If you lose are arrested and forced to pay 1000GP or go into 1200GP debt.

Welcome to BlackHeart city the nickname for the city now.

The Town has a Mayor but.. It's run by the underground.
jin Mori (Statblock Warlord)
He was a war hero in the great war of Radiance and was able to best Cerren only bested by Rex's father in his platoon. He became a pirate legend and harrassed the town. After the war he was able to seize the town easily while having the mayor send reports back.

If you want a boat ride it'll cost 800GP.
Learn it's supposed to be 250GP and they are ripping you off.

The town has got everything for 50% more.
The food is even 50GP for a group meal for basic food.

Can ignore these problems. Or try and help.

The town has.
25 Guards.
3 Knights
5 Swashbucklers (Plus whatever was at the front that didn't get killed.)

Can TRY a frontal assault on his castle.
3 Knights
3 Swashbucklers.

Or can more reasonably sneak in.
(The gate has 2 swashbucklers to trick to get in)

When get in his room has only 4 Guards and a Swashbuckler and himself. He will have 2500GP on him in that room.

People on the tavern will be being tax harrassed by 10 guards and a noble. Got 300GP on them.

Jin Mori will have a letter on him. That his "tip" was given to him by Maric and Rin. (Blue Haired Elf.)

He won't beg for his life. Can arrest or kill him or... Offer him a chance to fight for Radiance again.

See old friends Robin and Gwyn! Gwyn has BlackGuard stats but with shield and longsword instead of it's moves. Robin is now an assassin (Assassin stat block.)

Can follow them to the war front or not but the other people from Glazing Wind are there. She says even Simon came.
That Glazing wind was attacked.
They had to restore his power but this time.. He did what was right.

If you sneak in and such they are fighting the rest of the guys outside.

Day 3/phase3: Get the boat free if town was saved. End up in the continent of the next kingdom

Gain 1000GP for saving the town.

[h3 Warfront]
Glazing Winds/Radiance fighting the Beast/Elf/Human Army

On the warfront Gwyn and Robin are happy to see you again!
Robin Assassin Gwyn being a BlackGuard with Longsword and shield.

They will tell you the fight is looking rough up here.
They ask for you're help.

Showing a schematic they show the enemy fortress's and what they will have to take in order to have victory. They have to take Castle Mont and Fort Dusk before they can break through and wipe them out. Important hidden items lay in these places and can be used to turn this fight as well. The enemy hasn't found said items. She tells you that killing the generals of each place will work and she has a few troops to spare for these goals but most have to focus on holding the frontline sadly.

Castle Mont:
30 Goblins:

20 HobGoblins:

6 Drakes:

Commander unit: Hobgoblin Warlord and 3 Hobgoblin captains

The Gate has a Shield Guardian and an Enchanter 60feet behind the guardian. Perception of 12 or higher notices the two share an amulet.
Arcana of 12 or higher lets you know he controls it with said amulet.
Investagation of 14 or higher does the same.

Kirai's Mother can be seen giving orders out to these simple beast.
Story Moment but no real fight yet.

Can long rest after the fight.

Resources: Robin,Gwyn 2 Knights and 15 guards.

Robin combat points: 15
Dawn: 20

Hobs worth 2 and a gob is worth one.
Drake is worth 3
If they are together it makes their combat points 50
The Two Knights have 5 combat points each and each guard has 2 combat points.

ShieldGuardian Enchanter is 50
If you MATCH combat points they will win.

The Hobgoblin Commander unit is 55Combat points.

Gwyn will let you lead the army. If you MATCH any points she warns it'll be a hard battle.
Except for her and Robin any matched points will result in losing 30% troop loss. But if not matched only 20%

Prisoners: Find people who were captured that can help in the fight!


Fort Dusk:

The stronger fort.

If you have Castle Mont can use hidden magic cannons to destroy 30 combat points worth of enemy forces. (Must be group based)
Cerron arrives! Counting as 60 points himself.

The enemy here has...

5 Bandit Captains. (25Points)

40 Bandits (80 Points)

Gladiator: (15) Points

Champion: 30 Points

War Priest: 50 Points

Resources: Whatever left from last fight and prisoner + Cerron,Dawn,Robin
Same Casualty rules as before.

Prisoners: 10 Captains! (Worth 5 points each)

Final Breach:

In the final breach you see Maric leading an Army! In the distance the hooded figure who saved him leaves the field. Herron comes to aid the team! (Unless perished if he is perished Rex's mother comes instead Vanessa)
Either one worth 150 points combat to help!

Maric: 150 Combat Points

An Effreeti: 100 Combat points

An Oni: 40 Combat points

2 Champions: 60

100 Bandits: 200 Combat points.

Kirai's Mother is 50 points on her own.
However she has 2 Gladiators with her so all together? Worth 100. (She has the mage statblock but is trying to grow more powerful.)

You're guards have seen enough combat that they are now worth 5 points each. Robin and Dawn together are now worth 60.

With the cannons of both forts you can destroy 60 combat points worth!

Combat Rule.

Whatever you decide to fight you can't "Split" a commander a unit up but can split up two fights allowing a short rest between them. To help ease you're army of combat points.

When Maric is defeated he will retreat dropping a Fragment for Ciel as a sort of distraction. Cursing the hooded fellow for leaving that the "Bloom" could have waited. Kirai's mother also retreats lamenting the fact.

After the final Breach is done you will gain some "War Funds"
6000 GP.

Dawn will thank you and they can carve a path ahead.
Herron will tell you he's close to the Bloom's trail.

Kingdom or Party after this!

[h3 Notes]
If party "Wipes" Herron will come in and teleport/save the gang back at Radiance but this will shorten his life span and leave who/whatever they were helping to die basically.

[h3 Alba City of Flame]

On the boat ride to Alba the party is attacked by Pirates!
Though some recognize Jin Mori and decide to back off.
Or at least they do until Elizabeth enters the fray
One of the three pirate lords
Elizabeth Gremory a lv12 gunslinger has brought her crew of Grim pirates.

Jin has some of his own crew ready to fight but he is outnumbered and will defend his crew from her numbers.


She has two Grim Pirate axe throwers and two hook pirate fighters.
She is CR 13 and worth 10000EXP.
If you win or lose the fight is interupted by a Phoenix! The guardian of Alba. It talks of those of souls with Radiance and those with souls of darkness. (Jin and Elizabeth from Germuid)
That she would ask they return to their own lands.
That their own sacred guardians should know in this time of distrust they must have closed borders. And as for Germuid their beast being dead is no excuse to defy another sacred creature.
They can mention Radiance has no sacred beast but she will insist they do that of a dragon.
Can mention (Depending)
A dragon that has taken human form.

Elizabeth (The number 2 pirate lord) says she has gotta head in to find the number 1 lord. That Jin was merely a warm up/precaution.

Can persuade or Intimdate in or leave and try to sneak the boat around. If one is to sneak they must take a pass forsaken by the sacred beast.

Or fight the Phoneix of course.

[h3 Forsaken Waters Dungeon]

[h3 Alba]
You arrive in the hot sands of Alba! At least in it's southern port. Welcome to the Glittering Bizarre! Shops still sell items/weapons etc up to blue (With some exceptions) Most blues are worth about 5000-6000Gp

Alba has many area's to explore!
Gotta find the capital of Alba the "Encrusted Jewel of the sand"
Yamu Apis is the name (Must learn of it or pass history check of 12)

20 Veterens
10Swash Bucklers

These are all the guards here.
As for Mercenaries they are 20 Bandit captains but a few well reknowned Mercs here.

There is work in the tavern.
Dealing with bandits.
And abundance of wryminglys and drakes.

Each job having about 4-8 bandits-drakes-wyrminglys
This is work is honestly below the player at this point in the journey.
Each job offers only a measly 5-10GP.
And it is a result of the dragon uprising in Radiance.

Herron will be in the town! He will inform Kirai he believes he found Ayumi and may reveal he is the guardian of the Blushing Bloom.
He can't enter Ayumi's created "Domain" because it requires her DNA or complex magic.
However... He can alter Kirai for a moment to mimic her DNA being her offspring.
He will suggest they attack together.
Him being an Archmage he can handle 8400EXP worth of monsters for you.
She has amassed an battalion of traitors with Maric and Rin.
Those who wish to change Germuid with more dramatic means.
She... Has been blessed by the dragon able to cut a petal off for herself against the seals wishes.

Herron can cast two barriers that last one hour.
To help the party "Short Rest" in this Manor.
This manor is a repilica of her old home and a monument to her dominance.

[h3 Area 1/Entrance Hall]

Marching order requried.
Without a code the front door is connected to a wire.
The wire pulls a scroll shooting out wind slashes.

Perception roll of 14

Dexterity/Acrobatics save of 15 required if set off. Or take 2d8's

If detected a sleight of hand or Arcana check of 13 can remove it allowing for stealth in the entrance.

10 Swashbuckers cover the entrance hall.
Worth 7000EXP worth if you wish for Herron to handle a few.

Herron can short rest to gain all his exp of combat back once only.
He may inform of his elixer saved for emergency to restore himself.

Perception of 13 see's the floor boards are all messed up and odd looking slightly raised.

A investigation of 14 see's notes under the floorboards of draconic research from Germuid.
That she has attempts of recreating herself.
Can hear fighting up ahead! The left area heads to the outer wing the right leads to the outer wing. (Kirai would be able to guess this)

[h3 Area 2/outer wing]

Maric and Rin are at half HP/Abilities/Spells fighting Ayumi's draconic "reborn"
Each reborn has the stats of Tristain and they are falling apart yet very dangerous. (Tristains stat sheet and 1800EXP worth)

Each one emerging from the walls etc dies after 3 rounds of combat (Only worth 500EXP if no damage taken but if half HP or less 900. If some damage worth 700)

Kirai's group are cut off by 8 of these things!
After the fight Rin and Maric are half power still handling their own.
Can fight them or can agree to work together. If you choose to fight them Maric makes his last stand here. Rin will instead go ahead.
14400 exp worth

After the outcome. You can explore the room! Perception of 14 shows scratches around a particular wall.

An investigation of 15 allows you to open it to find a safe.
Sleight of hand 15 can open the save or Atheltics of 18.

In the safe is a life restoring salve. Anyone who's actually "Passed" Can be given the salve to restore 20% of their HP.
Can't have been dead longer than a day. Ayumi was saving it for herself just in case.
More notes on creating a replica.

[h3 Area 3/inner wing]

On the way to the hallway/wings a roll of 15 Perception shows a 3 different traps.

A pressure plate.
If set off requires acrobatics of 16 or take 1d8 slashing damage

Next room is a room blasting cold magic.
Requiring a constitution save of 16 if succeeded zero damage.
If failed 2d8 cold damage.
In the room has a button allowing them to continue in the center of the room is a chest. Within the chest is 1500GP
If the chest is attacked to hard 450coins will break.

Past the room Raven can be seen fighting "Ayumi" she informs you it's just a replica and it isn't her. And unlike the others it isn't melting.

Swashbucklers and a drow house captain join the fray!

Herron will fight alongside Raven to keep out reinforcemets as best they can!
Two swash buckers and the captain get by!
If Maric and RIn are helping?
Only the captain gets by!

After that with a perception of 12 discover this an alchemist lab.

With a nature roll of 14 can configure out the herbs and possibly make something useful.

A medicine roll of 15 afterwards allows you to make 3 herbs.
Two herbs that restore any 1 spell slot and another herb that heals 3d8 plus con modifier.

[h3 Area 4]

Heading to the master bedroom beside the balcony window. You outside the manor see two young dragons in the backyard! They fly in the window only.. To shrink to a humanoid like form.
The stats of a Young Red dragon and a young blue dragon!

Raven with the group! She see's two more attempting to fly out the window! She goes out to fight! Telling them the Chevalier will hold the flower and no one else to Herron.
Maric and Rin alongside with Herron will hold off enemy reinforcements as you handle the two dragons. The dragons were ruled by their natural born alignment.
Of rage and chaos.
But Ayumi has freed them they can repay this debt than live a free life thanks to her research.

After the fight if the party needs a short rest Maric will give them a barrier! So that they may short rest for an hour as they push the reinforcements back!!

22260exp fight

[h3 Boss]

Ayumi is in a room with..
Ayumi herself 10000
Assassin 3900
(Gotta roll against assassins stealth. Assassin rolls only once or gets sneak attack!)

She takes great pride in whittling each of you down!

The fight commences!

If they lose?
Herron will come in casting barrier on Ayumi. Drinking his elixir to restore himself.
Using a herb on one of Kirai's party members and time stop to give them time to leave.
He will steal the rose and tell them not to seek him.

However? If they do defeat her he walk in the room.
Telling you that he is taking the flower before Raven can or anyone else can.
That he is it's true guardian.

That he can't die of natural causes and is bound by it's will to listen due to his contract to protect it.
That if he can make a replica he can bring his two loves back and live a normal life without him with his dearest Cynthia.

If he defeats the party (Probably wounded party) he won't kill them but he will take the flower.
If he loses he will leave behind the flower.
Going out the chaos is all but died down.
Rin and Maric threaten to take the flower (Hurt as they are)
But Raven stands to defend them so they retreat.

Raven turns and tells them the flower belongs to the Chevaliers and for that reason she will take the flower.
Depending how the conversation goes?
She will reveal she is the first chevalier.
Guinever and reveal her rotting flesh as a death knight.
That perhaps the flower can cure her afflicition.

But she has honor and will not fight them as they are now and leaves.

[h3 Side Quest]

At the town they tell you that a fort has been taken in Alba. By the legendary Pirate Lord himself Jack Howl with a battalion of his black hearted scurvy dogs.

No one will take the job.

The reward for the job?

The client?
Robert the ambassador of Alba and he wishes to fight alongside you due to tale and legend to be rid of the pirate scourge.

When you head to the fort? Elizabeth (If she got away) alongside with Jin mori are attacking the front! Herron meets up with you (if the main scenario wasn't done first)

Herron will tell you he can't leave these people to suffer.
If he suggest they hold the front and you go for the pirate lord himself that... Herron fought him once before and was simply no match.
That he never met a man so strong.

He will use time stop on the party to make it to him.

If not?
Jin will talk to the ambassador to make a path with Elizabeth.

Jack Howl Feat
His only feat his two weapon fighting allowing him to attack with longsword and shortsword. (Don't add this +1ac I will give him gold armor to make up for it)

Defeating Jack can take his stuff. No money it was all spent on food and equipment turns out he did it all more for the thrill of battle than the profit.
Profit was more for his boys/crew.

Whether you kill him or not his crew will work for you.
He'll hand you recipes to make purple gear. That the keeps blacksmith is yours as well as the keeps crafters due to the code of pirates.
He dubs you the pirate lord this causes Elizabeth to call you a rival.
You can hand the title back to him claiming it was a 4v1 if you wish.

He'll say that numbers dont matter but if you wish to step down he will take the mantle but he will still help out.

He calls for a contact/old friend/enchanter/smith.
Lilith Frostbound the water Genasi comes telling you with the forces you have what's normally 5 years to make a purple...
Can be done in about a week.
She will charge you 60000GP an order rather than 50000GP if you made it yourself though.

Persuasion of 10 or higher is 10% off.

Persuasion of 20 or higher is 20% off she is a tough nut.
Nat 20? The first order is half off than 20% percent.

She tells you that you will require more people and knowledge for higher equipment but if you bested Jack? She can see you doing this one day.

If you lose to Jack he will say he enjoyed the fight and let you go saying he's in the mood for another Alba raid! (Raiding Alba for loot/fights etc)
Jack is worth 18000EXP

If you can't defeat him whatever percentage of HP you could take down is that much EXP
The minimum being 20% EXP
making 3600EXP at the lowest.

[h3 Village of The Damned]

[b So Raven has handed you a letter heading to an old forgotten tomb this tomb.. Leads to a strange place. That was locked behind a door.. It however will open for a Chevalier.]

[b Arthur opens the passage alongside Kirai and his friends. To find a snowy blizzard and a large destroyed village. Ravens cawing in the air as the land seems burnt to the ground long ago]

The party is attacked by... 23 undead fallen enemies!

Perception check! They roll Sneak +4
If you perceive them to be not truly dead/seen in the first place.
Can attempt a stealth attack against them! Instead of having advantage like wolves on perception just give them +1 making out +4 to perceive the team.

They have the stat block of Dire Wolves except the fact...
No advantage on hit in pack.

Bite is called Greatsword (Same damage and mods and everything actually just flavor)

This is the same but they have +5 to hit.
Meaning it takes 10 of them to hit Arthur once.

And attempt to hit Arthur they will! At least the first turn.
After that? Whoever dealt the most damage they will try to attack next.

Of course offer the player to go for indiviual rolls if they wish over mob rules.

After the battle the beings will tell the party they will allow none to touch their lady... Guinovere even if it means fighting an Akuali or another Chevalier.
You will here Raven's voice in the wind telling those who fought to cease giving them peace as they whisk away into dust.
Many fiends and specters will appear but she will command them to stand down beckoning you to come further in.
Able to short rest here! The way back is now closed entirely the only way forward... Is to defeat her.

Reaching her you will her right hand man appears.
Du Lac and ask that he may... Fight alongside her one last time and she agree's to fight with her partner one more time.
(He's a revenant minus the soul lingering when defeated)
Defeating them both is 19800exp but I will simply round up for the encounter to be 20000EXP more so after the tough fight right before! 5000EXP for each party member.

Do not add traps or extra encounters though a Death Knight Raven wants to retain some sense of honor and decorum. This is where Du Lac and Guinovere make their final stand for the fate of Blushing Rose.

After the two are defeated Guinovere who had been slowly falling apart physically and spiritually looking at the party. She thanks them what they had done. She tells them... Ask them a simple question.
"Have you ever wondered why are plane.. Is named Fractum? Once... I came close to these answers but.. It's all a distant haze now..."
She looks to the party as her villages is slowly restored to it's former glory of meadows and flowers this little... Pocket dimension almost. She points at the stable and tells them.. To take the stones to their horses... (When this is done the horses will ignore encumbrance while taking a single rider as long as they don't have a WHOLE carriage)
Turning each horse into the form the player wishes a companion of old.
With her final farewells she fades away with her dearest companion Du Lac.
But not before seeing a vision of the first Akauli pull her spirit up before it can fall into the lower planes and he looks to Kirai with a kind smile as he looks to Raven.
"I have... Asked too much of the Chevaliers.. You're family should be able to stand in the light once more."
With this she perishes her Chevalier blade left behind as the spirit of the Forefather enters said blade.

Arcana Check: 10-14 you sense something is within the blade now. 15 or higher? You sense the forefather within in the blade and that is spirit is resting within it ready for a chance to talk. 20 or higher? Not only do you sense this but you can actively feel when the time.. The build up. That he is preparing so he may speak with Kirai
Perception Check: 14 or higher. The blade seems altered and... The metal is unworldly as if it would take tremendous power to shatter the blade.

Investigation Check: 10 Or higher shows that the blade has been around for what must have been... Hundreds of years.

The blade can be held but if it is held at the hilt? It's HOT and leads to burning if held too long.

[h3 Heading to Alba]

Herron gives you a map on you're journey showing you how to make it to Alba's capital
400 Miles until Scorching Jewel!
Over 8 days if traveled normally with horses
Can be a week or less with a faster pace

After this excursion the players may begin to head to Alba's Capital the Scorching Jewel.

The Journey is far and difficult.
Through many hot and desert terrains.


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