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Forbidden Love

By LadyLuna

Aira lived in a small village deep in the forest. Aria loved helping people one day she came across an injured man. She had no idea helping was demon. Normally demons like to attack their little village. Killing their livestock, or anyone who dare to stand against them. So anyone caught helping a demon or even talking to one. Would be banish from the village.

There are a few things you should know about this village. Aria and all the villagers have ears, tails, and even wings. Demons are people that could turn into animals and need to drink blood. It also base in a past time period. There are no phones, cars, tvs.

Now lets get to our story~
Aira decided to help, you were bleeding badly. She was able to patch you up in the nick of time. She had no idea you were one of the demons that attacked the village recently. She simply thought you were a travelers that happen to get caught in the mix of things. She couldn't bare to to let you die. She tented to your wounds for what seemed like days. Cleaning them each day and putting on fresh bandages.
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LadyLunaAria   105d ago
Bringer of Dreams

[+red Pm me if you are interested ! 
Anime or illustrated pictures only!

What I am looking for is someone who can play a demon. Either male or female it doesn't matter to me.

Also need to be able to write 1000+ Characters


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