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YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

It was a calm night at levi's house, levi was in the living room watching TV. He started thinking of somethings that he can do over the weekend since the weekend was his day off from work, levi works at a local bakery with his grandfather. He looked at the time that it was getting late so headed to his room to get some rest for tomorrow, once he made it to his room, he layed down on his bed pulling the covers over him and slowly started to fall asleep.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

In the morning, levi had woken up by some commission in the living room. He gotten out of the bed and headed to the living room to what what was going on, as soon as he got closer to their he stopped right into his tracks. Levi was surprised to see two skeletons in his living room, he didn't know what to do, so he stepped back abit having a little fear in him and headed back to his room. He sat on his bed didn't know what to do at the moment, he thought of it for a bit and calmed down for a while before he can confront them skeletons.

Edge would just stand there with his arms crossed. Red would look to Levi as he backed up sans would take a few steeps towards him. Edge shook his head.
" what is wrong with you Human? Never seen some skeleton's before?" He asked sa sans would stay quite for a moment. As he just looked from Edge to Levi.( it's not the best sorry)
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

(its ok peep =w=) Levi looked up seeing them both, he stayed quiet for a moment. He didn't know what to say at that time since he was still in shock but manage to get some courage into him, "who are you guys and how did you get into my home?" he got up putting his hands in his pockets questioning on what is going on in his mind.

Sans laughed," your door that's how we got in. " He ponited to Edge, " That is my bother Edge, I'm Red." He would say pointing to himself putting his boney hands in his jacket pocket.

 " It's as simply as We saw your door open. We have nothing to do so we walked in." Edge replied un crossing his arms.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

Levi felt dum at the moment but sighed after that, "welp that's explains it but, call me levi" he smiled a bit. His phoned vibreated when he got a text from his grandad, he took his phone out and text his grandad back. Levi went silent for a sec when he started saying something to them, "sooo you guys want anything to eat since your here?" he questioned he walking out of his room heading to the kitchen.

"  don't you work at the bakery?" Red asked. Edge sighed and shook his head as je glared at Red." What? You just dragged me here." Red said to Edge.
" Leave the Human alone." Edge said to Red. " I mean Levi." He would correct himself begrudgingly. Red would shrug.
" what do you do then?" He asked Edge seemed to just give in.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

"yes its true, that I work at the barkery" he said as he grabbed some stuff to make his special cake which is a Black Forest Cake. His made his cake by his mother when he was young, it was one of the popular cakes in the bakery at downtown.

" what if we pay you to bake something I don't know." Red said as he made random hand motions as he spoke. Edge shrugged. 
" sure why not, " edge said. He would fix his gloves. Red smiled a even bigger smile sowing off his gold tooth more.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

Levi finished grabbing the stuff that he needed and smiled, "no its fine guys, you don't have to pay me" he giggled a bit. He took out his apron and put it on and started to make the batter, icing and ect. "you guys can chill out in the living room while ill do this" he said as he was making the batter for the cake.

Red would nod as he walked and sat down. Edge would shake his head. 
  " no we will pay you  for your time." Edge told him, " you can't change my mind." He would add as he sat down. Edge would fiddle with his Scarf and gloves to fix them. Red would just get comfy and Humm a song he had heard
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

He smiled and sighed as he was done with the batter and started making the icing, he grabbing some circle pans to make a three layer cake. Levi put the batter in the pans and then put the pans in the oven so that can cook, he went back on making the icing adding some flavor to it. In a few minutes, he check the cakes seeing that they were done backing, he put on some oven mitts and took them out on the counter. After that levi put everything together adding a few final details to it, "ok it's ready" he called out letting them know that its done.

Red would snap and appear in front of him. " oh it look good." He said after looking at the cake. " you back really well." Red would add with a quick nodd.
Edge would slightly jump up when sans snaped. " Red I swear you would do anything for food." Edge said to him unaware telaported. Edge smeeled the air.
" oh it smelled quite nice. What kind is it?: Edge asked.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

"well its called the Black Forest Cake, its manly a chocolate cake but i added some special things to it" he smiled and he took of his apron and hanged it up, he layed back on the counter. "so how does it taste?" he asked.

Edge would cut a peace for him and Red and give it to him. Red would take take bite of his peace. " oh, it takes really good!" Red said nodding. Edge would take a bite. 
" for once you are right Sans." He said to Red would a nod then took another bite. 

" how long have you worked at the bakery?" Red asked Levi.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

"its been a couple of years since I work at the bakery, i started when i 8 years-old at the time" he smiled as he crossed his arms looking forward at the living room, "my mother and grandfather taught me how to do baking and I started liking it from there" he smiled softly.

" how sweet, you do good at your job"  red would nodd to Levi. Edge would jeep eating but then stopped. 
" so then today is your day offthen?" Edge asked. " also here take this." Edge would hand him some money " keep it " Edge added
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

"heh thanks and yeah its pretty much my day off" he grabbed the money and headed to his room. "ill be in my room if you need anything" he said as he walked inside of his room. He layed on his bed grabbing his phone out looking through it.

" oh okay then" Edge said. After Levi went to his room Edge would get the dirty dishes and take off his gloves and start washing them. Red would whisper sowing under his breath then sigh as he would dry them.
Soon when the dishes was done. Red would put them away. Now unsure on what to do. 
" now what?" Red asked Edge would shrugged. 
" we sit and wait," Edge would whispered as he grabbed his gloves.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

Few hours when its midnight, levi was in his room playing his guitar until he decided to settle down for tonight. He put his guitar away next to his bed and layed down on his bed, he left his TV on his room since he tends to sleep like that. He pulled the cover over him as he slowly falled asleep in his bed.
Undertale_lover_Horror sans   234d ago

The other two skeletons would see how late it was so. Of them would get up and leave his house. Soon after they left. Two skeletons was walking around one was small with a blue bandanna the other was bigger with a hole in his skull. The smaller one was talking to him about manners.  The a idea poped up in the smaller ones head. 
" we wait outside till moring then you have to be nice" the small one told him.  The next day came by and the bigger one would just open the door and walk in. The smaller skeleton would try to pull him back out. Sadly it didn't work.
( I know horror and Blueberry isn't same au but why not if you don't mind)
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

(sure i don't mind =w=) Levi woke up from his nap and got out of bed heading to the kitchen to make some food. As he was walking thier he stopped when he saw two new skeletons so he turned around and went back into his room. He closed the door this time and sat on his bed being so confused about this situations. 
*Levi's mind: "ok so now there are new ones now! ok so Im guessing that there will be two new ones everyday ain't that just great"* Levi sighed as he got on his phone and looked through it for a while.

The small Skelton looked to the bigger one with a angry face.
"  is look what you did you scared one of the bakers!" The small one yelled. 
" well I can't help it." The bigger one would cross his arms and look the other way. The smaller one slapped his arm. Foe a while both was quite. After almost a hour the small skeleton slowly walked near the door.
" Mr Barker person me and my friend is sorry. And I'm also sorry for him just barging into your home. " the small skeleton whispered, " oh wait he might be asleep.." the small one scurried back to pulling the bigger one out.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

Levi quickly got up and opened the door, he sighed as he layed back on the wall. "hey um its ok for you barging in my home and im levi by the way" he smiled and he walked up to the small skeleton. "what is your name?" he asked when looking at the smaller one.

" nice to meet you Mr I mean Levi." He smiled and walked slightly closer. " people and .osters Call me Blueberry!.or blue."  The taller one would just look around. 
" hey, be nice." Blueberry said crossing his arms at the taller skeleton.

" I'm Horror," the bigger one said then just looked awY
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   234d ago

"pleasure to meet you both" he smiled as he headed to the kitchen,"is there anything you guys want to eat?" he asked as he was grabbing stuff since thought that more of them will appear in the morings, he might as well make food for them.

" nice to meet you too Levi" he paused for a moment.  When Levi said food hooray would uncrowded his arms.", hum what do you make?" Blueberry question as he titled his head " because I normally make toast so why not try something else." Blueberry would nodd. Horror shrugged.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

"anything you can think of and i might have an idea of something i can make~, why don't you two go in the living room and ill let you known that im done" he smiled as he got the stuff and the ingredients for his mother's favorite recipe, blueberry pie. He put on some earbuds to play some music, he started working on making the pie.

Blueberry nodded as horror slowly followed. Blueberry would sit down and watch some TV byt he was still ready to help any way he could with a smile. Horror would see a nar by window and stand where the sun was and closed his eyes as he was being warmed by the sun.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

Levi was almost done as he grabbed some stuff out of the cabinet, he put some final touches to the pie and smiled as he was finished with it. "ok guys the food ir ready" he called out as he took his apron off and hanged it up, he sighed when he layed back on the counter crossing his arms. He was tried out but is manly used to it when overing working himself with baking at home and at the local bakery store.

Both skeleton's made their way Levi. Blueberry was very impressed in what he had made. So he got on his tip toes to see it. 
" oh, this smells amazing! What is it? A pie?" Blueberry asked with a smile.  Horror saw Levi was tired.
" tired, bud?" He questioned crossing his arms. Blueberry looked to the bigger Skelton unafraid. " I'm asking being nice." He asked
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

He sighed, "well this is my mother's recipe blueberry pie and yeah im pretty tired, i tend to workover myself" he giggled nervously. "go ahead and try, see if you like" he smiled when taking his earbud out.

Blueberry laughed slightly, " Blueberry pie!" Horror would slowly grB  kife to cut the pie tring his best to not frighten Levi. He gave Blueberry a peace. When Blueberry got it he took a bite. 
" mmm, it takes really good! " He would nod as he talked. 
" yeah it's good,bud" he nodded and tok another bite. After a moment," So how can we pay you..back for this?" Hirrir asked in a slightly deeper voice. 
" yes we must pay you back!"
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

"no no its fine, you don't have to pay me" he softly as he was getting tired. "imma get some rest, baking can be tiring" he walked off waving back at them when he is heading to his room, when he was in his room he layed on his bed and went to sleep.

" if you are sure." Blueberry said as Horror shrugged. As they watched gim go to his room horror put his plate in the sink. But Blueberry would was them and unsure he lift them drawing and led horror out of the house. About a hours or more would pass thenTwo skeletons walked up to the door. But unlike the two before they would wait outside. Both if them was tall and skinny both was smoking outside. One looked like Red but also Edge. The ouver somewhat looked like edge but nice wearing s orange hoddie  both would waith. : well your brother=was here." One said to the other.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

Levi woked up, he stretch and and yawned as he got up and headed to the living room. Once he was in the living room, he decided to make some sweets since he reckons the next two are here. Levi is gonna to make some Chocolate Chip Cookie Nutella S'Mores, a special new treat at the local bakery. He began working on the s'mores since it won't take them long to, for a couple of minutes he was finished with the s'more and carried them to the living room setting them on the table. He looked over seeing the other two skeletons at the door, he smiled as he went to the door and open it. "heya!" he smiled brightly.

The one on a orge hoddie was asleep and he would jolt awke. 
" huh, oh hey" he waved still waking up. The other Skelton would smile and wave as he stood up. 
" may we come in?" The Skelton standing a asked as the other stood.
" oh did you see a short Skelton wears blue happy most like with-" he yawned not finishing what he was saying.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

"sure you guys can come in and no i haven't blueberry since i went to sleep" he smiled as he left the door open for them to come in. "there some sweets on the table that im if you want to eat them" he said as he grabbed one and sat on the chair.

" was he here with anyone?" The one in the orange hoddie asked slightly crossed he didn't find him.
" he means thank you " the other Skelton said as he sat down.the other sat. " My name is Slim, but if you want you can call me Dingo." He smiled. 
" and I'm Stretch but you call call me Orange, Honey, Carrot I don't mind" he said listing off Nicknames he has been called.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   233d ago

"Well its the pleasure to meet you dingo and carrot, the names levi" he said as he ate a s'more. He got a text from his grandfather saying that if he can get some stuff from the store, he texted back and got up putting on his jacket. "hey guys i need to do something right quick so ill be back" he walked out as he was heading to the farmers market at downtown.

" anything you need done?" Dingo asked before Levi left. Carrot would grab a sweet and eat on it with a big smile on his face. Dingo would take one for himself as ge played around with the fur on his jacket. And looked around.
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   231d ago

Levi had left before he was asked by dingo, levi was looking around at the farmers market grabbing the stuff that his grandfather need at the bakery. Once he say the things that he need, he bought them and left the farmers market and headed to the bakery. Few minutes later, levi was setting the stuff down on the counter in the kitchen at the bakery helping his grandpa, he left as he waved at his grandpa and walked off heading back to the house where dingo and carrot are at.

Carrot was outside of the house on phone before Levi was close enoug&to hear he would hang up and turn to go in as he did so he would see him 
" oh hey, Levi " he would wave to him." Dingo is Inside. " He would state and walk in. Dingo was eating on of the smores that was left while standing.
" oh hey" Dingo said as he say Levi
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   204d ago

(heya peep =w=) "hey dingo and carrot" he smiled as he put some stuff down on the table. "i brought some sweets from the local bakery that i work, you can try them if you want" putting his jacket up and headed to his room to grab his comfy jacket for the rest of the day.  He came back and sat on the chair and watch some TV.

( so sorry I got busy I'm sorry)
Dingo would turn and nod. Carrot would stand up. " are you sure you don't mind," he but it was t[late each one would take one and munch on it. Dingo would right a thank you note and leave it where he would see it when he woke up. Soon both would leave
YourlocalhoodiefrienLevi   194d ago

hey is it ok =w=) Levi had fallen asleep when they both left, its was the next morning and levi was at the bakery working with his grandpa. So levi won't know who are the next pair of skeletons would be, he was serving some breakfeast desserts for the customers and he will bring some to the house. Once all of the customers where gone, levi left the barkery since his grandpa told that they will take care of the rest, levi had to grab somethings in the farmers market before he heads back home.


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