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Devil Possessed .:Closed to Tatzuo:.

By -Mirror-
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Devil possessed. Every place has their own way of saying it but it all means the same thing. To be devil possessed is to be taken over by evil when your spirit is at its weakest. With what’s happening in the world right now, it’s the best term to use for it.

No one knows when or how it started. All that is known is what it does and how it hides itself. A virus has broken out that causes grotesque effects on people. The virus is smart. It hides itself in common, weaker viruses like the common cold and the flu. Once inside the body, it looks for one of two weak spots. A compromised immune system or damaged or flawed DNA.

Once the virus is inside the body and it finds a weak point, it will start to attack and change the very structure and DNA of each cell. The symptoms start off mild in the first stage, starting with the typical symptoms of the host virus. Once the Demon Virus takes hold, the symptoms become increasingly worse. The second stage varies in severity. Increased appetite, strange behavior, loss of memory and sudden shifts in emotions are all common symptoms. As it progresses, the body begins to change into the third stage. Growths will begin to form and seem to act apart from the host and the symptoms from the second stage increase. In the final stage, the virus will infect the mind and either kill the host and keep it alive by eating certain things to keep the body from rotting or the host will simply turn braindead. In the final stage, one of two things can happen, either the virus will keep the mind alive while the body itself dies and let the person live in symbiosis with the virus or the virus will fully take over, killing both mind and body. What happens depends on how sentient the virus becomes.

An extraordinary case of the Demon Virus emerged roughly 7years ago. A man contracted the virus through damaged DNA, showed all the classic symptoms from the first and second stages and then…..nothing. He didn’t progress any further than the second stage with only a couple of symptoms. Then one day, while working in the lab, something caused him to snap. When he cooled down, all he could remember was seeing someone's fearful face just before running off. Ever since then, he has figured out what has happened then has since become a private detective, using his abilities for good.

His name is Jonah Norman. Private detective. Biologic researcher. A man with a cursed body, a will stronger than steel and a goal to help anyone he can.

What I’m Looking For
- A male or female character between the age of 25 to 35. Can be older but not by much.
- I want to see a unique character. No cannon fodder or ‘oh-woe-is-me’. I’m ok with a tragic past but don’t be dramatic with it. I’m ok with the character dealing with a current problem but don’t be that character that starts loud crying two seconds in. Don’t be typical.
- Romance will eventually happen. It will be a slow build up to it. Any adult events will either be timeskipped or taken off site. I will NOT do off site writing in places such as Discord or emails. Google Drive or another roleplay site that allows adult writing are the only options.
- Mature themes will be present. Themes such as blood, death, gore, drug use, alcohol use, smoking, cursing, and other similar themes will be present at any given time during the story. If you are sensitive to such themes, this is not for you.
- I want to see a bit of everything in this. I want the light and the dark side of life in this. The ups and downs, the happy and sad, the funny and offensive, the weird and the typical and everything in between. Mix it up, shake it up, twist up the plot.
- I expect quality AND quantity. Give back what I give you and I will do the same in return. Think of it as an equivalent exchange.
- I don’t expect posts daily. Just post in as timely a manner as possible. If something comes up that prevents you from doing so, I totally understand. Life happens. Just let me know so I’m not left hanging out to dry like a pair of underwear.
- I want to talk about the story as it’s developing. Let's toss ideas around to help the story progress. I’m all for developing future scenes as well. It helps give a mini goal to get to. Communication is something I value in a writing partner.

If you got this far, send me a PM with the title 'Antivirus'.
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-Mirror-Jonah Norman   217d ago

[+red “Can she be saved?”] [size12 This from a male voice, the sound of pain deeply rooted with worry layered on thick.]

[size12 The question asked was one they all asked. All everyone wants is to save or be saved from the excruciating end stage of the cursed virus plaguing the world now. It’s affecting everyone. It has no discrimination. From newborns to the bedridden elderly, this damned virus will take anyone.]

[size12 The sound of a sigh could be heard, the scent of the cigarette smoke filling the air with the breath. Seven years he devoted himself to finding a way to stop this curse and the best he was able to manage was an early stage antiviral. The case he was on now, thankfully, was only in stage two.] 

[b “She’s treatable. She’s in stage two though the severe end of the spectrum. A dose of my antiviral will cure her but not without side-effects. She’ll need to be kept sedated, hooked up to fluids and nutrients and monitored closely around the clock for the next three days. Once the virus is eliminated, she should return to normal.”]

[+red “Do what you must. Just save my daughter.”]

[size12 Another sigh and with a final drag on his cigarette, he stomped it out on the concrete. He reached into his vest and pulled out a small vial. The neon pink liquid inside seemed to almost glow in the dim light of the basement. From his back pocket he pulled out a case and popped it open with one hand. Inside was a small, travel sized injection gun designed for the use of the antiviral. With a click, the vial was loaded in and it was ready to use.]

[b “I have to go in there alone. Whatever you hear, whatever happens in there, no one enters.”]

[size12 Everyone nodded almost in unison. They were already stressed out about this situation as it was. The man moved forward while another unlocked and opened the door. He moved into the darkened room. Inside, it was quiet. But then, the sounds. Chains rattling softly, a woman crying from fear. He’s seen this all too often.]

[size12 With a soft voice, he spoke.] [b “Marie. Your father brought me here to help you. It’s ok.”]

[size12 No response.]

[b “Marie?”]

[size12 After saying her name again, there was a screech and a clang of chains as the woman launched herself at him. She was starting to enter stage three.]

[b “Shit!”]

[size12 He grabbed the woman by the throat with his left hand to get her controlled. She flailed and scratched at his arm. She kicked her legs out into his legs and stomach. She was strong for someone so small. He had to get her under control and fast. So he exerted a little of his own strength right back at her.]

[size12 Choking her helped bring her back to her senses just enough to calm her down. He could have easily broken her neck with the strength he possesses but he kept it controlled. She pleaded for help or death. He wasn’t about to kill her just yet so he helped her instead. He found a spot in her neck to give the injection and shot her with it. She screamed from the pain of it. The injection was like acid to the virus. It caused a great deal of pain but there wasn’t another option besides death. He pulled a second vial and quickly put it into place. This one was a heavy sedative so the person wouldn’t be in pain. He managed to get the second injection done and within a minute, the woman went quiet. He heaved a sigh, his arm aching from the wounds he took. However, they were already beginning to close up.] 

[b “There has to be a limit to how much shit I have to take doing this damn job.’] [size12 He grumbled as he put the injector in its case and pulled out another cigarette, lighting it.] [b “Hey! It’s done! Let me out of this dungeon!”]

[size12 He was let out and the doctor went in. They were all worried about her state.]

[+red “She’s unconscious?”]

[b “Yeah. I gave her a heavy sedative to knock her out for now but she’ll need to be kept asleep for a while.”] [size12 There was a wave of relief. However, someone noticed the healing wounds on his arm.]

[+red “You’re wounded but it’s healing. I can seem them closing. You’re infected, aren’t you. But you’re totally yourself. How?”]

[size12 The man looked at the one speaking about his condition and simply shrugged. He was done and he needed to eat. He went back upstairs, moved through the house and out the front door. At the curb was a motorcycle which he hopped on. Once it was started and revved alive, he pushed off and headed back to his office.]

[size12 His office was a small space, just a hole in the wall. He lived in an apartment just above it. It was convenient. He had an assistant that worked part time at the office which helped to keep the place from getting cluttered as it normally would have. She was a sweet young girl named Kindra and was oblivious to his condition but knew what he did.] 

[+red “How was this one, Jonah?”]

[b “Early stage three. She’ll be fine though. Is there any more of that roast left?”]

[+red “You ate it all this morning, remember?”]

[b “Oh. Right. I’ll head upstairs and get something. Call me if someone needs me.”]

[size12 He moved to the stairs and went up to the place he called home and went straight for the fridge. He was hungry. Very hungry.]
TatzuoAranya Solveig   217d ago
Kind of around, but not really

The day had been fairly dull for Aranya, her working her usual shift at the hospital. Things had picked up with this virus going around, more and more people seemingly infected and growing more violent as time progressed. Thankfully today’s shift was almost over, another two hours or so before she could go home and relax. Medical staff had to be kept in hazmat like suits to avoid exposure, though they got so damn hot inside sometimes it felt like torture. She tried to ignore the steady stream of sweat that had formed on the nape of her neck, her breath visible on the clear section of material on the hood of her suit. She glanced at the clock on the wall, deciding to take a 15 minute break. 

Heading down the hallway led to a symphony of screams and banging, doors kept tight with heavy metal locks and some even with chairs barricading them. She did her best to ignore the uneasy feeling that was beginning to form in the pit of her stomach. She should have been used to all of this by now, but it was just getting increasingly difficult as time passed. Children, infants, fathers, wives, everyone was affected by this hellish virus. It twisted a person to the point of no return and it was hard to put them down, even humanely. That’s how Aranya’s mother went. A once sweet woman with nothing but kindness in her heart turned to a vicious creature with little regard for others. 

Aranya let out a shaky breath, flashes of her mother’s distorted features and flailing hands etched into her mind. Therapy did jack shit for it, it seemed. But how could anyone cope with something still so prominent and heartbreaking? She pushed what she could to the back of her thoughts, opening the break room door and heading inside. She had to disinfect everything, spritzing her suit with a strong chemical mixture to kill off whatever may have latched onto her. The smell was strong and burned her nose even through the hood, making her doubt how effective these suits actually were at times. 

She took a moment to slip everything off, a pair of baby pink scrubs underneath. She hung the suit up on a nearby hook and plopped down into an open chair.  The plastic squealed beneath the sudden addition of weight, making her jump a bit before laughing to herself at the realization. This job was making her paranoid, she could swear. She dug through her pocket for her phone, taking a moment to get a soda out of the vending machine. As the tab popped down and pressurized air hissed out, she relaxed a bit, closing her eyes. Everything felt almost normal, for once. That was until she could hear over the hospital speakers that another few cases were being brought into the ER bay door, all hands on deck. She all but groaned, taking a hearty swig of her drink and enjoying the slight burn the caffeination offered to the back of her throat before dumping the rest and suiting back up. These were going to be the longest two hours of her life.
-Mirror-Jonah Norman   216d ago

[size12 Food is essential to all living things. WIthout it, life would parish. The virus instills a hunger instinct so strong that it goes from a simple survival instinct to an insatiable desire to devour everything with a beating heart. The flesh and blood of another living being is all it desires and it will never be satisfied.]

[size12 Jonah, having been infected by the virus 7 years ago, knows all too well this hunger. He has to keep up with meals several times a day to keep that desire to devour at bay. When he gets hungry, the virus gets active and it starts to mess with his control. When his control wavers, one could only hope he doesn’t get angry.]

[size12 The fridge in his apartment is always stocked to the brim with meat. Sure he eats other things but meat is the best thing to tame the hunger with. He keeps fruits and veggies as frozen or canned. His pantry has plenty of easy to grab, protein rich munchies for the times he has to be away for longer. Just grab a variety and off he goes.]

[size12 Normally, the virus would be in control when it comes down to food. However, with Jonah still in full control, he’s not going to behave like an animal and eat anything raw. He wouldn’t get sick thanks to the virus protecting him from illness. It’s a matter of humanity. Humans don’t eat raw meat like wild beasts.]

[size12 A couple of rare steaks should be good enough. If not, can always cook more. Seasoned beautifully and cooked just enough to leave the inside still red and bloody. Jonah sat down on the couch and flicked the TV on. He channel surfed till he found something interesting. Of course, it was a news channel.]

[size12 He watched for a while, having finished his meal quickly. He jumped when his phone rang. It was the landline. He picked it up.]

[b “Norman.”]

[+red “It’s Julie. I think we have a breakthrough with the antiviral. We have a few made up for testing.”]

[b “Has it been tested yet?”]

[+red “We have tested it. I wouldn’t have called you otherwise. You know that.’]

[size12 Jonah had lit up a cigarette while she spoke. He heaved a sigh, a plume of smoke pouring from his nose and lips.] [b “You do have a point. That’s how you guys are. I’ll stop by and pick up the sample vials at the lab here in a few.”]

[+red “See you soon.”] 

[size12 The phone clicked dead. Jonah set his end down after hitting the end button. He heaved another sigh, a heavier plume of smoke appearing around him. He took the time to finish his cigarette and then got up. He grabbed a couple packs of jerky from the pantry and headed back downstairs. He alerted Kindra to his leaving again and she waved him off with a gentle smile. His bike rumbled to life and off he went to the hospital where he spent any spare time he had researching this cursed virus.]

[size12 The hospital was a place of life and death. Life often began here but it ended here as well. For some, it’s just delaying the inevitable. Hospitals have such an acrid smell, like the inside of a bleach bottle mixed with artificial lemon. Jonah’s sense of smell is much stronger than any normal human so the scent of sterile and clean was more acidic and chemical. He forced himself to ignore the smell as he moved towards the ward where his lab was.]

[size12 The ward that kept those infected with the virus was more like a prison. Banging, wailing, crying. Whatever sound that could be heard was there. Doors rattled as the virus fought against the will of the person. Some could be seen in the windows, pleading for death. Some had been treated and were on their way to being cured. This virus has to be defeated somehow.]

[size12 Jonah walked through the hallway without any hazmat gear. He didn’t need it. People in the gear rushed by as more victims came rushing in. He sighed and picked up the pace to get to the lab.]
TatzuoAranya Solveig   216d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Screaming, the blaring ring of a siren, and disorder clouded Aranya’s senses as she made her way through the ER bay. Doctors were desperately trying to strap infected patients to gurneys, security guards yelling out to nurses to prepare sedatives. She made her way to the desk, picking up a clipboard and checking the numbers before nodding to herself. She adjusted the gloves on her suit, prepping sedative shots as asked. Things were going to plan, she’d get home on time tonight. 

A sudden crash seemingly brought the chaos to a standstill, a man, burly in size and standing at a good 6 feet in height had broken free from his restraints, practically foaming at the mouth in pure rage. Nurses screamed, guards leaving their current patients to try to restrain him. She could barely think, looking to the tray before her on the desk and chewing on her lower lip. He was going to get people infected, or killed if he kept this up, and he had to be further along with the infection stage to be this unstable. A stretcher slammed into the ER wall, a few receptionists scattering, desperately trying to get out of the way. 

Aranya grabbed a syringe and made her way over, trying to steel her nerves and watch his flailing movements closely. She ducked low and ran forward, aiming to plunge the syringe into his upper thigh as one would do with an epi-pen. She was getting close, cocking her arm back and making an attempt. She was stopped short, the man gripping her arm tightly, making her yelp. She was lifted off her feet, her hand dropping the syringe out of shock. She cursed beneath her breath as she listened to the suit of her sleeve begin to tear. 

Was this it? She was either going to be pummeled to death or infected and end up hurting people. The very thought turned her stomach, bile rising in her throat. She swung her legs forward, planting her feet on the man’s gut and pushing off, trying her best to break free. Seems like it was in vain, the brute throwing her into the nearby wall. Ringing exploded in her ears, something warm and wet pooling on the back of her head. She let out a choked groan, her hand reaching to the back of her head to touch, only to be blocked by the thick material of the hood. It took her a long moment to realize where she was, nurses and doctors staring between her and the man in pure shock. They seemed unsure of whether to help her or restrain him. 

Everything hurt, her vision blurred and hard to focus, she pushed herself up, trying to prop herself up the best she could. [i “Ow..”] Was all she could force out, her tone hoarse. She couldn’t move much more than adjusting her position; pain exploding from the back of her head. She might need stitches, or maybe it was just a superficial wound. She couldn’t really worry about it much, there were bigger tasks at hand.
-Mirror-Jonah Norman   216d ago

[size12 A sudden outburst caught his attention. Screaming, roaring even, could be heard a hallway over. An infected person got loose. It happens more often than anyone cares to admit. He cursed under his breath. This was part of his job, to stop the insane ones.]

[size12 Jonah turned on his heel and began to run. He was only a few doors away from the lab which made him further away from the commotion. His physical abilities shined through when he had to move. He was swift on his feet, dodged everything and everyone. He seemed graceful despite being a bulky guy. He felt his adrenaline kick in. Not good.]

[size12 He slid to a stop and looked down the hall to see what was going on. A stage three patient has lost control. And he was big. Jonah was a big man himself, being just over six feet and built like a fighter, maybe a boxer or martial artist. Jonah had muscle bulk. But this guy. This guy would have been dangerous even without the virus.]

[size12 Jonah approached slowly, his heart thumping hard in his chest from the adrenaline kick. He was already starting to lose grip on his control. Just a little longer. Most people knew who he was but not many knew of his condition. They’ll figure it out here in a moment if they didn’t know it.]

[size12 The scent of fresh blood caught his nose. He found the source to be one of the staff having been thrown. They were still awake but a concussion may have occurred, mild it may be. That wasn’t his concern though. He needed to get this big guy under control. Easier said than done.]

[size12 Jonah got his attention by throwing something at him. He turned and tried to strike him but was only met with air as Jonah had ducked. He took the chance to use the man's arm as a means to get up and around him. He grabbed the arm and used the momentum of the man lifting him to swing himself around to his back, latching his arms around his throat. Jonah was having to use more strength than needed. His nails had become claws, his arms showing signs of growing spines. He was pushing it.] 

[b “Someone. Anyone. In my back, left pocket. There’s a case. Get it, open it. I have a vial of antiviral in the right inner pocket of my vest. Pink liquid. Use it on this guy and fast. Neither of us are going to last much longer.”] 

[size12 He said, his voice strained and growling as he spoke through his teeth. He was strong enough to keep the guy from moving but it was costing him.]

[b “For the love of all that’s alive, hurry!”]
TatzuoAranya Solveig   216d ago
Kind of around, but not really

People seemed shocked at Jonah suddenly intervening, taking the brief moment to help Aranya to her feet. Nurses inspected her ripped suit and carted her off to a nearby room to get her decontaminated and checked out. A security guard, practically shaking in his heavy leather boots almost couldn't fathom what was happening. What was up with this guy’s arms? And was he…growling? He was snapped out of his thoughts when the man screamed for help again, taking a chance to move forward and approach Jonah’s back. He reached into his pocket as directed and pulled the case out, popping it open with his thumb and gulping. 

His movements were clumsy as his shaking fingers grasped the vial and loaded it into the mechanism of the tool provided. If he wasn’t careful he could shatter it, his body feeling almost like it wasn’t his as it was overcome with anxiety and fear. A doctor took the device from the man’s hands impatiently, administering the antivirus into the back of the rabid man’s thigh. The doctor seemed frustrated, shooing the guard away in annoyance. [i “Don’t just stand there, go do something!”] He barked, raking a nervous hand through his hair.

Aranya groaned as nurses inspected the gash on the back of her head. It would be fine, no stitches required, it just hurt a lot worse than it looked. They checked her for a concussion, or the best they could under the current circumstances, an older nurse clutching Aranya’s hand almost anxiously. 

[i “You could have been killed, Aranya! Why would you be so foolish?”] Her voice was scolding, but only for a brief moment, her tone being washed over with worry.

[i “I wasn’t… Ow!”] Aranya hissed through clenched teeth as disinfectant was gently applied to her gash and various cuts she acquired from the scuffle. [i “I wasn’t going to just stand there, Margaret. People were going to get hurt.”] She let out a breath, relaxing for a moment. Casualties seemed to be at a minimum, if you excluded her getting ragdolled into a wall of course. 

Aranya’s eyes got very serious, looking at the women with almost anticipation. [i “Was he… you know… Put down?”] She could barely squeak out the last bit of her sentence, fearing the worst. Sure the man was dangerous, but it was the virus’ fault. Maybe he was a father, someone’s brother. He was someone’s son or lover and here he was losing his shit in an ER wing of a hospital. 

The nurses shook their heads almost in unison, prompting a small laugh to leave Aranya’s lips. [i “Good… Just give me a moment to get a new suit and I’ll come out and help clean up.”] She waved the women off, groaning as she got onto her feet. Her head throbbed like crazy, bursts of white hot pain racing through her scalp and electrifying her every nerve it seemed. Of course it couldn’t have been a teenager or old lady that went berserk, that would’ve been too easy. 

She stepped up to the supply closet in the back corner of the room, using the key on her ID lanyard to pop it open and dig through the large boxes at the bottom for a suit in her size. She sifted around for a few good minutes before finding one and slipping it on over her scrubs, which the back of had been stained in crimson. She adjusted the gloves before pulling the hood over her head and heading back outside to the remaining carnage of the incident.
-Mirror-Jonah Norman   215d ago

[size12 Jonah felt movement behind him then at his side. He growled as he fought to keep the man-beast restrained while barely restraining the beast within him that was screaming to come out, aching to tear something apart.]

[size12 There was a click, a sound he knew all too well. Just a little longer. Just. A. Little. Longer. There was more movement and then suddenly the guy in his arms relaxed. Someone gave him the antiviral. The man tried to scream from the pain but Jonah’s grip around his throat kept him silent. Just a little more of a squeeze in the right spot and the man collapsed, unconscious enough for the ward staff to deal with him.]

[size12 Jonah backed away till he found a wall. He pressed his back against it, his breathing heavy. He closed his eyes, pressed a hand over them, and focused on trying to regain control. It’s always a fight to calm down. But it was more of a struggle now. The scent of fresh blood was in the air. That made it harder.]

[+red “Hey. You alright?”]

[size12 A voice caught him by surprise. He jumped. He  looked over to see a young male nurse talking to him.] 

[b “I’ll be fine. I just need to calm down.”] [size12 He said, voice a low growl.]

[+red “The room to your left is empty. If you need it, use it. Thanks for the help.”]

[size12 Jonah gave the nurse a small, weak smile. A thought went through his head, a thought only the virus would make him think. That young man looked sweet, tender, and delicious. Flesh that’s perfectly ripe to tear apart. Jonah shook off the thought, growling at himself for thinking such a thing. He hated it when ‘that’ instinct appeared. He moved to the left, towards the room the nurse had pointed to. He needed to get out of that hallway. His movements were slow, strained. It was clear he was fighting.]

[size12 The room had recently been cleaned. He knew because the bleach bottle and fake lemon stench was several times stronger here than anywhere else. The smell was actually helping him regain his head. He remembered the jerky he grabbed and popped open a pack and started chewing on a piece. It wasn’t ideal but it did help give his instinct to eat something to think about. He sat on the floor and leaned his head back. He listened to the sounds of the room and his breathing.]

[size12 Slowly but sure, Jonah calmed down. Slowly but surely his features returned to normal. Hopefully, this was all he had to deal with today. Being the host of the virus did have its benefits but at the same time it was damn dangerous to rely on it too much in one day. Especially when certain circumstances arise.]
TatzuoAranya Solveig   215d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" Aranya did her best to help clean up, picking up discarded stretchers, medical equipment, papers, whatever was knocked over in the fray. Her head was still throbbing, causing her ears to ring a bit. She gritted her teeth, taking a moment to close her eyes and balance herself. She definitely had a concussion, she had this sinking feeling in her stomach that she did.]

[font "Times New Roman" She was lucky she wasn’t seriously injured, her eyes trailing to the spot on the wall where she had made contact. She’s lucky she wasn’t torn to shreds. The thought of her blood coating the hospital floors almost made her shiver. She glanced up at her colleague directing the man who had subdued the brute to a nearby room, thinking for a long moment. She cleared her throat and made her way over. It was the least she could do.] 

[font "Times New Roman" The door to the examination room echoed with a soft knock, waiting a few moments before opening. Her head popped in, gazing at him for a long moment before making her way inside.]

[font "Times New Roman" [i “Sorry if I’m intruding, just seeing if you need anything is all.”]]
[font "Times New Roman" She felt awkward, this interaction seemingly unnecessary but she wouldn’t be able to comfortably leave this guy with no one checking up on him. She chewed on the inside of her cheek in thought, the stickiness of the back of her scrubs was beginning to get to her, the metallic scent that followed making her queasy. She would have to scrap these when she got home, new ones wouldn’t be cheap but she couldn’t bring herself to scrub her own blood out of her clothes.]

[font "Times New Roman" She shifted uncomfortably in her spot, awaiting his answer with a bit of anxiety on her own end. The fact this guy could take down the other pretty easily was scary. He seemed normal for the most part, her eyes scanning over his face for any sort of hint for what this guy did or to see any expressions of hurt or discomfort.]
-Mirror-Jonah Norman   198d ago

[size12 There was a beast scratching, screaming, yearning to get out. But Jonah wasn’t about to let that happen. The calm quiet hum of the room. The sting of the disinfectant. The soft buzz of noise just outside the door. It all helped cool off the heat of the adrenaline rush.]

[size12 He focused on his own breath. Each inhale bringing the scent of that artificial lemon screaming up his nose. He wished he could light up a smoke but he knew better than to do that. Not in a hospital. It’s not like he needed the cigarettes since it’s next to impossible to have substance addictions now. It was more an old habit from before the infection. He smoked back then and he didn’t plan on stopping now.]

[size12 Jonah didn’t notice the door had opened and someone came inside. He did notice when someone spoke. He jumped slightly and looked over. He smelled blood on her and recognized her as the one who had been tossed into the wall. He heaved a sigh.]

[b “I’m fine. A bit worn out is all. It’s been a long day.”] 

[size12 He moved to stand up. Once on his feet, his vision swam. He slapped a hand over his eyes as he leaned up against the wall to catch himself from falling. His face was in a grimace as his head swam. It was a sign that he for sure overdid it for the day.]

[b “Shit.”]

[size12 He grumbled as he slid back down to the floor. With shaky hands he struggled to get a pack of jerky opened. He fought with the package, his breath in heavy pants.]

[b “Hey, miss. You wouldn't mind heling me out and getting this stupid thing open for me? I gotta eat something.”] 

[size12 He asked, holding the pack of jerky out to the girl as he fought against his body.]
TatzuoDevil Possessed   196d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" After a few moments of taking in his appearance she closed the door behind her and nodded as he spoke. He didn’t seem like the type able to take down a guy that size, but these days nothing made sense. The low humming of the fluorescent lights were beginning to make her ears ring, a frown crossing her lips as she drew focus back onto the man. 

[i “I think we’ve all had a pretty.. Eventful day.”] Aranya offered with a small smile, which soon faded as the man seemingly crumpled against the wall. 

She moved forward quickly to do her best to assist, her arms outstretched to support him if need be. When he slid to the floor, she was only about a foot away. She crouched, balancing her weight on the balls of her feet to steady herself. 

[i “Hey, you ok? Are you sure that guy didn’t knock anything around during the altercation?”] She reached forward and grabbed the package he was struggling with. 

She slid one of her gloves off, dropping it onto the floor with a heavy thud so she could get a better grip on the slim plastic. With a bit of effort she pulled it open and handed it back, watching him carefully for any signs of injury or inability to function on his own.]


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