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Mordred (World of Relic)

By DivineKarma
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-Forbidden-.Dragon.   202d ago

[h3 [center [b Into the Dungeons Depths]]]

[center They decide to head deeper into the dungeon.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
pass - There are traps. You can see the pressure plate on the floor. It is easy to step around now that you notice it. You can also disarm it.

As you move further down you see two doors that lead to the right into a room.

The room on the right. If you look inside, you will see three giant hyenas. You can ignore this room if you like and move on, or you can engage in a fight with these hyenas.

Engage in a fight with three giant hyenas.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
Pass - The room is messy and looks like a place that is just for those hyenas.

Leaving that room, you come across three different ways you can go. You can go to the right or left or just keep heading straight.

The hallway to the right. This hallway is rather short and there is a chest just sitting at the wall.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
Pass - You are pretty sure you just seen that chest move a bit. It isn't a chest at all.

Engage in a fight with a mimic
Drops 100 gp.

Heading back, you can head to the left hall.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
Pass - There are traps here. Small holes in the wall. You can smell what seems to be gasoline. Seeing this makes you definitely want to be careful. There looks like there is a switch to shut it off at the end.

13 pass 11 - 12 low
Pass - If you do well then you will race down the hall and hit the switch.
Low - You get passed but take half damage. 2d6.
Fail - You take full damage. 2d6

13 pass 11 - 12 low
Pass - You quickly do a bunch of jumps and slides and end up on the other side hitting the switch.
Low - You take half damage. 2d6
Fail - You take full damage. 2d6

There is a chest at the end of this hall.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
Pass - There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with this chest. It doesn't at all look like the one that you had seen earlier.

12 pass 10 - 11 low
Pass - There is no traps around this chest or anything.

Opening the chest you will find 200 gp and one Potion of Greater healing. There is nothing else in this hall. This leaves the middle path for you.


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