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DnD Encounters

By ShieldHero-

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ShieldHero-     98d ago

Kirai Hit Dice 8/8
Arthur Hit Dice: 8/8
Prince: 8/6
Ciel: 8/8

Kirai 348 gp and (1/1 Flute Charge)
Arthur 0gp
Ciel: 168GP
Rex: 0GP
Party Fund: 62800GP

Ciel: 1 amulet

Arthur: Sentinel
You have mastered techniques to take advantage of every drop in any enemy's guard, gaining the following benefits.

When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature's speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn.
Creatures provoke opportunity attacks from you even if they take the Disengage action before leaving your reach.
When a creature makes an attack against a target other than you (and that target doesn't have this feat), you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against the attacking creature.
ShieldHero-     115d ago

Ardyn: 11GP
Arthur Pendragon (Variant): 11GP (Sentienal Feat)
Castien: 22GP
ShieldHero-     117d ago

Arthur Vagrant: Shield Master
AC from shield is added to dex saving throws. Can use reaction to take half damage dex throws from spells like fireball and make them zero damage.
Gain a bonus action to shove with shield.
Shove can push them 5ft away or knock them prone.
They contest you're athletics with either you're athletics or their acrobatics (Whatever is higher)
ShieldHero-     115d ago

David Wright: Alert Feat
ShieldHero-     112d ago

Gareth Feat: Fighting Initiate great weapon fighting (rerolls 1's and 2's)

Selena Crestfallen: Chef feat

Reymond: Sentiental Feat
ShieldHero-     105d ago

Cynthia: Chef Feat
ShieldHero-     103d ago

Merlyn Feat: Sentinel
ShieldHero-     103d ago

Gardens of Kerogori:
The Flatlands:
ShieldHero-     101d ago

8200/8400exp left
ShieldHero-     100d ago

ShieldHero-Arthur   94d ago

3rd Place: Healing potion of 2d4 + Con modifier. 30EXP

2nd Place: Healing potion of 2d8 + con modifier 50EXP
ShieldHero-     84d ago

Janurary 2nd - Feburary 2nd Magic campaign food pass/

January 2nd/Saturday
ShieldHero-     83d ago

2Elaine: 18

3Gwyn: 13
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   82d ago

8Arthur: 3
1Scarlett: 22
6Seren: 6 
2Guard 1: 18
4Guard 2: 11
5Guard 3: 8
2Guard 4: 6dmg Stun
3Guard 6: 15
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   80d ago

Ursa: 3
Physical: (Arakora)


Manitchora: 0
Damien Brimstone:
Midair Blocker: Arrokora Nird
Ground Blocker: Physical
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   80d ago

Ursa Finals

ShieldHero-     77d ago

ShieldHero-     73d ago

1Percival: 20
2Isacc: 17
Rat 1: 12
Rat 2: 13
Rat 3: 3
Rat 4: 12
ShieldHero-Aria Wynn   72d ago

2Percival: 21
1Isacc: 23
3Horse: 10HP left
ShieldHero-     70d ago

For My beloved DnD Group

Bandit 1: Dead
7Bandit 2: 3
8Scout/Archer: 3

2Zem: 11
4Cillia: 7
1Braylin Dwarf: 17
5Shilow: 4
3Tendilius: 8
ShieldHero-     67d ago

7: 26dmg
5: 26dmg

3: Full health (37)
ShieldHero-     68d ago

Adams fight

1Adalinda Inti: 18 (15+3)
2Adam: 15
Bandits: 3 left and two only have 6HP
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   66d ago

Have cultist dual wield daggers. (Second dagger does not have modifier)
Or cultist stats make it some creatures yeah!
Like blind dark creatures.
And make them give 30EXP each instead
4 of them
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   66d ago

Ciel - 11
Kirai - 14 
Rex: 17
Arthur: 14
Du Lac: 9 
1Guinevere:  19
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   64d ago

Gnoll pack lord 30DMG
ShieldHero-     63d ago

Radiance is the very center country

Romalia is to the east of Radiance and connected by land.

Alba requires a boat to get to from Radiance. (South)

Germuid to the North and connected by land

Tristain is to the west but is very far and is a Island continent so surrounded by water.
ShieldHero-     62d ago

7 Goblin Acher 2

6 Goblin archer 3

16 Goblin archer 1

Shilow 16: (Shilow's Turn)

Tend: 10

Cillia: 5

Zem: 12
PokemonWindmillNiggus   63d ago
Most mature roleplay cloud user

Goblins? Hog rider is better he does more damage and moves just as fast and only goes for buildings best win con imo
Mr_VMr. V   63d ago

Please don't come an spam.my friends RPs with your racist accounts thank you
ShieldHero-     63d ago

Thank you V.
Didn't think I had to block this thread but forget how weird people are on this site lol
Plus the fact there all teenagers and bored xD
ShieldHero-     62d ago

1: Hill Giant Sighting!: To the reader I beg of thee! This Hill Giant has destroyed two of my caravans! I wish to bring trade back to Glazing Wind but he always knows where I'm going to come in! I thought them to be dim witted! I know a job like this is dangerous others have died trying to take the foul beast down. Many have told me he is worth at least 100 gold. Sadly I can only offer 80 gold with the lack of trade in Glazing wind. Meet me at the front of the guards barracks, I can't leave this blasted town so I'll be there anytime there is daylight.

2:  Jet brothers: Please! The highway is under constant harassment by the Jet brothers! I am always laughed off when I tell everyone two bandits destroy my caravans but.. It's true! I've barely escaped with my life! They fight.. Like some sort of demons! Please be careful but I need them gone! Meet me at the end of town, my house has a light red color with an old greyhound dog. The reward will be 24 gold pieces and I have a few potions and scrolls left behind from my late uncle.

3: Goblin Horde: Dear adventurer before you protest "Goblin's? Isn't the oldest of Cliche? One for the guards?" I tell you that may be the case with one or two.. But there are ten goblins! Many people tell me Goblins are too lowly a job for them to handle but... Like many other merchants I struggle to make ends meet. Come to Black Smith if you wish to take on this job! I can only offer 32 gold pieces for the job I'm afraid. But I may be willing to part with a weapon or two for a job well done!
ShieldHero-     61d ago

Mega ghoul 
Has x2 HP of ghoul can do it's attack twice.

When at half HP will lose the ability to attack twice! (Growing too weak and is hungry perhaps)
125EXP for each party member.
Final boss of this dungeon and the pack leader
ShieldHero-     60d ago

Saphire worth 50GP for forgotten survivors
ShieldHero-     59d ago

Glazing Winds:
Goblin Camp
Wishful Gust tavern

Cobble's Blacksmith

Mothers Armory. (Marianne is the mothers name)
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   57d ago

Fractum's Gods/Culture

Germuid: Umbra OR Dusk/CyberPunk Magicteck (With wood elves being in forest outside the capital)
Radiance; Dawn/Medieval Europeon/Dragon
Romalia: Eastern/Asian/Kirin/Fulgar (God name)
Tristain: Beach,Islander/Leviathan/Oceanus

Alba: Phoenix/Ignis/Desert Middle eastern vibe
ShieldHero-     57d ago

Extra 5 silver for Fractum group
ShieldHero-     55d ago

Positions Fractum:  like Drezmir and Jess are 10ft then Vex, Gildaug, and Corvus are 20ft
ShieldHero-     54d ago

Elder Jet: 22 (36 damage)
Kocino: 21
Drez: 18
Corvus: 17

Jess: 17

Junior Jet: 12
Gildaug: 12
Sloden: 8 (I rolled for him unless he already rolled somewhere and I missed it.
Gilded: Nat 1 (Sadly)

Jess can be behind Gilded!
To keep things simple let us say the Melee fighters are 10 feet away and the squishier fighters are 20 feet behind them. ^^
ShieldHero-     53d ago

Germuid: They worship the god of shadow Umbra a massive Shadow Wolf. The capital here is very Magitech and almost sci fi with floating carriages and advanced technology. High Elves and Eladrin rule the council here. Wood Elves don't like all the progress made as it's been at the cost of Isolation and nature. Germuid once fought with the other 4 nations while having a civil war among the Wood Elves. Now the kingdoms live in peace and the Wood Elves get plenty of forest and sanctuaries in Germuid but tensions are still high

Radiance: The capital here is very Europeon medieval fantasy the god/divine beast is the Holy Dragon "Dawn." Though Dawn has been missing for many years. Dawns light allowed Radiance to prosper. They were Germuid's main enemy in the great war before. They were the first to side with the Wood Elves. However nowadays they are the first to encourage peace with Germuid and try it's best to maintain peace. It's royalty are of Human Lineage and they have a Monarchy  Paladin's and Clerics are respected here as well as Knights and Nobility.

Romalia: The Divine beast here is Fulgur a Mighty Kirin of lightning and massive too. This place has very Easter Culture a mix of Chinese/Japanese. Monk Monasteries, Shinobi,Samurai. It's government is kept more of a secret. 

Tristain: The god/divine beast here is a Mighty Leviathan named Oceanus. This is an Island nation with a very Islander free spirit approach to the worship of water and their god. They are mostly an easygoing people and known for having plenty of Rangers and Druids. They live rather free spirited only going by the council of the elders with no strict goverment.

Alba: The Divine Beast/God here is a Phoenix that goes by Ignis. This place is full of hot deserts and bazaars the capital being the scorching jewel. Though the land is harsh it's capital is beautiful and like Germuid they like to study the Arcane arts. Alba has many ports and so Pirates like to come and go from these ports traveling from Tristain and Alba. Alba may have more crime than other places but even Citizens must learn to fight here to survive. They have a "Sultan" and a Council to help run things at the capital.

Radiance is the very center country

Romalia is to the east of Radiance and connected by land.

Alba requires a boat to get to from Radiance. (South)

Germuid to the North and connected by land

Tristain is to the west but is very far and is a Island continent so surrounded by water

Any land outside of the kingdom's is called "Outland" or "Forsaken Ground" without Divine protection people die out here everyday and it's incredibly dangerous. You've got liches and hydra's and adult dragons (Not Ancient however) so people steer clear of these lands.
Those who do survive out there do so in packs.


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