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Mischief Mastered

By Lynn8818
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Harry potter rp between me and Tifa_Lock.
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-Tifa_Lockhart-Mischief   329d ago

[pic] [#f4462f "I understand what you are wanting me to do, Professor.. But why does it have to be me? You know I have never been on who liked to get into these sort of things and prefered to be a 'wallflower' when I was still a student.."] Seraphina said softly as hazel eyes came up from her clasped hands and the black skirt that she wore. She had been listening to Professor Dumbledore explaining his concerns and how he wanted her to act as a spy in a sense. But even so, the young woman of nineteen didn't understand. Couldn't understand. [b "Seraphina, I understand your concerns in my asking this of you. But it is because of your past and how many thing of you that you are the perfect choice for this. I promise that there will be no harm done to you and your family."] The old man said as he sat back in his chair, sparkling blue eyes almost hidden by half moon spectacles said gently as he seemed to be trying to reassure the young woman. God she sometimes hated the man. He had been both her favourite professor and her least favourite all because he just had that air about him that made you want to trust him and even do as he said. Plus everything he had told her about a new evil coming into play had been enough to draw her in. Sera had always wanted to help others and in a big way, so this was a chance to do it. [#f4462f "And I have your word that this is only for this year? No harm comes to me or anyone I care about?"] The blonde asked as she now kept an almost tired hazel-eyed gaze upon Professor Dumbledore as she had only had three hours of sleep the night before because her anxiety had decided to act up. [b "Yes, you have my word. Now you best be heading off to the feast. The other professors and I will be along shortly."] Dumbledore said as he waved Sera off and against sat back in his chair. A sigh slipped from soft rosy pink lips as she pushed her own chair back and clicked to the cat who had been watching the owls flying from the windowsill. It was when Simba, well as she liked to call him, Mouse had hopped onto her shoulder and curled up across them did the young woman leave the office and make her way down spiral stairs. As soon as she was off the the stairs, she began her way down the long familiar hallways and ket out a squeak as she bumped into someone apparently going the same way as she was. [#f4462f "I'm so sorry....I wasn't watching where I was going.."] Which was true as she was still SO very distracted by thoughts of the meeting she had just had with the Headmaster. [#f4462f "I...are you making your way to the feast too? Maybe we could go together?"] Why did she have to be so awkward? It was only her cat's soft purring and nuzzling that was keeping her semi-calm as she waited to see what would happen next. ~~~☆☆☆~~~☆☆☆~~ [pic] Piercing blue gaze was locked upon his mother and father as both sat across the long wooden table from him. It was their annual before the start of term meal and Alfred was not at all pleased. For they had JUST told him that after this school year he was going to be married. APPARENTLY the marriage had been arranged for the last year or two and they were just telling him now. Some bullocks about knowing how defiant he could be and how they feared he would try and sabotage the whole thing if he had known. Which to be fair, the young man of seventeen would have as he believed arranged marraiges to be a thing from "the dark ages" and that people SHOULD be allowed to choose their own partners. "Alfred, do not give us those looks! It is something that we were asked to arrange for our  'Lord' and so we were more than happy. And you should be happy to serve as well. From what we were told she is a nice girl and should do well as a wife. Very complacent as well and can be trained." Of course one Reginald Draxler would say such a thing. He had come from one of the ancient families and so all this arranged marriage stuff was as he would say "a part of life". [b "I don't bloody well care! I am not you nor mum. And I would prefer not to get involved in your 'Lord's' affairs. It is NOT who I am and I wish you would bloody well stop."] The seventeen year old all but growled at his mother and father, hand slamming down on the table. The bang was not necessarry and he knew it, but Alfred didn't give a damn and was trying to get his point across that he did NOT want to be married to some girl that he may or may not be going to school with OR even like all because it was "The Dark Lord's" wishes. His mother was the next to speak. She was kinder and more gentle than was her husband, but Cecily Draxler had also come from an ancient family and shared a lot the same views. Though she was not as blunt about it. Or rather the woman normally wasn't. "We understand that you are not happy about this. But it really would be the best thing for us as a family, darling. You have to learn that you cannot only think of yourself and what is best but need to do what is best for family." Came gentle worda as she tried to reason with her son who was still very much fuming. Drax had a soft spot for his mother. The boy always had. But he could NOT for the life of him understand why she was on his farher's side and trying to convince him that this marriage thing was a good idea or "best for the family". The woman had always told him she wanted him to live his life and be happy. So what was this rubbish she was feeding him now? Was it scripted as she was usually compliant with his father's wish as that was the old way? Honestly, he had heard all he needed and was NOT in the mood to go back and forth with his parents on the matter anymore. Truth was, Alfred was already TRYING to figure out a way around the arrangement. Maybe he could find the girl whom he was supposed to marry and convince her it was a terrible idea and to help him go against their parents wishes. So without any other words, the boy all but shoved his chair back from the table, made his way up the stairs, and once in his room slammed the door behind him just to make clear he this was not over and he had every intent to defy their wishes. In the morning, Alfred's mood still had not improved from the night before. All through breakfast he had not spoken a word to his mother or father and he even spent most of his time before going to King's Cross in his room and making sure again and again he had everything he would need for the school year. He did NOT want to be writing home unless he absolutely needed to. By ten-thirty in the morning, the boy was apparating with his parents to an alleyway just across from the train station and walking in with them as they had found a trolly outside that he could put his trunk and puppy's cage on as he kept Axel, the little husky in his arms. It kept the pup close and it was also a way to keep Alfred calm and to seem like nothing was the matter. It was only when past the barrier and on the platform for the Hogwarts Express did the boy break his silence to his parents. [b "See you over the you both.."] The words were soft as he spoke them and gave his parents the quickest of hugs before he took his trunk and Axel on the train and found a compartment with only one other person inside. [b "Er....mind it I sit with you? Everywhere else seems claimed.."] Came quiet and almost awkward words as it was a girl whom he knew to be a Hufflepuff and maybe a year or so younger than he was.
Lynn8818Fallon Astrophel   284d ago

Fallon Astrophel
Freckled features face two figures that stand across from her. Their dark eyed gazes are cold and oppressive, just as they always had been. [#F5CE0E “I will do as you say Father, Mother.”] Came the steady and even voice of the young sixteen year old, remaining calm despite how tense her body is in response to this infuriating situation. Fallon did not want to be forced into a marriage with someone she had no clue about nor did she wish to just sit calmly and adhere to such outdated traditions; yet she couldn’t bring herself to object, perhaps it was their harsh gazes or that burdensome desire to please them, but most likely it was her stronger need for peace. “Excellent. His name is Alfred Draxler, I was told he is slightly unruly but competent. You’ll round each other out favorably. Of course he’s of a lesser house like you, and his parents side with that unruly dark wizard they call their dark lord, but it’s best to hold some power everywhere if possible.” Just as could be expected of Calder Astrophel, who was playing everyone for a fool in his attempts to gain more power and influence. As head of one of the dwindling pureblood families it has become expected of him. A lighter and more cordial tone followed the deep and apathetic voice of Fallon’s father. “While I know you are not as skilled as your siblings in Gryffindor and Slytherin in magical abilities and people skills, do attempt to show some sort of ability in allurement. This boy is already against the arrangement and we don’t need you to give him any more reason to oppose it. Clean yourself up nice and pretty this year, and at least act like a proper Astrophel.” The cold and oh so “encouraging” words of a well-off pure-blooded Slytherin mother, only fueled Fallon’s desire to leave for Hogwarts early. Her mother fully supported her father, caring primarily about her reputation and wealth, which of course meant she saw her youngest, a Hufflepuff, as a stain on her status in the wizarding world. To the young brunette’s relief she was swiftly dismissed and could return to her packing. While making her way quietly through the silent halls of the large Astrophel home, Fallon found herself coming up with methods to end the engagement. As her fiancée was stated to already disagree with the arrangement then maybe they could come to an agreement. Upon reaching her room she softly shut the heavy wooden door. [#F5CE0E “Pax, it appears we are going to have an interesting academic year. I’ll definitely need your assistance tomorrow.”] Blue eyes fixed on Fallon as she approached, seeming to completely comprehend each word and responding with a curt “meow”. Fallon had left early the next morning, all her stuff carefully readied for the year before she had apparated to an abandoned shop near the train station. Loading her luggage onto a trolly near the train before looking around. She simply stood near the train observing the other students as they slowly arrived. Each returning student wears their house robes and smiles with their parents while waiting to board, new students looking nervous yet excited as they say farewell to their adoring parents, all the while Fallon stands alone in her neat Hufflepuff robe and holding her pet carrier. Not long after ten-thirty arrives Fallon boards the train, subtly letting Pax out of his carrier. Without hesitation Pax jumps out and faces his master, meeting her eyes before easily maneuvering past the students in the hall peering into each one before stopping at the door of one cabin and patiently waiting with his intelligent blue eyes looking back in the direction of the young Astrophel. With careful movement Fal moves through the crowd, following Pax. Upon arriving at the cabin she glances inside to find a slightly older dark haired boy, sitting alone. [#F5CE0E “Good work Pax,”] she whispered, giving the cat a treat. [#F5CE0E “Uh… Hello…. Would you mind if I sit with you? Everywhere else seems claimed.."] Her voice was quiet and the words came out awkwardly which caused her ears to burn with a slight blush beneath her long hair. As her green eyes had landed on the guy she had realized he was quite attractive, which had caused her to become a bit awkward having been thrown off. Collecting herself she stood up straighter and cleared her throat, [#F5CE0E “It appears I had waited too long to board the train,”] she explained while Pax simply walked past her and jumped onto the bench across from the boy. ___________________________________♥️♥️♥️_______________________________________ [left [pic]] Cold blue eyes stare into the mirror and watch as pale fingers fix the blue tie with thin silver detailing. [#0000A2 “To think, I’ll be teaching this year. It’s an odd feeling to go from a student to an educator in only a few years… I suppose swiftness was necessary for the Lord’s ambitions,”] Matrix quietly said to himself, as he finished adjusting his attire. Smoothing over his clean cut, blue and black suit one last time in the mirror the young man pivoted on his heel and headed out of his room. [#0000A2 “Keep watch Cato. It’s almost time for the feast,”] the platinum blonde said to the extremely vigilant pet, before closing the heavy wooden door and locking it. As he strolled past the many lively portraits he’d seen since his first year at Hogwarts, Matrix went over his assignment repeatedly in his mind. The Lord had assigned him to be, in simple terms, a recruiter. It was his obligation to procure new and promising wizards to join the Death Eaters. It was a simple task in theory but to find valuable assets and convince them to turn on everything they know was more difficult then it seemed. When the Lord himself had applied for a professor position at Hogwarts before, he’d secured a good few loyal supporters but they wouldn’t be enough. Pure-bloods are already growing fewer with each generation and Slytherin, while very drawn to the Dark Lord’s ideals, would never make for a perfect army. Therefore, Matrix was specifically in search of malleable young pure-blood students with promising abilities that weren’t in Slytherin. In his own mind he sighed at the task. Clearing the thoughts from his mind as he approached the large golden statue of a bird that stood as a sign of Dumbledore's office, his pace slowed. One pale hand being placed on its beak, [#0000A2 “just as tasteless and impudent as the man himself,”] he muttered smoothly under his breath, before continuing on his course. The new professor was not far down the hall from the office when he heard light footsteps down its spiral steps. He’d thought nothing of it at first, though he began listening more carefully behind him out of habit. Dumbledore had a guest that had just left was all, nothing more. But as he listened to those light steps following not far behind him he felt something suddenly bump into his back. "I'm so sorry....I wasn't watching where I was going.." A sweet feminine voice came following a small mouse-like sound. One dark brow raised slightly at the sound before he turned tactfully to face the person. There before him was a young golden blonde with light hazel eyes and a cat around her shoulders. With an even and composed expression he opens his mouth to speak only for her to interrupt, "I...are you making your way to the feast too? Maybe we could go together?" Patiently waiting for her to finish, Matrix finally speaks to the girl, as he fixes the back of his suit. [#0000A2 “It’s alright, miss and yes, I am making my way to the dining hall now,”] his voice is even and some would likely describe it as cold since it lacked emotion behind it. Though beneath that composed expression and cold voice Matrix was analyzing the girl based on what he could see and had heard up to that point. She’d been the one to leave Dumbledore's office, she seemed awkward and distracted by whatever they’d discussed. Besides that she was young, maybe 19, and presumably graduated from Hogwarts. This girl was potentially someone to keep an eye on as an ally to Dumbledore, Matrix decided before giving the girl his response [#0000A2 “I don’t see why not, as we are both already heading there but I do not want to be late.”] Then he started walking leaving her to catch up to him.
-Tifa_Lockhart-Mischief   140d ago

[pic] Awkward, that was DEFINITELY the only way that Seraphina could describe her encounter with the young man she had quite literally bumped into. From just those first few moments, the young woman could tell that he seemed to very cold, almost like ice and yet, yet he seemed to be composed as well. Because of the mix of ice and composure that the male displayed, in the young woman's mind it was almost like he happened to be hiding something. But those thoughts were quickly pushed from her mind as he had answered her questions that she had asked. The questions that she had almost forgotten she had asked. [#f4462f "I would assume you know these halls just as well as I do...I mean you wouldn't have chosen this path if not..."] Her words were soft and JUST barely uttered before the platinum blonde male, a new professor from what she guessed began on his way again. For just a moment, Sera did allow herself to stay where she had been standing and just stare after him. It was a shame he seemed so closed off. He was attractive to say the least and being close to her age (or rather she assumed that he was) it would have been nice to have a friend. Well...someone she could maybe talk to who would understand her. And those thoughts right there had the professor of nineteen flinch. Given her task, the young woman had no time for friends...or rather it was better not to try and make them. If she did, then she would be putting more people in danger. With a shake of her head, the blonde began to rush after the male. [#f4462f "By the way... I'm Seraphina.. Well I prefer to be called Sera..."] She said as she managed to fall into step beside the him. It couldn't hurt to introduce herself, right? Or that was what she told herself. ~~~☆☆☆~~~☆☆☆~~ [pic] A hand had absently been petting his pup when he heard the soft and awkward words of the girl whom seemed to find her way to his lonely compartment. For a moment, Alfred found that for lack of better words, cat had somehow "gotten ahold of his tongue" and he struggled to speak (which was so unlike him). She was a pretty little thing, even he could not deny that as his eyes seemed to trail over the girl who had spoken to him. [b "You might as well join me. Usually others have a hard time when they want to sit with me. Supposedly I give off an air of intimidation. Or that's what they claim. So having a companion this year's train ride would be nice."] The words slipped easily from thin pink lips and sounded much more confident than the young man felt. But it was what it was and he needed something or rather someone that could possibly make him forgot all that he had been told the night before. And after his spoken words, Alfred did take piercing blue gaze from the girl and allowed it to fall to the window oncd again which was looking into the platform. [b "Still quite a few others just getting here. You think more would take to heart when the train leaves rather than to have to rush in the last moments just to get a seat and not miss it."] The boy of seventeen glanced to Fallon and he slowly gave a motion of his hand as if to invite her closer to the window so that she may get a look as well and see for herself what he was talking about. To the male, things seemed a bit awkward and he could very easily assume responsibility for that fact. All the Draxler boy could do was hope a rhythm would be found and that the train ride would not be an awkward one the whole way through. And if it was, well than it would be his fault.


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