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Our Quiet Little Town ( Characters )

By crazyish
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These are the known characters in this rp

Killers / Monsters
Owner: crazyish
Name: Gemini

Abilities/Killing style: A humanoid skeleton and it's dark shadowy alter ego. The shadow will devour and tear a living human limb from limb while the skeleton will replace old parts with new ones

Hunting ground and den: Hunts inside of buildings, favoring larger apartments and corner stores. It's den is apartment 1207, in the largest building in town the high rise. It hates the school, and police stations. Is very rarely seen in the light since it's shadow can not form without darkness

Background: Gemini has lived with its shadow since it can remember. It spends most it's nights in its room. writing down what it learns of it's guest. Learning of the other inhabitants of the town. Curious and calm, it isn't blood thirsty. Normally will only kill someone once they have bored them.

Owner: Tatzuo
Name: Kamon

Abilities/Killing style: Kamon is able to manifest itself into large bodies of water ( ex. Pools, lakes, rivers, etc. ) It kills by mauling victims with its sharp teeth and claws, its incredible strength making it easy to yank prey into the water.

Hunting ground and den: Most bodies of water are where it hunts, the water acting almost as a portal. Its den resides in the high school’s old swimming pool.

Background: Many stories have been spread amongst the town of the creature only known as Kamon, a half alligator, half human hybrid with a monstrous appetite. Some say it was a greedy woman cursed by a witch, turned into the grotesque creature that stalks the murky waves of the high school’s closed down pool. Other tales are long muddled by hushed whispers and fearful glances at the lake that resided just on the edge of town.

Owner: Mvther
Name: Adina

Abilities/Killing style: Adina is able to admit a poisonous gas/spores from the top of their head (Mushroom Hat). This is toxin needs to be inhaled. It slowly eats away at the lungs causing death by suffocation. She mostly attracts prey from the exotic mushroom look and charm.

Hunting ground and den: Hunts in forests, or areas with a large concentration of trees. Adina's den resides in an old boarded up clothing store that sits on the edge of a tree line. The inside of the building has been taken over by growth and other fungus. She will stay close to these areas rarely branching out and will never be seen in daylight, or close to water.

Background: Rarely leaving the sweatshop of the abandoned clothing store, Aldina enjoys the heat and darkness of the place. She needs little contact with the world beyond her small building, but often gets curious when hearing sounds from nearby. Her need to kill is low and often stems from an interest in a being. Killing and letting them rot inside her building, using her charms to lure people into the toxic environment.


Owner: Tatzuo

Full Name: Roxanne Bates
Nickname: Roxy, Rox

Skills and Talents: Photographic memory, basic survival skills, avid horror movie enthusiast

Tools and weapon: A flashlight, and a tire iron

Background: Born and raised in Seattle, Rox worked closely with her brother in the diner owned by their parents. She usually worked on the finances and bookkeeping, better with numbers and keeping track of things then working in the kitchen. Baited into going to a family reunion about a 2-hr. drive away, Rox decided to drive on her own, which ended up being one of the biggest mistakes she could have made. With a broken-down car, and nowhere to go but the nameless town she ended up outside of, Rox had no choice but to venture in to find some help. Now that the sun has set, will she survive, or become another nameless victim to this Quiet Little Town?
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