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[h3 [center [b The Road to Heartbloom]]] [center Stepping inside they will either see the vampire alone or someone else will be there with him depending on if you had seen the person outside of the manor. Roll for perception 12 pass 10 - 11 low - Pass The room is the only place that seems to actually look like someone lives in it. A bed is off to the right, and it has been made recently. There are a few torches lit up along the wall. Insight 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The vampire seems surprised, but also very uneasy. On his left hip is a holster. He is clearly wielding some form of weapon, but he seems to be purposely guarding that hip so that the weapon can't be seen very easily. His hands are down at his sides though. He doesn't appear to be reaching for his weapon. Actually, that hasn't seemed to cross his mind yet. persuasion against the Vampire's persuasion. Pass - He will speak to you and calm down. May just end up with a new party member! Fail - He will attempt to attack with his weapon. It will not work though. It will be a waste of a bullet. Magic will stop them from being hurt. A voice will then sound in their mind. "No violence is allowed in my abode." It's a beautiful voice yet it almost sounds like a mother scolding its children. "You know this Aldrich. Be careful and be kind to these people they never tried to attack you." The vampire seems to have calmed down hearing this voice. He regards the party with a different look. If it is a pass then there will be no voice at all, and the vampire will see reason and speak with them. They can offer him to join the party and he will. If they don't offer, then he will ask. After deciding whether he joins or not they all head towards Heartbloom. As they walk further down the forest path, they end up leaving the safe domain that was kept by a unicorn. The vampire and Lia can feel the difference leaving the domain.  Roll Perception 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - As you are walking along the path, they see a man running quickly out of the trees. He's carrying something. Suddenly out of the sky a red creature dives down upon the man causing him to fall beneath it. There's a lot of screaming now as whatever the creature is mauls this man. Fail - You don't see the man or the red creature at all until you end up getting closer to them. Roll Sneak 15 pass Roll Perception 12 pass 10 - 11 perception pass - The creature appears to be a red dragon. The man is hurt and scared beneath it and next to the man is a rather large egg. Roll History 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - It is a very angry wyvern. Engage Wyvern in battle. After the wyvern is downed. The man thanks them and quickly runs off leaving the egg behind. Clearly, he's had enough for the day. You can take the wyvern egg or try to give it back to wyvern if you haven't killed it.  If you keep the egg there will be a certain roll to see if you are able to keep the egg alive for at least three days. You will have more rolls for the baby wyvern until it gets use to you. After the wyvern the path on the way towards Heartbloom is very calm and serene. They have no more trouble getting there. Roll perception 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The kingdom of Heartbloom is rather large. It is a very beautiful place. It has everything you could possibly be looking for. The place looks to be mostly filled with elves, but there are other races when you look more closely. They seem to wear exotic clothing. Appears that Kitra wasn't wrong. Everyone here seems to wear exotic clothing. The only ones that don't seem to be wearing any of this clothing is adventurers. Roll Insight 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The people of the kingdom don't seem to notice the newcomers. Instead, they seem to be in a hurry. Some are running around with flowers while others are running around with food. It seems like everyone is very busy. You can explore around the kingdom, or you can head directly to the queen to speak with her. You can look at the badge and see if there are any quests. Badge Quests 1 - For 100 gp. Half dragon 2 - For 200 gp. T-Rex 3 - For 500 gp. White Abishai If you ask around the kingdom, they will tell you that the queen is getting married. If you decide to head to the castle directly you will run into a male elf that looks very upset. He is the queen's brother, and he believes his sister has been charmed. He wants you to investigate the man she is marrying. He has been staying within the castle. He would do it himself, but his sister has already threatened him multiple times. He really needs help. He's begging you. If you decide to help him and you go to the castle it is going to be difficult to get around as there are a ton of people trying to get ready for the big wedding. You can attempt to look for the groom or find the queen.
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[h3 [center [b The Marriage of the Queen]]] [center So you decide to go and find the queen. Roll Survival 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - It takes a bit to navigate to the throne room, but you find her! Fail - Oh no. You get lost and have to ask guards or some of the people that are in a hurry around you for help. At first no one seems interested, but a kind guard stops by and tells you where you need to go to find her. [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/2e/85/3a/2e853a07648e13c4c8c6a8ede0f514f7.jpg]] Perception 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The queen is in her throne room with only a couple of people. They are brushing her hair and seem to be talking to her about various things, but none of it seems very important to you. Just wedding stuff. Insight 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The queen looks rather happy. Nothing seems amiss with her. Arcana 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - There is definitely something not right. There seems to be a magic spell on her. It seems her brother must have been onto something. She looks up as you enter and smiles brightly. "I have always loved seeing new faces! You've come at such a wonderful time too!" If you tell her that you bring news from Adrian and have a note for her, she will shake her head. "I'm sorry but can't it wait until after the wedding? Surely it isn't that important?" Roll Persuasion Pass 15 Pass - She reluctantly looks at the papers and though she seems genuinely worried at first it quickly disappears, and she hands the papers back. "I'm sorry, but it will just have to wait. Adrian will understand." You can ask to meet the groom and she will tell you what room he is staying within. Survival 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - Ah you find his room with little to no trouble at all! Fail - This castle feels like a maze, and you get lost. As you are walking the halls you bump into someone, and they tell you where you can find him and even show you to the room. You reach out and knock on the door and there is no answer for quite some time. Someone opens the door just as you are about to knock again. It is a young man, and he is looking at the group quietly. "Hello." He doesn't open the door all the way. Insight 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - He is regarding them with unease. He doesn't exactly look happy to see them nor does he look like he's getting ready for a wedding. He actually looks a bit irritated. You can try to convince him to let you in or you can try to claim that he has cast a spell on the queen. "Oh... You are just like her annoying brother I see." He sounds irritated, but a smile comes over his lips. He offers you to meet him in a private place where you all can talk in private. He isn't interested in causing a scene here. You can agree to this and then meet him down in the basement whenever you are ready. Just remember that the wedding is tonight. Taking up too much time could be dangerous. If you don't care about causing a scene you can demand that he fight you now. [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/fc/aa/f4/fcaaf4e48db2c9fb7bc85b38b6a0fb73.jpg]] When you decide to deal with him you will have to fight him. He is an incubus, and he has charmed the queen. He has no good intentions. He wishes to steal her soul after he taints it. If you fight him right away without meeting him then you will fight him alone. If you go to the basement and meet him, you will fight him with two knights. He will claim that you are trying to assassinate the queen. You may try to persuade the knights that you are not the enemy. Persuasion 15 pass Pass - The knights will quickly leave the dungeon to try and get you some help. (You will get there exp for thinking a way around it.) Fail - They won't leave the man's side no matter what. They will claim that your little group is lying. You are outsiders. You don't have to kill the knights if you succeed in bringing down the incubus. Once the incubus is slayed the queen will be free from the spell. You may go up and speak to her and she will thank you for your services and pay you 1000 gp. She will then listen to everything you have to tell her about Adrian. She is shocked and sorry that she had ignored such important things. She says that she will show you the way to the very friend that Adrian was speaking of. She warns them to be very careful when speaking to him though. He is quick to get testy. She also says that they need to be able to keep a secret. She will then call her brother and have him fix everything the incubus caused. He seems swamped in work, but he is grateful that you saved his sister. He waves them off. The queen leads them to the temple. The priest sees her and bows. She tells him that he needs to leave, and he bows his head and does exactly as he is told. Anyone that is within the temple leave as well. They won't do anything to disobey their queen. She takes them far to the back and lifts up a tile. She presses a button and then places the tile back down exactly as it was. The wall moves a bit revealing a statue of a large roaring dragon. Its eyes are glowing gold. She raises her hand up to it and speaks. "By Asteria's divine love you may reveal your secret to me." The statues eyes close and its roaring mouth closes and it slides out of their way. The path that they take is full of beautiful dragon statues. Alongside them is a man. It seems to tell the story of this dragon's life as well as the man that seems to appear next to it. "This is his sanctuary. Helios. This is the friend that Adrian has told you about. He is an ancient being. Please talk with him respectfully." She stops just as they get to the entry way. She won't go any further. "Good luck. I will be awaiting your return." With that she turns and walks away. When they step into the huge center they are faced with a giant golden dragon. [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/65/32/d2/6532d2f422baafb3c84f7b23b73a7f1f.jpg]] Perception 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The golden dragon is very large. It is laying down. The room it is in is very large and seems to be able to contain this large beast very well. There is a scar on his chest that you can see. It appears he has been wounded there... Most likely a long time ago. Insight 12 pass 10 - 11 low Pass - The dragon is looking at them with a mix of irritation and curiosity. "Children... What brings you to my abode...?" When you tell him that Adrian sent you his face grows soft, and all his irritation is gone. "Ah... How I miss him so." You explain everything to him, and his face grows serious. "The very thing that kept him away from me... Truly... Has been stolen... This is very bad... I could only guess it is one person that has done it... He must not have spoken to you about her though..." The dragon looks uneasy and sad. "I suppose it is a tale that I may have to tell you." He settles in and looks at the group. "Make yourself at home... You are friends of Adrian's so... That makes you my friends as well."
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[h3 [center [b A Stupid Girl with too much Love for a Dragon]]] [center The dragon blew smoke into the air and as he began speaking it slowly started making shapes. A young girl and a dragon. [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/60/93/8b/60938b7dafe672388b90d9bee05f31e2.jpg]] "A long time ago... There was a girl who found and raised a baby green dragon. She was from the town of Evermore. Green dragons are known for being evil. This one she thought would be different and maybe... Maybe he was. She loved this dragon so much. It would follow her everywhere even as she got older. People feared this dragon. I am sure you can imagine why. Green dragons don't exactly make good names for themselves." "It doesn't give people the right to judge. It never harmed the girl. Kept her safe, but people... They are cruel sometimes. They attacked and wounded the dragon badly. They tried to take the girl away, but she refused to go with them. She attacked them when they tried to force her to leave the dragon. They deemed her crazy. She cared too much for that dragon. Way too much..." "The girl did something terrible. She called the help of fanatics and she put the dragon's soul inside of a gemstone. With its soul safe and sound, she drank from the green dragon's blood. This gave her eternal life and changed her forever. She put the soul back inside of a dead dragon that her and her fanatics had killed." [center [pic https://i.pinimg.com/564x/d7/26/2b/d7262ba0f0f8ae6bbb91113275b16438.jpg]] "A lich dragon was born. With the dragon she terrorized the very hometown she was born in. She destroyed the beautiful woodland around it and many people died. They thought that there would be no one to stop her..." "That's when me and Adrian enter the story. He was a young adventurer with a willing party. All of them wanting to be heroes. I was young. Still growing and learning. I had sided with Adrian because of his loving heart. He couldn't ignore the town of Evermore when they begged him for help. So, we went to lair of the girl and her dragon. We fought hard... In the end only I and Adrian were left standing. The lich dragon was slayed, but the girl was nowhere to be found. We had been stupid. We thought she had been knocked out or dead. The only smart thing we did was take the gem from her body before finishing off the lich dragon." "Actually... Adrian had taken the gem from the girl... When he did the lich dragon attacked him... He would have died, but I delt the finishing blow on the lich dragon and went to help him. I didn't know what to do... So... I clawed open my own chest. I would save him the only way I knew how. I offered him my life force. My immortality. Together we would roam the world in search of her until she was dead. No worries of a lich dragon ever again." "We weren't allowed to destroy the gem, so it was put in hiding. We knew it would be found. I went into hiding and Adrian stayed ever close to where the gem was located to watch it... It seems watching it has failed... I knew those idiots in Calanthe should have listened to us... We should have destroyed it a long time ago..." The dragon laid his head on the ground once he had finished his story. He looked sad. He soon shook his head slightly. Roll Perception 12 pass 10 - 11 Pass - You suddenly hear footsteps of someone running down the hall towards where you and the dragon are. Fail - The dragon quickly brings his head up and snarls lightly. The queen comes in and quickly bows her head in apology. The dragon calms but still seems annoyed. He doesn't like to be intruded on like this. He had company. "I'm so sorry lord Helios, but I bring very bad news from Calanthe... I'm afraid you have to hear this."


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