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Yuri was a victim of a vampire attack. He was bitten at a young age. Too that vampire he was a perfect doll. He hated that fact that he was now a monster like him. He wished he didn't survive the bite, but he did. He often try to starve himself to death. It only let to his blood lust getting worse than normal. Yuri did his best to only drink animal blood but that too was becoming difficult with all the humans around.

One day Yuri came across you! It made his heart flutter. Which he was surprise it could still do. Yuri did wanted nothing more than to spend more time with you. He wasn't allowed too! As soon as his master seen he had interest in you he put a stop to Yuri freedom quickly trapping him in his room. After all he was his master's precious doll.
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[Dancing+Script [center [#eaa9e3 Yuri sighed softly as he looked out the stained glass window. His head was filled with doubt. He knew he would never get to see you again... Not after his Master discovered his interest in you. He was his master doll... a plaything. 

Yuri was attacked by a monster at a young age. He was only a teenage when he was bitten by a vampire. He honestly wished he didn't survive that monster's dark gift. He was nothing more than a doll to him. That bastard wanted him for his looks and nothing more.

He was forced to grow out his hair and were frilly dresses. The dresses were always fancy, and made from the finest of silk. Yuri was well taken care of but he felt nothing. He was possession. Maybe if he was kinder to his master he would see that truly was loved. He didn't feel it. In fact  he didn't feel much of anything.  That was until he saw you. 

He met you a few time when he was allowed to go out to feed. The two of you spent hours talking. Every time he talked to you. He felt things a little more. The world seemed less grey. The only thing he could do now is write you letters and hope you responded. 

You didn't seem to care that Yuri was a monster. You still talked to him and that made his heart flutter. The two of you had grown close after only after couple of visits. Yuri could feel a tear slipping down  his pale cheek as he wrote you a letter. 

He told you everything. About how he wasn't allowed to leave anymore. How made his master was because he took interest in you. The only thing left for him to now was figure a way to run. Yuri wanted nothing more to be with you. He wanted to run away with you start anew. He wanted to be something more than a "Romeo and Juliet" story. 

All Yuri could hope for was this letter to reach you. If did you would come on the night of the full moon two of you would make your get away. Maybe his master wouldn't of be against relationship if you were a vampire too. You weren't maybe that was why Yuri liked you and got close to you. Yuri sighed softly as he watched small bat fly off wit the letter he wrote you. All he could now was wait.
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[center A light tapping on his window is what got his attention why he was setting up to play a few songs on his violin. This was a sound that he had grown use to listening out for. This meant it was a letter from Yuri. He smiled faintly to himself and set his stuff aside and opened the window. He looked at the little bat as it brought him another new letter. Reaching out he took it. He knew the little bat would wait around why he wrote a response.

Sighing he sat down at the table and read over the letter. He was surprised by what he had read. He didn't know what he should do. Surely running away would make it dangerous for both of them, wouldn't it? Taking a deep breath, he slowly let it out. He loved Yuri. The two had gotten very close.

If Yuri wanted him to run away with him... Well then that's what he was going to do. He settled down and started writing back to him. He let him know that yes, he would try to be there. There wasn't going to be anyone that would stop him.

He was going to run away with Yuri. The night of the full moon. He would be ready that day. He gave the letter back to the bat and then led it back to the window and let it out.

He smiled lightly to himself before he turned to his violin and picked it back up. He would play a different song tonight. Hopefully things would be okay.

Ah he was so distracted about thoughts of running away with Yuri. He soon put his violin aside. He was not going to be able to play tonight. No. He had to plan and think about how he was going to make this possibly work.
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[Dancing+Script Yuri smiled softly as he seen his little bat returning with a letter. He smiled softly as he read the paper. He heard a knock at his door he quickly stuffed the paper down the front of his dress. As the door swung open. It felt like vile rose in throat as he seen the vampire that entered the room. 

The man smiled politely at him as he told Yuri to come here. Every fiber in his body burn but he did as he was told. There was no since in making a fuss. Yuri step towards the man. He smiled softly as he pick a few strands of Yuri's hair up. He smiled softly as he ran his finger through his hair.
[i "You hair looks lovely tonight..."] he said as he kissed the strands of hair he so delicately held. Yuri bit the inside of his cheek. He quickly pull away from the vampire. [#eaa9e3 "Thank you..."] he said dryly. 

[#eaa9e3 " I am ready to go to bed now... If you excuse me ..." ] he said as he place his slender fingers on the railing to the stair. The vampire sighed softly and nodded. Yuri quickly walked up stairs and went to his room. He closed the door quickly behind him. 

He smiled softly as he pull the letter from his dress and read it again. He was happy to see that his true love would be leaving with him. He couldn't wait honestly. He just hoped the could get way from him. 

If he remember right the vampire would be busy and Yuri would be alone. Or at least he hold he would be. If not he could always try drugging him. That was risky. He smiled softly as laid down on his bed. He fell a sleep holding the letter tightly in his hand.

The small scent that lingered  from the letter helped him rest easy. The next he had a lot to prepare for. Thankful the vampire was going out today. While the vampire was way Yuri prepare a small suit case that he kept hidden under his bed. Stuffing some of his belonging inside.

Once he was done packing he quickly hid the suit case away. He then wonder the hall trying to find the best way to escape from. Tomorrow was the day so everything had to be perfect and go according to plan.


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