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[h3 World] [h3 Tellus] [i This is the world of Tellus, Tellus is a world much like our own. A world reliant on steam and ingenuity to power it's inventions. Another key factor being? Much of the world is yet unexplored and humanity has made great pains to explore the farthest forest. The highest mountains and the deepest seas.] [i However humanity has mostly overlooked one other key factor. In this plane? Magic? Is a secret from the governmental powers. Ever since the witch hunts of the "Dark Ages" (Much like our own) sorcerers and witches have gone into hiding. Not to mention many mythical beas who wish to have asylum. This society has created several dozen schools to find those rare enough.. To be born with the gift of magic. Teaching them to live with other warlocks and witches as well as to make peace with the beast many of which are capable of speech and reasoning.] [i One such school is the Myrdiin's (my-der-in's) Academy of Sorcery and Beastcraft.] [h3 Family Cast] [i Our story starts with Amara Verena the second eldest child of four. She lives in a rather large (And old) manor. The Verena's reside in Britania. Verena's are hailed for aiding one of Britania's greatest companies. The "Cardinal Pioneers" these "gear heads" are well known as world class inventors when it comes to airships. What the world doesn't know? Is Verena understand very little of science or steamworks they have another advantage after all.] Siblings: Little Sister Name: Amy Verena Age: 12 Birthday: June 15th Physical description: 4'5 with blue bright eyes and blond hair and a cheery smile. She's training to be a wizard like her mother before her. Traits: Playful,silly,loving,wiser than she looks Flaws: Short attention span,short tempered, Likes: Reading,playing,her big sister Alaine playing pranks,horses Dislikes: Vegetables,getting dirty,bedtime,being told what to do Goals: To one day be a wizard that works with ponies. Big Brother: Edmund Verena: Age: 16 (Second Year in Myrddin's Academy) Physical Description: 5'9 with dark brown hair and a few freckles across his face. Lanky constantly found with a scowl and an intense gaze in his brown eyes. Likes: Anything with gears,magic,science, his family (Though he struggles to admit it) Dislikes: Being treated like he's young, like his sister vegetables. And honestly? Plenty of things. Flaws: He's hot headed,angry and struggles to connect with others including his own family. Traits: Loyal,strong headed,stubborn,ambitious Goals: To learn how to combine both science and magic. To become a true Artificer and a modern day alchemist/gear head. Biggest Brother: Age: 24 Name: Desmund Verena Occupation: Dragon Guard (Works with Dragons and even has slain one gone rogue earning him the rank of "Captain" at the age of 24 being truly exceptional.) (LV 12 wizard) Physical Description: 5'9 with blond hair and blue eyes much like his youngest sister. A bright smile and happy aura. Age: 24 Likes: Anything to do with dragons and his loving family and he has a grand love for books and magic. Dislikes: Slackers,violence, those of non magical origins. (Learning in the dark ages they hunted the dragons) Traits: Wisdom,studious,kind,Ambitious Flaws: He sometimes get's lifes priorities mixed up favoring his work over his own health and even his own family (Without realizing it) Goals: To one day gain the total trust of dragons and perhaps bring back the Ancient Dragons who have disappeared hiding even from the magical society. Uncle: Reed Verena Age: 42 Attitude: Sarcastic Gruff/Rugged etc Served as a guard to an academy is scarred missing an eye has no magic. Tanned skin/tall/scarred/hairy forearms built with dulled dark hair and a brown eye Aunt: Serah Verena Married into the family from another mage family. She is a Bard and an elf who uses disguise self when she goes out. Attitude: Sweet and kind and very motherly with a sassy side. Mother: Camilie Verena: Hard working business woman who focuses on Cardinal Pioneers success and learning the way of the non magical society. She spends much time with the "Vas Inane" the empty vessels. Or Lapis Compesce or crude in this world "Curbstone" or "Dullard" She's still an accomplished magical alchemist in her field however Attitude: Shrewd/cunning/prideful/still loves her family Father: Noel Verena: A strong and wise wizard (LV 10) Who's put the family name first before all else even his own feelings. Prideful/booksmart/hard/still loves his family Grandmother: Irene Verena: Attitude: Acts senile/sassy/funny/loving/wise Amara Verena [h3 Prologue] It's little Amy's birthday! She's turning 12 today! The family is all getting ready today! Little Amy has learned some of her first wizard spells today and is getting her first spellbook! Amara is respected and pressured about joining a magical school. They tell her she's enlisted in the "Royal Academy of Magic" and she's got no choice basically and that she should probably take another class an a more "Academic" magic like Wizard. They are proud of her Cleric powers but they have a reputation to keep. The biggest brother Desmund can't show up yet. Amy ask her sister to play with her. Edmund tells Alaine what's it like? Being the only person who doesn't gotta read books to learn magic? What's it like to get a shortcut or not be very smart? If it gets physical it takes an athletics of 12 to push him over or an acrobatics of 12 to avoid him. DC Involving Parents takes a DC of 15 (11 if physical) Amy takes an 8 only Edmund: 10 Uncle: Physical 15 (Anything else 9-10) Aunt: Reversed to the uncle Grandma has an insight of +7 Her DC mentally is 16 Physically 5 (Don't beat the granny lol) She is a Druid but is frail and using magic is hard on her (Except for Cantrips) The brother Desmund is 12 physical and 16 DC mental They say Desmund cannot make it to the party and it's a real shame. Play the scene out with the attitude and such in place. Also it'll take time but Desmund will surprise show up and give Amy her first spellbook a Draconic Spellbook. He gives Edmund a magical dagger and Amaria? He gives Alaine an acceptance letter to Myrrdin. Say pack her bags time to go. Her parents will protest that Edmund is already wasting his time there and will be transferring to the Royal Academy. That it's a school for "Brutes" and outcast. They even allow "Half Breeds" and the such (Half Casters) [pic] The ship is called the "Interprise" Desmund takes her to start her year along with Edmund her other brother. The Enterprise is disguised as a ship for trading gears and bolts which it does perform but also? It transfers magical creatures and academy students. NPC's My Second Character: Blakeachu's Second Character: (Maybe on these) Goblin named Riz using disguise self to appear to be a short man. Taking in the paper work. A charming young man set to go to the royal academy. Eric Valen: Kind and virtuous and a Cleric himself a War Cleric. Emma Faith: Druid female student named a kind and hardworking Druid who sticks up for a kid getting bullied. Reiki: Cleric of life teary eyed and kind with a lack of a spine Andrew: Eldreitch knight, an Elf using disguise self with a serious case of Himedere etc etc also the one picking on Reiki. The airship begins to slowdown as an annoucement is made throughout the ship. "Please wait as we are experiencing unexpected technical difficulty" The ship is made from Cardinal Pioneers and nothing goes wrong on these ships your brother says. He tells you to stay put while he goes to fix the problem. Andrew sets off to find out what it is. The airships has a Deck: Talks of a strange small child creepily laughing and heading to the lower deck. Upper Floor: Bad talk on the Pioneers but a few people say that it's never happened before that something must be wrong. Lower Floor: Andrew tells you he found creature markings on a wall. You're brother is passing them off as "Dog" marking to the Curbstone passengers. Can investigate and etc to figure out the truth. Luggage Room: Gremlin rolls a stealth +5 if passive perception fails roll perception! If Perception failed it comes out and attacks! (No stealth attack) If succeeded? Can try and stealth against it's passive perception. If you lose only half EXP is gained and the brother steps in just in time. (Balance for 3 man campaign is 2 Gremlins Instead) If you win? The other kids will be jealous you already got to hunt a monster that first years take forever before they are allowed to do something like that! After that when the airship makes it's final stop to remove all the Curbstone passengers and says. "Only staff and facility may remain" Disguises come off for everybody! Centaurs and elfs and dwarves and everything else can be seen. A Hobgoblin captain helming the ship. "First Dropoff The Myrdinn academy of sorcerery and beast craft!" [h3 Chapter One/Introduction] Little more structure now (Note to self) All the first leave the ship to be greeted by the headmaster! A older Human (Appears to be in his 60's age unknown) Alistair Densworth is his name and he? Is a lv 15 wizard. (Not that it matters to know.) "Welcome students to Myrdinns Academy of Sorcery and Beastcraft! Today we will be going over the tour of the school! As well as a few classes that you may attend." [h3 Situation] What is happening around [h3 Plot] Following the Headmaster if they choose to. [h3 Locales/Situation] Year One Building: (Everything below is the building for year ones) Each Area will have different opening if came to on Tour or wandered into. Courtyards: Tour: This is the Courtyard! To socialize and enjoy Nature as it is. Well guarded and often visited by Pixies and Fairies! Come here to study or simply to relax Wandered: If wandered into? Or linger behind from the group? Can perception to hear two kids whispering. (Can see them whispering without the Perception) one kid shows off a scar and says "Yeah a Lion attacked me in the forest but... I beat him up" Mess Hall: Tour: This is yet another place to socialize and study but mainly? A place to eat! Food does cost money and they can ask their families for money. However they can think of chores to do for those who can't afford any food. Also the Village nearby offers work but first years must gain permission before doing any kind of such work. Wandered: If wandered into or lingered? Perception of 12 or higher to hear.. Two house heads had an argument. The head of Gryphem and the head of Ursa got into a duel over it. Hallways: Tours: Just walking on through the intertwining hallways Wandered: If wandered? See two teachers in long coats talking. Stealth of 10 or higher. Perception of 12 or higher to hear. Female: So.. They found it huh? Male: Yeah.. But it's to be expected. Female: I see.. Well next time we shall be more prudent. Male: Indeed.. I've an idea for next time. Female: Let us save that for another time. If caught? Brought back to the tour. House Buildings: House Mantichora: Tour: This is the house of Mantichora or Known as Manticore. They are known for flexibly and free spirits as well as those who are very open minded to all kinds coming to the school. Very competitive and want to recruit kids for "Fire Strike" Wandered: If wandered into? Can see Andrew trying to get into the Manticore house begging with the lead chuckling. They must all choose tonight and pass the exam tied to that house. House Head: Eli, a fire Genasi and a tall lanky look. A LV 3 sorcerer and a love for Fire magic and a passion for Fire Strike. House Gryphem: Tour: The house of the Griffin known for Bravery and Loyality and inner Strength. Strong and has proven to the school why "Stone Blooded" are allowed in the school as many great students that were Half Breed have come from here. Wandered: House Head: A Human Paladin LV 4: Named Lance Phialhart a brave and kind young man. Tall with blond hair and green eyes. He too is competitive Tour: House Vipera: Known for being worldy smart/sly/cunning and the 2nd best grades but they tend to win Fire Strike the most while making the best names for themselves. Wandered: House head whispering to another teacher. Stealth 10 Perception to hear 11: If heard? The teacher is telling the House Head to keep his Gremlins under better lock and key that he's sure one of his snuck on the ship. Vipera may have been head house last year but that doesn't mean special treatment. House Head: LV 4 Warlock Yuan Ti, Zika he's soft spoken but has a good head on his shoulders. Can come off hostile but depending on the conversation may be intrigued in inviting them. House Ursa: Tour: Known for strength of arms and straight forward approaches. This doubles as a Guard training barrack for those without magic so they may become guards in the magical world. Using magical techniques to train them even if they lack magic themselves. In this house guards can attend classes even if they lack magic. Wandered: Watch them getting buff and ripped and talking bro talk. House Head: Tarlos a shifter LV 4 totem of the bear Barbarian Large frame and booming voice. (If you get to know him or investigate around you'll learn he loves Gremlins. He admits they are dangerous in the wrong hands but really they are just impressionable. He thinks they are "Cute." He'll deny any of his gremlins ever getting out. (They had gotten out but wasn't his fault and he doesn't want his little pets to be killed) House Noctua: Tour: The greatest of grades in the school of them all. Few Avalon wins but they have a plan to change that. Wandered: If wandered into? All studying hard thinking of ways to "Flex" athletic guys into the group with "Charms" House Head: Briggid Keeneye Avalon Fields: (Fire Strike is slang for the sport) Tour: The Avalon Fields where we practice and play official matches within school and against other schools. Avalon works like soccer except they have a ground goal and a sky goal and magic is allowed. No weapons but you can attack each other. (Non lethally) Wandered: See one guy crushing it out there in a Spar until Lance and Tarlos face off in a crazy match off. (Roll Athletics +5 for each side) winner overpowers the other. [h3 Classes] Class of Beastcraft: Tour: The classes revolves around taming/learning to work and even in some cases fight against beast. Wander: Full of beast parts in a garden. Could try and steal a beast piece perhaps? No dragon parts. Teacher: Arxes [pic] Arxes: Like Tarlos he's big and hulking with a large frame. Can have a booming voice but tries to hide that fact. He loves Beast plenty! He grew up raised by Centaurs. He won't go into huge detail (Unless pressed with the right things etc etc) about what happened to his family. Only they had tragically passed away. Al-chemical Class/Artificer: [pic] Tour: For crafting and learning to make potions! Wander: See a student messing with potions in someones desk! (Is cheating) Can chase him! Takes athletics of 10 or higher and can fight the kid. (Has Bandit stats but is ranged and it's fire damage instead) Replace his STR or DEX for INT instead. Teacher: Ardash Morhain Barding Class: Tour: For learning to weave stories and entertainment into tricks and magic. Like being a magician or a musician the magic most used among the Inase. (Those without magic) Wander: Teacher: [pic] Name: Leon Vincent Cleric Courses: Tour: Cleric and it's many domains Wander: Nothing of real interest. Teacher: [pic] MaryAnne Drackoff (Anne for short) Warlock Classes: Teacher: [pic] Name: Melissa NightingGale Sorcerer Classes: [pic] Elisa Serio (Drow Elf) Wizard Classes: Teacher: [pic] Name: Shadani Druid Classes: Teacher: [pic] Name: Cecile a fairy Spell Blade Classes: (Slang/Crude term for these kids are "Stone Blooded" like the Curbstones or Dullars in the outside world to most pure kids) Those born with lesser magic are allowed to take some.. Practical combat to help defend themselves in the magical world. Mila Hardrap (Class Elerich Knight LV 5 fighter) [pic] [h3 School/Class Schedule:] Must have 4 classes 1: The class that you are you must attend. 2: You must audit one class. (Can Multiclass into it but don't have to) This helps the students to understand another. Knowing only how one magic works can slow you down in the real world after all. 3: Alchemy Class is required 4: Beast Craft class is required as well. Even if you do not have the potential to "Use Beast" These is required to know to speak and interact with other creatures to create peace between Wizards and Beast. Classes start at 10AM: Each class takes 90 minutes. They may stay an extra 30 minutes if they wish (Reducing Homework and getting extra lessons in) Meaning you're day can end anywhere from. 4PM-6PM The curfew is 12AM. The curfew is lifted at 6AM (Not required to be up at 6am only that you are allowed to be out of you're dorms) There are no classes on Saturday and Sunday. As well as Friday you only have to attend 2 classes. (You're choice) As for why the relaxed system? Alistair believes mages are at their best when they are exploring and experimenting on their own time. There are 3 semesters. Each lasting 3 months. Than they get 3 months off to do what they wish to do! Can get time off if filling for a quest/job nearby! Must be approved. Schoolwork behind is applied to be caught on later. [h3 Staff] Guards (They also do other work around the school) Known NPC's: Captain of the Guard for the first year building LV 5 Fighter His picture Lefundo's Aria a young and up coming Guard Captain and trains new coming Guards Teachers Headmaster [h3 LV Ranges/Progression] 1st Year students LV: 1-2: Newbies basically-average LV 3: Elite for a first year and very talented. LV 4: Rare and reserved for house heads if nothing else. LV 5: For Players Only 2nd Year students LV 3: Reasonably talented but still early into his/her courses. LV 4: An elite student but not house head material LV 5: Top of the top elites soon and coming rivals for the house heads. LV 7: House Head LV 8: Players Only 3rd Year Students LV 5: A student who has kept up with all of his courses with a reasonable pedigree LV 6: Above average student with promise LV 7: An Elite to rival house heads LV 10: House Heads LV 11: Players Only 4th Year Students: LV 7: Average LV 8: Above average LV 9: Elite LV 10/11/12: Rivals to the heads LV 13: House Heads: LV 14: Players Only Teachers are 1+ higher than what the players are allowed in each column except the 4th year teachers can only be LV 13 (Allowing the player to catch up with them.) Depending how the story/fights go may let the players have an EXTRA level per year. (Not every year but we'll see?) On the off semester have to give them at least something to do unless they wanna just time skip? Hmm... Tough choices. I guess socialize? I'll have to see... It'll be hard to balance. Perhaps it's okay if they outlevel the teachers? Just need a good story reason for it if it happens. [h3 Lyre Forest] Forest Near the school Heading in the village randomly can yield a D4 Amount of Encounters (If no quest) 1: Leonin Tribe run into a pack of roaming Leonin on the hunt! They are hunting for furs and pelts to make new light armor with. [pic] Pack of 6 Leonin! They have 200GP on them. They offer you to join the hunt if you wish! To compete! If they win..? They beat you to it. One shadow can be seen consuming the life of a bear. The Leonin attack the shadow and destroy it claiming the hunt is over! However 2 more attack them while 1 attacks the main group. (If they beat them first no second ambush and they win the hunt) If they win the hunt they gain 30GP if they don't but help fight the ambush 15GP 2: Run into the Beast Craft teacher. He's out with a wolf he was talking to. He shares with you his tragic past a bit (If the convo goes that way) Can stealth against him to hear him talking to his wolf asking the wolf how he feels. That he's lost... From his family that his family is taken from him and if that... Makes him writhe in anger. 3: Roll for Perception against Sprite stealth (If passive perception high enough let that pass) 2 Sprites fly up and ask why they are trouncing around the forest! They yack on a bit before using heart site (Charisma save of DC10 or they see you're inner nature etc etc) if the alignments actions don't align? Issues can ensue. (4 Sprites if 3 People) If it all goes well the Sprites will ask you about the strange man talking to people in the fores that for loving the forest he seems worried about the sprites. 4: Run into a teacher (Besides the Beast Tamer) out here trading with a Merchant! (Same Merchant in the other quest) Simple small chatter and buying from this Merchant! (Same rules as before) [h3 Stone Haven Village] Large Village near the school [pic] The school is over a mountain,surrounded by various mountains in fact with many magical barriers keeping outsiders away. This is within the barrier however. Residential Area's Houses: Just peoples homes. City Street: Someone ask you to come that they have a sale going on! They begin to lead you to an alley. (They roll deception against you're insight they are a Spy stat block socially but not combat wise.) When they lead you in there roll perception as Spy stealth attacks! If it fails they get surprise. If you don't believe it? Can try to turn him in if that happens? They will bolt! Gotta beat their their acrobatics with Athletics or Acrobatics. (If 3 people he can spy fight just like the one in the alley) If caught he'll tell you where the guy is and can stealth on him or send guards. (Convince guards and get EXP either way) 5: Town Square: Many people advertising different establishments. Here I'll advertise the taverns and weapon/armor/item shop etc. 6: Buzzing Fairy Tavern: Inn/Food/Quest Board Light House Quest: 7: Item Shop: Aarchrocka (Bird Person): Flights of Fancy 9: Weapon Smith: Tabaxi Female: Shop: Enchanted Tales 10: Armor Smith: Dwarf male: Mail's of Fancy 12: Lighthouse: You see a man at the lighthouse [pic] Two Inase men that serve as lighthouse guards the river leads to an ocean. Although the barriers protect them from most things strange creatures and people sometimes slip through. Oliver and Rain (The guards) say they've had strange sightings near the coast. If they heard you took the quest from the tavern and our students? They will show you the coast of the sightings. They'll give you guys a lift on a small boat. Out there with a perception score of 12 or higher (Passive or roll) see that the grass and rocks have been moved underwater more at one area than others as well as slime. Investigation shows that the slime around the rocks... Is Merfolk slime. After figuring that out (Or not) on the way back... Surrounded by Merfolk! (7 with 2 people and 10 with 3 people) they will ask you to leave this place. Can persuade/intimidate against their rolls. (If the conversation goes well enough no roll needed.) They can explain they are scouts.. For a mage with a booming voice and a large frame that he stole a young Merfolk. He'll return it if they send him enough information on the coast but... They haven't seen him for a bit now. 13 North: Northern Entrance: To School/From School. 13 South: Southern Entrance (To forest from forest) [h3 Chapter Two/Semester 1] [pic] Classroom map of the main Class (Per character/If I use it anyway) Can change the level ranges (For Player) Accordingly. Myriddin allows the students to view "Quest Boards" of sorts through out the school. Year 1/Semester One Quest Board: [h3 Entrance Exam] Before any quest you must take an entrance exam. Each having a physical and mental aspect to them. Griffin: Physical aspect.. Defeat 2 Inasi Guards (Guard statblock) Mental: Take a written exam, (Only have to roll a 6 or higher to barely "Pass" in INT) Bonus: Stare down an actual hellhound. (Wis or Cha saving throw of 15 or higher) if this is passed? It nulls a failure from before and get an extra 25EXP Ursa: Fight 3 Bandit Inasi (Guards dressed as bandits) Mental: After you're graded the Ursa will tell you in secret they don't care how badly you fail you've the heart of a warrior! Noctua: Fight a single Noble Inasi Guard (Noble Stat Block) Written Exam: INT saving throw (Or INT modifier) Must roll a 13 or higher. 13-14 barely passes. 15 or higher and she is impressed. If you fail the physical aspect? They don't care they tell you it's what is inside that matters. Not you're muscles. Vipera: Physical Aspect: Tell you to steal from the Warlock teacher he has tomorrow's answers for a test. (Find out the teacher was in on it) Can turn it in! The teacher grew up a Vipera so he will fail you as Vipera stating only results matter. Other teachers? Do not agree with this mentality. (Except the Beast Master teach but for his own reasons) Either sleight of hand his keys? (Must roll 10 or higher) Or lockpick (12 or higher but if no proficient with tools 15 or higher) After you get in you can get in his desk. But you'll hear him coming! On the second floor with a window open and about 50FT off the ground what do you do? Possible solutions here like disguise self etc etc. (Can even throw the papers down and come back for them after getting into trouble.) Stealth is 12 or higher. Also to lie? DC can range from 10-20 depending on the nature of the lie. Mental Aspect: Take an exam must roll 10 or higher to pass but as long as you passed the "Sneaky" aspect they will take you anyway. Handing you some of the answers you stole. Manitchora: Physical Aspect: Run through hot coals within a certain amount of time! Must roll a CON save not to lose focus. Must make a DC of 12 or higher. Take 3d6 Fire damage if failed (Can't kill but can knock out) If you're awake but it failed? Roll an Athletics to finish fast enough or a dex save. Need a 12 or higher in either one. Mental Aspect: Take a test only need an 9 or higher to pass an INT saving throw! (If you pass the fire the guy likes ya enough to try the test a second time!) [h3 Lion Pride] Lion Pride: There are lions in the Lyre forest causing issues. People have accused the Leonin of having some sort of part in this. No one knows where they came from but one student has already been badly injured. Client: Beast Craft Teacher (1st Year) Reason? Safety of the students/villagers/Beast Reputation/Leonin Tribe Witness: When you approach the student (An half Orc) He lies about "Beating" the lion back. Insight of 10 or higher reveals the truth. Roll persuasion of 10 or higher to get him to admit it or a compelling arguement without roll. A Leonin saved his life but got badly hurt. The Lion in the forest is massive. Scene of The Crime: Lyre Forest/Crags Maw (Rocky Area) There is blood. Out of the forest towards the Maw come 2 Twig Blights. (If 3 people instead 6 Blights come out) Perception of 10 or higher can see the faint tracks of blood. Investigation of 10 or higher shows it's Goblin Blood. Can track the blood with survival of 10 or higher. Leading you to... A lion! Fighting a Leonin (Not fighting a Leonin if it's a seprate campaign that has 2 or 3 characters already) No need to re balance this fight for 3 people as a lion is pretty strong. After the lion you can investigate the area! 10 or reveals more blood... A young goblin child's most likely. The Leonin explains these lions are slowly losing their minds. That he isn't sure what is causing it. That the Lion's have a shrine that brings them peace within the barrier. He is heading to the shrine and needs help. Can short rest here if you wish. Heading back to the shrine you see another lion! Perception 10 or higher you notice it first. (If it notices you it attacks no surprise) Can roll stealth against it's perception. On the way back attacked by 3 "Scout statblocks" (Only if 3 man campaign) all with shortswords. They are sent by a "Wizard in a cloak" One is an elf a dwarf and a human. Intimidation has advantage against the elf. (If singled out) Certain Persuasions have advantage against the dwarf. (If singled out) As for the human bribes have advantage. If defeated all they know is that the mage sounded like a man and he was tall. That they were sent here to make sure no one disturbed the shrine while a gremlin defaced it. They have 30GP on them. Reward: 10GP (10 GP per character) [h3 Gremlin Hideout] Client: Mayor of Stone Haven (An Inase who lives in peace with the magical society) Her name is Bella [pic] She will tell the party that the Gremlins a half day's hike in the Lyre forest. (About 12 miles there and 12 miles to get back) 8 Hour march for 24 hour normal pace. She tells them the faster it's dealt with the better. (If handled in an hour or two faster they can get a bonus) 12 Miles down Southern Lyre and you find... A destroyed campsite. Can sleuth around! Perception 10 or higher and you find... Books on many beast including a separate books on Gremlins. A broken pocket watch. Supplies and cases made to hold weapons (But empty) Investigation/History: 10 or higher you recall that Britaina has "The Clock Tower Knights" people who handle the Paranormal. Perhaps one was here? Gremlin Group is watching the party! Roll perception against their stealth roll. (They only get one stealth roll) if passive perception beats the stealth roll no roll required! If it is two party members it is 3 Gremlins! (150 EXP) If it is three party members it is 5 Gremlins! (250EXP) These Gremlins are not as smart as the ones in the airship. (Ones on the airship played stupid) They reveal their INT a little more. Making them a bit easier to question. If players roll History or knowledge they may be able to figure out they were tricked at the airship (Or just by questioning) Each Gremlin will have to roll CHA against persuasion/intimidation. If one of them fails? They will tell them that they did not take the Clock Tower Knight that a mage had. A mage the knight seemed friendly with at first. If you spare them they say they won't cause trouble but ask to not let the mage they made a deal with kill them. They can tell you he has a large frame and a booming voice. They can also tell you where the hide out is! Random Encounter Chart for Southern Lyre forest (For this quest) Gonna use a D 4 for 4 possible outcomes in each area of fail/pass. Survival 9 or lower (Get Lost gotta roll again) I'll have the players roll the D4's (More fun that way) Can't repeat encounters 1: Find 4 apprentice mages! (6 if 3 of ya) They are from a rival house! [pic] Lemine (Lemene) Fallencrest He is Viperus if you are Viperus can try and persuade him? Otherwise he uses INT as a way to refuse persuasion (+2) He'll tell you to let them handle this Gremlins. For Viperus to gain some marks against everyone else. 2: Run across two bears! Perception 10 or higher gives whoever passed a chance to sneak against sneak them! (If 3 people 3 Bears) 3: Run into a merchant! Who sells all the regular grey stuff but at 10% off! 10 Persuasion it's 15% off 15Persuasion it's 20% 20 or higher it's 25% off. He has 8 Guards with him and has commoner stats. If you kill him he has whatever gear you can carry and 400GP. If any witnesses get away? Can mean major trouble. 4: Unicorn Encounter Survival 10-13 1: Same as Number 1 above Number 2: Make a perception against Gnoll's stealth roll. If succeed? Can attempt stealth! All failed get surprised. (They all 2 hand their spears at a D8 damage for only 13AC instead. No shields) 2 Gnolls (3 if 3 players) Number 3: Meet the same merchant as above! Number 4: Unicorn Encounter Survival 14 or higher Number 1: Same as the other number 1's Number 2: See an Animated Armor (Perception of 5 only needed. Those who succeed allowed to attempt stealth) If 3 players 2 animated armors. Number 3: Meet the same merchant as above (If already met him twice face one of the other random encounters. You're choice) Number 4: Run into.. A Unicorn! It peers into you're heart. (If any evil acts committed it will give a warning.) If the players seem good and treat her with respect she will offer healing to the party. As well as directions to the Gremlin hideout. Telling you to be weary she senses something.. Wrong with that school. Survival: 20 or higher you gain 25EXP per party member and you avoid any danger! Arriving at the Gremlin Hideout! [pic] (Construction) Map of the place. As you are about to enter the underground entrance... Run into another student! (Either mine or Blakely if with Ash though don't need a 3rd student here. Mine is Gwendolyn) Entrance: Marching Order required! Trap Wire trap sending darts from the side at the party leader. Perception: 12 (Passive works) Dexterity Saving throw: 12 Fail: 1d8 con save of 12 or higher or 1d8 of poison damage too. Door to Open Room Open Room: Middle of the room has 2 Gremlin Guards sleeping. IMP in the room invisible waiting. When the players enter (If loud Gremlins will awaken but if quiet tis fine.) Can stealth the Gremlins but the Imp will attempt a stealth roll against the players perception! +5 stealth (Normal modifier). IMP has a map of the tunnel (Show players the Map) Intersection 5: Prisoner Cell: A unicorn is in here! Along with 4 Gremlins! Can attempt to stealth at them. Whoever stealth's in here has to worry about a fire trap. Perception 11 or higher if one stealther fails? Steps on plate. See the Gremlins were unaware of the trap! Everyone in the room must make a Dex save of 12 or higher to get out the room! (Door's closing) Can try to make a STR save of 15 or higher to hold the doors open! (Everyone can get out) If wanna save the Unicorn and get out (Unicorn will only take some damage) than need a DC 20 of lockpicking/athletics to break etc. (Cause doing it under 6 seconds cause fire. Normally the lockpick is only DC12) All who failed (Gremlins included) Take 2d6 fire damage. If tried holding the door open? Take 2d8 bludgeon damage as it sends you flying (Out the flaming room) Gremlins will fight you right after this trap. If trap is avoided? Can notice the plate and continue stealth as usual. The flames will only hurt the restrained Unicorn a little. After the fight the Unicorn will use the remainder of it's strength to heal you all (And itself if needed.) If you have received the "Booming Voice and Large frame" clues yet you gain the... He seemed to be a teacher at the school clue instead. Otherwise gain the other clue. (Have Unicorn heal hit die if needed here) 7: If coming from 4 need a perception of 12 or higher to see multiple plates. If stepped on? Gas comes around the hallway. Can outrun it with Acrobatics or Athletics of DC 14. If that fails? Need a Con save of DC13 or take 1d8 poison damage. Now heading into the number 7 room! 4 Acolytes! Perception of 12 or higher can see them first and attempt to stealth. If failed? Just fight! 6A: At the end of the hall here is a massive flat wall (60 FT Tall and mostly flat) Requires either 2 Athletics checks of DC 15 or one DC of 20 But there is a puzzle to this. A weighted scale! Every two pounds on the scale side away from the wall pushes one pound worth of stuff/people up over the wall. So want a 150 pound weight/equipment person over the wall? Gotta put 300 pounds on scale. Up there is a chest that has 45GP and studded leather armor! Labeled "Bosses getaway stash" 6: Is the chest room with the scale. 8: 7 Leading to 8 (A huge metal door!) To pick lock takes 15DC with tools and prof in them. 20DC without. 20DC in Athletics or STR saving throw to bust down. (If failed take 1d4 blunt damage) Can try to pick lock than will Jam. If fail with 7 or lower the first time jams right up. 9: Run into Tarlos! (Of the Ursa house) fighting a few Inase hunters. They are tied and bound now. Turning around he will greet you with a smile and tell you he believes the Gremlins are working with the Inase. Or rather the Inase or using the Gremlins. 10-14 Insight he seems a little... Off a bit worried. 15-19 He seems fidgety and twichy. 20DC: He isn't sharing something (It's about his pet Gremlins but you don't know that and he is tough to crack on this.) LV 4 Barbarian of the bear totem. He is a Shifter. He has +4 against any persuasion and +5 vs intimidation If you do get him to talk he says some of the gremlins must have been stolen for a job. Many of these gremlins are wild and cruel but some are just pets of his and he's taken them back already please don't hurt them. (He's covered in wounds) he tells you the next room is already cleared out. He said when he first got here he was under a disguise but his cover was blown a few rooms ago. 10: A room with 6 Inase cultist with steampunk Bayonets Slashing for Melee and piercing for ranged 30FT. 1d6 either way. (Cultist stat block) 30EXP instead of 25 EXP making 180 EXP or 60EXP for each person. [pic] They seem to be part of an official organization. Of where? Who knows. Five won't say anything ready to die. One is a fully new recruited Inase at 18. He'll say he hasn't been given the groups name yet but.. They are Inase that stand against Witches and Warlocks and the heathens. That all wizards and witches eventually become "Dark Wizards" When tempted with power he knows because a Dark wizard killed his entire family. That the wizarding schools must be destroyed. (Can tell a teacher about this. The headmaster says sadly? It's common for such groups to exist in this world.) 25GP 11: Nug and Rug two Orcs (orc statblock) blocking heavy sealed doors. Perception of 10 or higher to see them. Can't stealth as bright lights from torches and laterns with a few magical lights and they have back to the door. They won't listen to reason either. 30GP One regular healing potion and a master key (For other doors and the one they are guarding) Master key will announce presence. With tools can lockpick for DC 15 without 20DC. If so can try to stealth in room 12. 12: Boss Room: Steam Knight! [pic] Has Knight stats but counts as Construct rather than Humanoid. "Error Error Intruders" Can stealth if key wasn't used against it. If key was used at the door fair fight begins. Reward: 3 potions of greater healing are in the lab around the steam knight. (After the fight) In the room is a mixture of magic and science being used together. If brought to the teacher (Depends which teacher) Vary results but headmaster? He will secretly tell you he will work on the council in Britania and the other nations to allow all magical research in his school be shown. Not out of distrust but.. A precaution. A mages lifeline is their research but it can't be helped. Few teachers may grow mad (Even the ones who aren't the culprits) And Tarlos won't like it either (His pet Gremlins hidden) 13: Path cleared KO'd people (Tarlos went through here) Perception: 12 or higher shows some of the Inase have wood next to them of strange mage. Investigation: 12 or higher shows they are wands and focuses that some of them were mages! (10GP) 14: Path Cleared (Tarlos) Perception: 12 or higher notice they aren't wounded at all. Investigation: 12 or higher shows that with the wounds? They probably didn't fight back? Letting themselves get captured. (They have 20GP) 15: Empty and the bodies have 40GP (KO'd and tied up) Tarlos handled these guys. [h3 Semester 2] Avalon games are coming! You're house is given an announcements for it's first game coming up! First game coming up! Face apperntice mages and bandits as first years. (Along with house heads having +5 in physical OR magical. Or well rounded as in +2 to one and +3 to the other) Each team has 8 Members. Midair Blocker: Ground Blocker: 3 Shooters: 3 Guards: Can disperse team however they wish but blockers can use their hands. (Giving them a D4 plus to rolls.) Each House has the head and a right hand man (Right hand half as good) Such as Drake the wolf shifter in Ursa. Second Hand Man's: Ursa: Drake [pic] Vipera: Lemene (Already have picture) Gryphem: Ranger/Marian [pic] Noctua: [pic] Sera Hopkins Mantichora: [pic] Damien Brimstone As they have 5 teams? They all have a challenge to see who can avoid Round 1. This team will have to face a round one winner to proceed however forcing one unlucky team to have an extra match. (They get to choose who they face) D4 However the players will make a perception check! As well as Lance. (Lance gets +2) If anyone reaches a DC 15 or higher? Detect that house Viperus is using Mage hands to affect the paper slips from the teacher to cheat. (They want Acrobatics) If you fail? They succeed and it's acrobatics. 1: Acrobatics: Yuan Ti Head: +5 Tarlos: +3 Lance: +2 Tarlos: +3 Mantichora: +2 Noctua: +1 2: A quiz (an INT quiz) OR you can opt for a Banshee Wail. (Forced to see inner demons and make a Wisdom save of 13. The wail is repeated until only one student remains. Whoever choose the Quiz and wins that? The last 2 must face in a challenge decided of the other 3. Tarlos: Wis: -1 INT: -1 Lance: INT: -1 Wisdom: +5 Viperus: INT: +4 Wis: +1 Mantichora: INT: 0 Wisdom: +3 Noctua: Wisdom: -1 INT: +5 3: Arm wrestling: Pure STR save. Tarlos +5 Lance +3 4: Freezing Chamber Who can stay in the freezing chamber longest. (If you look too messed up they take you out) This is a Con save. Lance will have +3 Tarlos +5 Vipera head +2 Noctua: -1 Mantichora: +3 in this challenge. Second year announcements From Alistair: "I know we have had... A trying year. You may have heard the Clocktower knights investigating the school. I will not try to hide this affair from you the students. The rumors are indeed true Professor Arxes has... Broken a very sacred bond here at the academy. A bond between student and teacher. A bond that will take time to repair. It won't be long before all research held here must be under watchful eyes. In order to keep the teachers in check. That here at Myrdinn's academy of sorcerery and beast craft... (Clears throat) I Alistair Densworth will do whatever I can in my power to fix that trust. To bridge that gap and to restore what has been lost. I... Am not alone in this endeavor a hand full of students have been working hard themselves to fix what has been done. To those students I say? Thank you, dearly. Let us all hope for a better second semester! (Main characters can push for students getting a watchful eye to and Alistair will try that) (Milestone to LV 3 if they somehow didn't make it. All quest/encounters that weren't done from before are gone and done by other students now.) Alistair himself will be taking over Beast Craft until they find another more suitable teacher. His first lesson: "You must be able to discerns a creatures intentions. Many beast have a nature built into them.. A morality of sorts. Bronze dragons care for humanity and justice. Disguising themselves as heroes to aid us. However some..? Fight that nature, some bronze dragons will use that reputation to bribe humans for offerings. Till this point you've learned how to get along with beast which.. Is all good and well truly. Today however you will learn how to defend yourself from said beast. Today's lesson will be optional and those who wish to opt out? Are free to take notes of course. He has two dragon wyrmlings that with permission from their guardians? They will be testing the might of a few students as well as a chance for themselves. Bronze and Gold dragons love competition Copper and gold wyrmling The first group of 3 students get bitten clawed and breathed all over to an easy defeat. He ask which 3 next would like to try? (Main characters can or cannot try up to them) AlistairDensworth (This can be triggered whenever) Will give them a badge that allows them to leave the Mountain Enclosed valley. Heading through Twilight Pass to head into Oakwood Town. This town being right outside the magical barrier has a mixture of normal Inase and magic and casters but show this badge to anyone of the magical world? And they will know that you are in.. The know. He tells you that a group of people have been working together in Oakwood. That when he goes to check it out? They seem to leave only to reappear months later. He's not sure if Arxes was the only informant or not. But if he was..? This is the last chance and he can't give himself away. He needs you to go and handle this. That they have been lead to believe they operate in the forest near the pass and the Town. That he has an informant of his own at Oakwood's Brewery. Doreen, she can help you navigate the town. He tells you that classes not be worried this semester he gives you crystals and books if you WISH to keep up with the studies these 3 months. If not? It'll be a B automatically. Work at the school and nearby town has dried up as well. Reward: 350GP [h3 Twilight Pass] Marching Order Needed! One in the front needs to make a perception check of 14 (If passive high enough they succeed) if not? Stumble into a pitfall into spikes! Ground giving out behind you as well. Make a dex save! 10-13 Take half damage. 15 or higher no damage. Lower than 10? Take full damage. 2d8 Piercing damage. After you climb out the pit continue onward! The head must make a perception check against a humanoid figure on top of the pass pushing rocks down! Their stealth vs you're perception. (Bandit captain pushing the rocks) If you see it? Everyone gets advantage at dex checks against the rocks coming in. Can smack the rocks out of the way with strength check! DEX Check is: DC12 Strength Check is DC15: (if someone in the marching order is near someone who smacks the rocks? Their dex save DC turns to only an 8!) If they shortrest? The two responsible for these traps will attempt to sneak up on them in the pass. Whoever on guard duty rolls against Captain Stealth (He has a berserk er with him) if no one on guard? All surprised! Whoever on guard duty gets a perception check to warn the others! Fight one Berserker and one Captain! (Worth an extra 100EXP for all the troubles so worth 1000 over 900) If 4 players? A Knight and a Captain! And an extra 150EXP making 1300EXP if 4 players) The Knight has Plate armor. Must be fitted into the player at town however! (Fitting will cost 200GP) the Inase here? Give 150GP as they were more elite. They have strange Crest on their arms. A sword with a shield through it. They are "Holy Knight's" Inase that work away from the Hunters. Full of former revolutionaries mages. The motives of the group are vague as they are fanatics. They believe it will cause an Awakening with Inase and Mages together while Hunters and Revolutionaries hate each other normally. "Walk into the light or we will drag you into it" is their motto. [h3 Oakwood Town] [b Trinkets and Oddities Antique store.] Meet the Merchant from the woods before! (A wood elf named Zen. He has his 8 guards still.) Show him the badge? He will show you he has green magical items for 500GP each. Can fit armor too. (Need to show badge or just has "Antiques") Unless he saw you in the forest before. [b Oakwood Brewery] Owned by a Dwarf named Gorim Beardcutter but the Townspeople just think he is short. He has Gladiator stats and is missing an eye (He has disadvantage on perception checks by sight) grizzled vet. People guess he was part of Britania's war with the Confederates (A number of nations bound together where Britania was almost forced to join) He's a tough son of a bitch. But he's more intrigued by brewing drinks than causing violence but he will kick out trouble makers. Can buy food/drink here showing him the badge he'll allow you to use the meal pass. [h3 Quest Board in Brewery] Show Beard Cutter the badge and he takes you to a secret hub under the tavern. A hidden tavern of sorts for magical beings and creatures! [b Quest One] Forked Tongue Wryming Problem! Two Red Dragon Wyrmlings in the forest already have badly hurt some adventurers. Takes 12 Survival in the Twilight Forest. (Handed a map with a last marked area) Reward: 200GP Perception of 12 to find the first and can try stealth! After the fight? The second will stealth on them! (If they short rest) If they keep hunting it will jump out! If they rest the guard must roll perception. (It will attack as the hour of rest is ending so gain benefits at least.) If 4 people? The quest is two Hill Giant brothers! Bullying two Hidden villages. Southern and Northern Pixie Hill! Can rest between fights (Short Rest) If long rest between fights the second village will be destroyed and only half GP Reward. If 4 people 275GP instead. [b Quest Two] Band of Bandits causing issues! They are stealing from mages and Inase alike! Down Oakland Highway. Entire Bandit camp can be found (With survival of 12 or higher if failed they find you first on the highway.) Find the camp! You can approach however. 14 Bandits if 3 of you. 117EXP or 350EXP (Per Player) if they aren't LV 4. If 4 of you? 19 Bandits 119 EXP or 475 if not LV 4 yet. Find out these bandits were kicked out by the Holy Knight's! Can tell you the location of the hideout. (One that tells you dies) the others don't speak up anymore. [h3 Twilight Forest] To find hideout takes 3 Survival of 10's Or 2 rolls of 15-19 Or 1 Roll of 20 or higher. Every roll or fail (Lower than 10) Risk another encounter. If gained info from bandits every roll takes 1 less. If rolled 20 or higher with info can gain some advantage on each encounter. Encounters D6 1: Deadly: [pic] Attacked in the woods by a well trained assassin! (Master Assasin stat block) The roll stealth against everyone's perception! If defeated and questioned? She is a well trained Mage Hunter. She grew up in the life protected by the Inase who saved her from a terrifying dark wizard. Her contract came from the "Holy Knight's" Can kill or spare her. She is very monotone and knows little of the outside world. With the right approach? Can convince her to come with you to the hideout or at least show you the hideout. However that would take a LOT. Melian Ithri (Meli for short) OR (If only 3 members) Yambul Grimfang [pic] He won't listen to reason but afterwards? He'll tell the party he was simply bored and offer them a drink as way of apology. Orc war chief stat block! (Uses greatsword instead of battleaxe though) 2: Hard: Perception of 12 or higher see them first. Can try stealth! If 3 people? Two death dogs! Arcana check or investigation (12 each) Can reveal they were created. Perception: That they have pieces of flesh not yet rotted. A magical seal (With 15 Arcana) can be detected that "Dark Magic" had created them. If 4 People? Two Blue Guard Drakes with an ominous cursed seal upon them. Controlled by dark wizards! (Gotta figure that out though only see a seal on the chest) 3: Social/Backstory Hook (Have this happen eventually somewhere even if not rolled) Scarlett: Cult Fantatic attacks the group! Trying to bring Scarlett "Back" to realize her full potential as a Dark Wizard. If she somehow agree's or follows? Take her back to a layer with 13 cultist including the fantatic. (If she loses Arthur let her have the chance to gain a cultist party member here. An Oathbreaker) Lily Starcry [pic] She will show up with the cultist but she won't fight alongside him. Only stating one day her and Scarlett will fight side by side. Her intention? Destruction. Her reasons? For now unknown. (Former Fey Knight background etc etc) Ivan: He will run into his father Vince. He is here to evalute the safety of the school as per order of the council. The Clocktower knight's think the school should be shut down but the Mage's Association hasn't decided yet so the council stands on the fence. He has an upper middle seat on Britania's Magical council. He informs them that the Queen has taken an interest in the school letting a major secret out. The queen of an Inase kingdom believes in the mages and they are capable of good. Queen Elizabeth Gremory. This makes Gwen very happy! Asking if she can.. Send him a letter she wrote as a little girl to the queen he says he will try his best to do so. Vince Devereux [pic] 4: Treasure: Run into a Unicorn! This Unicorn knows the one in Lyre forest! This Unicorn can look deep into you're heart to see if you are worthy. If they are? She will gift them a Pearl of Power she had in hiding nearby. 5: Medium: Two Dire wolves! (Balanced for 3 or 4 people) Just Dire Wolves looking for a meal! They try and sneak on the party! 6: Easy: Attacked by 3 Dark Cultist (Only know one spell "Aura of Murder" Night Blade statblock) They are hunting for the "Holy Knight's" They don't want an awakening they simply want mages to rule the Inase. (This fight is the same regardless of party size) [h3 "Holy Knight's" Hideout] Balanced for LV 4 To find takes 3 Survival of 10's Or 2 rolls of 15-19 Or 1 Roll of 20 or higher. Every roll or fail (Lower than 10) Risk another encounter. If gained info from bandits every roll takes 1 less. If rolled 20 or higher with info can gain some advantage on each encounter. [h3 Entrance] Door: Steam Door: Steam coming off the door and gears whirring. Need a Clockwork Key. Or Lockpick of DC 12 (15 if no tool skills) Can bust the door down but need an STR Saving throw or Athletics of 20 or higher. If failed take 1d4 blunt damage. Door has 50HP. Physical attacks will do half damage. If attacked however? Guards will come out. (Less guards come if just knocked down.) Knocked Down: Swashbuckler with 2 bandits will come! Door Attacked: 2 Swashbucklers! 750EXP Can wait for an hour and stealth for a guard to return. (Hobgoblin stat block and a Hob Goblin) Blu is his name. He has a Key on him with a report of Dark Wizards making way to the village. Trap: Marching order needed! The one in front needs a perception (Or passive of) 14 to notice trap! If trap is set off? An iceblade will be set off (String to a scroll) attacks the back of the party! Can attempt a con save or dex save. Con save of DC 15 or Dex save of 12. (Warn them the Con will be harder) If failed? 2d10 Ice damage. The next room (No door) Can peer in the room to see what they have. If 4 people? In the room is the Viperus kid Lemine (Hypnotized and has been training under these guys.) He has 2 bandits with him. If 3 people? He's an Enchanter If 4? He's a mage CR 6 3100 exp He'll be confused when knocked out and woken up. He can sense the power is still there for him to access but just.. Out of reach. But he was so scared.. That he was going to become a dark mage. Still can be stand offish to the party. (He was taken for the way he treated students and used his lineage the Holy Knights hate his kind.) Find out that an imposter at school was pretending to be him while he was gone. (The encounter with him happened with the real him however.) Can head into left or right room. Left Room is called Assembly Line Where the machines are made Right Room is called Engineer Room Where they work on making tweaks. Both Rooms have a steampunk aesthetic [h3 Assembly Line] In the assembly line see two Steam Knight's! (Knight's but using Lance's over Greatswords) 4500EXP Can sneak on them! Or try to sneak around them! (Have them roll perception to sneak around) That is for 4 players If two players? It's one Steam Knight being used by a bandit captain! People working the Assembly Line will tell the players they are in the War Room [h3 Engineer Room] Holy Knight (Use Arthur Pendragon LV 5 from Gabes campaign) If 4 players? Add 1 techno thug with him! [pic] 5000 EXP Defeated they will tell you the War Room is where the boss is and the dangers of the other room (The Knight will tell you) Techno's Thugs name is Gaven The Holy Knight however? (One of conquest) He'll recognize Scarlett.. She was the child an Occult group known as "Ebon Wings" Tried to alter many years ago. As for Ivan? He'll tell him it's sick the magical society allowed him to continue despite his sin. Just because his father is a respected mage. That he knew of the "Bully" he killed. That sure the kid was rough but he had a rough upbringing and he just... Killed him. (Can retcon) [pic] Estelle Cravenmaw is the Holy Knight's name. (He has 800GP on him) [h3 "War Room"] Clockwork Dragon in the room. (Can try and stealth) Surrounded by wires and gizmos and other works and writings. Wyvern stats but counts as construct. [pic] What's in the room. 1100GP (Research Funds) A cocky researcher [pic] Also notes of Leonin in the forest stolen to be altered and how he was simply "Using the Holy Knight's" To create the ultimate life form. Find out this form? Is only Clockwork that his real body is somewhere else. Seren: What is this..? Time magic? Something seems... Almost sinister a certain pressure. Yes yes.. I must experiment on you. Arthur: Ha! Easily manuplated just like the Holy Knights eh? Paladins are just children who refuse to grow up and see the world for what it really is. Scarlette: Ebon wings tainted eh? How you'd make the ultimate life form. Just let me cut you up a bit first I'll make you perfect. Elaine: A verena huh? Come to steal my research yet again little girl? Kaia: Another bulky specimen huh? Though I grow tired of tinkering with you're kind such simple brutes really. Alexander Buckland is his name and he will tell the players not to forget it! (He will be shocked and frustrated the Wyvern did not kill them but his machine body will not fight them) Gaining info in the room on.. Ebon Wings (Dark Cult nearby he was also dealing with) Hunters who've been fighting with Ebon Wings. The Hunters group are known as "Red Cloaks" As well as the Holy Knight's working to create a war airship with Dr Bucklands aid.


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