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Note; Please for the love of God do not request into the thread unless told otherwise. This thread is based off the movie as well. Becca and I had created it, I just put my little spin on it and made it slightly different. You must be eighteen or older to even write with me. This is going to be a dark & mature thread as well, so please bare that in mind. Make sure you read everything as well before applying. Thank you.

Noble and Male Two have been dating since they were in their senior year of High School. The two were joined at the hip, and knew what it was like to be in love with someone. Their best friends Mayhem and Female Two have both been too scared to tell the other their real feelings. Noble and Male Two thought it would be fun to take a trip with just the four them. Travel the world for a little bit, and see what life had to offer. So when the two love birds did some digging they came across Chernobyl, and how it had happened. It seemed to spark Noble's interest more than Male Two's, but he would go along with it because he wanted nothing more than to see Noble happy, so he went along with the idea.

When the day of the flight out came, the four were packed in the van, and went to the airport. When they landed and had another rental van was when everything seemed to be going into motion finally. They get comfortable in the hotel, and do some sight seeing before they decide to ask about Chernobyl and if they could go and see the abandoned town. Everyone they asked told them no, and not to bother sticking their noses in business that it didn't belong. That only seemed to put the four young adults minds into warp speed. They wanted to know what was so bad about that place, and why people weren't allowed to go there anymore. That's when Female Two went out one day after lunch and found an extreme tour guide.

When she got back and told the other's that she had talked to the stranger, and had made plans for them to leave in the morning, Mayhem was kind of shocked. He had a really bad feeling about it. He didn't want to question it, because he didn't want to seem like he was too chicken to go. He was trying to impress her after all, so he went along with it. Noble and Male Two were in the same boat. They didn't know anything about this stranger, but deep down they wanted the adventure, and they wanted to know what was wrong with Chernobyl. So it was set, they would leave the next morning go into where Chernobyl was located and then they would be on their way home a couple days later. No harm right? Boy were they wrong.

When the five of them entered the place, the tour guide told them a little bit about what happened. How there was a lot of radiation, and how they would have to leave in a couple of hours. The four adults were okay with that, but they didn't realize how much trouble they were going to be in as the day progressed. Things started getting weird, and when they tried to leave their so called car wouldn't even start. What'll happen when they have to spend a night in the creepy town with the radiation getting stronger by the hour? Will the four escape with their lives in tact? Or will they all end up dying, trying to get back home? You'll never know unless you join,
Chernobyl Diaries

The cast of Chernobyl Diaries.

Noble Woods; Taken

Female Two; Open

Mayhem Savage; Taken

Male Two; Open

The information you need to know.

Chernobyl disaster, accident in 1986 at the Chernobyl nuclear power station in the Soviet Union, the worst disaster in the history of nuclear power generation. The Chernobyl power station was situated at the settlement of Pryp’yat, 10 miles (16 km) northwest of the city of Chernobyl (Ukrainian: Chornobyl) and 65 miles (104 km) north of Kiev, Ukraine. The station consisted of four reactors, each capable of producing 1,000 megawatts of electric power; it had come online in 1977–83.

The disaster occurred on April 25–26, 1986, when technicians at reactor Unit 4 attempted a poorly designed experiment. Workers shut down the reactor’s power-regulating system and its emergency safety systems, and they withdrew most of the control rods from its core while allowing the reactor to continue running at 7 percent power. These mistakes were compounded by others, and at 1:23 AM on April 26 the chain reaction in the core went out of control. Several explosions triggered a large fireball and blew off the heavy steel and concrete lid of the reactor. This and the ensuing fire in the graphite reactor core released large amounts of radioactive material into the atmosphere, where it was carried great distances by air currents. A partial meltdown of the core also occurred.

On April 27 the 30,000 inhabitants of Pryp’yat began to be evacuated. A cover-up was attempted, but on April 28 Swedish monitoring stations reported abnormally high levels of wind-transported radioactivity and pressed for an explanation. The Soviet government admitted there had been an accident at Chernobyl, thus setting off an international outcry over the dangers posed by the radioactive emissions. By May 4 both the heat and the radioactivity leaking from the reactor core were being contained, albeit at great risk to workers. Radioactive debris was buried at some 800 temporary sites, and later in the year the highly radioactive reactor core was enclosed in a concrete-and-steel sarcophagus (which was later deemed structurally unsound).

Some sources state that two people were killed in the initial explosions, whereas others report that the figure was closer to 50. Dozens more contracted serious radiation sickness; some of these people later died. Between 50 and 185 million curies of radionuclides (radioactive forms of chemical elements) escaped into the atmosphere—several times more radioactivity than that created by the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. This radioactivity was spread by the wind over Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine and soon reached as far west as France and Italy. Millions of acres of forest and farmland were contaminated, and, although many thousands of people were evacuated, hundreds of thousands more remained in contaminated areas.

In addition, in subsequent years many livestock were born deformed, and among humans several thousand radiation-induced illnesses and cancer deaths were expected in the long term. The Chernobyl disaster sparked criticism of unsafe procedures and design flaws in Soviet reactors, and it heightened resistance to the building of more such plants. Chernobyl Unit 2 was shut down after a 1991 fire, and Unit 1 remained on-line until 1996. Chernobyl Unit 3 continued to operate until 2000, when the nuclear power station was officially decommissioned.

Following the disaster, the Soviet Union created a circle-shaped exclusion zone with a radius of about 18.6 miles (30 km) centred on the nuclear power plant. The exclusion zone covered an area about 1,017 square miles (2,634 square km) around the plant. However, it was later expanded to 1,600 square miles (4,143 square km) to include heavily radiated areas outside the initial zone. Although no people actually live in the exclusion zone, scientists, scavengers, and others may file for permits that allow them to enter for limited amounts of time.

What I need from you.

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The rules of Chernobyl Diaries.

First- The pictures are going to be real. I'm going to be picky about them, so please don't get mad at me if I ask you to find another one. I will not allow emo or scene looking ones. I want it to look clean, and not too over used. If you would like help in finding something, all you have to do is ask me and I'll gladly help you look for something. If it's too big, I will resize it and send you the new version of it. So don't get mad at me for being nice and doing that. I'm not gonna budge on the pictures at all, so please make sure it's clean and a good size.

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Sixth- Stealing this plot is a no. If I see anything like this and I will message you and ask you why you took the idea, and why I didn't get the credit. If you wanna borrow the idea you are welcome too. Just make sure to give me the credit for the original idea. I promise you I'm not that mean. If I don't want you using the idea I will tell you hands down, and would like it if you wouldn't bug me about it again.

Seventh- Details. I love details in my stories. They don't have to be a thousand words a post, but if it falls below 500 words I will somewhat lose interest. If you get writers block, that's fine. Everyone gets that way sometimes. Just please no fucking one liners! They kill a story line quickly. So please don't make me put a posting limit on this thread, because I will just to make sure neither one of us drops below the 500 word mark.

Eighth- Romance/Swearing I'm perfectly fine with. Just please make sure that the romance doesn't happen right at once, unless the plot states otherwise. Just like in real life, you have to work up to the romance. No one falls in love right away. Swearing is fine with me. Just like the romance thing, don't swear throughout the whole post. It's alright if things slip here and there. So please don't over do it with the swearing.

Ninth- Sexuality's inside of my role plays tend to change from time to time. So this rule will be changing with each role play that I make. This story though is going to have one Heterosexual couple, and a Lesbian couple. Which a lot of my ideas will most likely be Heterosexual. Sometimes I will spice things up like I'm doing right now.

Tenth- Doubling is a must. As you can clearly see I'm playing two characters. I am playing a male and female role. You are
to do the same. Sometimes you have to break out of your shell and try something new. If you only apply for one role, and not the other I will ask you to apply for both. If you still refuse to do so, then I will deny you the spot all together, end of story. I'm not gonna budge on this at all. I'm doing it to make it fair for the both of us.

Eleventh- Now that I'm done sounding like a total bitch, I want this to be a fun thing. Something we both enjoy doing. That's what writing is all about anyway, enjoying it and making something beautiful come from it. So let's make something beautiful my loves, and let's see where this new journey takes us!
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LittleBird-cнernoвyl   49d ago

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 The day their plane was supposed to be leaving arrived, and the male still wasn't ready. Was this really happening? He had let Kamden talk him into going, but he didn't want to leave work for a month. He sighed lightly as he packed up the rest of his bags. He told the other's he'd pick them up, and Kamden was the first one on his list. He picked up his bags, and he walked out of his room and into the hall. He could hear his mother talking on the phone, and he tapped on her door.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [b "Come in on Mayhem"] she called out. the male opened the door and stood in the doorway. She covered the phone and looked at him with a raised 'brow [b "What is it honey?"] she asked. [#b4c8ee "I just wanted to let you know I was heading out. Today's the day I leave for Ukraine"] he said back. [b "Joan, I'll call you right back"] she said into the phone and hung up. She had been talking to his aunt, and he made her hang up. That's not what he meant to do. She walked over and hugged him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [b "Are you sure you have to go? You don't have too. You can back out"] she asked looking slightly worried. [#b4c8ee "No I can't back out now. I really do have to go. The other's are counting on me being there"] he said lightly. He pulled her against his chest and hugged her tightly. He knew the thoughts running though her head weren't the best. [b "Alright.. I guess I'll see you in a month.. Stay safe baby, I love you"] she said and kissed his cheek before pulling back, and looking at him.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#b4c8ee "I love you too, I'll make sure to e-mail you every day"] he said. The woman nodded and then he turned and closed her door. He then heard her voice, and knew she was on the phone again. It was hard leaving her, but he needed this trip more than anything. He felt like he was drowning, and he didn't like the feeling at all. He walked out of the house and to his trusty, beat up van. He threw his things into the back, pulled himself into the drivers seat, and started the van.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He pulled out of the driveway, and headed to Kamden's first. He honked the horn, and then the male was tucked into the back. [#b4c8ee "You aren't trying to set me up are you? You know I hate it when you and Noble mess around in my love life"] he said lightly. He meant it too. Yeah, he wanted a relationship, but not where his friends had to set him up. He listed to the other talking, and rolled his eyes lightly. A little bit later he pulled into the front of Noble's house.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 He honked the horn and shut the engine off. He put his head into his hand, and looked out the window. He heard the door open and he looked over his shoulder and nodded at her. [#b4c8ee "Morning"] he said, he didn't know if she heard him, but he didn't care. Alison was the last one to get in. As soon as everyone was inside, he pulled away from the curb and headed to the airport. His head spinning, and a voice in his head telling him to turn around and forget about the whole thing.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/iVF6iFr.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/VOQpqNL.jpg]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Packing was a lot harder than she thought it would be. It's been awhile since she'd had to pack this much stuff. She had talker her boyfriend Kamden into taking a trip to the Ukraine, to go and see where the Chernobyl incident happened. At first he thought it was a bad idea, but the more she talked about it, the more he got excited. The only thing she wasn't looking forward too was the long flight, and trying to get everything set up. She had packed a bag for a whole month, and this was going to be the first time in her life she would be gone from home this long.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 Mayhem had been all for it. He loved this type of thing, but her roommate and best friend Alison was harder to talk into going. She sighed lightly as she looked at the clock on the nightstand. The first thing she needed to do was get something to eat, but she also had to make sure her best friend was awake too. Maybe she could talk Mayhem into stopping and getting food. She zipped up her bag, and picked it up off the bed. She then walked out of the room and went to Alison's room, and knocked on the door. [#DDB9B9 "Are you ready yet? We gotta get going"] she called though the door.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 They had an hour to get there, and she knew that the men would be there soon. When she got a muffled call though the door, she rolled her eyes. [#DDB9B9 "Hurry your ass up! Mayhem and Kamden are going to be here soon"] she said and walked down the hall. She walked down the stairs of the small home, and she double checked that the windows were locked in the kitchen. She then found the little notepad, and pulled it towards her. She then wrote a note for their friend who was watching the house while they were gone.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 [#DDB9B9 [i You are more than welcome to crash in the spare bedroom if you need too. Just make sure the plants are watered, and the lawn is mowed. If you need anything then get a hold of my mother, or Alison's mother. They have spare keys, and if you can't come a couple of times, they are more than willing to come. We left you a hundred bucks, that should cover it. Thanks for watching the house while we're gone. It's putting me more at easy. See you in about a month. -Noble]]]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 It had been her idea to pay their friend that much for a month. They could have done more, but she didn't really think about it. She sighed lightly as she heard the car horn outside. The guys were here. She walked out of the kitchen, and grabbed her bags. [#DDB9B9 "Allison! HURRY THEY ARE HERE. I'M HEADING OUT!"] she yelled up the stairs. She made sure she had her set of keys, before bounding out of the house and down the stairs. She spotted the van and rolled her eyes. Of course Mayhem would have his van.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 She pulled the door open, and she climbed inside. [#DDB9B9 "Alison should be coming in a minute"] she said as she tossed her bags into the back. Mayhem nodded his head, and drummed his fingers against the wheel and waited. Noble on the other hand, curled up against Kamden's side, and leaned her head against his shoulder. She settled down against him, her heart racing in her chest. She was nervous, but at the same time she was really excited. This was their getaway, and she was going to take it all in stride. She just wanted to get going.]]

[google-font http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Merriweather][merriweather [size12 As soon as she saw her friend coming, she pulled her legs under her and kept as close to Kamden as possible. [#DDB9B9 "I can't wait to get there"] she said lightly. They had a small plan to set Mayhem and Alison up. The two had been complaining about not being in a relationship so maybe this was going to help them. Maybe the small secret was eating her up inside, but she kept her mouth shut about it. As soon as the other was in the van, Mayhem headed to the airport.]]
SSerendipitydιarιeѕ   47d ago

Today was the day. The day that all four of them were heading to a place that Alison felt very uneasy about. When her best friend Noble brought the idea up to Alison, instantly Alison was telling Noble that this was a very bad idea. But then again, Alison always thought about the worst things that could happen. Maybe that was her downfall. She really didn't know Noble even remotely talked her into this, but next thing she knew is that they were heading out. 

Alison took in a deep breath as she heard her alarm going off. She had her head barely above the blanket, so if anyone did come in, all you were see is her hair. Alison laid there for a good 20 minutes, before she heard her best friend's voice on the other side of the door. She knew that was her cue. She could feel her heart racing and pounding against her chest. Alison had this weird feeling, but she didn't want to ruin the vibe. So, she was just going to go with it. 

The last couple of weeks, Alison has been spending a lot of time with her mom. She was telling her mom how she thought something bad was going to happen. That was even when her own mom told her that she always thought something bad was going to happen. Alison didn't like the response, but she knew deep down it was true as well. Alison remembered their conversation very well, but that didn't make her love her mom any less. Her mom kept telling her to have fun. Alison was going to do her very best. 

She pulled the blanket off of her and sat on the side of her bed for a good 5 minutes. She heard Noble yell that the boys were there. She rolled her eyes. She wasn't ready for this. At all. [b "Be there in a minute!"] She yelled back at her best friend. Luckily, Alison packed the night before. So, all she really needed to do was throw her hair up into a ponytail and get dressed. Alison already had her outfit out. She grabbed her jean shorts and her black tank top and slipped it on. Then she slipped her converses on. She looked at herself in the mirror that was in her room and took in one big deep breath and plastered a fake smile to her face. She grabbed her bags, and then looked around at the house. [b "I hope I see you again..."] she muttered and then headed for the door. She grabbed her house keys and stuffed them in her pocket. She opened the door to the house and looked up as she felt the skin shining on her skin. She inhaled deeply and took in the fresh air, and then she headed for the van. She jumped into the front seat and looked at Mayhem. [b "Morning."] She said lightly, and then looked back at Noble, and smiled at her. [b "Let's go."]

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/oKkBdBX.png]]

[right [pic https://imgur.com/GcT8HLM.jpg]] Kamden was awake before his alarm went off. Which was odd, because he sure loved his sleep. He looked out the window, as today was the day that him, his girlfriend, and his two friends were heading to Chernobyl. It was Noble's idea. She wanted to see what all the talk was about. At first Kamden was siding with Alison. He hated the idea of going, because he didn't want anything to happen either. But once Kamden and Noble were alone, they talked about it more, and that was when he found himself getting more and more excited. He didn't know why he wasn't at first. Probably just nerves. The biggest person they had convincing was Alison. Alison immediately said she didn't want to go. But somehow between the other three, they ended up convincing Alison to do this. Mayhem on the hand, was down the moment the idea was brought up. But Kamden felt like deep down, he didn't want to do this either. Kamden tried not to overthink anything. They would be gone for a month. And he defiantly needed time with his girlfriend, away from this town.

Kamden realized he was spacing off in space again. He finished his packing and decided to try and get into the shower before Mayhem came got him. After about 15 minutes, Kamden realized he was in the shower longer than he wanted to be in the shower. Kamden instantly got out, wrapped the towel around him, and then went and found jeans and a shirt. Once he was done getting dressed, he heard the horn. That would be the horn of Mayhem's van. That meant that Kamden needed to hurry up and get out of here. He was still hoping that his mom was going to watch his place. He sent her a quick text.
[i Mom, were you still going to watch my house while I'm gone?] Kamden grabbed his bags, and was getting ready to head out, when his mom was already at his door. [b "Well good morning, mom."] She chuckled. "Hello son, and yes I still plan on watching your house. Have fun, and please be safe." Kamden nodded and rushed over to the van. [b "Morning dude."] Mayhem nodded his head, and they headed to the girl's house. 

Once the men pulled up the girl's house, he smiled really quick when he saw Noble come out. Instantly he threw his bags in the back. Once Noble got in, he pulled Noble close to him, and kissed her forehead. [b "Well good morning beautiful."] He grinned at her, and then nodded his head when he heard about waiting on Alison. Kamden had this thought that Alison wasn't actually going to show and that it was just going to be those three. But then when he looked over, he saw Alison come out. He could tell she was dreading this, but she was trying to have happy spirits for Noble, and that meant a lot to him. There was a plan in place though. When Mayhem heard him say something about trying to hook him up, Kamden shook his head. [b "I would never do that."] Kamden had to do everything in his power to make sure that the secret was going to get out, because it was Noble's and Kamden's plan to try and get those two together. Kamden felt like they both deserved one another. Plus, whom wouldn't to be happy in love? It was a great feeling. 

Once Alison decided that she was ready, she jumped in, and looked back and smiled at Noble. At that moment that was Kamden realized she was only doing this for Noble. Kamden really hoped this wouldn't play a part in their friendship. Kamden needed to have good thoughts right now. Once everyone said their good mornings, Mayhem headed for the airport. Kamden couldn't help himself, but he pushed his girlfriend's chin up, and kissed her long on the lips, and then pulled her closer to him. Kamden was nervous himself. But he just wanted to have fun.
LittleBird-cнernoвyl   46d ago

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Mayhem was watching the time slowly tick by, and he didn't fully understand why Alison was taking forever. He didn't know the woman that well, and he would have been okay just going with Kamden and Noble. He knew that the two had something up their sleeve, but he wasn't going to pressure them. When Kamden said he didn't know what he was talking about, he turned and flipped the male off. He then turned his eyes to the passenger side door, as Alison climbed in. [#b4c8ee "Morning"] was all he said. Once everyone was inside, he put van in gear.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He was silent as he pulled away from Noble's place, and headed towards the freeway. The silence was a bit much for him, but he didn't mind it. It let him think about everything. They were heading to a different country, and he was kind of nervous. He and Noble had been doing the research, because Kamden and Alison were against it at first. Even if Kamden backed out, he would have still gone. He looked towards Alison and nodded a bit. [#b4c8ee "It's good to have you along"] he said softly.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 He knew that she was against it from the get go, but knew she would end up enjoying it. [#b4c8ee "I know we don't know each other well, and I'm glad you and I have this time to get to know one another"] he said in a soft tone. They were about twenty minutes from the airport, and then they would have a long ass plane ride. That's the one thing he wasn't looking forward too. He fell silent as he looked back at the road in front of him. It was nice to be getting away.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 As the time ticked by, they arrived at the airport, and he parked in a stall that was fairly close. He shut the van off and looked towards the other's. [#b4c8ee "Let's get going"] he said as he put the keys into his pocket, and climbed out. He made his way to the back, and popped open the trunk and started pulling out their bags. He tossed them onto the ground, and shut the back end of the van. He then pulled his phone out, and sent a message to his roommate to remind him about the van.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee [i Heading to the plane right now. Don't forget to pick up the van, I don't want it sitting out here for a month. See you then.]] He read it over before sending it. He then pocketed his phone, grabbed his own bags and headed into the airport, letting the other's get their own things. He wasn't going to be a pack mule. He went to the desk and showed his passport, and ticket. [b "Welcome, and thank you for flying with us. Your plane will be leaving soon"] the woman said as she handed him his stuff back.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 [#b4c8ee "Thank you"] he said as he made his way over to the small grouping of chairs, and sat down. He set his bag between his feet, and leaned back. This was going to be a long ass flight, and he wasn't looking forward to it at all. He sighed as he put his hands over his eyes, and sat there waiting for their flight number to be called.]]

[center [pic https://i.imgur.com/iVF6iFr.png]]

[right [pic https://i.imgur.com/VOQpqNL.jpg]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 Noble smiled as Kamden tilted her head back, and his lips found her's. Her heart felt like it was about to burst out of her chest. She pulled back a moment later and smiled even more. [#DDB9B9 "I'm so glad you are here"] she whispered softly. She looked towards Alison and Mayhem as well, and leaned her head against the male's chest. She was glad to have all of her important people with her. This was going to be the best trip in the world. She was even looking forward to the long flight.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She would be able to get a lot of reading in, and she couldn't wait. She shifted a bit, and leaned her back against Kamden's side. [#DDB9B9 "You do know, we are going to be taking a lot of pictures, and making memories right? Cheer up Alison.. Please? I know you didn't want to come, but I'm glad you did. This trip is going to be amazing"] she promised. They all needed to get out of town, and this was the best way of going about it. She settled in for the trip to the airport. She looked out the back windows.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She was getting a bit nervous now. A lot of time, money, and planning went into this. She knew Kamden had been against it too, but when she started telling him, they'd be able to be alone a lot of the time, was when he finally agreed to go. They needed this getaway more than anything. She was getting more and more excited. She didn't realize she had gotten lost in her thoughts, until she heard the van door opening, and she blinked a couple times to clear her mind. She chewed her lip and climbed out.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She grabbed her things, and tossed Alison her's. [#DDB9B9 "One thing to know about Mayhem, he's not much of a gentleman at first, but once you get to know him, he'll start doing the little things that matter"] she said with a small, sheepish smile. She slid the strap of her bag onto her shoulder, and took Kamden's hand and followed Mayhem into the airport. She spotted the redheaded woman eyeing Kamden. [b "Your flight will be leaving soon. Have a safe flight"] she said as she winked at Kamden. That rubbed Noble the wrong way.]]

[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Noto+Sans][noto+sans [size12 She rolled her eyes as she slipped her hand out of Kamden's, and took a seat next to Mayhem. She dropped her bag onto the floor, crossed her arms and pouted. She hated when people hit on her man, and the woman had seen her attached to his side. She just hoped Kamden would realize, and say something. If not, she would bring it up later. For the time being, she got comfortable. She turned her eyes to the window, and watched the workers getting the planes ready for their different flights.]]


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