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The Ghost in You

By NightMare

Bōrei was always able to see ghost for as long as he could remember. It often made making friends hard and even his parents didn't understand him. They took him to many hospitals and therapists hoping to cure him of this ability. It didn't work he could still see the dead. He was often shunned and known as freak. Even his parents started to shun him they told him he had to hide his gift, especially from his younger brother. When Rei was old enough he moved out got an apartment of his own. Rei was still lonely but had a furry companion. A black and white cat named Luna. She was his best friend, never judged him.

Rei tried his best to ignore his gift. Then you showed up. The two of you would talk all the time. Rei felt close to you but the only problem was you were dead? Or at least that was what Rei thought. What if you weren't actually dead just waiting for someone to help you? The only problem was you couldn't remember who you were. You had no idea where you lived or even what your name was. Can the two of you figure out who you really are before it is too late?
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NightMareBōrei   95d ago
Bringer of Nightmares

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 What I am looking for ~ 
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