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7 Days To Die - Character Details

By -Mirror-

This is just a place to keep current characters that in play. Not a chat. Not a roleplay. Just a storage thingy.
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-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   102d ago
Spiritually drained

Game 1:
Total Players: 3
Waiting For Players To Join.....

Owner: Tatzuo
Name: Tatzuo
Start Spawn Location: Forest
Starter Inventory: Tool- Crowbar. Ration Box: Dog Food, Beets x2, Carrots, Sardines
Additional Info: Zuo is a 23 year old human. Japanese / American descent. Pretty comfortable with traveling alone, but can go with a group.

Owner: crazyish
Name: Rizza
Start Spawn Location: Plains
Starter Inventory: Tool: Scrap Shiv. Ration Box: Beef Jerky, Pears, Carrots, Soup, Beans
Additional Info: Racial ethnicity unknown for now. Is a careful and logical survivalist

Owner: Vossler 
Name: Adam Hered
Start Spawn Location: Forest
Starter Inventory: Tool: Police Baton. Ration Box: Carrots x2, Beans, Peaches, Diced Potatoes
Additional Info: Adam is from a rural city in south Texas who has been traversing the south and heading west to California. Lately though he's been running into trouble left and right, however he sees it as a challenge and continues forward. He is a 37 year old and likes to travel alone but if he does get lonely he will travel with a small group

Character Stats Basic Sheet
Owner: Mvther
Name: Valente
Start Spawn Location: Wasteland
Starter Inventory: Tool: Barbed Wire Baseball Bat. Ration Box: Canned Corn x2, Mystery Meat, Beef Jerky, Soup
Additional Info: A 24 year old female, her plan is to mostly run, hide, and rely on her dumb luck to survive. Would prefer to be in a group so she feels safer. The more the merry, and usually optimistic.


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