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Kira was his name. The charming blonde beauty easily caught people eye. Things seemed to come easy for the blonde. Things may of seemed to go his way but he had dark secret. That no one knew about. When he was young he strayed too far into the forest. He love playing in the forest. There was a young dog he used to play with all the time.

One day that same dog that he always played with turn on him. It lunge at him biting harshly into his throat. Surely Kira was going to die there, in the forest alone. Kira wasn't going down with out a fight. He struggled to pull the knife from his pocket. He stabbed the dog in the side hoping it would loosen his grip. It didn't really seem to phase the dog. The dog bit hard but then something unpredictable happened.

The dog was no long a dog but a man. The man let his blood pour over Kira wounded neck blood dripped down his throat. Coughing a choking on the blood that enter his mouth. Kira survived that attack. Things would never be the same. After that day, Kira was now a monster just like that wolf that bitten him. Years had past and Kira often wonder what had happen to the wolf. He searched for him almost every day. Kira was lucky that he was able to get a good job that let him travel to many different places. Kira was often searching for you but you were never to be found. Until now, would the bond you two once shared still be there or would things get messy?
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Alpha:. Kira.:   216d ago

[center [+red Pm me if you are interested
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Alpha:. Kira.:   203d ago

[center [#bb0c17 Everything seemed to come easy for the blonde beauty. People were always complimenting him for his looks. Despite how things seemed thing were not easy for him. Sure his looks did help things. He had a scerect that no one really knew about. 

When Kira was young he used to stray off into the forest. There was a young dog he loved playing with. Every day about 3pm Kira would meet this dog in the forest. The two of them would chase each other around. Even play hide and seek. Kira felt close to the puppy. Until one day the dog turn on him. The lunged at him and bit down hard on his neck.

Kira was knocked to the ground. In a state of shock Kira. Wondering why the dog had just attacked him. Kira struggle to get in pocket. He stabbed the dog in its side. It honestly didn't seem to phase it.  Coughing and choking on blood he vaguely saw the dog shift into man. The man slit his wrist. Watch as his blood dripped into Kira open wounds. Kira continued to cough and choke on the blood.

Then everything went black. When Kira awoke he was still on the forest floor. It was late and dark. Struggling to get up he stagger home. It was until the next night he realized what had happen. He had been bitten by a werewolf. Now he too was one.

Screaming in pain as he shift from man to wolf. He quickly jump out his window before his a parents could see him. Since that day Kira has been on his own. He would sometimes send his parents a letter letting them know he was okay. 

Kira was now 19. Since he was a natural beauty. He got a modeling job. Although his passion was writing. This job certain helped paid the bills. Kira had a small apartment on the edge of the city. So he was thankful for his modeling job. 

Another nice thing about this job was he was able to travel. While traveling he was always looking for that dog. Only vaguely seeing the dog human like form. Made thing difficult. He had no idea who he was looking for. The only clue he had was this small gold pendant that was left. Kira wore it every hoping that just maybe he would find something. 

Kira sighed softly as he closed his pale blue eyes. He later work to the sound of his alarm clock screaming at him. Today he was doing fashion shoot. It was just a small gig down town. It would help pay the bills.  

Kira smiled softly as he got ready for the day. He showered, brushed his teeth and hair.  He quickly got dressed and headed out the door. It was a nice cool day so he was happy that he grabbed his jacket. Kira smiled softly as he walked down the stair of his apartment. He looked at the sky smiled softly. Today was going to be a good day. He just knew it. Maybe if he was lucky he find clues, and maybe even find you.
Iwantamustache16Aiko   203d ago

( last one was the Wrong character)Akio didn't have the greatest memory. However, he still remembers Kira. He remembers when Kira would go to the forest and play with him. He remembers all of that. Mostly because it is easier to remember things when it happens often or if you think about it often. He was currently outside. He was just sitting down. He was in his dog form. He was looking around, walking. He was trying to think about where "that kid" went. He would usually think about his for sometimes even hours. When he realized it was morning, he decided to start to walk away from the forest. He started to walk around where he could see other people in the distance. He didn't try to get their attention though, he wanted to do the opposite. He then went into his human form. Kira decided to crouch, staring at the people. Only a few noticed him but probably thought they were seeing things and decided to leave it alone. Kira didn't exactly know what he would do if he walked over there at the moment so he was going to sit there..and wait. He would wait until he figured out something he could go do. Of course, he usually had to get money which required him stealing from someone..or getting a job but getting a job could go wrong. Like if he was turning back into his dog form randomly and then everyone jut stared at him. So he had to quickly steak from someone..someone who is oblivious. So he decided to keep watch. He was kind of contemplating whether he should go up a building or start where he is. He decided to pull a ladder down from a random empty house and then use it to climb up a building. From there, he kept watching people walk by. Waiting to find someone who looked like they had money.*
Alpha:. Kira.:   197d ago

[center Kira sighed softly as he scrolled through the small new feed on his smart phone. He was happy he was finally going to a photo shoot even if was just for a fancy jeans or even shirt. Kira smiled softly as he brushed a small strand of blonde hair out of his face.

Kira smiled softly when he arrived to large building that was in the middle of down town. She smiled softly pushed open the heave brass color doors that shimmered in the sunlight. It was obvious that only people with money or power were allowed to walk through these heavy brass doors.

He smiled softly once he stepped inside. His agent met him at the door. The man smiled brightly at him as he handed Kira the usually paper work. Kira signed it then was lead to a dressing room. The room was large. That that size of the dressing room bother Kira. He smiled softly as he changed into the white and blue shirt. He was still allowed to wear the jeans he worn. They went well with the white shirt. 

He smiled softly as someone knocked on his door. He opened it to find the normally lady who did his make up. She always told him he had a beautiful complexion. She only really add a small amount of blush or sometimes even some body glitter. 

He smiled as the lady fixed his hair put a little blush on his cheek. She even sprinkled a little body glitter on him. Once she was done he headed to the shoot. He smiled when he walked across the small stage platform. He watched as the people snapped photo of him. A small appeared across from his face.

Soon his face would be seen in magazines, even if it wasn't on the front cover. Maybe if he was lucky Aiko would find him. For now it was time to earn some money. He would travel across the seas if had too. Part of Kira knew he was still close.
Iwantamustache16Aiko   197d ago

Aiko decided to walk over with the other people and quickly snatched a few wallets. He then went into a place and bought some food. After that, he decided to walk around a bit, looking around. He didn't exactly know what else to do since he spent most of his money on clothes and food but he was going to look for something. He would look for something to do until he finally found something. He found a book store. He entered, bought a few books, and left. Now he could go back to the forest after exploring the area a little bit more of course. He was still walking around and whenever he saw something he wanted, he would just steal from others. He eventually got tired of stealing and realized if he stole too much, all those people would realize soon enough that their wallets are gone so he dropped them in random places around the area he stole them from. To avoid suspicion, he would go into places in those areas to make it seem like that's where he was going and he wasn't going to return a few wallets he "borrowed" from a few people. After all that, he was just walking around with a white backpack, carrying water, food, and a few books. At some point he did get bored of walking and sat down on a bench that no one seemed to sit on. He didn't exactly know why though. He started reading books. The first book he grabbed was titled "GMorning GNight" by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonny Sun.
Alpha:. Kira.:   192d ago

[center Kira was happy once the photo-shoot was over. He even got a free shirt out of this. Not that he was complaining about getting something for free. Kira smiled softly as he closed his pale blue eyes. 

He was happy to be done for the day. The photo-shoot only took about 3 hours. It was only 3pm so the day was still young. Kira eyes sparkled as he step outside. The cool crisp air smelt great. His pale blue eyes danced around the city. No one of interest really stood out.   

[#bb0c17 "Damn..."] he said as he walked down the street his eyes dance from person to person. None of them seem right. The only reason he kept looking in this damn city was because he could smell that damn wolf. 

He sighed sighed softly as he looked up towards the sky. The night of the full moon would be coming soon. He sighed softly as he closed his pale blue eyes.

Anger filled his mind. Why was it so hard to find this dog? It was getting harder to remember everything about that night. This did happen when he was still young. Kira sighed softly again as he ran a hand through his blonde colored hair. 

Kira decided to go to the park. Maybe just being outside in the fresh air would help clear his mind. Surely he be able to thing of something. Kira only vaguely remember what Aiko looked liked. The only best thing he had on him was his scent. Even then he only pick it up every now and then. Kira finally made it to the park. He sat down on an empty bench his eyes lapping up the scenery. The park was lively today. It was a beautiful sunny day so there were plenty people out and about. All their scents mingling and mixing around.
Iwantamustache16Aiko   188d ago

After a while, he decided to continue walking out of boredom. So he picked up his books and put them in a bag and started to walk around again. He didn't exactly know where he was going but he just walked anyways. As he kept walking, he would see a few children and decided to see where the children were coming from, besides their house of course, so he went over to the park area and then smiled. He looked around it and quietly said "ooo~". He sat down on the fence and started swinging his legs..until he almost hit a kid. After that, he stopped swinging his legs. So then, he just stared at the sky, leaning back. He didn't exactly know why he decided to go to a park where some kids were coming from but he could only assume it was put of curiosity. He took a few deep breathes before bringing back out his books again. He took down his tiny backpack from his back and reached in, grabbing the same book as before. He quickly flipped pages because each page doesn't have many words on it so it was pretty easy to just read the book faster. After a few minutes he finished the book and decided to get out another book. This book was titled " Sewer slide notes". He decided to read it anyways because it seemed interesting. Earlier, he had asked a worker and they told him that they loved the book and it had a really good plot so that's why he grabbed it.


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