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Nari/Evie story notes (Spiral)

By ShieldHero-
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[pic] [b Vivian Willoshire was a young human (Variant.) Born into the Noble family of the Willoshires she had many expectations. The Willoshire's produced many warriors and strategist to offer the royal family in exchange for honor and prestige. Her elder brother Ser Daniel Willoshire was the heir to the estate and though she felt she could guide the family she never once held hatred towards her dear brother.] [b The Willoshire's had a hand in many business functions arms and armor for example. Their business rivals slowly grew of course. Her father Gareth Willoshire and her mother Melissa Willoshire had offered her the same training as her brother. How to lead a battalion how to engage another in sword combat like a proper noble.] [b However she always struggled with longswords and shields and Armor always felt uncomfortable. When she'd strike out on her own to fight the guards they'd take out many frustrations out on her in these spars. Though her brother would always step in she got tired of losing. She trained everyday and worked hard just like her brother. She decided it was time for a change. Modeling wooden swords to be smaller. Requesting she wear less padding in these wooden sword duels. Of course one guard in particular who had it out for her was quick to agree to this.]] [b She had taken time to prepare and train learning how the people of the world fought. It wasn't prim and proper it was quick,grimy,and dirty. She learned quick she... Had a knack for that sorta thing. Quickly defeating her opponents using her superior agility and small stature.] [+grey I won! I won!!] [b The usually monotone and straightforward woman was cheering and her brother seemed more than happy to congratulate her to.] [b Her parents had learned that her martial training was coming along. She even snuck out and.. Completed a request handling a few bandits without her families permission. She refused a reward of course but when her client learned of her identity news went around. Her reputation began to rise among the commoners of the town. These voices eventually went to the nobles] [b At age 16 they had much talk if she was ready to enlist to the royal army. Though higher ups including her father had suggested perhaps she would lead the family. Her brother quickly stopped offering her lessons and guidance after this. She loved him but she understood this.. Made them rivals. He felt that royal blood was important it was a royals job to protect the commoners and to be separate. She believed in terms of skill and ability there was no real difference. She learned how to fight from commoners after all.] [b At age 17 her brother and her had an annual duel to show their progress. Though he took it easy on her she had never once beaten him. The two fought in the arena and he was showing no mercy. Though he landed a few good hits in with his saber. She had managed to grab some dirt discreetly. Before charging in she took that dirt throwing it into his eyes. Diving in and holding her dagger over his throat past his protective gear. Though she was bleeding she was the victor.] [b Panic and fighting ensued many argued if it was fair. Desperately looking for a rule to disqualify her win they searched. Nothing spoke of fighting in such a manner but it was ill befitting a Willoshire. Her brother hadn't said a word instead leaving the estate that day. He'd grow angry and take time to cool down before coming back with his usual smile.] [b She'd see him again tomorrow and talk to him with father and mother. Maybe she'd pull out of the running? She had grown used to the noble life and side stepping people politically and literally. However if this was to take her brother from her? She had not the heart for it.] [b Alas she would never be given that chance. The manor that night was attacked. Though her father and mother fought bravely that night. She too took arms and went to defend her family. She had managed to take out two grunts before finding a storm of soldiers in her hallway. It was than a group of guards came.. The one leading them? The she'd spar tirelessly.] [+brown I know we've had our differences milady.. I've always wondered what made you or you're brother. Think they were so much better than us. Money? Better training? I blamed it on you're blood.. But I discovered you learned how to fight just like we had to. On the streets.. Taking odd jobs. You saw a glimpse of our world and.. Stood up for us. Heh.. I gotta admit... When I stopped being such a damn child and calmed down? I maybe sorta realized how cute you are on top of that. But how does a guy do a 180 like that and keep his pride ya know?] [+grey Will! This isn't the time for jokes step aside I'm fighting too!] [b Her cheeks were flushed but she seemed frustrated too by this mans stubbornness.] [+brown Heh.. I'm sorry milady I was never a real guard before more so an obstacle to overcome. Let me do my job.. Just this once. Go find you're family! Before it's too late!!] [b She gripped her fist and huffed she didnt want to but... She had to check on mother and father. She tip toed kissing Will on his cheek before running off. Here she was half sure Will had been behind this she was quick to judge a book by it's rough cover.] [b As she went to find her parents a hooded figured had stopped her. Pulling his longsword the two fought tooth and nail but she had fallen just short of the mark. Landing a strike to his shoulder and disarming the assailant she was sure she had won but... He had managed to grapple her. He took her to the window on the third story and... Dropped her.] [+grey And.. That's the last thing I remember.] [b Now she was in town covered in bumps and wounds. Explaining what happened to the towns guards. She learned her house was burned to the ground. "How did she live? Who saved her? Who attacked them?" She'd find answers... And she'd make them pay.] [b A year later of fighting on the road taking small jobs. Vivian had finally become an actual rogue. But that was only her first. She wasn't blinded by her anger. She knew... She had to be ready she had to be stronger more experienced. She had to prepare herself for what came ahead.] [h3 Vivian Scene One] [+grey So.. Do we have a deal?] [b Vivian raised her hand out to the large white Leonid. He looked down at her his gaze intense but his eyes were noble and strong. Vivian had tried to get a read on him. She knew extremely little of Leonids and though he as a person seemed Just. She couldn't trust someone so easily not after everything.] [+yellow We have an accord.] [b Vivian handed him the single gold piece. That was the entire price of the job but... She wasn't here for money. Money was only means of an end. Whatever made her stronger, she needed experience but she needed a way to gain said experience safely. A big burly Leonid acting as muscle did just the trick.] [b She wasted no time heading out the tavern with him. She looked around looking for ledges and places to climb. She had climbed a stall jumping up on a ledge front flipping herself forward to a rooftop. She had decided this was the safest way to travel. It'd be hard to pickpocket her or get the drop of her if she was traveling an a unconventional manner. Though the Leonid had figured it was a bit over the top. Shifting his weight along with his armor and battle axe he followed her but from the ground.] [h3 Later] [b They had reached the house of their client, a young man answering the door meekly. Vivian was curt and to the point.] [+grey I'm here for the job.] [b She examined him watching for an ambush or any funny business. The way he held himself and the area seemed... Clear. A tinge of guilt washed over her as she listened to his plea. It was typical work goblins causing trouble and she asked all the usual questions. "Last seen,time of day of the attacks. Have they attacked before?" turns out they haven't hurt anyone yet. It was simple theft but the risk was too high. It was around noon everyday they attacked. She nodded at the man as her eyes softened. The monotone Vivian had begun to spoke.] [+grey I swear they will trouble you no longer.] [b The man had thanked her as she gave a small bow. Perhaps almost like a proper knight? Despite being a rogue on the streets she had... Her own code of standards. It wouldn't hold up well enough to be called "Noble" but it was the best she could manage. Heading to the scene of the crime was an old warehouse a storehouse of sorts. Vivian had decided to take cover behind one of the barrels.] [+grey Big guy! You gonna hide?] [b He stood stout and stubborn drawing his battle axe. She led out a long sigh. "Pride.. It'll get you killed." After lying in wait for sometime Vivian almost gave up hope but.. Than they came. The goblins noticed the Leonid. Ready to strike they all attacked only leaving nicks or being blocked entirely. The lion let out a mighty roar swinging wildly he seemed in control but... His attacks were broad and wild.] [b Vivian came from hiding with her rapier and shortsword. Stabbing the first from behind it struggled. Backing up she dodged a swipe cutting it down. She ran to the next beast using her shortsword to cut down another. The third goblin finally noticed her but the big guy managed to land a solid hit. It was surprisingly able to stand but... Vivian had flipped over the poor beast. Taking her blades to cut the poor confused beast apart.] [b She exhaled slowly standing up.] [+grey It went well.. This time. Big guy! You're tougher than I thought! You gotta work on controlling that strength! Not everyone can get swarmed like that though it's impressive.] [b He grunted softly his Leonid pride seemed to have stung a little bit. He expected to hit more than that but his battle axe... It hadn't felt right. Perhaps she was right about him relying on brute force but.. It was how he fought. He'd no sooner change that or change how another fight. Vivian however thought things like "Honor" and "Glory." They only left broken dreams and broken bodies. You can't eat "glory" and "honor" doesn't stop a killing blow. Despite those being her core beliefs a small part of her respected him for the way he was.] [b She came to receive her reward. They had thanked her and the small awkward woman had offered a small bow. Heading to the last request of this town.] [+grey Something burrowing in the farmlands huh?] [b She came to the house to be approached by a young woman. Toys were in the background and so were children laughing and giggling. Pulling up the flier the woman smiled softly.] "My husband will be happy to see someone finally took the job. I know the rewards a poultry sum of two gold but.." [b Vivian shook her head, she didn't care about the reward. She was here to fight. She looked to the big guy pulling out two gold of her own. He raised his hand shaking his head.] [+yellow I believe you're cause to be the right one if you are aiding these people. I don't require payment.] [b What...? What was his angle than? Vivian huffed putting her money away. She could expect him to put his trust into her money but... This confused her. They didn't know each other... Not even each others names. So.. Why? What was in it for him? It unnerved her.] [b Ignoring that feeling she went to the farmlands to meet her husband. A young man had flagged them down. Vivian walked up awkwardly greeting him before getting down to the brass tacks. But.. it seemed simple enough. The creatures were burrowing.. This very moment in his farmland. She looked to the big guy and nudged him with a shovel before going to hide herself.] [b The large Leonid sighed pummeling the shovel rapidly before finally striking one of the beast. Two had come crashing up! They were large insect like creatures with massive claws. Bigger than anything Vivian's ever fought but... She couldn't retreat now. If she couldn't win here... How did she expect to find answers? So again she launched a surprise attack stabbing the first beast with everything she had.]
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Anastasia Whitesong
Nari: Parents were assassins for the Sumia Shogunate. Taking idenity's as hunters from Starkwood they had killed Herron's sister which was Nari's mother. Celena Woodheart but Celena was close to defecting as the Iron heart general against Straus. This means now Nari's parents must hide as war criminals the Tinkerbloods were sent to investigate them but now they have chosen to remain silent about the matter. Cerron is onto them but has decided that in White Hold those seeking redemption may seek a new life.  Nari's Human (Disguised as Elven) father is Okabe Evie: Was born by an angel in the midst of the greatwar. Was born near the second half of the war. Her father will be from Burguss and she'll have an older brother in the wings from early in the war.  Her mother's name will be Eve. Eve's Former Lovers/Timeline 1st: Alexander the man who had shown her to live and to love hard fast. Her phrase had begun to form to "Love strong and live proud." Due to this man's profound effect on her but she was still learning much about humanity and the mortals that had wandered. The child they had bore from such a union was Alevander. Alexander had been blessed by the god of Terra is divine father enough to not be left in shambles by the loss of love from an angel. (He had broke up with her in fact) 2nd Lover: Alexander had many things to continue and conquest to be made. He had trained and raised his son in secret but knew the union was to be strong and passionate but could not last. His identity as Terra's human son meant he had to lead the life of a simple adventurer. Eve was confused but she had understood in this time of heartbreak she had found a scholar in Burguss. Nathaniel a wise Wizard but young and naive to the way of the world. The two had almost grown close enough for another forbidden union. Though they grew close in her time in Burguss. He was to study her and how to use her divine power to it's fullest studying with Arcana Drive. He had lied to her at first but she had forgiven him for stealing her blood. She was ordered to fight to the front lines by the heavens the goddess of Clara. She had told Nathaniel to "Love strong and live proud" not knowing the adverse effects that it'd take on his mortal mind due to her experience with Alexander. 3RD: She had met Klaus in the fires of war. A paladin of Clara he had respected and feared Eve at first but that had slowly blossomed into friendship before the two had grown close enough to call one another lovers. They had given birth to Evelyn in the snowy banks of Straus Haven on the warfront. Eve had fought during this time and Evelyn was born a bit sickly. The two had left her behind in Burguss. Eventually the two had came back to raise that family in what the world thought was the end of the war. The former emperor had called a ceise fire. For years there was a break in the great war. The "False Calm." Burguss was again raided but this time in the shrouds of secret and cowardice. In this assault Klause was not able to save Evelyn and his wife Eve had gone missing. Without a body he had never doubted that Eve was still alive but he found a burnt childs body in his home. (Evelyn but this is not her true corpse).  4TH: The fourth and final lover in Eve's life was Evelyn's father and she had met him toward the war's end. War scarred and distrustful of humans when the church had turned her away when the truth of her two other children came out. Evelyn was taken from her and her attempt to track fake Evelyn's death in the raid was a failure. She had found in Klaus's notes the church ordered him to take his family in. He was in anguish but as he writes further in his domestic life he never would have taken them in even if it gave him a moments pause. Eve now feeling betrayed by Klaus turns her thoughts to Nathaniel stealing her blood and Alexander's own father had stolen from Iris. They tried to kill and destroy her Evelyn (Straus) she was close to becoming fallen and lost. One wing was raven black and the other snow white. Evie's father had found her running from the church. He was an ex mercenary a former adventurer. A human man named Adam Frankford he had seen her chased by the church of Burguss in the snowy land of Straus. He was a blade singer taught by Silus Forthright (As they go back) helping her cut down the churches lackeys. He had taken her into his family he had lost his wife to the war with two kids to raise. Seth and Asbel she was distrustful but too wounded to fight back nor refuse his offer to stay as she lost consciousness after the battle. She seen the innocence in the children's eyes and the fact humanity had taken his wife from him. She had begun to learn more by him and she wondered why the church had chased her so. Adam had taught her it was because a human bereft of an angels love could be left hollow. Though Alexander was an exception and Klaus had moved onto Lux he never forgot her fueled by anger toward Straus for taking her away. She realized what she had done was truly cruel and she had asked of the children? He had told her they could be born with great and raw magical talent and that they may have proven a threat. Divine powers with a human source could be dangerous without the church's guidance but that Clara's church had gone the wrong way about all of this. They had lived happily for a rather longtime before she was discovered yet again. Not wanting to drag her family in her battle she had dispatched of a scout before giving her hunters some tracks to follow. Adam had discovered this but far too late. She ran toward a Burguss facility that hadn't been aligned with the church in Straus. She was chased by the church of Clara disguised as the army of Straus Haven. It was than she found the Tinkerbloods she had wanted her daughter.. Evie to live with Adam Frankford and his sons but with her angels blood she needed to be far.. Far away. With the war almost over she told them to take the child and hide away.. From everything.  Himari: Had actually come from another plane.. Magic on her small body when found was from Starkwood and that plane may have been the Fey Wild. She is confused but wants to learn more.    Aros: Dad is human, Mom is a Satyr Rich entrepreneurs with a successful circus. The laughing stock. Mother: Nia Featherblade Was a wanderer who had joined Edwin's circus but the life she had before she keeps a secret. Father: Edwin Featherblade Circus Troop owner and had the dream since he was young. (Ethan may wanna join) Himari: Parents Mother Himiko Sato: Hiroshi Sato:


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