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Aira lived in a small village deep in the forest. Aria loved helping people one day she came across an injured man. She had no idea helping was demon. Normally demons like to attack their little village. Killing their livestock, or anyone who dare to stand against them. So anyone caught helping a demon or even talking to one. Would be banish from the village.

There are a few things you should know about this village. Aria and all the villagers have ears, tails, and even wings. Demons are people that could turn into animals and need to drink blood. It also base in a past time period. There are no phones, cars, tvs.

Now lets get to our story~
Aira decided to help, you were bleeding badly. She was able to patch you up in the nick of time. She had no idea you were one of the demons that attacked the village recently. She simply thought you were a travelers that happen to get caught in the mix of things. She couldn't bare to to let you die. She tented to your wounds for what seemed like days. Cleaning them each day and putting on fresh bandages.
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LadyLunaAria   224d ago
Bringer of Dreams

[+red Pm me if you are interested ! 
Anime or illustrated pictures only!

What I am looking for is someone who can play a demon. Either male or female it doesn't matter to me.

Also need to be able to write 1000+ Characters
LadyLunaAria   31d ago
Bringer of Dreams

[center Aira Shion was her name. She was a kind and gentle being or at least she like to think so. She did her best to be kind to everyone but sometime it was difficult. She sighed softly as she walked toward the large stream that just flowed just a little out side their village. She knew it was dangerous but since it was still day time she figure it would be okay. The demon attack only seem to happen at night. 

She smiled softly as she carried a small basket of clothes long with a few  other item. It had been a while since she last washed her clothes or bathed since most the village was in hiding. She smiled as she got to the sparkling water. The creak smelt lively. washed a few of her other clothes before stripping down into nothing but her undergarments. 

She dover under the clear water stay there for a while before coming up for air. They really did have much soap in there village since it been a long time since they traded any goods. That didn't matter the water was clear and beautiful. It was very cold at first but after being in for a while it didn't seem to bother her. 

Once she felt clean she got out of the stream of water. She rung out her hair before slipping into the clean pare of clothes she had stored way. Once she was dressed she ran a comb made out of bone thought her long damp ebony colored hair. Once it was straight she tied it back in two braids. It was about evening she need to get heading back. She quickly gather her things started walking back toward her village. 

It was then something caught her eye. She seen a wound man. She frozen in place staring at the grizzled scene. She quickly walked over to the injured man.   [+red "Oh my gosh are you alright? Where are you hurt can you stand can you hear me?"] She said franticly as she gaze over your wounded body. 

You let out a groan surprisingly were able to get to you feet. Aira took you back to her home. Once she got you inside she lead you to small bed that was made out of straw and pelts. She had you laid down as she open your torn robe. She gasped when she seen the gapping wound on your chest. [+red "You are certainly luck sir it seem what ever attack you missed your heart by a hair."] she said softly. [+red "Now this might hurt a little bit but I need to clean your wounds and sew them shut."] she softly. 

She got started right a way. She clean you wounds the one on your chest hurt the most. [+red "Here bite down on this"] she said as she shoved a piece of thick tree bark into your mouth. She pulled out a large hooked shape needle and some horse hair. She then began to sew the wound on your chest shut. Once she was finished she put some sort of herb paste over sore stitches. She then wrapped them right with some cloth. She was able to wrap most of your other wound but it seemed you had passed out from the pain. 

You woke the next day to Aria sleep near your side. You were cover by a few pelts. Judging by the scent of blood and herbs on you she was tenting to your wounds daily. Aria open her eyes when she felt you move. [+red "Oh your wake... Would you like some water and something to eat?"] she said with small yawn as she sat up. Aria had no idea you were a demon.
mhdali5Edward Kenway(bandanna)   31d ago
“Where other men blindly follow the truth, remember, Nothing is true. Where other men are limited by morality or law, remember, Everything is permitted. We work in the dark to serve the light. We are Assassins.”

Edward sat up, surprised. He was confused, as he didn't know where he was.
He looked around him with his green, piercing eyes. He felt something warm on his side, and looked down to Aria.

He took in the smell of herbs, and realized she had been looking after him. He moved, trying to sit up straight, to stand up. [#ff0000 "Where am I?"] he mumbled to himself, confused. He looked down at Aria, and his eyes flashed. He tried not to wake her, but she already had.

He heard her asking her something.
[#ff0000 "Huh?"]
He straightened up, and smiled apologetically.
[#ff0000 "Could I please have some water?"]
His throat was sore, and it burned when he talked.
Edward took a deep breath, and his chest stung. He smiled, realizing she had stitched it up for him.
He tried to stand up, but he couldn't balance, so he decided to just sit back down.
Edward looked at her, laying down next to him. He curled his fists.
[#ff0000 "Who are you, and how did I get here?", he asked nervously]
Edward relaxed his hands, realizing he was no danger when he looked at her innocent face.
He looked at her, sensing she was innocent.
He looked at his chest, which was no longer cut open. Coming to the realization that she had fixed it for him, he smiled
[#ff0000 "Thankyou"], he whispered, his voice soft and quiet. Edward ran his hand through his blonde hair, as he looked at the pelts he was covered with
[#ff0000 "You didn't have to do all this"], he whispered to her, smiling
LadyLunaAria   29d ago
Bringer of Dreams

[center Aria smiled softly as she swished her creamy colored tail. [#c21422 "Sorry about falling a sleep next to you... I guess I must of just drifted off with out knowing."] she said with a small chuckle. How embarrassing she thought to herself. She heard him ask who she was and why did she help. She fold the pelt she was sleep in with care as she stood up. She placed it down. She sighed softly as she brushed some of the straw from her kimono. It was wrinkle she was going to have to change later. Her ebony color hair was a mess. 

Her home was small but it seemed cozy enough. The room was slightly dim since there was only one window. The one nice thing about her home that it actually had a wooden flooring not just rock or solid dirt. If she had more money she would of bought bed of some sort. Since the demon attacks were more frequent she hadn't been able to earn much. At least she was able to get a small table. 

Her home was mainly one large room with a few item. In the center of her house was small stone pit for fires. She had a large pot that seem to be sitting directly in the  center of the embers. It seemed to smell of something surely delicious. She also had I small area where she had dried meats and other spices. She walked over to a large bucket. It was still about half full of water. She was going to have to out get some more today.  She grabbed a small cup and scooped up some of  the water. 

She smiled softly as she handed the cup to Edward. [#c21422 "Here you are. Drink it slowly."] she said softly. [#c21422 "I am Aria."] she said with a small smile. [#c21422 "You are welcome... I just couldn't leave you there not with the demon around...Surely they would of slaughter you..."] she said as she bent her ears back against her head.


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