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RSBM (Thread 1)

By KisharuDark
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KisharuDarkMoon Athegin   361d ago

Moon Athegin
Moon was silently walking down the halls of University of Michigan. She was new here, and it probably wasn't a good idea to be wearing an all Australian outfit only 3 months into the first semester. Or at least, that was where she was supposed to be. A week ago Moon Athegin had moved into Michigan, and started unpacking. Financially, she was definitely going to struggle for a while as she tried to settle down. But, nevertheless, she moved away from her home country and ended up here. Moon walked into her math class and approached the teacher, a young male professor who was writing something on the chalkboard. She took a deep breath before speaking to him, her accent coming out thick and strong. "Excuse me, could you tell me where my seat is?" She asked, her voice shaking a little, hoping she hadn't messed up her first sentence in American English. Moon only knew Australian English. Ever since she had gotten here, everything seemed so backwards to her. All the words referencing the wrong things. She almost considered moving back to Australia because of it. "Ahh, you must be my new foreign exchange student, am I right?" The man asked. "Ummm...yes, that's me?" Moon said, asking more than stating.  "You're Moon Athegin then! Please take a seat in the back right corner. Right over there!" He said, pointing to a seat in the far back right of the small classroom. Moon nodded to him, and pulled her items closer to her body. Silently, she approached her seat and sat down, taking notice of where she was in the room and the fastest way to get to her seat without getting in anyone else's way.
soveFrost (Frosbite)   361d ago

Frost (Frosbite)
Frost was next to her, sitting back in her chair, dozing off in to space.  She was an old student here, average popularity.  She was from Conencticut, and moved here to get to a nice college. Her goal didnt [i really] succeed, but it was enough for her to live. She looked at Moon, and shrugged. She then saw people flooding in to the classroom like a hoard of bulls.  She spotted her boyfriend inside of the heard, and motioned him to come sit next to her, on the other side. She looked up at the board as the teacher started to talk, but she could just focus on everything that was happening at home. Life has been hard lately for her, and just thinking about academics was numbing her brain. Almost felt like it was literally frying.
KisharuDarkMoon Athegin   361d ago

Moon Athegin
Moon could feel eyes on her as people entered the room. To be fair, she was new, and she kind of stuck out like a sore thumb. Before she knew it, she had shrunk down in her chair a little bit. She could feel her social anxiety starting to act up a little bit.  "Dear god, I hope I don't get crook today." Moon mumbled to herself.
sporkFrost (Frosbite)   361d ago

Frost (Frosbite)
She looked at Moon, after supposevly hearing something. She didnt realize Moon was new.. heck, thats the last thing she was thinking about. "Hey, did you say something?"
KisharuDarkMoon Athegin   350d ago

Moon Athegin
(I'm sorry I haven't replied, I've been really busy!) Moon looked to Frost. "Oh, it's nothing. Who are you?" She asked, cocking her head. If Moon was going to make it through this year, she would need to know someone. And not to mention, this girl was exceptionally pretty.


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