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[i [center [size40 ✾] [pic] [#e50bdf Once there was a beautiful village known as Hanasaku village. This village was were all the kitsunes (foxes) once lived. It was a very beautiful place filled with magic and flowers seemed to bloom all year round despite weather. They all lived in peace with everyone. Until one day the humans, vampires and werewolves attacked. The foxes did their best to fight back but they were out numbered. It didn't take long before the village was over thrown. The only creatures that seem to have respect from the human's were the vampires, werewolves and elves. To the foxes the werewolves were like dogs. The werewolves would sniff out the foxes for the humans and even vampires. The foxes were seen as good pets to the vampires and humans as long as they were obedient. Karei couldn't stand the thought of being someone's pet. So she was on the run a lot. It was getting harder and harder to hide with all the dogs out. For now she is safe. Or at least she thought she was. Karei had finally laid her head down to rest. She was sleeping softly on an old bear pelt. She could hear the sounds of growling and it startled her wake. Right before her eyes was one of those damn dogs baring it's ivory teeth at her. The pink haired vixen jumped up backing way from the wolf. Her sapphire colored eyes gleamed with anger. Her pink colored tail lashed behind her as she watched the the wolf closely waiting for him to make the next move.
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✾ [+Magenta Pm if your interested What I require~ ✾ I need a male werewolf please. ✾This is going to be romance between a wolf x fox  ✾I also need someone who can post 1500+ characters.  ✾~Thank you


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