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Our Quiet Little Town

By crazyish
Backup thread

There are towns that you can't find on any map. The ones that you would drive past in the daylight. Not being brought to your attention, never ever even being thought of. Almost as if it was invisible. Yet, as the sun sets and darkness creeps along the ground. The shadows of the trees that enclose this town seem to become a cage. Trapping the relentless, and depraved inhabitants inside. If you so happen to be inside that cage, locked away. In this small town that is illuminated buy a starless sky and moon so bright. You'd think It was watching, waiting to watch what horror will proceed tonight.

This is looking to be a rp where you can choose to be a killer/monster. Or some unlucky soul who happened to be too close to the town as the sun sets. As a killer/monster you must have desires. (example a killer that only kills women, or a monster that must have their prey scared before eating). You may hunt through the town, but you will have a den. That is the only place you may kill. Killers and monsters are encouraged to hunt and steal other prey, and fight. But lets try to avoid hunting each other. Feel free to introduce NPC for you and others to hunt and fight over. There must be places in town you will not go example (a killer who won't go into a pool because they almost died, or a monster that can't be out in the open, or a church) This is where sometimes in this God forsaken town, monsters and killers might want to work together to share.

If you choose to play as a normal human you are trapped from sunset to sunrise. You can choose a starting weapon. ranged weapons are limited to one clip. Melee weapons will exhaust you after multiple uses. And are subject to break. As well as a special skill and talent.

You can build relationships and romance if you want (everyone needs love) but lets be respectful consent is sexy. It can be human on human or killers on killers or a mix. All in all have fun! lets all be monsters or scared our of minds together!


- There will be blood, gore, and violence. Though nothing that goes against the site rules
- Please keep your characters abilities with a reasonable level
- No godmodding or pupperteering. (Monster and killers will need to have limits and hunting grounds Within their hunting ground you are allowed more power and control)
- Character photos can be drawn, realistic, or from anime.
- Please make an original character! Do not just pull a character from an anime or TV show. You can have the same abilities, but make the character your own!
- Please make your first post the introduction of your character
- Lastly, if your character is killed. You can bring in another. (Spoiler this will happen a lot)

Character Sheet for killer/monsters first post

Abilities/Killing style:
Hunting ground and den:

Character Sheet for normal human

Full Name:
Skills and Talents
Tools and weapon:

(Please message me your character sheets so I can add to active characters! thank you!)

Active Characters can be found here
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crazyishNPC survivor/victim "OLT RPC"   227d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

There was a group of 6 teenagers who where all outside along the long dirty road leading to the town.  Having gotten lost they ventured to close. As sun set, so did any hope of them leaving.

4 boys:
Carl -17 A bit of a geek who is also a track star. Can be too relaxed at times

David-17 The driver stubborn and hard headed. Hates the woods and only came to impress Nancy with his new car

John-19 Carl's older brother who is here trying to win the affections Nancy since she is is type. Is selfish and a coward

Max-17 Carl's best friend who didn't want to come at all and is having a bit of a panic attack. Quick thinking

2 Girls:
Samantha- 18 Bubbly and outgoing she just loves adventure and unknown to the others got them "lost" to have fun with them. Is a fast learner

Nancy -17 Is sassy and a brat. Knows she has all the boys attention given her very forward and outgoing attitude. Isn't interested in any of them. A huge social media junkie. Very charismatic 

(Feel free to control these characters as they are free bait and prey. If you want to give them a shot at living you can create them a full bio. Feel free to add any details you want to them)
TatzuoRoxanne Bates   226d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Soft tapping could be heard from the inside of Rox’s silver 2001 Honda Civic, keeping up with the upbeat tune of the rock song that played through her radio. The long stretch of cracked pavement ahead of her was only lit by the flickering and dying street lamps that lined the seemingly empty road. Fields could be seen on either side, void and ominous as the wind whispered throughout the tall grass that inhabited them. The fogged headlights illuminated only a few feet before her field of vision cut off into inky blackness, shadows seemingly chasing after the vehicle as they were enveloped back into darkness. 

“I trusted you when there was no one else..” Rox found herself singing out loud, flicking on her high beams for better visibility. The upbeat mood had gone on for about 10 more minutes before the sudden sputtering of her car’s engine drew her tapping and singing to a stop. Her brow furrowed in confusion, turning the radio down so she could hear better. She cursed under her breath, taking a moment to pull the car over and park it on the side of the road. She barely had time to turn the key to shut everything off before a stream of dark gray smoke rose from beneath the car’s hood. 

“Shit!” She stepped out quickly, walking to the front and popping the hood open. Smoke attacked her senses as it encased her head, rushing to escape from where it was originating from. Rox waved away what she could, coughing and taking a moment to look down. She didn’t know jack shit about cars, this was going to be a huge problem. The streetlight above her seemed to be providing her safety from whatever lurked in the dark, illuminating her dark tresses of hair which were thrown into a lopsided bun on the top of her head. Baby blue eyes scanned the mangled mess of tubes and metal parts with little idea of what to do next, Rox wiping her hands on the front of her old hoodie before getting back into the driver’s seat. 

Her head leaned back for a moment, before she began digging through the center console of her car for her phone. She should’ve left earlier for this road trip, or at the very least gone with her brother. Maybe he wasn’t too far ahead, he had only left a mere 45 minutes before her. The screen flicked on, a low signal warning in the top right of the screen. Roxanne clutched the device as she quickly typed in her password and dialed her brother, bringing the phone to her ear. It only gave her a glimpse of hope, ringing once before dropping the call. She seemed dejected, glancing back up at the seemingly growing closer wall of darkness; crawling and threatening to overtake her and the car unless she figured something out. It was 3AM, morning shouldn’t be far. 

“Camp out in the car and then look for help..” She spoke aloud, the sound spooking her a bit due to the circumstance. Roxanne took a moment to lock her car doors, hugging her knees tightly to her chest. She had a blanket in the backseat for an emergency like this, silently thanking her mother for badgering about keeping it in the car in the first place. Thankfully it wasn’t too cold, merely chilly. She rubbed her arms, anxiety creating a heavy pit in the bottom of her stomach, goosebumps beginning to appear on her skin. She finally leaned her head back, closing her eyes and trying to relax. Only a few hours, and then she could find help; this could all be so much worse. She could only hope the morning would bring better luck.
crazyishNPC survivor/victim "OLT RPC"   227d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

The group of teens had been wandering the woods for about an hour. Laughing and screeching as they tried their best to ignore the seemly alive shadows that followed at their heels.  Twisting and reaching out for them whenever they aren't looking. As John, walking in front of the group with his phone as a flashlight, already already dangerously low on power.  Stopping as he noticed something.  The others, not paying much attention. Bump into him as they  complain and moan. John raised his hand and shushed them as he spots Roxanne's car.  

"Hey! Hey! are you ok?" as he approached, all the other teens lined up behind him. Each one clutching the shirt of the next one in front of them for security and safety.  As the girls trail the end of the line. John taps his phone on the window.  Clinking his phones against the glass.  The light of his phone bouncing off the window so he can't see inside.

"Hey! Hey!" as he tried to open the door, pulling aggressisvly at the handle. Plling harder as the car itself shakes.  While the others complain and try to get him to calm down. Their commotion and fear growing louder, seems to  excites the shadows. Gleeful in their pursuit and observation of these foolish humans.  The trees seem to giggle and the shadows danced. Eagerly awaiting a show, a blood bath, and sacrifice to this towns beautiful horrifying citizens.
TatzuoRoxanne Bates   226d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Drifting, weightless and overall serene was the sensation Roxanne felt while dreaming. It was hard to pinpoint exactly what was going on around her, her skin being bathed in lights of red and gold. It felt almost ominous, though that was hard to see past the beauty it held. The world seemed to crumble around her, shaking violently and relentlessly; voices filling the space around her. Hushed and growing louder, turning into screaming. She awoke in a cold sweat, practically jumping out of the driver’s seat as the car shook. Light flooded through the window, almost blinding her. 

That pit of anxiety was beginning to swell again, Rox swallowing back the blossoming fear in the back of her throat. Who the hell would be attacking her car? Looters? Maybe a homeless person? It was hard to think of a straight answer at the moment. She popped open the glove compartment, digging her hand through it quickly until her fingers curled around the heavy and cold metallic handle of a flashlight she had stashed away. She drew it close to her chest, her free hand moving the handle of the car door. Inhaling sharply, she pulled the handle and kicked the door open; intending to knock back whoever was yanking on it. She jumped out of her seat, planting her feet firmly on the street and holding the flashlight out in front of her, her eyes narrowed. She held the object like a fencing saber, her armed hand extended forward while her other stayed close, clutching the top of the door frame. 

“Who the hell do you think you are?!” Her voice boomed from her petite frame, her teeth gritted. Seem bigger than you actually are, seems to work on bears, so maybe it would work in this situation. Her breathing was heavy, her chest heaving. Her hair was messy, stray strands hanging down in front of her face. Her mighty stance faltered for a moment, seeing the group that didn’t seem that much older than she was. She regained her composure, thinking for a long moment. 

“What the fuck are you doing shaking my car like that?! You practically gave me a heart attack!” She scolded, her lips pulling into a pout as her brow knitted together in annoyance.
MvtherAdina   225d ago

Hanging back in the forest, Adina scampered between trees, hiding between the large logs with a sensual grin. The sound of voices beyond the tree line was a joyful occasion. Her den was far off, but it shouldn't be too hard. She would listen in to the conversing parties. The ring against her ears of female and male voices. The females were not entirely of her own interest but the men, perfect targets. Losing the sun and the darkness setting in was the perfect time to strike.

Others might start to encroach in if she didn't at least pull one of them off it would not be in her favor, as she had no interest in fighting another in the town for prey. Adina huddled up to a tree, holding it like a scared child, just in sight of the others. This distance was good to attract attention but escape if need be. And if it came down to it she would quickly release her spores.
TatzuoRoxanne Bates   217d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" John seemed taken aback as the car door he had been pulling on suddenly swung open, knocking him back into his friends behind him. He hadn’t expected that kind of reaction at all. This guy couldn’t roll his windows down? He clenched his fists, preparing himself to swing at whatever asshole stepped out, but was interrupted when the small female had jumped out, ready to fight. 

His hands went up defensively as the heavy flashlight she clutched in her hand seemed big enough to bash his head in, and she didn’t seem hesitant to use it either. He opened his mouth to answer her first question, before her second one boomed from her. She couldn’t have been any older than them, so why was she parked out here in the middle of nowhere? It didn’t quite sit right with him. 

“Look, I thought you might’ve been in distress, cut me some slack! You should be thanking me!” His eyes couldn’t help but roll. 

Roxanne let his statement sit in her mind for a moment, pondering her next move. This guy seemed like a real jerk, that was for sure. She cleared her throat, lowering the flashlight for a moment, her guard still kept up. She didn’t trust this, at all. She felt watched and almost helpless, although she had something to defend herself with. 

“No way in hell am I going to thank you.” She retorted, practically spitting venom from her tone. “You scared the shit out of me, you’re not some hero because of that.” 

She took a moment to inspect the quivering group behind him, frowning a bit. Were they lost too? Or were they some weird cult group or something trying to lure her into a false sense of security? One of the girls stepped forward, a mousy brunette in a hoodie and a pair of jeans. 

“We’re really sorry..” Sam frowned, unsure of how to really handle the situation. This girl seemed just as scared as they were, but the difference was, she was alone. They at least had each other. “Look, we saw a town not that far off, we’re going to try to find some phone service or something if you want to come with us.” She offered with a small smile, trying her best to keep everyone calm.

She could hear Nancy scoff somewhere behind her, a heavy sigh escaping her chest as she did her best to ignore it. Roxanne seemed to think on the offer before finally nodding her head slowly. 

“Fine, yeah I’ll come with.” Roxanne muttered, setting the flashlight in her hoodie pocket before making her way to the car’s trunk. She popped it open with a bit of effort and rifled around inside for a few minutes before pulling out a tire iron. She wasn’t taking any chances. The group looked at her with a bit of uneasiness before agreeing themselves, they could always ditch her in town if she turned out to be weird.]
MvtherAdina   212d ago

With the night falling on the town, new prey was bound to be captured and locked in. All Adina needed to do was wait, and with the darkness coating it all she emerged from hiding. Though staying close to the tree line of the forest. These were safe grounds for her, a comfort place where she was able move about as she pleased. Keeping an eye out for anyone who might travel to close to her area. She waited impatiently for the new pray to arrive, almost as if the entire town would quietly come to life with their arrival. 

She would have to beat other hunters to them, but she wasn't worried. The human males were simple minded and Adina had not failed once to entice them into her forest. To allow them to inhale her spores and bring them back to her shop, her pleasure filled den. Killing them too quickly was never any fun and it spoiled them far too fast for her liking. She enjoyed filling their minds with the hallucinations.


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