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You met him once many years ago when you were still quiet young. He promise you that he would come back for you someday when you were old. Years had past since then. That promise you made that cold snowy night, was just a faded memory that would soon be forgotten.

Soon you did forget. The promise you had made with demon. This demon was different he was sweet. Often appear before you as white wolf. Suddenly he appeared in your life. He was sweet and charming but something felt off about him. You just couldn't figure out what it was. He made you very happy, it was such a sweet feeling. You never wanted it to end. When Yuuki had learned about your new love trend it anger him. Soon he would come for and take you away even if it did destroy your happiness. You were Yuuki's. Yuuki wasn't about to let you forget that.
I was think we could do a forgotten love. Love triangle can be fun. If you have anything in mind or anything you want to add to this small idea please let me known.

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CatsCradle   244d ago
Cat Lover ♥

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[indie+flower It had been about 10 years since you last seen Yuuki. You were only eight at the time when you first met. The two of you made a promise that you would be together when you turned 18. Yuuki vowed to return for you. 

You didn't understand why Yuuki had to leave but he did. Now on your 18th birthday a letter appeared in room. You found it odd that there was no address or stamp. You opened the red envelope to find an oddly written note. [i [+red "I will come for you on the night of the full moon." ~ Yuuki]] 

You stared at the letter, that name, it sounded so familiar. You didn't know why. Who was this Yuuki, what did he mean he was coming for you on the night of the  full moon? Putting the letter aside you simply went on with your day. 

The night of the full moon was only three days away. Yuuki honestly couldn't wait. He was ecstatic about getting to see you. The days seemed to drag on and finally the moon was full. 

That night about 11pm there was a loud knock on your door. You opened to see a strange man standing there. He was dressed nice but the one odd thing about him was his snow colored hair and the fact that his ears were animal like. You also noticed he had a tail as well. Of course you figure this was just some weird joke. Surely one of your friend was playing a prank on you. 

Yuuki smile seemed to falter. [+Red "It seems you don't remember me..."] he said said in a sorrowful tone. His ears flatten against his head. He let out a soft sigh as he looked you who was still nervously holding on to the door frame. 

Yuuki smiled softly as he pulled a red flower from his pocket. He held the flower out to you and smiled softly. [+red " I am Yuuki Shiroi ... We met about 10 years ago..."] he said hoping that you would at least hear him out before closing the door. ]
Kittykat_+*~Riley~*+   244d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

The night Riley had gotten the letter was… interesting. He had never really been the type to keep long term friendship or even just a relationship in that matter so… Who could this possibly be? The name Yuuki seemed to leave a bitter sweet taste in his mouth. But he couldn’t quite remember who this had been… It was also quite interesting to him that it [i had] to be on the night of the full moon…

The upcoming days before the full moon were full of nervous and uneasy feelings. Riley had felt like he had some connection to this person.. He could feel that the bond was strong if the other had still remembered that Riley existed. But he felt bad that he couldn’t remember [i who this person even was..]

Then..the day finally came, everything through out the morning and evening felt [i normal] but it wasn’t till later that he had heard the knock at the door, Riley was a bit amused at the thought of being able to see who this was. He opened the door with a bit of shock as he stared at the well.. definitely not human, being. No way was this real. It had to be someone else he knew… probably just pulling his leg…

But despite not remembering the being at his doorstep..His heart ached when he saw how upset that he had seemed to get at the thought of not being remembered. Yet… he was still speechless. Riley gave a small pity smile at the introduction, not really hesitating to take the rose from the other. He had nothing else to do so.. why not hear him out?..Just once..

“I’m..Riley… Riley Miles…” He spoke calmly. “Though I suppose you know that already?” Riley stated with a short laugh at the end. “I mean… as shady and well- dangerous as you look I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to hear you out… come in.” 

Riley opened the door a bit more and scooted out of the way to allow the other to come in and explain himself, and the note… and how they even had come to meet each other… even if it was fake and was y’know- literally putting himself in danger. It can’t be that bad.. right?
CatsCradle   243d ago
Cat Lover ♥

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[indie+flower Yuuki nodded as he stepped inside the male's house. The sweet smell of the man got stronger once he was inside the house. He aways had that sweet smell of sandalwood and musk. It was honestly a comforting smell. 

He smiled softly as his icy blue eyes danced around the room. [+Red "I get it you were very young when we met first met... You were only eight years old... But ...D-Do you at least remember our promise?"] he said as he looked at Riley hoping he at least remember something.

He went back to looking at Riley. [+red "Do you remember this?"] he said as he pulled out a small stuffed animal. The animal was a worn white wolf. It had a small red ribbon around its neck. Yuuki looked at Riley hopeful. When he seen the male's face, he put the small toy back in his pocket. His eyes looked sorrowful but he continued to smiled. He rand a hand through his snow colored hair and thought of what to say next.

[+Red "How about I help you remember me? Meet me tomorrow at midnight in the park... We will have a picnic under the moonlight... I promise your memories will come flooding back to you..."] he said with a sweet smile. He could tell the male was  anxious. Perhaps it was time to leave but he would be back. Surely he would help Riley regain his memories.
Kittykat_+*~Riley~*+   243d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

Riley trailed off a bit. Something about the sent the other had was familiar. It had reminded him of something… but [i what?] it was like he the answer was right there. Right at the tips of his fingers.. but he couldn’t figure it out. He was upset that he didn’t remember something he had lived through… 

When he had heard the soothing voice speak out to him, it was a question… about a promise. [i A promise]. Then and only then was when something sparked in his head. He remembered something. It was small.. but he remembered. “A promise?.. what- what kind of promise..?” He asked, what he remembered was five words.. [i I’ll come back for you .] it was almost as if it played through his head like a dream. Which leaded to him having slight beliefs of  actually having known the man in front of him.

But when the white wolf was shown a flash of colorful memories flashed through his head as he had reached for it. “Where did you- get this?..” he asked a bit surprised he would ever get to see it. But it was so sudden the way he had gotten the memories back. But it had only been for just a split second before they were lost once more.

He had quieted his thoughts when he had heard the next question. “I.. I would like that.” Riley had spoke calmly, he had so many questions… so many thoughts- so many [i feelings]. “But are you sure you want to leave?… it’s only been a couple minutes..” Riley questioned, finally being able to ask questions himself other then someone asking him questions.
CatsCradle   242d ago
Cat Lover ♥

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[indie+flower Yuuki answer his question before shoving the toy back in his pocket. [+red "You gave it to me... many years ago"] he said in a soft but sweet voice. [+red "I know this visit is brief...  but I want to help you remember in order to do that I must prepare for our picnic tomorrow. I promise it will bring back more memories..."] he said as he step out the door. 

[+red "See you tomorrow at mid-night ..."] he said as he kissed the male's hand good bye in a charming yet sweet manor. After the door was closed behind him. 

He shift quickly into a snow colored wolf. He took off running. Small thuds could be heard as he ran. He quickly made it back into the forest which was really closed to the park. He had a small den he had been staying in. 

Once he was in his den he curled up and  went to sleep. Tomorrow he would have to do some hunting. He planned to make a great feast for Riley surely his cooking would help bring back memories or at least make some new ones.
Kittykat_+*~Riley~*+   224d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

Riley nodded. He understood with every breath and stare he got from the other had proved he had no bad intentions. “I understand…” He spoke in a calm and soft voice, he smiled slightly at the other as he made his way to leave. “Be safe.” Riley just hopped whatever the other had planned would bring back some memories.

Riley blushed slightly as his hand was kissed softly in such a polite way. He waved the other off and then turned back. He too had to plan for the next day. Especially his outfit. This was gonna be a lonngggg night. 

Every second of the time he had been apart from Yuuki felt wrong. Something felt like it was missing but he didn’t understand how that related at all to the white haired male. He paced around his room and almost had to fight with himself to keep a steady mindset. Riley was excited though. Deep down he felt that this night wasn’t going to be horrible. He knew that there was going to be enjoyment in this.

When it came nightfall he had gotten dressed carefully watching the time. Technically he had a date. A date with somebody he [i didn’t remember].
CatsCradle   240d ago
Cat Lover ♥

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[indie+flower Yuuki slept peacefully in his den. He didn't wake up until early evening. He quickly got ready. He need to prepare a meal a good one at that.

Normally he would of just went hunting, but this was his mate after all. He need to make something good. He decided to go shopping in the human world. He made sure to hide his ears and tail. While he was shopping.

He bought a soft blanket, and some other supplies. He also bought grocery bought chicken and other spices along with some simple sides to throw together. 

Once he got back to his den he used his magic to create a fire along with a nice work place. He cooked the chicken in a large pot. He added broth to the pot then threw in some other dried spices. He put the pot over the fire while the chicken was cooking his made some other side dishes to go with there picnic.

Once the chicken was cooked he shredded the meat. He quickly put the meat in between to sliced of thick bread. He smiled softly as he wrapped them up in tin foil. He smiled softly as he packed them into a picnic basket. 

He quickly changed into a white sweater black jean and boot. He smiled softly as he brushed his hair and his tail. He smiled softly as he ran his fingers through his tail. He was happy how soft it felt. He then grabbed his jacket, the blanket and picnic basket. Once he got to the park he found a good spot in the moonlight. He put the blanket down and then set the basket down. 

His heart was racing. Here soon Riley would be coming. He smiled softly as he looked up at the moon. It was still rather full. Putting out a good amount of light. He smiled softly as he closed his icy blue eyes. 

He made sure to bring a couple of candles just in case they need a little more light. He smiled soft as he waited.
Kittykat_+*~Riley~*+   224d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

Riley checked the the clock one last time, out of pure anxiousness, and headed out. He had known where to go since- well the location was given to him. Riley was feeling all kinds of emotions. Scared, happy, anger, but most of all [i sadness] . He felt some sort of sorrow for the other male. How could he let himself forget such an important person?! Yeah he was forgetful but… not to this extent!

Thoughts swarmed his head as he began to grow closer and closer to the picnics destination. Gosh, what had he gotten into? Riley truly felt like this was some sort of dream. Like he was going to wake up any second and realize none of this had [i Actually] happened. 

But alas, Riley had reached his destination. The smell of food hitting his nose, making him realize how [i hungry] he really was. “Oh… hello!” Riley spoke, his voice timid as he didn’t quite understand what they might be talking about that night. But… the picnic just looked amazing. It looked pretty… god he just needed to stop thinking and sit down. Maybe that would make this any less embarrassing.

Riley made his way over and neatly sat down on the blanket placed down on the floor. “Wow… this looks amazing- “
CatsCradle   42d ago
Cat Lover ♥

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[indie+flower Yuuki smiled as he seen Riley. His tail flicker happily behind him as Riley sat down on the blanket with him. [+Red "I hope you are hungry"] he said with a smile.

It was a little chilly but the moonlight and candles made the night lovely. The smell of fresh water and flowers could be smelt along with the food. Yuuki opened the basket he got out some plates. He pull out two of the small tinfoil balls. Inside the tinfoil was pulled chicken sandwiches. Yuuki had spiced the chicken with many different seasonings.

Yuuki smiled softly as he used his magic to make the white budded flowers all around them bloom, making it look as if it had freshly snowed. [+red "I hope you enjoy you food. There are side and what not in the basket. I made rice, and other dishes as well."] he said with a smile. 

Yuuki let out a small yawned. He opened the sandwich and started eating. He wish he made fried chicken but it that was a little more tricky. He was never that good at cooking fried chicken. He was just happy that tonight was going well. He hoped that Riley was enjoying himself.


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