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Stolen Kisses

Kodama was once a sweet prince. When his father passed away he became the king. Something about him changed, he became cruel. A heartless ruler that many people including other kingdoms feared. Kodama took whatever he desired. If people disobey he would simply make them disappear. Many people though the sweet prince was taken over by a demon. They never realized he was one, and a dangerous one at that.

Kodama being the king easily got bored. All of his belong never really seemed to hold his interest long. All the people that visited the castle were never anyone of interest. Someone he had mention something about group of traveling gypsies. Gypsies never really seemed to interest him but he heard about this one being beautiful. Of course if this rumor was false they were going to regret it.

Kodama snuck out of the castle to see this group of gypsy. The rumor of from that old man was correct. There really was a beautiful gypsy there, and he just had to have him. He offer to pay the gypsies a large some of money it seemed they were a family. That word never seemed to sit well with him. Family? What a lie, they were just a group of people who had something in common.

So he took the beautiful young man by force. Of course once they realized he was the demon king they surrendered their beloved dancer to him. They begged for their lives which was nothing new. Of corse seeing the commotion the dancer offer to come with as long as he spared his families live. Kodama agreed and took the male away.
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[Indie+flower [#d28c04 [center Pm me if you are interested!
What I am looking for ~Anime picture only!
Must be able to write 1000+ characters.
This rp is MxM 

This is going to be a 1x1 (adding side characters here and there is fine!)  

Thank You 
-Butterfly-Kodama   253d ago
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[Nanum+Gothic Kodama was once a sweet and loving prince but after this father died. Things got a hard, his mother expected many things from him. He couldn't always do what she asked. She was honestly cruel to him. She often blamed him for his father death.  

His father died in accident about two years ago. He and his father had to attend a royal matter. On the way there their caravan was attacked. His father lost his life due to greedy people. Kodama really couldn't remember much of the incident. Other than waking up in his room his clothes were stained with blood his body hurt. He only suffered a few minor injuries.

Kodama sighed softly as he shook his head. All these things were in the past now. He was the king now and his mother was dead. He really didn't need memories of her haunting his mind right now. 

He had other things to think about. A new toy perhaps. He heard rumors about a beautiful gypsy, that had just arrived in town with his caravan. They were only going to stay a week or two so he need to act fast.  Kodama decided tonight was going to be the night to see this gypsy for himself. If that old man was wrong he was going to regret it. He wasn't as soon as Kodama laid eyes on the man it was like his heart skipped a beat. 

He had to have him. He would do whatever it took to get him. Most people feared Kodama, but for a good reason. It really shouldn't be too hard to him to take him. Especially if he offer the right amount of gold. Now it was time to make his move.

He approached the beautiful gypsy. [#d28c04 "You are to come with me..." ]he said dryly. [#d28c04 "If you refuse...all of the member of this caravan will be executed by order of the me..."] he said as  pull the white hood he was wearing off. Revealing his golden colored hair and vermillion colored eyes.

Everyone bowed before him. He simply smiled as he watched everyone closely. Surely now the gypsy would agree to come with him in order to save his family.
Kittykat_~ Chepi ~   253d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

It was a nice day out today. Chepi was quite happy. He had finally been able to go out… as one with his family. He had never felt this relief before. They walked around with one thing on there mind… food. He had always been known as someone entertaining, he was also very handsome… to some at least. 

During the walk though… he had been met with someone….Sketchy. They seemed to be walking closer. “Chepi let’s go.” His mother called out to him which he had obeyed to. When they were about to walk out though before they could he was asked to go with the random person.. what ? “Excuse me I don’t think-“ But it was when he was able to fully see who this person was that Chepi’s eyes widened in surprise. “..” It was terrifying. He didn’t need them to get hurt… he didn’t really have a choice. He nodded with teary eyes and stepped up to him.

“I will go with you… please leave them alone..” Chepi spoke softly as he slightly bowed for the other. “What do you wish to get from me?..” he questioned in a bit of confusion. People didn’t really want Chepi because of his personality so what was different?.. maybe his looks.. damnit..
-Butterfly-Kodama   252d ago
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[Nanum+Gothic Kodama smiled softly when the boy agreed to go with him. He was glad he didn't put up to much of a fight. [#d28c04 "Come a long this way"] he said as he lead the boy back to the his castle. He was glad the man didn't put up much of a fight. It was only about a 20 minute walk. He smiled softly and chatted a bit with Chepi.

 [#d28c04 "Sure I will admit your looks to add to your appeal but I have never felt this way about any until now... I don't really know what this feeling is... Also I seen something I wanted..."] he said as he looked into the male's dark colored eyes. 

Once they were inside the castle Kodama showed the male to the room he would be staying in. [#d28c04 "Why don't you rest for a while... I am having a special dinner prepared in your honor..."] he said with a small smirk. [#d28c04 "Also I had my servants draw you a bath.... I expect you to bath before dinner..."] he said dryly. 

Kodama was sure the male was angry with him. He had a feeling he was going to try to escape. Kodama had prepare for that. He made sure that Chepi room was guard, he  and also made sure the windows were barred.

Kodama wasn't going to lose his precious jewel not that easily anyway. As promise he paid Chepi's caravan by leaving a large sum of gold and jewels. He also didn't harm any of them despite his temper.  

Kodama honestly couldn't wait until dinner. To see his precious jewel all clean up. Kodama had his cooks make a special meal. His cooks were making some sort of chicken curry.
Kittykat_~ Chepi ~   251d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

He nodded anxiously. What was really gonna happen? Like was he there for- something personal?…He didn’t know what was so special about him. With each word that left the others mouth he became more and more anxious.

“You… you wanted me?..” he questioned before they had made it. The sound of the wind was all he heard as he followed close to the other. Truly wishing he had stayed at his own home. He missed the smell of his house oh so much. Chepi walked into the room and nodded slowly nodded as he was told what he was supposed to do. “Yes sir..” he spoke with a bit of annoyance laced with it. Chepi closed the door and sighed as he pulled back the curtains to look outside.

Of course they were shut. He sighed as he walked to the bathroom that seemed to have a bath ready for him, just as he was told. Chepi had settled on going to take a bath first, as soon as he found the clothing he was supposed to wear. Chepi found clothing he was satisfied with and nodded to himself slowly as he brought them to the bath with him, he undressed and got into the tub slowly as he soaked into the water. It felt nice.

When he had finished his bath, he had gotten dressed into a nice outfit that had been set out for him, he did have to change the pants though, weren’t his taste. He dressed and began to dry his hair off. He was angry about what happened yes… but he wasn’t dumb enough to leave yet..
-Butterfly-Kodama   251d ago
Cat Mom

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[Nanum+Gothic Kodama went to his room. He decided he also needed to bathed. He soaked in tub for a while. He has his servants draw him a rose petal bath. The water looked blood red with all the petal floating round the large tub. Kodama washed his dirty blonde hair with a sweet scented shampoo. Then soak in the warm soapy-flowery water. It honestly felt nice. 

Kodama got out of the tub after soaking in the water for about 20 minutes. He got dressed in a semi-formal wear. He was excited for dinner which was coming up soon. 

Kodama brushed his hair and smiled softly as he put on his favorite gold necklace. He smiled as he looked at his reflection in the mirror. Sure he looked nice as nice as he could for a demon king. 

He made his way out of his room. He walked down the stair case and into the dinning hall. The dinner table was mostly set. Kodama walked to his little minx room. He knocked on the wooden door. [#d28c04 "Hey Dinner is almost ready.... I hope your hungry Chepi...."] He said with  small smile. Sure Kodama didn't ask Chepi his name earlier but he didn't need to. He has over heard people saying his name.  He was positive that Chepi had heard his name. 

Kodama the sweet prince who was now known as the demon king. Taking anything he desired without people even daring to put up a fight. Many kingdom fear Kodama but that honestly didn't bother him. It was fine if they feared him. He preferred it that way. 

Once Chepi opened the door he smiled. [#d28c04 "Come..."] he said as he held his arm out to Chepi. He figured the male wouldn't take but he hoped he would. He lead the make to the dinning hall. Once they made he open the large door to reveal a beautiful room. The table was set with food and flowers. Red spider lilies were in the large gold and red vases. Kodama smiled as he pulled out the chair for Chepi to sit in.
Kittykat_~ Chepi ~   250d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

Chepi took this opportunity to explore the room he was given. Each object like a new discovery for him. He ran his hands over the silk sheets that laid on top of his bed and softly smiled. He was still upset but the feeling of silk reminded him of his sister. She was always caring the small silk cloth she had around. Chepi began to lean more and more into the silk. He missed his family.. his home.. his everything.

Chepi was born last in his family, he was 

the youngest of seven and he had always been expected to be as great as the rest of his siblings. He was always at war with himself, wondering what he should dream about. He was very indecisive. And that’s what his strong suit. When Chepi thinks to  much about the outcome of things he is able to make the best choices in situations. He was known as the smarter member of his family.

He was cut straight from his thoughts when there was a small knock at his door. He softly sighed and stood up as he opened the door to see Kodama standing there. He reached his hand out and Chepi sighed as he took it in his own, not wanting to be rude. He walked with him into the dining room and gasped slightly as he saw the beautiful colors and things in the room. “Woah..” he muttered. Chepi wasn’t very talkative. Unless he truly trusted you enough.
-Butterfly-Kodama   249d ago
Cat Mom

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[Nanum+Gothic Kodama smiled when the male too his hand. He wasn't too surprised by the boy reaction to the dining hall. Most people loved how this room was. The dark wooden table that almost seemed like a mile long. It actually wasn't, it was simply an illusion but it was still a rather large table made up of four pieces. 

The room was decorate with same theme as the vases. There was red and gold accents on the cream colored walls. The walls were decorated with a few painted pictures of what seemed to be Kodama family. There were also was other interest artifact the hung on the wall. 

Kodama smiled softly as he said down next to Chepi. The servants plated up there food and placed it in front of them. There really wasn't anyone else in the room but the two of them. [+Gold "Hope you are Hungry"] he said with a soft smile.

He smiled softly as he picked up one of the golden spoons that was sitting on a crimson colored napkin. The napkin was made out of satin it was really soft to the touch. [+Gold "Dig in..."] he said with a smile.

He carefully coop up a bite of curry with his spoon. He smiled softly as took a bite. The rice was tender, and the meat was so tender it all melt in his mouth. It was perfect. There was a good mount of spice to so it wasn't bland, but there was also heat to so it wasn't too sweet. He smiled softly as he looked over at Chepi hoping he was also enjoying his meal.
Kittykat_~ Chepi ~   244d ago
I'm not break dancing because I'm happy, its cuz I'm sad.

Chepi was still pretty surprised about this. The room was set up so nicely. Like nothing he had ever seen before… it was spacious and it smelt- [i really] good. After the other sat down next to him he couldn’t help but feel nervous… was this how things were gonna be?? Was he going to be told to live there? Honestly He was extremely confused but when the food was brought to him, all was forgotten. He picked up a random fork and began to eat, no shame in it at all.

Chepi was extremely hungry. And he was happy to have such good food laid out for him, and for free? This was like a dream! When the other had looked over at him though, he blushed a bit in embarrassment as he probably looked like he hadn’t eaten in ages. “The food is nice… thank you..” he muttered while using the [i amazingly] soft napkins to wipe his face. It felt so wrong to use something so soft with something so dirty. He almost felt bad for using it for its purpose. Chepi continued to chow down on the food, this time being a bit more gentle with it… as to not embarrass himself again.
-Butterfly-Kodama   226d ago
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[Nanum+Gothic Kodama smiled softly as he watch Chepi eat. He was happy the male was eating it didn't bother him how messy Chepi was being. He would simply have someone train him later. Kodama finished his plate wiped his mouth with his napkin. He took a drink of his wine. The crisp but bitter taste went well with dinner. 

[+Gold "I am glad you are enjoying the food... please eat as much as you would like! Also there will be dessert later so hopefully you have a sweet tooth."] he said with a smile. 

Kodama smiled softly as he continue to drink his wine. He had to stop at after too glasses. He didn't want to drink too much in front of his... love interest? Prey? 

[+Gold "So tell more a little about yourself...about you family even.."] he said as he looked over at Chepi. Kodama smiles softly it seemed like this night was going smoothly until on of his castle guard came to him. It seemed someone was trying to start trouble again. It was nothing new. Kodama stood up and told the servant to escort Chepi back to his room with dessert. 

Kodama had other matters to deal with. Surely it had to be someone from Chepi family if not it was another demon trying to challenge him for his power.


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