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By Hana_Panda13

Twilight, but make it better.

The lion and the lamb, along with all of the other characters, are about to get some major makeovers! When reading Twilight, years ago, so many things didn't sit well with us. Like the Cullens, why was Carlisle the only one with a career!? Over a hundred years and they continue to just go to high school? These characters are about to get some hobbies. And Bella, literally had nothing interesting about her to make her the object of everyone's obsession, aside from Edward who could not hear her thoughts. So she will be getting a total reboot.

Bella: Continued ballet and is actually known as a protégé.

Alice: She is very into the Earth. Planting, crystals, Mother Gaia.

Rosalie: Secretly, but not to the Cullens, runs a fashion industry. Under a pen name, of course.
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