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Making A Comeback .:Searching:.

By -Mirror-

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I've been on hiatus for a long time and have finally come back. I'm back with a fresh mind and no idea what to do. So, I'll just leave a list of things below and let things go where they may.

- I am willing to roleplay with anyone so long as they can match me in quality and quantity as well as having good grammar.
- I'll roleplay almost any genre if the plot is interesting enough. However, I struggle with romance some so bear with me on that subject.
- On the topic of romance, I will not go into any sort of depth with romantic relationships involving characters under the age of 18. Erotic scenes will either be time-skipped or taken off-site depending on comfort. I will not roleplay in Discord or emails. I have two options prepared for off-site erotic scenes.
- I only play male characters so the pairings I'll do are MxM and MxF depending on your preferences and comfort. I'm 100% ok with platonic relationships.
- Plain human characters are not my strong suit so don't expect me to be excited about the idea. However, humans with some sort of magical ability I can do as it's not a plain boring human.
- I'm willing to take on mature topics that may be sensitive to some. Topics such a death, gore, blood, torture, mental breakdowns and other similar topics. Some of my own stories and characters have mature and sensitive topics included. If you have a problem with such topics, please tell me ahead of time.
- I'm willing to do fandoms but I will only play as OCs. I will NOT use canon characters outside of NPCs. I will list any fandoms I'm interested in below.
- I encourage communication not just for each others sake but for the story's sake. I want to talk about ways to improve the story, toss ideas around and help each other figure out what may happen next.

Current Fandoms
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Send me a PM or post below if interested and let's see where things go.
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Shadowthewolf5647Shadow   133d ago

Hello I have a plot


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