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Taking an idea I used to have for a pittiful MLP fanfiction, I've decided to turn it into its own story: A group of gods had come together and created a secret association. Mostly dark gods and elder beings with emmence power though a few others joined them, including Aphrodite and Apollo. The goal of these gods was to create "the perfect being" which could fight against the other forces of the universe, including the Titans who were prophesied to escape in this century. But the experiments never went as planned and were typically terminated within a matter of days. Except for a little creature in the form of a Cerberus which they kept as a pet. Their task proved difficult without the help of Phanes, the Greek Primordial God of Creation & Life. Zeus finds out about this group of gods who call themselves the Kindred and he creates a ploy to join them. With his and Gaia's help, they were able to create a powerful being in female form. Due to the combined efforts of so many gods to create it (nearly four hundred total, many of which were decently powerful if not ancient deity's), the creature would be nearly impossible to kill if faced alone. So mere days after Kanik's creation, Zeus turned against the Kindred, intending to capture and imprison Kanik for his own unspoken personal desires. And war broke out among the gods over the "abomination", An interdimensional rift tore open. Taking advantage of the moment before Zeus and the rest of Olympus won against the Kindred, Phobos pushed Kanik through it with the little Cerberus creature as the rift began to close again. In this moment, the god of fear looked at Kanik in slight confusion, wondering why she wasnt afraid moments before the portal closed and Kanik became seperated from their world. Upon crash-landing on earth, the Cerberus turned into a small wolf-pup and Kanik lost her memory. Thus waking up in the middle of nowhere and beginning to wander the human world on foot, not knowing of her home, creation nor of the war pursuing in her home dimension. Appologies for the harsh draft of the tale, I wasn't sure how to better the telling of the epelogue and this is the final result. I hope it's understandable enough. Character Skele: (please fill out and have a picture) given name: prefered name/nickname: age: height: asssigned gender: prefered pronouns: hobbies: special item/trinket: (of sentimental value) occupation: parentA: --occupation: -About parentA: parentB: --occupation: -About parentB: Bio:
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