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The Fight For Territory [A The Boyz and CRAVITY Fanfic] [Complete]

By AkiraSanogame
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[center [pic]] Peace was a weird thing wasn't it? It never lasted long in the supernatural world. Not when it concerned an entire country or two. Or three. When war threatened on the borders of Finland into Russia Kevin is forced to do the one thing he hated. Ask for help. Not from his own brothers either, but a pack of outsiders that offered their help. How would he handle it? [center ~] Hai~! Author-nim here with another story! We're still in the spinoff series this time concerning the pack that belongs to Eric, Jacob and Kevin! So I know in the main series Eric, Jacob and Kevin are animal-humans but in the spinoff series they're still alive as shapeshifters! We'll see people from the main series come up, along with a few others that I need to introduce. Just remember this is a part of a spinoff universe, so if you read The Three Guardians forget everything that happened in that story. It will be explained I promise! Now to the characters~! [center Characters:] Kevin: A wolf shapeshifter who is leader of a pack of shapeshifters that control the territory in Finland. He never awakened his alpha's voice but he is considered the leader of the pack in Finland due to his strategic mindset that led his pack through several wars before this one. He isn't in the best of health however, as he deals with a sickness that had been basically gone until very recently. His wolf form is a large cream colored wolf with white feet and a white underside and a black spot of fur on his face. Juyeon: A wolf shapeshifter who is Kevin's best friend and right hand man. He's one of the few people to see Kevin at his most vulnerable, being Kevin's most trusted friend. He cares a lot about Kevin, and is there for him when Kevin's brothers couldn't be. His wolf form is a large dark brown colored wolf with a large claw mark on his stomach seen in his wolf and human forms. Because of that scar he walks with a slight limp, but he refuses to let that stop him from protecting Kevin. Hyunjae: A shapeshifter who is considered Kevin's first best friend before Juyeon had started changing. He and Kevin started changing around the same time, and when they were growing up they always hung out together, since they were neighbors. He is part of Jacob's side of the pack, but does try and see Kevin when he can. He is one of Jacob's medics, and is the only one who Kevin trusts outside of his own medics to keep him alive. His animal form is a large cheetah. Woobin: A bear shapeshifter who is part of the pack led by a mysterious person, to Kevin at least, named Serim. He didn't want to help at first, but decided to help when he learned of Kevin's condition. He is the Liason of both packs, hoping that Serim wouldn't mind helping out a pack like Kevin's. His animal form is a large grizzly bear with 3 claw marks on his face seen in his animal and human forms. [center I hope you enjoy the story~! Thanks to [ ErrorMacro713] for the poster~!]
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 1] Kevin ran for his life, panting as he pushed himself to run faster. What a [i bad] time to change and run patrols when it was just him huh? Kevin certainly thought so. The sounds of his pursuers were getting closer, and Kevin didn't dare look back. He [i needed] to get within range of his trackers. He howled as loud as he could, leaping across a chasm with what strength he had left and landing on the other side roughly as he stumbled, landing on his stomach with a whimper. He got to his feet, turning as he heard snarling from the otherside, snarling in return as he refused to let weariness consume him. A roar was heard behind him and Kevin quickly turned, ready to fight when the bear before him went to stand beside Kevin, roaring at the enemy pack again. Kevin turned in surprise, seeing the retreating figures of the wolves before he let himself collapse, going unconscious almost immediately. [center ~] Woobin looked down at Kevin after returning to human form, sighing as he looked around the area they were in. He had some decency to put on some pants at least, since he normally stashed some clothes nearby, before going to sit in front of Kevin, his head tilting to the side as he studied the wolf in front of him. "What brings you here huh?" Asked Woobin, blinking when the wolf before him opened its eyes. "Your pack is probably worried for you," he added as an afterthought as he got to his feet and looked across the chasm with a thoughtful look on his face. "You're on this side of the borders aren't you?" He asked, turning back to the wolf who sat up and watched Woobin with its head tilted to the side. Footsteps were heard and 3 more wolves and two coyotes appeared, the wolf that seemed to be leading the group snarling at Woobin. "Hey, I just saved your friend," whined Woobin as he pouted at the wolf in front of him. Kevin let out a warning growl, slowly getting to his feet as the lead wolf ran to him, Woobin moving out of the way. "It's okay Juyeon," grunted Kevin as he returned to human form, leaning heavily against said wolf. "He saved me," he huffed, taking breaths to calm down his rapid heartbeat. "Are you going to be okay?" Asked Woobin as he looked concerned. "Ah, I'll be fine, thank you for saving me," replied Kevin as he turned to Woobin. Woobin nodded, bowing his head at Kevin before turning when more footsteps came their way. "Hyeongjun, Minhee!" Called Woobin as he waved at the coyote and mountain lion before him. "You know those two?" Asked Kevin as he blinked in surprise. "I was here to get them when that happened," explained Woobin as he shrugged. "They're in my pack," he added. "I thought they were in Yohan's pack?" Asked Kevin. "Ah, they left a while ago," explained Woobin. "Yohan clashed a lot with my pack alpha and well, you know how it is," he added. "Things are changing everywhere," he explained. "Ever since Toronto went to the vampires and Yixing disbanded his pack in Berlin things have just gone crazy," he added. "You wouldn't've had anything to do with that would you?" Asked Kevin. "No! No," Woobin said quickly. "I got the scars on my face long ago, this was more recent," he explained. "I can confirm," confirmed Minhee as he returned to human form, nodding to Woobin. "Let's head back then?" He asked. Woobin nodded and Minhee changed back, huffing as Woobin took off his pants before changing. Woobin picked up said pants in his mouth and Hyeongjun and Minhee turned, running off. Woobin followed after them. "I never got his name," huffed Kevin before he fell to the ground, falling unconscious immediately. [center ~] Kevin came to in his room, jolting awake as he sat up, coughing before covering his mouth with his hands. Juyeon burst into the room, worried as Changmin walked over after grabbing a cup of water and giving it to Kevin after Kevin calmed down. Kevin gulped down the water quickly, coughing again as it went down the wrong pipe. Juyeon hit his back to help before moving away when Kevin waved him off, giving him the cup and taking breaths to calm himself down. "I'm fine," breathed Kevin as he managed to catch his breath, sighing in relief. "What happened out there?" Asked Changmin. "I was being chased, and managed to get across to our side of the borders before getting caught," explained Kevin. "I wasn't expecting him to show up, the bear guy," he added. "This is the [i third] time this month," growled Juyeon. "They never target us, but when you're alone it's always that," he growled. "It's fine, I can cut back on patrolling, I need to visit Jacob anyway," explained Kevin. "No one patrols alone, got it?" He asked. Juyeon and Changmin nodded. "Who's out there now?" Asked Kevin. "No one, Chanhee is here, and Donghyun and Jibeom went to get groceries," replied Juyeon. "Also we're here with you," he added. "Okay, get some rest, I need to head to Jacob's," hummed Kevin as he got to his feet, stumbling slightly as his knees buckled, falling back onto the bed with a sigh. "Okay, maybe I need to get Jacob here," he grumbled. "Do I need to get Eric too?" Asked Juyeon. "No, not yet," growled Kevin. "Don't get him here unless we need to," he added. "Kev," started Juyeon, blinking in confusion as Kevin winced at the nickname. "We need to let Eric know in case this escalates further," he added. "We'll worry about that later," Kevin sighed out. "Just let Jacob know he needs to come over, okay?" He asked, laying back down. He heard Juyeon sigh but leave the room without much complaint, though Changmin sat on the edge of his bed and patted Kevin on the arm. "You're going to be the death of Juyeon you know that right?" Asked Changmin as Kevin turned his head to look at him. Kevin let out a bitter laugh. "He's fine," he huffed. "I wouldn't let him get himself killed, you know this Changmin," he added. "I know, if we hadn't gotten to him and Chanhee in time we would've lost them both," mumbled Kevin as he thought about it. "I regret not getting there faster," he whispered, closing his eyes. "Hey," Changmin said gently as he patted Kevin on the arm again. "You were having an episode," he added. "It couldn't be helped," he explained. "But don't worry about it okay?" He asked. "They're alive now, and you're okay," he reassured. Kevin hummed, and heard Changmin get up and walk out of the room. [center ~] Kevin was up and walking by the time dinner was made, Donghyun having cooked a meal for everyone, and everyone sat at the kitchen table to eat, eating in silence as no one had anything to say for the moment. "Jacob should be here soon with Hyunjae," chimed in Juyeon as he ate. "When?" Asked Kevin as he looked at Juyeon. "Tomorrow morning," replied Juyeon as he nodded. "Okay," hummed Kevin. "Are they running here?" He asked. Juyeon nodded. "Who wants to go with me to the borders?" He asked. "I'll go," replied Jibeom as he nodded. "We'll leave before sunrise, so get some rest," said Juyeon as he nodded. [center ~] "You want me to do what?" Asked his pack leader as Woobin stood in front of him, explaining what happened. "Lend our help?" Asked Woobin as he flinched at the growl his pack leader made. "You don't know Kevin, they don't ask for help unless they need to," chimed in Minhee who stood beside the pack leader. "It's a bad idea to offer our help," he added. "If I hadn't stepped in when I did those wolves would've leaped across to tear him to shreds, do you want that?" Asked Woobin. "I would've come across it as his pack did and they'd think [i I] did it," he explained. "If this goes south this is on you Woobin," explained his alpha once they thought about it. "Thank you Serim," mumbled Woobin as he bowed. "Minhee you will go with him when he goes to explain his motives," Serim commanded, earning a nod from Minhee. "Dismissed," he added. Woobin straightened up, looking at Minhee who stared right back at him. [center ~] Juyeon and Jibeom headed towards the border to Sweden in their wolf and coyote forms respectively, Jibeom easily keeping up with Juyeon's larger form. It wouldn't take them that long to get there, and it didn't take Jacob and Hyunjae that long to show up in their animal forms either. Juyeon changed back to his human form as Jacob changed back to his, his head tilting to the side in question. "There's been some... Developments," explained Juyeon. "Kevin believes there will be a war on his hands, but he said not to involve Eric just yet," he added. "Anything else?" Asked Jacob. "He may be... Relapsing," explained Juyeon as he flinched at the growl that escaped Jacob. "Okay, take me to him," commanded Jacob. Juyeon nodded, changing and turning to run back home. Jacob changed back to his lion form, taking a few steps into Finland with Hyunjae's cheetah form following after him. Once they were ready Juyeon took off at full speed, Jibeom following after him. Jacob and Hyunjae followed after them, easily keeping pace a few feet behind them.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 2] Kevin looked down at Jacob from the deck as Jacob stood in the backyard after changing back to human form and getting dressed. "Jacob," greeted Kevin as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Kevin," came the greeting from Jacob as Hyunjae soon joined him after getting dressed. "What's this about a potential war on your hands?" Asked Jacob. "They're getting more bold," explained Kevin. "You know I don't like involving you or Eric, but it may come down to it if I don't get the help," he added. "You want to try getting a pack of [i outsiders] involved?" Asked Jacob, a growl in his tone. Kevin fought down a flinch, taking a breath to try and steady his nerves. "I-I have no choice okay?" Asked Kevin, his voice wavering slightly. "If I did I wouldn't be telling you this," he managed to say in a steady voice. Juyeon and Jibeom walked over after changing and getting dressed, both their expressions blank as they listened to the conversation. "We know them," chimed in Juyeon. "Well, two of their hunters," he added. "It's Minhee and Hyeongjun's pack," he explained. "Weren't they just here?" Asked Jacob as he turned to Juyeon and Jibeom. "They left the other day, one of their other pack members came to get them," explained Jibeom. "Ah, they're not a part of Yohan's pack anymore," explained Kevin. "I don't know who their new pack leader is but we met one of their pack members already," he added. "Looking for me?!" Called a voice as Woobin walked over with Minhee behind him, causing Jacob and Hyunjae to turn to them. "I was coming to offer my pack's help, and it seems those plans are under way," he remarked, his head tilting to the side in question as he put his hands in his pockets. "Minhee," greeted Jacob. "Hello Jacob," greeted Minhee as he bowed his head. "Who are you then?" Asked Jacob as he studied Woobin. "The name's Woobin," greeted Woobin. "I saved the guy on the deck there," he added, motioning to Kevin. "It's Kevin," called Kevin as he stepped off the deck, walking over to them. "My name is Kevin," he added, standing beside Juyeon once he reached the group. "Who is your pack leader?" Asked Jacob. "His name's Serim," responded Woobin as he shrugged, taking his hands out of his pockets to adopt a more neutral stance as he shifted on his feet. "Minhee was told to come along because you guys knew him and Hyeongjun," he added. "You want to offer your help?" Asked Jacob. "Well, it took some convincing, but yeah," responded Woobin as he shrugged his shoulders. "Serim didn't want to help either but," he added, shrugging again. "I figured helping out would do some good with you and your pack," he explained. "What are you looking to gain from this?" Asked Jacob. "Me? Nothing," responded Woobin as he shook his head. "I genuinely want to help," he added. "If you say no, we'll stay out of it," he explained. "It's ultimately Kevin's decision," hummed Jacob. "This is [i his] territory after all," he added. Kevin blinked in surprise, turning to Jacob who hid any signs of his thoughts behind a blank expression and a neutral stance. "Well, when you put it [i that] way," mumbled Kevin as he thought it over. "I think having the help would work," he added, his mindset changing to that of his legendary strategist mode. "However," he added, taking a breath as he thought it over some more. "We won't need much from you right now," he explained. "We'll probably need some people down at the borders for a while, I need to stay away from patrolling for a bit," he added. "Would you be up for patrolling for a few days? See how things change?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Woobin and Minhee. "I can ask to see if we can go in groups too," hummed Woobin as he looked thoughtful. "Serim would want to meet you at some point though," he added. "Sure," replied Kevin as he shrugged. "It's best I meet the pack leader anyway," he added. "Since we'll be working together for a bit," he explained. Woobin nodded, turning and leaving with Minhee. Kevin was left to sigh, closing his eyes and falling to his knees. "God I didn't think that would work," he mumbled, opening his eyes when Jacob walked over and stopped in front of him. "Kev," started Jacob, causing Kevin to flinch as the nickname. "Stop beating yourself up okay?" asked Jacob as Kevin looked up at him. "You're doing fine," he added. "I understand why you don't want to involve us okay?" He asked. Kevin nodded, looking down at the grass as a soft sigh escaped him. [center ~] Kevin woke to a coughing fit, feeling the signs of his sickness returning as he curled up into a ball. He fought back whimpers in pain as he coughed into his fists, blood splattering the sheets and his fists as he tried not to call out for help. It seemed his coughs weren't quiet enough as the door to his room opened and Kevin heard footsteps walk over to his bed and someone sit on the bed next to him. "Kevin," came Hyunjae's soft and soothing voice. "Is there anything I can do?" He asked. Kevin shook his head no as he heaved, almost throwing up the blood that was pooling in his mouth. Hyunjae bent over and picked up Kevin, moving to get up and carry him bridal style into the connecting bathroom. "The toilet or the bathtub?" Asked Hyunjae as he managed to turn on the lights as he stood in the bathroom. "B-Bathtub," mumbled Kevin, and Hyunjae went to the bathtub and put Kevin down in it, helping him out of his clothes. Kevin coughed, heaving as blood splattered the top half of his chest and the bathtub. He leaned forward and tried to calm his breathing even though that was hurting him more than it usually did. "Are you okay?" Asked Hyunjae. "I don't know," rasped Kevin as he coughed, spitting up more blood. Hyunjae turned on the water, grabbing the shower hose and spraying Kevin with water as soon as the water was warm enough. "I-I thought you left yesterday," rasped Kevin as he let Hyunjae spray the blood off. "Jacob left, I had to stay in case plans don't go through," hummed Hyunjae as he grabbed a cloth to wipe down Kevin as he put the shower hose down. "I see," hummed Kevin. "I know you don't want Jacob to see you like this," remarked Hyunjae as he went to spray Kevin with water again. "P-Please," sputtered Kevin as he leaned back against the back of the tub. "It's better he [i doesn't] see this," he whispered, coughing as he covered his mouth with his arm. "Are you good now?" Asked Hyunjae. "For the moment," grunted Kevin as Hyunjae washed the rest of the blood down the drain. "Okay," replied Hyunjae as he turned off the water. "I'll be back alright? I'm bringing you a towel and some clothes to change into," he added. Kevin nodded, and Hyunjae left the bathroom to get a towel and a change of clothes, finding Juyeon in Kevin's bedroom cleaning up and tearing sheets off the bed. "Thanks for getting him," mumbled Juyeon as he threw the sheets and blankets into a pile. "Hey, it's not a problem," responded Hyunjae as he let out a soft sigh. "He was my best friend too you know?" He asked. "Before you joined us anyway," he added. Juyeon paused, turning to Hyunjae with his eyebrows raised. "I know, it seems I'm close to Jacob now than before but," sighed Hyunjae as he went to get a towel and a change of clothes. "I just hate seeing him like that, you know?" He asked. "I understand," hummed Juyeon as he went back to grab everything and drag it into the laundry room. Hyunjae walked back into the bathroom and helped Kevin dry himself off before leaving the bathroom to let him get dressed after making sure Kevin was able to do so on his own. "You should probably change shirts too," commented Juyeon as he walked back into Kevin's room. "I should huh?" Asked Hyunjae as he looked down at his shirt. "I guess I'll do that," he added, going to do so before going back to sleep in the guest room. Kevin walked out of the bathroom, keeping a hand on the doorframe as Juyeon stood in the middle of his room. "You sleeping in my room tonight?" Asked Juyeon. "I might as well," huffed Kevin as he took a step into the room, almost falling onto his stomach if Juyeon didn't rush over to catch him. "Come on," Juyeon said gently as he slung one of Kevin's arms around his shoulder and helped him stand up. "Let's get some sleep," he added, walking back to his room with Kevin leaning on him for support.
AkiraSanogame     336d ago
Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 3] Kevin let out a wheeze, waking to soft coughs as he turned over on Juyeon's bed. Juyeon turned over and faced Kevin, sitting up and making sure he was okay before getting up and helping Kevin sit up. "Any better today?" Asked Juyeon. "I can breathe better today at least," coughed Kevin as he tried to calm down his fast heartbeat by taking deep breaths. "That's good," mumbled Juyeon as he nodded. "You know," grumbled Kevin. "You don't need to fight Hyunjae for the best friend position," he added. "He was there for when we both started changing, but you were there for [i everything]," he added. "You heard that huh?" Asked Juyeon. "The bathroom door was open," scoffed Kevin as he got up, stumbling slightly before getting his bearings and walking out of the room. Juyeon watched him go before leaving the room and following Kevin into the kitchen where Hyunjae was making breakfast. "Ah, the others went for a morning run," said Hyunjae as Kevin looked around the empty kitchen. "I figured they did," sighed Kevin as he sat down at a barstool at the kitchen island. Juyeon went to start the coffee maker, getting everyone's coffee cups and getting ready to make their coffee. The others soon came inside after Hyunjae got done with cooking, everyone getting their cups of coffee and sitting at the kitchen table or kitchen island. "So what's the plan today?" Asked Changmin as he looked over at Kevin. "We'll run patrols like normal, but just be aware that we'll have extra hands with us this time," explained Kevin. "Woobin, the guy that saved me the other day, offered his help, we'll be seeing more of his pack as they patrol around the borders to Russia," he added. "No one goes alone, got it?" Asked Kevin as his tone turned serious. "I don't want a repeat of what happened, and with me being... Indisposed for the next bit Hyunjae is here to help out," he added. "Jacob told me to stay around, to help out," chimed in Hyunjae as he shrugged. "I'll be here to help out when I can," he added. "For now I'll be running patrols with Juyeon," he explained. "Who wants to run first patrols?" Asked Kevin. "We will," replied Jibeom as he nodded. Donghyun nodded in agreement. "Be careful, you know who Hyeongjun and Minhee are, and Woobin, but we haven't met the rest of their pack yet," Kevin said with a shake of his head. "We'll be careful," reassured Jibeom as he nodded. "Be back in a few hours, don't tire yourselves out now," demanded Kevin. "We can't afford for you to become exhausted and get attacked on the way back," he added. "Don't worry, we have this," reassured Donghyun. "I know we don't want a repeat of what happened to Changmin and Juyeon, and we won't let it get to that, okay?" He asked. Kevin took a breath, nodding at Donghyun. "Just be safe okay?" He asked. Donghyun nodded. "We'll be safe," reassured Jibeom. [center ~] Kevin watched Donghyun and Jibeom head off once they were both in their coyote forms, Kevin's shout of "be careful!" not going unnoticed by the two coyotes who turned their heads back to nod before they sprinted off into the forest towards the borders. Kevin watched them go, leaning against the railing of the deck as he fought from worrying about what might happen. He huffed out a sigh as he hung his head low. "Why the long face?" Called Woobin as he walked over, Hyeongjun and Minhee's respective animal forms soon slinking off into the forest after Woobin got into view of the house. "I guess Serim is on it with the patrols?" Asked Kevin as Woobin stood within talking distance without shouting. "Pretty much," replied Woobin as he shrugged. "What brings you around?" Asked Kevin as he straightened up and looked down at Woobin. "Ah, everyone's in pairs, I'm the odd one out," Woobin replied with a shrug. "I assume nothing's happened since the day I rescued you anyway," he added. "Not that I'm aware of," hummed Kevin as he fought down a cough, covering his mouth with his fist as he nearly doubled over from the pain if he wasn't holding onto the railing. Woobin was quick on his feet, walking up the stairs and over to Kevin who quickly waved him off. "I'm fine," wheezed Kevin as he fell back, landing on his back on the back deck as he couldn't stay standing much longer. "G-Get Changmin," he managed to whisper, coughing as he turned onto his side, blood splattering the deck as he tried to control his fast heartbeat. Woobin ran into the house, knowing this was something out of his control, bumping into Hyunjae who was about to head outside to check on Kevin. "Kevin said to get Changmin," explained Woobin as Hyunjae nearly pushed him right back out the door. "I'm here!" Called Changmin as he ran over, Chanhee and Juyeon not far behind him. Woobin moved out of the way, letting everyone get out of the house and Changmin ran over to Kevin who sounded like he was coughing up his lungs from how bad he sounded. The amount of blood wasn't helping either, but there was not much they could do there, except try to get Kevin to not choke on his own blood. Changmin got him to sit up, Chanhee coming over with a syringe of sorts and handing it to Changmin who injected its contents into Kevin's neck before handing the syringe back to Chanhee who went to dispose of it before coming back outside. Kevin turned his head, spitting up the blood that was pooling in his mouth before closing his eyes and relaxing against Changmin's chest as he leaned back against Changmin. He stopped coughing for the time being, but there was only so much time before the next attack, especially since this relapse was coming quicker than before. "What happened?" Asked Woobin. "Are you not aware of his condition?" Asked Hyunjae as he looked at Woobin. "I mean, I've [i heard] of it but I didn't think it'd get this [i bad]," hummed Woobin as he looked concerned. "Kevin's going into a relapse, we're not sure what's going to happen from here on out until it stops," explained Juyeon. "He won't be joining the patrols for the time being," he added. "Hey, I'm fine with that," commented Woobin as he sighed. "I am the odd one out in my pack, everyone's already in pairs," he explained. "Plus Serim told me to I guess become the liason or something," he added. "I'll keep an eye on Kevin," said Woobin as he looked at Juyeon. "Serim won't try anything, believe me," he added. "Not when I'm on the side of you guys," he explained. "And if he does?" Asked Hyunjae. "I'm putting my life on this, if he does something you can kill me," replied Woobin as he shrugged. "You're really going to put your life on the line huh?" Asked Juyeon. "Is there something wrong with that?" Asked Woobin as he tilted his head to the side in question. "L-Leave him alone," coughed Kevin as he opened his eyes, glaring at Juyeon and Hyunjae. "He's [i fine]," he explained, moving to sit upright with Changmin helping, Changmin making sure he wouldn't fall back before getting up and moving out of the way. "Serim contacted me about this already," explained Kevin. "Woobin is fine where he is," he added. "I don't trust you to not kill me when none of my pack members are here, but I trust you [i enough] to defend my territory," he explained to Woobin. "I don't think you have to worry about that," mumbled Woobin. "But don't worry, I won't kill you," he added. Kevin nodded, getting to his feet with Changmin helping him stand, Kevin walking with Changmin back into the house to get cleaned up. Juyeon went to get the hose to wash off the blood, Woobin getting a mop to help clean it up. Chanhee walked inside to check on Kevin and Changmin in case there was another episode while Hyunjae stayed outside to help clean up. "There's more to it than that isn't there?" Asked Juyeon as he looked at Woobin. Woobin shrugged. "That's up to you to find out, isn't it?" He asked, putting the mop in the bucket and cleaning the blood off before squeezing the excess water out.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 4] Kevin was left to his own devices as the first team came back and it was Juyeon and Hyunjae's turn to patrol, the both of them being joined by two members of Woobin's pack. Woobin waved to them as they walked into view, the two mountain lions nodding to Woobin before leaving with Hyunjae and Juyeon as Donghyun and Jibeom walked into view once they were back in human form and dressed. "Who were those two?" Asked Kevin as he joined Woobin on the back deck, standing beside him. "Ah, it was Seongmin and Taeyoung," hummed Woobin. "Seongmin's the youngest, and Taeyoung is the second youngest," he explained. "There's lunch on the stove," Kevin explained to Donghyun and Jibeom who nod as they headed inside to shower and eat afterwards. [center ~] Kevin sighed as he leaned back against the couch, feeling his heartbeat ramping up again. He took deep breaths as he closed his eyes, trying to keep as calm as possible. "Stay calm, stay calm, stay calm," he chanted, fighting down coughs as he felt it start. He couldn't understand [i why] he was relapsing quicker than before, as this never happened to him this quickly before. He let out a cough, unable to keep it in any longer. He was glad blood wasn't in his mouth yet, so he knew it wasn't too bad for the moment. Kevin heard footsteps that came to a stop in front of him, but he didn't dare open his eyes. "Is it happening again?" Came Changmin's voice and Kevin opened his eyes to look at the worried face of Changmin. "I-I think so," wheezed Kevin as he took a breath, coughing again as he covered his mouth with his arm. "No blood?" Asked Changmin. Kevin shook his head no. "It's just... Hard to breathe," he gasped, wheezing out another cough and feeling blood pool in his mouth. He got to his feet, running passed Changmin and into the bathroom, hitting the toilet just in time to throw up blood. Changmin ran into the bathroom, hitting Kevin across the back to help him. "Thanks Changmin," rasped Kevin as he finally stopped throwing up. "Are you good now?" Asked Changmin. "Some water would be nice," grumbled Kevin, not meaning to sound pushy. "I got it," called Chanhee as he walked into the bathroom, handing a cup of water to Changmin who handed it to Kevin after helping him to his feet. Kevin gulped down the water after taking a sip to clean out his mouth in the sink as he spit out the water. He handed the cup back to Chanhee before leaving the bathroom. Changmin and Chanhee followed after him, the both of them soon going outside when Hyunjae and Juyeon came back to switch with them. Woobin was still on the back deck, nodding to the familiar forms that belonged to Hyeongjun and Minhee, the mountain lion and coyote nodding back at him as Changmin and Chanhee walked over after changing. They both nod to Hyunjae and Juyeon as they walked out of the forest before leaving with Hyeongjun and Minhee. "You've been out here the whole time?" Asked Hyunjae as he looked at Woobin. "Well, I'm not allowed in the house," explained Woobin. "It's fine though, I'm not bothered by being outside," he added. "I never said you weren't allowed in the house," Kevin said in confusion as he left the house and stood on the deck. "Well, when I went in to look for Changmin Hyunjae tried to push me back out the door," explained Woobin. "I didn't know what he was coming in the house for," Hyunjae explained quickly. "I was just reacting on instinct," he added. "Well, you're allowed in the house, when I have other pack members here," explained Kevin. "So it's fine," he added. "Donghyun and Jibeom made dinner, if you're up for eating," he explained to Juyeon and Hyunjae. "Fine," hummed Hyunjae who dragged Juyeon into the house. "Protective aren't they?" Commented Woobin as he shook his head in amusement. "Those two can be suffocating sometimes," grumbled Kevin as he let out a soft chuckle, walking over to stand beside Woobin and lean against the deck railing. "So who haven't I met in person yet?" Asked Kevin. "Wonjin and Jungmo, and then Allen and Serim," responded Woobin as he shrugged. "You've talked to Serim on the phone though?" He asked. "I never saw him in person," explained Kevin. "Though I'm sure due to us being alphas in our own rights it'd be hard to be around each other in person," he added. Woobin hummed in agreement, nodding his head as he let out a sigh. "What's wrong?" Asked Kevin as he turned to Woobin. "So many things," grumbled Woobin as he shrugged. "I'd rather not talk about it though, if you don't mind?" He asked. "Sure," hummed Kevin, turning when the door opened. "Coming to eat dinner?" Asked Jibeom. "I guess," sighed Woobin as he pushed away from the railing to walk into the house. Kevin watched him go, an unreadable expression on his face as Jibeom moved to let him walk into the house before turning back to Kevin. "Don't worry about it," explained Kevin as he walked over and entered the house, Jibeom shaking his head at Kevin's antics before closing the door and walking back into the kitchen. [center ~] Dinner had been quiet, Woobin keeping his head down while Hyunjae and Juyeon had a tense atmosphere around them. Donghyun and Jibeom didn't address the issue though, since it seemed that even Kevin didn't want to bring it up, choosing to eat in silence instead. After dinner Kevin retired to his room, using the excuse of his sickness causing him to be exhausted. Hyunjae and Juyeon ended up sharing rooms that night while Woobin ended up in the guest room, getting some spare clothes to change into from Juyeon before going to sleep. [center ~] Despite how tired his body seemed to be, Kevin couldn't sleep whatsoever, being stuck wide awake as he laid in bed. Sometime in the middle of the night Changmin and Chanhee returned, and it was Donghyun and Jibeom's turn to head back out. Kevin didn't feel like getting up, but he turned his head when the door opened and Jibeom popped his head in to let Kevin know he was going on the next round of patrols. It had been the last thing Kevin remembered before he closed his eyes and passed out, finally falling into a deep sleep. [center ~] Woobin listened to the sounds of the house settling after patrols were switched, lying spread eagle in the bed that he was given for the night. Instincts were pushing him towards Kevin, but Woobin shoved them down as far as he could, ignoring the gut feeling of his mate instincts. Kevin wouldn't want someone like him, and even if there was a [i chance], their differences would push them apart. Woobin opted to turn onto his side and force his body to relax so he could finally fall asleep.
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[center Chapter 5] Woobin let out a breath as he leaned against the wall opposite of Kevin's room. They weren't kidding when his relapses were coming quicker than before, and Woobin couldn't do much to stop it due to Kevin pushing him away when he tried. Luckily Jibeom was still in the house when the next attack happened, and had gone to help, even though he couldn't do much except try to get Kevin to relax and survive through the attack. Once the coughing had finally stopped Jibeom stepped outside the room to face the worried Woobin who was fidgeting with the hem of his shirt. "He'll be fine," explained Jibeom as Woobin looked at him for answers. "There's not much we can really do right now," he added, closing the door behind him before walking down the hall and into the living room where he collapsed onto the couch with a defeated sigh. Woobin looked down at the floor, pushing away from the wall before walking into the living room. "I'm going for a run," he explained to Jibeom who looked at him in question. "Be careful," said Jibeom as he nodded. "I will, I'm not one to get myself killed," reassured Woobin before he left the house, not bothering to strip as he changed, letting the borrowed clothes shred before he took off, running into the forest behind the house to let off some steam. [center ~] Woobin could hear the sounds of footsteps, and turned to them to see Juyeon's wolf form come into view, the both of them eyeing each other before Juyeon leaped forward, going over Woobin and continuing his run. Woobin snorts, turning and following after Juyeon, keeping pace with the slimmer wolf by the larger strides he had. Woobin had almost forgotten who was home and who was on patrols, as he knew they had switched things up as soon as all three teams were home to switch things up a bit. Right now it was Jibeom and Juyeon that were home while Hyunjae was out with Donghyun getting groceries and things while Changmin and Chanhee were together on patrols. Kevin couldn't separate the two friends, not after the incident that had nearly cost Changmin his life. Woobin had argued that a change of pace would do them good, but Kevin stood firm on keeping Changmin and Chanhee together due to what had happened to those two. [center ~] "And why can't they be separated?" Asked Woobin. "Logically it'd be better to have them with other people, but you're not explaining why," he explained. "I'm not sharing pack secrets with you," growled Kevin. "The moment I share [i that] piece of information I know you'd use it against me," he added, sighing as he ran his hand through his hair, leaning against the wall. Woobin scoffed. "I'm not going to do [i that]," he muttered. "Have some faith in me will you?" He asked. "It's not hard to separate those two, they're your best trackers, they can do better apart than together," he explained. "Damn it, that's something I don't need right now!" Shouted Kevin as he turned and slammed his hand into the wall. "They're staying together, and that's final," he commanded, his tone final as he moved away from the wall and pushed passed Woobin, leaving the house to go running. [center ~] Woobin came to a stop when Juyeon did, seeing Changmin and Chanhee return from patrols with Wonjin and Jungmo, whose snow leopard forms stood out in the kind of scenery they were in. Woobin nodded to them, and Juyeon had the bright idea to start patrols without waiting for Jibeom, which caused Woobin to go with him. [center ~] Kevin was sitting on the back deck when Changmin and Chanhee returned, sighing when it seemed Juyeon and Woobin had taken their place. "Well, that's that then," he hummed, leaning against the chair he was sitting in. "They were already out there running anyway," explained Changmin. "I know, Woobin was pissed off enough today," grumbled Kevin as he let out a sigh. "How are you doing right now?" Asked Changmin. "Better, I had an episode earlier but I'm fine," replied Kevin as he shrugged his shoulders. "How's your heartbeat?" Asked Changmin. "Slowed down a bit, I think I'll be fine," hummed Kevin as he nodded. "Did you and Woobin have another argument?" Asked Chanhee. "No, he's just frustrated that he can't do anything, but you [i know] I don't trust outsiders to help me during one of my attacks," replied Kevin as he shook his head. "Hyunjae and Donghyun should be coming back soon by the way," added Kevin as Chanhee and Changmin headed into the house to take a shower and change clothes. [center ~] Hyunjae and Donghyun came back and Kevin was sitting on the couch watching tv. "We got dinner!" Donghyun called into the hallway, causing Chanhee and Changmin to leave their room and walk into the livingroom and join the others to eat. "I think I may join the next round of patrols," Kevin said suddenly, causing everyone to turn to him. "What?" Asked Changmin as he blinked in shock. "They're expecting me to join the patrols at [i some] point," explained Kevin. "I'm choosing who goes with me," he added. "And who would that be?" Asked Hyunjae. "Jibeom," replied Kevin as he shrugged, earning a head tilt from said person. "Jibeom can easily keep up with Juyeon, and so he'd be able to keep up with me," he explained. "Also, Jibeom hadn't gone on patrols yet, since he [i was] supposed to go with Juyeon," he added. "Well, that's that then?" Asked Changmin. "I suppose," hummed Hyunjae. "Keep an eye on our guest, we don't know how he will be when I'm [i not] here," added Kevin. Everyone nodded at that, and dinner went by in silence, no one wanting to talk more on the topic. [center ~] Jibeom and Kevin stood in the backyard in their animal forms, Kevin's larger build making Jibeom feel small next to him. When Juyeon and Woobin came out of the forest after getting dressed Juyeon looked taken aback when he saw who was taking their place. "You're well enough to go on patrols?" Asked Juyeon as he looked Kevin over. Kevin nodded, earning a sigh from Juyeon. "Keep him safe Jibeom," Juyeon demanded. Jibeom nodded, bowing his head at Juyeon. "You're just gonna let them go?" Asked Woobin. "Jibeom is quick on his feet, and can keep an eye on Kevin," explained Juyeon. "Let them go," he added, walking over to Kevin. "Just a warning, Serim and Allen are here," Juyeon whispered into Kevin's ear before moving away. Kevin nodded, immediately sprinting into the forest with Jibeom following after him. Kevin and Jibeom were soon joined by two Siberian Tigers, one of them with white fur, and Kevin assumed these two were Allen and Serim. They started the patrols, the two tigers easily keeping pace with Kevin and Jibeom.
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[center Chapter 6] "So what happened to you two?" Asked Woobin as he sat next to Chanhee and Changmin who were sitting on the couch in the livingroom watching a movie. "Why do you want to know?" Asked Changmin as he looked over at Woobin with an eyebrow raised. "Kevin [i refuses] to keep you two apart," explained Woobin. "I want to know why," he added. "We're not allowed to disclose that information," explained Changmin. "Sorry, but you'll have to ask someone else," he added. "What's so sensitive about this information that you [i refuse] to tell me?" Asked Woobin. "For us it means life or death," explained Changmin. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" asked Woobin. "Figure it out Sherlock," replied Chanhee as he shrugged. Woobin sighed, getting up from the couch and heading to the guest bedroom to lay in bed and think about the information he knew of Kevin's pack. [center ~] Kevin, Jibeom, Serim and Allen were running patrols like usual, Kevin keeping an eye on his energy levels and Jibeom running by his side while the two tigers were on either side of them. Nothing was really happening, but it was better than having action when Kevin could have an episode at any point. It took some time but the enemy pack showed up again near the end of the patrols, though they stayed on their side of the borders, running alongside Kevin and Jibeom as they were immediately cautious. Kevin was wary, and Jibeom was ready to bolt at any point to get help. Allen and Serim showed up after a few minutes, running from the opposite direction, the other half of the pack that belonged to the enemy close on their tails. Kevin leaped over the two tigers and landed behind them, snarling at the enemy pack. Jibeom moved out of the way of the tigers, immediately bolting for home and howling for assistance. Kevin wasn't about to back down from a fight, and it seemed that neither did Allen or Serim, the both of them immediately going over to Kevin's side, standing on either side of him and hissing at the enemy. Kevin was about to rush forward to attack when he felt the attacks start again, coughing slightly as his legs buckled. He didn't let that stop him though, as he pushed himself forward to ram into the wolves in front of him. Allen and Serim leaped at the wolves, snarling as they tackled the wolves and dug their claws into them. Kevin could feel his insides fighting with him, but he refused to back down when the prospect of an invasion could happen at any time. Kevin knew they were outnumbered, but he [i had] to fight. When the others of the invaders jumped in to attack Kevin was forced to divide his attention between his current fight and the new fight. His body was failing him though, but he refused to let that affect him especially in the face of his new allies. [center ~] When help finally came Kevin was down, his sickness causing him to collapse in the middle of battle and causing Serim and Allen to try to save him, sustaining heavy injuries as Kevin struggled to get back into the fight despite his failing health. Juyeon and Hyunjae were first, barreling into view as they rammed into the wolves that were attacking Allen and Serim. Jibeom and Donghyun were next, Jibeom going straight for Kevin and Donghyun going over to Serim and Allen and checking on their wounds. Changmin and Chanhee literally leaped into view, scattering the rest of the enemy pack and forcing them away from the others as they landed back to back, snarling at the enemy pack. They lashed out at the enemy as they came closer, daring them to move closer. A roar from behind the enemy was the only sign that Woobin and the rest of Serim's pack came into view as Hyeongjun and Minhee led the attack, Woobin close behind them with the others attacking in pairs. Kevin managed to get to his feet with support from Jibeom who held him up by sheer will. Blood was coming out of Kevin's mouth but he bared his teeth and let out a fierce snarl, his fur raising on end as he prepared for one last attack. When the enemy decided to retreat however, Kevin allowed his legs to buckle, collapsing to the ground and passing out immediately. [center ~] Kevin came to in his bed, sitting up and coughing, covering his mouth with his arm. Footsteps were heard and the door opened with a bang, revealing Juyeon and Woobin, the both of them looking worried as Kevin's coughing didn't immediately go away. Changmin immediately ran into the room with a cup of water and gave it to Kevin who downed it immediately once he was able to. "A-Are Allen and Serim okay?" Rasped Kevin once he was able to calm down, taking breaths to calm his heartbeat. "They're fine," replied Woobin as he nodded. "G-Good," coughed Kevin as he hit his chest, clearing his throat before handing the cup back to Changmin. "Um, for the record, Eric is on his way over," mumbled Juyeon, earning a sigh from Kevin. "I guess it couldn't be helped huh?" Asked Kevin as he got to his feet, stumbling slightly before straightening and walking out of the room with the others following after him. "We finally meet in person huh?" Asked Serim who was sitting outside in the grass as Kevin walked outside to stand on the back deck. "I wish it had been under better circumstances to be honest with you," confessed Kevin as he sighed. "Hey, no problem," stated Serim as he shrugged. "As far as I could tell you would fight until your death," he added. "I wouldn't just let them take over like that," grumbled Kevin. "But thanks, for sticking around when you could've easily ran," he added. "Or attacked with them," he added as an afterthought. "I wouldn't've done that when Woobin's involved," explained Serim. "You're safe, for the time being," he added. "I'm sorry, I see what you meant by not separating them now," apologized Woobin as he scratched the back of his head. "There's a reason everyone is paired up the way they are," hummed Kevin as he leaned against the railing. "Where'd Hyunjae go?" Asked Kevin as he noticed that Hyunjae wasn't around. "He went to escort Eric here," explained Juyeon. "He felt he could leave us alone with Allen and Serim after everything they've done," he added. "Where is Allen?" Asked Kevin. "Sleeping, he prefers to sleep in his animal form anyway," explained Serim. "He's in the forest somewhere," he added, gesturing to the forest behind him. "Is he the white tiger? Or is it you?" Asked Kevin. "That'd be him," explained Serim. "Tigers are pretty rare now a days, a white one too? Where'd you find him at?" Asked Kevin. "Ah, it's not my place to explain that," Serim replied with a shrug. "Fine with me," Kevin retorted with a nod. "Secrets aren't meant to be shared, I'm sure you understand," he added. "I know," hummed Serim as he nodded. "Snow leopards are rarer aren't they?" Asked Juyeon. "In terms of numbers? No," hummed Kevin. "They're about the same really," he explained. "But, white tigers are even rarer than regular tigers," he added. "Allen will be the first I've seen, in probably decades," he explained. "Who was the last person you saw, if you don't mind me asking?" Asked Serim. "My own father," explained Kevin.
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[center Chapter 7] Kevin was not prepared for Eric's arrival, as that meant he screwed up [i somewhere]. He [i had] to have messed up somewhere, otherwise why would Eric get involved this early into whatever was happening? "I'm sure it's nothing," reassured Woobin. "You don't understand," grumbled Kevin. "This is [i Eric]," he explained. "I'm on the front lines for a reason, and he's in Norway for a reason," he added. "You said yourself that you were an alpha," commented Woobin. "What's so different between you two?" He asked. "You'll know when you see him," replied Kevin. "Eric is different from Jacob and I," he explained. [center ~] When Eric did show up with Joochan and Hyunjae, Kevin was out getting groceries with Woobin, as they decided to get both packs together for a big cookout. It had gone quiet by the borders, but that was because Beomgyu and Youngtaek were there again, and were willing to watch the borders for a few days while everyone got a much needed break. "It's funny how when we actually have people on the Russian side of the borders they just disappear," grumbled Woobin. "Well, it lets us have a break for a while," sighed Kevin as he got a text, causing him to look down at his phone. "Eric is there already?!" Exclaimed Kevin as he nearly dropped his phone, catching it and putting it in his pants pocket before pushing the cart full of food back towards checkout. "Were you expecting him later?" Asked Woobin as he pushed the second cart they had towards the checkout lanes. "Kind of," grumbled Kevin as he piled everything into the conveyor belt that would fit into bags, pointing to boxes of drinks and such in their other cart so that the cashier could get those. Once they were done Woobin and Kevin rushed out of the supermarket and out to Kevin's truck, quickly putting the groceries away before putting the carts up and getting into the truck. Kevin drove off once Woobin was settled in, heading back to the pack house. [center ~] When Kevin got back it was to Joochan, Eric and Serim having a standoff in the backyard, the other members of Serim's pack flanking Serim and not doing anything for the moment. Kevin drove the truck into the backyard, stopping when he got passed the back deck. "Eric," called Kevin as he got out of the truck after parking it, running over to said person. "I wasn't expecting you this soon," he commented. "I wasn't expecting you to work with outsiders, but here we are," retorted Eric as he turned to Kevin. Woobin walked over, going to stand with his pack since he didn't want Serim to think he was picking Kevin's pack over his own. "They helped us," explained Kevin, fighting down a shiver at the intense glare Eric gave him. "If they didn't step in while I was having an episode in the middle of a battle we would've lost Finland that day," he added, fighting down the need to submit and forcing himself to stand in his "alpha's stance" as everyone had called it. Serim didn't know he wasn't the real alpha of his pack, and Kevin was determined to keep it that way. "You saved him?" Asked Eric as he turned to Serim. "Everyone did," replied Serim as he shrugged. "Even if his condition isn't public knowledge it doesn't take an idiot to realize that Kevin wasn't feeling up for patrols that day," he added. "But, if someone like him was going to run patrols and still fight for his territory in the face of death, they've gained my respect," he explained. "What's your reasoning behind it?" Asked Eric. "Woobin offered his life on the line for this to work, which even surprised us," explained Serim. Eric turned his attention to Woobin, who shrugged. "Something just told me that I should help," explained Woobin as he put his hands in his pants pockets. "Is that a good answer?" Asked Kevin as he took a deep breath, covering his mouth with his arm which caused Eric to turn back to him. "I guess," hummed Eric as he nodded. "Just don't do anything stupid yeah?" Asked Eric as he turned to Serim. "If you do, you'll be facing more than just a pack of wolf 'shifters," he added. "No problem," replied Serim. Kevin let out a sigh of relief as he slumped his shoulders, relaxing out of his alpha's stance and taking a step back. [center ~] The barbecue went on without a hitch, the banter that was between everyone quickly making the atmosphere light and letting Kevin relax for once, focusing on keeping his heartbeat normal as he sat back with Juyeon and Hyunjae sitting on either side of him. Eric was off to the side observing the people he didn't know in Serim's pack, which was pretty much everyone but Hyeongjun and Minhee who were chatting with Changmin and Chanhee. Eric recognized Allen from somewhere, but he wasn't sure where. He decided to let it go when Joochan nudged him with his elbow. "Let them have their fun yeah?" Asked Joochan. "Kevin seems much happier despite the situation," he added. Eric hummed, nodding his head as he leaned back in his seat. "As long as Kevin can defend Finland," hummed Eric. "He'll be able to, with the extra help," commented Joochan. "Let him make the decision," he added. "He's trying to prove to you that he [i can] do this," he explained. Eric nodded. [center ~] Eric stood in front of Kevin as he and Joochan prepared to leave. "I understand your decision now," commented Eric as Kevin blinked in surprise. "Just be careful, and don't hesitate to ask for help, okay?" He asked. Kevin nodded, looking down at the ground. "I'm sorry I didn't go to you guys first, but just leave it to me okay?" He asked, looking back up at Eric. Eric nodded, turning and leaving with Joochan. Kevin watched them go, huffing out a sigh before turning to Juyeon who walked over with Hyunjae after changing to their animal forms. "Time for patrols already?" Asked Kevin as he looked at Juyeon. Juyeon nodded. "Be safe yeah?" Asked Kevin. Juyeon bowed his head before turning and running off, Hyunjae following after him. "Back at it again," sighed Kevin before he turned and walked back into the house.
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[center Chapter 8] Kevin sighed as he stood in the backyard, waiting with Donghyun and Jibeom to get back from patrolling while Changmin and Chanhee waited on their turn to start. Woobin was away for a few days, needing to go with Serim and Allen for an important meeting. "Changmin, can you take me to the border?" Asked Kevin as Donghyun and Jibeom arrived with Seongmin and Taeyoung. Changmin nodded, bending down and letting Kevin climb onto his back. "Beomgyu is still there right?" Kevin asked Jibeom as he walked over. "He should be," Jibeom answered with a nod. "Where?" Asked Kevin. "Along the northern half, we ran into each other a few days ago," replied Donghyun. "He was heading south, we were going north," he added. "Go Changmin," commanded Kevin. Changmin nodded, rushing forward with Chanhee following after him. Seongmin and Taeyoung soon followed after them. [center ~] Beomgyu was waiting along the border, Youngtaek beside him as Kevin showed up with Changmin and Chanhee. "Thanks Changmin," said Kevin as Changmin leaned down, letting Kevin slide off his back. "Long time no see Beomgyu," called Kevin as he walked over to Beomgyu. Changmin and Chanhee turned and ran off once Kevin was fine, Seongmin and Taeyoung stuck around for a few minutes before they ran the other direction, beginning patrols. "Hello," greeted Beomgyu, the corners of his lips going up in a smile. "Hello fox," greeted Kevin. "Dog," greeted Youngtaek as he waved. "Do you know the pack that's been patrolling your side of the borders?" Asked Kevin. "The pack of wolf 'shifters?" Asked Beomgyu as he blinked in confusion. "Yeah," replied Kevin. "Kind of? They've been avoiding Youngtaek and I recently though," said Beomgyu as he shrugged. "Why?" He asked. "It seems they're trying to take over Finland, with the recent attacks on my pack and the pack of outsiders I have helping," explained Kevin. "Do they have a death wish?" Asked Beomgyu as he sighed. "They only seem to be attacking when I'm around, which you [i know] it's a bad idea," explained Kevin. "I'll talk to them, and if that doesn't work I got the fox here," reassured Beomgyu. "They're gonna have more than a ragtag bunch of 'shifters and a pack of wolf 'shifters on their hands if this continues," commented Kevin. "Also I need some information on Allen," he added. "Allen?" Asked Beomgyu. "He's a white tiger 'shifter, and we all know white tigers are pretty much extinct when it comes to 'shifters now," explained Kevin. "I'll see if anyone knows anything," Beomgyu said, nodding. "Eric seemed to think he looked familiar, but Jacob hasn't met him yet so I wouldn't know," explained Kevin. "Anything else?" asked Beomgyu. "I think we got it for now, thanks for stopping to see me before you end up wandering off again," came the answer as Kevin turned and ran off, shifting to his wolf form before heading straight back. Beomgyu watched him go before continuing his patrols with Youngtaek. [center ~] Woobin let out a deep sigh as he came upon the pack house, returning from the important meeting he [i had] to attend because of reasons he couldn't fathom when he wasn't even Serim's beta. That title belonged to Allen anyway. "That bad of a meeting huh?" Asked Hyunjae as Woobin entered the house. "It was boring as all hell," grumbled Woobin as he went to sit down on the couch, glaring at the TV. "Well, at least you got it over with," commented Hyunjae. "Of course," sighed Woobin as he leaned his head back to look up at the ceiling. Kevin entered the house after changing back to his human form and going into his room to quickly get some clothes on before walking back into the livingroom where Hyunjae and Woobin were sitting and watching TV. "Woobin can we have a chat?" Asked Kevin as he looked at Woobin. "Where?" Asked Woobin as he brought his head down to look at Kevin. "Outside?" asked Kevin. "Sure," hummed Woobin as he got up, going to put on his shoes before heading outside and sitting on the back deck. Kevin followed after him, sitting across from Woobin and getting comfortable before letting out a sigh. "What's wrong?" Asked Woobin. "Nothing, I just... How do I ask this?" Grumbled Kevin as he looked thoughtful. Woobin blinked in surprise, his head tilting to the side in question. "Were we ever going to address the fact that we were mates?" Asked Kevin, deciding to be blunt about it. "Well, I don't know, were we?" Asked Woobin as he looked at Kevin. "I know we've had it rough due to the circumstances, but I would like to know if I have the support of my supposed mate," stated Kevin as he shrugged. "You know where my loyalty lies Kevin," grumbled Woobin as he looked away from Kevin. "That's what I thought," sighed Kevin as he got up, walking back into the house and slamming the door closed behind him. Woobin closed his eyes in defeat, sighing as he crossed his arms and thought about where his priorities really were. He wondered what Serim would think, knowing that Serim was counting on him to keep this pact going. This alliance. Whatever the hell it was at this point. [center ~] Kevin curled up into a ball on his bed, his heartbeat ramping up again. He took deep breaths, trying to bring his heartbeat down and trying to keep as quiet as possible. He couldn't help the whimper that escaped him though, and when his door opened Kevin saw that Juyeon had walked in, going to sit down beside Kevin and putting a hand on his arm. "Are you okay?" Asked Juyeon as he looked concerned. Kevin shook his head no, not trusting his voice right now. "Woobin again huh?" Asked Juyeon. Kevin nodded, earning a sigh from Juyeon. "He'll come around I'm sure," reassured Juyeon. "I'm here, Hyunjae is here, okay?" He asked. Kevin nodded again, closing his eyes and relaxing in his bed as the episode passed. Juyeon stayed with him for a few minutes, Hyunjae walking over and standing in the doorway looking worried. Juyeon looked up at Hyunjae, shaking his head when Hyunjae gave him a questioning look. Hyunjae let out a soft sigh before turning and walking away.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 9] Kevin looked up from where he was sitting, seeing Woobin standing in front of him. "What do you want now?" Asked Kevin as he tilted his head to the side. "I wanted to apologize," apologized Woobin as he scratched the back of his head. "Apologize for what?" Asked Kevin. "Not putting my priorities straight," replied Woobin as he sighed. Kevin shook his head. "You wouldn't know priorities when you see it," he said, shrugging. "I get it though, your priorities are with your pack, and considering that you're still an outsider to our pack, well," explained Kevin as he shook his head. "I wasn't sure where we were even going with us being mates," said Woobin as he sighed. "It's fine," reassured Kevin. "Things are different for us, considering where we stand in terms of both of our respective packs," he added. "You're an alpha, I'm just a lowly soldier," hummed Woobin as he went to sit beside Kevin. "If only you knew," grumbled Kevin as he closed his eyes. "What is that supposed to mean?" Asked Woobin. "Nothing, nothing," dismissed Kevin as he shook his head. "Can I stay with you in your room tonight?" Asked Woobin. "You can't ignore the pull anymore huh?" Asked Kevin as he opened his eyes and turned to look at Woobin. "No," hummed Woobin. "I guess," Kevin said, nodding. "Just don't hog the blankets yeah?" He asked, trying to lighten the mood. "Hey, no promises," retorted Woobin as he snorts, shaking his head. Kevin let out a small chuckle, getting up and heading into his room. Woobin watched him go, shaking his head and staying where he was for a few minutes before getting up and following after Kevin. [center ~] "It looks like Kevin and Woobin made up," commented Juyeon as he turned to at Hyunjae. "It looks like they did," hummed Hyunjae as he looked thoughtful. "Let's see how long this lasts then?" He asked. "I hope this lasts to be honest," remarked Juyeon. "Kevin deserves to be happy, and I know you don't see it like I do but Kevin's not feeling up to the best right now, his sickness may be worse this time around than before," he added. "Yeah, I've noticed this too," hummed Hyunjae. [center ~] Kevin and Woobin's lightened mood put everyone in good spirits, as everyone from both packs seemed to pick up on the fact that Kevin and Woobin [i finally] acknowledged the fact that they were mates. Juyeon and Hyunjae had [i the talk] with Woobin while it had been surprisingly Taeyoung and Seongmin who had given [i the talk] to Kevin. They knew that neither would do anything to hurt each other though, as Kevin seemed incapable of doing so while Woobin didn't want to aggravate Kevin and his illness anymore than he needed to. It was a touchy subject for the both of them, but they would avoid it at all costs. [center ~] Kevin ran patrols again with Juyeon, Woobin heading out with Minhee as Minhee's speed easily matched Juyeon's, and the both of them would run for help if needed. It would be a while before anything happened, as Juyeon and Kevin were running along the northern half of the border. Something slammed hard into Juyeon, knocking him into Kevin and sending them both into a rock face they were running along. Kevin was the first to recover, getting to his feet as the enemy surrounded them. Juyeon growled, struggling to get up at first, the scars on his stomach having been opened and he was now bleeding. Kevin stood protectively in front of Juyeon, snarling at the wolves that surrounded them. Juyeon fought down a whine as he stumbled, causing Kevin to turn to him in concern before the attacks came. Kevin felt something slam into him first, sending him away from Juyeon. The lead wolf grabbed a hold of the wound in Juyeon's side, yanking his head back and causing Juyeon to howl in pain. Kevin watched helplessly as another wolf soon had their jaws around his neck, biting down in warning as Kevin tried to move to save his best friend. [i No, not him. Anyone but Juyeon. Please be fast enough, please be fast enough] Kevin kept chanting in his head as he tried to move, growling in frustration as the grip around his neck tightened. He couldn't turn away, as they tortured his best friend and Kevin felt powerless in stopping them. Juyeon tried to fight back, but his strength was failing him and he was quickly becoming weaker and weaker with the blood loss and the fact that his injuries weren't healing as quick as he usually would. He fought back as much as he could, but when he felt jaws around his neck Juyeon was forced to look at Kevin, apologies clear in his eyes before he felt the enemy wolf yank their head back and ripping out his throat. Juyeon collapsed, his body returning to human form as he died. Kevin let out the most agonizing sounding howl as he watched the enemy kill his best friend. He snarled in rage, shaking his body to get the enemy wolves off of him. He lunged straight at the enemy wolf in rage, tackling them and making the wolves move away from Juyeon's body. The sounds of howls from the rest of Kevin's pack came from somewhere nearby and Woobin's roar came from somewhere on Kevin's right. Kevin stood firm, snarling at the enemy wolves and lashing out when they tried to move towards Kevin. It was then, that Woobin's bear form appeared, barreling into the enemy wolves that Kevin let himself collapse, whimpering in grief before passing out, collapsing to the ground and returning to human form. Minhee ran into view, Hyeongjun right behind him as they attacked the wolves as a team, Woobin returning to human form and going to check on Kevin before going to see what he could do with Juyeon's body. "I'm sorry Juyeon," whispered Woobin as he moved Juyeon onto his back, closing his eyes before moving away. He moved away when Changmin and Chanhee appeared, Changmin going to check on Juyeon and Chanhee going to check on Kevin.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 10] Kevin came to suddenly, sitting up in his bed and looking around frantically for Juyeon. Woobin entered the room, Hyunjae right behind him. "J-Juyeon?" Asked Kevin, as he looked up at Woobin. "I'm sorry Kevin," muttered Woobin as he turned away. Kevin let out a small whimper, breaking down as he started sobbing, hugging his knees. Woobin turned back to Kevin, not wanting to get close in case he was turned away. Hyunjae nudged him, nodding encouragingly as Woobin turned to him. "This is something I can't do," he explained. "He won't turn you away, I promise," he added. Woobin walked over to Kevin's bed and sat down beside him, pulling Kevin into his arms and letting Kevin sob into his chest. [center ~] [i "They weren't just best friends you know?" Asked Hyunjae as he threw a lit match into the pile of sticks to burn Juyeon's body. "Juyeon was Kevin's mate?" Asked Woobin. "It was one sided," explained Hyunjae. "They were friends long before that, but Juyeon found out they were mates when he started changing," he added. "Juyeon was the one to make that bond, but Kevin kept it strictly as friends," he explained. "Due to it being one sided?" Asked Woobin. Hyunjae nodded. "Kevin's pack dynamics run deeper than that though, you'll figure it out I'm sure," explained Hyunjae. "Hm," hummed Woobin.] [center ~] Kevin had fallen asleep in Woobin's arms, Woobin moving slightly to lean against the headboard to get more comfortable. Woobin was sure that everyone was now out for blood, as no one was home for the moment, everyone out to go after the enemy pack. Beomgyu was back and coordinating with Serim and corralling all the enemy pack into a central location for one last big attack, Taehyun and Heeseung along for it when they heard what had happened. It had been Hyunjae's idea, and everyone jumped on the idea since Kevin was indisposed at the moment, though they knew he would be joining them soon enough. [center ~] Hyunjae ran with Changmin and Chanhee, the three of them chasing after the pack right into where they needed them. Donghyun and Jibeom were coming from the opposite direction, and Taeyoung and Seongmin were leading from the point, making sure they didn't have any stragglers. Kevin's familiar howl resounded through the forest they were running through, and everyone knew that Kevin was now ready to get his revenge. As they met up along the Russian border Beomgyu appeared with Taehyun and Heeseung in their wolf forms, circling around the part of the pack that had been on their side. "Gyu," called Kevin as he came into view after changing back to human form. "Looks like we got them huh?" Called Beomgyu as the enemy pack was now surrounded on all sides. "I want the leader," demanded Kevin. "The one who had the [i audacity] to kill [i my] best friend," he growled. "Give him up now, and I'll let the rest of you go!" He shouted. "Unless," added Kevin as both his and Serim's packs moved closer, Woobin going to stand with Kevin. "We play a game of cat and mouse," he explained. "We'll give you a chance to leave this area for good," he added. Everyone in Kevin's side of the pack started getting restless at that point, as they knew what the game entailed. Beomgyu couldn't help the smirk that appeared, knowing full well what this game was really about. "Let's have a game of cat and mouse," explained Kevin. "You have a 5 minute head start," he added. "If you're not out of here within 5 minutes, well," he explained. Serim wasn't aware of the game, but he would wait, growling at the others in his pack and trusting Kevin to make the right move. Beomgyu, Taehyun and Heeseung moved out of the way, giving the enemy ample room to run. "[i Leave]," demanded Kevin. When the pack turned tail and ran, going straight across the Russian border, everyone on Kevin's side moved closer to make sure they did run. "They're all yours," stated Kevin as Taehyun and Heeseung turned and ran after the enemy pack, leaving Beomgyu by himself for a few minutes. "I'm sorry about Juyeon," apologized Beomgyu. "It's something that was going to come eventually," sighed Kevin. "I knew that, when we started this mini war of sorts anyway," he added. "Hm," hummed Beomgyu. "We got it from here, I'll contact you when we're done," he added. Kevin nodded, and Beomgyu turned and ran off, heading back into Russia. "I really wanted their leader, but oh well," sighed Kevin as he turned, changing and heading back. The rest of Kevin's pack follow after him, Hyunjae at the rear as he followed after them. Woobin was hesitant as he turned to Serim, who snorts at him before turning and heading off. The other members of Serim's pack except for Hyeongjun and Minhee followed after Serim, as Hyeongjun and Minhee turned and walked towards Woobin. Woobin nodded to them before running off, heading back to Kevin's pack house. Hyeongjun and Minhee follow after him, keeping close. [center ~] Jacob and Younghoon were at the house when Kevin arrived, coming out of the forest after changing back to his human form and getting dressed. "Jacob, Younghoon," greeted Kevin as the others slowly made their way over after changing and getting dressed. "Kevin," greeted Jacob and Younghoon nodded in greeting. "What brings you back around?" Asked Kevin. "The news about Juyeon," replied Jacob, causing Kevin to flinch. "I couldn't stop it, okay?" Asked Kevin as he looked down at the ground. "I'm not blaming you Kevin," Jacob said gently as he walked over and put a hand on Kevin's shoulder. "It's alright, okay?" He asked, bringing Kevin into a hug. Kevin nodded into Jacob's shoulder, sniffling as he reached up and hugged Jacob back, clutching at the back of his shirt in desperation as he started sobbing again. "It's going to be okay... It's going to be okay," Jacob whispered gently as he tried to comfort Kevin. The others could only look away, letting the two brothers have their space for the time being. Woobin desperately wanted to be the person comforting Kevin, but he knew better. Jacob was family, and Kevin needed that sort of reassurance that Woobin couldn't provide. For now he could only turn away and let the two brothers grieve.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 11] Kevin let out a breath, looking up at the night sky as he paused in patrols. Hyunjae stopped beside him, looking at Kevin with his head tilting to the side in question. Kevin moved his head, looking down at Hyunjae who looked concerned, well as concerned as he could be in his animal form anyway. Kevin shook his head and continued on patrols, Hyunjae scrambling to follow after him. Things were honestly going as well as they could, as far as everything that had happened anyway. Kevin was still mourning over Juyeon's death, but it was expected at this point. Hyunjae knew he could never fit in Kevin's pack, but he would try to take Juyeon's place. He knew he could never take Juyeon's place for one reason alone. Kevin was Juyeon's mate, and Hyunjae was left alone. [center ~] As they returned from patrolling with Seongmin and Taeyoung going into the next patrols with the next team Woobin was sitting outside and waiting on their return with Changmin and Chanhee who were waiting in their respective wolf forms. Changmin and Chanhee walked over and Kevin gave Chanhee a hug before turning and giving Changmin a longer hug, Changmin leaning down slightly as Kevin clung to his neck. "Be careful yeah?" Asked Kevin, feeling Changmin nod his head against his shoulder. Kevin let go, stepping back and patting Changmin on the snout before letting Changmin and Chanhee go, the two wolves sprinting into the forest with Taeyoung and Seongmin following after them. [center ~] Despite how tired Kevin was, he had a lot to do that morning, cleaning up Juyeon's old room and having Jibeom drop off Juyeon's stuff at a donation center. They didn't have any neighbors within kilometers of their property so Jibeom had to drive into the nearest city to drop off everything. The only thing that Kevin had kept, was a small gold chain with a locket containing a two pictures of the pack in their human and wolf forms respectively. Kevin hung the locket above his bed, tacking a nail to the wall and hanging the necklace around it. Everyone had that locket, as it was a symbol of their pack, but Juyeon was the first to receive it after Kevin after they were all made. [center ~] A howl somewhere in the distance caused Kevin to rush out the door and changing once his feet hit the grass, Donghyun, Jibeom, Hyunjae and Woobin following behind him after changing to their animal forms. Kevin couldn't afford to lose his two best trackers, not after losing Juyeon. He [i needed] to get there in time. He [i had] to get there before it was too late. [center ~] They were cornered, Changmin knew, but with Taeyoung out for the count and Seongmin looking to join him next Changmin was running out of ideas. Chanhee was their last hope for rescue, but Changmin didn't know how long he had as the chip in his spine would only get him so far. He snarled at the enemy, daring them to come closer as he backed closer to Seongmin who was pretty much back to back to him and barely standing due to the wounds he sustained. The enemy pack went in for the kill, and Changmin braced himself, closing his eyes. A roar to his left caused Changmin to open his eyes, watching as Allen and Serim jumped into the middle of the circle, scattering the enemy pack. Seeing help let Changmin collapse in relief, whimpering slightly as he heard Seongmin collapse behind him and assumedly pass out from blood loss. The rest of the pack showed up, Wonjin and Jungmo going to Taeyoung and Seongmin first, which Changmin understood. He wasn't as badly injured thanks to his chip, but he knew that they focused on their pack before him. Chanhee showed up with Kevin and his own pack, Changmin forcing himself to his feet as the leader of the enemy pack tried to run when they recognized Kevin. Kevin, Changmin and Chanhee quickly went after him, Changmin using a burst of speed from his chip to jump forward and slam his shoulder into the leader's side. Kevin's fur stood on end, snarling and baring his teeth as he, Changmin and Chanhee surrounded the leader of the enemy pack. The others in Kevin's pack helped kill off the enemy pack, forcing the leader to watch as Kevin held him down the same way he was when they tortured and killed Juyeon. Instead of killing him however, Kevin moved away, changing to human form as he glared at the wolf in front of him who was held down by Changmin and Chanhee. "I'd end your suffering, but you deserve what's coming to you," explained Kevin as he stood in his alpha's stance, crossing his arms as he straightened up. "[b I gave you a chance before, but now this is serious]," commented Kevin as his alpha's voice finally awakened. It caused everyone in the area to shiver at the intensity, even if it wasn't aimed directly at them. The wolf in front of him struggled to keep standing, though his knees were buckling as his body wanted to submit. Kevin, though surprised at the outcome of awakening his alpha's voice, remained stoic as he glared at the wolf before him. "[b This is a game of cat and mouse, you have [i five] minutes to get as far away from here as possible, before I send someone to end you]," he explained. "[i [b Go]]," he commanded, watching as Changmin and Chanhee let go of the wolf, the wolf immediately running away as fast as he could. "Donghyun, Jibeom, go after him," commanded Kevin, and the two coyotes immediately ran after the enemy. Where Changmin and Chanhee were masters at tracking, Donghyun and Jibeom were masters at stealth and silent killing. Kevin and Juyeon had been the fighters when it came to all out fighting, but now Hyunjae and potentially Woobin were fighting to take Juyeon's place. A spot that was hard to earn due to how Kevin and Juyeon had worked with each other. Kevin turned his attention to Wonjin and Jungmo who were finishing up checking on Seongmin and Taeyoung. "They'll live," reassured Wonjin as he nodded. "But they'll be out of patrols for a while," he explained. "Beomgyu has some explaining to do," sighed Kevin as he looked across the borders, spotting Yuri as he appeared. "Beomgyu's gator hunting right now," explained Yuri as Kevin walked over to speak to Yuri. "Heeseung and Taehyun swore they had gotten the enemy pack, but it looks like they didn't," he added. "It's fine, we got them," dismissed Kevin as he shrugged, relaxing out of his alpha's stance. "We'll be in peace for a while at least," he added. "You can take the injured back to my place, Juyeon's old room should be ready," explained Kevin as he turned to Wonjin and Jungmo. Wonjin and Jungmo turned to Serim who nodded. Changmin and Chanhee walked over and leaned down, letting Wonjin and Jungmo get Seongmin and Taeyoung onto their backs before they headed off, back to Kevin's. Donghyun and Jibeom's howls in victory was enough for Kevin to start heading home after burning all the bodies, everyone following after him. Yuri would keep an eye on things for a few days, so everyone needed to rest. [center ~] "Is this how you trained your pack?" Asked Serim as he and Kevin were sitting outside due to the tension that rose when they entered Kevin's house to get dressed. "Everyone has a specific role in the pack," explained Kevin. "The fact that Woobin is trying to aim for Juyeon's spot is a bit stupid of him to be honest," he added. "Even if Hyunjae is doing the same?" Asked Serim. "[i No one] can match what Juyeon and I's teamwork did," explained Kevin. "Hyunjae isn't a fighter, he's a messenger, and Woobin's built for tanking attacks," he added. "The closest you have to Juyeon and I's teamwork is when my brothers and I are banding together," he explained. "Hm," hummed Serim.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 12] "Alright," started Kevin as he stood before Hyunjae and Woobin. "The [i only] way you will be able to surpass Juyeon's legacy is to work together, then work together with me," he explained. "I'm going to organize a game between both packs," explained Kevin as Donghyun and Jibeom walked over after they changed to their coyote forms. "I suggest you get ready because the game starts [i now]," he added as Donghyun and Jibeom both leaped at Hyunjae and Woobin. Woobin leaned into the attack, changing  using his shoulder as a battering ram to send Donghyun away from him. Hyunjae had changed and took Jibeom head on, attacking as he leaped into the attack, clawing at Jibeom as he fought back against the smaller coyote. They were sent running when Changmin and Chanhee got into the fray, Kevin changing to his wolf form and joining in, the three of them leading them on a wild goose chase. [center ~] Hyunjae and Woobin thought they were in the clear when the footsteps faded away, but it was merely a fluke as Allen and Serim leaped at the two of them from the sides, causing Woobin to shove Hyunjae out of the way and tank both the attacks. Hyunjae leaped into the fray to distract at least [i one] of them, Woobin fighting alongside him as the two of them used their size difference to their advantage. Woobin swiped at Allen as Serim tried to get into the fray, Hyunjae distracting the larger tiger as he hissed in warning. As they were fighting off Serim and Allen Hyeongjun and Minhee got into the fray, scattering the fight as they worked with Allen and Serim. Woobin and Hyunjae were forced apart as Hyeongjun and Serim attacked Woobin while Minhee and Allen went after Hyunjae. [center ~] When it seemed they were about to be defeated Kevin came into the fray, jumping straight into the middle of Hyeongjun and Serim's fight with Woobin with a snarl. Woobin took the initiative and went straight for Hyunjae's fight, Kevin jumping to his side to help out as they pushed Allen and Minhee away from Hyunjae. It suddenly came to a stop as Allen, Serim, Hyeongjun and Minhee quickly left, disappearing from view. Hyunjae was panting, but he was standing and otherwise unharmed. Woobin looked unwinded, though that was expected from someone as tanky as him. Kevin's ears twitched as he heard footsteps, moving quickly to jump into an attack that was coming from behind Woobin. Taeyoung and Seongmin were leading this attack as they both leaped into the attack. Woobin was quick to act as he turned and joined Kevin in his attacking. Hyunjae leaped into the fray to help, Kevin and Hyunjae working together with Woobin to drive Seongmin and Taeyoung away. Next it was Wonjin and Jungmo, along with Changmin and Chanhee, the four of them attacking from all sides as Taeyoung and Seongmin moved out of the way. As Kevin worked with Hyunjae and Woobin they used Woobin's large size to send the others flying, Hyunjae and Kevin going in to finish them off. What they weren't expecting was for Kevin to collapse, falling to the ground as he coughed up blood, returning to human form as he clutched at his chest, the pain worse than before. Everyone stopped in their attacks, Changmin and Chanhee immediately changing to their human forms and running over to Kevin. "What can we do?" Asked Changmin as he turned Kevin over onto his back, making sure to turn Kevin's head so he wouldn't choke on his own blood. "Wonjin, go back to the pack house and get the first aid kit, it's the one in the bathroom," commanded Chanhee as he turned to said snow leopard. Wonjin nodded and hurried off to get it. "Hyunjae, come here, we're preparing Kevin for transport," he added, turning to said person. Hyunjae walked over and Chanhee helped Kevin onto his back. "Hang in there Kevin," demanded Chanhee, who only looked concerned. "Hey, I'll try," rasped Kevin as he coughed up more blood. "Go Hyunjae," demanded Chanhee, and Hyunjae took off. Changmin changed to his wolf form and howled, signalling the end of the game before he rushed off after Hyunjae. "Come on then," said Chanhee as he turned to the others before changing and heading back home. The others followed after him. [center ~] Kevin was not doing well, as normally he'd be okay after a few minutes or so. At least, from what Woobin had observed throughout the many attacks he had witnessed. Hyunjae was forced to stand back and watch since he wasn't a medic like Changmin and Chanhee were, but he did run back and forth between Kevin's room and the bathroom to get towels and such to try and make sure Kevin was okay. Woobin was stuck worrying over Kevin, pacing back and forth in the livingroom as the rest of his pack waited around outside for the news. [center ~] Hyunjae stepped out of the hallway leading to the bedrooms with a defeated look on his face as he let out a sigh. Woobin turned to Hyunjae, questions visible in his eyes as he took in the scene. "He'll be fine, for now," explained Hyunjae as he nodded. "But we need Younghoon and Haknyeon here, this is beyond us," he added. "Who?" Asked Woobin. "Two of the medics in Jacob and Eric's side of the pack," explained Hyunjae. "Why do you need them?" Asked Woobin as he looked wary. "Younghoon has dealt with this for years, when we were still together as one large pack in Sweden," explained Hyunjae. "I trust them with my life," he added. "Younghoon especially, since he [i has] a medical license, and trained the rest of us," he explained. "I know you may not trust them, but I do, and so does the rest of my pack," sighed Hyunjae. "We have no choice but to call them over," he added. "Fine," sighed Woobin. "I know I won't have much choice in the matter, send them over," he added. "I was going to ask them to come whether you wanted them to or not," sighed Hyunjae as he went to make a couple phone calls. [center ~] Haknyeon had to fly to Finland, when he heard of how serious Kevin's condition had become while Younghoon had to run since he was closer and it was quicker for him to run anyway. Kevin wasn't doing any better than before, which really worried Hyunjae as it seemed that Kevin's body was finally giving up on itself. He just hoped that Kevin had enough fight left in him to make it through to when it eventually went away again. If it ever did at this rate.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 13] Kevin was barely conscious when Younghoon and Haknyeon entered his room, Younghoon immediately going over to Kevin's side and sitting on the bed beside him. "Kevin?" Asked Younghoon as he reached out and moved a strand of hair out of Kevin's face. "Mm fine," mumbled Kevin as he flinched away from Younghoon's touch. "They wouldn't be calling me and Haknyeon here if you were fine," sighed Younghoon as he moved his hand away from Kevin's face. "I don't want to talk to you right now," grumbled Kevin. "I can sit here and wait," commented Younghoon as Haknyeon entered the room with his medical bag, setting it nearby before walking over to Kevin. "They really sent for you both huh?" Asked Kevin as he spotted Haknyeon. "You know how it is," scoffed Haknyeon as he walked over and sat on the other side of Kevin. "I don't know what you both want to gain from this trip but I don't think it's going to happen," remarked Kevin as he sat up, coughing slightly before covering his mouth with his arm. "You know you have to embrace your wolf right?" Asked Younghoon. "That'd be the only way to stop this," he explained. "You know, we already [i tried] this," growled Kevin. "The wolf that I have and the wolf I was born with are two completely different beings," he explained. "It's surprising that I'm in control when I'm in my wolf form," he added. [center ~] [i Kevin was lying in the middle of the battlefield, blood pouring out of his mouth as he struggled to breathe. "Kevin!" Shouted a voice from somewhere near him, and Kevin tried to respond, choking on his blood as he tried to speak. "I'm here, I'm here," reassured Jacob as he came into Kevin's view, Kevin staring up at his brother. "You did it, and you'll survive this," reassured Jacob. "Stay with me Kevin, stay with me!" He shouted as he got Kevin to sit up, slapping Kevin's back to get him to clear his throat. "I- I did it huh?" Coughed Kevin as he spit blood onto the ground. "We did it, rest now Kevin," reassured Jacob as Kevin hummed, closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.] [center ~] [i When Kevin came to again he was lying in bed with several bandages covering various parts of his body. Younghoon was sitting next to him, looking more concerned than ever. "What's wrong?" Croaked Kevin as he sat up, wincing as it pulled on his still healing wounds, surprised that they weren't fully healed. "I-," mumbled Younghoon as he shook his head. "I think you don't have your wolf form anymore," he added. "W-What?" Asked Kevin as he looked surprised. "It concerned me when you weren't healing as fast as the others," explained Younghoon. "I don't know what this means for you, but you'll make it through this, okay?" He asked. Kevin nodded, looking down at his lap with a sigh.] [center ~] Kevin looked down at his lap as he sat in his bed, leaning against the headboard as he waited for Younghoon and Haknyeon to come back into the room after speaking with Jacob and Eric on the phone about the situation. Woobin walked into the room, causing Kevin to look up at him. "Are you okay?" Asked Woobin. "I'm fine," mumbled Kevin as he looked down at his lap with a soft sigh. "Don't lie to me Kevin," Woobin said softly as he walked over to Kevin's bed and sat beside him. "I don't know what's happened to you, but I'm here, okay?" He asked. Kevin hummed in response, shaking his head. "I don't want to talk about it, okay?" He asked. Woobin let out a soft sigh. "Okay," he responded, reaching over and patting Kevin on the knee. "I'm here, if you need me," he added. "That's all I need right now, I think," sighed Kevin as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. Woobin nodded, moving closer and sitting beside Kevin, offering his presence in comfort. [center ~] "So, what happened?" Asked Serim as Kevin and Woobin stepped out of the house. "You organized this game, and then that happened?" He asked. "I didn't plan for my sickness to take over like that," sighed Kevin as he sat down on a bench on the back deck. "What happened?" Asked Serim. "Because this is the second time this happened," he added. "Let me explain some things, and prepare for this," started Kevin before he explained what had happened for this sickness of Kevin's to come to light. [center ~] Serim and Woobin were left flabbergasted when Kevin finished his story, Woobin more so since [i everything] made more sense now. Juyeon and Kevin were mates before everything, but now due to some glitch in the matrix it was now that Kevin and Hyunjae that were mates. Woobin had wondered where he had fit into all of this, but he knew the pull was there, and he was [i sure] it was why Hyunjae was still around instead of being back with Jacob's pack. "Due to having a different wolf than what I started with, is why I seem to not have that sort of pull towards Hyunjae or you, Woobin," explained Kevin. "And it's killing you?" Asked Woobin. "Slowly," sighed Kevin as he shook his head. "I don't know how to fix it," he explained. "Not without somehow getting my original wolf back," he added. "We'll figure something out I'm sure?" Asked Serim. "I don't know how much of a warzone you have over here, but it seems quiet for the time being?" He asked. "It's how it normally is," explained Kevin. "But we don't know how long it is before the next battle," he added. [center ~] Kevin stood at the borders to Russia, meeting Jangjun and Keonhee there as they were patrolling that side of Russia now. "Hey fox, dog," greeted Kevin. "Yo," greeted Jangjun. "Things have been quiet," he added. "Good," commented Kevin as he sighed. "It's been hectic here," he added. "Who are you switching with next?" He asked. "Probably Yuri, if he can come back around in time to switch with me," replied Jangjun as he shrugged. "It's gator hunting season again huh?" Asked Kevin. "Yeah, otherwise Beomgyu and Youngtaek would be here," replied Jangjun. "Hm," hummed Kevin.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 14] Kevin looked up at the sky from his favorite spot on the back deck, looking at the clouds as he was lost in his thoughts. "You okay?" Asked Hyunjae as he walked over and sat down beside Kevin. "I'm fine," mumbled Kevin, nodding reassuringly. "A lot seems to be on your mind is all," explained Hyunjae. "Of course there is," hummed Kevin. "Just questions I'll never get answers for to be honest with you," he added. "Hm," hummed Hyunjae. [center ~] "Why?" Asked Kevin as he laid between Hyunjae and Woobin after moving some beds together to make a big bed enough for the three of them. "Why what?" Asked Hyunjae as he turned onto his side to face Kevin. "Why are we still going through this?" Asked Kevin. "Why did it have to be me?" Asked Kevin. "So many damn questions we will probably never have answers for," he mumbled. "Do you remember what your old wolf form used to look like?" Asked Woobin. "No," muttered Kevin as he threw an arm over his eyes. "You stood out you know," remarked Hyunjae. "I remember your first wolf, he was just as headstrong as you were back then," he added. "Do you remember what color my original wolf was then?" Asked Kevin. "It was a deep black, with these stripes of white fur looking like claw marks on your chest," explained Hyunjae. "Your first wolf was more... You?" He asked. "Well, that'd make sense," hummed Kevin. [center ~] Kevin closed his eyes, sitting in a meditating state in the backyard as he tried to reach deep within him to find his original wolf. He had gotten the idea from Jangjun, who had Keonhee do it to stay somewhat human despite the months he spent in wolf form inbetween the random times where they would've had to travel and Keonhee had to stay in human form. It was a way to stay in control for him, and Kevin could see how useful meditating was. [center ~] When Kevin came back to the world after meditating he opened his eyes to see Woobin sitting in front of him, his eyebrows furrowed in worry. "Any luck?" Asked Woobin. "No," sighed Kevin. "I keep running into my current wolf," he added. "I don't know why, but it seems to be protecting me from something," he explained. "Your sickness maybe?" Asked Woobin. "Probably, I know it's trying to keep me alive, but my body is failing me," muttered Kevin. "Hm," hummed Woobin. "I guess we won't figure out much," he remarked with a sigh. "Mhm," hummed Kevin. "Where's Hyunjae?" Asked Kevin as he moved, stretching as he laid down on his back from his sitting position. "I think he went to do something with your trackers," responded Woobin as he went to sit down beside Kevin. "And where did they go?" Asked Kevin. "I know Donghyun and Jibeom are patrolling, along with two of your pack members," he added. "Something about information you were looking for," explained Woobin. "Ah!" Exclaimed Kevin as he sat up, getting to his feet. "I know what this is about," he shouted as he rushed into the forest and changed, rushing towards the borders. Woobin looked dumbfounded for a second before getting to his feet and rushing after Kevin, changing to his bear form and following after Kevin. [center ~] When they reached the border to Russia Beomgyu was standing there with Heeseung, something that surprised Woobin as Beomgyu was normally with Youngtaek. "I finally got some information," explained Beomgyu as Kevin walked over after changing back and putting on some pants. "Also Taehyun needed Youngtaek for something, so it's just me and Heeseung," he added. "What information do you have for me?" Asked Kevin as he eyed Heeseung who bowed his head in greeting, keeping his distance as Kevin stood in his alpha's stance out of instinct due to Heeseung standing in his alpha's stance. "There's a familiarity between you and the person you asked me to find information for," explained Beomgyu. "That's all Seungmin could tell me anyway, I'd suggest asking them," he added. "Hm," hummed Kevin. "Thanks for the information," he added. Beomgyu nodded and Kevin turned, changing and heading back to the house. Woobin snorts, watching Beomgyu for a second before turning and following after Kevin. [center ~] Kevin and Woobin were attacked on the way back, Kevin getting slammed into a tree so hard it knocked the tree down. Kevin got to his feet, turning to face the enemy as Woobin rammed into them, growling for a second before he recognized who it was. Kevin looked surprised, as he was [i sure] they wouldn't turn on him, not when Woobin swore his life on the line for this alliance. Woobin looked torn, as he [i knew] this attack was happening at some point, but he didn't think it would happen this soon. It looked like his own pack was finally pushing for the attack. [center ~] Kevin's howl echoed for miles, causing everyone to rush to his aid. Hyunjae, Changmin and Chanhee pushed to run as fast as they could towards where Kevin was. Donghyun and Jibeom were stuck with their own battles, however it seemed that at least Minhee and Hyeongjun were on their side as they moved to knock out Taeyoung and Seongmin. As soon as it was clear Donghyun and Jibeom quickly ran to Kevin's aid, running as fast as their legs could carry them. [center ~] Kevin snarled, baring his teeth at Allen and Serim who moved towards him, hissing at him. Kevin wasn't prepared for a two on one fight, especially when Woobin looked like he was going to do nothing. Kevin understood his reasoning though, as even [i he] didn't want to be stuck between choosing his mate or his pack. As Allen and Serim leaped in for the attack Kevin closed his eyes, waiting on the end to come. [center ~] Hyunjae leaped into the attack, taking the brunt of it as he was slammed into the ground, Allen's larger form biting down on his neck with a snarl. Hyunjae huffed, not bothering to move. It seemed to push Kevin to rush forward to save him, slamming into Allen and shoving him into tree. Allen got up, turning to Kevin with a hiss, preparing for another attack. Changmin and Chanhee soon came into view and quickly pinned down Serim who fought back as much as he could before giving up, knowing this fight was not one worth losing his life over. Donghyun and Jibeom appeared with Wonjin and Jungmo, the four of them surrounding Allen in case he tried to run. Kevin returned to his human form, glaring at Allen. "Looks like you aren't as popular as you look," he remarked as he crossed his arms over his chest, standing straight up in his alpha's stance as he thought of what to do with Allen.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 15] "You didn't think I wouldn't figure it out huh?" Asked Kevin as Allen glared up at him from the ground. "Looks like we have a baby brother," explained Kevin as Eric and Jacob appeared, walking into view with Joochan and Younghoon flanking them in their animal forms. "It's a shame, that you ended up being the enemy huh? I was wondering who had killed Yoohyeon all those years ago," hummed Kevin as Hyeongjun and Minhee appeared with Taeyoung and Seongmin who kept their gazes on the ground in submission. "What do you want to do with him, Eric?" Asked Kevin as he turned to said person. Eric returned to his human form, crossing his arms over his chest in thought. "You know, I'd keep him alive due to the fact that he's family, but hm," hummed Eric. "I knew there was a reason you kept them around," he added. "Good job then," he said with a shrug. "Well,"  hummed Kevin as he turned back to Allen, watching as Allen shifted slightly on his feet, growling at the others who surrounded him. "I have an idea," commented Jacob as he returned to human form, a smirk appearing. "Dear brother, do we have plans for you," he added. "Knock him out," he commanded, and Changmin went to do so. [center ~] When Allen came to he found himself in his human form, chains shackled to his wrist and ankles as he sat tied down in a chair, further restraints keeping him from moving or speaking as he moved his head to look around the room. Eric, Jacob and Kevin entered the room, causing Allen to turn to them, feeling fear for the first time in a long time. "You see dear brother," started Kevin as he walked over to stand in front of Allen. "Apart we are nothing, but the three of us together even made [i father] afraid of us," he explained. "Now that I have awakened my alpha's voice, well," he added with a smirk. "Don't worry, none of your pack will be punished, as they did nothing wrong," explained Jacob as he put his hands in his pockets. "But we do have a present for you," he added as Eric walked over with a nail gun of sorts. Allen tried to escape his binds, now noticing the different nodes attached to different parts of his head. "Aw, is the kitty scared?" Asked Kevin as Eric put the gun to Allen's head. "Any last words Allen?" He asked, and Allen could only look down at the floor in defeat as Eric shot the chip into his skull. Jacob walked over to the computer screen nearby and pressed a button, causing Allen to start seizing in his chair, his eyes shutting tightly as he screamed into the gag around his mouth. It was the last thing Allen remembered before he fell unconscious, slumping in his chair. [center ~] Kevin stood in front of Woobin, his hands in his pockets as Woobin stood in a similar position, though his stance had a slight submissive slump to it. "What's going to happen to Allen?" Asked Woobin as he looked at Kevin. "Ah, nothing," hummed Kevin. "We merely put a tracking chip in him," he explained, shrugging. "Did it have to go into his brain?" Asked Woobin. "We couldn't risk it getting ripped out now," explained Kevin. "Besides, this is mercy," he added. "If we were anything like our father was, everyone would've been killed," he explained. "Also, this is nothing compared to what I would [i usually] do to traitors, especially when said traitors have ties to my father," growled Kevin as he turned, hearing footsteps and spotting Hyunjae walking over with Younghoon. "Allen is ready," stated Hyunjae as Kevin looked at him for answers. "Good," replied Kevin as he nodded. "Let him go then, go back to good old papa," he added. Changmin and Chanhee came over with Allen, who was staring at the floor in submission. "Go on then kitty," commanded Kevin. "Go back to papa and tell him how much you [i failed]," he added, his alpha's voice breaking through at the end. Allen nodded, immediately high tailing it for the forest, changing as soon as he hit the tree line. [center ~] "As for the rest of your pack," hummed Kevin as he stood before Serim and the others, though Hyeongjun and Minhee stood on Kevin's side, the both of them flanking Kevin. "It seems that even Woobin won't put his mate before his pack," remarked Kevin as he studied said person. "You know where my priorities lie, Kevin," retorted Woobin as he refused to look in Kevin's direction. "I'm not letting you leave without a punishment of sorts though," hummed Kevin as he turned to Serim. "Hyeongjun and Minhee were my informants, so they are staying here," he explained. Serim nodded, agreeing to his terms. "Woobin," started Kevin as he turned to said person. "You have a choice, right now," he added. "Either go with your pack, or stay here," he explained. Woobin looked surprised as he turned to Kevin, any questions he had dying as he took in Kevin's expression. Kevin stared back, his facial expression blank but the look in his eyes telling Woobin everything. Nothing would change between them if he stayed or left with his pack. Woobin let out a soft sigh as he shook his head, turning to Serim who looked thoughtful. "You know my priorities, Serim," he commented. "I know," hummed Serim as he shook his head. "The decision is yours, ultimately," he added. "I'm going then," responded Woobin as he turned to Kevin. Kevin nodded. "Come visit sometime, but keep your two youngest in line yeah?" He asked. "I will," responded Serim. "I hope we will be able to keep this... Alliance going," he added. "We shall see," hummed Kevin as Serim turned to the others before heading off, everyone else following after him. [center ~] "Was that the right decision?" Asked Jacob as he walked over to Kevin. "We'll see with time," responded Kevin as he turned to Jacob. "You should get going, I'll be fine," he added. "I have Hyunjae to look after me, as it seems he's joined my side of the pack," he explained. "Hyunjae's always wanted to stay with you," scoffed Jacob, though there was no malice to it as he smiled softly. "Did Eric leave already?" Asked Kevin as he shook his head. "He did, yeah," responded Jacob. "Him and Joochan didn't stay long after Allen was released," he explained. "Hm," hummed Kevin.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 16] Kevin looked at his phone when it pinged, the tracker that was on Allen giving him a notification. He checked it, reading the location before going to make a phone call. He now knew where his father was. [center ~] Eric and Jacob showed up a few days later with Joochan and Sangyeon while Kevin was planning out he attack, knowing that this was the last time they would ever have to deal with their father. Kevin had to plan carefully, making sure there was no holes in the plan. He knew it wasn't all fun and games though, as their father was very unpredictable but Kevin knew that with some work they'd be able to take down their father once and for all. "So what's the plan?" Asked Eric as he walked over to Kevin who was mulling over the map of the area Allen was last seen in. "We do what we always do," replied Kevin as he looked up at Eric. "This time we will make [i sure] he's dead," he added. "This time we have backup though," hummed Eric. "Serim was a good choice to have as backup," agreed Kevin as he looked down at the map he was reading. "They have been working hard to gain our trust back, so I guess this will work," he added. "We attack tomorrow," commanded Jacob as he entered the room. "I'm sure you have a strategy ready," he added. "I do," hummed Kevin as he turned to Jacob. "Let's rescue our baby brother shall we?" He asked. Eric and Jacob nodded in confirmation. [center ~] Their plan was going smoothly for the most part, as Serim wanted to save Allen as much as Eric, Jacob and Kevin did. There wasn't much in terms of a fight, but it didn't stop the three brothers from being on edge. Serim was leading his pack along, following what orders Kevin passed to him and the others. Woobin and Hyunjae took their places at Kevin's sides, flanking him as they got ready for the final attack. Kevin remained in human form, but it didn't mean he couldn't fight. Fighting in human form was one of Kevin's specialties, though he didn't show it too often. Eric and Jacob were coming at the battle at different angles, Sangyeon and Joochan with them along with Serim's pack. They continued their fight, coming at the enemy at all angles, killing everyone in their wake. Kevin was tired of dealing with his father's supporters, and even if there were people he knew he couldn't risk it. "This is never going to go to plan," sighed Kevin as he looked in front of him, seeing another wave of enemies coming. "Mom would be [i so] disappointed right now," he grumbled, changing on the spot and finally joining in on the battles, working with Hyunjae and Woobin like he had been doing so for years. The others in Kevin's side of the pack were quick to jump in to help, working along side the three of them as they drove the enemy back. The objective was to kill, and they weren't going to complain about that when it involved disturbing the peace the three brothers had managed over the years of owning Norway, Sweden and Finland. [center ~] Slowly Kevin's plan on a full frontal attack worked as they got closer to where Allen was located. Kevin ran through several possible scenarios in his head as he sensed a lull in the battle, coming to a stop in a clearing with Hyunjae and Woobin at his side. The others in Kevin's pack stayed back, moving back further into the forest to circle around as Eric and Jacob soon arrived with the other members of Serim's pack along with Joochan and Sangyeon. Kevin took in the way the others looked, seeing minimal damage for the most part but there was more to it. There [i had] to be more to it than- Kevin quickly moved out of the way when Allen suddenly attacked him, Hyunjae and Woobin quickly apprehending him as they pinned him down, Woobin pretty much throwing his body on top of Allen to use his weight to keep him down. Kevin turned to where Allen had come from, seeing his father walk into view with two others that Kevin assumed were his own betas. "You're surrounded Kevin!" Exclaimed his father as Kevin couldn't help but bare his teeth in a smirk. Kevin shook his head before rushing forward for one final push, Eric and Jacob immediately falling in line behind him as they attacked as a team. The fight went on for a few minutes, Kevin and his father clashing head on as wolf attacked tiger. Neither wanted to back down, pretty much fighting to the death as they exchanged blows. Eric and Jacob took care of the others quickly before going to join Kevin in the fight, attacking as a team as they worked to bring their father down. When it came to the final attack, Eric led the attack, ramming into their father an sending him backwards into Jacob who pinned him down. Kevin walked over after changing back to his human form, smirking in triumph at their father. "Isn't it the son's job to surpass the father?" Asked Kevin as he crossed his arms over his chest, standing in his alpha's stance. "Also guess who's now an [i alpha]?" He asked, his alpha's voice breaking through at the end. It caused everyone within the vicinity to shiver at the intensity. "[i Kill him]," commanded Kevin and Jacob did so, biting down on their father's neck hard enough to crush it, killing him immediately. Jacob moved away when their father returned to human form and Kevin relaxed out of his alpha's stance, sighing a bit as he looked around at the others before turning to Allen who was still held down by Woobin. "Let him go," muttered Kevin. "Our job is done here," he explained. "If you want to stick around or leave I'm not stopping you," he added, watching as Woobin moved off of Allen and stepped back. Allen was quick in running off, not wanting to see what would become of his old pack. "Get the bodies, and let's burn them," commanded Kevin as he turned to the others. Everyone went to do so except Eric and Jacob who went to change and bring over some clothes for the three of them to put on. "We finally did it huh?" Asked Jacob. "You did a good job," he added. "Handled it well," he explained when Kevin raised an eyebrow in question. "Though, it was one thing to kill our father, why did you spare Allen?" Asked Eric as he watched as the others brought the first of the bodies over to throw into a pile. "We still have the tracker," responded Kevin as he shrugged, himself, Jacob and Eric going to gather sticks and things for the giant bonfire. "Besides, why blame the son when we're also guilty of the things we did to get to this point?" He asked. "If we lost that sort of morale, would we still be considered the good guys?" He asked. "We may have rescued the country from [i another] war, but what's stopping the others from seeking revenge? What's stopping the werewolves or vampires that call our countries home from taking over?" Asked Eric as he blinked. "I see what you mean now," he added. "If we set an example by saving at least one person to pass on the word that we're not a force to be reckoned with then the others won't try to rebel against us when they've seen what we've done to the enemy," he explained. "Yeah, that makes sense," agreed Jacob as the others soon arrived with the rest of the bodies. Hyunjae walked over in human form with a jerry can of gasoline and some matches, handing the matches to Kevin before dumping the gasoline on the bodies and the wood they managed to gather. Once the jerry can was empty Kevin lit a match and threw it into the fire, watching as the bodies lit up immediately. Kevin turned to Serim who walked over after changing and putting on some pants, Woobin and Seongmin behind him. "Well, it didn't take you long to choose a new beta huh?" Asked Kevin as he nodded to Woobin and Seongmin. "No, it really didn't," replied Serim as he shrugged. "We'll be off now, unless you need us?" He asked. Kevin shook his head. "Alright," hummed Serim. "Good luck to you," he added before turning and leaving, the rest of his pack following suit.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Chapter 17] Kevin came to terms with Woobin never being around again, at least without another member of his pack. Kevin had made it [i clear] that he still didn't trust Serim to not retaliate. That was clear enough to Serim to at least keep someone with Woobin while he had visited anyway. Hyeongjun and Minhee were back to doing missions, at least for the time being, taking care of any stragglers that tried to disturb the peace. They never went back to Serim's pack, though Kevin wasn't going to stop them if they did. Hyunjae still stayed with Kevin's pack, officially being initiated into the pack with a friendly game of cat and mouse. It was more out of habit than anything, and Kevin knew that Hyunjae wasn't going to betray him or the pack as a whole. [center ~] "Why are we doing this again?" Huffed Hyunjae as he stood before Kevin as Chanhe and Changmin stood behind Hyunjae in their animal forms. "Old habits die hard, what can I say?" Asked Kevin as he shrugged. "I know you won't betray us, but Chanhee and Changmin have been itching for a tracking run," he explained. "I guess," sighed Hyunjae, earning a smirk thrown his way by Kevin. "Let's go then!" Shouted Kevin and Hyunjae was forced to run as fast as he could in human form when Changmin and Chanhee immediately jumped to it. [center ~] Hyunjae was exhausted when he finally got back to the pack house, sweat covering his body as he returned to human form. Kevin threw a bucket of water on him to cool him off before throwing a towel and some clothes at Hyunjae. "Good job," commented Kevin as he Changmin and Chanhee went to change and clean up. "God your two trackers are persistent," sighed Hyunjae as he dried himself off before getting dressed and turning to Kevin. "Well, they are my best trackers for a reason," Kevin commented with a small chuckle. "It was enough to even give you a run for your money huh?" He asked. Hyunjae grumbled in response, turning and heading into the house with Kevin following after him. [center ~] Kevin couldn't say much about his relationship to Woobin though. Whatever was left of said relationship anyway. He knew from the start that it wasn't going to work out, but he also knew that Woobin was okay with it. As long as they maintained contact with each other, it would work out fine in the end. It was one of those random days where Woobin was visiting with Wonjin, Kevin having nothing better to do but to entertain them as Kevin played a game of chess with Wonjin while Woobin watched. "How are you already beating me?" Asked Wonjin as he made a move. "Oh, that's easy, I remain unpredictable while you continue to use the same strategy," Kevin responded with a snicker, countering the move before moving his arm back to look at the board. "I think he's got you beat there Wonjin," Woobin commented with a small chuckle, earning a defeated sigh from Wonjin as he made another move. Kevin quickly countered the move, winning the game as it came to an end. "Checkmate," boasted Kevin as Wonjin let out a frustrated growl, getting up and having to walk away from the board to calm down. Kevin reset the board, sitting back and crossing his arms in thought when he was done. "How are Hyeongjun and Minhee?" Asked Woobin as he studied the board. "They're fine," hummed Kevin as he nodded. "They're out on missions right now," he explained. "But they'll be back soon I'm sure," he added. "Are they happy with your pack?" Asked Woobin. "They're happy, I think," hummed Kevin. "When I told them they could go back to you any time they wanted they said they'd rather stay here so," he explained with a shrug. "I haven't been cruel or anything, I just kind of let them do whatever they want," he added. Woobin hummed in response. [center ~] Wonjin came back once he was calm and sat down in front of the board again, watching Woobin and Kevin play against each other. "Who's winning?" Asked Wonjin as he examined the board. "We're at a stalemate right now," responded Woobin as he made a move, causing Kevin to make a move to counter him. "I think I got this though," hummed Kevin as Woobin countered him, taking pieces along the way. Kevin took a second to examine his strategy before moving a piece around before declaring a checkmate, smirking at the frustrated sigh from Woobin. "I thought I had you that game," whined Woobin, earning a scoff from Kevin. "I'm not the king of strategy for no reason now," sighed Kevin as he reset the board. "Besides, I didn't live this long on luck alone you know," he explained. "I get it, I get it," grumbled Woobin as he moved, letting Wonjin take his place to play another game with Kevin. "Has anyone come close to beating you?" Asked Woobin as Wonjin made the first move, causing Kevin to counter him immediately. "Joochan," responded Kevin as Wonjin made another move. "I always ended up winning in the end because of my unpredictability," he explained with a shrug before countering Wonjin who grumbled at the move before countering him. "Joochan just knows how your mind works," remarked Hyunjae as he walked over to look at the game. "I think Jaehyun has come close a few times too," he added, earning a hum from Kevin as he made a move to counter Wonjin and take some of his pieces. Wonjin grumbled as he saw the way Kevin was playing before changing strategies and trying to go a different route. "Finally figured it out?" Asked Kevin as he made a move, changing strategies again to throw off Wonjin who scowled at the board. "I almost had you that time," whined Wonjin as he made a move, causing Kevin to counter him and declare a checkmate. "Well, that's that," commented Kevin as he reset the board. "You two staying for dinner?" He asked, turning to Woobin and Wonjin. "Can we stay the night?" Asked Woobin as he looked between Kevin and Wonjin. "I don't see why not," hummed Wonjin as he shrugged. "Yeah, you can stay," reassured Kevin as he nodded before getting up and packing up the board before heading inside. The others followed after him. [center ~] "I never got to ask," started Woobin as he laid in bed beside Kevin who was playing a game on his phone. "How's your sickness after everything?" He asked. "You know," started Kevin as he sighed. "I haven't even thought of it, it's been so long since I've had an episode," he explained. "I guess relapse is over?" He asked. "I feel stronger now, ever since I awakened my alpha's voice," he added. "The others were concerned too, that it'd come back," he explained. "But it's been months since the last attack and I feel more at peace," he added. "Well, that's good," hummed Woobin. "Any luck on getting to your original wolf form?" He asked. Kevin shook his head no. "It just seems like he's not there anymore," he mumbled with a sigh. "I'm gonna try again at some point, but we'll see what happens I guess," he added. Woobin hummed in response.
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Rest in peace, Moonbin

[center Epilogue] Kevin did everything in his power to keep the peace, and enjoyed the peacefulness that now loomed over the territories. Allen had done everything to spread the word to the various other covens and packs within Norway, Sweden and Finland that Kevin and his brothers were not people to be messed with. It didn't mean very much to the other covens and packs in the three countries, since Kevin and the others had already established themselves as a pack to not be messed with, but it was a nice precaution nonetheless. "I guess your ploy of keeping Allen alive has kept the others from thinking of rebelling," remarked Hyunjae as he played a game of chess with Kevin. "I know I don't have to worry about rebellions from the packs and covens within the three countries, but it's also good I saved the countries from yet [i another] war," hummed Kevin as he made a move against Hyunjae. "Your father was always one for fighting until the other packs and covens submitted to his demands," commented Hyunjae as he made a move. "Father was always like that though," mumbled Kevin as he countered the move, smirking at the frustrated noise that escaped Hyunjae's throat. "That's true, I guess," sighed Hyunjae as he made a move, to which Kevin countered immediately. "Come [i on now]," whined Hyunjae as he scowled at the board. Changmin walked over with Chanhee and they watched the game, Changmin snickering at the defeated look Hyunjae sported. "I'd say you're cheating but I don't think you are, Hyunjae just doesn't know how you play well enough yet," commented Chanhee as Hyunjae made a move, Kevin countering again and declaring checkmate. "You two have come close to beating me a couple times," remarked Kevin as he reset the board. "Let us play then," demanded Changmin, causing Hyunjae to grumble but move out of the way as Changmin and Chanhee took his place, starting the game as soon as they sat down. Changmin made the first move, causing Kevin to counter him. Chanhee countered Kevin and Kevin countered back, smirking at the scowls the two trackers were making. "You thought I'd be an easy win huh?" Asked Kevin as Changmin countered him. Kevin countered Changmin before countering Chanhee's next move and smirking at their frustrated sighs. "Did you change your strategy?" Asked Changmin as he made a move. "No," replied Kevin as he made a move, causing Chanhee to make a move to counter him. "You just don't see where I'm going with this one," he boasted as he made another move, starting to take pieces before he stopped. "We've got this one," grumbled Changmin as he made a move, taking pieces from Kevin's side. "Really now?" Asked Kevin as he made another move, taking more pieces and smirking at the scowls that appeared on Changmin and Chanhee's faces. "Not even [i Jaehyun] has come this close to beating me and we've played more games together," he boasted. "Dude, but Jaehyun's also been trying to figure you out since we merged packs," grumbled Changmin as he looked at the board, shaking his head as he gave up, letting Chanhee try to finish this game. Chanhee took one look at the board before shaking his head. "I give up," he sighed. "Good choice," remarked Kevin before he reset the board, getting up once he was done. "I'm going on a run, okay?" He asked. "You good going by yourself?" Asked Changmin as he and Chanhee went to follow after him. "I'll be fine," reassured Kevin as he nodded. "I won't be long," he added. "Just don't wait up for me yeah?" He asked. "Howl at the first sign of trouble okay?" asked Hyunjae. "We don't know what's gonna happen out there," he added. Kevin nodded before turning and running off, changing to his wolf form once he hit the tree line. [center ~] Kevin stood at the borders to Russia, being face to face with Beomgyu and Taehyun. Taehyun was in his wolf form, but there was a noticeable change to the way Taehyun stood, and it became more apparent as Taehyun stood up on his hind legs, revealing a more human like state in his wolf form than before. Kevin didn't look surprised, only snorting in acknowledgement before bowing his head. "I don't know what caused this change either," grumbled Beomgyu as he put a hand on Taehyun's arm to get him to back down. "I was hoping you had an idea, since Heeseung didn't know what it was either," he added. Kevin returned to his human form, shrugging as he took in Taehyun's new changes. "It could be from Gunil himself," he explained. "These changes were brought on after years of abuse for him, but since he turned someone else it could've passed that physical change to Taehyun," he added. "That's my theory on it anyway," he mused, shaking his head. "Is this kind of thing permanent?" Asked Beomgyu. "Staying in wolf form?" Asked Kevin, earning a nod from Beomgyu. "You mean he's stuck in wolf form?" He asked as he looked surprised, earning another nod from Beomgyu. "I tried to ask Jiseok but even he said that Gunil didn't get stuck in wolf form like this," explained Beomgyu as Kevin looked thoughtful. "Does he have a chip?" Asked Kevin. "No," responded Beomgyu as he shook his head. "Not that I'm aware of anyway," he added. "The government hasn't done anything that warranted him getting a computer chip," he explained. "Can you cross over?" Asked Kevin. "I may need to get Eric over here to let them have a brawl out," he explained. "The only person who would be able to take Taehyun on and win would be Eric anyway," he added. "You sure it's a good idea?" Asked Beomgyu as he turned to Taehyun who growled at the idea. "Would you rather Eric come to you?" Asked Kevin. "Eric can't leave his territory for long anyway," he added. "No one wants to hurt you intentionally," he explained. "But knocking you out may get you to return to human form," he added. Taehyun huffed, crouching down and stepping forward, eyeing Kevin who nodded. "He'll come back in a few days, good as new," Kevin reassured Beomgyu who nodded. Kevin then changed, leading the way back to the pack house with Taehyun following after him. [center ~] "The chaos in the world right now is ridiculous," commented Woobin as he stood beside Kevin who was overseeing the brawl happening between Taehyun and Eric. "The treasure box faction pretty much dissolved after Mashiho and Yedam decided to retire," agreed Kevin as he shook his head. "Berlin's almost in shambles, the factions are doing everything they can to keep things going," he added. As the fight went on Kevin had gone silent, analyzing every move the two were making. He knew Eric could easily knock Taehyun out, but Eric was hesitating. "Quit playing around Eric," sighed Kevin as Eric gave him a pointed look before knocking out Taehyun and moving away, huffing as Taehyun returned to his human form. Kevin helped move Taehyun onto Eric's back before Eric left, heading towards the border of Russia to drop Taehyun off before heading home. "Pushy," commented Woobin, earning a scoff from Kevin before Kevin turned to Woobin with a sigh. [center ~] Kevin looked up at the pendant that hung above his bed, huffing out a sigh as he was reminded of Juyeon. "I'm okay, okay?" He asked. "You don't have to worry about me," he added. "Just- I'm okay," he mumbled, closing his eyes.


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