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Rei had escaped Radiance. 
Making a dangerous and long path to Germuid land of the elves. The elves lived divided.
Between the advanced technological races and those who clung to old ways of the forest.

Much had happened since the civil war but that isn't where our story takes place.

Rei had headed to a "Refuge" among the "True elves"
They were weary of him as it was a tribe of Wood Elves. He could be a Duskfall spy after all.
But over time he grew close to the elves opening a painting store.
The people came to love him. 

Rei and Cynthia loved to talk of the forest and painting but she always felt Rei had a barrier of sorts.
She was the daughter of the village head. She would expected to be a hunter one day too but... She'd often sneak out. Skipping her archery classes and examining the modern styles of Duskfall.
That being said she loved her home and her people and she believed nature should be loved.
Though she is an Heir they do not believe anyone deserves special treatment.
Rei and Cynthia share one thing besides their treasured friendship.

A birthday. Those who turn 25 in this tribe (Young for an elf) must have a Coming of Age hunt.

This is a grand hunt! Those who share a birthday share in this rite.

The target is a griffin.

The chief explains to them that the hunt will take place tomorrow.
That today will be the "pre hunt" of sorts.
A warm up given to them and that they may choose a few hunts.
Though the marks they may choose are limited.

Mark 1: A small pack of wolves have been getting attacking the live stock. Though natures course is understood those live stock help us live as well. They have eaten to live now so must we. 

Mark 2:
This one isn't really a hunt. There is a woman who's issued her a challenge. Veronica who has recently passed her coming of age hunt with her party. She is peppy and upbeat but believes she could be a better chief. So much so she will take the group 2 on 1.

The elder tells her that she may also prepare in her own way.
That less than a journeys way is a village. A village with a "Human village" Germuid's Duskfall may be elven but Germuid has a whole has become diverse like the other 5 kingdoms.
Sleeping Willow is the name of this village and though he discourages the outside world... He understand if she feels this is to prepare her.

If you head to Sleeping Willow you will meet a pair of elves (Married Merchants) and a human noble with 2 thug.  Asking the two to pay a "Tax" as they are trading without Germuid's license. That the elves at Duskfall wouldn't be happy.
Can persuade or Intimidate against their stat blocks. 
Or fight them! Can Sleight of hand and insight etc etc.
If you perceive can stealth.
Can also ignore the ordeal as a whole.

Arrive at sleeping willow! When you head to the tavern there is a Brawl! (Shops open etc)
David Wright is fist fighting a bandit type! After winning his brawl he'll look at the elf a bit.
Can look at the quest board but it's got nothing left.

Can try to persuade David to join for now (He can't do the major hunt though) actually gotta persuade against his own.
As the people make comments about the elves he'll scoff and leave.

As you leave the village you will be approached. 
The humans here... Don't trust the forest elves. Not since Duskfall teaches they are savage and backwater.

The person that approaches them tells them they have a job. Explains why they think that as they are armed and what not.
Insight against their deception roll. 12 which I rolled now so it can stay secret. (Dont wanna roll deception in front of them)
Roll anything less than 12 and they seem pretty nice.

If insight is a success? Can be "On Guard"

The Spy leads them to an alleyway only to be attacked! (If lost David will come in but only if lost. He won't stay unless convinced too.)

If they look around they can hear about a the Noble in charge sent from Germuid. He's got a group of 4 guards and himself at the manor and that they tax the town. (Only learn through exploration and persuading and investgations etc etc)

Can short rest etc and head to the manor. He has two guards outside Two Guards in his manner and he is alone in his office.

The walls require an athletics of 10 to get in.
Can investigate getting a 10 shows a way to parkour in for 10 acrobatics. As well as a strange magical seal in the back. 

A performance check of 12 can work. (Singing,acting etc)
Can persuade and intimidate against their rolls of course.
Can fight the two! By turn phase 2 Noble and other guards will be out. Once in the manor gotta do a sneak check of 10.

If in the manner and a perception check is done can find some clues around. Find a secret device to allow them in the inner chambers.
With a sneak of 10 can get straight to the noble.
Kill him in 1 or 2 turn phases and can escape out without ever fighting the guards.

He has 100GP on him.
When the quest is finished you'll be rewarded 50GP and 2 health potions. (2d4+2)
If David's in the party can do pre hunt stuff with him just not Griffion.

[h3 Hunt]

The day of the hunt comes!

Must find the majestic beast! 

Survival 12 helps you stay on track.
If failed 2 twice in a row attacked by 3 panthers! (Can short rest after)
Fail two more times and attacked by 2 bandits! (Have 80GP on them)

So making it in the last scene area's
Investigation shows that the griffon was likely being lead. As it wasn't marking it's territory as they do.

10 or more perception finds it's trail!

So heading down the trail you can sneak. See the Griffon being coerced by a bandit and a strange trinket!
Can stealth,persuade,trick,etc etc this encounter.

The bandit was using the griffon to steal things from the camp.

He will try and lie and say he did it cause he had no choice.
Insight against his deception. (He rolls 10) if so realize he is lying. 
If not? He'll drink a health potion (2d4+2) and attack one of ya!
Acrobatics or Athletics check.
If failed against his roll? He attacks with advantage and the intivate starts over (Except Griffon killed)
He has 150GP on him and 2Health potions.

Head back and the village chief will be glad to see you!!

On the way back from the Griffon however is a strange chest in a clearing in the forest. (Later you will learn was dropped by the Alchemist of town who's eccentric. As a note will be inside of it. Property of Sarah"

Perception 10 and you will see that anything touching it like leaves is sticking to it like glue which is strange.
Investigation 11 and you will recall that Mimics too have this effect

If you realize it's a mimic can attack it and get first hit.
Or you can simply leave it be.
When the chest is defeated it has the note and 200GP. Can return the GP or not.

If returned? The Alchemist will thank you and David is in the shop too. Though nothing is rewarded David will say that was a pretty nice thing to do. (Will join party if they wish to do so for adventuring)

When they head back Cynthia and Rei will hold a party in celebration.
Rei will be granted a grand brush made from the finest hairs and Cynthia gains a +1 bow but she can't use it well anyway despite being a wood elf and gives it to Rei.

[h3 Heading Out]

They set forth!
(Mimic encounter in the forest)

Can short rest

Heading down the path to Radiance is a lone paladin (or we can fight alone I'll make the encounter one less wyrmling if Blakely doesn't like this) A lone paladin fighting two wrymlings and a cultist. Can sneak in etc etc social skills and other options of course.
Or fight them if you wish the encounter can go anyway really. (With the proper rolls etc etc)
Two blue Wyrmlings and one regular cultist.
Give BloodHunter free attack role.
Wryms kill cultist cause he loses control.

Take a short rest and on the way back to the temple can detect three cult fanatics (Talking of Draconic research)
Roll perception.
Roll a 12 or higher can see them first if not a fight break outs (Can use social skills however.)

Can use sneak if you see them first. (Gain exp for the encounter either way.) Or sneak past them.
Gotta roll against passive perception.

(Blood hunter taken a contract)
Paladin is part of the temple and was investigating missing persons.
Passing the forest on the main road is a Temple.
Cynthia comes in to pray where she is asked why a Wood Elf would pray to Germuid's god. She reveals that she is a Cleric.

Priest argues with the paladin for not having permission to go off.
"You're jobs to follow orders not ask questions."
This is a rather large temple. The paladin looks a little upset.
(Second PC)
She as a Temple Cleric with her that she is supposed to guard.
Can ask what's wrong the Temple Cleric will answer that there was a murder. That he wanted to help his paladins get answers.

A paladin was killed recently and another was taking the pilgrimage and no one has been seen to return their tags. There is talk of the war in Radiance being more than Skirmishes. That it threatens to crush the borders.

The Ambassador of Germuid says Germuid won't come to Radiance's aid due to filing and proving it isn't a trap but it all seems... Fishy. Cerron is the one asking for aid.

The paladin's Cleric demands we start to investigate and a list of the names who saw the latest victim last. (Latest Paladin was a wood elf)

Ambassdor Name: Amber

Rumors: Can gather certain rumors with stealth persuasion from the people around.

Senior Paladin: (Training Session was last saw and a High Elf named Seri) She is... Secretive of it. Saying they trained and were good friends but doesn't want to talk more about it. Says they last saw each other training. (Insight and this is a lie. Insight of 10)

Guard: Greywald is the Guards name. He is in his mid 40's and an orc. He's been a guard for a long time. He tells the party that last he saw was Seri heading into the Junior Paladin's room. (Junior paladin name is Tabitha)

Can talk to Cerron as well but he doesn't know much of the murder.
But he does have info on Radiance. Herron is here as well.

There is also a priest. Andrew
If you do Rumors can find out that this priest was "Black Mailing" Tabitha. (Her relationship with Seri.) Says lots of nice things about Tabitha despite this fact.

Merchant and Seri were caught talking alone late at night often. Merchant will deny anything but learn of her secret?
He will tell you he was trying to "Help her" escape.
Can roll insight on him but takes 15 to see if he's lying or not.

He has papers in his desk must lure him away or some other plan.
Locked desk (10 Sleight of hand)

Without evidence or proof attacking him is breaking the law.

Can tell Cleric but they have a warrant or convince the Ambassador to search.

Takes Persuasion of 12.

Find out this Merchant is taking people under the temple. Doing experiments and the like. That the Priest had helped so he could Alter Tabitha to keep her himself.

Merchant is a fighter/wizard lv 5 (LV 4 fighter lv 1 wizard)
The priest will team up with them. (If brought extra NPC's they have brought Drakes etc etc)
The priest is a LV 2 Cleric.

the encounter is worth 2250 exp.

The Priest has Sacred Flame
Healing Word
Inflict Wounds
Healing Touch
Channel Divinity: Preserve life 10HP (Can't heal over half and 30HP and takes up Divinity slot)
Uses Spear (1d6)
Chainmail and shield.

STR: 16 (3+)
DEX: +16 (+3)
Wisdom: (16+3)
INT: 8
Charisma: 8
AC: 18

Attack: 1d6 (D8 if two handed)
Spell Slots: 3 LV's1

They have 200GP on them after defeated.

The Priest was in love with the Paladin while the Merchant only wished to make beast worthy of "Her" commenting that Rey... Had her same beauty.

The church rewards them 500GP for their efforts as well as the fighter having studded leather.

[h3 Heading off as 4]
Now that they've all collected themselves and rested they can set out and continue to Radiance. Looking for Kirai is important but it's clear.. Radiance is in trouble too.

Heading toward Radiance's borders they must make it through a Mountain Pass. Merchants come through on horseback telling them to turn back.
That he was heading to Radiance for trade per usual but... Bandits have taken pass!

Area 1: Entrance
Can Lead to Area 2 OuterCrag or Area 3: InnerCrag

Either Area can lead to Area 4: Lake of the Mystic Area 5: Lookout Point

Either of those area's lead to the exit.
The Bandit's Lair. Area 6

[h3 Area 1/ Shadowlight Pass Entrace]

Need Marching Order

Traveling through you'll need a passive perception of 12 to notice a bear trap. If Passive Perception of the one point fails. Roll for Perception. Whoever is in the lead see's this trap.
If failed gotta roll for a dex save of 10 if failed take 1d6 damage.
Roll perception if rolled 10 or higher see more traps.
Avoiding them only takes DC8 for each party member now.
Or dismantle them all with a DC10

Heading through can roll Perception of 14 (Or if passive perception 14)
If noticed it's a pressure plate.
Investigation of 12 or higher reveals it moves a fake stone wall.

If unnoticed the 4th member will get cut off (4th in the back)
Dex save of 12 to jump toward the party in time.
If failed they must fight two basic bandits alone!

The outside party can climb the wall (Steep) with a DC of 14 Can try to smash the wall for a DC of 17. If wall is smashed the whole party can get through. (One attempt every round)
Acrobatics being even harder of DC17
If the member loses they are kidnapped.
The bandits have 50GP on them

Heading forward passive perception of 12 (or roll) Notices they are being followed.
Behind them will reveal A bandit captain and in front of them is a priest with 1 bandit.
If the two bandits were not dispatched before the captain has 2 bandits with him.

This group has 120GP on them all together.
Can capture one for info (Captain has better info)
Priest is sneaky and will try to lie (Insight vs deception)

The with perception 12 you uncover a riddle.
A numerical code.
With investigation of 14 you can find a safe with 250GP in it!
Or lockpick safe with 14DC.

Can rest here or head on!

From here can head to Area 2 or 3

[h3 Area 2/Outercrag]

Heading to the Outercrag there is a cliffside to head up on a path.
Perception of 12 (roll if passive not enough) notice bandits.
If notice can stealth against their own passive perception.
There is a ladder.

If caught they will pull the ladder up (Rope ladder) and run ahead.
Athletics DC 14 to climb or Acrobatics DC 15
Climbing up if stealth you retain stealth and can push the ladder down.

If caught and climbed up combat starts and takes a bonus action to push the ladder down.

There is a Knight and 2 bandits ready to ambush if not stealthed.

They have 140GP on them.
They have 2 healing potions and 2 magical brews.
The magic brews can restore 1 spell slot each.
Healing potion is 2D4's + 2HP restored.
Can rest after the fight too.

If explored with Perception 10 (Must be a roll)
Find two Herbs. and a lock of hair
A Red and Green Herb.
The Red Herb is poisonus.
The green can heal 2D4 HP.

If you have Medicine 10 or higher can understand the notes next to the plants. Med 12 can combine them to make an herb that restores a spell slot. 12 Investigation shows the hair to be elven and similar to Rey's.
As well as that the footsteps around have the same gait but different sizes.

[h3 Area 3/Inner Crag]

A man made hallway was created in the valleypath with concrete and the works.
With perception of 13 or higher notice a plate of trap.
If failed roll acrobatics of 12 or higher to dodge swinging blades.

Can cross the blades by blocking with a Constitution DC of 14 or higher.
Or acrobatics of 14 or higher. At the end is a lever to pull.
Can disable the trap.
With tools it's DC 15 without tools its DC 16

If fail with an 8 or lower make the blocking and acrobatics DC's one level higher. (Can head to another place.)
If failed take 2d6 damage. If alive make it if knocked out will send you flying across the way next to the lever at least.

[h3 Area 4/Lake Mystic]

Heading to Area 4 notice lots of exavation has been done and digging and notes everywhere.

Perception of 7 or higher and hear screaming ahead (can stealth)

A cult fanatic has the "Mystic" Viviane restrained.
Him along with a priest and an entrhalled wolf. Taking her energy into an orb.
If you eavesdrop (perception of 11 or higher but must roll)
They ask of the legend of Guinevre how she got her powers so they too can use them. The priest ask the fanatic where Daniel is.
The fantatic says Daniel? Probably off training in his temple but he will catch up.
Danny will recognize this name.

They will talk of Daniel coming into a fight with a fellow monk and he might not catch up a rumor. That a paladin was already onto their draconic research at the church.

He reassures him that Miyu (Rei's mother) will take care of things.
He comments that Herron stole a petal from her and that she betrayed Rin and Maric but the fanatic stays loyal to Rei's mother.
Cynthia will wonder what her father is doing.. Fighting this secret group.

If the stealth is to fail they will have a report on them upon looting to share this information.
Can surprise the if remained stealthy!

After the fight they have 180GP.
The lady of the lake freed will offer her healing prowess.
Having enough for two cast one of physical and another of magical.
She will answer questions of her connections to the Chevaliers. How the Chevaliers once served... The akalui. That Herron had served as an adviser and had once planned to pass down to his heir.

Her physical heal is 2d4+4
Her magical heal is 1 magic slot while healing 1d4+1 as well. She will retreat deep into the pocket realm of her "Lake" to recover and to hide.
She will comment how Guinevere could have turned her blessing so perverse.

[h3 Area 5/Lookout Point]

Perception 10 can hear fighting far away enough to not get evolved.
You'll see.. A raven haired woman covered in blood. See but she is panting due to the adult red dragon she is standing on. Worse for wear she see's Rei and smiles saying. "Kirai? Thou have cometh here?"

If stealth successfully. Notice two blue dragon wyrmlings about to attack Raven.
Can stealth attack them (Where she talks and notice)
If you let her fight she will get KO'd when Cynthia heals her she will say she feels something off with Raven...

After a talk head to the lair! Raven gives them 210GP for helping her.

[h3 Area 6/Bandit Lair/Shadowlight exit]

Doppler was posing as bandit leader.
Has doppler stats can be seen eating corpses.
Changes into mulitple forms (As written on notebook)

After the fight gain 1000GP.

[h3 ShadowLight city]

This is the border city of Germuid and Radiance and is ahead of this pass (Some distance)
This city will sell +1 weapons for 500GP a piece.
As well as +1 armors 500GP a piece

The town is split into Multiple Parts!!

[h3 Radiance Shrine]

The religious central point of the town. A massive shrine/tower in the center of town.
With several steps to take! See many priest walking up and down the temple for prayers. When you enter one can pray to the Dragon Stone to offer prayer to the loss of Dawn. When Rei and Cynthia come close they will be given a vision/contacted with.
They will see a massive blue Dragon in a black void like area!

The beast will have 3 voices!

One is a warm and familiar voice to Cynthia?
A second is kind but stern/strong voice.
And the third? Is a monstrous tortured soul.
The first two voices will ask how Herron is doing while the third voices tries to restrain itself spewing threats.
The second voice will look to Rei and ask of his bloodline?
Asking if he'd wish to reach out to another? Of his bloodline? Cynthia wants to but they tell her that... The hearts of Herron and Kirai are too "Guarded" to make a connection. The voice offers to reach the heart of one near to Kirai. Both spiritually and physically a family connected to Rei's family. (May not mention this fact instead bridging a connection)
Causing Rei and Cynthia to talk to a silhouette (Arthur's vision.) After they speak and catch up so to speak.
Arthur will forget this conversation if but only for a time. The voices tell Arthur to save Herron and he ask... From what?
They inform him. "From himself."

[h3 Uptown Dawn]

This has the political buildings from the side of Radiance! Full of High rank Nobles and politicians! Can try to enter the main building but will be stopped by 4 knights! They will tell you that in this sensitive time you cannot be allowed entry.

If the party is to find a way in? Be it through persuasion or stealth? Inside the building has the queen of Radiance! Vintsvent here in a meeting! She is meeting the ambassador of Germuid Amber. Vanessa makes her case letting them know Kirai had crossed into Alba! A report of the rose claimed! Talk of Kirai going rogue because of him becoming Pirate King can be heard as well. Not to mention Herron for he won't hand over the rose! Amber will stand strong that Germuid must keep it's armies in case of an outsider attack or a domestic issue. There is talk of Alba Assassin guild. "Red Dagger" becoming involved due to Ayumi's Assassin giving information. Vanessa says she will find a force to handle this "Red Dagger" and when they suggest to ask Kirai to prove his loyalty. She will say that Kirai already has more pressing matters and they must stand strong without pinning everything on one man and his band of friends. Almost as if on cue (to prove the power of the Red dagger) one will emerge from the shadows (If Rei's group rolls 15 or higher in perception can see it first and call out.) They will stab Vanessa with a blade! Poisoned! She will turn around and take the assassin down before he can strike again! She will fall ill and the healers will come to aid! However... It is a curse draining her life force! Only the Spell "Remove Curse" can aid her but only few paladins and Clerics are powerful enough to cast such a spell and our on the warfront! There is a "Mysterious Cleric" in the underground world. Working with a group of thieves in the Dimlight District. If spotted they will confuse Rei as Kirai and ask him for help and how he got back! Asking if his paladin can remove her curse? Time to hunt down the Cleric! The cleric's name is Serene! A LV 5 Cleric! Must head to Dim Light district!

[h3 Downtown Dusk]

Germuid's political building resides here! If went to Uptown event first and headed here? Amber had to come here for another meeting. Her body guard Rose is securing the area. If this was done first? Than the reverse is true. Amber heads in (Or was already here.) She see's the council tear apart Romaria Blueblood (Rin's mother) that due to her son's betrayal being discovered she must reform back to being the commoner she was. That raising her to Nobility was a mistake.
Amber will step in on her behalf reminding them that Rin's choices are his own and not her own. He is a grown man and although his deeds raised the family? Her mother has done much to keep Radiance saited in it's desperation and has peacefully quelled many Wood Elf uprisings being a wood elf herself. Which only serves as fuel for one particular politician. Derek Flether he will stand against Amber and Romaria but doing so with a smile. Calm and collected with a kind aura he states that Germuid politicians must do what is best not what is easiest and that Romaria should be under house arrest for the time being. A case is made to investigate her but she is not arrested due to Amber efforts with one politician threatening her himself Derek tells him he will not accept threats here drawing a blade against the politician. Amber will suggest a security team for Romaria back to her house in Dimlight District! Derek will insist he should come. Amber will ask Rei to be this team that she will pay them 80GP! Derek makes conversations and maybe even some thinnly veiled threats but he will not attack them.

Heading back Romaria will offer a prayer to her son Rin.

[h3 Way to Dawn Guild]

Guard at the front will stop you saying in order to join the way to dawn they won't take just anyone. That one has to prove themselves that everyone here is an elite.
He tells you of a group of adventerers dying to kill a Medusa nearby. He warns you to prepare but if you succeed? They will be accepted as a guild member. He tells you to toughen up first but he will pay you 1000GP for the job.

[h3 Commoners Quarters (Dimlight District)]

In Dimlight district! It's run down and a bit dangerous! When you first head here you will see a young girl trying to fight a grown man! A little elf with blue hair fires a simple spell at him doing slight damage! He grows angry telling her to watch it. She may be a fake big shot but he won't go easy on her. Can get involved! If Derek is with him he will claim that he was told to watch you guys not get involved.
Can roll a persuasion of 14 or higher and he will help. If he helps he'll fire a spell to knock over the berserk-er but tells you that is all he is doing.

Can persuade/intimadate/stealth you're way in the situation or let it go! But Romaria herself will get involved if she is with you! She will fight the berserker on the side! (If Berserker is defeated fight the Animated armor user)
Enemy group consist of...

A man using Animated Plate (Animated Armor stats)
A goblin man (Goblin Boss)
Half Orc

The group will have 120GP! Get full EXP regardless of way done!
Afterards the child will introduce herself as Luna Blueblood and that you fight super cool like her big brother! Taking you to her house (With her mother if Romaria is here as well.) They invite you to dinner. Can ask about the Cleric if that questline was taken! Romaria knows of them and the Underground Waterway to the Thieves Den.
If this Hook isn't taken she will mention those hoodlums and the Thieves Den are causing too much of an issue and her daughter needs to be more careful. Offers free lodging while in town! The father is off in Radiance abandoning his post to aid Radiance after all. Haleth Blueblood. If you ask about the thieves den she can only state to start in the Market and the Waterway.

Market the Market here has Nobles and Commoners due to the craftsman being so talented!

Weapon shop:
Green gear for 500GP a piece. Run by a halfling named Tammy

Armor Shop: Ran by a Dwarf named Shoger Mason Sho-Gear pronounced.

Item Shop is by an Alchemist a Tiefling named Bartellow a large slanky tiefling who is rather... Shady.
Insight of 13 or higher shows he's got a secret. Persuade or deception of 15 or higher can convince him to spill it. He's a Thieves Den informant and sells goods from them. He can tell you the secret entrance of the guild for 200GP. If you persuade of 15 he will lower it to 50GP.
Now if you decide to strong arm him? He will tell you for free.
He will tell you a lie. Insight of 14 or higher lets you know it's a lie. If you succeed he will tell the truth out of fear.
Fail? He sends you down a dangerous false entrance.

[h3 Water Way Dungeon]

When the party heads to the water way if they have a passive perception of 12 or higher can see two people talking! Two armored Guards! They have Remond Wallace stat sheet stats! Each has the lucky feat! Must call out lucky before the roll! (Cause DM can see outcome my way of making it fair. May just use the roll defensively? Depends I suppose) The encounter is worth 900 EXP! 20GP!

Can eaves drop on them as they use a password at the door.
"The leering eye thou must deceive" (No roll required)
After the password the wall will open!

False Entrance
On the other side of the water way you can use the False Key (given by the tiefling Bartellow if man handled) Two open a "Entrance"
Instead it releases two Displacer beast! (no surprise on the party)
Can head back to gain the truth this time! Handing you his key and even offering to come!

If you lose to the Thieves Den they won't kill you as they have already been accused and framed for some Red Dagger assassinations.

Place has 5 area's!

[h3 Area 1/Water Way Entrance]

After entering the Water Way entrance the door will close. Making those who visit must gain permission from the boss to leave even cohorts.

The first area is pitch black dark!

If you use light you will get caught sooner! (Those in the light or dim light)
Must have a marching order!

Heading there is a popped up tile. Passive perception of 13 or higher passes for the leader.

If failed need a dex save of 14 or higher! If failed shot by a dart in the wall. Dealing 1d8 piercing damage! With poison must pass a con save of 14 or higher or take 2d6 poison damage!

Heading ahead two death dogs can be seen with a qua goth if you have light or in the light they will see you.
Need a perception against their highest stealth to sneak against them.
If no light is involved both sides have a chance to sneak on the other!

If light is involved? The monsters lose stealth and those in the light lose stealth.

1050EXP (Plus bandits outside?)
1950EXP so far heading further in!

[h3 Area 2/ Waterfall Basin]
Green Crystals light the area creating subtle enough light to be bright but not dim enough to be dim.
A waterfall can be softly heard in this basin with grass and other bits of nature can be seen.

Up ahead is a door with glowing symbols and a button it reads.
"Hesitation means defeat"
Press a button and it counts down 10 to 1.
If it is pressed again It resets the timer.
Let it get to 0 and the door opens!

Press the button three times?
You will hear a voice that tells you that you have hesitated too long and to be gone.
A Helmed Horror will come and challenge the party!
If the puzzle is solved? The horror will come out only to kneel. (Gain 1100EXP anyway!)

3050 EXP

[h3 Area 3/Lost Ruins]

Come upon the lost ruins with patrols of guards!
Not needing a perception instead stealth!
On the walls can read writing!

Human is the number 1

In Dwarvish is the number 2

In Elvish the number 3

And in Celestial the number 4 can be seen.

The door at the end of the fort is MASSIVE. It speaks asking for a number.
That it must speak it's riddle first.
First came the humans ruling the planet

Than came the Celestial came to rule them.

After humans downfall came the dwarves third to be ruled by both
humans and their celstials.

Fourth came the elves who would rule them all.

1423 is the number.
If the answer is wrong? It'll shoot darts forcing all who answered the door to make a dc 13 dex save.
Fail take 1d6 damage from a dart to make a con save.
Fail that? Take 2d6 poison.

Fail again? 4 Bandits come to open the door and fight the party (Can sneak in afterwards)

Can hold guards hostage but they won't say!
Need persuasion of 15 or Intimadation of 13!
They won't know the password but they know it's tied to the words on the walls. (Will help translate)

Pass the riddle? Gain 250EXP for each party member!

Guard Patrol Encounter. (Can stealth against highest passive perception to sneak by or fight. Sneak by is full EXP)

Patrol Encounter

Bandit Captain
Bronze Dragon Wyrmling (Cause Cleric leading here has a good heart)



[h3 Area 4/Shadow Fort]

A fort stands between the party and the den in this lost underground city! In the fort can roll Investigation to find the supply room! Gain two potions! (Must roll 14 or higher)
One that heals a D8 plus con modifier and another that restores a single spell slot.

The top of the fort has 4 scouts shooting down.
Athletics of 16 required
Acrobatics of 14 required
Must stealth against passive perception of scout. 15

Takes a turn to climb if caught!
Front door takes 20 athletics/str to destroy!
Can try to sneak around the fort!!

After taking the fort gain an extra 500EXP for the troubles!


[h3 Area 5/Thieves Den]

Heading into the thieves den...
Find the Cleric herself.
Out and wandering alone to find you herself for her people.

Can sneak on her but need perception of 11 to find her.
Than sneak against her perception roll. (Add 2 bandits with her if the party is healthy)
She is worth 1800EXP


6700exp all together.
After losing she will ask to hear you out. (Can simply talk to her of course either way gain full exp)

[h3 Royal Quarters (Brightlight District]
This is the home of royals and also leads to up town and down town for Germuid and Radiance politics.
A kid here tries to steal from you (Commoner stats.)
If/When you catch the kid he will try to fight but is clearly terrified.
When you ask him whats wrong he will explain his case that he needs the money.. To become a Gladiator so he can win the prize money and help his sick mom that he needs 1000GP.

After catching/hearing/killing him etc each member gets 100EXP.

If you give him the gold outright you will all gain d10 inspiration and 500EXP each! (Still get this even if pay him later)

Or can offer to champion in for him! Heading to the arena's!

[h3 Arena (Sunlight Arena)]

1v1 Tourney

1st Round: Bandit Stat Block

2nd Round: Thug

Semi Finals: Goblin Boss statblock

Finals: Bandit Captain

Can have short rest between battles.

Grand Prize 400GP

2v2 Tourney
Grand Prize 500GP

1st Round: Two orc stat blocks

2nd Round: 2 Spies

Semi Finals: Cult Fanatic statblock and bandit

Finals: Two Animated Armor's

4v4 Tourney

Grand prize 1000GP

Round 1: 4 Bandits

Round 2: 4 drow

Round Semi Finals: LV 1: Ariana,Nea,Seren,Ashe stats OR Mordreds party. Or mines of phandelvers party LV 2 (If LV 2 make them CR 2 for EXP)

Finals: Gladiator with 3 bandits. Gladiator name is Maximillus! Or Max for short! He's a dwarf (Secretly a changeling.)

[h3 Story]
After curing the curse she will thank you and for the thieves den part they are tracking a Red Dagger spy a Dwarf who's a changeling a champion in the arena (Must meet Cleric to learn this)
Catch/Prove he is a changeling. Helps them come one step closer to finding the rest of the Red Daggers.

Rei must decide where he wishes to go next!
Radiance to aid?
Red Daggers?
Kirai to warn of Herron?
It is his choice!

[h3 Red Dagger Plot Hook]


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