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(Medieval Fantasy)

Dralia was built thousands of years ago by the lands Water Dragon tribe, the Pathos. Creating beautiful structures of wood and stained glass along the stretch of the Arbortos River. With the population of the Pathos clan growing, the demand for obtainable goods grew with them. Unlike other clans, water dragons of these lands are unable to fly and easily obtain certain goods. The suggestion to trade with others was frowned upon by the elders of the clan, the same elders who ran the city and could open the gates to a wide variety of trade.

A mistrust had always been prevalent among dragons for other kinds. Deep seeded hatred for the killing and unjust treatment of their kin. The severity of hunger and other famines would seep their way through Dralia, killing many but not enough to push the resolve of the elders. Dragons were creatures of tradition and values, but this soon changed. A small clan called Asturias which held as a branch under the Pathos began to rise. Filling the hearts of those who would listen with promises of better times if they only opened the gates.

Today, Dralia stands as a large city filled with species of all kinds. Those of the Asturias clan have banished the Pathos clan to the outskirts of the forest. The city continues to prosper and celebrate a vast number of new festivals and traditions. Though the threat of the Pathos clan lies just beyond the door and the surrounding forests and rivers are unsafe to travel alone and especially at night.

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MvtherOona Asturias   227d ago

A dull and dreary day rang against the windows of Oona's room. The rain slapped the glass like an alarm, threatening to break the beautifully crafted glass. A mess of snow white hair peeked from the covers of the bed, growing more visible with each second. Finally, Oona's face popped from the heavy comforter. The icy stare from her piercing blue eyes took in a foggy room, her eyes not adjusted from retreated from the darkness of her blanket "fort". 

She poked a pale leg out into the cold crisp air of her room and in an instant slipped it back to her warmth. "Too...cold..." The groggy morning voice was a usual occurrence; a good sign of her distaste for the early morning hours. The stone room before her held many of her treasures but the rain outside tempted her, beckoning her for a dip into the nearby lake. A pair of soft hands rubbed against her eyes hoping to adjust, allowing her eyes to see the blurred shapes of objects that surrounded her. 

"AHHHHHH!" A large stretch with her hands above her head gave just enough energy to jump excitedly out of the bed and onto that cold stone floor. Oona's feet slapped down and danced around to get somewhat dressed. A very thin, sheer, nightgown lay across a chest in the room. Lazily her hand reached out for it and placed it over the marked body; raising her arms above her head for another large stretch and yawn before heading for the rooms door. 

Her mind focused, with nothing to deter her. Not the murmurs of the staff roaming the halls, the loud boasting from the dinning area, or the smell of the food that tantalized her nasal cavity. She pushed passed the large front door of the manor and skipped outside, the wonderous feel of the dirt on her feet and rain on her skin. Oona trailed down the dirt path leading behind the manor and to the enormous stone walls that surrounded the city. The wall was an impressive feat, built once to keep pesky outsiders from entering the city it now stands to protect the same outsiders from dangers beyond it. 

Pushing the shrubbery to the side would reveal a small hole in the wall, big enough for her to crawl through. Slipping to the ground and slithering through, the other side presented a large lake. Eyes glistening, she shimmied free of the nightgown. 
The white markings covering her skin giving a faint glow while the pale skin faded away into scales of a royal blue color. A set of black horns protruded from the top of her head, her face shifting to a new form, while a elongated river of scales grew from her. From human to dragon. Oona crawled into the lake feeling the cold fresh water against her skin, vanishing just below the water with only her shadow visible to the top layer.
TatzuoOlesia Asturias   225d ago
Kind of around, but not really

The morning had been cold, yet refreshing due to the steady downpour of rain that coated the city of Dralia on this day, all citizens seemingly coming out of their homes and bursting to life. Young children played in the cobbled and dirt paths with makeshift toys and beaming smiles coating their little faces; while their parents chatted, mothers did laundry while cradling their babies. In the manor that sat in the center of the city, servants were sweeping, dusting, and overall trying to complete their given chores for the day. The shuffling of feet and soft conversations echoed throughout the stone walls, a chorus of life within the building.

A looming figure stood in the kitchen as servants cleaned and cooked, and though they stood out, they seemed at home. They stood at approximately 6 feet, garbed in a white linen sleeping gown and their feet kept bare. Their flesh was pale, streaked with white markings that wrapped around their bodily curves and painted their face. With white-blonde hair to match, as well as ears that ended in a long point, the creature stood out amongst the fair skinned humans that surrounded them. This was Olesia, one of the twin rulers of the fair city that acted as a safe haven in the area. The surrounding forest and valley only spoke of despair and death as some speak of growls emanating from the tree-line. 

Her delicate hands, tipped with white and manicured nails that looked almost like claws, clutched a brown egg, taking a moment to carefully crack it into a clean wooden bowl. Yolk and whites sloshed into the bowl, mixing into a pallet of pale and dark yellows. She was only interrupted from her concentration as a butler approached, his head bowing out of respect before he looked up to her soft features, which were set in a warm smile. 

“Your sister is seemingly awake, my lady.” His voice was gruff, as well as his aged features. Olesia seemed to nod in acknowledgment, her eyes similar in color to that of Oona. She picked up the bowl she had been working on, handing it off to a nearby maid and thanking her quietly, offering a hand on her shoulder. 

“Thank you. Let’s get breakfast completed before discussing the tasks for the day.” Her voice held almost a motherly tone to it, with hints of the inexperience that comes with young age. She brushed the front of her gown off, stepping past the butler into the narrow hallway to head to her chambers. She hummed a soft tune as she went, accompanying the steady rhythm the raindrops provided against the roof above her head. She pushed open the heavy oak door that closed off her room from the rest of the manor, stepping inside and inhaling softly. Cold air nipped at the exposed skin of her ankles, arms, and face; making her move with a bit more urgency to the closet on the far side of the room. Who knows what the day had in store for her and her sister, but only moving forward would be able to provide answers.
MvtherOona Asturias   214d ago

The shadow along the water travelled farther to the center of the lake. The clear water showing the ecosystem below, strands of seaweed and schools of colorful fish following the stream of the water. Oona felt at peace in the water, being on the dry land for such long periods of time made her feel strange and out of place. Under the water she felt free, the cold feel of the moving current was comforting and able to clear her mind for the days events. Olesia was bound to be up by now, the small light of day crept through the dark clouds, managing to pierce the surface of the water. 

The light would glisten off the royal blue scales as she broke the surface of the water. Today the sun wouldn't shine on her face, but the rain would pour down. 

"Just a minute longer." 

Before finishing the sentence she slipped back under the water and near the colorful array of fish. Snapping her jaws and catching a few. Her favorite kind of breakfast, was much tastier than whatever they could cook up at home. Water dragons swimming speed was something of note, while not as fast on land, there was nothing to match them in lakes or oceans. She found her way to the edge of the water, resting her head against the dirt and grass. "I don't wanna get out." Heaving a sigh before climbing out and shaking off to 'dry'. 

The rain continued to pour, drenching the dirt and turning it to mud, a downside to swimming in the rain. Royal blue scales began to peel from her, the silky shine that coated her washing away. The pale skin becoming visable once more with her glowing white tattoos. Her body shook with an almost metallic sound as the rest of her scales fell to the ground. The long serpent body began to shorten itself and stand straight on two legs once more. Oona would stretch her arms above her head with a large smile. "So pleasant." 

She grabbed hold of the clothing on the ground, but not wasting time to put it on. Then heading off back to the manor. Slipping herself through the hole in the wall once more and coming through the back door. Her head peering around, moving quickly from left to right that her snow white hair slapped the sides of her face. She would tip toe down the hall of where the rooms were, trying to silently make it back to her own.
TatzuoOlesia Asturias   210d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" The sweet smell of spices danced in Olesia’s nose, a content purr rumbling in her chest. She enjoyed mornings like these most of all, they were peaceful and allowed for her to relax for once. She’d probably try to go for a swim, or stroll around Dralia once the morning chores were completed and the itinerary was set in place for her and her sister’s duties. She grabbed a stack of plates and napkins, just as a few other maids did, the group making their way to the dining room. 

Olesia didn’t mind doing manual labor around the manor, it was refreshing really to move her bones and help out. The servants enjoyed the sisters and their company, a nice take on the high ups they had once been accustomed to serving. The table was soon set and the Dragon Twin wiped her hands off on the apron on the front of her dress, slipping it over her head and handing it off once finished. 

Her ears twitched only slightly as she heard familiar footsteps, a smile crossing her lips as she made her way into the hallway. Her eyes looked around, and she moved quickly, keeping her head low as if she was hunting some sort of prey. She moved further down the hall, stopping at where the corridor split around to the right. A soft hum vibrated in her throat before she spotted her ideal target. Her sister, soaking wet from what she could assume was a swim. 

Olesia had a mischievous gleam in her eyes, shooting forward with a quickened pace and outstretching her arms in a hug. [#009999 “Good morning, dear sister! Exploring without me?”] Her voice boomed through the once quiet hallway, her statement being followed by a laugh.]


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