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Daughters of the Marauders (Closed)

By -Tifa_Lockhart-
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_________________and __________________ are the daughters of the Marauders Moony(Remus Lupin) and Padfoot(Sirius Black). Both girls had known the other since the time they had been born since their fathers had been good friends and had remained such even after their school years. The night the Potters and _____________'s mother were killed and her father arrested, ________________ went to live with Remus and his daughter as she really had no one else, and it was only logical as the man was a good friend of her father's and her second godfather . So the girls grew up as "cousins" and as very good friends. When the two girls started at Hogwarts, they had been put into different houses and were separated. They couldn't spend much time together and were forced to make new friends. Because of that, the two girls began to grow distant and forgot what the other had meant to the other. They had their own group of friends and the friends had even turned the girls against the other. So gone were the days when the two were close. The days when they had trusted the other and had almost been like sisters. And gone were the days where they thought they would always be by the others side. What will happen when something happens and the only one that can help is the former best friend? Will they help the other out and realize that they were always meant to be more than friends? And what will happen when their fathers realize that the girls are actually meant for the other? You will never know unless you join: Daughters of the Marauders
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Brookelynn Annalise Lupin
Grey eyes looked out at the clouded morning as rain had been falling all night. Brookelynn had had a terrible night as the night before had been a full moon and she had been confined to her own room. To top that off, the girl was now eleven and would be starting her first year off at Hogwarts and she was BEYOND nervous as she was terrible with people aside from her father and her "cousin" who had lived with them all her life. The Lupin girl rested her forehead against the glass as she was TRYING to see the old tireswing that both she and her best friend and the girl she considered as her sister had played on when they had been REALLY little. And for just a brief moment as the swing came into view, Anna could see the ghosts of two little girls giggling and chasing the other around the swing. But as quickly as she had seen the flash, it was gone and a sad sigh slipped from her. The old coocoo clock on the wall of her room popped out and all but screeched at her, making the young girl jump. When she turned to look at the time, bottom lip was dragged beneathe top teeth. The old clock read seven-thiry and she had been told by her father after they both had returned to their normal selves that she would be the one to get the other girl. With a soft sigh, Brooke slipped out of her room and across the hallway and quietly opened the door of the other girl's room. A faint smile slipped to her lips as she could see the lump beneathe the blankets still and she tiptoed to the bed and giggled as she all but tugged the comforter down. [#f316da "Dad says it's time to get up! We have to still eat and then get to the train!"] God she really didn't feel as chipper as she was acting. Anna truly felt so tired and scared but she didn't need to bring her "cousin" down too. That was the ONE thing she never wanted to do. She loved the other like a sister and knew that life had been hard on her. Both girls knew they weren't really cousins or sisters...and they knew that to some degree the other girl was an orphan and taken in too. But that had never stopped them and the bond they seemed to develop over the years. [#f316da "Tag! You're it! Better catch me before I make it to the table or dishes are on you!"] Again she was TRYING to seem as if she were in good spirits. Well that and she knew a challenge was always welcome. Without much more of a warning, Brooke all but scampered out of the room and down the hallway as quick as her aching bones would let her. All she could do now was hope the other would one wake up and two take her up on the game she had offered up. She REALLY wanted for things to seem like old times one last time as she had a feeling deep down that everything was about to change and not for the better either.


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