The Creators of Wa

By Mr_V
Wa, the perfect and first world created by a race as known The Architects of Life, thrived for many years thanks to the constant protection and management from The Organization and The Judges of Wa. The Architects of Life created the first 9 humans and gave them godly powers which in turn they overlooked and protected Wa. They started The Organization and recruited many members into their ranks and made select humans into Judges of Wa; A police force with special powers that upheld the law of Wa.

It was nice for many years until one day a supernatural epidemic broke out all over the world causing all sorts of chaos to happen; Demons, dragons, vampires, werewolves, every creature known to man to spawn all over the world and kill.

The Organization had built a giant domed utopia in the outskirts of a small city where people could flee and withstand the supernatural apocylypse.

Most of the people were safe in Utopia for centuries and it grew bigger thanks to maintenance.

But one law broken and you were exiled out into what was now considered The Badlands. Which was the entirety of Wa save for Utopia.

That was what a young man named Winston Eldersoul did. A simple piece of property hroken by mistake. He was exiled and forced to leave to the outside world.

What he saw outside though was breathtaking. A giant man in tattered clothes walking by through the canals. He saw Winston and smiled and waved as he passed by.

Winston was not prepared for what could be a very dangerous journey or an epic one but he knew he had no choice.

It was after the giant passed by him a man named Kiba greeted him. One of the few exiles. He told Winston about the corruption in Utopia and how the giant man he saw was in fact a human and they were turned that way thanks to the epidemic, and how they were shunned by Utopia and lived all the way north in a city they built themselves. He told Winston the giants had a plan on saving Wa and they needed all the help they could get and how there are others who did not join Utopia when this all happened, they were called Lurkers

Winston agreed and him and Kiba set off north across the supernatural badlands to save Wa.

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Character Sheet

Weapon (Nothing too crazy):

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User Made Characters

Name: Juno Braun

Age: 25

Appearance: Long ginger hair, usually kept quite messy, and pale white eyes. Two long black horns from her head, as well as an Oni mask usually fixed over her mouth and nose. Usually garbed in black and gold colors.

Utopian/Exile/Giant/Supernatural/Lurker?: Supernatural

Weapon (Nothing too crazy): Bo Staff

Powers: Pyrokinesis

Bio: Born to The Badlands and fighting through those who took the opportunity of the lawlessness to commit whatever crimes they pleased, Juno has grown accustomed to fighting for survival. With dreams of living her days in Utopia seeming more like ill-gotten fantasies, Juno is determined to continue fighting and do what she can in this world.

Name: Kianna Rose Briton

Nickname: Kiki/ Rose/ Bri

Age: Appears 23

Appearance: Her appearance

Utopian/Exile/Giant/Supernatural/Lurker?: Supernatural (Wolf/Vampire Hybrid) & Lurker

Weapon (Nothing too crazy): Mini HandGuns (Mini Revolvers)

Powers: Cryokinetic (Control of Ice/ Ice Fire), Mild Magic, and Shape Shifting to a Wolf

Bio: Will be revealed in the RolePlay

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Premade Characters

Winston Eldersoul: Me

Kiba: Open
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