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Same (Closed for Cherry!)

By MourningGlory
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[center [i There’s always a story to tell. From beginning to end which marks the day that they fell. Sweet young girl and silly boy both put under a spell that was unparalleled.]] [center [pic]] [center [b *Note: This is based upon Tim McGraw’s song “Don’t Take the Girl”]] [center [#9251c1 Muse A as a child was the type that thought girls were icky and gross. Wanted nothing to do with them. So when his father invited Muse B, a little girl from down the road to go camping he threw a fit. Asked his father if they could take ANYONE but her to which his father told him no. Even said that in time feelings would begin to grow, just to wait and to see.]] [center [#9251c1 That had been when Muses A and B were about seven or eight. Over the years and many pushes by Muse A’s father the two began to form a bond. One might have even compared them to Bonnie and Clyde. Where one went the other was sure to follow.]] [center [#9251c1 On one of their dates, Muse B’s eighteenth birthday to exact the two had gone to a show. They had laughed and talked of a future without a care in the world. And the night seemed perfect or did until they left the theatre and were stopped by a couple gunmen who took hold of the girl. The boy begged that they take anything but just not the girl. The gunmen did, leaving the young couple alive but scared.]] [center [#9251c1 Five years passed and Muses A and B moved away from the quaint little town they had grown up in. They went to college and promised to keep in touch. Promised to keep their relationship. But we all know how things turn out and little by little they began to drift apart. ]] [center [#9251c1 As Muse A and Muse B seemed to think of their history, Muse A’s father died. And so both were called back to town for the funeral.]] [center [#9251c1 It’s the first they had seen the other in years. They get to talking and it’s as if all the years melt away. Can they stay this way and rekindle an old flame? Or are they destined to forever be apart?]] [center [size20 [#e84a70 ~Rules]]] [b 1. Real Pictures] [b 2. Post at LEAST ONCE a month, talk to me if you can't and I'll understand] [b 3. Be Semi-Lit 500 character minimum, but more is totally encouraged] [b 4. Posts should be done in the third person] [b 5. Drama, Romance, Swearing, and Plot Twists are more than welcome] [b 6. Please do your best with grammar and spelling, we all make mistakes but I would like to at least be able to understand my partner's posts] [b 7. Communication is a big thing with me and I love to talk with partners and hopefully plot things out and make friends with them as well] [b 8. No godmoding, minor is okay to move the plot along but don't full on dictate what I do] [b 9. No cybering, if things get that far it will be time-skipped] [b 10 NO DITCHING! If you are bored, talk to me and we can try and change things up or end the RP on mutual terms. If you just walk away without word, I will NEVER role play with you again] [b 11. Just have fun]
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MourningGloryMunro   313d ago

Blue eyes stayed on the page in his hand as he was rereading the words for what must have been the dozenth time. He by now could quote the letter from his mother word for word, but none of it seemed to be registering in his mind. His father couldn't be gone. This had to be some nightmare that he would wake up from. But as he read the words AGAIN, Munro finally realised that this was the real world. And with the realization came the feeling as if a knife were thrust into his chest and was being twisted and pushed deeper with each sentence that he reread. The man was finally able to rest the crumpled page on the table before him and looked across the table to see his roommate of the last couple years watching him closely. "You have been reading that over and over... Everything okay?" Came the quiet words of Anderson, Andy Drake. A sad shake of the head was given as the man stood. [b "Not at all. My mother wrote to me to tell me that my father died...they'll be holding his funeral this weekend..."] The man of twenty-seven muttered as he began down the hall to his room and began to throw his stuff in his suit case. At this rate he didn't even know if he would be coming back. When he got what he knew he would need, Munro shut the suitcase and walked to the doorway and looked back into the nearly empty room and shut off the lights before he closed the door and made his way to the kitchen again. [b "I don't know if or when I'm coming back. But better behave yourself and not destroy the place. Gonna miss you."] Those were his last words before he slipped out the door and made his way out to the truck that his father had bought for him when he had been sixteen and learned to drive. Munro touched the door of his truck and yet again gave a pained look before getting in and shoving his suitcase to the passenger's side. His eyes were then on the windshield and the road before him as he had the truck roaring to life. All of this killed him. Gregory Mason was supposed to be there to see his son finish college, get married, and even....The man shook his head to try and push the thoughts out of his head so he didn't start crying there and then. He had to get home and check on his momma. There would be plenty of time for him to break later. With that, the man shifted his old truck into gear and began out of the parking spot outside the apartment that had been his home away from home and began on the long drive back to the small town he had come from. It was as he was driving did an old song he used to listen to with Jacelynn begin to play on the radio and a faint smile graced thin pink lips. He began to let himself think about the girl he had once loved so very much. And he began to wonder ehat she had been up to all this time since they had each gone to college and their separate ways. Did she still think as fondly of him as he did of her? And had she gotten the letter from his mother too? Would she be heading back for the funeral too? Those were the thoughts he let overtake him as he did NOT want to yet once more face the reality that the man who had taught him what it meant to be a man...taught him everything he knew was gone.
SSerendipityjacelynn   279d ago

Jacelynn was laying in her bed, when she heard a knock on her bedroom door. She squinted her eyes lightly as she flicked her eyes open, and she looked around. [i Who the hell is knocking on my door?] She groaned slightly, and then she sighed as the person knocked on her door again. She was praying to god it wasn't her mother or anything. She sighed once more and knew she needed to get up. If she didn't get up the knocking wouldn't stop. She grabbed her robe and wrapped around her thin body. She only had her undergarments on. She didn't want to show that off to whoever was at the door. Jacelynn opened the door and instantly squinted her eyes once more as the sun came blasting in through the door. She looked at the person, and it was the mailman. She tilted her head slightly, confused why he was here so early, and why he didn't put the mail in her mailbox. [b "What ar-"] That was all she could manage until she looked down at his hand, and saw it was a certified letter. Who was the hell sending a letter to her? Jacelynn was very confused. She took it from him when he handed it over, she signed her name, and nodded her head at him, and closed the door. She looked at who sent it. It was Munro's old address.  She felt her stomach turn. There could be only one reason why she was getting a letter from that address. She bit on her lip as she opened it carefully and started reading. She gulped as her eyes read over the letter, all at the same time her tears staining the page. His father was gone.  Jacelynn read when the funeral details are. She had to really sit and think. Should she even go? Even though he thought of Munro's father like her own father, she still didn't want to step on toes. She hasn't talked to Munro in a while. So, she was worried things were going to turn bad. And that was the last thing she wanted. But then her other problem is, she didn't want him or his entire family to feel offended if she didn't go.  Jacelynn didn't have college anymore since she graduated. So, what was really holding her back? Jacelynn sighed, and shook her head, deciding that she was going to go. She packed her things up, because she wanted to be able to help others if she needs too. She found a black dress. She looked it over, making sure it was appropriate. She packed it away, and then got into her car, and headed to the airport. She was going to fly out. She sighed softly, as she was preparing herself to get there.  Within a couple of hours, she was there, and then she got a ride to his parents' house. She stood across the road for a minute. Because now she had to accept the fact that he was gone. She took in a deep breath, and then walked across the street, up the stairs, and then she knocked on the door, waiting for an answer.
MourningGloryMunro   249d ago

Truck pulled up the drive just as the young woman got up the steps of his family home. Munro's heart all but leaped into his chest as he was seeing Jacelynn again for the first time in years. And damn did she look good. Just as good if not better than the last time they had seen the other. Of course that was NOT where his mind should have been going. But he couldn't help it as he had once cared for her so much. A quick shake of the head was given and hands slowly loosened from the steering wheel. Apparently his body had an unconscious reaction as he had not known he was holding his breath OR that his hands had tightened so much to turn his knuckles white. [b [i 'Get ahold of yourself. You knew there was the chance she would be here. She loved dad too..']] His mind was trying to find to be reasonable as it seemed he couldn't be for shit at the moment. Was it a moment or was it several before he FINALLY got his barings and was able to get out of his truck, grab his bag, and make his way slowly up the steps? Hell if he knew. All he knew was he ended up on the porch beside the young woman and he too was staring at the white door that IF opened would lead into the foyer of his family's home...well his parent's home. [b "Mom's probably not up yet...she told me that the old spare is where it used to be and we could let ourselves in."] His words were soft and almost awkward as he spoke them. But what could have been expected? They had not seen the other or had any contact since they had both gone to college and began on their own paths. Which was sad because of the promise they had made before everything. Munro shook his head and went to the fake rock on the edge of the porch and opened it, slipping the spare key out and bringing it back to Jacelynn. [b "It really is good to see you again..."] God he wished he could have thought of more to say. Wished he could have been less awkward. But things were as they were and he couldn't change it. [b "I...well after you."] The man said as he had the door unlocked and had moved back to let the young woman in first. He only wondered if she would go first or if she would turn it back on him. The ball was now in her court so to speak.
MoonlightBeauty_ѕαмє   239d ago

Jacelynn didn't realize that someone was standing next to her. It almost gave her a heart attack. When she heard him speak, she jumped a little. She knew that he was going to be here and that didn't surprise her at all. But she didn't expect him to be here as early as she was. But it still didn't bother him.  She watched him grabbed under a stone and grab the house key. Which she felt like she should've known that because that's how it always has been. She took in a deep breath. She was trying to figure out if she was ready for this. She couldn't believe this was happening. She looked at Munro with sad eyes. [b "I can't believe he is gone..."] She grabbed the key from him and then unlocked the door and then went to the designated spot of where she usually would stay.  Most times, she had to sleep in her own room because they were too young to be sharing a room together. She doesn't even think remotely she could share a room with him right now. She knew majority of the time she is here she was going to be crying a lot. She knew that for sure. This was going to be tough and it wasn't even her own father. She couldn't even imagine life without her parents. So she couldn't even imagine half of the pain that Munro was going through.  She sighed slightly, as she looked at herself in the mirror and decided to get herself ready. She knew that his mother was going to be wanting to see her. So she wanted to look presentable. She put her dress on, let her hair fall down to the middle of her back, and then put her makeup. The funeral was not going to be until later, so right now - she didn't need to put her shoes on or anything.  Once Jacelynn thought she was ready to see Munro's mom - she made her way out of the room and right back downstairs. That is where she saw his mother. She was a wreck. But why wouldn't she be? Her husband just died. Even though, her and Munro weren't together. She really couldn't imagine her life without him. She exhaled deeply, and then walked into the kitchen.  Munro's mom turned around and saw that Jace was there. "Jacelynn! How long have you been here?" Immediately Munro's mom brought her into a hug. Jacelynn had to keep telling herself to keep it together. She let a blow of air, and then she immediately hugged her back. [b "I've only been here for like 15 minutes! No worries. Munro showed me where the key was."] Jace smiled at her, wondering if Munro was going to be joining the two.
MourningGloryMunro   210d ago

Seeing Jacelynn again hurt. Was it what he thought he would feel? some ways it was worse. But the male pushed those feelings aside as he offered a light smile... more a polite one as he went for the rock and where the key had always been. Honestly, the male had been surprised that Jace had not remembered and had not been able to let herself in as she had so many times before in the past. But that was what the man had to remember. This. Was. Not. The. Past. Everything had changed.When he had come back to her and those sad eyes were turned on him, it took EVERYTHING that he had not to pull her into an embrace. His father had always treated Jace as if she were his daughter and so he could see in her eyes that this was as hard for her as it was for him. [b "Don't think any of us can...I know I can't..."] In truth, Munro was still TRYING to convince himself that this was a nightmare and he would be waking up soon. Though, deep down the man knew better. None of those words he spoke as he followed the young woman into his childhood home. And he could honestly say he was not at all shocked to see that NOTHING had been changed while he was away. It was...comforting and familiar for Munro. But he could admit that he was thankful for that. Jacelynn had left him to go to the room that had been hers all the times she used to stay at the house and he made his way up the stairs to his old room. When he entered the room, yet again he was met with the same old room with nothing being touched since the day that he had left for college. Letting out a breath he had not realised he had been holding, Munro made his way into his old room and plopped the suitcase in the middle of the bed. He knew that he had plenty of time for unpacking later. Instead, he went to the bookcase and picked up a picture frame of him and his dad when he had been eight and gone fiahing. It had been one of the first of many trips and he smiled at the boot that he had caugh, tears stinging his eyes. [b "Didn't understand back then...but now I do. It's the small things that matter.."] Came quiet words as he set the old picture down and went over to the desk where he found an envelope sticking out from under the the keyboard of the old desktop. With a tilt of his head, the male pulled out the letter and saw his name scrawled across it in his dad's sloppy handwriting. He didn't know if his mother knew about the letter or not...but Munro KNEW he was not ready to open it just yet. So he took a book out of his suitcase and stuck the letter in the book so he would not lose it. Was it minutes or even an hour he had been up in his old room? He didn't know but he knew he had to at least see his mom and possibly Jace. With that being in his head, he made his way back down the stairs and leaned in the doorway of the kitchen watching the two women. [b "She would have remembered on her own. Just wanted to let us both in.."] He said as he made his way over to them and did get pulled into a hug by his mother. "It's so good to have the both of you here...Griffin wanted it for sure..." Maddeline said as she pulled back from her son and looked both young adults in the eye. She then made a motion to the table, silently telling them to sit as she busied herself getting cups of tea for all of them. She needed to go over the final funeral arrangements with the pair.


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