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spiceyyweebClaire   224d ago

Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

hey =w=
spiceyyweebMaggie   224d ago

What you doing?
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

im just cooking and watching anime
spiceyyweebSpider-Girl   224d ago

Bruh, same
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

spiceyyweebblep   224d ago

Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

sooo you wanna rp?
spiceyyweebPlayer (Female)   224d ago

Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

i saw you had U.S.A countryhuman and i was thinking that we can do a countryhuman x oc rp
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

At first, you had my curiosity. But now, you have my attention. Is it MxF?
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

yeah we can do that
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

If it's okay with you! I don't mind doing MxM...
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

no no we can do MxF ^w^
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

Ah, okeedokee
Yourlocalhoodiefrien     224d ago

you can chose a female oc that i have on my profile and i can play as them =w=
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

Charlotte, maybe??

sounds good to me =w=
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

I don't really know. I hope you're okay with it?)

im ok with it
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago


want me to start or you?)
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   224d ago

(I'll start)

spiceyyweebU.S.A.   222d ago

One day, US was handing out menus at Lil' Dumplings Café. His last informational selection sheet was to Charlotte, the woman in the back. "Here you go, Ma'am, enjoy our products, and have a wonderful day!" His arm was shredded, making her wonder how he managed to fit his arms in his shirt.

"thank you sir and you have a great day as well" she smiled wonder how his arms can fit in his shirt. Charlotte looked through the menu seeing what she can get from here, when she kept on looking until she saw something that sound good.
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   222d ago

Ame was counting cash from the register, making sure every cent was added up to the total. "$625.22, $631.83, $644.20!"

She had order her food and waited for her food to come, she took out her phone and looked through it for a while until her food ad came. Charlotte smiled as she put her phone down and started eating, she was amazed on how the food was so good. She was done eating her food, she put money on the table and it was a good amount of money since she really enjoyed it. She walked off leaving the place and started heading to her work which she works at a local bakery with her mother.
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   220d ago

"Come again soon!" U.S. yelled to Charlotte, cleaning up her table.

Little known thing about charlotte is that she is the famous vlogger from around the world. And she just post on instagram and facebook about the restaurant that she went to and that everybody should go there. She headed out of the local bakery and walked to the park to get some fresh air, she was surprised that some of her fans was excited to see her. Charlotte laughed a bit as she signed some autographs from her fans and took some pics with them as well,  waved at her fans as she walked going through the park.
spiceyyweebU.S.A.   217d ago

"What th' hell is going on out there?" America mumbled to himself, he wasn't exactly familiar with latest trends and whatnot, so he hadn't the foggiest as to who Charlotte really was.

Charlotte was looking around the park being bored of course, she had an idea of by some new clothes for a fundraiser and charity event tomorrow in the morning. So she ran to the clothing store to grab somethings and  some cute jewelry for the children.


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