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-Rabbit.Relic.   221d ago

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b World of Relic]]]

[center Kingdom of Calanthe

Description - Calanthe is a rather strict town. It limits people in a lot of ways when it comes to them wanting to adventure outside of it. Most paladins come from here when they get their oath that is. Most people find freedom in a place called The Underground.

Kingdom of Calian (God)
God of - Light
King/Queen - Unknown
priestess - Vesper (elf)
Guild Master - Loll (orc)
Weapons Shop - Amber (dwarf)
Armor Shop - Ndaar (dragonborn)
Item Shop - Lucia (elf)
Black Market - Isaac (changling)
The Underground / The Playground - Adrian Mallory

Small Towns between Calanthe and Heartbloom

Ebony - Not exactly small. A mining town that sends minerals and things between the two Kingdoms.

Kingdom of Heartbloom

Description - Heartbloom is a beautiful place. It is known for its plant life and animals. It is also known for the exotic way its people dress. This place is home to a lot of elves, but they don't seem to really mind who lives or works here.

Kingdom of Asteria (Goddess)
Goddess of - Nature
King/Queen - Kyra (High elf) (queen)
Priestess/Priest - Kaida (Wood elf)
Guild Master - Ryker (Eladrin elf)
Weapon Shop - Sahar (Half elf)
Armor Shop - Moriko (Wood elf)
Item Shop - Raden (Human)
Black Market - Isaac (Changling)

Small Town

Petal - A lovely town just passed Evermore. It is filled with plant life and most people confuse it with being Heartbloom.

Evermore - A small town known for its farmlands. It is currently unknown if this place is near any kingdoms.
DivineKarma     221d ago

[h3 [center [b World of Relic]]]

[center Kingdom of Arlo

Description - One of the smaller kingdoms residing a large island. There are usually dark rumors that go around this kingdom. Not many people come from here and no supplies go in or out anymore. The small port town that once ferried people over isn't up and running anymore. It is said that their god has turned his eyes away from the kingdom.

Kingdom of Amaric (God)
God of - Eternity
King/Queen - Alfae (King) Alruna (Queen)
Priest/Priestess - Ambrose (?)
Guild Master - Kalypso (?)
Weapon Shop - Abandoned
Armor Shop - Abandoned
Item Shop - Abandoned
Black Market - No Black Market exist here anymore.

Small Towns Nearby
Black Pearl Cove - A port town that use to ferry people back and forth from the kingdom of Arlo.
Evermore (edit to the post below. This Kingdom is to the south of Evermore.)

Other Important places - The Bleeding Woods which use to be known as Everlight. This wood use to be home to a ton of Dryads, but due to some awful dragons the woods was burned down and scarred. It is nothing like it use to be. Deep within is a place where Centaurs roam freely. They have a small village here. One they call Thereus.

Kingdom of Valen

Description - A kingdom that seems more like a desert. Many races of creatures live out here. It seems to be ruled by Leonin.

Kingdom of Espen (Goddess)
Goddess of - Animals
King/Queen - Xeos (King) (Leonin) Sola (Queen) (Leonin) Moondrifter (Tribe)
Priest/Priestess - Keitaro (Tabaxi)
Guild Master - Sekra (Minotaur)
Weapon Shop - Treon (Leonin)
Armor Shop - Aidan (Tabaxi)
Item Shop - Jak (Minotaur)
Black Market - Isaac (Changling)

Small Towns Nearby
DivineKarma     212d ago

[h3 [center [b World of Relic]]]

[center Kingdom of Umbra 
Description - The smallest kingdom. This is a rather scholarly place. A lot of people either keep or try to learn as much history as they can. They say darkness lingers in this place. Too much knowledge could cause a lot of trouble for the other kingdoms. Whenever something goes wrong, they are generally the ones blamed.
God - Einar
God of - Shadows
King/Queen - Evander (King) Calix (King)
Priest/Priestess - Mio
Guild Master - Manami
Weapon Shop - Tanith
Armor Shop - Nesrin
Item Shop - Zoella
Black Market - Isaac (changeling)
Small Towns Nearby
- Magnus - A small town that basically is known for its huge library and the mages born from there.
DivineKarma     212d ago

[h3 [center [b World of Relic]]]

[center Kingdom of Amnesty
Description - Work in progress
Goddess - Amity
God of - Freedom
King/Queen - Unknown
Priest/Priestess - Unknown
Guild Master - Unknown
Weapon Shop - Unknown
Armor Shop - Unknown
Item Shop - Unknown
Black Market - Isaac (changeling)
-Forbidden-.Candy.   201d ago

[h3 [center [b World of Relic]]]

[center [b Wild Lands]]

[center The Wild Lands are a place where no one rules. Supposedly this is where the wolf people once came from. Anything out here is more tribal. This is where the wolf goddess died. More wolf people live here than anything else. No one really comes to the Wild Lands very often.]

[center [b The Wolf]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Amnesty]]]

[center [b The Bird]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Umbra]]]

[center [b The Snake]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Arlo]]]

[center [b The Cat]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Valen]]]

[center [b The Lion]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Calanthe]]]

[center [b The Kirin]]

[center [pic]]

[h3 [center [b Heartbloom]]]

[center [b The Dragon]]

[center [pic]]
-Forbidden-.Sweet.   191d ago

[center [pic]]
[center Queen of Amnesty. Sayuri.]
-Emilia     190d ago


[center [pic]]

A small town just between Amesty and Heartbloom.
-Emilia     189d ago

[center [pic]]



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