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[h3 Disclaimer]
[b Though I use DnD races the world and it's politics are homebrew and will not match dnd mythos]

This is the land of "Fyuria"

In the land of Fyuria many races have fought for the right to build and control a nation. Spending much of the past trying to sabotage one another. "The Great War" many called this divide of the races. Some races even worked with others for a spot in their new nation.
One could make a country but the lands that were fought over were "Blessed" long ago. Fertile land and prosperity to help a nation grow. The "blessed lands."

[h3 Human]

Kingdom Name: Luminous

Protected Races: Half Elves, Tieflings,

Council Seat: 2nd

Nation Aesthetic: Western Europeon with sections of steampunk and magic.

[h3 Dragon Born]

Nation's Name: Wing's Beat

Protected Races: Kobold,Owlin

Council Seat: 4th

Nation Aesthetic: Mountain tops all through the caves with "nest towns" spread out. The capital on the highest peak. "Wingtip Everest."

[h3 Dwarves]

Countries Name: Brimstone

Protected Races: Orcs,Halflings

Nation Aesthetic: Underground City's with hot forges and strong stone homes. The capital is deep within Fyuria. "Fyuria's Heart" With more advanced technology in the capital.

Council Seat: 3rd

[h3 Leonin]

Pride Name: The Great Plains

Nation Aesthetic: Much of it is fertile while letting the blessing roam free and pure. With many stopgap towns and villages. The capital is a massive town. "White Mane" full of hunters and mercenaries.

Council Seat: 6th

Protected Races Tabaxi, Satyrs

[h3 Aarakocra]

Flock Name: Caelum

Council Seat: 5th

Protected Races: Genasi,Assamir

Flock Aesthetic: Floating Cities powered by magic lost long ago. One must gain entry through the required legal means or by flying. The cities our bustling with traders and other sort merchants. These are ruins the Aarakora found and made their own.

[h3 Elves]

Industry Name: Azure Industry

Homeland Aesthetic: Being the first race to become civilized and to mobilize. Using magic and Runes they've far advanced from the other races. Infact many races have stolen from the elves to advance their own realms. The elves were once a woodland and peaceful people but now the head of technological marvel. Flying carriages made of metal and no use of horses or nature really. So a very futuristic setting. Though in this nation are some woodlands left Elves who believe in the old ways. Fighting against the Elven Empires trying to retain the purity of the old homes while fighting "Progression."

Protected Races: Fairies,Changelings

[h3 Intro/The Great Plains]

Here our story begins in the Great Plains.

[h3 Toothy Maw]
In the town of "Toothy Maw" or Maw for short. It's a village run by a Leonin with a Tabaxi and a Satyr.

The Leonin is Arori Sunslayer. The chief and head of the hunting party. weretiger stat sheet except no damage immunity from physical. Gaining an extra point in initiative.
Satyr has monster satyr stats. Hopper is his name. The Tabaxi name is Proud Lock with the Archer statblock.

Many mercenaries pass through here to get to the capital.
As the Great Plains is a great place for a warrior to get some action with the fewest amount of political hang ups.

The Town has a weapon shop.
Grey Weapons.

Armor Shop
Grey Armor.

Item Shop

The town has a total of 6 guards and 1 knight. (The Knight is a Leonin and son of the chief. Firemane SunSlayer)

The town has 5 mercs all with basic bandit stats

Two named merc's.

A human named Roger Everglade a swashbuckler stat block.
Here for money and woman

And the other is Nathaniel Chevalier
He has the bandit captain statblock but uses a katana instead of a scimitar (Same stats.) A renounced noble here to hone his blade.

[h3 Pickpocketing]

Barkeep: Sleight of Hand 8 (Gain 5GP)
Villager: Sleigh of hand 6 (Gain 1-3GP)

Anyone with a stat block roll against perception.
Roger will have 30GP.

Nathaniel will have 20GP.

The chief must roll against his Satyr and Tabaxi as well but gain 50GP.

If caught by a merc can dissolve into a duel.
If you try persuasion or intimidation must roll against own intimidate or persuade.
Succeed they will take the money back and go.

If the duel is lost you will go to jail and must pay a fine of 20% of you're GP but it must be 3GP at least.
If you cannot pay you go into a debt when they release you owing 5GP now.

[h3 Quest Board]
Here even the guards and knight take quest and the chief.
Lots of competition.

By the time you enter the town the board only has a few quest left.

1: Suspicious person found skulking at night.
The one who put the quest up is Firemane Sunslayer and he has been stalking this person for some time. Though he can never quite catch him.
Tonight he's received a tip where he might hit tonight. It's a long shot but maybe... He can't go because tonight he goes to a traditional hunt of his people.

Reward: 80GP

Spy: Documents and 40GP gear to be sold for 20GP
Documents are in Dwarfish. The documents are gathering information of many villages of the Great Plains. Number of guards and the like but nothing else can be found.

Can lay in wait and fight the spy.
Must roll against his stealth with you're own perception. Or else he gets a back attack.
But if you succeed and see him first. You can try and reverse the tables and stealth on him against his perception.
If the party somehow fails the merc Roger will come in and finish the spy. The party will gain only half the EXP of the encounter.

2: Cockatrice spotted (1)

Head to find proud lock at the town's square in the central hut. Stopped by guards must show them the flier. The Tabaxi will be called for. (No entering the hut unless stealth etc etc.) Proud Lock will take you somewhere private. He'll explain that a cockatrice was spotted attacking the outskirts of the town. He gives 2 petrify potions to help It's a bit of ways from the town attacking farmland and the such. He hands you a map of the crime scene. Explaining the guards have too much too handle for this right now.
A corpse can be found along with feathers and other clues. If investigation is rolled 10 or higher. You'll find traces of the scene being tampered with. Possible evidence being destroyed and the such. As well as a fake trail of footprints that couldn't be the real cockatrice footprints.

Roll a 10 in perception and you'll see two sets of trails. One seems much more prominent than the other.

Follow the footprints to come across the bird. Can attempt a stealth.

Reward: 10GP

Mob Drops: Parts that can be sold for 10GP.

3: Rival Tribe (4 Tribal Warriors)
Quest Giver: Hopper

Hopper will that their caravans have been getting hit by groups of Tribal Warriors. That they finally found the hide out but they are great in number.
They are collecting guards and mercs as well as the chief to strike them down.
You will serve as grunts and end up fighting 4 tribal fighters.
If you are still willing you can fight another 4 before the fighting ends or simply rest.

Reward: 30GP

Rival Tribe: Has 5GP and gear to be sold in 15GP.

4: Two mercenaries are taking money for quest and are refusing to pay. They hold diplomatic papers. A "magical" contract that they are messengers of the elves and attacking them will breach said contract. But they are draining the town out. (2 Thug statblocks.)

Reward: 100GP

Mobs: Give 35GP and 20GP in gear on them.

Quest Holder: The Chief Himself

With an Arcana check of 10 you can sense something is wrong with the "Containment Scroll" but an 11 or higher and you can see it's a fake.

With a insight of 10 you feel something... Off but 11 or higher and you are sure they are lying/bluffing.

Can roll against their intimidate/persuade with own persuade or intimidate if you wish too. When they die Roger will come over (Swashbuckler) and burn the paper.
Containment Contracts can't be destroyed so when it burns it will prove that it was indeed fake though well made.

[h3 Chance Encounter]

Roll for Perception 10 or higher and notice someone trying to steal from you.
Can chase them through the town! The guards attempt to help but these thieves seem to nimble to catch!
While chasing them must out roll them in Acrobatics to catch up through the town.
If you fail three acrobatics against them they will get away.
Only have to succeed twice.

So the chart is by points really.

+2 Victory

Say you get +1 but lose a roll? Back to 0 and some distance behind.
Say you lost one and won one.
Go from -1 back to 0.
So forth and so on.

If any comrades got -3 points lost track of them.
For every friend left behind one guard will come and assist.
The thieves are fighting on a small railing only allowing for up to 5 people.
If you lose fall of the railing and get healed in town they get away. Get half you're gold reimbursed by thats it.
Gain half EXP for the fight too at least. But win you gain their stuff and 20 gold. Two thief stat blocks.

[h3 Rosy Lion]

As you enter the roadside inn, feet sore and throat parched, you’re greeted by a scene of warmth and welcome. The floorboards are worn and well-trodden, showing evidence of old spills and stains that will never be removed, but still freshly cleaned and highly polished by a loving hand. There’s a small bar and a few tables, all that can fit in that small space. The furnishings are simple but sturdy and serviceable. It’s the smell that makes you feel at home--roasting meat and spiced vegetables. The odor permeates the air, makes your belly rumble and your mouth water.

A woman with a pleasant smile greets you from behind the bar, a musical lilt to her voice that reveals a good nature. “Welcome to the Rose and Lion, traveler. You have the look of one in need of a hot meal and a soft bed. The sheets are fresh as spring daisies, washed daily and aired by wind and sun, as is right. Not a bedbug to be found, on my honor. My husband makes the food, and you’ll find no finer cook for a hundred leagues. Trained in Arcstead, he did, and could have been chef to the king. Ah, but that’s a story best told over a mug of ale.”

With a wink and a nod, she pours a pint of fine amber ale and presents it as foam rolls down the side. “Now. Sit, weary traveler, and enjoy what we offer.

No payment necessary, at least not your coin. Put it away, I say! All we ask here... is that you share your tale, and don’t skip a single detail. The ups and downs of your life, a life unique to you and you alone, that’s all we want to hear. Tell us of your frustrations and challenges, of the thrill of success and what you’ve accomplished. Start where you like, and leave nothing out. That’s payment enough. There’s no currency more valuable than a life well lived and sharing it with others. But first, let me fetch your meal, and my husband besides, for we both want to hear every word.”

[h3 Advancement]

After all of these quest are complete you will have made a name for yourself.
The people will allow you to keep the documents. If you wish to take them to the Great Plains capital you can.
If not they will understand. It is survival of the fittest and fastest. They respect that you caught him and care not for politics. They only are in the council to retain freedom.

They will ask you to take care of something for them.
An Ogre.

If you do have the documents on the way to the cove with Ogre two scouts.

Elven Scouts will want the papers.
With high tech equipment and high powered bows.
+1 bows. (Bowguns) (But they are the scout statblock with +1)
Gain 150GP off their bodies their armor and bowguns.

Can short rest (or head back and long rest)
Than fight the Ogre! (Ogre statblock)

The Ogre doesn't have anything really good in his cave.
But turning the quest will gain you 500GP!

The people will acknowledge you with the title of "Hunter"

[h3 Roger]

If you approach and talk to Roger and persuade 10 or more for work or interact with him enough.
He will ask you for help in hunting a Wight.

Find out the Wight is his dead partner.
He works alone.
Get half EXP and he'll give you a 100GP and let you take the studded leather armor from the corpse if you persuade otherwise it's his keepsake.

[h3 Nathaniel]

Nathaniel if you interact with him can persuade with 10 or higher for work. He'll tell you he's got a job and he'll slip the pay in half giving you 120GP. He's chasing down a "Former Hunter" named Red Fang an Orc.
If you help him you'll get half EXP of Red Fang Orc.
Interact enough works too. He'll claim the armor but can persuade or intimidate or fight him for it.

He will ask you to spar before taking you out to Red Fang.
Can persuade against him or Intimidate to forget that.
If you win you get 450EXP.
If you lose you get 50EXP but he'll heal you with potions afterwards anyway. Telling you he wants to get stronger and has to grow stronger.

[h3 Off to Whitemane]

So they are ready to head off to White Mane!
Kaida all set off!

It's a bit of a journey!
With twist and turns to take!

The closest city/pride on the way is an old city/pride known as Greymane Frontier heading to Whitemane capital.

Two ways to get there a desert or a jungle. It's up to you either can be perilous.

Minute Hour
Fast 400 feet 4 miles
Normal 300 feet 3 miles
Slow 200 feet 2 miles

Minute Day
Fast 400 feet 30 miles
Normal 300 feet 24 miles
Slow 200 feet 18 miles

Every hour past 8 hours is a DC constitution of 10 + hours over 8 every failed save is exhaustion.
Either path will probably need a tent
[h3 Jungle]
100 miles to the city.
Farther but more clean ravines in which to drink from.

Every 10 miles roll survival every failed survival is 1 mile wasted lost.

Roll survival 10 or higher for camping or wake up with 1d6 biting damage.

Mile: 15: Perception check of 12 or higher or don't notice snake.
If stepped on snake dex save of 13 or higher or take 2d4 poison damage. (Not poison condition) up ahead see two Yuan Ti brood guards. Serpent trying to head towards them. Cut down snake everyone gets one attack against Snake AC of 13 if all members fail broodguards are warned!
If you kill them can sneak on the broodguards or try to sneak around.
(Allow group check for this)

Mile: 20:
Perception of against a single yuan ti broodguard. (Can only allow roll of person highest perception) if fail surprised! If succeeded notice 5 yuan ti pureblood squad before they notice you! Approach with stealth/social however you wish.

Mile 24: Yuan Ti Pit master looking for his squad members/hunters. He won't stealth with a perception of 10 or higher can notice him.
If failed fair fight.

Mile: 28: 2 veterans sneaking around (One perception vs one sneak roll) They've been killing travelers and Yuan Ti alike for skins and gold. (They have 200GP on them) can attempt social/sneak

Mile 35: You see Drow and Yuan Ti fighting.
One elite drow warrior left behind to watch a camp. (Instructed to attack anything on site) Site has 500GP in it. Perception of 12 to notice him. (Or passive perception) if unnoticed fair fight. If noticed can sneak/social etc but he is hostile.

Mile 40: Perception of 12 or higher and hear movement.
Nature of 12 or higher (Anyone can roll) and notice two assassin vines! Can get free attack or surprise.

Mile 48: Dancing Leaf Village is a village of diverse races here to hide from the. Dancing leaf has a Shaman (She is undead use shaman from dragon rider RP) she is undead but.. Sentient. She will sell +1 weapons and armor for 500GP (Only greens)
Town has lodging and rest and other shops as well.
There is a job to handle a Wyvern not far from town. Restrained by the shaman herself the guards (8 guards) don't feel up to the challenge. Willing to pay 750GP for the job. Wyvern statblock (of course) and free lodging/food afterwards. Nathaniel is there and the Wyvern is used by Yuan Ti!

Mile 50: End of the village (Size of the village) back to jungle.

Mile 70: Yuan Ti Mind whisperer and Yuan Ti Nightmare speaker. Perception of 11 or higher if not noticed fair fight if noticed? Can try to sneak against passive perception.

Mile 85: Later up ahead see the Drow fighting Yuan Ti and the drow mage makes two Helmed Horrors! The experiement goes awry killing... Everyone there. Fight two helmed horrors! Perception of 12 will allow you to see the spell immunites via creation. Can try and stealth. (Stealth of 10 or higher works here. Easy check)

Mile 95: 10 Lizardman guard the border on top of the remaining Yuan Ti and drow as they shake their head at others trying to claim their own land. With so few numbers left they need money. You're money they ask for 500GP worth of stuff or GP. If you lose against them they take 1000 worth of stuff and dump ya outside the jungle. If you beat them they have 1000GP

Arrival: Make it to Greymane Frontier! They sell greens for 500GP a piece.

[h3 Desert]
80 Miles to the city
The desert is closer but has little water so must pack water!

Every ten miles roll survival for every fail (10 or lower) 1 mile wasted.

Roll survival 10 or higher for camping or wake up with 1d6 hot/cold damage

Mile 10: Two basilisk! Perception of 11 or more needed! Can sneak on them against passive perception.

Mile: 15: Bandits hiding! Roll you're perception vs their stealth. (Bandit captain) 1 bandit captain with 4 bandits! Want 100GP! They have 200GP on them! Red Sand Guild

Mile 24: Roll survival if failed attacked by a snake. Perception of 12 needed to notice if failed to notice steps on a snake needing a dex save of 13. (Not acrobatics) Fail and take 2d4 damage everyone can attack the snake before it leaves its got AC of 13 and 2HP. A Gladiator searching for two of his scouts. Need Perception of 9 if fail fair fight. (He's yelling for his friends) and if he see ya tries to mug ya a 100GP. (He has 800GP on him)

Mile 30: 16 Bandits can be seen roaming! (No perception required) they have 900GP on them. Can roll to sneak against passive perception.

Mile 36: Two Knight's hired as Mercs from the Red Sands hunting for the group. Perception against stealth and if noticed can stealth against their own perception roll of course social skills allowed.

Mile: 41: Enchanter CR 5 hired as a lone merc to find the group. Has 300GP on him to find and kill the trouble makers.

Mile 48: A job in town no one has taken Town sells greens for 500GP! Roger is in the town! (Nathaniel is in the jungle town) He's heading to Greymane as well but he's taking his time he tells you to be careful of the red sands. That if you wish.. You guys could deal a blow to the city he'd pay you 800GP. He needs you to kill a powerful Mage (Mage statblock) He can distract his guards though as a team effort. He paid for lodgings for you to rest from the fight.

Mile 50: End of the town and back to the desert.

Mile 59: Two giant scorpions perception of 9 and can try stealth etc.

Mile 65: Martial Arts Adept cr3.
Perception of 11 if failed fair fight

Mile: 75: Boss: Boss of the red sand comes to handle things himself
Has 950GP on her. She is worth 2500EXP and she knows of "Sol's" master and tells her they can return to the master. That she gained more power under that sleazeball.

Arrival: Arrive in Frontier

[h3 Greymane Frontier]

Gareth Plothooks: People recongize him as an arena fighter. Greymane frontier is a massive city and he remembers the underground work and fights here.

Someone who worked on Sol's mutations with her master who wanted to purchase her plothook.

Plothook for Mary and Kaida too.
She used to try and play her songs her but she was almost kidnapped.
As for Kaida their are Yuan Ti hissing at him in the alleyways smelling the remains of his old patron. (They hated his patron)
Mary reconginizes those Yuan Ti (She won't say it but her village was attacked when she was younger)


Greens for 500GP


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