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By Tatzuo
Backup thread

This story is very dear to me and over a decade old. Please do not copy, steal, or fabricate any of my ideas or intellectual property. Please ask if you'd like to know anything or use anything!

This is a group idea based on the 12 zodiacs and their god-like reincarnations. If you'd like to be a deity, please PM me!

The history of Leviatic can be traced far back before mankind was even created; back to a time when Astral Gods only had themselves to keep company. Twelve Zodiac Gods, each one with their own respective means of creation. These twelve Gods would undertake the task of maintaining, as well as securing, peace between themselves and the world they'd create. Eventually, these creations became worshippers who'd erected temples in the honor of their Astral Entities. The constant worshiping eventually became a popularity contest among the Gods.

This soon brought forth the beginning of the end to their reign. The intense rivalry amongst the Gods gave birth to a being named Occisor, the mighty God of destruction. Upon being created the Deities each blessed him with a fraction of their individual essence, securing his title of God. Although they'd all be capable of telepathically communicating with Occisor, Neither God would ever know which one amongst them ordered the punishment of worshippers. Popularity would sway like a pendulum when one God held more favor than another, Occisor would eradicate and or punish, ultimately trimming the numbers and bringing balance.

Within this game, neutrality was not an option and instead would be cause for immediate removal. It would soon become apparent that, to the other Gods, Occisor wasn't acknowledged as a Deity and instead would be seen as a mere puppet. With each passing moment he was forced to endure the ridicule and abuse of his creators, his resentment grew. Instead of freedom, Occisor yearned for death's release, he had no family and was hated by those he was forced to terrorize. The urge seemed familiar, he couldn't recall when was the last time he wanted death, but for some reason, he felt like he might've been granted his wish once already.

Wanting nothing more than to erase the Gods from the universe, he vowed to destroy the Zodiacs permanently. If they ceased to exist, so would he. The Gods’ pride proved to be their downfall when they faced their hellish child one on one, each being taken down by this newly proclaimed Beast. Unbeknownst to Occisor, it was too late, the Zodiac Gods had already sent parts of themselves into mortals, thus spreading their essence, the very thing keeping Occisor alive. Reincarnations would eventually be upon the masses and after realizing that their continued lineage further tightened his already fastened shackles, he'd finish off the bearer of such news.

After the defeat and death of Leo, Occisor fell into a deep, healing slumber. Throughout generations, the reincarnations were acknowledged as β€˜deities’ and thrived. Though the looming possibility of the Beast’s return will forever linger in their future.


The Rules

- Deities are technically reincarnations of Gods, therefore have set elements for abilities. Please stick with these!
- Please keep this SFW. There are themes of mild gore and blood obviously from fighting, but nothing more than what is allowed on this site.
- No godmodding or puppeteering. In other words, no you’re not invincible, and no you cannot force anyone to take a hit and or do anything. Consent is sexy everyone!
- Character photos can be drawn, realistic, or from anime.
- Please make an original character! Do not just pull a character from an anime or TV show.
- Lastly, if your character is killed. Deities can be reincarnated again over time into a different vessel, so give it time and you can have your Zodiac back!
- Regular characters ARE ALLOWED! If you don't want to be a deity that is completely fine!

Just PM me your character sheet if you’re interested so I can throw it in. Thank you!


Taken Deities














This is set in modern times with it's own locations! I will set up a thread with any information needed for the RP!
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