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Theater of the Mind

By ShieldHero-
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ShieldHero-     266d ago

Mordred: I'm sorry... That it came to this.
[b The young blonde male raises his cold steel to match his eye level. With a single intensity in his eyes he mutters under his breath.]
I'll set you free.

Merlyn: I.. I wish there was another way. 
[b The young scholar reluntantly draws her weapons as they come to the driads. She peers over to Mordred as his face remains hiddens in his bangs and his words muttered.]

[b Merlyn rolls perception to see his face! She rolls a 9!]
ShieldHero-     266d ago

Basically this thread will be for scenes in our many campaigns! ^^
ShieldHero-     261d ago

[b As the group heads out of the waiting rooms there. Mary seems nervous and Gareth seems a bit anxious himself.]

Gareth: [+brown You sure? You're okay Sol?]

Mary: [+purple Yeah you seemed real down. I'm curious... What did you see?]
DivineKarma     261d ago

[center [b Sol has calmed down now and wiped the tears away. She offers a small, but sure smile.]]

[center Sol ~ [+magenta "I'm sure."]

[b The dragonborn stood silent for a moment unsure of what to say. He didn't know how he felt really. He soon closed his eyes and looked off to the side.]
ShieldHero-     261d ago

[b Gareth had held Sol's hand firmly but with a soft smile. His usually lazy eyes filled with a gleam as he pressed her fingers into his own. Though worry had filled his mind... He peered over to Sol at first with a smile sure. However it turned to be... More insightful. (Gareth rolls a 12 in Insight! What does he see?)]

Basil: [b Basil had came with his large cane in hand and a simple smile on his face. The wizened tortle shook slightly as he used his little claws to point toward Gareth.]
[+green You, young man step forward the circle is completed.]

[b Gareth had took a deep breath as he gripped Sol's hand with a lazy grin.]

[+brown Guess that's my cue huh? Well if you saw it through.. I can't exactly back down can I?]

[b With that the older gentleman had come to the circle. Sitting carefully he attempted his best at a proper stance. A proper way of breathing his entire body stiff as Basil chuckled warmly.]

[+green Relax child.. There is no need to alter you're being, after all.. This is about you're truest self yes?]

[b Gareth gave a somewhat nervous yet sincere chuckle as the two began. Basil began to chant and hum as Gareth drifted into that same dark place.. The one Sol had entered.]

[b Gareth opens his eyes to his one of his old partners. A man with a coat and an axe]

Coated figure: Long time no see huh? How ya been? You were quick to move on weren't ya? How would Serah feel about that?

Gareth: Tsk.. Like you've got a right to ask Agravain..

Gareth: Don't I? You think I wanted to kill her? You gave me no choice Gareth. When you go against the boss you know what happens. Once you're a Maruader you're always one of us. We told you this.

Gareth: Yeah.. I was a foolish young man but I've learned.

Astravain: HA! is that so? You still use violence and rage to answer you're problems you haven't changed a damn bit Gareth. You may have tried to retire and for a few years you lived a normal life.. Grew soft in that time but that beast.. It's reawakening I feel it. And so can you.

Gareth: Shut up! I... Serah... And now Sol. They will always be there. There to make sure that... Part of me never dies out again. That I never forget what's it like be human. Not a tool for hire a weapon for murder.

Astravain: Oh? Really?

[b It's at this point two images of light appear before Gareth. One familiar figure with beautiful angel wings and another? A face he thought he'd never see again.]

Gareth: Sol... Serah! What are you two..?

Serah: You're right Gareth but...

Inner Sol: That flame.. That soul. It's yours. We are here and you will never be alone but...

Serah: That light comes from you not only from us.

Sol: Shes right Gareth.. Losing Serah made you.. Slothful. Growing tired constantly tired.. From the tears you've shed... It wasn't until recently you drew that axe again.

Astravain: Ha you were that weak huh Gareth?

Serah: You're heart was closed off and you were ready to find that "Peace" death. Instead you found...

Sol: Me and you helped me.

Gareth: Sol... You've saved me.

Sol: Oh Gareth you're so blind.. You've saved me just as much I love you.

Serah: I know you feel guilt for this new found love but know this... I will always be happy for you. There is enough room in that big heart of yours for both of us even when I'm gone.

[b Gareth breaks down into tears as Astravain finds himself laughing.]

Astravain: Redemption? For the lives you stolen? That's absurd! You've said you're self you are sullied and nothing.. NOTHING can fix that!

[b Gareth quietly had clenched his fist walking over to Astravain]

Astravain: Gonna hit me big man? Really? Fine! Bring it on!

Gareth: [b He quickly jerks his hands to smack Astravains arms away. Pulling him in for a quick and burly hug.]
It's okay... I know what you are now. You're... Well you're me and guess what... I forgive you.

Astravain: I...I... Damn it...

[b It's at this moment Gareth's light and darkness slowly seep back into his form as he has taken one more step closer.. To acceptance. Awakening from his slumber he is met with a DC wisdom saving throw!]

[b Gareth awakens with tears in his eyes but a smile too. (Wisdom throw failed couldn't stop the tears) Gareth stands up and hugs Sol close telling her everything he heard and saw.]
DivineKarma     261d ago

[center [b Sol's eyes show a bright resolve. Something deep down has settled. She is happy though there's a knowing in her eyes as well. That darkness that she holds... It will never truly be gone, but she can always keep it at bay. There was no need for it to make her a monster.

She watched as Gareth went through his next. It was nerve wracking. She didn't know what to do. She knew there was nothing to be worried about, but she was.

She took a deep breath and let it out. She was glad to see Gareth come out of it, but he was crying like she had been. She hugs him back tightly listening to everything he has to say.

She glances him over quickly wondering if he is alright. (Insight roll of four. Awful fail XD)]

Sol ~ [+Magenta "Are you alright?"]

[b Kaida watches them quietly. What exactly were they facing within their own minds that was causing such reactions? He was hearing the stories, but maybe they were failing to make sense to him in some way?]
ShieldHero-     261d ago

[b As Gareth had laid his feeling out to bare with no sense of deception. Even though Sol could feel she was struggling to focus on him. He held her hand and let his expressions do the talking. It was clear... That though much was unsettled in his heart. He was finding a sense of peace and accepting who he was. Letting go of his guilt for falling in love with Sol and learning to try and move on with his life.]

Gareth: [+brown I'm all right... Sol thank you for everything really.]

[b There is a moment of silence before Mary gives a fake awkward cough before giggling.]

Mary: [+purple Oh get a room you two~ Heh.. Glad you two are okay though! So who's next mr Basil?]

[b The Tortle wanders over to place a hand on Kaida's shoulder with a smile.]

Basil: [+green It is... You're turn child. Though I'm afraid.. You're trial may be the most difficult of them all.]

[b Time passes as he sets the Glyph into place. Does Kaida enter it's domain?]
DivineKarma     261d ago

[center [b Sol looked up at him and smiled warmly. It was good to see that he wasn't going to hide anything from her.]

Sol ~ [+Magenta "Oh good! I'm glad. I don't know what you think you have to thank me for though."] 

[b She smiled warmly and then looked towards Mary and laughed softly. Though her smile slightly faded as she watched the Tortle approach Kaida. The words that were said to him worried her deeply.]

Sol ~ [+magenta "You can overcome this, Kaida."] 

[b Kaida tilted his head slightly. He looked to Sol and nodded. He soon walked over to the glyph and stepped inside.]
ShieldHero-     261d ago

[b Gareth holds Sol close softly pressing his lips to the warmth of her forehead. Instead of answering her question he's hoping that holding her close... She can feel what she's done for him in his life.]

[b Mary stuck her tongue out and giggled along with Sol.]

[b Gareth nods along with Sol as he places a hand on Kaida with a smile. Mary looks up at him with a big beaming grin.]

[+purple Mhm! I believe in you too!]

[b Basil beguns his chanting from before. It isn't long before Kaida's soul is thrusted into the deep abode of his inner heart. Kaida is approached by a variation of himself. This man however has black scales and horns with a wicked smile across his face.]

Black Scaled Kaida: Well well well~ Decided to come and talk to me after all? Here I thought you'd lost you're nerve letting that Yuan Ti get away. Did you forget? What they did to you? To us? Has taken the path of vengance really changed anything? Has that power really been enough Kaida? Instead... You're playing "house" with these nobodies. Wasting the day away with you're silly games. "Prince of dance?" What a joke. Come on Kaida... You're better than this I know you are.
DivineKarma     261d ago

[center [b The dragonborn looked at the dark scaled version of himself and tilted his head slightly. He hadn't been happy to have let those people get away... They had possibly killed his lover. His beloved Aryak. What was he doing? This was getting nothing done. His oath had done nothing for him. Had got him no closer.]

Kaida ~ [+gold "This is taking too long. I should have slayed them on the street. I would have finally at least made some form of move against the people that took him away from me."]

[b The dragonborn is shaking with anger. He had messed up letting them go. He had messed up playing these games and doing nothing. This had all been a mistake.]

Kaida ~ [+gold "I didn't mean to just play around. I need to focus back on my goal."]
ShieldHero-     261d ago

Black Scaled Kaida: Yes... Yes! What has that done? To cut down the wicked? To protect the weak? The weak will only slow us down. We will never avenge Aryak like this no... Kaida... I believe it's time. Time to break those bonds and to break that oath... Let me join you. With that power... Those who have wronged you? Will finally understand the suffering they've caused.. When they are forced to live it again and again and again!

[b As he extends his hand a light can be seen. One erupting from the shadow but the light is bright for only but a moment before growing dim. It appears to be Kaida... Only he shares a few traits of his old Patron Aryak including his eyes.]

Altered Kaida: Kaida! Look at the man who reaches for you. Can you believe this is the path you yearn? That you seek? What good is power without meaning? Truth without sincerity? A solution without a question. A body without a heart a shell with no core what does that make you? Taking this "Shortcut" to greater power? It will only create a man of weaker character a man who cannot stay strong to convictions the convictions the one he loved has shown him.

Dark Scales: "Character" will character avenge Aryak? Is love letting those people go unpunished? To forget Aryak and the love he's shown us! The love he offered the Yuan Ti! No! They must be forced to twist and writhe and agony!

Altered Kaida: They will receive divine punishment and by our hands. But not by becoming what they are. Monsters who seek destruction because our hearts have faltered.

Dark Scale: Okay cause divinity has done so much for us. Forget this guy... What does Sol know? Or Gareth? Or let's not even talk about Mary. The bitch who pushed her own agenda onto you.

Altered Kaida: Gareth though a man of many flaws and his own demons has stayed strong beside you Kaida. Sol though darkness threatened to take her own being she has stood beside her. Although Mary had hurt you and hurled herself... She has taken the steps in mending that bridge to stand beside you.

Dark Scale: Gareth's a Hypocrite.. Once a murder for hire always a murder. It's likely he understood the Yuan Ti no longer he didn't help Kaida attack them. Mary's silence? Who's to say she isnt working for them? Sol? Who's to say Sol isn't using kaida to pursue freedom? If they are real friends.. They will stand by you in this path Kaida come as I've said... You must take my hand.

[b It's at this point a final variation of Kaida appears with his hand covering the two behind him. The one of light and shadow both kneel to this man. As he speaks in a deep barotone voice he looks directly into Kaida's gaze.]

Phantom: Whatever you may choose... You must be true. Above all you must continue to love yourself.. As Aryak himself as wanted for you.. For us.
DivineKarma     261d ago

[center [b Kaida looks between the two narrowing his eyes slightly. Seeing shadow and light. Both wanting him to choose a side. He had tried to be divine. He had tried to follow the path of the paladin the best he could. He had done everything and yet no one had paid the price for what had been done to his beloved patron. He felt a growl slowly raising in his throat as he listened to the two bicker back and forth. This was getting him nowhere.

Sometimes it would appear as if he wanted to agree with what the altered version of himself had to say, but he always ended up agreeing with the black scaled on in the end. It was right... Everything it said was right. Everything and everyone... They were in his way.]

Kaida [+gold "I am tired of waiting. I am tired of everything. I want all of those hunters to pay for what they have done. I will kill them all... They would suffer as he had to... As I have had to."]

[b He looked at the phantom in between the two and frowned faintly. It didn't matter anymore. Love for himself... No... The only love he had carried was for his patron and he would destroy anything that got in his path... It was so easy to just ignore the light. To forget that it existed. He reached out towards the shadow because that's where he belonged.]
ShieldHero-     260d ago

[b The being of light had looked to Kaida with a frown across his face.]

Altered: Nothing.. But suffering will come from this path. You will lose... What love has left for you in this world. The love our.. Patron had prepared our heart for.

Dark Scale: Kaida.. Take solace in knowing.. This is you're home and where we belong. 

[b The phantom seems neutral not seeming one way or the other. Only dissapointed that Kaida could no longer care for the life his patron had given him.]

[b Dark scales had pulled him in with a grin as a brand slowly appeared on his wrist.]

Dark Scales: Use them... Use those fools. They may be idiots... But weapons need not think. They can be used to exact what is needed but.. Should they step out of line you will have the power to set them straight.. Or remove them entirely.

[b With a wicked cackle of the Dark Scaled Dragon born Kaida's inner light had rushed over hugging him from behind.]

Altered Kaida: One last time... I will let you feel the love you're friends had made you feel..

[b Its at this point the points all converge. Kaida awakens with Basil placing his hand firmly on his head with a beam of light and a rather unusual aggressive face for the kind usually kind faced Tortle. Gareth stands in front of Kaida in his defense as the mark of light tries it's best to restrain his newly acquired "Gift"]

Basil: If that "Curse" is not kept in check it will come to cause you all great suffering.

Gareth: Curse...? What...? Kaida are you okay? This crazy old badger didn't hurt you didn't he? Here I thought you were helping us... Guys lets go! Nutty old man!

[b As the group all leaves Mary looks to Basil timidly as she speaks softly.]

[+purple I-I.. Still wish to proceed with mine.]

[+brown What..? After that...? Kaida could be cursed! He attacked him! Sol.. Kaida help me Mary can do this.. Right?]

[b Make two wisdom saving throws! (Each for different things)]


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