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Evangeline's whole life has been planned out for her. The moment she was born, her mother sold her to the black market, and she was bought as a sex slave at first. As she was growing up, she was taught the world of pleasing the men around her. If she didn't, she would end up getting lashings, and being told she wouldn't make it in the sex world at all if she didn't learn everything she was supposed too. There was one person she could trust though, and her name was Ginger. Ginger and Evangeline grew up in the same house hold together, and when they both turned eighteen was when Ginger was sold to a rich man in New York City, and that's when Evangeline was left alone again.

When the woman turned twenty-three was when she finally up and moved. She wasn't about to let people use her, sell her, none of that. She wanted to start over new. She wanted nothing more than to make a name for herself. That's when she moved to Amsterdam and became a prostitute. It wasn't the best idea, but it was pretty much all she had known her whole life. That's when she entered the Red Light District. She had seen so many women in the windows, and men stopping to look at them. Some of them paid them to go home with them and sleep with that. That's like kind of life she wanted more than anything. That's when she met Your Name Here, and her whole world turned upside down after that.

Your Name Here was one of the richest men in Amsterdam, and he's the kind of person who hates seeing women throw their lives away. He walked the red light district often, and when a woman catches his eye, he ends up paying her a lot of money to get out of the prostitute game and get her life back on track. When he first laid eyes on Evangeline was when he felt like his whole life was about to change. She was beautiful, blonde, killer body, and those eyes of her's were so troubled that it broke his heart. Seeing the look in her eyes made his heart break. There was something about the blonde bombshell that drew him in right then and there. He had to fight off three other men, because they were pretty much bidding on the woman, and he couldn't let either of them win.

When he offered his amount of money, was when Evangeline finally looked towards him. The look in his eyes somewhat scared her, but deep down she wanted nothing more than to get out of the line of business she was in. She wanted to be a normal woman, but she didn't know how too.
Your Name Here
finally out bid the other men, and Evangeline was finally his. He wasn't about to let her go back to that line of work ever again. When she came out of the building in nothing but the outfit they were told to wear, he offered her his jacket and she took it. Your Name Here then took the woman home, and told her that she was finally free to do whatever she pleased. She thought that meant pleasing him in anyway possible. When she tried that, the male turned her down.

Your Name Here explained everything to the blonde, and she finally understood. She had asked him though what it would mean if she stayed with him while she figured everything out. He promised her he wouldn't touch her, he wouldn't do anything to hurt her, and he would do everything he could to gain her trust in him. What'll happen when she starts trusting him? Will they be able to work together and get her out of her line of work for good? Or will she slip back into her old ways, and go back to the windows and having men bid on her, and touching her in ways that only a lover should? What'll happen when
Your Name Here
realizes he's falling in love with Evangeline? Will Evangeline return the male's feelings, or will she be too wrapped up in what she knows to let someone in like that? You'll never know unless you join,
Red Light District

The cast of Red-Light District.

Evangeline Masters; Taken

Male; Open

Some information you need to know.

Red-Light District;
an area or district in a city in which many houses of prostitution are located.

De Wallen is the largest and best known red-light district in Amsterdam. It consists of a network of alleys containing approximately three hundred one-room cabins rented by prostitutes who offer their sexual services from behind a window or glass door, typically illuminated with red lights and blacklight. Window prostitution is the most visible and typical kind of red-light district sex work in Amsterdam.

A red-light district or pleasure district is a part of an urban area where a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses, such as sex shops, strip clubs, and adult theaters, are found. In most cases, red-light districts are particularly associated with female street prostitution, though in some cities, these areas may coincide with spaces of male prostitution and gay venues. Areas in many big cities around the world have acquired an international reputation as red-light districts.

The term red-light district originates from the red lights that were used as signs for brothels. De Wallen, together with the prostitution areas Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkade, form the Rosse Buurt (red-light areas) of Amsterdam. Of these De Wallen is the oldest and largest area. It is one of the city's major tourist attractions and the government of Amsterdam is examining ways to limit tourist numbers.

How does it work?

When you’re walking down the narrow streets of the RLD, you will already notice women appearing behind their windows in the early afternoon, but the busiest and most interesting time to go “window shopping” is from around 11 pm onward. The red light above the windows indicates that a woman is currently available. You will also see some windows with curtains shut and the red light turned off: it sort of speaks for itself, doesn’t it? You might also notice windows with a blue light instead of a red one. This means that the person behind the glass is transgender or transvestite.

There are around 400 such vitrines in Amsterdam, so you can imagine that the competition is fierce. Some of the women try to attract customers by wearing outfits that are more sophisticated than lingerie, while some of them adopt a more proactive approach by knocking on the glass, waving and encouraging the passers-by to come closer.

Once a man is interested, he knocks on the door and that’s where the negotiation part begins. Most of the women work independently, so they have the freedom to choose what they offer, for how long, and how much they charge. Usually it costs around €50 for 15-20 minutes of pleasure, but this can differ per individual. What if someone is interested in something more than the standard offer? It is not unusual in a service industry such as this that more demanding customers need to pay extra if they wish to have their demands met.

Is prostitution legal?

It is in the Netherlands. Prostitution became legal in this country in 1811, and the ban on brothels was ended 14 years ago. In fact, sex workers are officially recognized in the Netherlands just as any other profession. They have their own union, can access medical care, and have to pay taxes; although, as you can imagine, the nature of the job makes it difficult to inspect the truthfulness of their income declarations.

The sex industry in the Netherlands is heavily regulated and is generally considered fairly safe, especially in comparison to the same industry that goes on underground in other countries. Brothels need to have permits; plenty of policemen patrol the Red Light District to ensure the safety of both clients and prostitutes, and the latter need to take frequent health tests. The two things that are illegal and closely monitored are forced prostitution and underage prostitution.

What I need from you.

This is not going to be a first come, first serve role play. There will be talk of mature topics meaning, Sex, Drugs, and Drinking. If you can't handle that, then please don't apply for this role. I'll be looking for someone literate, meaning you'll take your time to post. So when you are applying for this role, simply send me a message titled
Red Lights
, so I know you read this and the rules below. So inside of that message I would like this simple skeleton sent to me.

Picture Link {Do Not Link It} || Character Name || Character Age {Twenty-Five & Older please} || Job Title || Likes {Five Total} || Dislikes {Five Total}

If I have to ask you twice for the small skeleton, and your Private Message isn't titled like I have asked, your message will be deleted, and your character will be over looked. Yes I'm being super fucking picky with this role play, so please don't get upset with me if I ask you to change something. Now please make sure to read everything inside of this thread. If you request into the thread before I tell you, you will be denied, period. Now onto the rules.

The rules of Red-Light District.

First- The pictures are going to be real. None of the over used shit either. If it's too big, I will ask you to resize it to a smaller size. If you can't find one to your liking, simply message me and ask me for help. I would be more than happy to help you look, or edit your picture for you. Just don't get mad at me, if I ask you to change/edit it.

Second- Romance will might be a big part of this story, but not at first. Just like in real life you have to work up to it. It's not a love at first sight type of thing. Cybering is a no on this site, if you want to keep the story line going, then we can move this to e-mail, or just skip it all together. That won't happen for awhile though, so we won't need to talk about that right away.

Third- Joining and then ditching is a no. If you don't like where this role play is going, simply message me and we can plot something out. Or if you are simply bored of it, and don't want to do it anymore, simply message me and tell me. I won't be mad if you get tired of it. Just if you join and then never post, is when I will be slightly annoyed with you. So please, at least talk to me about leaving the thread.

Forth- Plot twists is a must. I love plotting things out, and see where we want it to go. It's not that hard to become my friend either. So if you have something in mind, and wanna run it by me, all you gotta do is message me and be like 'Hey! I have an idea, and I just wanted to see what you thought about it!'. Because honestly I will do the same thing to you, so don't be surprised if you get messages from me about ideas.

Fifth- Stealing this idea is a no. It's something that's important to me. If I see anything like it, or someone stealing the main idea I will make it known you stole it from me. I have worked hard on this idea, and if you like it that much, ask me if you can borrow it. Just make sure to give me the credit for it. I will most likely say yes to letting you borrow it, as long as you ask me first.

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Seventh- We can talk about this having and ending, or we can keep it long going. I really don't mind what we do. We can always add in more characters down the line as well. I'm more than happy to double up as a male as long as you double up as a female. Right now though, I think it'll be better if we just stick with the two main characters. See where we go, and if we need to add in more characters we can. I can play up to four at one time, but that's my limit. I can't play more than that.

Eighth- Please for the love of God don't message me over and over asking when I'm gonna post. That's something I really hate, and it get's on my nerves when that happens. I like to take time on my posts, and I like to make sure it's the way I want it. If you see me online, I'm most likely working on my post, and making sure it's done right. If I take two weeks to post, that's when you can message me and ask what's going on. Other than that, do not bug me to post, and I will not bug you to post either.

Ninth- I love details inside of my role play's. I can post well over 1,000 words. Yes I said 1,000 words. That's only if I have the right partner, and if I have a lot in my head for a post. For this story though I'm only looking for about 500-600 words a post. If I need to put a posting limit I will. Anything less than that, and I will lose interest, or it'll take me longer to post because I don't have anything to work off of. So please don't make me put a posting limit.

Tenth- Now that I'm done sounding like a total bitch, I want this to be enjoyable for the both of us. That's what writing is about anyway. Having fun, and making something beautiful together. So please enjoy writing with me, and let's make something amazing, and see where this will lead.
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LittleBird-dιѕтrιcт   49d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [b [i Five Years Ago.]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 The room smelled of booze, and stale cigarette smoke, and it turned the eighteen year old's stomach. This was the first time she was alone with a so called [i client]. Her heart was racing, and the outfit she had chosen for the night didn't seem to suit her at all. That's when the door opened, and her [i client] walked into the room. He was a tall man, with a handsome face, and those hands she wanted nothing more than to be on her already. She batted her light grey eyes at the male as she leaned back into the chair, and crossed her legs. She saw the way his eyes moved down her body, and to her crossed legs. Just that look made her heart flutter. [b "How old are you?"] he asked her, finally breaking the silence.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cb4154 "I just turned eighteen about six months ago. I was told you liked your workers young, but not to the point of getting you thrown into jail"] she said lightly. The male smirked a bit as he moved over to the desk, and he leaned against it crossing his arms over his chest. [b "You are in deed correct about that. How many men have you been with? Or did the man that took you in from the black market, not let you around many?"] The blonde woman was slightly surprised at all of his questions, but she kept her cool about it. Was he trying to scare her or something? Or was he just a curious mind? Whatever the reason, she wasn't about to let him down at all.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cb4154 "I've been trained on how to please a man, and in all honesty this is the first time I'm alone with someone else. I normally have another woman with me, but Dominick thought it was the perfect time for me to try this whole thing alone."] she breathed out. The male nodded lightly, he seemed to like her answer. He moved around the desk and sat in the huge chair. He then beckoned her over to him. [b "This is going to be the real test. Show me what you've been taught, and I'll think about buying you for good"] he said. That made the woman's heart race inside of her chest. This was really happening right now. She pushed herself up and moved towards him.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 When she was right in front of him, she let the male make the first move. That's what's been drilled into her brain for the longest time. Let the man, or men make the first move. Let them touch you, excite you, and then you can work your own magic on them. [b "I hope Dominick warned you that I like it rough. I do tend to leave bruises on my slaves, and make them do things you wouldn't even think was possible"] he breathed out. The woman nodded lightly and bit the inside of her cheek. [#cb4154 "He had warned me yes, and I'm more than willing to do anything it takes to please you"] she nearly whispered. [b "That's my girl"] he said and grabbed her wrist.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He wasn't too hard with her just then, but she was preparing for it anyway. The male pulled her into his lap, and what she felt there made her heart race, and her cheeks flare up. She hadn't had someone so well built like him. The feeling of his hands on her skin sent shivers down her spine, and she locked her eyes on his letting him get used to the feel of her body. He leaned over and brushed her hair away from her neck, and pressed his lips to the hollow part of her neck. He then bit down as it marking what was his. That's when he started getting rough with her. He gripped her hips and pushed himself up against her, the feeling was something new for the woman, and she didn't know how to feel about it.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 As the male undressed her, and himself along the way she knew this wasn't right. She heard the male open a drawer and pull out a knife. [#cb4154 "What the hell are you doing?"] she asked. The male looked at her and smirked a bit. [b "What? Dominick didn't tell you I'm into blood play? Bondage? Everything you haven't been trained to do yet?"] he asked. She shook her head, and tried to get away from the male. He wrapped his arm around her waist and leaned forward whispering into her ear. [b "I mark what's mine, so that way men won't try and take what's not theirs. Don't worry Dominick will get a pretty penny for you"] he said, and then bit down onto her neck.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She felt the tip of the blade on her back, and she winced as he sliced it down her back. Then he moved the blade up her right shoulder, and that's when she let out a scream. The door flew open and Dominick was in the room pulling the blonde away from Rodney. She was thrown onto the floor and she didn't see anything else that happened. She gathered up her things, and ran out of the room blood running down her back, leaving small droplets as she ran out of the room, and hopefully away from the nightmare she was almost sold into.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [center [b [i Present Day.]]]]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 It's been five years since the woman had gotten away from Dominick and his crew. She was now twenty-three and she had made the biggest move of her life. She was happier in a way. She had a nice apartment, money clear up to her ears, and a life she loved more than anything. At least that's what she's been telling herself. She didn't know what it was like to be a normal woman. She had been sold to the black market the moment she had been born. Her mother wanted the high, more than she wanted the daughter she had given birth too. Evangeline's whole life was fucked up thanks to her mother and the choice she had made.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 While she had been growing up, she was told that it was her job to please men in all ways possible. She didn't think she would have grown up becoming a sex slave, but she had. The moment she had gotten wind about Rodney, and how everyone else didn't want anything to do with him, she had told Dominick she would do it. Dominick was so power hungry, and needed the highest paying client he didn't care who he hurt. The night that Evangeline was almost branded with Rodney's so called [i markings] had been the night that Dominick knew something was off. He had just arrived when she had let out that blood curdling scream, and he went into action.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 That had also been the night she started working in strip clubs, telling Dominick that she wanted the highest paying clients, and to make sure he had done some checking into them. She had told herself she would move out of the country and start over new. She had read somewhere on the internet about the [i Red-Light District] in Amsterdam and she knew that's where she wanted to go. Took her almost five years to get here, and here she was. She sighed lightly as she looked at herself in the mirror. Tonight was going to be another bidding night. She was kind of excited, but at the same time wasn't.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She wanted to meet someone that she could somehow click with. Someone who would take the time to talk to her, and then after they slept together she could just up and leave and go to the next highest bidder. There was a knock on her door and she turned around to face it. [#cb4154 "Door's open, come on in"] she called out. That's when her door opened and Monica walked into the room a smile on her face. [b "There's so many men out there! Some of them are really fucking yummy too! How high are you planning on going tonight?"] she asked plopping down onto the couch. Evangeline shrugged a bit and turned back to the mirror.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cb4154 "Honestly, I'm not sure. I mean whomever has the most money I suppose. But that's up to Daniel anyway. He's the one who does all of the bidding"] she said with a small laugh. Monica rolled her eyes and then licked her lips. [b "God I would love to feel that man inside of me, but he doesn't sleep with his hired employees. I'm thinking about leaving this place after tonight, and taking him with me. Or at least trying to get him to sleep with me. I wanna go back home and see momma and daddy"] the other admitted. The two talked awhile longer while Evangeline got ready for the night. About an hour later she was changed, and her hair was done.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Tonight's choice of outfit was a pair of black lacy panties, and a matching bra. The heels she slipped onto her feet matched it perfectly. Monica was already to go, and the two went out into the hallway and made their way to their so called [i windows]. She could hear Daniel talking, and her heart hammered against her chest. [#cb4154 "Here we go. I'll see you tomorrow boo"] she said and blew the other a kiss. Monica then dipped out, and the blonde stepped up to the window. She then slipped behind the curtain's and waited for them to open up. As they did she posed, and looked out at the crowd in front of her.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Monica hadn't been lying. Tonight was going to be interesting. [b "Gentleman, I would like to tell you a little bit this little blonde bombshell here. She's spunky, and a down to earth woman. I've been told she gives mind blowing sex, and honestly she's one of the best one's here. I know a lot of you can tell me that I'm right. Tonight the bidding will be starting at two thousand and fifty dollars"] he said. Shit she hadn't been that high in forever, and it felt good when she heard the men start throwing out numbers. She kept repositioning herself, letting the men get an eye full as Daniel kept taking bids. Her eyes moved to one of the men in the crowd and her heart skipped a beat.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 He wasn't that much older than she was, and he was a new face. At least to her he was. Men were still shouting out numbers, and apart of her hoped the new face would bid. She wasn't going to get her hopes up though. She smiled a bit, as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, getting whistles from the men in return. She kept it up waiting to see who the lucky male was going to be taking her home for the evening.]]
SSerendipitydιѕтrιcт   48d ago

It has been the longest five years of the males life. He did something that he didn't expect anyone to understand. Sometimes he didn't understand what he did. He was in an industry that wasn't the greatest. The male started in this industry when he was just about 20. The only reason he knew about this industry was because of his father, because his father was a very wealthy man and he had women all the time at the house. Of course, when that was happening, Clyde didn't quite understand. But once he hit 20, his father explained everything to him. When Clyde first started out, he literally was just sleeping with women. But he was never disrespectful towards them or ever made them do things that they didn't want to do. His father would always call him softy. Once Clyde got tired of listening to his father speak to him like that, was when Clyde lost his temper. And everyone that knew Clyde knew that he rarely got mad. Someone had to really provoke him for him to get angry. 

Clyde has even gone through women saying awful things about him. Eventually, people found out that it wasn't true, and it was just some women trying to get attention. Clyde wasn't about that either. He didn't enjoy all the drama. But the one thing Clyde hated was when people called women sex slaves. He didn't like that term at all. That's when he decided to change his life around. He started his own business of photography. But this wasn't your normal photography. He took pictures of women in basically nothing. But Clyde would help these men get laid. He didn't want to be the one doing the intercourse part anymore. So, he was willing to help the others, so he wasn't completely out of the business. 

Tonight he was invited to a bidding. Clyde would sometimes go those. Main reason he would barely go to them is because he didn't like how some of the men treat the women. Usually, Clyde does say something if he sees something unusual. And then it just ends badly. But something about tonight. He just had this feeling to go. He didn't know why but he was going to find out. 

The bidding was happening later this evening, so that gave him plenty of time to take a shower and dress in good attire. He looked at the time and took in a deep breath. He knew he needed to get into the shower now or he was going to be late. Clyde walked to his bathroom in his big house and jumped into the shower. Within 10 minutes he was out of the shower. He grabbed the towel that was hanging and wrapped it around his thin torso, as he wiped the dew from the bathroom mirror off so he can look at himself in the mirror. Something about tonight. He wanted to change someone's life. If he could get out of that industry, he knew that he could get a female out of that industry. But that meant... He had to bid.

Clyde shook the mood from his body, and then he headed to his walk-in closet to pick out a nice suit. Clyde had so many suits for these types of occasions, but he didn't know which suit he wanted to wear tonight. Clyde found a black suit that was very nice looking. Looks like it's barely been worn. He put the suit on, grabbed his favorite tie and put that on, then put his shoes on, and did his hair up a bit. Once he was ready, he looked at himself in the mirror and thought he looked pretty sharp. He smiled at his reflection and headed to the destination this was being held at.

 Once Clyde got there, he parked his car, and started to head for the entrance. He recognized a lot of people in there. And you could hear all of them greeting him. Then he ran into someone that he doesn't get along with. His father. But the funny thing was, Clyde was the wealthies man in Amsterdam. So, there was no way that his own father could out bid him. [b "Why am I not surprised that you are here? Want another woman you could beat the hell up. Don't you ever get tired of hurting women? Guess not."] He shrugged off the negative energy and walked towards more of the crowd. Clyde could see that they were getting ready to reveal the first girl. Clyde was anxious on who it was going to be. He had one choice to make. He had to make who was the girl that would be going home with him? 

Clyde stood there, staring at this red curtain, until it opened up, and the female that he saw in front of him. Very beautiful. He had to catch his breath, because this female has already taken his breath away. Instantly, he locked eyes with the female, wondering if she would make eye contact with him. And sure enough - she did. 

Clyde walked more to the front of the stage and was listening to bids going off. These bids were childish compared to what he could bid. And that's what he was going to do. Once she looked away, and push her back, Clyde could already tell that this female has been through enough. This was it. It was HER. 

[b "$1,000,000."] That was all he said as everyone in the whole room looked at him and stared at him. He can hear all the whispers throughout the room. He didn't care though. He was determined to save this girls life one way or another. He wanted to know more about her. And the only way he could know more about her is if he took her home with him. He had a set goal, and there has never been a time that Clyde hasn't achieved his goal.
LittleBird-dιѕтrιcт   47d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Evangeline watched as people placed bids on her. That's when the male she had locked eyes with bid the highest. Her heart skipped a beat. This wasn't happening. No one else was willing to out bid the male. [b "Going once, going twice, sold! Come into my office afterwards and sign that check, and I'll make sure the blonde is all ready for you"] the other called out. Evangeline then walked back behind the curtain's and went back to her dressing room. That was the fastest bidding she's ever been up for, and wondered what he had in mind.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She slipped back into the dressing room, and she changed out of the skimpy outfit, and slipped into a pair of jeans, and a black backless shirt. She then let her hair fall over her shoulders, and she gathered up everything. She slowly made her way to Daniel's office, and ran into the male along the way. [b "You have brought in the most tonight Blondie. Make sure you come right back after he pay's for you to sleep with him"] he said licking his lips. Evangeline shuddered lightly as the male looked her up and down.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "If I hadn't gotten the bid I did for you, I'd make sure you stayed here, and I took you to my bed"] he said licking his lips once more. The blonde shook her head lightly. [#cb4154 "Well I'm glad that didn't happen"] she said in a snappy tone of voice. Daniel's eyes snapped up towards her face. [b "If I were you, I wouldn't say shit like that. You might be a beautiful woman, but that doesn't mean I won't mess up that pretty little face either"] he growled. That made her back down.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [b "Sit, while I get the contract ready. Your bidder should be here soon"] he said as he walked over and opened up the office door. Evangeline moved over to a chair and sat down. She put her hands into her lap all of a sudden worried about what was going to happen. Was she going to be taken home, and beat? Would the male who out bid everyone treat her like she was a piece of meat? She hoped he wouldn't, because she was done with this. She had a small idea though in mind.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She sat there watching as Daniel put the contract together. What would happen if she didn't come back? Would he still find a way to get her back? She was done with this life, but she knew she couldn't ever fully escape it. She bit the inside of her cheek as she waited for the handsome stranger to come and claim his prize. [b "You best be on your best behavior. I don't want him returning you, and demanding his money back"] Daniel hissed. The blonde rolled her eyes lightly. [#cb4154 "I wouldn't worry about that"] she muttered.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She was always on her best behavior with clients. She would treat him the same way as everyone else. She had a feeling that things were about to change, and she just hoped she'd be able to put her plan into motion and soon. She sat there silently, her hands in her lap, chewing the inside of her cheek as she waited. The minutes ticking by slowly.]]
SSerendipitydιѕтrιcт   47d ago

Clyde was praying that no one was going to over bid him, but then again, if someone did, he wouldn't care, because he had tons of money. And it just continues to populate by each day. So, he does this bid, and he will have that money back within a few days. Once he heard Daniel say sold, Clyde let out a sigh of relief. Clyde nodded to the instructions that were told to him, while his eyes were still locked on the blondes. Once the curtain closed, that's when he removed his eyes, and turned around and there was his father. "Enjoy, my son." Clyde didn't even want to entertain his father's comments right now. 

Clyde walked towards the back, as he realized eyes were still on him. That has been the highest bid ever, and people were surprised that he could even write a bid like that. Of course, Clyde wasn't surprised by all the attention he was getting right now. 

Clyde made his way to the office, when he heard the females and males' conversation. It was men like this that make him sick to his stomach. Clyde knew that he needed to keep his composure. Once the conversation was over was when he decided to walk into the room. Clyde saw her sitting in the chair, anxiously waiting for him. Once more, she was able to take his breath away. And they haven't even said two words to one another. Clyde smiled at her very sweetly, and grabbed her hand, and kissed the top of her hand. [b "Good evening, miss, I'm Clyde."] Once more, he smiled at her, and then let her hand go. 

Clyde then focused his attention on Daniel. [b "Daniel."] Clyde and Daniel didn't get along that much, but Clyde didn't even care at this point, because he wasn't ever planning on returning to a bid ever again. And Clyde was hoping that his talk with the blonde would work. Clyde was very good at reading someone's body language. And hers was loud and clear. Clyde promised himself that he would do whatever it took to get her out of this line of work. 

"Just sign here." Clyde nodded and signed his name. Once he watched the contract get put away. [b "We done here?"] Daniel nodded his head at him, and then he focused his attention on her once more. [b "Let's get out of here."] Clyde put out his hand, and then walked out of the office with the blonde. Praying to god that neither of them would ever have to see this place again.
LittleBird-dιѕтrιcт   46d ago

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Daniel's words were still running around the woman's mind, and she wished she never got into this line of work. She had been damaged and needed the money. She'd been doing this since she had turned eighteen years old, and since then, she's made so much money for Daniel, and she [i never] say a penny of it. When Clyde walked into the room, her breath caught in her throat. He was even more attractive up close. When he took her hand, and kissed it, her cheeks turned pink. No one's ever done that before.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She honestly didn't know how to react. She watched as Daniel and Clyde went over the contract. [b "Make sure she's back at the end of the week. I still need my highest bidding woman"] he said with a smirk. That made the blonde shutter even more. Daniel always treated her like a play thing, and that saddened her. She wasn't just a play thing. When the men were done, she took Clyde's hand and stood. She didn't even look over her shoulder at Daniel, as they walked out. She was silent for a moment, as they left the building.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 Monica came running up to her, and she hugged her tightly. [b "You've made us all proud Eva! Tonight wasn't as good, and I'm kind of sad you are the first to go. But I'll see you at the end of the week"] she said kissing her cheek lightly. Evangeline hugged the woman back tightly, and kissed her cheek in return. [#cb4154 "I'll see you soon"] she promised. When Monica went into Daniel's office, she knew someone else had made a high bid as well. She wondered what Monica would do if she had gotten bid on by Clyde.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 She then realized the male had told her his name, and she hadn't done the same. [#cb4154 "I'm so sorry, my names Evangeline, it's a pleasure meeting you"] she said softly. She then slid her hands into her pockets, as they exited the door. She was kind of curious as to what the man had in mind. Her stomach then growled, and she realized how hungry she really was. She bit the inside of her cheek lightly, as she looked down at the walkway under her feet. She was debating on asking, but didn't know how too.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cb4154 "Would it be okay if we get something to eat? I haven't eaten in a couple of days, and a big, fat, juicy burger, with a banana, chocolate milkshake sounds amazing right now"] she said lightly. She knew it might make her look like a pig, but she was starving to say the least. It's been months since she's had red meat, and her body was craving it. She just hoped that he wouldn't frown upon her for the food order she wanted. She then fell silent and dropped her eyes to the ground.]]

[google-font][noto+sans [size12 [#cb4154 "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked for that.. What did you have in mind for me anyway?"] she asked. She made sure she had taken her pill that morning, and if he wanted to get into bed, she would have to make sure he had some sort of protection as well. She wasn't about to go down that road. She was still Daniel's anyway, and he would murder her if she came back pregnant. It would ruin her [i perfect] body, and no man would want to pay for her services anymore. She fell silent as she waited for the other to say something.]]
SSerendipitydιѕтrιcт   34d ago

Clyde stopped for a moment as she was speaking with her friend. He heard a little what was said. And how the female said that she would see her in a week. It was still the male's plan to make sure that she wouldn't be back in a week. He wanted to get her out of the business. But he felt like convincing her might be hard. But then at the same time. He wasn't really for sure. He wanted to get to know this female. Who she was as a person. Clyde realized that they were standing there because he was kind of in his own world. 

Clyde looked over and saw they were done talking. He smiled and then continued to walk out of the building and towards his car. Every time he saw his car he just smiled. He loved knowing that he was set in life. Knowing that he really doesn't want to be part of this industry anymore. He was set for life. He just would have to figure out a different way to make his money. 

Clyde opened the door for her, and let her get into the car. Then he carefully shut the door behind her. Then he walked over to the other side, and climbed into the drivers side. Clyde listed to how she was hungry. Food sounded pretty amazing at this time. And he was getting ready to ask here she wanted to go until she said nevermind. Listening to that, made him upset. Because that meant that she wasn't treated the best when she had other clients. And that he wasn't okay with. 

Clyde didn't really say much because he felt like he would lose his temper if he did. What he was going to do was going go to this little diner. She wanted a juicy burger, and that was what he was going to give her. He pulled into the parking lot, and turned his car off, and then he faced her. 

[b "It is okay for you to want to eat. I'm not going to sit here and get mad because your hungry. Your a human and you deserve to eat whatever you want to eat. So we are going to go in here, your going to eat a nice, juicy burger, and then we will go back to my house. Then you can shower, change if you'd like, and then we can either talk or we can go to sleep. I'm not going to have you do something that you don't want to do."] 

This was the side that Clyde was talking about. The side of where he is a total sweetheart. Clyde smiled at her, grabbed his keys, and then opened her door for her to get out. Once she was out, he closed the door behind her, and then locked his car, and then walked into the restaurant. 

[b "Dinner for two, please."] The host nodded and led them to their table as he sat down, as he ordered water for himself, and waited for the female to order whatever drink she wanted. He felt like everything was going to go smoothly.


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