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7 Days to Die - D&D Style Zombie Survival

By -Mirror-

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This is not like any other zombie survival story. This is a game, one I will influence with generators and spinners and dice. That’s right. I’m not playing. All I will be doing is creating randomized events to influence your path.

Several survivors will spawn randomly into the map. Each person will be given a random starter tool, a box of rations(contains 5 random cans of food, 2 nutri bars and 5 bottles of clean water), a small first aid kit, a communications unit that works only when by a radio tower or station(will be random throughout the map or influenced by the end goal), a single torch for light at night and a box of 100 matches.

Every so often I will pop into the story to influence what happens. Things such as spawning zombies in various numbers around someone, drop an airdrop supply crate in a certain area, change the weather or simply alert when the blood moon is about to arrive. What happens will be a total surprise. You will never know what I will do to influence the story you are playing out.

What you have to do is survive. Loot, craft, kill zombies, find each other, survive and make it to the goal. If you can, anyway.

The Rules
- No characters under 18 years of age.
- Only human characters. There will come a time where your character will eventually die from something. Keep this in mind.
- Only original characters. That means they have to be of your creation and not from a game, anime, tv show, movie or any other source. They have to be created from your own mind.
- No real images. Images must be tasteful and not over used. They should be reasonable within the theme of the roleplay which is dystopian wasteland/zombie apocalypse. If not using an image, give a brief description of what your character looks like which will be added to your character stats as additional info.
- Watch out for my posts! They will influence what you will do next and what you find!
- Romance is welcome but it is NOT the focus of this. Keep it in the background and keep it PG.
- This is a dystopian wasteland survival story. Therefore, there will be death, gore, blood and other mature themes involved.
- This will eventually end with everyone either dying, making it to a goal or last man standing. When that happens, the story will be started up again with new spawn locations and new characters. If you rejoin, you CANNOT use the same character again till 2 others have been used. Consider it a respawn wait time.
- My ‘character’ will also act as a guidebook to the various resources, zombie types and other details that are in the world. Feel free to look at it frequently for all your zombie survival needs. If there’s something you’d like to see on the guide, feel free to make the suggestion.
- Most importantly: HAVE FUN!

This will be unlocked for now. I do not want to have to lock it but I will if I have to.

The Map
Marked Map

Current survivalist can be found HERE

Character Stats Basic Sheet
Start Spawn Location: Will be given to you.
Starter Inventory: Will be given to you.
Additional Info: Any details such as skills or other details that you may want to share.
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-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   222d ago

[+red Initializing…………….Loading…………. Loaded]

[+red Spawning In Progress………Completed]

[b Tatzuo has spawned in the Forest. Rizza Has spawned in the Plains. Adam Hered has spawned in the Forest.]

[b The goal is Last Man Standing. Survive till only one of you is left alive.]

[+red Loaded To Playing Field……..…..Initialize Event Sequence]

[+red Event Sequence Initiated]
TatzuoZuo Sato   222d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Soft groans filled the quiet forest air as Zou sat up from the forest floor. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes carefully, her vision taking a moment to adjust as sunlight beamed from above. With a swift motion, she picked up her hat which had been carefully laid next to her, placing it on her head before pushing herself to her feet.

For the most part, everything seemed tranquil, the occasional cooing of birds and skittering of tiny paws across the foliage of leaves and debris. She took a moment to take it all in, before focusing on the task at hand. She dug through the makeshift bag she had hanging from her hip, going through her supplies in her head before nodding to herself. 

“Let’s get something set up.” She mumbled to herself, pondering her next move with caution. Anywhere could be infested, it was just a matter of keeping an eye out. Her deep brown gaze scanned the canvas of trees, trying to see any sort of unnatural movement. 

Taking a moment to collect her thoughts and plan, Zou moved forward; searching for any sort of town or cover she could take for the oncoming night. Find shelter, focus on food, then worry about whatever undesirables cross her path, that was the best she could do for now.
crazyishRizza   222d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

Waking up Rizza sits straight up, stretching and rolling his shoulders to loosen his muscles and joints. He crosses his legs as he takes his mask brushing loose grass from it as he sits it on his lap. Licking his lips, he grabs his supplies. He takes a look over what he has. Counting his remaining water, and emergency rations. Looking at his food as he tears his jerky into a fourth. Placing it in his mouth as he sucks on it. Then slips his mask on, adjusting it and breathing deeply. As he packed his things up, chewing now on his treat. 

Standing up he had a clear view across the large plains. The weather was clear for now, as he spots the tree line of the forest.


Looking further he can make out buildings, larger maybe factories belonging to an industrial area. Then seeing some houses, and behind him was a mountain. He takes his time to think before making his way toward the larger industrial area. Stepping softly moving at a brisk pace, his head on a swivel. He needed to get out of this clearing. The sun would only grow more intense and his leather outfit and mask would tire him out quickly. Made sure to keep his small shiv in his hand.
TatzuoZuo Sato   222d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Zou moved with purpose, her steps keeping at a brisk pace. The sole of her boots crunched the small twigs and dry leaves that stood before her, turning them to practical dust beneath her feet. The sun bore down on her from the cracks within the heavy blankets of leaves and branches, the sneaking sunlight warming the skin on her exposed arms. Zou furrowed her brow as she noticed what looked to be a scrap pile up ahead, making her way over and crouching down to get a better look. 

“Maybe there’s something here I can use...” She muttered to herself, her right hand rubbing her chin in thought as she poked and prodded at the discarded bits of metal. Something caught her eye, the curved handle of what looked to be a crowbar. 

A smile danced on the corner of her lips as she pushed aside the junk that concealed it, her saving grace at that moment. “Score.” She chuckled, practically praising whatever God was looking over her. 

She grabbed the tool with haste, slipping it through the notch on her bag and brushing off the knees of her pants before planting her hands on her hips and exhaling, things were beginning to look up. Ignoring the rotting corpses that wandered around of course.
crazyishRizza   222d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

He walked with ease, his feet stepping lightly through the knee-high grass. His eyes scanned the horizon for movement, as well as swept his feet as he walked. Using them to feel for anything, prepared to move at a moment's notice. 

-Slowly, keep it easy. No rush, there isn’t any danger around right now. Breath slowly-

Silently thinking to himself claiming his breathing as the sun was already making him sweat. Pulling the hoodie off his head, he tucks it away. Make sure to not distrust the velcro lining and make more noise. The jerky was a paste now, as he sucked any juice from the meat as he swallows and licked his lips. Grateful to have a morning snack. 

With the hoodie pulled down, the thin fabric hood attached his his mask let the breeze brush along his neck. He wanted to take his jacket off, but the scars of possible bites. The leather scratched and worn in areas was a silent reminder of its worth to him. So he inhaled and keeps moving forward. 

-Slow and steady. There is no need to rush. There is no danger right now. Slow and steady-
TatzuoZuo Sato   222d ago
Kind of around, but not really

With newfound confidence, she moved forward with a bit of vigor to her stature; having a weapon does wonders for morale these days. Edging closer to what could be assumed as the forest’s edge, Zou adjusted the shawl around her shoulders almost in anticipation. She stepped forward, resting her body against the sturdy body of a pine tree. She glanced down at the ground, noticing the miniscule droppings of the branches and crouching down. She took a handful of pine needles, bringing them a few inches from her face and inhaling for a moment. The husky scent assaulted her senses almost all at once, though she nodded almost in affirmation. She shoved the handful into her pants pocket, saving it for another time; another purpose. 

She licked her lips, before moving forward, the ghostly silhouette of a town in the distance. Nine, maybe ten miles out? It was hard to tell just off the top of her head. A map would be nice in a situation like this. There had to be something closer, a road maybe? A river, anything would be better than just trees and bushes. 

“Think..” She sighed, the flat of her palm pressing against her forehead in a feeble attempt to focus. “Find your bearings..” She took another long glance, noticing what seemed to be the winding remains of asphalt in the distance, much closer than the aforementioned town. 

Zou began moving, hurrying herself towards the road. It was a start on finding something useful, that was for sure. If she was lucky she could probably salvage something from an old car, or better yet, another poor soul left something helpful behind.
-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   222d ago

[+red Initializing…………….Loading…………. Loaded]

[b Adam Hered. You have been chosen.]

[b Warning! You’re under attack by zombies! What will you do?]

[b Zombie type: Hazmat. Strange to find them out here. Number: There are 5. A small number. Should be easy enough to deal with. Right?]

[+red Loaded To Playing Field……..…..Initialize Event Sequence]

[+red Event Sequence Initiated]
crazyishRizza   222d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

Rizza froze, listening as he kneels. Seeing a patch of cotton, the white fluff standing out as he picks it from the brittle stalk it was on. Rubbing it between his gloved fingers. As he looks at the bundle before him. As he lowers his bad, he moved quickly. Plucking what he could, his gloves letting him move a bit more reckless. 

10 -15 minutes later he had a few handfuls of cotton. As he sits down, crossing his legs as the sun was becoming brutal. As he peels his mask off. The fresh air brushed over his face as he closed his eyes. Inhaling the air. Fresh wasn’t what he would use to describe it, but after months in this new world. It was the closest he would get. 

As he takes a water bottle out and takes a few gulps. Water spills from the corner of his mouth as he wipes it with the back of his hand. “Sloppy” his voice sounded foreign. How long has it been she he spoke out loud? Weeks? As he puts his water back and pulls his mask back on. It what hot, but it made him focus. 

-no more sloppy mistakes- his thoughts clear as he starts to fluff the cotton. As he removed the seeds. Looking up, his destination was closer but his pace made it longer. As he signs to himself. 

-Better slow than dead, you have enough supplies if you find more-
TatzuoZuo Sato   222d ago
Kind of around, but not really

After some time of walking, and her legs screaming at her to rest, Zou decided to take a small breather; taking a moment to adjust her hat to keep the sunlight off her face. The road was just up ahead, winding and dilapidated. Bits of asphalt and dirt scattered across the once assumed to be pristine pathway, the sound of water not that far away. 

“Water would be ideal.. Maybe some fish as well if I’m lucky.” She had developed the unusual habit of talking to herself, probably from solitude. Though, the rotters didn’t make great conversation to be honest. She forced herself to keep moving, the paranoia of being snuck up on always creeping in the back of her mind. 

Stepping onto the pavement felt strange, having only the blanket of grass and moss to walk on for what felt like hours. Her eyes made a mental note of where the road was heading in both directions, to the North looked like a large body of water, a lake maybe? That could be an ideal place to scope out. Looking more south, there were only grayed memories of maybe thriving grassland, but it looked to be something looming in the distance. A building? Another good start. The only problem was choosing which direction to head in.

She took a moment to compose the racing possibilities and worst case scenarios before nodding to herself, making her way to the building to the South. Supplies might be easier to come by there instead of a body of water, and more cover then being out in the open.
crazyishRizza   221d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

It was nearly noon, and Rizza could see that over a nearby hill there was a factory. Having fluffed up his several handfuls of cotton he condensed it into a tight ball.  Packing it away for later, he uncrossed his legs standing up.  Bending forward to get a good stretch, grabbing his ankles and flexing his arms. He gathers his things, then makes his way over the hill to see the factory.  Observing a road that leads down to another small town.

-Ok, lets scout our the factory.  See if we can find any better weapons or water. Then we can rest up, make it into town before night fall and secure ourselves in a room.  No need for a fire then and eat-

Like always Rizza takes his time, approaching the warehouse as he sees some crates and old pallets stacked up.  He is able to safely climb up, as he sees a few windows. One already open, he pulls himself up as he tilts the glass so he can straddle the windows sill.  Looking inside it was dark, but the daylight let him get a decent view. Yet, even with his mask on the thick fowl stink of rot fills his nostrils. Choking as he doubled over gripping the sill with both hands as he curls forward.  Trying to no vomit.

-Oh God that smell-

Yet inside he still sees crates and boxes un opened, and a tool shed as he slowly starts to weigh his options
-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   221d ago

[+red Initializing…………….Loading…………. Loaded]

[b Tatzuo. You have been chosen.]

[b Zombified animals have found you! What is your course of action?]

[b You’re hunted by Hounds. There are only 3 of them.]

[+red Loaded To Playing Field……..…..Initialize Event Sequence]

[+red Event Sequence Initiated]
TatzuoZuo Sato   221d ago
Kind of around, but not really

She had made it a few feet before the gurgled and distorted barking of dogs drew her attention. It was unnervingly close, and to her dismay, three of the hellish creatures were making their way towards her. Mangled frames dripping with rotted flesh gnashed their yellowed and blackened teeth as they made their way closer. Zou barely had time to react, looking around for some sort of high ground to get an advantage. 

A boulder, standing at about 2 feet in height was to her left, the different ridges and crevices ideal for climbing. Not wanting to spare any time she had, Zou booked it to her saving grace, managing to climb her way up as the hounds snapped at her ankles. She let out a shaky breath, watching as drool leaked from their torn lips hungrily. Her hand instinctively went to the crowbar fastened onto her waist, her hand wrapping around the cold metal of its curved handle. 

“C’mon, fuck off you beasts!” She growled under her breath, taking her chance to swing at one of the hounds as it jumped up to meet her. A resounding crack echoed throughout the air as steel connected with skull, the creature hitting the dirt in a crumpled heap. Its legs twitched violently, as if it was struggling to get back up. This action just seemingly made the others angrier, their barking and clawing growing more aggressive and persistent. 

Zou chewed on the inside of her cheek, trying to get a good shot on the bastards to minimize the risk of getting bit by one of them. She saw her opening, and another heavy thud hit the dirt, the bottom half of the hound’s jaw hitting the floor with a squelching splat. Her arm was getting a tad sore from the force she was putting out, but the adrenaline pumping through her veins made the aching feeling easier to ignore. After a few more minutes of waiting, the last one was knocked down. 

She wasted no time jumping off of her perch, raising her weapon over her head and bringing it down into the forms of the dogs, hitting each one enough times for it to stop moving. Blackened blood had splattered over her boots and pants; her breathing heavy and uneven. Her eyes were glossy with exhaustion, this was NOT according to plan at all. She reholstered her mighty weapon, making her way back onto her thought out path, though her steps had much more urgency to them this time.
crazyishRizza   221d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

It didn’t take long for him to come to a decision. As he steels his nerves, takes a few deep breaths. The pungent smell from inside still makes his throat burn. As he turns and lowers himself into the factory. Finding groves along the walls, pipes, other areas to help him scale the wall. As he descends his fingertips and hands burning. His eyes water and each breath making him want to gag. As he glanced he sees the cause. 

A cage full of rotten corpses. Who they were didn’t matter. But the cage they are in is closed. As he reached the floor he leans on the wall to catch his breath. Shaking his hands, and stretching again. The smell wasn’t any better, but he was getting used to it. That thought alone pierced his thoughts. It sicken him more, his ability to adapt to things so quickly. In that moment he felt his gut twist as loneliness sets in. Blinking back tears that sting his eyes as he tells himself one of many lies he has to survive. 

-Just the smell. That’s all-

With it another piece of his humanity is sacrificed in order for him to survive. Hardened to the world as he moved and finds the crates he had observed. Most of it was raw materials. Ore, iron, scrap metal. As he looks and finds a metal pipe. He picks it up, feeling it’s weight as he smacked it against his gloved hand. It was study and heavy, he wouldn’t be able to swing it too many times before getting tired. Carrying it along would burden him. As he puts it down, keeps looking around.
TatzuoZuo Sato   220d ago
Kind of around, but not really

After some time, the mechanic shop came into full view; dilapidated concrete crumbled to the pavement beneath it. Zou rubbed the back of her head, sweat gathering on the nape of her neck from the heat of the sun. She smiled to herself before stepping forward, circling the building to inspect it before making her way inside. 

She tried the front door, only to be met with resistance and the door refusing to budge. She took another moment and another burst of strength to try to pull it open once more. Zou took a step back, trying to mull over the situation she found herself in. Her lips pursed into a pout before her hand went to her trusty crowbar. Metal versus metal, what could possibly go wrong? 

She rolled her neck and hooked the curved end of the crowbar into the space between the edge of the door and the wall, planting her foot on the wall for more leverage. With a groan, she began pulling, being met with the screeching and scraping of the once undisturbed door being forced open. The lock tried to cling to whatever it could before it was flung to the dirt, Zuo panting heavily and dropping her weapon to the floor for a moment to catch her breath. At least she was in. She headed inside; skeletal frames of old cars littered through the main floor. 

“A good start...” Her voice sounded breathless, glancing back and making sure to retrieve the crowbar off the ground and letting the door close. It didn’t lock anymore but that was nothing a heavy box couldn’t fix. She had to survey the inside, make sure there were no stragglers creeping around. She started with the cars, glancing inside broken windshields and dirt-stained windows before popping open the trunks and peering inside. So far so good.
crazyishRizza   220d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

Rizza didn’t spend too much time in the old factory. The smell was one thing, but the setting sun was another. As he looks around he sees old rusted metal stairs. The handles were twisted and broken. As he approached he noticed what he could imagine happened. Either someone tried to hold out inside. Or something BIG had roped and twisted the metal like it was a pipe cleaner. As he was able to make his way up the stairs. Halfway up he looks up. Jumping and grabbing the edge above him. As he hoist himself up and rolled on his back. Looking over as he sees an office. The door busted open, hanging off its hinges. A large crooked indentation on the door. 

-Big boy it is-

As he slips in between the twisted and dented door. Inside looked a mess. Metal tables bent and twisted, he sees a bag as he walks over and looks inside. Some more water though it was cloudy and he could tell it was collected. As he moves and pumped his fist. “Fuck yes!” Shouting as he didn’t care inside he pulls out a small metal hatchet. It came with a sleeve and had a fine leather grip. As he twirls it in his hand. He adjusts and puts it snugly along his waist. Next to his small shiv. As he sees some rope too. He dumps the old food and water but takes the bag. Large enough to replace his current one and the strap on it would make carrying these items easier. 

As he sees another window he walks over. His boots crunched on the broken glass, but his find left him not worried about these sounds. As he pushed on the window. It didn’t budge, as he looks seeing the locks look smashed. Groaning as he turns and sees another door. It wasn’t broken as he walks over and tries to turn the handle. 

“Locked, figures” groaning as he huffed and scratched the back of his head. Looking around. The room wasn’t bad. He didn’t know if the factory was clear. But, nothing normal could make its way up here. “Only the nasty things” with a deep breath he sees a desk. Still in one piece as he starts to move the glass with his foot and clean up. It would be a good place to rest for now. Then tomorrow at first light he would explore more of the factory and make his way down the road.
-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   220d ago

[+red Initializing…………….Loading…………. Loaded]

[+red Spawning In Progress………Completed]

[b A new player has spawned!]

[b Valente has spawned in the Wasteland! Good Luck!]

[+red Loaded To Playing Field……..…..Initialize Event Sequence]

[+red Event Sequence Initiated]
MvtherValente   220d ago

A loud 'ting' rang across the mountains of broken down and beaten cars. The smell of gasoline and metal filled her nostrils with the a crunching of the dirt beneath her boots. The wire of the bat scratching whatever paint was left on the junked automobiles and spray painted garbage cans. Her walk of defeat and shame to how she had survived thus far, but these were not things to dwell on at present. Valente swung the bat from side to side, sweeping the ground, for what she didn't have a clue. The hot wasteland sun would beat down on her tanned skin, the complexion changing since she arrived in these humid and disgusting temperatures. She was once proud of the pale beauty she was, but that was a thing of the past.

Bags under her eyes indicated what little she had slept and who could blame her with the way the world was. Valente checked the watch that clung to her wrist, "Ahh yes, still broken..." Her brown eyes scanning for anything useful. She slipped around a corner with her head hung low. "How much easier it would be with a group, but they would probably rob me of what little I have." A pout pushed passed the dry lips on her face, it wasn't so much a sad thought as it was one of disappointment. When squaring up with the next aisle of the junkyard, the smell of blood and decomposition hit her nose. Turning her face soul she quickly looked up extending the barbed wire bat out, holding the handle with both arms. The words "Kiss This" written along the length. Blood painted the cars, the cans, the large rusted machinery while dead bodies piled in their trunks and seats. Her body shook in fear, drips of sweat pouring from her forehead. 

She had searched the junkyard for a couple days now, this may be a good sign that there would be nothing to procure and to simply move on. The sight surely turned her stomach but that shouldn't be a reason to miss on good supplies. There had to be some sort of building within the mass of filth. 

Valente pushed the brown hair sticking to her forehead out of the way. Her top soaked in sweat, she proceeded slowly down the isle in search of something, anything. A glimmer of hope that she could continue like this. Hopefully when she left she could get some water, there was a river just in view when she approached the yard, following that after leaving could possibly lead her somewhere better? Maybe? Hopefully? 

The sharp metal could be usable, tied to poles could make a very handy weapon, but it also wasn't practically. Finally! "Ah! A shed!" Her excitement was uncontainable. There had to be goodies inside of it! A shiny silver lock hung from the door and Valente gave a frown. "You will not beat me!!!!" She cried out lifted a foot and kicking the door, making a loud ruckus. In frustration she took the bat and pulled in behind her head with both hands in grip, swinging it with all her might forward and straight onto the lock.
TatzuoZuo Sato   219d ago
Kind of around, but not really

After securing the main floor of the mechanic shop, Zou sat down on the dusted floor, exhaling sharply and finally feeling comfortable enough to take a rest. This place could be a pretty good base, if she managed to fortify it. She dug through her hip bag, pulling out one of the ration bars she had. She snapped it in half within the wrapper before pulling it open and consuming the broken pieces hungrily. Her stomach seemingly purred in content at the offering, her eyes closing for a long moment. 

It was a rare occasion for her to actually rest, and not constantly look over her shoulder. This place could be helpful, there were enough resources to make somewhat of a fence around the perimeter. Her eyes wandered to an office on the far left of the room, a ping of anxiety spiking in her chest. That could either be a treasure trove or end up being her final resting place. Small, enclosed space, maybe a safe or weapon hidden in a desk, or some rotter that was unlucky enough to get caught behind a locked door, hungry and waiting for some unfortunate being to stumble in to give it its next meal. 

“I’ll worry about that later..” She spoke aloud, the sound of her voice resonating off the concrete walls around her. She slid her shawl off, hanging it up on a nearby tool bench for safe keeping. Her arms stretched above her head, a few pops and satisfying cracks echoing from her weary bones and joints. She let out a relieved breath, slipping her hat off as well. Her hand raked through her short, black hair; having shorter hair was much easier in this kind of situation, hard to grab or snag, and easy to care for. 

Zou finally looked to the office door, shaking her head and wondering if it was even worth it. There was only one way to find out.
crazyishRizza   218d ago
Duke of Himbos and Chaos

Rizza takes his time, the desk had nothing of value inside. But he did notice a small hidden latch. Trying to pry  it open with his hands, his gloves making the precision he needed all but impossible. He would not remove them. Too much risk of a needless injury. The sweat dripping over his face beneath his mask. Making his thirst more apparent, but he was reminded of the order that linger in the air.  Making him wait longer before trying to drink anything.

His breathing was heavy the need to rest was becoming clear through his bodies fatigue, but his curiosity was talking a hold on him.  He kneels down as he grabs the edges of the desk and lifts and heaves the desk.  Tossing it on its side. The loud clang and thud of it slamming into the floor echoes through the silent factory.  He can start to head rustling, noises, it was dumb to do that. But he was safe up here as he sees where the hidden compartment was.

Lifting his foot as he slammed his heel into the underside of the desk.  The firm thud of his boot hitting the hidden compartment.  Making him almost fall over.  Regaining his balance,  he grabs one edge for stability as he starts to stomp at the desk.  Each time his heel impacted the desk, the shock of the blow run up his leg. After several stomps his knee started to ache as well as his heel.  Right when he is about to give up he hears the creaking and snapping of wood.  His effort paying off as he keeps stomping away, his determination fueled by curiosity making him abandon his rules to take it slow and easy.  

As he slams down the desk's hidden treasure is freed.  HIs boot breaking a hole, big enough for him to reach inside. He kneels down and reached in.  Only to pull out a small gold and silver decorated stopwatch. It's golden chain sparkling in the dusty office, the sunlight pouring though the cloudy window seemed to taunt him. Then an old picture, he didn't even both to look. Crumpling it up as he tossed it aside and then dropped the watch.

MvtherValente   216d ago

Valente grunted out; standing almost stunned from the shockwave sent up the bat. The lock stubbornly kept itself intact. Her face scrunched up in an upset anger, holding back her crybaby tears at the fruitless effort. She bit her quivering bottom lip, but in seconds had sucked up the expression and plastered a new one of just simple disappointment. Heaving out a sigh. "What a waste. I could wind up again but what good." 

"GRrgGGgG" Her stomach rumbled, it would be better to move on to a new location where maybe she could find some more food, possibly more water. Rationing everything out was taking a different toll on her positivity. But no matter, Valente always prevails!

Gathering herself together she headed out the entrance of the Junk Yard, kicking the side of the large sign that hung over the entrance. "..good for nothing." Tugging at the bottom of her shirt, she adjusted it and stepped forward onto the deserted road. "There was definitely a river off in the distance." Valente raised a hand over her eyes like a visor to see paste the sun. A gleam shot over her eyes, with a large smile that covered most of her face she spotted it. "The river!" Her hand quickly moved from her brown to her mouth. Quietness was probably best, but it was still day time and that was also a plus for the positivity board. 

Valente chuckled sprinting towards the flowing water. Carefully avoided any infected that may be strangling on her way. They would be easy pickings if they wanted to create some trouble. A quick bash to the head and it would be all over. 

Once reaching the river, Valente looked towards the North and South of it. Oh how it would be great to have a compass, but pointing towards the right and up the river she directed herself to head that way. It could lead to valuable treasures.
-Mirror-[.:The Influence:.]   216d ago

[+red Initializing…………….Loading…………. Loaded]

[b Your destiny has been decided, Rizza.]

[b The weather has suddenly changed in your area!]

[b The wind is picking up quickly! You’re caught in a severe windstorm! Flying debris and falling trees and branches may happen! Be aware!]

[+red Loaded To Playing Field……..…..Initialize Event Sequence]

[+red Event Sequence Initiated]
TatzuoZuo Sato   216d ago
Kind of around, but not really

Zou pushed herself to her feet after taking a moment for her stomach and nerves to settle. She walked to one of the workbenches, opening drawers and cabinet doors to see if there was anything useful inside. The crowbar was a good weapon, but too far too much energy to swing properly. She rifled around for a few more moments before pulling out a rusted ball-point hammer. It weighed a good amount, and hitting it lightly against her palm told her it was sturdy and would definitely do some damage to a rotter. It would work for now, and if something better came along the way then she would happily swap it out. 

The door to the office loomed like a monster, the rounded door handle feeling more like the lever to the electric chair. Usually when it came to locked rooms, someone put themselves in there, or put [b something else] in there to keep it at bay. Zou made her way over carefully, pressing her ear against the door to listen for any movement. It sounded quiet on the other end, but the dense wood of the door made it hard to tell. Her hand wrapped around the doorknob, applying a bit of force to turn it, and when it began to move, her breathing hitched in her throat. 

“Here goes nothing..” She whispered to herself, preparing herself for whatever may lie on the other side. Using her body weight she pushed against the door, rust sprinkling to the floor from the neglected hinges. They groaned in protest as they were forced to move, the door opening to reveal the office inside. 

It was smaller, maybe only a quarter of the mechanic shop floor in size. The space occupied by a dark colored desk, matching bookshelf, and leather office chair. There were a few photos on the faded mint colored walls, a terrible color choice in Zou’s opinion but to each their own. She stepped further inside, something shuffling on the other side of the desk. She froze, fear overtaking her body as she listened closely. Her mouth had become painfully dry, her eyes squinting to look for anything to indicate what was waiting for her. It felt like an eternity before the desk was pushed against, the feet of it squealing against the wooden floors, things couldn’t have been easy, could they?
MvtherValente   202d ago

Chewing the side of her cheek raw; she stopped at the river. It couldn't be to awful to just take a dip...right? The thought raced across her mind, playing images of what could happen if she just washed herself up in the water. Lifting her right arm, she took a sniff and then quickly turned her head away at the horrid smell. "...disgusting..." Valente had been marinating in her own sweat for the last month. A shake of her head and the decision that it was probably better to just keep moving before the night crept up on her. Her feet would drag across the dirt, moving almost at a snails pace but attempting to cover as much ground as possible. The temptation of the river begging her for a drink, but that was completely out of the question.

The exhaustion shown in her eyes; they would pop open at any sound of shuffling from the current infected patrolling the day. Finally, following the river had somewhat paid off. Valente stumbled across an old abandoned gas station. She held a hand to her forehead to block the lowering sun, hoping not to see anything in the distance. Holding the bat in a tight grip she approached the building. Zombies weren't the only thing out here to be worried about, if someone else had found the place first they might not be so friendly. 

She gave a low yell. "...Hello?" Shuffling a few steps further, she tried again. "...Is anyone in there?!" Something dropped to the ground just beyond the door to the building. She then whispered to herself, "Please please please please don't let it be anything crazy." Inching herself closer to the door she spotted two infected swinging their arms at each other. Valente ran in swing the bat towards their heads in hops of knocking them both out. Her eyes trying to close themselves in fear. 

Watching to two bodies hit the ground she began to check out the rest of the place. Inching herself around the building to make sure there were no more surprises and simultaneously locking the building down for the long night ahead.
TatzuoZuo Sato   202d ago
Kind of around, but not really

[font "Times New Roman" The heavy scent of decaying flesh and leaking bodily fluids hit Zou in the face like a freight train, a gagged cough struggling to choke out before her hand clamped tightly over her mouth and nose. Holy shit that was foul, and it was close too. Her eyes watered, hot tears streaming down the skin of her hand and cheeks. How long had this thing been in here, just rotting away? 

The hellish creature rose from its moist section of carpet, long tainted with blood, mold, and God only knows what else. Milky white eyes locked onto Zou’s trembling frame, blackened and oozing teeth beginning to click with hunger. The rotter’s boney and skinned fingers gripped fruitlessly at the desk as it struggled to stand. Time had taken its toll on its already worn joints, making it hard for it to move. 

A guttural growl erupted from its cracked chest as it heaved its body forward and back onto the floor, desperately crawling towards the woman. This thing was determined, that was certain. Zou took a step back, only to be met with the wall blocking her exit path. The hammer felt painfully heavy in the hand she held it in, gravity seemingly against her in this situation. The sight was almost pitiful, the rotter like a starving dog. 

These things killed and ate without remorse, without thought. This was a person once, but now it was just a mindless predator. It seems it chose Zou as its prey. She inhaled, the sour air making her nose burn. She moved forward cautiously, the zombie’s head swiveling after her as it screeched in frustration. She was doing this thing a service. That’s all she had to tell herself.

Her arm raised and came down with enough force for the creature’s head to bounce off the thin carpeted floor, a weak choking noise echoing out. When its fingers twitched, she hit it again, and again, and again. The noises soon stopped, black goo splattered across her shins, chest, and the desk. Her breathing was unsteady, her body trembling with pure adrenaline. Sure she had killed these things countless times before, but this one felt so… different. Maybe the solitude was beginning to get to her if she was feeling some sort of pity for the beasts. The hammer dropped to the floor with a heavy [i thud], and Zou allowed herself to collapse into the leather chair that had been pushed off to the side. Her appetite had seemingly paused, the sight of spilled brain matter not helping. But she had a home for the time being, and that’s all that mattered to her at that moment.]
MvtherValente   187d ago

The new day brought new challenges. The first was where was she to go next. Popping out of her night time shelter, the river had run out. It reached to lands burnt beyond recognition and crossing that gave Valente a knot in her stomach. 'I don't like that.' For a moment the negative thought crossed her mind, how was she too continue surviving. She started munching on some of the beef jerky that she had. Eating something made her feel a bit better, her stomach had growled at her all night making it hard to get any sleep, not that it was easy anyway. She shook her hands bouncing in place on her feet to regain her positive attitude. "Okay! So the land is dead there let's follow it! ... at a distance."

It was more of the fear of what was hanging around. Things were already dead so a double dead creature in a dead land is a big no thank you. She began heading west along the line of the two meeting lands. 'Hopefully I can come across something more too eat, or at least something useful...maybe a person'. The world was lonely, and at some points she even thought of keeping a zombie as a pet. 

Valente had only been walking for a few hours before wiping the sweat from her forehead and spotting a building in the distance. "Oh please be food!" She picked her feet up heading towards it at a sprinting pace.


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