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Rivalry Turned Love?!

By CinnamonToastCrunch
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CinnamonToastCrunchDamien Johnathan Whitman   224d ago
I like cereal

[size12 [i ‘Today’s the day that everything changes, and for the better! There’s a promotion at work and I’ve been working so hard to get it! Today is the day we find out who gets to be manager.’] Were the thoughts that ran through Damien’s mind as he woke up to the buzzing of his alarm. With a groan, he looked to the window and the sun had just begun to peek through the clouds.

He shook his head and then stood, stretching both arms above his head as he made his way to the closet to get ready for the big day. The male picked out a black three-piece suit and tie, staring at his reflection in the mirror. [b “You got this.”] Were the words that left his lips as he finished getting ready, grabbed his keys and left the one bedroom apartment where he lived.

A few moments later, Damien got into his car, revved the engine,  and made his way to the office where he worked. Nothing could possibly ruin the day for him. Or so he thought until thoughts of his childhood rival had come into his mind. He couldn’t believe that they worked at the same company together. He could only hope that he didn’t run into her on this big day.

He parked the car and then entered the building, a smile formed over his lips as he greeted everyone who was already there. He looked around to see if his rival was already there and a sigh of relief escaped him as he had not seen her. Maybe she wasn’t there yet. Damien hoped not and began to mentally prepare himself for the day that was ahead.

[b “Have you heard anything about who got the promotion?”] Damien asked one of the others and they just shrugged their shoulders. He nodded his head and tried to focus on work as he would probably not find out until the end of the workday.

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SSerendipityrιvalry   224d ago

The sun came barreling in through the female's curtains. She squints her eyes as the sun was hitting her perfectly in the eyes. She grabbed the pillow and put it over her eyes. She was getting ready to fall asleep once more until she heard her alarm going off. She groaned and looked at the time. Her eyes shot open a lot quicker as she realized what today was. Promotion day. 

Kira threw the blanket off of her, and she got up quickly. She grabbed her towel, and then jumped into the shower. She knew that today she needed to be positive. Because someone else was in line with the promotion as well. Damien. She shivered at the thought of his name. Damien has been here rival since school. One always had to up the other person. And it wasn't like the same person was always upping the other. It was always back and forth. But this was very important time in Kira's life and in her career. Kira stripped down and jumped into the shower, making that shower very quick. Once she got out, she wrapped the towel around her thin body, and then she went over to her closet, and was debating on what to wear. then she found it. It was a black dress. It was perfect. She slipped it on, and then she slipped her flats on because you would never see Kira in heels. She went back into the bathroom. She blew dried her hair, and then she curled her hair. Not something she did very often, but today was a very important day. She put her makeup on and then she looked herself in the mirror and smiled. She thought she looked really great. She grabbed her keys and headed for her job. 

Kira was still surprised that her and Damien ended in the same work industry and even the same work company. But she didn't want to think about that. She didn't want this guy to cloud her mind right now. She arrived at work and saw Damien. She didn't even make any faces at him like she usually does. She just went to her desk and got to work right away. 

Kira saw someone come up to her, shaking her arm pretty fast. Kira looked up, [b "Is it posted?"] She got up gracefully, and walked over to the sign that said she was the one that got the promotion. [b "YES!"] She yelled out loud and then she went back over to her desk, and continued to work. She knew things were about to hit the fan with Damien, because he didn't get the promotion. Which makes Kira the boss of Damien. Well at work anyways.
CinnamonToastCrunchDamien Johnathan Whitman   215d ago
I like cereal

[size12 He could not believe that he had not gotten the promotion after all of the hard work and effort he had put into the company. What made things worse was that his competitor from childhood, Kira, had gotten it and was surely going to rub it in his face. Oh, how he couldn’t wait for that. He wondered just how she had managed to do it. With a shake of his head and a deep breath, Damien stood and paced around his desk, thinking. Once finished, he took a seat and placed his head in his hands, fingers running through his hair. He would try not to dwell on it.

Damien felt that he would at least congratulate Kira on the big promotion. After all, she had gotten it fair and square and had earned it. He just needed to find her and get it over with as not to “rub salt in the wound”.

After a little while, he finished with his paperwork and everything else he had needed to for the day. He took this time to plaster a fake smile over his lips as he made his way to Kira’s desk. He took a deep breath and then looked to her, the smile still over his lips. [b “Congratulations on the promotion, you got it fair and square.”] Damien almost gritted his teeth with the words that had come from his lips as it pained him to say the words.

Not waiting for a reply, the male turned and walked from the office and into the hallway so that he could process the events. He knew that this was going to be hell for him, having Kira as his boss at work. [b “Maybe a few drinks at the bar will make things better.. then I won’t have to think about anything..”] he muttered, leaning against the wall, hands slipping into his pants pockets. A few hours later, Damien was at the bar and had a couple of drinks, trying to forget about the day he had.

Damien hoped that Kira and other coworkers would not be there during the night, but it was still so early. He wanted to have at least a little peace after the blow he had been given.]
SSerendipityrιvalry   221d ago

Kira still couldn't believe that she got the promotion. Part of her felt upset for Damien that he didn't get the promotion, but the other part of her wanted to rub it in his face. She finally topped him. It was just so weird that they were in the same business together. 

When Kira just acted normal and everything after the announcement of who got the promotion, she saw a shadow of her desk. Her eyes trailed up and saw that it was Damien standing there. She blinked, and kind of looked at him weird. Then she was in total utter shock when he congratulated her. But from that look of his face, she could tell that was probably the hardest thing for him to do. And in that exact moment, that is when she knew she won. She wondered if they would stop fighting one another and see who can up one another. Kira watched as he walked away, and she saw her friend staring at her. "Well. He's definitely not happy." Kira laughed. [b "Well no, but it's been like that all of our lives."]
Kira got done for the day, and then she tidied up her desk, and headed to her car for the day. Her boss stopped her and smiled at her hugely. "Congrats on the promotion! I always knew you were the woman for the job!" Kira smiled at him softly, [b "Thank you. I'm very happy."] With that Kira waved bye, and got into her car. She wanted to celebrate. And the way she was going to do that was invite some of her friends to the bar. 

She sent out a quick text. 
[i Lets all go to the bar tonight and celebrate!] 

Part of her was hoping that he was there, so that way she could rub it in his face. But then at the same time, she wasn't for sure if she wanted to do that. She headed home, got into a nice black dress with some flats, and she headed to the bar. Her friends were already there when she arrived. She smiled at them, and then walked into the bar. She opened up a tab, and they all started to drink everyone yelling congratulations at her. Kira was loving all the attention that was getting right now. Her eyes kind of scanned the big groups of people, and then she spotted someone. 

Him. He was here.
CinnamonToastCrunchDamien Johnathan Whitman   215d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Music blared from the speakers as Damien took another drink. He could feel the alcohol taking effect and welcomed it. Glancing around he noticed a few of his coworkers at a nearby table, his stomach clenching as he knew that [i [b she]] was at the bar. He could only imagine why she was there and a smile had formed over his lips. Perhaps she was there to rub it in his face. He would absolutely love that as it would make his day more interesting to say the least.

[i ‘Probably going to be gloating about her win against me with getting the promotion. Well, she did get it fair and square, I have to at least admit that.’] He thought as he downed yet another drink. Damien shook his head and debated on leaving before he was noticed by anyone but a shiver ran through his spine as he felt eyes upon him. It was Kira. Though he had to admit that she did look nice in the dress that she was wearing.

He inwardly groaned, reaching one hand up to run his fingers through his hair but raised his glass in a way to congratulate her. He hoped that she knew that he was being sincere with his actions. He had to get out of there before he said or did something stupid that they would both regret.

[b “I was just leaving. Congratulations on the promotion Kira. You did earn it.”] He said, words slurring as he had quite a bit to drink. Damien then turned and stumbled out, leaning against the building as his eyes closed. He didn’t want to say something wrong and end up losing his job due to being drunk. He just wished that anyone but his childhood rival had gotten the promotion but he sure as hell wasn’t going to say that. Hell, he didn’t know what he was thinking anymore.
SSerendipityrιvalry   208d ago

Kira was celebrating, but every once in a while she would catch herself looking over there. Part of her did feel bad. Because he worked as hard as she did, or she thought he did. She was sipping on her drink, as she continued to watch him. 

Kira was minding her own business until she heard his voice. She looked behind her and he was congratulating her again, but this time. He was very intoxicated. Kira's eyes got wide for a moment as she watched him slur his words and stumble out of the bar. All her coworkers looked at her, and she nodded her head slowly. [b "I'll be right back guys."] 

Kira rushed outside, and yanked the keys out of his hand as he was about to jump into his car. [b "I don't think so. You are drunk. You do not need to be driving. You need to sober up some."] Kira raised a 'brow at him. She wanted this night to kind of end, because she didn't want to remember this right now. She wasn't going to let anyone ruin his job. And since she was running the show now, she would always make sure he had a job. No matter what. He may of not gotten the promotion, but she wasn't going to sit here and just fire him because he's not being very smart right now.
CinnamonToastCrunchDamien Johnathan Whitman   201d ago
I like cereal

[size12 He was almost to his car before feeling the keys to his car taken from him. That was when Damien turned to see Kira. The male tilted his head to the side when she told him that he was drunk and had his keys in hand. Part of him wanted to take them back from her so that he could get in the car, but the part of him that still had common sense knew that it was a bad idea.

A small smirk-like smile had crossed over his lips and he leaned against the building to keep from stumbling to the floor. [b “So, now that you have my keys, what’s the plan?”] He asked, words still a bit slurred as he had quite a bit to drink. Damien also didn’t want to embarrass himself further, especially in front of his new “boss”. As those thoughts had entered his mind, his stomach began to clench.

He still couldn’t believe that she was his boss now and that he had to do what she wanted.  With a sigh, the male reached one hand up and rubbed his hand over his face, trying his best to sober up, at least a little bit before looking to her once more. The ball was now in her court and he wanted to see what she was going to do.]
SSerendipityrιvalry   165d ago

Kira was watching him closely and was shaking her head lightly, as she was super glad that she took the keys from him. He could barely talk. And right there and then she knew that she made a good choice. The reason she says that is because he was slurring his words so bad. So, she knew damn well that he wasn't going to be able to drive.

She stuffed his keys in her pocket, hoping that he wasn't going to try and reach for them. Part of Kira felt pretty bad for him. It made her think that if she would react the same if he would've gotten the promotion. But Kira knew herself pretty well. She probably wouldn't show her face in public. She would probably drink a lot, but only in her own home. Then only she would be able to see the type of person she was being. 

Kira looked at him and shrugged slightly. [b "We wait until you sober up."] Kira knew that she should be enjoying her celebration, but it seemed like he needed an eye kept on him. Kira sighed, as she sat on the bench and looked at him, while he stood there. Even though he could barely do that.
CinnamonToastCrunchDamien Johnathan Whitman   152d ago
I like cereal

[size12 Damien couldn’t help but groan when she took his keys and shoved them in her pocket, leaning against the wall to keep his balance. [b “You should be enjoying your celebration and not worrying about me...”] he said, the words slurring once more as he was still quite drunk.

After a few moments, Damien closed his eyes and leaned back a little more as he tries to stop the dizziness that was upon him. He then sighed and took a seat beside the woman on the bench, placing his head in his hands before looking to her once more. [b “Go celebrate and don’t worry about me.”] His words weren’t as slurred. To be honest, he wanted his keys so he could drive home and just sleep the rest of the night away, but he wasn’t going to ask Kira for them. So, he waited until he was sober enough to keep his focus, his eyes glancing over to the woman. 

Before he could stop himself, the words escaped his lips, [b “You’re looking lovely tonight...”] he then looked away and rubbed one hand over his face once more. [i ‘Stop it. You’re drunk. She’s your rival.’] Damien thought, shaking his head. He then looked to Kira with an apologetic smile forming over his lips. [b “Sorry...”] was all that he managed to say. Was it because of what he said? Or was it because she felt the need to look after him? Damien honestly didn’t know what he was apologizing for but knew that he was sorry for something.

He wondered if she would go back to celebrate with her friends and leave him to sober up by himself. Perhaps that would be best, but he actually enjoyed her company, even if she didn’t speak to him all that much as he was still quite drunk and slowly felt himself beginning to sober up. He needed water but wasn’t able to stand once he sat on the bench. Slowly, he looked to the woman beside him and offered yet another awkward smile before trying to stand and stumbling and taking a seat once more on the bench. He grumbled incoherent words in embarrassment for having her watch over him as if he was a child.


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