ShieldHero-     342d ago

Kirai Hit Dice 8/8 Arthur Hit Dice: 8/8 Prince: 8/6 Ciel: 8/8 Kirai 348 gp and (1/1 Flute Charge) Arthur 0gp Ciel: 168GP Rex: 0GP Party Fund: 62800GP Ciel: 1 amulet Arthur: Sentinel You have mastered techniques to take advantage of every drop in any enemy's guard, gaining the following benefits. When you hit a creature with an opportunity attack, the creature's speed becomes 0 for the rest of the turn. Creatures provoke opportunity attacks from you even if they take the Disengage action before leaving your reach. When a creature makes an attack against a target other than you (and that target doesn't have this feat), you can use your reaction to make a melee weapon attack against the attacking creature.
ShieldHero-     359d ago

Ardyn: 11GP Arthur Pendragon (Variant): 11GP (Sentienal Feat) Castien: 22GP
ShieldHero-     361d ago

Arthur Vagrant: Shield Master AC from shield is added to dex saving throws. Can use reaction to take half damage dex throws from spells like fireball and make them zero damage. Gain a bonus action to shove with shield. Shove can push them 5ft away or knock them prone. They contest you're athletics with either you're athletics or their acrobatics (Whatever is higher)
ShieldHero-     359d ago

David Wright: Alert Feat
ShieldHero-     355d ago

Gareth Feat: Fighting Initiate great weapon fighting (rerolls 1's and 2's) Selena Crestfallen: Chef feat Reymond: Sentiental Feat
ShieldHero-     349d ago

Cynthia: Chef Feat
ShieldHero-     347d ago

Merlyn Feat: Sentinel
ShieldHero-     347d ago

Gardens of Kerogori: The Flatlands:
ShieldHero-     344d ago

8200/8400exp left
ShieldHero-     344d ago

ShieldHero-Arthur   337d ago

3rd Place: Healing potion of 2d4 + Con modifier. 30EXP 2nd Place: Healing potion of 2d8 + con modifier 50EXP
ShieldHero-     327d ago

Janurary 2nd - Feburary 2nd Magic campaign food pass/ January 2nd/Saturday
ShieldHero-     326d ago

2Elaine: 18 8Kaia:  3Gwyn: 13 7Ivan:
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   325d ago

Mia Karnstein
8Arthur: 3 1Scarlett: 22 6Seren: 6  2Guard 1: 18 4Guard 2: 11 5Guard 3: 8 2Guard 4: 6dmg Stun 3Guard 6: 15
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   324d ago

Mia Karnstein
Ursa: 3 Elaine Kaia Tarlos Drake Mage Physical: (Arakora) Physical: VS Manitchora: 0 Eli: Damien Brimstone: Midair Blocker: Arrokora Nird Ground Blocker: Physical Mage  Mage Physical Physical
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   324d ago

Mia Karnstein
Ursa Finals Vipera vs Noctua
ShieldHero-     320d ago

ShieldHero-     316d ago

1Percival: 20 2Isacc: 17 Rat 1: 12 Rat 2: 13 Rat 3: 3 Rat 4: 12
ShieldHero-Aria Wynn   316d ago

Aria Wynn
2Percival: 21 1Isacc: 23 3Horse: 10HP left 4Aclotye/Mage/Noble:
ShieldHero-     314d ago

For My beloved DnD Group Bandit 1: Dead 7Bandit 2: 3 8Scout/Archer: 3 2Zem: 11 4Cillia: 7 1Braylin Dwarf: 17 5Shilow: 4 3Tendilius: 8
ShieldHero-     310d ago

7: 26dmg 5: 26dmg 3: Full health (37)
ShieldHero-     312d ago

Adams fight 1Adalinda Inti: 18 (15+3) 2Adam: 15 Bandits: 3 left and two only have 6HP
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   310d ago

Mia Karnstein
Have cultist dual wield daggers. (Second dagger does not have modifier) Or cultist stats make it some creatures yeah! Like blind dark creatures. And make them give 30EXP each instead 4 of them
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   309d ago

Mia Karnstein
Ciel - 11 Kirai - 14  Rex: 17 Arthur: 14 Du Lac: 9  1Guinevere:  19
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   308d ago

Mia Karnstein
Gnoll pack lord 30DMG
ShieldHero-     307d ago

Radiance is the very center country Romalia is to the east of Radiance and connected by land. Alba requires a boat to get to from Radiance. (South) Germuid to the North and connected by land Tristain is to the west but is very far and is a Island continent so surrounded by water.
ShieldHero-     306d ago

7 Goblin Acher 2 6 Goblin archer 3 16 Goblin archer 1 Shilow 16: (Shilow's Turn) Tend: 10 Cillia: 5 Zem: 12
PokemonWindmillNiggus   306d ago
Most mature roleplay cloud user

Goblins? Hog rider is better he does more damage and moves just as fast and only goes for buildings best win con imo
ShieldHero-     306d ago

Thank you V. Didn't think I had to block this thread but forget how weird people are on this site lol Plus the fact there all teenagers and bored xD
ShieldHero-     306d ago

1: Hill Giant Sighting!: To the reader I beg of thee! This Hill Giant has destroyed two of my caravans! I wish to bring trade back to Glazing Wind but he always knows where I'm going to come in! I thought them to be dim witted! I know a job like this is dangerous others have died trying to take the foul beast down. Many have told me he is worth at least 100 gold. Sadly I can only offer 80 gold with the lack of trade in Glazing wind. Meet me at the front of the guards barracks, I can't leave this blasted town so I'll be there anytime there is daylight. 2:  Jet brothers: Please! The highway is under constant harassment by the Jet brothers! I am always laughed off when I tell everyone two bandits destroy my caravans but.. It's true! I've barely escaped with my life! They fight.. Like some sort of demons! Please be careful but I need them gone! Meet me at the end of town, my house has a light red color with an old greyhound dog. The reward will be 24 gold pieces and I have a few potions and scrolls left behind from my late uncle. 3: Goblin Horde: Dear adventurer before you protest "Goblin's? Isn't the oldest of Cliche? One for the guards?" I tell you that may be the case with one or two.. But there are ten goblins! Many people tell me Goblins are too lowly a job for them to handle but... Like many other merchants I struggle to make ends meet. Come to Black Smith if you wish to take on this job! I can only offer 32 gold pieces for the job I'm afraid. But I may be willing to part with a weapon or two for a job well done!
ShieldHero-     305d ago

Mega ghoul  Has x2 HP of ghoul can do it's attack twice. When at half HP will lose the ability to attack twice! (Growing too weak and is hungry perhaps) 400EXP. 125EXP for each party member. Final boss of this dungeon and the pack leader
ShieldHero-     303d ago

Saphire worth 50GP for forgotten survivors
ShieldHero-     303d ago

Glazing Winds: Goblin Camp Wishful Gust tavern Cobble's Blacksmith Mothers Armory. (Marianne is the mothers name)
ShieldHero-Mia Karnstein   301d ago

Mia Karnstein
Fractum's Gods/Culture Germuid: Umbra OR Dusk/CyberPunk Magicteck (With wood elves being in forest outside the capital) Radiance; Dawn/Medieval Europeon/Dragon Romalia: Eastern/Asian/Kirin/Fulgar (God name) Tristain: Beach,Islander/Leviathan/Oceanus Alba: Phoenix/Ignis/Desert Middle eastern vibe
ShieldHero-     301d ago

Extra 5 silver for Fractum group
ShieldHero-     298d ago

Positions Fractum:  like Drezmir and Jess are 10ft then Vex, Gildaug, and Corvus are 20ft
ShieldHero-     298d ago

Elder Jet: 22 (36 damage) Kocino: 21 Drez: 18 Vex:18 Corvus: 17 Jess: 17 Junior Jet: 12 Gildaug: 12 Sloden: 8 (I rolled for him unless he already rolled somewhere and I missed it. Gilded: Nat 1 (Sadly) Positions: Jess can be behind Gilded! To keep things simple let us say the Melee fighters are 10 feet away and the squishier fighters are 20 feet behind them. ^^
ShieldHero-     296d ago

Germuid: They worship the god of shadow Umbra a massive Shadow Wolf. The capital here is very Magitech and almost sci fi with floating carriages and advanced technology. High Elves and Eladrin rule the council here. Wood Elves don't like all the progress made as it's been at the cost of Isolation and nature. Germuid once fought with the other 4 nations while having a civil war among the Wood Elves. Now the kingdoms live in peace and the Wood Elves get plenty of forest and sanctuaries in Germuid but tensions are still high Radiance: The capital here is very Europeon medieval fantasy the god/divine beast is the Holy Dragon "Dawn." Though Dawn has been missing for many years. Dawns light allowed Radiance to prosper. They were Germuid's main enemy in the great war before. They were the first to side with the Wood Elves. However nowadays they are the first to encourage peace with Germuid and try it's best to maintain peace. It's royalty are of Human Lineage and they have a Monarchy  Paladin's and Clerics are respected here as well as Knights and Nobility. Romalia: The Divine beast here is Fulgur a Mighty Kirin of lightning and massive too. This place has very Easter Culture a mix of Chinese/Japanese. Monk Monasteries, Shinobi,Samurai. It's government is kept more of a secret.  Tristain: The god/divine beast here is a Mighty Leviathan named Oceanus. This is an Island nation with a very Islander free spirit approach to the worship of water and their god. They are mostly an easygoing people and known for having plenty of Rangers and Druids. They live rather free spirited only going by the council of the elders with no strict goverment. Alba: The Divine Beast/God here is a Phoenix that goes by Ignis. This place is full of hot deserts and bazaars the capital being the scorching jewel. Though the land is harsh it's capital is beautiful and like Germuid they like to study the Arcane arts. Alba has many ports and so Pirates like to come and go from these ports traveling from Tristain and Alba. Alba may have more crime than other places but even Citizens must learn to fight here to survive. They have a "Sultan" and a Council to help run things at the capital. Radiance is the very center country Romalia is to the east of Radiance and connected by land. Alba requires a boat to get to from Radiance. (South) Germuid to the North and connected by land Tristain is to the west but is very far and is a Island continent so surrounded by water Any land outside of the kingdom's is called "Outland" or "Forsaken Ground" without Divine protection people die out here everyday and it's incredibly dangerous. You've got liches and hydra's and adult dragons (Not Ancient however) so people steer clear of these lands. Those who do survive out there do so in packs.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   235d ago

Arthur Pencross
  As Corvus reads through the book of Arcana it talks about how the Dawnblade was made. Through the god of Radiance Dawn the golden dragon himself. The blade was made for a Dawnblade to wield but.. Those with the strength of character can wield such a sword. The book was muddled with magical changing runes trying to trick up the reader but Corvus was able to make up bits and pieces. For everytime one tries to read the book again it becomes more difficult. It looks clear that Simon may have obsessed over this book writing his own personal notes beside parts he found intriguing. Now even his notes scramble across the pages as Corvus looks. Cracking Arcana forumale fast enough to read the page before it turns yet again. All else he's able to read was that two blades were made in this ritual. An item known as "Blushing Bloom" had made both swords. The Dawnblade and... And.. And what?! The formula was growing too fast for Corvus now. What was this Blushing Bloom?  The book of history requires knowledge of other historical events for context to gain the whole picture. However Corvus seems not to struggle reading this book as much it would seem. The story talked of how Dawn walked the earth as one of the five major Divine beast. Victorious from the Celestial war these five had agreed to find peace among themselves. Dawn was known for empathy and kindness. Fulgur was known for fierce loyality Ignis- Passion and love and intense emotions. Umbra- Acceptance the ability to experience grief and sadness without losing oneself. The teaching shadow and light. Oceanus of Tristain was known for freedom and free spirits.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   235d ago

Arthur Pencross
Many era's ago Paladins and Cleric's were.. Incredibly rare by any devotion. The connection between this realm and the divine was too weak. Causing the creatures of this world an incompatible nature with divine power. Causing death for many Paladin's who tried to take the oath and Clerics who were chosen rarely lived. Dawn had used much of his power and a piece of himself to fix that bridge. So that the world could have great defenders and powerful healers. This story is denied by many other religions but true historians know this to be the truth of Fractum. The other divines never competed with Dawn nor had Dawn competed with them. Dawn had gifted humanity many gifts, including the Blushing Bloom. That is the tale but the book here? Denies one such fact, Dawn had not created the Blushing Bloom. It was created by.. A group of people instead. He had offered a drop of his divine essence but he had not created the Blushing Bloom. The Blushing Bloom a flower that controls the energy of life connected to the roots of Fractum's "true self." Though many people believe the Blushing Bloom may have never existed in the first place. Simon wrote a note near here stating. "Unsure." This tale however ends not with the rose but with Dawn himself. Instead of gratitude many adventurers and nobles had attacked Dawn during his time of rest. The battle was a great and the betrayal shook the world. Many had died but they had managed to slay the dragon. What had they gained? No one knew, Dawn's spirit now lives in the divine realm. Preventing monsters of the Outland to enter Radiance. As the other Divine Beast do. Radiance will forever hold the shame of not having their Divine Beast walk among them. However they can still bask in Dawn's light.. In his Radiance. The church does much to atone for the sin's of their ancestors. All in hopes that one day Dawn will enter the world yet again.
ShieldHero-Arthur Pencross   234d ago

Arthur Pencross
Hello fellow roleplayers/nerds! I am looking for another distraction to keep me entertained! I shall let you know that I have DnD experience in real life. However my DnD experience online is limited but I am slowly learning. As for writing/roleplaying I've spent years doing that on another site so I'm not new to that at least. Just new to here and Discord. Now allow to me set rules/guidelines/notes/plot below for you to peruse! I also have other plot idea's if you prefer to hear those besides this one. I can give quick summary to each one in the "notes" below Starters So for fair warning I am running this world with another group. However this world will have some variations and differences and of course  Plot This is the land known as "Fractum" This land had gone through a great cataclysm long ago. Though these events are of the distant past and rather vague on the details. With the great collide came many changes The 5 great kingdoms offer protection from the Outlands/the wilds. There are many towns and villages between the 5 great kingdoms Tristain: Who worship the god of water. Alba:  Who worship the god of fire Romalia: Those who worship the god of lightning   Germuid: Those who worship the god of shadow. Radiance: Those who worship the god of light   Our story begins in Radiance in a small rough and tumble kinda town called "Glazing Winds"  Notes Each kingdom is known for more than the god they worship. For example Radiance is traditional western fantasy. Germuid is far more advanced using magic and science together to create a weird blend of cyberpunk and medieval. You're character will learn more of the world as they travel or having history already known with the history skill. We will come up with reasons why they are in Glazing winds and there is no Rail Road to bind them. They can go anywhere whenever they want though some places are dangerous they are allowed. Honestly the world has too much to put all into here so if you have any questions ask! Oh and last thing. I'm flexible if you wanna add/change lore with me? If I think it fits or adds to the story well I'm down! We are all creating a story together right? Want to add a god or patron I didn't have planned for it? Something that saved you're character at a young age you made a deal with? You bet we can make that patron exist into this world now. So the lore is flexible and feel free to add ideas and stuff to add the world. I can't say I'll say yes to everything but I'm all ears for any ideas! That way everybody can have fun and play the kinda character they wanna play! I hope I didn't forget any rules here. If you read the entire thing in you're first post (Or PM to me) write "Fractum" anywhere in the message. That'll let me know you read this massive wall of text and are serious about joining the group. The most obvious thing is.. Have fun! It is just a game and the main point is to have fun right?      Rules/What To Expect 1: It will be point buy system for everybody and I will be using the EXP system over Milestone. However I will gladly keep track of EXP for you on you're sheet so no stress. If you wish to keep track of you're own gold let me know otherwise I may do it for you ^^ (Same goes for items and such). We will also be starting at LV 1 2: The world is homebrew so the lore for races will be different than usual DnD lore. Certain things may be the same or even similar and nature but different. 3: I don't mind if you MIN/MAX you're stats but do roleplay and acknowledge you're fellow players. I understand it being slow and strangers at first but I don't want us to be two months in and the all still separate at town and know next to nothing about each other. They should eventually FEEL like a party. I understand if you're character is slow to trust or had a hard past. It could be harder for them and characters do bump heads that is to be expected. 4: You may debate but no out of character arguing. That is obvious I think. 5: I allow the help action for combat but not the flanking advantage. Not for the PC's or for the enemies. I have a few tweaks like this. Such as if you shake someone with brute force I'll allow you to use you're strength modifier over you're charisma for intimidation. There is probably too much to put here so if you have any questions just PM me what a deal breaker is for you 6: I'm not eager to murder you're character but they can die. When you make a new one their level can vary to the party to match the story. I will have them gain EXP twice as fast until caught up with the party if they are behind. Besides this though I like to keep all the characters the same level. So if you kill a goblin alone separated from the party whatever EXP you gain from that I will give to the party too. Separating is allowed (The beauty of PbP) but I don't want anyone getting way stronger than their allies. 7:  So this is a silly one but I'll say it anyway, Digital or Anime art please. I like a certain aesthetic to characters visually and perhaps it's what I'm more used to where I am from. Probably my weirdest one but I'm a bit picky on the pictures though I haven't been in my other groups I will be a little more so for this one here.  8: So this will be fast paced as in the title. Go idle 12 hours in combat and you will be NPC's (As best as I can) and 48 hours out of combat. If you need a break for whatever reason we can always think of a story reason why you're character "Sets off" for awhile ^^. Also to keep things more dynamic we will have a faster paced "Session" once a week. Tuesday GMT 6-8 PM will be more nonstop. Thursdays and the weekends will be slower from me but I'll probably post at least once those days. Also if the group agree's we can even do a bonus session of 6-8 PM on any of the following days. Monday,Wednesday,Friday. So it will be for people who want a faster experience. 9: If I get more than 4 players posting for this whoever posted past the 4th person I can make a duplicate of this for ^^. The Duplicate won't get dedicated Tuesdays for Sessions but can still have the options for bonus sessions on the other days I mentioned if they wish. So in a way 10: So this one may be a deal breaker but I've yet to try this out in PBP and I really wanted too. I do want to run a DMPC, I know all of the horror RPG stories start here xD But allow me to say now what they will/won't do.  -Won't railroad the story -They'll be more of a "follower" more willing to follow than lead and easy going. -Alignment will match the party to be easier to travel with. -Won't PVP in anyway and will be at you're level no "Crazy god DMPC" stuff and they can certainly die. Well they'll defend themselves like any NPC would but they won't attack first.  (Though like a player I'll roll a new one up) -I'll make them whatever roll the party could use most but really would like them to be support. Paladin or Cleric so they don't steal any spotlight from the players. They'll have a story but in terms of story.. They'll be more NPC than PC cause I don't want them to overshadow anybody. -Because obviously I know what happens behind the screen if you ever ask them for advice I will make them roll to see how much they "Know" about a topic. They won't probably be that smart fair warning (I like making dumb but helpful kinda characters xD) so every once in awhile they have may good advice but I wouldn't count on that. They are more so to interact with and they are there to help out ^^  11: I don't mind romance between NPC's/PC's but of course keep it PG13 and fade to black and the such ^^ Schedule It's okay if you miss a Tuesday you may be NPC's or you can explain a downtime activity or journey you're character is doing. I'll inform you guys ahead of time if I need a day off myself. What to Expect   1: Combat and questing can be difficult but I try to make it fair using the DMG as a guide of course. That being said if they go hunting for a dragon they were warned to leave be or something of that effect at LV 2. I can't "Level down" the dragon. So choices matter for sure. 2: I will add you're backstories to the plot, make no mistake you are the main characters. You're backgrounds will blend into the plot in some shape or form. So getting all of you're backstories figured out before we start is important for the story to begin. 3: Now on the other side of the coin you will meet important NPC's. Heroes and villains as well as common folk and peasants. It's a large world and there will be other exceptional individuals living in it. I know this is controversial cause powerful NPC's that arent the BBEG are seen usually as DMPC's and unkillable. I will say this, no one in this world will grow in power at the rate the PC's do. So even if you meet someone powerful just know that one day you'll likely surpass that person. They can grow yes but not at the rate the PC's do for sure.    4: Murderhoboing,  Anyone in my world can be murdered I will not lie. Just expect consequences equal to the crime. Kill a farmer living alone, is it cruel? Yes, if anyone learns of it will they be hostile? Probably but more likely to get away with. Don't do this randomly though please allow it to match you're characters attitude and story. Kill a king however? Well expect any time in that kingdom to be difficult and constant threat and pressure.    5: PVP, I actually do allow PVP but just know even if you can best one friend in a duel doesn't mean other party members won't try and stop you. Or even NPC's if they see you trying to kill them. I know it's a scary rope to cross but don't get frustrated with one another. Friendly PVP is allowed if again no one gets too heated. (I've read too many RPG horror stories)   6: I do have heavy themes, I don't get graphic or anything but there are bad people as well as good. Slavery and Murder happen and if any themes like that make you uncomfortable this is a warning. A noble that steals women and is a scumbag can happen, now I'm not going to write in detail what he does but for some people it simply existing is too much a trigger and I understand. That being said not everyone you meet is going to be a real piece of shit. Kinda like real life haha Notes Plot Idea's 1: Fallen Kingdom One of you will be Royalty (Or multiple) Along with Knight's court wizards etc. The kingdom will fall in the "Prologue" and they will try to take it back one day. (No my DMPC will not be the "Fallen Prince" They'd likely just have been a knight or something) Witch Hunt: One of you will play a "Witch" or "Warlock" You can cast without a focus.  Magic/Spell casting is rare in this world and feared. The group will all have their reasons for traveling with this person. (No my DMPC will not be the "Witch" in mind lol) Academy: his is the world of Tellus, Tellus is a world much like our own. A world reliant on steam and ingenuity to power it's inventions. Another key factor being? Much of the world is yet unexplored and humanity has made great pains to explore the farthest forest. The highest mountains and the deepest seas. However humanity has mostly overlooked one other key factor. In this plane? Magic? Is a secret from the governmental powers. Ever since the witch hunts of the "Dark Ages" (Much like our own) sorcerers and witches have gone into hiding. Not to mention many mythical beas who wish to have asylum. This society has created several dozen schools to find those rare enough.. To be born with the gift of magic. Teaching them to live with other warlocks and witches as well as to make peace with the beast many of which are capable of speech and reasoning. One such school is the Myrdiin's (my-der-in's) Academy of Sorcery and Beastcraft. Circus A creepy kinda traveling Circus idea. I'd go into more detail but this is long enough as is ^^ Final Thing So I know that you read everything write the word "Adventure" at the end of you're first post or PM to me. The first 3-4 players to do so are the ones who will be selected for the primary group. Let's get to adventuring!
ShieldHero-     229d ago

Hello ladies and gents! Lizards and halflings! This is yet another search thread! Yup yup there is about a thousand of these gosh darn things but yet here you are reading another one! This is one is for applications of.. You guessed it duet campaigns. I enjoy this sorta set up for a variety of reasons. A player can feel more like the main character while custom tailoring the story around you're character or characters!   So let me start with saying roleplaying and story will be heavily important, nothing with people love combat only campaigns. Though there will be plenty of combats too of course! I like to balance it around. I'll try my best to get straight to the point here. I will write a set of rules below and a standard application below along with a brief description. So right off the bat allow me to say this isn't first come first serve. I'll probably only start 1-3 campaigns so no hard feelings if I don't scoop you up. You did nothing wrong I'm just selecting people who are most compatible with my style. So don't feel it's a contest of "Who's the best." Or anything like that. Also if I'm feeling spicy and two people seem to be great I may grab two people for a campaign instead of one. Now below will be a set of rules ^^ (Aren't rules fun?)   Rules 1: I want a sample post if you would please, I don't expect every post in our story to be a long winded response. Sometimes short and sweet is okay but I want to know you can do longer descriptive story telling when the situation arises for it. The sample post doesn't have to be the character you'll use and can even come from a post in another campaign just something that lets me see you're flavor of writing ^^    2: I've plenty of homebrew worlds and plot ideas but if you wish we can collaborate on an idea/plot/world together. Though I'll be honest the settings I most prefer are.. Medieval/Modern meets Medieval/Or a world with varying cultures of kingdoms/countries. Course if you want to discuss a compromise I can't promise anything but we can at least see where the discussion goes I won't bite ^^   3: Will mostly be going RAW not a huge homebrew kinda person, but small little homebrew changes and stuff I'm willing to hear out. Again the worst I can do is gently say no.   4: You may have to make two characters if we don't grab another person ^^ just to round out the party more.   5: This is the big deal breaker for most and I totally understand that but here I go anyway. This goes a bit with rule 4 as well. I'll probably have one or two DMPC's. Now I will set a few ground rules for myself for you to know with these DMPC's. Because I know they have a really bad reputation and I understand why that is so honestly. I'm lucky I've only ever seen fun DMPC's in my parties but many stories have shown me that isn't always the case. One: The DMPC will always stay on you're characters level they won't be some OP god. In fact will be doing EXP share for the whole party so everythings allows balanced ^^   Two: The DMPC's will have to make many more rolls just to make certain choices like INT checks and such. (Since I know the world it's a needed limitation.) But they'll be more followers than leaders. So I do ask that one of you're two characters is more so a leader. Any advice a DMPC may have on lore/strategy will be based on ability checks. INT/WIS and such so don't be mad if they actually give bad advice sometimes. They won't know everything.    Three: They won't start PvP, I mean they'll defend themselves like NPC's would but they won't start PvP. On that note if they do die I'll roll new characters no hard feelings xD. This gives you the freedom to act as you would.    6: I don't mind romance between NPC's/PC's but of course keep it PG13 and fade to black and the such ^^     7: Now I feel silly having to say this but I can have challenging combat encounters, nothing that breaks the DMG or even Kobold fight club recommended encounters but even among the CR code one can build tough encounters. You're character can die that isn't the goal but it's possible as can my DMPC's of course. If anything I generally make healer/tank DMPC's that would try to put themselves at risk first though. (Though if you wanna make a cleric or paladin I don't mind playing another class to keep up variety.) When you make a new character they will be on the parties level or close but will catch up. ^^. So nothing as cruel as starting at LV 1 when you died say LV 10. Now I may follow Kobold and DMG but say you're characters find a dragon at LV 2. I won't force a combat but if they start one I can't promise the dragon will be a "fair" fight at LV 2. So gotta be careful with what choices they make like say trying to fight all the guards at LV 1 etc etc.    8: Either Standard Array or Point Buy please.   9: As the worlds are homebrew the race's lore will differ from DnD lore. Just had to mention that cause I know DnD lore can mean a lot to people. 10: EXP system over milestone. 11:  I allow the help action for combat but not the flanking advantage. Not for the PC's or for the enemies. I have a few tweaks like this. Such as if you shake someone with brute force I'll allow you to use you're strength modifier over you're charisma for intimidation. There is probably too much to put here so if you have any questions just PM me what a deal breaker is for you 12:  So this is a silly one but I'll say it anyway, Digital or Anime art please. I like a certain aesthetic to characters visually and perhaps it's what I'm more used to where I am from. Probably my weirdest one but I'm a bit picky on the pictures though I haven't been in my other groups I will be a little more so for this one here.    13: More a warning than a rule but I do have heavy themes, I don't get graphic or anything but there are bad people as well as good. Slavery and Murder happen and if any themes like that make you uncomfortable this is a warning. A noble that steals women and is a scumbag can happen, now I'm not going to write in detail what he does but for some people it simply existing is too much a trigger and I understand. That being said not everyone you meet is going to be a real piece of shit. Kinda like real life haha   14: Murderhoboing,  Anyone in my world can be murdered I will not lie. Just expect consequences equal to the crime. Kill a farmer living alone, is it cruel? Yes, if anyone learns of it will they be hostile? Probably but more likely to get away with. Don't do this randomly though please allow it to match you're characters attitude and story. Kill a king however? Well expect any time in that kingdom to be difficult and constant threat and pressure.    15: Many NPC's will be able to fight and even handle some problems, some may even be more powerful than the party at first. I feel odd to say this but many people feel that unless the PC's are the strongest and the world counts on them right out the gate they are not important. Now they will be counted on for sure as they grow throughout the journey not just as fighters but as people and perhaps as strategist too. Again one of those things that's more a warning than a rule.   16: No matter the setting I must say one more thing, my NPC's will most likely not talk in traditional medieval western fantasy. Thee's and thou's, it'll be closer to Vox Machina the series or Final Fantasy 15 as examples. More down to earth with dialogue, you may meet an old fashioned elf who talks in such a way but don't expect that to be the norm.     Sorry that felt like a one sided session zero didn't it? It's just to help establish boundaries and expectations and even than you're sure to have questions when it comes to boundaries and expectations. Still I wanted to do my best to let people know what they are diving into even if it isn't possible to touch base on everything. Thank you for being patient enough to read these.   Application      Character Concept: Character concept you always wanted to try! Setting: A setting or story theme you always wanted to be in! Preference: Would you rather solo duet? Or have one other player along for the ride? Power Fantasy: What is something you want you're character (s) to be known for? For being smart? Strong? Funny? A great defender? Power fantasy can be such a stigmatized term. Yet deep down we want to play some sort of power fantasy if only a little or maybe a lot who knows! Romance: Is you're character okay with romance? Or is this a trigger for you?   Three Pillars: Of the three pillars of DnD exploration,combat,social encounters. Which do you like best? Or if two of them tie which two do you enjoy? Or maybe you enjoy all 3 equally? Let me know here. At the end of you're application please write the word "Duet" so I know that you read everything. Thank you and sorry this was a slog full of rules I hope we can get started very soon! Excited to start a few campaigns and thank you for reading everything if you made it this far ^^  Edit Schedule/Time Zone My timezone is GMT (Centray Daylight Savings) And I am most available to play on Mondays,Tuesdays,Wednesdays,Fridays    If you're already in one of my campaigns don't worry you're free to apply as well ^^
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Corvus Rival: Gwen Gilded Rival: Arthur Drezmir Rival: Kirai? Jess Rival: Unknown Sy Rival: Too soon Amon Rival: Unknown/Perhaps too soon Kocino Rival: Unknown
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Spiral Encounters First Encounter School Cafeteria, Gremlins are working on a way to craft a spell to sneak in the principals office.  Got different colored looking Gremlins too! You've a gremlin in the back bubbling a cauldron with the school foods and strange magics. A green Gremlin. Red Blue Yellow Blue Gremlin's can at will cast Hideous Laughter. Their claws only have +3 to hit and deal D4+1 damage. 4 Yellow Gremlins HP: 6 AC: 11 Uses Dagger D4+1 Has stealth attack for extra D6 if near a red goblin only!  4 Red Gremlins Sword and shield (Shortsword) Attack: D6+1 HP: 7 AC: 12 Enables Yellow Goblin Stealth attack 4 Blue Gremlin: HP: 5 AC: 10 Cast: Hideous Laughter At Will/Can charge up to speed up Green Goblin's "Crafting" Green Boss: HP: 75 (If he takes 12 damage or more in one round he loses focus on charging the next effect!) AC: 12 Charging Spells/Potions Every 3 charges he can do a move! Can only be affected by Blue Gremlin charge once! Uses own turn to charge an effect! Roll a D6 to see the affect of the charge! D1: Summons forth 2 Red and 2 Blue Gremlins! D2: Summon back 1 of each gremlin and heal 5HP! D3: Teleports in the cafeteria wherever they wish (If no Gremlins defending them they cast Burning hands instead) D4: Shoots out Two Fire Bolts at random party members. D5: Cauldron Poofs! Nothing happens!  D6: One of the player's must make a charisma saving throw or be forced to switch bodies with a Gremlin for one round! (Both possessed parties get one turn than it ends) Supercharge: Insight/Perception: DC 12 to see what is happening. Can only use this move round 3 or higher. Take double damage but gain two charges instead of one for the cauldron! EXP for the encounter 350EXP Clue's at the scene, a burnt religious book and pages all over. A letterman jacket piece is in the cauldron as well. The magic on the gremlins is enchantement and they don't remember all that much. Need investigation/Detect Magic/ECT to figure these sorta things out.
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[center [h3 Prepped Encounters]] After second encounter small time skip of following school/classes (Make them LV 3) LV 2-5 Any "extra" fight/quest are gonna not be as well done. (Kobold fight club and whatever I got written down for sure) Roll a D4 to see difficulty of Kobold etc etc. [center [h3 LV 2]] Across Ice Cream Shop Ethan Walker. Ethan with his stone can use transmutation to turn the abandoned place around but only on the inside. (It's similar in nature but more refined to those pages.) Ethan's Goons (If car chase on bikes but maybe not just in abandoned garage is possible) Ethan's Goons/Ethan Walker Ethan Walker: Goon 1: (The Brute) HP: 18 AC: 11 (Leather) Initiative: 0 Attack/Moves: Greatsword: To hit +3 2D6+1 Ethan's Rally: Attacks with Ethan's reaction Guarded Stance: When standing in front of an ally (This action must be prepared) strike whoever hits that ally twice (Prepare action and cost own reaction) Saving Throws: +1 Con/STR saving throw Athletics: +3 Goon 2: (The Nimble) HP: 8 AC: 14 (Leather) Initiative: +3 Attacks: To hit+ 5 Rapier D8+3 Saving Throws: +3 DEX Reaction: Can use uncanny dodge (Once per round) Ethan's Leadership: Can move with disengage up to 30 feet with Ethan's Reaction.  Nimble Aid: As a bonus action can allow an ally to disengage as a bonus action Goon 3: (The Novice Mage) HP: 5 AC 15 (Mage Armor) Initiative 2 Attacks: Dagger D4+2 +4 to hit Spell: Burning Hands (once) Cantrip: Firebolt +6 to hit Saving throws: Cha/Dex/Wis/Int +2 STR/CON -1 Will give help action against enemies if in melee. Ethan's Guidance: Ethan can use his reaction to recharge his Burning Hands. Goon 4: (The Shield) HP: 13 Initiative: 1 AC: (15 Chainskirt and shield) Saving throws: +1 to everything Attacks: Longsword: to hit +3 Damage D8+1 Ethan's Guidance: Ethan can use reaction to boost own AC by 3 from incoming attack. Will also use help action to help Ethan land attacks. Ethan: Made a sheet Can shoot crystal out of his hand (Helps give others "Guidance" for his reaction) If LV 2 this encounter will be followed with a timeskip to LV 3. If not LV 2 than this encounter will give 200EXP for each party member. Investigation afterwards Items of interest Ethan's Crystal/His pact weapon having demonic energy. What Ethan Knows: The demon at the mine and the purist have been talking to the trapped demon. That's how he became an errand boy. If killed he has a letter saying to meet at the "Glistening Ball" in a week (In week time skip LV 3) He isn't willing to sell Reaper out easily that he too is an informant. [center [h3 Glistening Ball Encounter]] Jonathon Shore LV 5 pirate. Uses hit and run tactics with Dhamnir's unique assets. He plays his DJ machine which seems to be magical and a superior version to Ethan's crystal. It focuses on Enchantment and Transmutation and Necromancy (Don't know that though until detect magic) it takes those who are peaceful and hide in the "Night" and forces them into a bloodlust. There are Werewolves/Vampires/Zombies! One room a werewolf loses it and starts attacking civilians! (Waste two turns to do so) On the left side of the map it's a 8v4 werewolves vs Vampires! Each turn they'll defeat one of each group of each other! On the right side is 8 Lesser Vampires! Vampire Stat Block HP: 11 Initiative: 3 AC: 14 (Leather Armor) Damage Resistant to physical Attack: Bite To hit +5 Damage D6+3 (Heals self by damage dealt) Saving Throw: +3DEX/WIS Werewolf Stat Block HP: 17 Initiative: 1 Resistant to Physical damage AC: 11 Damage: D8+3 Saving throw: +3STR/Con In the back is the Swashbuckler taking pot shots unless threatened (Will try and stealth when given the chance) with 4 Zombies defending him. 1/4 CR Zombie EXP: 250-300 EXP (Depending) (Party's estimate afterwards is about 1200/2700) DJ Machine can be destroyed. Has AC of 14 and 30HP. Destroyed he loses control of all the beast as they get stunned/headache. (Machine is resistant to physical damage) Investigate/Reward afterward 1000 Gold in funds from the Purist. Investigation Afterward. The NPC's that were on the scene either ran off or helped fighting and can investigate too. Upon inspection the machine looks similar to the crystal but with a key difference. There is crystal mithirl. With a history check ya know the abandoned mine has Crystal Mithril and the old factory used to refine it and that it helps Arcana run more smoothly. In Dwarven it says "Mark 3 Prototype still not complete." Jonathon Shore what he knows. Ethan Walker and Reaper are his only errand boys and he's only a step above those two. They turned him into a dhamnir with some strange Arcana experiment.. But he won't rat out Reaper so easily. He was a pirate but once he was in the Terra Lunanacia navy. He isn't sure but some of the Purist talk about bringing back the glory days. He had done it for the money and because he was threatened. [center [h3 Crystal Shaft Encounter]] For LV 3 Rookie Knight and Junior Detective will help! Even if the disagree on the situation Wooden Golem powered by electricity (Flesh golem stats but no Berserk function) Instead of immune to physial it is resistant. However it's attack force an STR saving throw or a DEX saving throw. DC 15 If failed when hit take an extra D4 damage and go flying 10 feet back and go prone. There are Purist channeling magic together in an attempt to finish creating a machine. The machine is powering the golem 4 of them around the machine begins to power it up and every turn powering it up the golem heals 5HP. Throughout the mines is 2 hidden CR 1/2 cultist trying to get the drop on them. While 4 1/8 cultist are trying to charge it. There are 4 more 1/8 cultist scattered waiting to charge the machine 1/8CR Cultist/Block HP 11 AC: 12 Attacks/Moves Shortsword: D6+ Charging Machine. (Takes 4 to build a full charge. 1 can only build a 1/4 charge) Machine's stats 3 Charge and the Golem will go "Hyper Drive" gaining advantage on all attacks for one turn! The two 1/2 are "Scout" statblocks and are attempting stealth rolls. (To get first hit with advantage.) Gain: 600EXP 1800/2700 Two lesser healing potions and 400 gold on them! And materials off the golem for crafting with the artificer! Investigation: Find plenty of recently mined Mythril and it's arcana has been used to try and power this machine. It doesn't look complete enough to even have a Mark. In Elvish it says on it the machine/notes "Mythril is but one step to finalizing this machine" [center [h3 Sewer Encounter]] LV 3 There is 8CR 1/2's Each Purist has a gremlin they are channeling with an orb. (Students are in the orbs and the go into the machine) Pair 1 Sword Purist: Scout statblock, (Sword) can use it's action to share it's HP with Shield gremlin. (If defeated Shield Gremlin loses interest in the fight) Shield Gremlin: Body takes the shape of a shield Martial Advantage with it's Tamer (extra 2D6 when attacking same target as tamer) Hob Goblin stats Pair 2 Purist Leader: Can take control of a fallen Gremlin if he doesn't have one. Scout (Bow) Sword Gremlin: (Sword like body/Hob Goblin stats except more damage and less AC) HP: 11 AC: 16 Damage: 2D6 +2 Martial damage near tamer Pair 3 Tamer Scout Stats but with rapier Pink Gremlin: Can cast cure wounds at will. (Doesn't attack) D8+1 HP: 11 AC: 14 Pair 4 Tamer Scout stats but with dagger and shield Can use action to give Blue Gremlin cover. Blue Gremlin: HP 11 AC: 13 Cast: Hideous Laughter Gremlins came down below brainwashed by Purist. Reaper appears frightened talking to these men as they tell him what must be done. Investigation: Upon looking you find a few old trapped students! Though the more powerful students seem to be missing. There were.. Inside the machine? As of now you don't know how to get their souls/bodies outside of these moving batteries. Scene: After the battle more Purist arrive but only for the Knight's/Police to arrive Chance to see them bicker but also interact with Evan Walker/Sakimoto Sato and the detective Cerron Lightwood along with Klaus Evergarden. Klaus seems stern but kind and ask if you are doing well and have fought well. Cerron seems more.. Questioning and harsh in comparison. Klaus will warn you afterwards that this is.. Straus's fault and that their police department have no right here. Jack Highwind has shown up to make up for Ethan's shortcoming as he was his student. He comes from Terra and says the politics are strange there.. And Warlocks are rare but he is trying to make things right now. Reward: Gain 500EXP/Arcane materials/400 gold [center [h3 Cemetery Encounter]] LV 3 Gain 450EXP One of the Tomb Stones starts to hum hard to tell which one however but it sounds like those infernal machines (If dealt with any by now) Zombies of different kinds will come out from the ground. The fog will hide them while the candles give bright light 10 feet. They are obscured in the fog unless light/darkvision. Look at a tomb stone and decide (You the DM) which is the humming stone. Can make perception and investigation checks while doing so! 3 Types of Zombie Stalker +6 Stealth (Get's advantage with stealth hit and extra 2D6 damage if stealth hits Initiative: +2 HP: 10 AC: 14 Damage:To hit +4 Swings twice D6+2 (Second swing gets no modifier) Saving throw DEX/Con +2 Speedster Initiative: 3 HP: 11 AC: 15 Damage: To hit+5 D8+3 Movement 40feet Saving throw: Dex 3/Con 2 Brute Initiative: -1 HP: 13 AC: 16 Negates 3 points of physical damage every hit. Damage: To hit+5 D12+3 Every wave is 6 more. Waves keep coming till the machine is destroyed or after 3 waves. Every wave summons a random amount of each kind (Roll D6 to decide) Andrew fights some extra undead! Investigation: Find an orb that one of the undead was carrying made to power the machines.. In is a familiar Arcana. It's.. Reaper/Eugene! (Or opt different NPC here if that works better gotta be magical.) Scene: Parents come in and tell family to not get involved and it's dangerous. Weird they came here.. Andrew will wave goodbye to them in this moment. [center [h3 Lost Haven Encounter]] LV 4 Finally found the true machine! No longer a prototype! However it is being guarded by.. Some knights? Evan Walker is here as well! (He is LV 4 fighter by now with 18STR.) With Even is the LV 8 fighter teacher Gremory with claymore in hand. He has useful maneuvers but his weakness is showy brute force. (Spamming Great Weapon Master) 570EXP (Push the party to LV 5) If the party didn't need the extra push 1200Gold and one greater healing potion! They tell you that the orders had a captains seal.. Klaus Evergarden had given the order and it was top secret. When looking at the machine it's a complete model but it has.. "Mark 2" on it meaning there must be one other. [center [h3 Abandoned Factory Encounter]] LV 3 Reward: Machine materials! Timeskip to LV 4 (If already LV 4 give each player 575 EXP and 775GP) Investigate: This is under notes but here is a little extra. For the timeskip it can be to either decipher the meaning/code in the languages. Or because the meeting is at a certain date at the forest. (If timeskip for LV 4 is needed) CR 1/4/ 4 of them CR 3/ just 1 (The boss) The boss has loose wires (Weak to water and lightning) The boss has a generator and also there is a generator (Purple lightning on the map) Powered by four laser blasters. Each blastor has an AC of 12 and 10HP If the boss runs out of minions 4 more will appear from the generator/lasors. Take all 4 down the minions stop spawning and the boss is stunned for a turn before re-calibrating. If the boss is defeated the minions seize to function. [center [h3 Hunting Grounds Night Encounter]] LV 4 Tabaxi Dad's are out and about and they appear to be.. Hunting for something. They are attacked by some strange brutish heavy hitters! Investigation: 500gold and materials off the broken armor bits but.. They have strage and very foreign armor and shields. Each dad is a CR 3 archer. The brutish heavy hitters are a Dragonborn,Dwarf,Orc They are wearing Shield with Plate but the plate had looked a bit unstable. Almost is if it was to hide what it was.. In case they lost. Done on purpose. Helm Horror stats but instead of 60HP they get 30HP but still get physical damage resistance. However they get multi attack! 550EXP,300 gold and useful armor/shield materials! [center [h3 Daylight Park Dark]] LV 4 encounter See Evie's parents drive up and ask what she is doing out so gosh darn late? Than have the junior detective come and tell Evie that her parents were placed under curfew for risk of security they could be making these machines cropping up! Himari will try and talk sense into her brother but he.. Won't have it. Can either fight them or go along with it! If they fight they get compensated as well as EXP afterwards. (700GP) If they don't fight they get 300EXP as a "Story Mark" Turns into a social encounter where everyone is brought in for questioning. Encounter Junior Detective (LV 5) Brought Swat Heavy hitters Riot Shield HP: 25 Initiative: 0 AC: 18 Attack: Baton: +5 to hit Damage D6+2 Saving Throw: STR/DEX/Con +2 Guard: Can use action to give cover with Riot shield. Chem Expert HP: 16 AC: 16 Initiative: 1 Saving Throw: STR/DEX+1 Attack: Handgun +6 to hit Damage D6+1 Sleep Gas: Must pass DC 11 Con save or fall asleep Tear Gas: Pass DC 11 con save or blinded Gunslinger HP: 30 AC: 15 (Leather Armor) Initiative: 4 Gunshot Multi Attack: D8+4 Saving Throw: Dex+4/Wisdom+3 Evie's parents will throw potions to help! (If they take 3 hits they are KO'd) 370EXP for the battle. The main detective comes and stops the fight (Thus the compensation.) Evie's parents are willing to answer questions now that he is here. [center [h3 End of Arc 1 Battle]] LV 5 In the center he is powering a crystal. Beginning of the fight 2 "Bandit" stat blocks appear from each gate. Except they have 20HP,Deal D10+2 and have +5 to hit. They are basic guards coming through the portal becoming "More." (Monsterous swordsman) If he wants 8 more he's gotta use an action to touch the center. (Can summon more if he has 4 or more creatures.) When he touches it each glowing crystal gate gets two while the well itself gets 2. The Well's a power source for it all. Resistant to physical damage. AC: 14 HP: 100 (It changes elemental every round) Fire it'll take double from water or blizzard Blizzard: Will take double from fire Water: Will take double from Lightning. Each Crystal above the gate has it's own stats too. Each crystal's AC is 16 with 50HP On the left is Blizzard the top is Water and the right is fire these do not change like the center. Destroying a gate stops them from coming further. Destroy all 3 gates and the power sources and he'll lose a turn! Timeskip: End of semester timeskip, not insta popular but you're pretty cool and seniors leave you be. (Become LV 6 and no one in you're year can keep up.) Still have unanswered questioned but.. That is okay for now some sense of peace comes back. Scene: He is dying from the machine's effects (Klaus) he'll tell you.. Straus hasn't change the purist.. Have an inside man.. In Straus.. And that he was close.. To using their own machine.. Against them.. But in the end taking that power.. Those kids.. He let his rage make him become what he hated most.
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[center [h3 Spiral Arc 2 Encounters]] [center [h3 Jeremy Encounter]] Any Level Jeremy will be LV 10 by the Arcana Drive. Roth is a LV 6 Barbarian. Bright wing is a LV 3 Dragonborn Paladin. Reward: 5000EXP/They have 1000 gold all together. (If not robbed give an extra 1000EXP from the light that Klaus had given them.) Investigation Afterward Penelope Knowledge: Knows Adrianna's friend group was Teresa/Herself/Minxi and are at Larex's. Jeremy Knowledge: Adrianna gave him the Divine Arcana Drive. Roth Knowledge: Doesn't really know much took Jeremy's lead mostly. The coach seems to have been acting weird though and may cut Evan from the team Bright Wing: Knows what Roth knows as well. Arcana Drive: Divine Celestial Energy is in the Arcana drive. Evie gets advantage on Arcana check on it but she isn't sure why she can connect with it so well. Celestial Runes are the Arcana Drive. They speak of taking divine energy from an angel. That this prototype must find a compatible partner. Information from Jeremy's battle was transferred elsewhere. (Transferred to Under factory lab) [center [h3 Underground Encounter]] LV 6 Encounter LV 10 Adrianna Adrianna will have 2 Banshee's Start on opposite sides, it's an Athletic's 15 to make it across (Acrobatics 15 if someone throws you that someone must have 16STR or more to throw you.) If this fails Or you're knocked out by the banshee's Wail End up in in a weird like dream state. Nari will end up facing off with a hooded figure! (Okabe but voice distorted) Arcana DC15 and can tell his voice/shape is altered but he's talking to something... It's gender may even be altered. Okabe will fight them without his machine. (No gun just his blade as to hide who he is.) As soon as Nari ends up in that world he can make a wisdom save DC 13 to resist. Okabe will challenge him in a thing he specializes in. (A Save DC 17 of Nari's choice) and at the end of every turn they gotta make a save or take 8D8 of slash damage but succeed avoids all damage. (Choose a save) Okabe must compete in that save (Optional) if revived while in this state you are catatonic. Will ask about his parents and what lurks in the past. He is aware the documents are fake but he doesn't know more than that. Evie: Will be dealing same thing as Nari but different dialogue.Will bring up her mother and father. When any of them wake up they wake up with 2D8 inspiration (Must be used at same time) and can be used for anything. AC/Damage/Save/Attack/Check Sakimoto will fight his paranoia personified (His own stat block basically) Arthur will fight his Father but is a fake and a younger version that he will never be the hero his father was. He will learn his father cut down the previous Emperor and what is he? To a man who brought peace? Of course his father only knew how to bring peace with violence. Arthur may be an instrument of simple violence. A shadow of a false hero. The previous Emperor, Straus Shroudveil was a teen not much older than Arthur. Though this was altered in history to paint those who had slain him in a better light. Arthur will feel anger that his father hadn't thought of a solution that didn't involve slaying a child even if he was led astray. Himari will find herself in the Fey Wild and she will remember a giant machine in her forest. She saw herself as she was now... In the Fey Wild pondering on the machine among a tribe of other Fey. She isn't sure what this is supposed to mean but she had drawn her blade shrouded in light and shadow. Those of the Fey Wild looked at her in this dark forest with a sorrowful expression as she stepped forward to this machine. Reward: 5000 EXP/ Rapier +1 (May turn to a Rapier +2) Pre Fight: Hooded figure will call Himari "Child of the Fey" with Insight (Against Okabe's deception)he gets a flat roll but his hood/items give him advantage. Proper insight shows this. Arthur: He looks down at Arthur and though respects his father thinks Gawain is a hypocrite. Himari: He seems to hold much inner rage for her. Aros: He looks at Aro's with curiosity (May ask him if he's "her" son) Evie: With a deep fascination and maybe even a twisted admiration Nari: He'll be condescending and cocky Sakomoto: He looks at Sakimoto like a joke a nobody caught up in matters he shouldn't be in. Investigation: DC: 16 Can figure out this has been used for awhile but many have come and gone and not all the same person. The door seems to be closed but it also seems it's a portal to another plane. Arcana: DC 16: Can tell much Arcana from different sources. That a celestial force had entered before.the same force now used in this orbs. And bits of the Fey Wild are starting to seep out of the door threatening to create a disruption on the material plane. The arcana seems to react to Aros and Himari. History: Runes of the Fey, Celestial Runes again. DC: 16 will help you remember the dangers of the Fey Wild General Rules Don't accept a gift from the fey. Don't consume the food or drink of the Feywild. Never dance with a fey. Never tell a fey your full name. Never stray from a path in the Feywild. Use your manners, but don't say "thank you" (or you owe them) Don't give a Fey (cheap) clothing Always keep your word. Don't repay more than you borrowed Also that the world is similar to our own in topography and geography but magic and emotions constantly change the world's appearance. Himari feels a deep longing to that door as her heart begins to ache. Aros will feel something strange in his chest upon the rule of the dancing in the Fey. His blood begins to rush and he feels somewhat similar to Himari to some degree on the door. The door won't let them enter until they are LV 7 (Will push them back) If the battle ends and come closer to the door will get those visions if missed [center [h3 Fey Wild Encampment/Machine Encounter]] LV 7 Himari's Encounter Those in black armor (History Check this old Straus Haven empire Armor) try to stop them! 2 Commanding officers! (CR 4/LV 6 have sheets) Haiver and Valenaie but Valenae wears a mask and Haiver does as well. And 20 soldiers (Horde rules and CR 1/4) They suits appear to be tied this machine? It looks similar to the one Evie shut down but covered in Fey and Celestial energy (Arcana DC 18 to know this.) Moss and other strange markings are on the machine. Celestial Runes as well as Elvish runes. The 20 soldiers have flying Sword stats but D10+1 and AC still 17. Armor is powered by magic. Dispel magic and such will make the armor to heavy to be used by these soldiers. (Same as Flying Sword) Fight Mechanic: Tied to the machine a voice will call for Aros or Himari to the machine. If it is Aro's it is his Charisma versus Druids Wisdom. Himari her wisdom versus Druid wisdom. For Aros he is using force of personality. What the machine does in combat. Either general waste an action to activate the machine. Powering the Horde up. The horde either takes half damage or deals an extra weapon die of damage. Reward: 4000EXP/Spare Materials to tinker with. Arcana Drive armor pieces to make more armor! (Plate armor and Studded+1 level) Investigation Afterwards: They are wearing old empire armor and old empire general mask. Haiver and Valenae are trying to reclaim the home they knew. Lack of civil dispute the world on the brink of distrust and violence. Terra threatening war against Straus. Starkwood telling Terra to stand down and Sumia Shogunate closing it's borders soon. Burguss may join Terra's side in this war to come. A second great war but with sword and reason they can complete what they should have never helped Herron stop. Suppression.. And peace. Haiver/Valenae Information: They have a cloaked contact he is from Straus they know that much from his stature. He is a male and has a fondness for High Elven culture. (Herron and Okabe may be suspects) and that he has taken an interest in Flame and Violet's past. (Herron and Okabe yet again) Arcana: DC18 Notice the celestial runes are used with real Celestial magic but Fey Runes are using Fey magic as well.. This is in elvish. Both in arcane code. Using FeyWild's ability to distort reality and the divine's raw power as a source. To channel that source they need more "Batteries" as stated in the runes. It explains those passing out are coming here mentally but they are allowed time.. To rest? The Runes seem to say "According to her" forumai (Herron's sister, Celena Formula.) Investigation: DC18 Know that the handwriting looks somewhat like an High Elves style but could be copied. When he says to her it appears to be a homage and he appears to be.. Close to this woman scarred by her loss. The machine has a piece in it the way it looks broken it seems two more peaces are needed for the machine to work and perhaps at one point they had all 3? Hard to say Perception DC 18 See that the Fey Folk seem curious of Eros and Himari coming to the machine. (Insight 18 shows they look at Himari and Aros with a sorta.. Longing) History: DC 18 The way the Runes refer to her talk about the IronWood General (Nari's Bio mom) [center [h3 Fey Wild Divine Encounter]] LV 7 Evie's Encounter Evie is faced with a trap.. A spell that trapped some of this divine angel's power Planetar CR16 (If defeated just KO'd) This is Eve's power being abused! But only seems to work with Evie around (Arcana 20 or Religion 20 to know this) but if Evie succeeds a DC 20 wisdom save she can talk with Eve for a moment (Not knowing it's her mother) instead of fighting her. Reward: 4000EXP/Angel's feathers could perhaps be used in magical tinkering? One Feather glows especially bright around Evie. Evie and Arthur are shown an image of the child they would bear to the world. One that is perhaps naive but rather powerful. Son of Gawainn. Daughter of the Divine. If he is too be fallen the world will be destroyed. If not the world will gain a staunch defender and that the Angel knows from experience union with mortals can be.. Trying and dangerous (Insight DC20 shows that it in fact likes humans) Investigation: DC 18 Shows that she left behind a machine piece that perhaps that was her power but not her true form...? That she was hiding that piece from someone. (Can add more) What Eve Knows: She knows in fact much but can only be asked 3 questions before being pulled back. [center [h3 Fey Wild Troupe Encounter]] LV 7 Aros encounter Many Satry's will tell Aros he grew up adorably! And what happened to him? What happened to her? They miss them. As he explains (If) he doesn't know what's wrong can insight DC20 that doing so causes a shift in mana and a terrible pain. DC 20 Charisma save from Aros can prevent this form change and calm them if not they will fight as these weeping beast! One is a sobbing Chemeria CR6 but instead of fire it spews a mist in the same cone that causes sadness! DC 15 Wisdom save or weep on you're turn (Can make a save at the end of every turn.) Aros can use his action make a Persuasion check (DC20) to calm one down! Sakimoto can give his action up to give Aro's a D6 inspiration for that specific check. Himari cannot do the same for something about her has brought pain to this Fey Wood. CR 5 wraiths as "Weeping Spectors" Sucking joy from them. Same stat block just re flavored. Reward: 4000EXP/Fey's tears can also be used on armor and weapons and Aro's will gain a flash of old memory being held in some furry arms as fairies and other creatures come to him. What they know: Autumn Female Eladrin: Fairy: Feywild Satry: They are not violent but he's gotta make a performance DC 20 check to calm them. What they know is all the same that he was born in the Fey Wild with his mother and she fell in love with a lost human and helped him home. They missed her and his little dances when he was tiny. If they are calmed in the fight still need the check to fix their sorrow. They will offer him a piece they held onto for that machine was made once before. They owe the guardian of the Fey Wild much even if they had never met her. (Don't say but this is Himari) Investigation: DC 18 Runes on the machine were made by someone else a long time ago beside the machine back. May be part of the first machine if they learned of the first machine and it's power is much older and ancient. Arcana DC 18: Know the magic behind this machine isn't powered by emotions like reason or peace or logic.. But pure hate instead. [center [h3 Giovanni Encounter]] LV 8 Just Giovanni against 3 players. (If six will hurt Nari's family chance) He'll summon a CR 2 bandit captain (Short swords familiar) can waste a turn to summon more of these familiars with this machines power. (Holds an orb that does so on his chest. To hit the orb is AC 20 and takes 2 hits) Reward: 6000EXP Giovanni: Knowledge: Knows of Okabe.. And Nari's family and a lot of Herron's he had fought for Burguss but seeing how they treat their own religion and church he decided if they are to use the divine they might as well create a world of peace. He tells Evie that Burguss deserves much for hurting her the way they had. Investigation: DC 15 [center [h3 Okabe Encounter]] LV 8 LV 15 Artificer. His orb in his hand has AC 21 (Two shots down) Can use bonus action with orb to teleport around with 60 feet of movement (Movement can be split between himself and his defender) His defender looks similar to a younger Nari? With the machine he takes them to the Etherial Plane for a big and grand fight. Reward: 6000EXP/Artificer tools Investigation: 18 Together both parties can reach out to each other to retrieve those fighting Okabe. Sakomoto and Nari's intellect is used to flow the magic into an outside force. Arthur's divine blessing appears to be unique Himari's got Fey like energy So does Aros Evie with divine like energy. Klaus is able to appear in this rift and aid them both and talk further with Evie. Extra note his book would have a lot about his life but maybe not everything? Now the group prepares to head out onto the world. Because fighting has erupted everywhere and White Hold was a wild card. They couldn't convert Evie/Nari/Herron to the cause. Or stop/destroy White Hold's blessed heroes or the town entirely. War is threatening to break and infighting is starting. Can do roleplay at the town and stuff as they decide which NPC's should go where and where they will go first!
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[center [h3 Spiral Arc 3]] [center [h3 Tavern Brawl/Divine Blade]] LV 9 Jack Howl (LV 17 Champion) 8 Pirate Captains in the tavern along with Jack Howl. (All spread out throughout the tavern.) Each captain uses two shortswords. Reward: 3000EXP 5000 Gold Investigation: DC18 One of Jack's men has a necklace on him (Religion DC 12) shows it is a necklace of Cerebrum bit DC15 gains you an extra rune/mark one of Shroudveil this man knows more than the others and is a double agent to keep an eye on Jack (He's turned long ago was once loyal to Jack) He know's that the old god was sealed somewhere in Clara's lost catacombs and some sorta fiend has offered Giovanni to find this creature in exchange for some of his life force. (Shadow Creature from the Fey) Insight 15: People seem terrified shocked that you're group could take out Jack Howl! Respect and a bit of fear (Depending on how you act.) Perception DC 18: See a hooded figure leave and head to Snow Fell Forest. (Stealth DC 18 to make it to the forest) this is a straus spy! Jack Howl: What he knows, had been a pirate during the war stealing from Burguss until his crew was defeated by a group of adventurers (Gawains party when they were younger) he was free to go and raid from Straus and he had heard about Giovanni who once worshipped Clara. Giovanni said he felt.. Betrayed by her? Jack isn't sure what he means by that but isn't paid to ask questions like that. Giovanni worships Cerebrum but believes Cerebrum is but one half of the puzzle. (He doesn't know but Giovanni wants to restore the old god that Klaus was worried about and merge it with Cerebrum. The old god is called ShroudVeil and predates the Greatwar. Said to have some relation with Cerebrum) [h3 Purist Army Encounter] LV 9 During the war meeting with the enemy scene a report will come in. Many of the purist have appeared wiping out Burguss and Straus Haven forces. One unit powered by some weird dark blessing have been wrecking the greatest havoc. Fang Wireblade will offer to come out with the party to handle this threat as his army will aid the vanguard for now. A "Truce" so to speak. 12 of these empowered lunatics (Elephant stats) Share initiative with horde rules. They start on the far rightside of the map. Swimming is difficult terrain (Half speed) Using an arbalist is shooting with physical ranged attack modifiers with advantage. Climbing past debree is athletics 15 Reward: Experience: 3000EXP Gold/Items: 2000 gold Investigation: Religion DC 15 Arcana 20 Arcana 20 you sense a twisted dark arcana enchancing their strength and playing on the belief in their hearts. Religion 15 and you know it isn't a god you are familiar with perhaps it is Shroudveil. Investigation 15: After being knocked out they lost these powers and appear to be physically drained even had aged a bit as if they lost some of their "Time" What Purist Captain Knows: That Giovanni is trying to "Taint" Shroudveil by merging him with Cerebrum. They shouldn't be merged Shroudveil should rule all again with a hard fist. The sword of reason to be replaced by Eternal Ring. So that the world will never stop growing and expanding. What Fang Knows: That ShroudVeil believed in testing the world to expand Evolution and that Shroudveil could even be challenged in a duel. Taking on a mortal coil in a sacred shrine for a one on one and the victor became the next Shroudveil. The eternal ring is the cycle of growth and rebirth. Something Fang isn't interested in seeing and would rather stop as it's against the sword of reason. (Can convince him to post pone his invasion as the purist are handled in this time.) [center [h3 Snowfell Forest Encounter]] The snowfell forest leads into Snowfell Mountain She will summon two CR 6 invisible stalkers! (They do kick up snow giving up position but not blinded condition) She will use one of Giovanni's scrolls to make a copy of herself! Conjure Fey will be Mammoth CR 6 Lisa Brightwing will fight that copy on the side! EXP: 3000 Gold: 2000/Materials for crafting (Fey Like materials that seem to be.. From the Fey Wild?) Investigation: DC 18: Has a device that can control the weather on the mountain. Must have taken many years to craft and create. Notice that she wears more religious attire under her coat. Investigating the mountain find tons of gear for going through ruins and catacombs. Arcana DC18: Same scroll Giovanni had used astral projection to make a copy of herself. History DC18: She wears symbols of the Fallen Fey King and Shroudveil Bright Snow Knows: Was going to betray Giovanni had no intentions of fusing Shroud Veil with Cerebrum she doesn't believe in the Yin and Yang separation being the undoing of Straus. She believes her patron.. The Fallen Fey King (Shadow Monster) deserves revenge and deserves to wipe out the Fey to start anew as well as the world itself. She knows Giovanni is going to work on the Catacombs and that he had hired a legendary pirate to take care of them. "Jack Howl" and she even heard this Jack Howl gave Giovanni a work over. Giovanni tried convincing Fang about this fusion but Fang believes in the Sword of Reason and that alone and only in Cerebrum. Also a portal to the Fey Wild exist at the catacombs (Won't share this easily) Lisa Brightwing Knows: That Giovanni is her brother and learned he is up to no good. She feels she must stop him on her draconic father's behest that Giovanni was once a dragon not a dragon born. Defeated by adventures centuries ago he had become one with the mortals. This curse became a blessing as he learned to be one with humanity. Teaching his father to respect and even love the mortals he had fallen in love with a mortal. Her existence was because of Giovanni and she is sad Giovanni has now lost faith in humanity again. He may be seeking for Shroudveil to restore himself in his mortal coil a Black Dragon. [center [h3 Catacombs Encounter]] LV: 9 EXP: 4000 Items/Gold: (If side rooms at the entrance are grabbed during the fight they are channeled by the traps magic. And stay so in someone's possession. Materials to stark working on a gold weapon.) 4000Gold in coffins etc. (If coffins aren't looted a light brings them another Divine Feather as a revive) Investigation: Find the door mentioned in Divine Secrets Encounter. 11 CR 3 Knight's litter the maze. If they reach the end and shut the trap off it will end the fight as well. The Knight's are resistant to radiant and take double for necuratic. Perception DC15 shows they avoid the shadows. Horde rules unless seprated than roll for attack (Share Initiative though) Knight's of Light [center [h3 Divine Secrets Encounter]] LV 10: (Can milestone to LV 10 if needed before) Door will prevent them from entering unless they have Bright Snow's badge and Giovanni's Arcane Claw Second Catacombs Encounter Clara is sickly because her force is used to keep Shroudveil's seal in check. Plus she had ripped her essence into two.. So she could walk among the humans and aid them. That essence created an angel.. Eve. Evie's mother. This room is in touch with the divine and Giovanni needed Evie/Nari/Clara/Himari all who had come into contact with Clara.. Evie most of all. Clara finally show's herself as Giovanni shackles her in a weakened state. Her form shifting to look more like Eve's.. Her mother as he siphons her power further. Fang Wireblade will appear on one of the sigils. He had kept an eye on Okabe, bugged him even as he left Strause in which case kept him close to Giovanni. He was able to plant spells over this time to prevent this full transformation. He'll begin to run code through the arcana as he ask you all to handle Giovanni. You'll fight Giovanni in his usual form before enough divine energy enters him. For him to become a massive black dragon possessed by the spirit of Shroudveil. Fang will be confused how when he was coding. The shadow demon (Fallen Fey King) Will reveal himself as the room has a portal to the Fey and the Divine. He had created a few backdoor solutions but the form is incomplete and requires the sacrifice of these brave heroes. Stage 2! Face again Shroud Veil/Giovanni! (If the party seems to banged up from the Giovanni battle. He gets +2 Greatsword) than allow Eve to summon a spectral form of one ally. Silas Forthright will freeze time in that area for them so they can take a short rest (For one hour) Ancient Black Dragon is Shroudveil/Giovanni EXP: Half way to LV 11 Investigation: Evie is the daughter of Eve.. The angel form that Clara had taken upon the earth making Evie a demi god. Her mother.. Is Clara. Clara will tell them to be ready as Straus makes it's final push into Burguss. Fang Wireblade will give a days rest for both side. (Can attempt to fight him as he was fighting the shadow demon he'll be at half HP and spell slot level) if you do so the final invasion will be easier for sure but he will be consumed by betrayal/hatred and the shadow demon as him will state he's taking at least one of you with him. [center [h3 Invasion Encounter/End of Arc Encounter]] LV 10: Two battles First Battle 12 CR 1 Half Ogre's 4CR 4's Helmed Horror's Each group shares one initiative. The CR 4's are commander's wearing Helmed Horror (Can Arcana DC18 to know it's Helmed Horror equipment to learn the three spell communities) Can gain a short rest because Gawain and the others will cut a swath through the army helping the party rest. Some of Straus Haven is trying to pull a portal of sorts.. It looks similar to that Fey portal. (Fang Does not approve with this sector) they seem to be wearing robes as well. Gawain recongizes some of these members of the church with the shadow sect. Why would they work with Straus Haven now? Or help Shroud Veil? They are lead by a man.. That had wounded Evie's mother. Priest Cornello Gawain tells them he will handle this man for Evie as she rest. The head of the shadow sect as he removes his disguise to reveal he is not Priest Cornello. Althea Stormwind Althea Storm wind and the Fallen Fey King will escape this arc. Second Battle After a short rest the group will face against Fang Wireblade (Across the map) Every start of turn phase him and one party member (Roll a D6) must make a Dex save of 17 if they fail take 3D8's. If they succeed they take half. Can use STR for blocking for a save too. Reward: Timeskip to LV 11 The battle will end and they can talk to Fang Wireblade he had taken so many augmentations and changes in the war he made himself into part machine. To keep fighting and this exertion will lead to his death (Can revivify etc) Can question him as he dies he knew of Flame and Violet and Okabe and how Flame and Okabe were Shinobi.. The Whispering Lord.. Who created the Shinobi who gave Violet and Flame that order that night.. Was Hiroshi Sato. The invasion quelled Burguss is ready to help the rest of the world.
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[center [h3 Spiral Side Story Arc 1]] [center [h3 Green Top Encounter]] LV 5 CR 8 Assassin (Will try to stealth on the party if there stealth fails) Reward: 1000 EXP Gold: 500 Investigation: DC 15: See that he has many things letting them know he is from Straus Haven deduce that as a spy this is a strange choice. Can see his crystal tells him to meet at the Fairy Tavern tomorrow evening. History: DC 15: Know the fighting style is that of a Shinobi's from the Sumia Shogunate Arcana: DC 12 the blade was attached to his life for a rare and dangerous Shinobi poison. [center [h3 Kit Encounter]] LV 5 She can summon two undead swordsman (Bandit Captain CR 2) DC 14 Arcana check shows she is drawing the power from something in the forest. Perception DC 15 helps hear the whirring (The stump in the middle is an illusion and a machine) destroy that and she loses her swordsman. If she is defeated they will vanish as well. EXP: 2000 Investigation: Lost Mire Forest Investigation: DC 15There seems to be teleportation sigils hidden in the forest Arcana: DC 15 These sigil's are one way from Straus Haven to here.. The one's used to lead an invasion on White Hold! Perception DC 15: They are being stealth-ed on by a woman if they pursue they will vanish before Rain will appear. He will lie saying he too was looking for this woman. What Kit Knows: She knows her employer is a Changeling because she used a scroll of detect thoughts on him once. She is obsessed with the Fey Wild and Fey Wood was named after the Fey Wild. He had shown her that there was a mirror Florian had hid that Starkwood lied and could still go to the Fey Wild. For Starkwoods talk of peace and honesty in the past it made her mad and all she ever wanted was to see the Feywild.. This dream consumed her. (She blackmailed Sparx, had his hand on her thigh and took a picture with her crystal) said she'd out him if he didn't sneak around for her. Kit also stole a device from him that can help one travel underwater but isn't sure why he has such a thing. [center [h3 Rei Encounter]] LV 5 Face a servant of Rei's mother, Rain Ashton who's patron is the Vampire that cursed Rei. Wilhelm Dolares Underground lake all places with water rushing is difficult terrain (Even for him) Investigation: DC 15 find more teleportation sigils and dossiers hidden in the water. They seem to be water proof, these dossiers are Shinobi he has defeated that he thought were after Rei like him. The sigils are one way from Strause Haven and the Shinobi talk of Hiroshi possibly being a traitor. They mention a shadowy being that they came into contact with using Florian's mirror that it may prove useful. They also learned of a man hunting down Veil. "The Shadow Veil" project and to keep a close eye on him as well. Reward: Small timeskip to LV 6 afterwards. Gold: 2000 [center [h3 Shinobi Encounter]] LV 5 (Have Flint Sparx help a LV 4 Swashbuckler) They will follow them to a town square that is still in need of repairs. One that is currently abandoned at the moment after the fighting before turning to fight the group. (If they detect them) 3 CR 5 Master Thief's and they use shortbow as silenced handguns (DC15 Athletic's to climb the buildings) (DC 15 acrobatics/athletics to jump across the buildings) They will try to flip and climb around to fire down at the group. Will get a ring from Roger asking Rei for a double date. (Rei can use an action to call Roger back) every turn Rei can now (For free) roll a D20. 20 Calls Roger each following round the D20 shrinks. If Roger is called him and Dahlia enter the battlefield! EXP: 2000 Gold: 2000 Investigation: DC 18 find all of the hidden documents concealed with illusion magics. It seems some of Starkwood's politicians wish to crush Sumia for their resources to fight Straus Haven better [center [h3 Invasion End of Arc Encounter]] LV 6 The White Suit man Neil Gremory will have taken over the fort using teleportation sigils! However the party stopping the other sigils ruined his plans of surrounding the town almost instantly he will from the fort will call for Fey Wood's surrender as they have more forces at the borders than here! Two parter Castle Siege 29 Orc CR 1/2 statblocks. All using Greataxe's this is the "Siege" unit. Battle Axe knights all in Hide armor. (Horde Rules) Gain a short rest as Dahlia/Volos/Roger and the others push on in! Reward: 2500 gold 3 Potions of healing with Perception 15 Neil Reward: Small timeskip to LV 7 Gold: 3000 Investigation: See him vanish with an astral projection scrolls written on it by Giovanni. "You're last favor from me mad scientist" he seems to be interested in Rei's dhampir blood but more interested in the vampire that made him. He even appears to have a letter from Rei's mom on the fallen fake. "When the time is right.. I will take my place from Volo's and you may meet the man who made my son if you're so obsessed with him." He wants Veil and Rei as his personal subjects as well as Amelia. (Amelia is the daughter of this vampire though she may suspect it she does not know it.) Herron will come with Ayame after the battle to help with stragglers and news from Straus. He will give them an update of what's happening in the other kingdoms also he destroyed the disruptions in Starkwood so they should have communications back. Edith's family back home are advocating for peace as the true way of Reason under Cereluen Wingstride. Alexander will battle the great Dwarven head of Terra and many attempts on Alexander's life were already made. This battle will take place on international television. (May play with the idea of Hilda trying to fight him first and dying against Alexander's wishes)


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